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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1

"The Lord is my light and my salvation." Here is personal interest, "my light," "my salvation"; the soul is assured of it, and therefore declares it boldly. Into the soul at the new birth divine light is poured as the precursor of salvation; where there is not enough light to reveal our own darkness and to make us long for the Lord Jesus, there is no evidence of salvation. After conversion our God is our joy, comfort, guide, teacher, and in every sense our light: He is light within, light around, light reflected from us, and light to be revealed to us. Note, it is not said merely that the Lord gives light, but that He is light; nor that He gives salvation, but that He is salvation; he, then, who by faith has laid hold upon God, has all covenant blessings in his possession. This being made sure as a fact, the argument drawn from it is put in the form of a question, "Whom shall I fear?" A question which is its own answer.

The powers of darkness are not to be feared, for the Lord, our light, destroys them; and the damnation of hell is not to be dreaded by us, for the Lord is our salvation. This is a very different challenge from that of boastful Goliath, for it rests, not upon the conceited vigour of an arm of flesh, but upon the real power of the omnipotent I AM. "The Lord is the strength of my life." Here is a third glowing epithet, to show that the writer's hope was fastened with a threefold cord which could not be broken. We may well accumulate terms of praise where the Lord lavishes deeds of grace. Our life derives all its strength from God; and if He deigns to make us strong, we cannot be weakened by all the machinations of the adversary. "Of whom shall I be afraid?" The bold question looks into the future as well as the present. "If God be for us," who can be against us, either now or in time to come? (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

---------- Resource Update ---------- End of the Age

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. While attention across America and around the world was focused in Hurricane Katrina, Ophelia, and Rita, few seemed to notice that Israel and the Palestinians are edging toward all-out war. Remembering that Israel's war with her Arab neighbors is the key to the beginning of World War III -- the final birth pangs war -- this creeping toward all-out conflagration could prove to be even more significant than these "triple evil sister" hurricanes.

Let us review the facts.

NEWS BRIEF: "More Palestinian Terrorists Stream toward Gaza, Undeterred by Israeli Offensive", DEBKAfile Intelligence, September 28, 2005

"War tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have been spiraling upward sharply in the last five days."

Regular readers of our Daily News Updates are well aware that, within days after Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad began to build up their supplies of heavy weaponry by using the free right of passage through the Rafah border crossing on the Gaza - Egyptian border. Egyptian guards literally were allowing thousands of well-trained fighters to pass into Gaza Strip, as well as many thousands of pieces of powerful conventional weapons; we shall shortly list the type and quantity of such weapons which have been flowing into the Gaza Strip daily for the past two weeks.

After stockpiling fighters and equipment, the Palestinians and Hamas forces began to launch terrorist rockets into Israeli cities and towns. Israel responded, but not nearly enough to stop either the rocket attacks or the unrestricted flow of men and material into Gaza. Every day since then, the drumbeat toward a possibly larger conflagration has continued, with each day seeing more action than the day before. Let us return to this featured article.

"Amid the sound and fury, al Qaeda operatives are quietly creeping past the non-barriers on the Sinai-Gaza border to build up a malign presence in the Gaza Strip, as Israel’s AMAN military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen Aharon Zeevi, affirmed at a Tel Aviv University lecture Wednesday." (Ibid.)

Notice how the Palestinian, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad terrorists have now been re-identified as "al-Qaeda"? This propaganda re-labeling of any terrorist in any country as "al-Qaeda" fits President Bush's rhetorical "War On Terror" very nicely. As the President's approval ratings went down over the Iraqi War, the rhetoric that terrorists had flocked to Iraq -- and that Iraq was now an official "War On Terror" -- correspondingly skyrocketed. Over the past several months, virtually every local terrorist group in virtually every nation on earth was quietly re-labeled, "al-Qaeda". Now, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have fomented a global terrorist problem which will require a global response, and ultimately, a global government.

"The tensions - which flared up after the Israeli pull-back from Gaza and the northern West Bank 16 days ago - are not confined to the Gaza Strip. The Hamas has branched out into a Zarqawi-style atrocity: the abduction, murder and display Tuesday, Sept. 27, of an Israeli, Sasson Nuriel, 50, blindfolded, bound and bloodstained, minutes before they killed him in a Ramallah hideout. The execution and disk appeared to have been prepared in haste. The Hamas was laboring under the pressure of mass Israeli military detentions across the West Bank."

This slaying was brutal and was horribly shown on video -- a copy of what Iraqi insurgents have been doing for the past two years. The basic result of this video was that its release exacerbated the tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Steadily increasing tensions between nations have often been an accurate barometer of impending war.

Now, let us return to this current DEBKAfile report to see how extensively the Palestinians seem to be preparing for war.

"DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report major Palestinian moves on three additional fronts: 1) The Rafah border crossing between Egyptian Sinai and the Gaza Strip ... is still doing a roaring trade. Egyptian border police and Palestinian officers are waving everyone through both ways without examining papers. 2) The passage of smuggled terrorists and banned weapons shipments from Sinai to Gaza has been regularized: people cross through the Rafah crossing; “goods” (arms) transit the gaps blown in the wall from day one. 3) Fresh fuel for a future conflagration is piling up with the movement of 1,200-1,500 Palestinian terrorists from the most radical organizations, exported by Syrian intelligence ... Fighting members of the extremist Hamas, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front and the Abu Mussa splinter faction are put on civilian trucks hired by the Syrian army along with their weapons and command structures."

"The Israel military’s seemingly broadened military offensive in the Gaza Strip is barely enough to slow down the Palestinian missile barrage on neighboring Israeli towns. Its current counter-terror measures fall far short of tackling the ingathering of virulently hostile terrorist forces heading in to the Gaza Strip from the north, the west and the south." (Ibid.)

Thus are the Palestinians amassing their forces for an attack on Israel -- apparently, not just a terrorist attack, but a regular military assault. For many years now, Israelis who understand military doctrine have warned that, if Israel persists in allowing a Palestinian State to form from within Israel, she will one day face an internal attack, from an enemy trained and equipped with heavy conventional arms. To see the degree to which the Palestinians are arming themselves right now, through the Gaza Strip from which Israel has just vacated, let us examine another DEBKAfile Intelligence report.

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian Terrorists Pour Tens of Millions into a New Arms Stockpile", DEBKAfile Intelligence, September 17, 2005

"The (stockpiled) list obtained by DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources, contains - 1) 3,000 automatic rifles. The new supply, most of which is destined for Hamas, gives the organization a total of 10,000 Kalashnikovs; 2) Hundreds of AT-23 Sagger anti-tank missiles; 3) SAM-14 Strela anti-air missiles – quantity unknown; 4) Improved Qassam surface missiles. Their range is 13km or 18km; 5) Land mines of different types – quantity unknown; 6) More than 250 tons of explosives; 7) An estimated 500-700 armed and highly-trained men have infiltrated Gaza through Sinai to boost the ranks of the Hamas and Jihad Islami ... Israel’s AMAN suspects that Iranian Revolutionary Guards spies may have been smuggled in with the traffic.."

The objective of this furiously paced military build-up is exactly the strategy which The Pentagon revealed to the Congress in January, 1997, as they revealed Arab strategy to finally annihilate Israel. As you will see, that strategy was heavily dependent upon the Palestinians wresting control of significant inner parts of Israel from the IDF.

Quoting from NEWS1057, "Next Arab-Israeli War -- Pike's Third World War Planned To Produce Antichrist - Part 2 of 2" --

The plan calls for the war to begin with an uprising from Arafat's Palestinians, led by their heavily armed paramilitary police. These police will be fighting with heavy machine guns, with shoulder fired anti-tank missiles and shoulder fired ground to air anti-aircraft missiles. They will implant bombs at key roads and intersections, and they will attempt to prevent Israeli reserve civilian-soldiers from reaching their bases or their battle stations.

The Palestinians are also going to try to create such a fierce battle that Israeli armor and other heavy equipment will be drawn into the center of the country, and away from the border. At this point, Syria and Egypt will launch their Scud 3 missiles into Israel, possibly carrying a variety of conventional and unconventional weapons. Unconventional weapons are either nuclear, biological, or chemical. Therefore, Israel will face the most serious, and deadly, attack in her brief modern history. Since the Arabs have been equipped this time with Western (European) weapons, and Western tactics, and since they will again possess overwhelming manpower, they truly believe they can destroy -- annihilate -- Israel.

We encourage you to read this Pentagon report to Congress in depth because it events on the ground right now seem to suggest that this Arab strategy of 1997 is still being followed today -- with Israel going along as the willing accomplice.

Jerry Golden reported on Thursday that Syrian troops were moving up toward her border with Israel -- another possible step toward war.

NEWS BRIEF: "A quick look around Israel and the region", Golden Report, September 28, 2005

"Syria moving troops to Israel’s northern border. Syria is planning something big, or so it seems ... It is also known that the Hizbullah has been arming in preparations for a possible assault on Israel some time in the near future ... but one thing is certain, he is moving a lot of terrorists in Israel’s direction for some reason and that can’t be good."

As you will see from the 1997 Pentagon report to the Congress, Syria is to move against Israel's borders the moment the Palestinians mount their full-scale offensive within Israel. Egypt is also supposed to attack Israel on her border, a tactic made all the easier now that Israel has given Egypt control of the Gaza - Egyptian border. Now, Egypt can move troops right up to the border, under the excuse that she needs them to gain "control" of the border. Israelis used to take comfort in the fact that the Sinai was demilitarized and that Israel would have the time to see Egyptian military units moving in force into the region and have days in which to respond. But, that idea has disappeared now that Israel has allowed Egypt to control the Gaza border.

In short, Israel may be entering into pre-war skirmish territory. We shall just have to wait to see how matters turn out, but the opening of the Gaza border to any Islamic fighter who wanted to enter, and to the introduction of huge arms supplies, clearly points to battle build-up. At this moment, we can only remember the Scriptural admonition:

'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee. Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good." (Psalms 122:6-9)

I do not pray for the current Illuminist leadership of Israel, but for the Israel purified through seven years of Tribulation and accepting Jesus as Messiah.


II. Iran continues to poke Israel, the European Union and the United States in the eye over the Iranian nuclear program. Once can only wonder how many Iranian insults it will take for President Bush to order an air strike on these nuclear power plants. Let us begin with a story almost one month ago, to which Israel, the E.U. and the U.S. have been reacting to ever since.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.N.: Iran has resumed atomic activities", YNETWS, September 2, 2005

"The U.N. nuclear watchdog said Friday questions remained about Iran's atomic programme and confirmed Tehran had resumed activities suspended under a deal with the European Union. The confidential report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), obtained by Reuters, said the agency was 'still not in a position
to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran'."

'Iran, which denies wanting nuclear weapons as suspected by Washington and the European Union, says it has answered almost all of the IAEA's questions and shown its atomic ambitions are limited to harnessing nuclear power to generate electricity."

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran threatens to end spot checks of N-sites", Dawn International, September 26, 2005

"TEHRAN, Sept 25: Iran threatened on Sunday to halt spot checks of its nuclear sites after the UN watchdog passed a resolution requiring Tehran to be reported to the Security Council over its atomic plans. Some commentators in the Islamic country expressed surprise over how some countries that had voiced support for its nuclear stance had voted at Saturday’s meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). China, Russia and South Africa, which had supported Iran, abstained from the vote, while India surprised all by voting for the resolution against traditional ally Iran and backing fellow nuclear powers, the United States, France and Britain. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki rejected as illegal the resolution that called on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment-related activities until it proves they are peaceful and resume talks with France, Britain and Germany.

"He said now Iran had no reason to implement the Additional Protocol to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that allows the UN to make spot checks of nuclear facilities. The protocol has not yet been ratified by parliament. 'Iran has no legal commitment to continue implementation of the Additional Protocol,” ISNA quoted Mottaki as saying. “The resolution is illegal, illogical and politically motivated'.”

Iran responded in typical fashion for her, as she sent mobs of "protestors" against the British Embassy in Tehran:

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranians mob UK embassy", The Australian, September 29, 2005

" SCORES of protesters incensed by European Union moves to send Iran's nuclear case to the UN Security Council hurled stones and smoke bombs over the walls of the British embassy compound in Tehran overnight. The violence, easily contained by riot police, coincided with a vote by lawmakers to speed discussion of a bill that would force the government to scale back its cooperation with the UN atomic watchdog ... About 300 protesters gathered outside the British embassy in Tehran overnight to denounce the IAEA resolution submitted by Britain, France and Germany.'

Of course, these "protestors" were organized and sent forth by Iranian government agents. Once again, Iran is showing no fear in facing the combined Western World. In fact, Iran managed to anger all three major parties by resuming work within her nuclear power plants. Israel responded with a threat that she would attack.

NEWS BRIEF: "Knesset Committee in U.S.: Watch Iran", YNETWS, September 29, 2005

"Knesset Members warn American counterparts of dangers from a nuclear Iran ... 'We came to warn the Americans. According to my knowledge it will take Iran no more than two to three years to acquire nuclear weapons', committee head MK Yuval Steinitz said ... 'We are not ready to suffer another Holocaust of six million Jews'.”

"The Shinui leader told the Americans that 'speaking of a threat in ten years is wrong and misleading. If the problem is not dealt with Israel will be facing a nuclear Iran and will therefore have no choice but to act and this is a dreadful scenario'. Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad said Israeli politicians are united in their views regarding the threat from the Islamic Republic. The disagreement between the U.S. and Israel vis-à-vis Iran is the point of no return. 'If we are left with no choice, we will do the job, and that’s the worst option', Eldad said."

Therefore, Israel is warning members of Congress that they will attack Iran as final option, if the United States does not take out Iran's supposed nuclear facilities earlier. President Bush and his officials have long warned Iran not to continue "developing nuclear weapons" from her current nuclear plant facility operations and refuse to listen to Iran's protestations that she is not developing weapons, but only developing peaceful uses for nuclear energy.

However, both Russia and China warned the Western community to not take any military or intense diplomatic action against Iran.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia and China opposition threatens West's push on Iran", Gulf News, September 22, 2005

"Russia and China warned the United States and European Union yesterday against escalating the nuclear standoff with Iran ... Both Russia and China, which as permanent, veto-wielding members of the Council could block any action, warned the West against antagonizing Iran. 'While Iran is cooperating with the IAEA, while it is not enriching uranium and observing a moratorium, while IAEA inspectors are working in the country, it would be counter-productive to report this question to the UN Security Council', Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said."

"And Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing told an EU team headed by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw at the United Nations that sending the Iran issue to the Security Council could be counter-productive..."

Evidently, that warning had the desired effect on Secretary Straw:

NEWS BRIEF: "Straw: No military action against Iran", Aljazeera News, September 28, 2005

"British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said military action against Iran is inconceivable, adding that he hopes diplomacy can still end the international standoff over the country's nuclear programme. 'All United States presidents always say all options are open. But it is not on the table, it is not on the agenda. I happen to think that it is inconceivable', Straw told British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio on Wednesday'. US President George Bush, whose government believes Iran intends to produce atomic weapons, has however refused to rule out military strikes."

Iran must feel protected enough by Russia and China -- and by American demonstrated inept military action in Iraq and Afghanistan -- to continue to aggressively speak out against the Western powers, almost daring them to strike. We have always maintained that the hardline Islamic government in Iran is protected from being overthrown by the United States by the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39, where Persia (Iran) is foretold as marching with Russia in the Last Days' invasion of Israel. Any American strike against Iran will not result in the overthrow of the hardline regime.

But, if President Bush wants $5 a gallon gasoline very quickly, all he has to do is attack Iranian nuclear facilities, which would probably prompt Iran to strike against commercial oil traffic in the Strait of Hormuz with the Russian Sunburn supersonic missile (Read NEWS1449 to see the fearsome capabilities of Sunburn). Such a military attack could close the Strait down to all crude oil shipments, and would send oil prices skyrocketing. If America attacks Venezuela any time soon, that could quickly produce $5 a gallon gasoline.

"Wars and Rumors of Wars" continue to be fulfilled in our day, do they not?

III. The question as to whether New Orleans is going to be rebuilt to her former glory was continually in the news this week.

NEWS BRIEF: "Post-Katrina housing effort hitting snags", The Denver Post, 09/30/2005

"Washington - After Hurricane Katrina left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, the Federal Emergency Management Agency signed contracts for more than $2 billion in temporary housing, including more than 125,000 trailers and mobile homes. But just 109 Louisiana families are living in those units. A month after the disaster, the federal government's temporary-housing effort is stumbling ... Federal officials acknowledge that the housing program has moved slowly , especially in Louisiana. But they are blaming the state for the trouble ...Louisiana officials, though, have been working tirelessly to find spots for the trailers, said Kim Hunter Reed, director of policy and planning for Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco ... More than 45,000 people are in shelters in Louisiana, according to the governor's office, and about 30,000 are in shelters in other states.'

We are not surprised to learn that the Federal Government is bumbling and stumbling and delaying in their efforts to get New Orleans back to normal. If they delay long enough, many of those 425,000 people in shelters plus the 30,000 in other states, may elect to take up permanent residency elsewhere. Meanwhile, Congress is following the White House lead in blocking a health bill for Katrina victims.

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate conservatives block Katrina victims' health bill", The Denver Post, 09/29/2005

"Washington - Senate Finance Committee members accused the White House on Wednesday of blocking a bipartisan, $9 billion health care package for Hurricane Katrina victims. The fracas came at a hearing where the governors of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, the three states hardest hit by Katrina, pleaded for more federal help. Committee members promised to consider additional tax breaks and other measures, but they spent much of their time fuming about the administration's opposition to the package introduced last week by Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Max Baucus, D-Mont., the panel's chairman and vice chairman. Grassley's legislation represents a clear threat to conservatives' efforts to rein in costs and limit the federal role. It would temporarily extend Medicaid coverage to thousands of adult victims who would otherwise have no health insurance ... Grassley and Baucus expected the bill to pass by a voice vote Monday, but it was blocked by two conservative senators, John Sununu, R-N.H., and John Ensign, R-Nev. Sununu said the time had come for senators to exercise greater caution."

This next article makes it quite clear that the battle to rebuild these devastated areas will turn into an ideological fight between "Left" and "Right" wings:

NEWS BRIEF: "From disaster area to ideological battleground", The Australian, September 27, 2005

" WITH tens of thousands of evacuees returning to Houston, and the damage from Hurricane Rita adding to the $260billion bill for the Gulf region, US President George W.Bush is hoping to turn the stricken area into a test-bed for radical policies instead of a government bailout. At stake is an ideological battle between Left and Right that could be important at the next election ... The New York Times reported yesterday that government records showed more than 80per cent of the $US1.5billion ($2billion) in contracts signed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency were awarded without bidding or with limited competition, provoking concerns among auditors and government officials about the potential for favoritism or abuse ... Hurricane Rita spared big cities but devastated rural areas on the Texas-Louisiana border as it spread up the Mississippi Valley into Arkansas.

"In the heart of Cajun country, battered by Hurricane Katrina, swamplands from Terrebonne to Vermilion Parishes were hit with 5m storm surges, flooding towns and ruining homes and businesses. 'Most of it is the Gulf of Mexico today', said Sergeant Howard McKee of Louisiana State Police ... The problem is that subsidies, no matter how well-directed, make most conservatives uncomfortable, particularly as the cost of Katrina is expected to push the deficit to about $US400billion next year, or 3per cent of GDP."

Are we seeing the beginning of the reality that the Federal Government simply cannot afford a $260 billion recovery and assistance package to rebuild New Orleans, the Gulf States ravaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, plus rebuilding in areas like Florida and North Carolina, where recent hurricanes have delivered damaging blows? We predicted that, very soon in the recovery and rebuilding debate, budgetary restraints would raise their ugly heads. An overseas article makes that reality quite plain.

NEWS BRIEF: "War in Iraq and natural disaster", China Daily, September 29, 2005

"With limitless financial resources and scientific know-how to predict all kinds of natural disasters, why was the United States still left with many reported instances of homicides, rapes, robberies and thousands of casualties during the Katrina flooding? That was not just a matter of governmental incompetence: It was a demonstration of just how fragile the social fabric of much of America is today. Imagine what could happen in an even larger city like Philadelphia, Chicago or Los Angeles if there was a breakdown in law and order caused by a disruptive natural calamity like Katrina, causing a major shortfall in basic amenities such as fresh water? The authorities have frankly admitted they were incapable of dealing with such problems in view of what happened with the frantic exodus from Texas. There would be a major breakdown of law and order ... The US treasury is not a bottomless pit."

Right, the US Treasury is not a bottomless pit. Wait to see what happens to the President's grand proposals to rebuild New Orleans and the entire devastated Gulf States once the third FEMA predicted disaster hits -- the major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. Then, you will see how little attention the rebuilding effort in New Orleans will receive.


Since the three major steps planned to Re-wild any area on the UN Biosphere Map were quickly taken in New Orleans (September 10, 2005, Newsletter, Paragraph II), we concluded that the disaster in New Orleans probably represented the first actual instance of Re-wilding, i.e., forcing people into certain designated areas to live, while setting aside most of the country as either "Core Reserve" (No human habitation allowed) or "Buffer Zones" (Highly Regulated Use). Core Reserves are shown on the UN Biosphere Map as red spots, while Buffer Zones are shown as yellow areas.

However, for the most part, the actual order to implement this Re-Wilding Biosphere Program will await the orders from Anti-Christ. The reason so many hurricanes, tornados, flooding, drought, and wildfires are occurring in these Re-wilding zones is that a conceptual basis is now being laid by these disasters striking repeatedly in the same areas over and over again. Once Antichrist completes his seven-year "Cleansing of the Earth" campaign, and has reduced the population of the world by 66%, he shall appear on TV to announce that, on every continent, this Re-Wilding campaign will finally be implemented. In other words, the final implementation of this draconian plan will introduce the 1,000-year Golden Rule which Antichrist plans. Of course, we Christians know that Antichrist will never get to this point in time, for God will cut him off after 7 years and Jesus will return to set up the real 1,000-year reign.

But, for now, these savage storms and other disasters are repeatedly hitting Core Reserve and Buffer Zone areas. The plan calls for Antichrist to announce that the reason so many disasters have occurred in these spots is because Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) is terribly imbalanced in these specific areas because of the demands put on her by the Industrial Civilization and overpopulation.

To try to correct these imbalances, Mother Gaia kept sending storms and other disasters to these areas, trying to balance the world herself. But, since mankind never got the message, Antichrist must now force the final dissolution of the Industrial Civilization and the movement of the people into certain areas, while the areas formerly "unbalanced" can go back to Nature -- Re-wilded.

In this time period, when the conceptual case is being laid for Antichrist to make his ultimate planned announcement, you will likely see rebuilding on most devastated sites, because the time for the final implementation of the plan is not yet at hand. In New Orleans, we truly believe this city will never be rebuilt to anything close to her former glory, because all three planned steps to the final rewilding of an area were quickly taken in that city.


IV. Hurricane Rita not as bad as feared? Did people really "escape a bullet"?

Hurricane Rita was downgraded officially to a Category 3 hurricane and she "missed" the Houston - Texas City - Galveston area, so Americans by the tens of millions breathed a sigh of relief. Newspaper headlines for days after the hurricane screamed this message loudly and clearly. The Wall Street Stock Market zoomed to higher levels and the cost of oil and gas temporarily retreated, because of the belief that Rita had not delivered as hard a blow to the region as had been feared.

However, during the past few days, a far different picture emerged. The areas of Louisiana to the right portion of Rita's eye suffered horrific damage, as this "Before - After" photos of Cameron, Louisiana demonstrate. This picture is quite startling, for this "weakened" hurricane literally blew the town completely away. I have seen many pictures of towns and cities devastated by hurricanes and tornadoes, and never have I seen the entire area blown clean of human habitation; never have I seen every stick of building completely cleansed from the location! Listen now to a report on Cameron, Louisiana, in a major news source.

"Rita abused Cameron's dead as much as its living. The town cemetery is macabre. Coffins float in fetid water, mausoleums are in shards, and human bones lie blanching in the sunlight next to disintegrating burial vestments." (Where Bayou Towns Stood, Only Bayou Remains)

Let us now review a couple of statements made by participants in a chat room.

"According to my parents many of the old homes that survived Camille did not survive Katrina. Katrina was worse. my 2cents."

"I've been looking over the National Geodetic Survey's satellite shots of the Rita-fied area, including Cameron, LA. The eye in the sky paints a picture of TOTAL loss. What few structures still stand when viewed from orbit are probably blow out from underneath where the satellite can't see. There's a bridge that connects Cameron to Holley Beach - it's gone. No evidence it was EVER there is visible aside from the roads leading to the water. No pilings, no visible bridge sections, nothing. It's as though theramps for the bridge were all that was ever built. This is already the worst storm season in American history in terms of damage, and it's still got a couple months left."

Yes, there are two months left in the hurricane season, and already, weather forecasters are warning that another hurricane may hit the Gulf region!

NEWS BRIEF: "Major hurricane predicted in October", Detroit News, September 29, 2005

"Meteorologists examining the conditions that spawned hurricanes Rita and Katrina say there is a strong likelihood another intense hurricane will occur in October ... experts don't rule out the possibility of another major storm targeting the battered Gulf region ... The hurricane season does not end until Nov. 30, and a leading forecast group is predicting that October will see two hurricanes, one of them reaching at least Category 3, 4 or 5."

The Gulf Region may yet get hit again with a major hurricane, and why not, for each time these year that a hurricane has gone through the Gulf, oil and gas prices skyrocket even more. A friend of mine who is an executive of a nationwide trucking company told me last week that a representative of the petroleum industry told them in an emergency meeting that, this December, Exxon Oil is going to face a major public relations problem when they announce a $50 billion increase in profits! Remember that when you hear of poor and/or elderly freezing to death this winter because they cannot afford the higher heating prices.

Now, let us return to the subject of towns being hit much harder than officially reported.


V. Other stories of the fury of Hurricane Rita being much stronger than reported abound.

NEWS BRIEF: "Civilization suffers, marshes thrive in storms' aftermath: Dank, brown waters settle over 200 miles of Louisiana land trashed by natural catastrophes" The Detroit News, September 28, 2005

"ABOVE SOUTHERN LOUISIANA, Sept. 27 -- It's gone. Plain gone. That's what they'll say when they finally get in, when the people who love Louisiana's bayous and marshes get into the towns where hardly anyone can go now. That's what they'll say when they get to Holly Beach, where a forest of stilts is all that Hurricane Rita left of a resort town that had once stacked houses six-deep up to the sand. That's what they'll say in whole neighborhoods of Cameron and Grand Chenier and Oak Grove and the other little towns ... At its worst, Rita behaved like a viciously effective bulldozer, scraping away everything it met, scraping away places ... The full scope of the storm's brutality can be comprehended only from the air, and from the air the images are heartbreaking: 200 miles of Louisiana coastal life broken apart or left to steep in the brownest, dankest water imaginable."

"The destruction stretches from the wobbly levees that flooded New Orleans for a second time, west to the shattered levee that has submerged more than 10,000 homes near Houma; westward along the coast, where the lowest-lying parts of Louisiana were wrecked; and inland to Lake Charles, a major city so battered that each highway exit is blocked to keep residents out ... On the ground, the scene is a still life. Most of the bayou towns are empty -- even repair crews cannot get in. And in the places where people have managed to cajole or sneak or power their way in, the plastering that Rita administered is so complete that there is seldom anything to do but stand in awe. They would clean up if there were something there to clean up. But there isn't."

The title of this article is both interesting and instructive. Note that, while marshes thrive in the aftermath of a destructive Hurricane Rita, man's civilization suffers! This concept is purely Mother Gaia! Man is putting too much stress on Mother Gaia, so much so that our current civilization must be drastically reduced, or even dismantled, so that mankind can go back to agricultural pursuits, like 400 years ago. This scenario awaits the "cleansing of the earth" during the first seven years of Antichrist's rule, but that is the ultimate plan -- articles like this condition people to believe this lie, and these repeated storms drive the point home.


NEWS BRIEF: "Katrina pipeline damage more than first thought", Yahoo News, September 29, 2005

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hurricane Katrina did more damage to underwater oil and natural gas pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico than previously thought, according to the U.S. agency that oversees offshore energy production ... The head of the Interior Department's Minerals Management Service, Johnnie Burton, said two weeks ago that Katrina did not do as much damage to offshore pipelines as Hurricane Ivan did a year earlier. However, Burton's estimate turned out to be too optimistic, and the damage is much worse ... the agency is still trying to figure out the impact of Hurricane Rita ... All U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, about 1.5 million barrels a day, had been offline for five days in a row since Rita made landfall last Saturday near the Texas-Louisiana border. Some output finally returned on Thursday, when about 33,000 barrels a day, or 1.4 percent of normal production, came back on online ... problems at onshore facilities are also at fault, according to MMS. Specifically, the refineries still shut down due to both hurricanes can't use the offshore oil and storage tanks are filling up, which diminishes the need for energy companies to restart."

Now you know why gas retail prices are between 30-50 cents higher than they were before Rita.

NEWS BRIEF: "DODGED A BULLET'? NOT HERE", MSNBC Hurricane News, September 26, 2005

"EAST OF BEAUMONT, Texas -- The closer we get to Louisiana, the more water and broken trees we see. So we decide to just follow the path nature lays out before us, to follow the destruction. We're pushing past Beaumont, across into Louisiana, and then down closer to the coastline. In this part of the world, there are flashing police cars blocking nearly every exit from the highway. At almost every one, we see a line of cars, and at each, people are pleading to get in to see their neighborhoods. Many are turned away ... Many just want to know if they have a house or not. Some folks are being told they won't have power for three to four weeks, it and might be that long before they are allowed to re-enter the area."

"This is not a place that dodged a bullet ... only last night the first pictures were coming out of Cameron Parish, La., revealing that near the eye of Hurricane Rita, entire communities were swept off the map. Only now we're getting a sense that things might be even worse than we imagine when we get there -- if we can get there."

NEWS BRIEF: "'Caveman' Conditions in Texas Follow Rita", BreitBart News, September 26, 2005

" Nearly four days after Hurricane Rita hit, many of the storm's sweltering victims along the Texas Gulf Coast were still waiting for electricity, gasoline, water and other relief Tuesday, prompting one top emergency official to complain that people are 'living like cavemen'. In the hard-hit refinery towns of Port Arthur and Beaumont, crews struggled to cross debris-clogged streets to deliver generators and water to people stranded by Rita. They predicted it could be a month before power is restored, and said water and sewer systems could not function until more generators arrived."

Refinery towns, Port Arthur and Beaumont, were "hard-hit"? Mainline news made it sound like that the oil refinery capacity in the area was left largely unscathed.

"John Owens, emergency management coordinator and deputy police chief in the town of 57,000, said pleas for state and federal relief were met with requests for paperwork. 'We have been living like cavemen, sleeping in cars, doing bodily functions outside', he said. Temperatures climbed into the upper 90s, and officials worried that swarms of mosquitoes might spread disease ... After seeing a swarm of ravenous mosquitoes around his storm-battered home in Vidor, Harry Smith and his family decided to leave ... residents who come back would be without air conditioning, and risk insect bites and the mosquito-borne West Nile virus. A mandatory evacuation remained in effect for 10 southwestern Louisiana parishes."

We could go on and on and on with stories like these, but you get the point. Hurricane Rita came ashore either as a much stronger storm that was reported, or certain cells to the right of her eye were fired up especially strong. To the cost of rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to the east of that city, you can add the cost of the massive rebuilding needed from Beaumont, Texas, eastward to New Orleans.


VI. Right on cue, global climatologists declared these spate of hurricanes as "proof positive" that Global Warming was causing them, and therefore, Global Warming was real. Barbara Streisand even declared a "Global Warming Emergency" worldwide.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hurricanes 'climate wake-up call' ", The Scotsman, 24 Sep 2005

"The hurricanes hitting the United States must serve as a 'wake-up call' to the world on global warming. The UN's emergency relief coordinator, Jan Egeland, said he was convinced hurricanes Katrina and Rita were the result of climate change. 'I think it is a wake-up call for everybody in that you have two of the worst hurricanes ever hitting the US within weeks of each other', he said. Mr Egeland also pointed to hurricanes in the Indian and Pacific oceans and in the Caribbean. 'There is no doubt that the climate is changing ... We have a tripling of climate-related disasters since the 1960s and 1970s."

"Scientists are divided over whether the hurricanes are the result of climate change. But Mr Egeland said he was persuaded they were. He said most international experts believed there was a connection ... Mr Egeland said it was too early to say if the hurricanes had changed perceptions in the Bush administration about climate change. He said no country was adequately prepared for the kind of disasters seen in the US."

If you want to see where this type of reasoning is planned to lead mankind, just go watch the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow". As you watch this movie, remember the reality that scientists utilizing scalar electromagnetic wave technology can create exactly the scenario this movie portrays, including the 60-foot wall of water -- tidal wave -- which buried much of New York City, certainly killing all on the ground and many in the first six stories of the high rise buildings.

The storm ultimately became a continent-killing storm. Interestingly, the Vice-President of the United States was portrayed as a person who helped bring on this horrific disaster because of his refusal to take Global Warming seriously and to commit the country to the principles of The Kyoto Accords.

NEWS BRIEF: "Streisand Declares Global Warming Emergency", The Drudge Report, September 25, 2005

"NEW YORK -- This summer's back to back superstorms are proof positive we have entered a new period of "global warming emergency," artist/citizen Barbara Streisand warns ... As hellstorm 'Rita' churned in the Gulf, Streisand sat down for a promotional interview with ABCNEWS's Diane Sawyer. "We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense," Streisand urgently declares."

Streisand's statement here is purely Mother Gaia, and was prominently shouted in the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow". In this movie, scientists declared that Global Warming had created the scenario whereby the violent storms which had already ravaged parts of the United States and other parts of the world were just going to get stronger and stronger, until "balance" was restored.

Thus, actress Barbara Streisand is reiterating the standard Mother Gaia mantra. Unfortunately, her words are going to galvanize a very large group of Liberal thinkers and voters worldwide. While Conservative voters disdain anything Streisand has to say, untold numbers of people will believe her and will rapidly become strong supporters of proposed actions like the Kyoto Accords.

Streisand concluded with another Mother Gaia statement:

"Streisand says to ABC: 'There could be more droughts, dust bowls'."

When Mother Earth (Gaia) begins her attempt to restore balance brought about by man's activities like his intrusive, poisonous Industrial Civilization and her overpopulation, she brings a variety of destructive natural situations to bear. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods are part of her efforts, but so are droughts -- and earthquakes.

Thus, Hurricanes Katrina, Ophelia, and Rita have done more than wreak physical damage on the parts of the country they afflicted; they have also been used by scientists to further the Mother Gaia concept. More and greater storms will continually hit, more flooding, more drought, and more earthquakes until mankind has learned his lesson, or until Mother Gaia kills entire continents.

That is the lie being sold to the world right now.


VIII. Another story hit hard this week, showing the devastating drought afflicting so many poor countries of the world right now. Remember, famines are part of the "birth pangs" of which Jesus foretold in Matthew 24:6-8 which would produce Antichrist. Listen:

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in place after place; All this is but the beginning, the early pains of the birth pangs of the intolerable anguish." (Matthew 24:7-8; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

The people during the entire 20th Century has experienced exactly this type of "early birth pangs", have they not, including two world wars? Did you know that the Illuminati planned for three (3) world wars by which Antichrist would be produced on the world scene (NEWS1056)? This coming war between Israel and her Arab neighbors will be the Third World War, out of which shall stride Antichrist.

The famines, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes which are increasing more each year, also testify to the closeness of the prophetic hour. As Jesus listed them in a bundle, so are they now appearing -- as a bundle throughout the world.

Now, let us examine this most terrible famine -- in the news.

NEWS BRIEF: "Aid workers warn of another bitter harvest for Niger after season of drought and locusts", Financial Times (F.T.), September 30 2005

"As farmers in Niger begin to reap their harvest and aid agencies phase out food distributions, many aid workers warn that acute food shortages could affect the country again next year. About 3.6m people in Niger were affected this year by food shortfalls brought about by the effects of drought and locust infestations and compounded by scarce food supplies in the west African Sahel region ... Many farmers have had to mortgage this year's harvest or migrate from their fields to help raise money to pay escalating food prices in the past few months. While this year's crop is expected to be an improvement, farmers could still run low on food stocks in seven months, which is normal in Niger, and simultaneously face a cash flow crisis.

"... the fragility of the system was evident early on when a survey by WFP and Hellen Keller International, published in April, indicated a malnutrition rate of 13.4 per cent, comparable with those seen in conflict zones or emergencies, in two of the worst affected provinces ... And the decision to introduce blanket food distributions as late as August has also pushed up costs as large-scale supplies were needed quickly to quell the sudden spread in severe malnutrition and hunger. Médecins Sans Frontières said this month it received about 1,800 severely malnourished children under the age of five at its feeding centres in Maradi province every week, more than the monthly figure a year ago.

"Analysts say anti-locust programmes and assistance by the World Bank and other partners are insufficient to stem what is seen as a deepening regional crisis. This year, millions more people were affected by food shortages in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania, although not as seriously as Niger ... many farmers such as Mohammed Salissou, a millet grower in Maradi province, view their slide into poverty with fatalistic eyes. 'I had to sell off many animals last year to buy food. I have virtually no savings left. We will run out of food in six months, so we are at the mercy of the aid agencies now'."

Can you hear the footbeats of the coming Four Horsement of the Apocalypse?


IX. The entire 101st Airborne Division deploys again to Iraq. I wonder how many native-born Americans are left in this country in officially constituted units?

NEWS BRIEF: "Entire 101st Airborne Division Deploying to Iraq", News Channel 5, September 23, 2005

"The 101st Airborne Division is once again answering the call to serve in Iraq. Around 20,000 soldiers got their final briefing Friday afternoon at Ft. Campbell. It's been two years since the division was last deployed to Iraq. Soldiers will board planes and be heading off Friday to do numerous duties, including helping train Iraqi law enforcement. Families took the afternoon to say goodbye. This is just the 5th time in the history of the 101st that the entire division has been deployed all at once. The soldiers will be gone a year."

At a time when foreign troops are on our soil -- Dutch and Mexican Marines -- and when President Bush flies to NORTHCOM at Petersen Air Force Base near Colorado Springs, you have to wonder if the time is not close for the implementation of martial law and of dividing America into military patrol zones (NEWS1291). After all, the entire Illuminati Plan for America as she goes into a military patrol zone situation, manned by foreign troops, revolves around the idea that foreign troops are needed to restore and keep order because so few American troops are left in the country.

For the past many years, we have watched passively as Presidents Clinton and Bush have deployed American soldiers to over 100 countries throughout the world, including the hot spots of Iraq and Afghanistan. To properly understand how this martial law and military patrol zone system manned by foreign troops would work, look carefully at this map, above.

Briefly, this map has redrawn all the nations in the world into regions, each of which is to be patrolled by forces foreign to that region. I surmised in Seminar #1, "America's Leadership of the New World Order" , produced in 1989, that this type of plan made sense, given some little known facts of the early 20th Century. By 1920, Lenin and his cadre of leadership realized they had a serious problem with their armed forces. They discovered that troops, even troops hardened and calloused by serving in World War I, could not be depended upon to be fatally brutal to their own people, their own villages, and even their own region. To remedy this situation, the Communist Party issued orders that the Army station no troops on their own soil. Basically, this meant that Russian Muslim troops were stationed in non-Muslim areas and vice versa. Once this adjustment had been made, the reign of terror under Lenin, and later under Stalin, could proceed as planned.

Since the reign of terror in the coming New World Order is planned to be many times larger and more intense, than even the reign of Stalin terror, it made sense that such a plan had to be developed on a global scale. This map of the world, above, is just such a global map. I did not know of this map until mid-1999, even though it was created by the Illuminati in 1952.

No region will be patrolled by its own troops. As you can also see, America will be patrolled by troops of several nationalities, each assigned to a different region. For this plan to be implemented, a great crisis will have to erupt that takes American forces out of this country to such a degree that we do not even have enough National Guard troops to control our cities. As we have repeatedly taught, the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist envisions just such a series of planned simultaneous crises throughout the world that will force all American troops, regular Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard, out of this country. Then, when planned riots erupt in our cities, the President will ask the United Nations to provide enough troops to restore order.

The United Nations will gladly agree, sending in the troops you see listed on the map. Most of the sovereign nations of the world will find themselves in similar circumstances, so their leaders will ask for foreign troops. The nationality of the troops they receive will be in line with this map.

The leadership of the United Nations will also change, as light-weight Koffi Annan will give way to the spiritual superman of all ages, The New Age Christ [Antichrist]. This is the Plan. With so many of our troops out of the country right now, including National Guardsmen, there will not be enough American-born troops in organized units to quell the riots and unrest in our cities, once the next disaster hits -- or a combination of disasters.

NORTHCOM, whom President Bush visited after touring Texas just before Hurricane Rita hit, has the written authority to seize control of America, establish martial law under a military patrol zone situation, if any one of three disasters hit the United States.

1) If a second major natural disaster hits the United States within 6 months. I believe it possible that the damage done by Hurricane Rita was deliberately played down so that the third FEMA disaster -- major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault -- would be the natural disaster which would allow this plan to be implemented.

2) If "terrorists" exploded a Weapons of Mass Destruction anywhere within the United States. Remember, if a nuclear device goes off in our country, you know that no terrorists did the deed, because of our unique satellite capability to locate every nuclear device on the planet, even those encased in lead (Read NEWS1938 for full details).

3) If America is invaded by Space Aliens. ("More Nuke Rumors - Possible National Security incident in early October")

Before you reject this idea out of hand, please beware that I learned from being sneaked into a House of Theosophy meeting on August 18, 1991, that Aliens and Space Craft were most definitely part of the plan to produce the New Age Christ (NEWS1052). Note also that New Age author, Bill Cooper, writes extensively that Aliens and UFO's were a big part of the plan to produce Antichrist, in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse".

"Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time? Can you imagine? The world power structure can, and will if necessary, make some or all of those things happen to bring about the New World Order." [P. 177-178]

Now that you know how important it is for American troops to be out of the country when these combined disasters hit, be very sensitive to reports of more units being sent overseas. If you hear or read anything, contact us at the toll-free number, below.

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---------Conclusion----------------"And I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish." John 10:28

The Christian should never think or speak lightly of unbelief. For a child of God to mistrust His love, His truth, His faithfulness, must be greatly displeasing to Him. How can we ever grieve Him by doubting His upholding grace? Christian! it is contrary to every promise of God's precious Word that thou shouldst ever be forgotten or left to perish. If it could be so, how could He be true who has said, "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I never forget thee." What were the value of that promise

--"The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee." Where were the truth of Christ's words

--"I give unto My sheep eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand. My Father, which gave them Me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of My Father's hand." Where were the doctrines of grace? They would be all disproved if one child of God should perish. Where were the veracity of God, His honour, His power, His grace, His covenant, His oath, if any of those for whom Christ has died, and who have put their trust in Him, should nevertheless be cast away? Banish those unbelieving fears which so dishonour God. Arise, shake thyself from the dust, and put on thy beautiful garments. Remember it is sinful to doubt His Word wherein He has promised thee that thou shalt never perish. Let the eternal life within thee express itself in confident rejoicing. "The gospel bears my spirit up: A faithful and unchanging God Lays the foundation for my hope, In oaths, and promises, and blood." (C.H. Spurgeon,
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