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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------- "Faultless before the presence of His glory." Jude 1:24

Revolve in your mind that wondrous word, "faultless!" We are far off from it now; but as our Lord never stops short of perfection in His work of love, we shall reach it one day. The Saviour who will keep His people to the end, will also present them at last to Himself, as "a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but holy and without blemish." All the jewels in the Saviour's crown are of the first water and without a single flaw. All the maids of honour who attend the Lamb's wife are pure virgins without spot or stain.

But how will Jesus make us faultless? He will wash us from our sins in His own blood until we are white and fair as God's purest angel; and we shall be clothed in His righteousness, that righteousness which makes the saint who wears it positively faultless; yea, perfect in the sight of God. We shall be unblameable and unreproveable even in His eyes. His law will not only have no charge against us, but it will be magnified in us. Moreover, the work of the Holy Spirit within us will be altogether complete. We shall be holy even as God is holy, and in His presence we shall dwell for ever.

Saints will not be out of place in heaven, their beauty will be as great as that of the place prepared for them. Oh the rapture of that hour when the everlasting doors shall be lifted up, and we, being made meet for the inheritance, shall dwell with the saints in light. Sin gone, Satan shut out, temptation past for ever, and ourselves "faultless" before God, this will be heaven indeed! Let us be joyful now as we rehearse the song of eternal praise so soon to roll forth in full chorus from all the blood-washed host; let us copy David's exultings before the ark as a prelude to our ecstasies before the throne. ["Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions", A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

Amen -- even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Liberal Israeli politicians proposed a plan that, if ever implemented, might bring Israel to her knees in conflict, even with her enormous military edge! The blood flowing from Oslo wasn't enough nor was the innocent blood shed during Arafat's 33-month Intifada; last week, Illuminist politicians proposed the most radical land giveaway in Israel's short history! This treasonous document is so heinous because it divides the Promised Land of Israel [Read NEWS1806 to read how dimly God views anyone who attempts to divide His Land].

Under this incredible agreement -- called either the "Swiss Accord" or "Geneva Initiative" -- worked out between Illuminist Ultra-Liberal Israeli "officials without portfolio" and Palestinians, Israel would agree to be divided on a de-facto basis into three regions, while Palestinians would receive a State, control of Temple Mount, and limited "Right of Return". Before we get started discussing the details of this plan and what physical harm it might do to Israel, let us get to the bottom line: this agreement is so dangerous because it presupposes that the Palestinian people and/or their leaders ever really want peaceful coexistence with the Jews! The reality is that the Palestinians have been raised to hate the Jew and to want them dead! All of them dead. The reason Arafat refused an offer in Summer, 2000, that would have given him 97% of everything he ever said he wanted is that he really wants 100% of the land of Israel and all the Jews swept into a grave! Doubt it not!!

Now, let us briefly examine the real purpose of this plan. (You can read an in-depth article on this terrible agreement and its many ramifications in NEWS1864, posted Thursday. We list all the major points and present our analysis, both of which are too long for this newsletter]

The major agreement is that Israel would withdraw to her pre-1967 borders! The maps in our article, above, demonstrate the insanity of voluntarily withdrawing back to pre-1967 borders, especially when you have such a hostile population with which to contend as the Palestinians and such adversaries on each border as Syria and Egypt, both of which are armed to the teeth with several thousands of theater missiles. We also list explanations by various experts, including an American general, Thomas Kelly, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War I, who explain exactly why Israel can never move back to her pre-1967 borders. Yet, this agreement commits Israel to exactly this course of action, thus rewarding the Palestinian suicide bombers of the past 22 years! President Bush vowed never to reward terror, and yet this has been his policy from the beginning; this "Geneva Initiative" is the latest reward for all this terror all these past years. This Initiative will give the Muslims a victory at the bargaining table that they have never been able to achieve on either the battlefield or the terror field. As one IDF officer lamented:

"If implemented, the Swiss Accord can be compared to icing on a cake. Oslo and The Road Map have crippled the tiny State of Israel, while the Swiss Accord would incapacitate Israel, making them unable to defend Israel. If they stretch out the Gaza Strip as planned, this will enable Egypt to cut off the lower half of Israel, causing troops in the south to fight one battle, while Jerusalem fights another separate battle and the north again another battle. Take a map and lay it side-by-side to the Swiss Accord and draw lines where they say the Palestinians get total control, plus new territory. You will see how the different areas become literally cut off from each other. And with no Jewish entity directly in front of the Gaza Strip, Ashkelon will become an easy target. This area is where much of the food is grown-and if it is under siege and helpless to defend itself, great famine and death will occur. I know this area well, since I did my IDF training in a military base outside Ashkelon. At night, we could hear the gunfire. Without the buffer zone, this military installation could be in grave danger, since it is a surface base, without any jets for air cover."

At this point, Prime Minister Sharon is publicly against this Initiative. However, this fact should not give anyone a false sense of security, for just a few months ago, Sharon abruptly changed his position on a Palestinian State fully 180° as we detail in our article posted Thursday. Just 9 days before the June 4 Aqaba Summit in which President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, and Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas declared a Palestinian State, Sharon reversed his long-standing opposition to such a state! No one ever expected that a "Conservative", "Hardline" former Army general would be the prime minister to reverse Israeli policy so he could support the concept of a Palestinian State! No prime minister, of any party, had even come close to this kind of declaration, although Ehud Barak may have done so following the Camp David Accords had Arafat accepted the deal offered him.

We cover this shocking story in NEWS1817, and encourage you to read it carefully, for it fully shows Sharon's willingness to abruptly reverse his position on an issue sensitive to Israel's security. This new Geneva plan is to be signed on November 4 by the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, and could take on a life of its own afterward. If Sharon suddenly reverses his weak, tepid "opposition" to the initiative, he could immediately order the IDF to withdraw as needed to implement this plan. The Israeli voter and Conservative citizens would be left in stunned silence for events might have happened so quickly, they do not know immediately how to respond.

Once the IDF repositions its forces as this plan dictates, the nation of Israel becomes a series of separated enclaves, and that is a military tactician's nightmare. Arafat's Palestinian paramilitary forces could attack key targets from within, forcing the IDF to fight in separated locations. Syria and Egypt would also be tempted to jump into the fray to take advantage of this unbelievable Israeli self-inflicted wound.

Finally, once Israel is divided into military enclaves, Arafat and his paramilitary force of approximately 30,000 men can carry out the Palestinian - Syrian agreement of 1996 whereby the next Arab-Israeli war would start within the country as Muslim fighters attack key installations so viciously that the IDF will have to move men and materiel from the borders. At that moment, Syria and Egypt can attack. We cover all this in good detail in NEWS1864, posted Thursday.

One thing is certain concerning this "Geneva Initiative": There is too much Illuminist muscle behind this accord to either dismiss it out of hand or to think it will never be implemented. When Shimon Peres is behind the plan, Sharon just might pull one of his reversing tricks.

Just when you thought the Middle East could not possibly get worse, it just did!

II. Speaking of Egypt, a Jewish author warns of the hidden threat Egypt poses to the life of Israel! Jerry Golden --- www.thegoldenreport.com -- posted a very interesting article which we carry in today's Daily News Update, entitled, "Smoke Screens Everywhere: The Stage being sit for Armageddon". Jerry warns that the Mass Media is running stories everyday about threats from Syria, Iran, and Ethiopia, but never on the real threat, Egypt. In NEWS1558, we warn you that most often the truth of a matter is found in exactly the opposite direction from the Mass Media rhetoric! If you have never read this article, posted in November, 2001, we most urgently encourage you to do so now, for this principle has applications in so many areas today.

Jerry Golden warns: "For years I have been saying it will be Egypt that will lead the charge against Israel. It is Mubarak who wants revenge and more than that he wants to be sure Egypt is the "real" leader of the Arab world. While our attention is being directed in other directions like Iraq, Iran and Syria I might add with due cause. The real danger and most eminent danger lies with Egypt and Libya. While all we hear is the possibility of Iran having a nuclear bomb very soon, and they are working on it no doubt. But it’s Egypt and Libya who are about to complete their nuclear aspirations of having a bomb to destroy Israel ... it comes as no surprise that Egypt is working to destroy Israel ... In times past and the present day the most serious enemy Israel has is Egypt ... Egypt has no enemies who want to attack her, she has only one country she wants to destroy and that is Israel ... we are talking about a smoke screen, and what you hear on TV and read in the newspapers may and usually is a smoke screen."

This last sentence could sum up the Illuminati plan in so many areas today: "what you hear on TV and read in the newspapers may and usually is a smoke screen."

III. UPI Investigations is reporting that 600 "sick and wounded " American soldiers are languishing in Army barracks in Fort Stewart, Georgia, while they wait -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors. This story would be unbelievable were it not for the UPI source and being carried by the Drudge Report. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor", By MARK BENJAMIN, UPI Investigations Editor, Carried by Drudge Report, October 17, 2003

"FORT STEWART, Ga., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- Hundreds of sick and wounded U.S. soldiers including many who served in the Iraq war are languishing in hot cement barracks here while they wait -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors. The National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers' living conditions are so substandard, and the medical care so poor, that many of them believe the Army is trying push them out with reduced benefits for their ailments. One document shown to UPI states that no more doctor appointments are available from Oct. 14 through Nov. 11 -- Veterans Day ... approximately 600 sick or injured members of the Army Reserves and National Guard are warehoused in rows of spare, steamy and dark cement barracks in a sandy field, waiting for doctors to treat their wounds or illnesses. The Reserve and National Guard soldiers are on what the Army calls "medical hold," while the Army decides how sick or disabled they are and what benefits -- if any -- they should get as a result. Some of the soldiers said they have waited six hours a day for an appointment without seeing a doctor. Others described waiting weeks or months without getting a diagnosis or proper treatment."

While this treatment is terrible enough, and simply screams out for resolution, my attention was grabbed by the medical facts, i.e., these soldiers are afflicted with a variety of "Mysterious Illnesses". Listen:

"Of those who went, many described clusters of strange ailments, like heart and lung problems, among previously healthy troops. (One) soldier said that after being deployed in March he suffered a sudden onset of neurological symptoms in Baghdad that has gotten steadily worse. He shakes uncontrollably. He said the Army has told him he has Parkinson's Disease and it was a pre-existing condition, but he thinks it was something in the anthrax shots the Army gave him ... First Sgt. Gerry Mosley ... developed a series of symptoms: lung problems and shortness of breath; vertigo; migraines; and tinnitus."

Several months ago, a medical doctor in a foreign army told us that our soldiers were going to be dying of a variety of "mysterious" ailments because of the various factors each of them face in Iraq. The full report may be found in "Medical Doctor Speaks Out About The REAL Cause of 'Mystery Illness' In Iraq". Listen now to excerpts:

"The body of every soldier in Iraq is now being assaulted by the following elements:

1. Searing heat between 120-150° - This tremendous heat will not relent until mid-October
2. Local biting insects that deliver a toxic pathogen with which the native Iraqis have to contend daily
3. A cocktail of vaccines that were administered prior to landing in Iraq. As in Gulf War I, these vaccines are highly toxic
4. Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the air, in the water in some areas, and in the dust everywhere. As Amy Worthington states in her article in The Idaho Observer, "The US and British troops are the walking dead."
5. Unknown and unpredictable mutations of physical maladies caused by the above combination of toxic elements
In the daily campaign in Iraq, soldiers are breathing in the toxic Depleted Uranium, and many of them are being constantly bitten by the local insects. These two elements join the toxic vaccine already in the body. Because of the unrelenting, searing heat, nearly every soldier is dehydrated to some degree, thus allowing this deadly combination of toxins to build up to dangerously concentrated levels. Further, this doctor related how American scientists keeping watch over the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific islands at which France and the United States conducted nuclear tests several decades ago, are constantly finding mutated organisms that have never been identified before! Uranium poisoning in our soldiers is very likely mutating with these other elements to create strange and deadly organisms for which the soldiers have not been prepared to face.

The way in which these five elements combine to make the solider sick, or to kill him, will vary widely with each soldier. The age of the soldier plays a part, as does the individual genetic code, as does the health of the immune system. Thus, soldiers will be getting sick at various points along the time spectrum. Further, the exact cause of death will vary so widely that it will be difficult to prove any single cause. Some soldiers will die of pneumonia, some of internal organ meltdown, some of apparent heart attack, and some will die of maladies perhaps not yet seen in medical science."

Over a period of time, possibly taking up to 5 years to develop, at least 75% of our soldiers now serving in Iraq are going to either die or become so ill they are incapacitated, based upon our experience in Gulf War I of 1991. [NEWS1843]. Our conclusions in NEWS1843 seem to be coming true every week!

IV. Syria is reportedly quietly calling up 300,000 military reservists, nearly doubling the size of her armed forces! After the Israeli air attack on an empty terrorist camp on Syrian territory in retaliation for the latest suicide bombing, Syria warned that she would fight rather than allow Israel full reign to continue attacking her sovereign land. Most experts believe this warning is very shallow because of the unprecedented military edge Israel owns right now against all Arab forces arrayed around her; however, since Israel may be about to agree to divide her land as the Geneva Initiative demands, Israel's edge will shrink considerably, thus emboldening the Arab leaders. Let us review the reservist call-up article first:

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria Calls up Reserves, Fears US-Israeli Military Pincer", DEBKAfile Intelligence, October 14, 2003.

"Monday, October 13, the New York Times revealed that the first Israeli air raid inside Syria in three decades had altered 'a crucial convention of the Arab-Israeli conflict'. The raid took place Sunday October 5 over Ain Sahab, 15 km northeast of Damascus, the day after a savage Palestinian suicide attack in Haifa claimed 20 Israeli lives. The paper quotes western diplomats and Arab analysts as predicting that “the Sharon administration now plans to treat the Syrian regime in Damascus much as it has treated the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat: subjected to military attack, '… cut off and ultimately isolated'. According to one Damascus source, Syria is meeting this threat by secretly calling up 300,000 reservists to beef up its standing army of roughly the same number."

This number seems incredibly high, as DEBKAfile later revealed; however, the fact remains that Syria began calling up her forces just immediately ahead of the public announcement of the Geneva Initiative. If Palestinians and Illuminist Israeli politicians have been working on this treasonous agreement since October, 2001, Syrian and Egyptian leaders will have known of it fully many months ago, if not years ago. Remember, as we reveal in NEWS1864, Syria and Arafat signed an agreement in 1996 that called for Arafat to begin the next Arab-Israeli war by attacking a weakened Israel from within. Nothing will weaken Israel more than the Geneva Initiative. Arab enemies of Israel must be waiting for the full implementation of this plan with bated breath, as they will most assuredly attack very soon after the IDF has been pulled back in order to conform to the requirements of the plan.

Thus, it seems highly interesting to me that Syria has found an excuse to call up her reservists during the same time period that the Geneva Initiative has exploded on the world scene. Just as the Bible has foretold, God is calling all the nations of the world into the Middle East, i.e., "Valley of Jehoshaphat" [Joel 3:2], in order to execute His judgment upon the nations who have mistreated Israel for the past 2,500 years!

V. As Pope John Paul II celebrates his 25th Anniversary as reigning Supreme Roman Pontiff, the world pauses to reflect on the kind of Pope he was. First, let us review the basic story:

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope appears in good form on eve of anniversary", The Boston Globe, By Nicole Winfield, Associated Press, October 16, 2003.

"VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II appeared in relatively good form at his general audience yesterday, thanking the faithful for their support and prayers on the eve of the 25th anniversary of his papacy. The 83-year-old pope spoke in a strong voice but had difficulty at times uttering his words -- symptoms of Parkinson's disease that have become more pronounced in recent weeks and fueled unprecedented public discussion among cardinals about what to do if he were to become incapacitated.

Nevertheless, there was a festive air in St. Peter's Square during the audience and among cardinals who have gathered in Rome for an anniversary Mass at 6 p.m. [1800 Hours] today -- Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland was elected the first non-Italian pope in 455 years ... official congratulations have been pouring in all week from around the world. Yesterday, a message came from the chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni, and from the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II, who praised the pope for his sacrifice and prayed that God "strengthens you in your service."

Thus, this celebration reflected the Ecumenical flavor of the world today, when the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Chief Jewish Rabbi of Rome, congratulate him on his success and pray that "God strengthens you in your service." No Pope in history has accomplished more to unite all religions of the world into one global church, the "church" that will serve the False Prophet as it worships Antichrist. As we have noted, above, the Pope has been selected to be the top religious leader of the United Religions, a designation that makes him the False Prophet of the near future. One news source even called him a "Superpope".

However, Cutting Edge knows the seamier side of the story, for we know Witchcraft, both White Magic and Black Magick. As I studied Witchcraft more deeply, the more I understood the Roman Catholic Church, and its pagan doctrines, its pagan hierarchy and it very pagan rituals. We have posted two exceedingly important articles demonstrating the true nature of the global Catholic Church; one was written in 1999 while the other was written two days ago. We urge you to read both.

* NEWS1865 -- Pope John Paul II -- 25 Years of Continuing The Tradition of the Pagan Sun God

Most people never think of the Roman Supreme Pontiff to be a continuation of the 4,000+ year practice of the Sun God; however, once we examined the facts, we were shocked to learn how powerfully and directly the Papacy continues the Satanic tradition of worshipping the Sun God. The greatest symbolism in the occult mindset is that which communicates a truth to the Adepts and Initiates while simultaneously hiding that truth from the "Profane", i.e., people not supposed to know the truth. Such people may be those outside the religion or those average parishioners filling the pews each service! The symbolism of the Sun God worship is conveniently and cleverly hidden, so we need to carefully study the facts, which this article does very well.

* NEWS1334 -- Traditional Roman Catholicism Proven To Be A Practice of White Magic Witchcraft -- Words and Symbols Tell The Story"

Too many Catholics today are considering Pope John Paul II as an "Anti-Pope", having stolen the Vatican from the Beloved Historic True Church. From the vantage point of a knowledge of the occult, we demonstrate that the Traditional Church has been practicing "Good" witchcraft since the institution of the Mass. However, the demon assigned to the Church of Rome could not, in the early part of the Church Age, move the Church directly into Black Magick Witchcraft. Rather, he would more likely be successful if he moved the Church of Rome first into White Magic Witchcraft, disguised as Christianity . Then, after a very long period of practicing disguised White Magic Witchcraft, he could then move Roman Catholicism into the same Black Magick brand of Witchcraft as Antichrist will practice. This article is written as though I were the high-level demon assigned to work with the Popes of the past 1,600 years to gradually move the entire institution into White Magic first, and then into Black Magick Witchcraft, the same religion as Antichrist will practice.

You will never look at the Catholic Church in the same manner again after reading these two articles. This is the true legacy of Pope John Paul II; he has accomplished unprecedented things designed to move the Catholic Church into the global religion of Antichrist, there to serve as the head.

VI. Pope John Paul II has placed the late Mother Teresa on a fast track to Catholic sainthood. One of his actions this week in this effort demonstrates anew the inherent Satanism practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope accepts relic blood of Mother Teresa", by Sify.com, 10/14/03, http://sify.com/news/international/fullstory.php?id=13283195

"Vatican City: Drops of blood from the body of Mother Teresa, who will be beatified next Sunday, are to be presented in a reliquary to Pope John Paul II, church sources said today. The pontiff will receive the relic during the beatification ceremony, Canadian priest Brian Kolodiejchuk told AFP. The reliquary would be be placed in the popes private chapel, said Father Kolodiejchuk, a missionary from a charity working with the postulator, or advocate presenting the case for beatification. The blood was taken from the body of Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, by a doctor acting under the supervision of ecclesiastical authorities when the body was exhumed for beatification."

No blood-washed Church of the Living God would place so much emphasis upon relics as we see demonstrated here. However, all pagans, all Satanists, love and worship relics. Just as the Apostle Paul stated 2,000 years ago, a pagan "worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator." [Romans 1:25] Revering relics is one of the common denominators of pagans, so much so that, when you see someone revering a relic, you know they are pagan, no matter what the external trappings might be. What is the Catholic definition of a relic?

"The body of a saint or an integral part of it; also any object that has been sanctified by physical contact with the living saint." ["Ins And Outs of Romanism", by Joseph Zacchello, former priest, p. 187.

Thus, not only would the blood of Mother Teresa qualify as a relic, but anything she ever touched in her life. The same is true of relics of any other saint, and of Jesus Christ Himself. Thus, the Catholic Church has enough relics of the cross to make a thousand different crosses! One particular relic in history is worth mentioning.

"The Coat of Christ: This goes under the name of 'The Holy Coat of Treves, which is said to be the seamless coat of Christ, for which the soldiers cast lots. Mary, it is said, made this robe when Christ was young and it enlarged itself as He grew ... Like the cross, it is said to have been discovered by Helena about 325 AD It is held in such high esteem that, in 1891, Pope Leo XIII promised 'complete absolution and remission of all sins', and 'the remission of seven years of penance imposed on them or otherwise due them', to all pilgrims who would visit the church during the exhibition of the garment ... (Quoting the Standard, August 17, 1891).

"So popular was the relic that hundreds of thousands visited it during the six weeks it was on view and many of them were heard to pray as they passed, 'Holy Coat save me! Holy Coat, pray for me and protect me!' It is one of twenty-two coats all of which claim to be, and are actually adored as, Christ's seamless coat." [Ibid., p. 81-82]

Therefore, the precedent is set whereby Catholic adherents may one day pass by a vial of Mother Teresa's blood, exclaiming, 'Holy Blood save me! Holy Blood, pray for me and protect me!' The blasphemy of calling out for a Coat to save you, or for the blood of a human to save you, is utterly incredible! Our Jesus died on Calvary to shed His blood for the forgiveness of sins, and His Second Covenant makes it extremely easy for a poor sinner to receive forgiveness of sins through that Divine shed blood. Satan must be laughing greatly at the Catholic Church making a relic out of mere human blood!

But, Satanists do this kind of thing all the time!

VII. Both President Bush and Lt. General William Boykin made the Muslims angry last week. Since the Bush Administration has gone out of its way to cultivate the favor of the "good, moderate" Muslims, this double whammy must have hurt a lot. Listen to the stories:

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush's 'hate-filled people' remark riles Moslem leader", Drudge Report, OCTOBER 16, 2003

"Jakarta (dpa) - U.S. President George W. Bush's call on Indonesian Moslems to stop 'hate-filled people' from determining the country's future drew immediate fire from one prominent religious leader who accused Washington of 'double standards'. 'We're demanding the U.S. explain to the world its stand,' said Din Syamsuddin, deputy chairman of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia's second largest Moslem organization. Syamsudin's remark was in response to Bush's statement calling on Indonesia to tell the world most of the country's Moslems are moderate, and to stop small groups of ' hate-filled people' from dictating how the country should be run."

Since most of the people will scratch their heads, wondering how Bush's comments could make a Muslim leader angry, Syamsuddin explained.

"Syamsuddin, who is also secretary general of the mainstream Indonesian Ulamas Council, accused the U.S. of following a 'double-standard' policy, in particularly in connection with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. He also accused Bush of imposing unfair policy to combat international terrorism. 'In handling terrorism, the United States follows ... double standard policy,' state-run Antara news agency quoted Syamsuddin as saying."

This Muslim leader is allowing his anti-Semitism to run away with his good senses! He is so Anti-Jewish he cannot see that Bush's Palestinian policy is favoring the arch terrorist leader Arafat tremendously. In fact, Bush's policy IS full of double-standards, but on the Muslim side and not the Israeli! We have pointed out for a very long time now that, if President Bush were to apply to Arafat the same standard he insisted upon applying to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, Arafat would have been running through the Afghani hills for years now! After each horrific homicide attack, President Bush has been calling upon Israeli Prime Minister Sharon to "show restraint" in dealing with the terrorism; this "showing restraint" business is simply a code word for warning Sharon to not take out Arafat! The man is a mass murderer, for crying out loud! Justice demands his arrest and execution, but he sits in his office, protected by the United States Federal Government!

The good general got into trouble in a little bit different way. Listen to this story:

NEWS BRIEF: "General Won't Quit Over Islam Remarks, Officials Say", The Washington Post, October 17, 2003.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior Pentagon intelligence official facing criticism for his comments that Muslims worship an "idol" does not plan to quit his post and believes his remarks have been taken out of context ... Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence and war-fighting support, has "decided to tone things down" although he "feels that his comments have been taken out of context," said one defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity. Boykin has used speeches at churches and prayer breakfasts to portray the U.S. battle with Islamic radicals as a clash with "Satan," saying they sought to destroy America "because we're a Christian nation." Referring to a Muslim fighter in Somalia, Boykin said that "my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol."

My goodness, give that general another medal! He has finally spoken some Biblical truth! We need a lot more preachers in the pulpits of the churches across this land who would be so brave as to utter this kind of true statement. But, in this era of "political correctness" and ecumenism (uniting religions globally), our government cannot abide such spiritual truth. Immediately, calls began to pour forth for this general to be disciplined, or worse!

Sometimes, the Truth just bursts out of the most unexpected places, don't you think?

VIII. The Malaysian president was treated to a standing ovation when he told Muslims throughout the world to unite against their common enemy, the Jews! Any strong call for the 1.3 billion Muslims of the world to join together against the Jews makes me immediately think of that prophecy in Zechariah 12 where God foretells just such a uniting of peoples throughout the world to come against His anointed Jerusalem.

"And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it [Zech 12:9] ... in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." [Zech 12:3]

Listen to the story:

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesia's Megawati applauded Malaysia's Mahathir attack on Jews", smh.com.au, October 18, 2003.

"The Indonesian President, Megawati Soekarnoputri, joined a standing ovation for her Malaysian counterpart, Mahathir Mohamad, after he called on Muslims to consider Jews as their enemy ... Dr Mahathir told the meeting of Islamic leaders in Malaysia on Thursday that 'Jews rule this world by proxy'. He accused Jews worldwide of 'getting others to fight and die for them' and called on Muslims to fight back with their brain and brawn."

Dr Mahathir is reiterating a common accusation making the rounds in the Arab world today: since the 9/11 attacks, Israel has been able to get the United States to attack and destroy Israel's Muslim and Arab nations with the US military! If Israel actually attacked Iraq, that attack would have likely spawned all-out Regional War in the Middle East; however, since the mighty superpower America attacked Iraq for Israel -- acting as Israel's proxy -- no Arab state will yet fight American power in such a way as to cause Regional War.

The key word is "yet", for so many Arabs are becoming so angry with the United States over Iraq and over our threats to Syria, Iran, and Pakistan, the bottle holding that anger is threatening to burst. Let us see this building up of just such anger.

IX. An international "think tank" has warned that our attack against Iraq has greatly inflamed Muslim passions against the US.

NEWS BRIEF: "Report warns Iraq war may have swollen ranks of Al-Qaeda: UK think tank argues invasion has inflamed radical passions", The Daily Star Online, October 16, 2003, http://www.dailystar.com.lb/16_10_03/art24.asp

"Military action ‘impelled an already highly decentralized and evasive international terrorist network to become even more virtual’. War in Iraq has swollen the ranks of Al-Qaeda and galvanized the Islamic militant group’s will, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said on Wednesday in its annual report ... Washington’s assertions after the Iraq conflict that it had turned the corner in the war on terror were “over-confident ... War in Iraq has probably inflamed radical passions among Muslims and thus increased Al-Qaeda’s recruiting power and morale".

Surprise, surprise! We reported many months ago that the Illuminati had planned for America to invade Iraq in order to trigger such a Muslim backlash that a Regional War in the Middle East would explode. It seems that this goal may be reaching completion. We shall just have to wait to see how events unfold, remembering they are in God's good timing.

X. By this time next year, several millions of Americans may be jailed if they try to fly on an airline. Just as we have been predicting since October, 2001 -- just days after the 9/11 attacks -- we shall lose our freedoms and Constitutional government in the guise of taking the actions necessary to protect our freedoms. Steadily since 9/11, laws have been passed and actions taken in excess of the new laws, that place our freedoms and Representative Republic in grave danger.

The ability to freely fly is just one of the symptoms of the exceedingly severe dictatorship coming upon us.

NEWS BRIEF: "Millions Of Americans To Be Prohibited From Flying", Rense.com, October 17, 2003.

"Last February, the Transportation Security Agency announced that all U.S. citizens who fly would be assigned a green, yellow or red travel code under a new system known as CAAPS II - "Computer Assisted Passenger Screening." A green code means you fly like normal. A yellow code means you would be subject to repeated searches and interrogation by police before you would be allowed to fly. A red code means you can't fly and may be arrested. The system will eventually be expanded to every form of public transportation, including ships, trains and buses. It will probably also be expanded eventually to issuing driver's licenses and even opening bank accounts."

When a person is arrested for trying to open a bank account, our country will have passed into just as severe a dictatorship as Russia or Nazi Germany ever operated. We have received some email from readers asking us if we had heard of any news that people who do not now have a bank account are prohibited from opening one, but we have as yet not documented it. However, this article comes close to documenting this rumor.

Ever since October, 2001, we have been warning that a complete and utter dictatorship is coming and will be aimed at native American citizens, not those nasty Arab Muslims thought to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks! Our freedoms and way of life have always been the target of the Illuminati, simply because our Representative Republic is a huge stumbling block in the path of the coming dictatorship of the New World Order.

The next sentence tells us how close we are to just such a dictatorship:

"The criteria for determining your travel code is secret, and there is no provision for challenging it." This is Nazi Germany all over again! The world is getting closer to the fulfillment of Revelation 13:16-18 - "That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." [[Rev 13:17]

In closing, I would like to allow some humor to cut to the bottom line, as well as give us some history.

Political system in which 4 wolves and 3 sheep are allowed to vote on what to do about dinner.

Constitutional Republic:
Political system in which the 4 wolves and 3 sheep are bound by a constitution which prohibits discussions on dinner, and the sheep are armed.

"Gentlemen, we have given you a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it." Benjamin Franklin, 1776

XI. The IRA betrayed the sacred trust of their millions of followers this week!

NEWS BRIEF: "NRA Attorney: “YOUR HONOR, WE ARE HERE WANTING TO REGISTER HANDGUNS.”, Infowars.com, 10/13/03, by Angel Shamaya

"KeepAndBearArms.com -- NRA attorney Stephen Halbrook appears not only unprepared to effectively argue a Second Amendment case, but ready to give up the farm — to register handguns and call it “reasonable” — when he gets his day in court. Read the annotated transcript of Mr. Halbrook's oral arguments from court just last week:

Annotated Transcript of NRA Case Proceedings
by Roy Lucas

Here is a short excerpt from Mr. Halbrook's oral arguments last Wednesday, October 8, in a case the NRA calls a “Second Amendment” lawsuit:




As the world spins toward the coming dictatorship, the time is spinning quickly toward the time we shall have to give up our right to bear arms. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has always been viewed by American Patriots as the Guardian of the Second Amendment. Now, it appears that the NRA is turning out to be unequal to the task, and may even be a wolf guarding the chicken coup.

The time is rapidly approaching when no man is trustworthy. At that time, will men turn to the Savior?

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--------Conclusion--------------------"Godly sorrow worketh repentance." 2Corinthians 7:10

Genuine, spiritual mourning for sin is the work of the Spirit of God. Repentance is too choice a flower to grow in nature's garden. Pearls grow naturally in oysters, but penitence never shows itself in sinners except divine grace works it in them. If thou hast one particle of real hatred for sin, God must have given it thee, for human nature's thorns never produced a single fig. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh."

True repentance has a distinct reference to the Saviour. When we repent of sin, we must have one eye upon sin and another upon the cross, or it will be better still if we fix both our eyes upon Christ and see our transgressions only, in the light of His love.

True sorrow for sin is eminently practical. No man may say he hates sin, if he lives in it. Repentance makes us see the evil of sin, not merely as a theory, but experimentally--as a burnt child dreads fire. We shall be as much afraid of it, as a man who has lately been stopped and robbed is afraid of the thief upon the highway; and we shall shun it--shun it in everything--not in great things only, but in little things, as men shun little vipers as well as great snakes. True mourning for sin will make us very jealous over our tongue, lest it should say a wrong word; we shall be very watchful over our daily actions, lest in anything we offend, and each night we shall close the day with painful confessions of shortcoming, and each morning awaken with anxious prayers, that this day God would hold us up that we may not sin against Him.

Sincere repentance is continual. Believers repent until their dying day. This dropping well is not intermittent. Every other sorrow yields to time, but this dear sorrow grows with our growth, and it is so sweet a bitter, that we thank God we are permitted to enjoy and to suffer it until we enter our eternal rest. ["Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions", A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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