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October 19, 2011                    

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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---------- This Week's Hot News -------


I. Soon, public school children will be forced to take mood altering drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin - probably without our knowledge or consent.

This shocking news provides us another reason to pull our precious children out of public schools.

NEWS BRIEF: "Consider ADHD starting at age four - doctor group", Reuter's News, October 16, 2011

"The American Academy of Paediatrics this weekend expanded its guidelines for diagnosing and treating kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, recommending that doctors evaluate all patients aged four to 18 who show signs of the condition ... Drafted by a 14-member committee, the new recommendations say paediatricians should consult with parents, teachers and other adults in the community about kids' behaviour or school-related problems to help them make an accurate diagnosis -- because affected children may not always show symptoms in the doctor's office."

You see, this entire recommendation is targeting public schools as the most effective method of getting kids on this type of mood-altering medication. This next news segment reveals this alarming truth very clearly.

"In school-aged kids, teachers or parents can give behaviour therapy using similar strategies as in preschoolers ... Stimulant medications such as Vyvanse, Ritalin and Concerta have also been shown to be effective alone or alongside therapy in this age group ... Where at all possible for school-aged kids and adolescents, trying to implement both (medication and therapy) is probably going to be most effective."

"Finally, because ADHD can persist for so long, the guidelines point out that communication between families, schools and doctors over the long run will be necessary to help manage the condition."

For decades, we have been urging Christian parents to pull their precious children out of Public Schools because morals have collapsed, because deviant morality is now being shoved down our children's throats and because classroom curricula has been deliberately "dumbed down".

Public Schools have no use anymore when they cannot teach and when they cannot refrain from pushing deviant morality upon our children. In 1992,. Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld addressed one of my seminars in the Boston area on the coming New World Order and he announced a change in his recommendation to Christian parents.

"The battle is lost", he cried. "No longer should Christian parents attempt to change from within". That battle was lost. Now, the time had come, said he, to protect our children by pulling them out of Public School.

That warning was uttered 19 years ago. And, now, in this DVD, "IndoctriNation", we see and hear a much more elderly Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld issuing the exact same warning!

Are you listening? One day, we all shall stand before Jesus to answer for the way in which we brought up our children and the influences we allowed them to be subjected to.

II. The infamous swap of over 1,000 Palestinian terrorists / murderers for one IDF soldier is now underway.

This swap will embolden every Islamic terrorist on earth, making them even more determined to shed innocent Jewish blood.

NEWS BRIEF: "Middle East Prisoner Swap Is Under Way", Sky News, October 18, 2011

"Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has returned home after being freed as part of a prisoner swap deal with Palestine. Sergeant Shalit, 25, was met by huge crowds lining the streets in the village of Mitzpe Hila in northern Israel. He had earlier been flown to Tel Nof air base by helicopter where he was met by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family. The soldier was freed after more than five years in captivity in the Gaza Strip in an exchange which will see 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in total also be released."

Truly, this deal will result in numerous more Israelis being murdered by these released terrorists.

In fact, Islamic soldiers will now deliberately attempt to kidnap more IDF soldiers to hold them hostage! How many captured IDF soldiers will it take at this rate to empty Israeli jails of all the convicted terrorists / murderers of Jewish citizens?

One Israeli opinion writer sees the matter quite clearly: Israel was the clear loser in this prisoner swap -- no contest!

NEWS BRIEF: "No doubt, the Arabs won", by Yigal Walt, YNET News, October 18, 2011

"Shalit deal proves that Israel not even close to matching Arab barbarity, heartlessness. The Arab side is the clear winner of the Gilad Shalit swap. If anyone around here thought Israel could challenge the Arab standards of cruelty and primitivism, Tuesday’s events sat the record straight. We lost the sadism contest by knock-out."

Palestinians especially were joyful.

"It started in the West Bank, where Hamas fans marked the joyous occasion of their countrymen’s release from jail with some trademark Arab civility: Urging renewed terror attacks and the butchering of Jews. Indeed, when it comes to pure lust for Jewish blood, the Palestinians outshine virtually any competitors."

Indeed, the Palestinians have no equal in their hatred of the Jew. Bill Salus does an excellent job in his DVD, "Isralestine", in detailing the Ancient Hatred which has come down through the ages, starting in Esau and continuing down through the ages to the modern Palestinian of today.

For this hatred, God is going to judge them harshly -- with physical annihilation at the hands of Israel (Read full detail in NEWS2095). First, a Palestinian State must be announced and then the physical destruction -- man, woman, child -- will commence.

Only God can make this hatred straight, when He delivers His promised physical judgment, first upon the Palestinian, and then against Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Iran receieves her judgment directly at the hand of God as part of the Russian-led invasion force against Israel (Ezekiel 38-39).

God is taking notes right now of all the slight done to the Jew and to Israel. He will carry out all His physical judgments against all Israel's enemies in the Middle East -- in His due time!


III. When a Mormon says it is all right to question Romney about his Mormon faith, he reveals much about why genuine Christians should be so concerned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Questions about Mitt Romney's faith are fair game', by Jason F. Wright, The Deseret News, October 17, 2011

"Romney's membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is among the hottest topics at America's communal water cooler. Stories about Romney's faith often boast polling data showing an ever-shifting percentage of voters will not vote for a candidate who is a "Mormon." Sometimes the media editorializes that wary voters surely must question how Romney's faith would affect his leadership as president. Pastors of other faiths, bloggers and conservative radio hosts have also posed the same questions."

Of course, any leader makes decisions while in office based upon the values of his heart, and that is why it is so important to evaluate potential political leaders based upon their religious value system. Think, for a moment, about the laws we enact. Every single one of them is rooted in some sort of a religious values system. What types of actions have been deemed illegal and punishable by a severe sentence?

1) Murder

2) Rape

3) Stealing

4) Lying under oath or lying to a police investigator

There are many more examples, but you get the point. Every single one of these actions have been declared illegal in America based upon the fact that the Bible declares them to be illegal, punishable by either death or imprisonment.

Therefore, when a man whose religion is demonstrably based upon the occult -- even though the names have been carefully copied from real Christianity -- that is cause for concern and enough cause to say that I am not going to support a Mormon for dog catcher, not to mention President!

Do we want to support a man for such high office whose value system is polluted by a brand of Luciferianism?

Let us return to this pro-Mormon article to glean facts which need to be brought to public light.

"First, my faith teaches me that families are the cornerstones of society. Whenever possible, children should be raised by a mother and a father who are legally married and fiercely loyal to one another."

This fact is all well and good, but the fact is that the Mormon Family is NOT the Biblical family. The husband in the Biblical family is commanded to love his wife as Jesus loved the Church and gave himself for her, while the Christian wife is commanded to love and obey her husband.

But, in Mormonism, the husband is striving mightily to gain godhood status from this life on Earth, while his wife cannot be assured of an afterlife, as he husband will get to decide whether to pull her through the veil after he has been brought through it. The Mormon husband can decide to not pull his wife through the eternal veil, thus leaving her in the ground for eternity!

Bill Schnoebelen uses a lighthearted example of how this belief plays out in marital strife in a Mormon couple. The husband says to his wife, "Honey, if you burn the pot roast one more time, I will leave you in the ground"! ("Mormonism's Temple of Doom" DVD)

Therefore, the worth of a Mormon wife is entirely associated with her husband; if he does not value her, she has no value. Because this fact true, the suicide rate amongst Utah Mormon women has historically been the highest in the nation.

Do you want your daughters taking their values from Mrs. Mitt Romney?

Furthermore, the model of Mormon sex with a young virgin is a terrible model to follow. Mormon doctrine teaches that the Mormon god of Planet Earth came to have physical sex with the young Virgin Mary in order to conceive Jesus in her womb! If the very devout Mary resisted his advance, then the Mormon god raped her. If she did not resist him, then the Mormon god is guilty of deflowering a young devout virgin, an act of adultery most heinous.

Furthermore, the Mormon god badly damaged the faith of the devout Joseph who was raised to believe the Judeo ethic that sex was to be reserved for the bounds of marriage.

Returning to this article, as the author imagines what would happen should he become President.

"Second, my faith teaches me to be prudent in my finances and to save wisely."

I have no trouble whatsoever with this principle.

"Third, my faith teaches me that God loves all his children no matter where they live and no matter what church they attend, if any at all."

This doctrine is completely unbiblical as the Bible teaches that anyone who dies without trusting Jesus for salvation from sin through His shed blood on Calvary is doomed to suffer Hell for eternity. This Mormon author is teaching Universalism, where everyone will eventually be saved. Schnoebelen demonstrates this teaching very well in his DVD.

Returning to this author:

"We don't care what religion they claim, but we do care how it impacts their values system."

Exactly! We finally agree on something.

However, this Mormon does not believe that a President who is Mormon will make any different decisions than a President who is not a Mormon.

We positively disagree. We believe that a man cannot be trusted to make Christian oriented decisions when his jesus is a brother of Lucifer, when the rituals of Mormonism are identical to the rituals of Black Magick Masonry, and when the spirit of Mormonism comes from Lucifer.

Now that you know some of the basic principles of Mormonism, you need to resist the call from "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" Evangelical leaders try to persuade you that Mormonism is just another brand of Christianity. The last segment of "Mormonism's Temple of Doom" DVD provides strong Biblical reasons why no genuine Christian should ever support a Mormon for any office, especially for President of the United States!

IV. "Unprecedented" legal troubles are threatening to swamp Catholic leaders as they try to stem the tide unleashed by their sexual crimes against their young boys.

NEWS BRIEF: "Charge against Catholic bishop unprecedented in sex abuse scandal", The Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2011

"Prosecutors go after the church hierarchy by charging Robert Finn of the Kansas City, Mo., diocese with failure to report evidence of child abuse ... In charging the bishop of Kansas City with failure to report child abuse, prosecutors in Missouri have done something unprecedented in the long, troubling saga of the sexual abuse scandal in the U.S. Roman Catholic Church: hold a member of the church hierarchy criminally accountable for the alleged crimes of a priest."

It is high time that superior officers in the Catholic Church are held legally responsible for the crimes of a priest under their jurisdiction. The very fact that this has not been the case in the past is an indictment of our legal system, demonstrating the power of the Vatican over the rights of the victim.

"What remains to be seen is whether the indictment of Bishop Robert Finn will be an isolated event or will encourage prosecutors elsewhere to investigate allegations of coverup against members of the church leadership."

"For years, victims rights groups have complained that the criminal lines of accountability in the scandal never climbed above the level of priests accused of sexually abusing children, despite evidence that bishops and archbishops knew about many of the alleged crimes and failed to call police. "

In the past, when the police commissioner is a practicing Catholic and the judge is also, then the groundwork is laid whereby the offending priest is simply sent packing to another church while the family is frustrated because their demand for legal action has been denied.

Why oh why, has the Catholic priesthood been sexually molesting little boys, young women and married women for the past 1,000 years? The answer is simple: Roman Catholicism is NOT genuine Christianity, but a mixture of numerous pagan doctrines and practices, all of which lead to sexual deviancy.

Former Catholic Seminarian, Bill Schnoebelen, proves that, given the true inner heart nature of Catholicism, sexual deviancy and molestation is what we should expect from many priests, in his DVD, "Catholicism: Church On Haunted Hill".

Then, former Satanist, Doc Marquis, demonstrates that modern Catholicism is nothing more than the worship of Witchcraft. Their alters are the same, the worship implements are the same, and the rituals are the same, in his DVD, "Which Queen of Heaven Are They Worshipping"?

Finally, David Bay of Cutting Edge demonstrates that the dramatic introduction of pagan beliefs over the past 1,200 years makes sense only if you realize that Roman Catholicism is simply and only Witchcraft -- "Catholicism: Whited Sepulcher Christianity".

It is high time that genuine Christians reach out to their Catholic loved ones, and associates with knowledge of what Catholicism is truly all about so they can see that the Pope one day will become the False Prophet of Revelation 13.

What did Jesus say?

"ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)


Lucifer's Conspiracy and Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual Nature of Conspiracies are working feverishly in the world today, driving all mankind into the New World Order (Isaiah 14:12-14). Hoggard reveals how evil spirits are leading wicked men to create events which will establish Antichrist on the world scene in such a way as to create the Kingdom of Antichrist.
These poor world leaders are forced to create a plan which fulfills God's Prophecies precisely, even though they hate him exceedingly .

Hoggard further demonstrates the sacred occult numbers by which the Satanic New World Order is being established, in current news events -- 11, 22, 33, 77, 99. INCREDIBLE!

This DVD is most definitely Pastor Hoggard's best, and one of his longest, 1 hour, 48 minutes. Still only $14.99


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The Bible tells us that 'Salvation Belongs To The Lord - Ps 3:8. Yet, Christians believe that, after we are saved, we have to work to keep our salvation. The difference between 'religion' and the gospel of grace is that religion ADDS burdens by announcing that Jesus plus something equals everything while the gospel of grace ABSORBS burdens by announcing that Jesus plus nothing equals everything.

Law feels safe. Grace feels risky. We often speak about grace with a thousand qualifications which reveal a paralyzing fear that grace will be taken too far.

It is time to enjoy grace anew, Paul promised, 'Ye are not under law but under grace” (Rom 6:14) Paul also said 'For it is by Grace ye are saved, not of works...Eh 2:5

This book is for the mature Christian who is frustrated by the lack of spiritual progress in their life; get ready to dive deeply into the ocean of Grace!

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You will learn about the fallen angels who entered Earth through a "stargate," located on the peak of Mt. Hermon, where they swore an oath to complete their corrupting work among men. Enoch enters a flying house and journeys to heaven, sheol and all around the world! His descriptions are absolutely breathtaking in their realism; he literally travels through time!

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This DVD series examines many of the Mass Media scenarios and then shows how each of them simply will not occur.

What may occur, however, is a demonic plan revealed only by the Black Magick Secret Society, The House of Theosophy. This disaster from the Abyss is called the 'Paradigm Shift Producing The Universal Mind'.

Doc Marquis correctly identifies it as a global demonic possession of all unsaved people!

We also examine the possibility that God might send His 'strong delusion' (2 Thess 2:11) This DVD closes with a dramatic appeal for genuine Christians to aggressively reach out to sow Gospel Seed to the unsaved people in their lives, before this 'strong delusion' hits with full force.

This combination offer contains 4 DVD's and has nearly 7 hours of teaching. A Plan of Salvation is offered at the very end of both DVD sets.

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“I’m Lucifer!” exclaims an elderly man, “And I’m pure and virtuous, and holy!” Incredibly, this same man goes on to say that he is a Christian, and insists that Jesus Christ is his Lord.

How can he be “Lucifer” and a follower of Christ? “Because I’m out helping people,” he says.

Such is the declaration made by a modern Freemason, and is indicative of perhaps the greatest spiritual cancer afflicting the Church in America today. There are literally thousands of pastors, elders, deacons and regular members in churches that are involved in Masonry. But is their worship toward the Lord Jesus Christ? Or after the spirit of antichrist?

In this dynamic and powerful audio CD, documentary filmmaker Chris Pinto explores the issue of Freemasonry in the Church, and how this secret society is working to change the Gospel and undermine the Christian faith.

CD, MP 3 format, by Chris Pinto, 4 hours 21 minutes of teaching -

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"My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written ... If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of Loyola." - John Adams, President of the United States

"It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests …" – Marquis de LaFayette, Revolutionary War hero

Discover the role of the Jesuits in the Great Inquisition, the American Civil War, Vietnam, World War II and Nazi Germany, and their working in the United States through the Ecumenical Movement, Dominionism and the New World Order.

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We shall prove that fake news headlines screaming imminent economic collapse have occurred regularly every single year since 2001! All these headlines have proven to be false, but people still are scared when another fake collapse headline occurs in their daily news.

What did Jesus predict at the End of the Age: "... men's hearts failing them for fear"

Ezekiel 38-39 Russian Led Invasion of Israel

The Demonic Overlord of Russia Will Lead The Way!

Mitt Romney Is Hiding A Secret He Does Not Want You To Know

Mitt Romney – The Man Who Plans To Become A God In This Lifetime! A guest column from Ed Decker, Founder, Saints Alive

Is America In Danger of Being Taken Over By Islam?

You can ignore the three Brotherhood people in the White House, the ascendancy of Islamic culture within our public schools and in our court system. The truth is that the Illuminati is waging annihilating war against Islam!


If Satan Preached The Gospel, Could People Still Be Saved?

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Bad News Is Designed To Depress and Scare YOU!

    Incredibly, the Plan was written almost 200 years ago to use the Mass Media (Press) as the bloody battering ram to destroy the present world order so the New World Order may be established, through "oceans of blood and tears"!

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Dr. LA Marzulli has produced a spectacular DVD on the UFO phenomenon, one of the most confusing and unexplained mysteries of our time. Until now. Marzulli offers his own unique perspective on the subject and how this deception plays a part in end-time prophecy. When will the world meet these alien creatures in their flying machines? Is a face to face encounter right on the horizon? Marzulli believes we are being set up for a great deception.

He answers a lot of questions on his DVD including: 1) What are those strange lights in the sky? 2) What factual proof is there of UFO's 3) Are people interacting with UFO's now? 4) Why do people feel the phenomena is benevolent? 5) Cattle Mutilations 6) Abduction Phenomena 7) Alien Implants

You will be amazed! Watch the interview of Dr. Marzulli or order at this link

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New DVD by Dr. Marzulli - Recognized Expert On The Nephilim

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Something has changed and Watchers 2 will try to investigate to see if the ancient texts are accurate. Are we entering a period where there will be an escalation in wars, earthquakes and famines, including signs in the skies and the heavens? L. A. Marzulli interviews the experts in this sequel to The Watchers.

What a marvelous quality presentation! Watch the trailer or order

Quotable Quotes

"UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order. They are benevolent beings which will aid mankind in attaining the goal of becoming one humanity. They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the Christ appears." (Bill Lambert, New England Director, House of Theosophy, Seminar, August 18, 1991)

"[New World Order Planners] have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, an extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make sure it does work...The Illuminati has all the bases converged." (New Age author, Bill Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 177

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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice." 1 Samuel 15:22

Saul had been commanded to slay utterly all the Amalekites and their cattle. Instead of doing so, he preserved the king, and suffered his people to take the best of the oxen and of the sheep. When called to account for this, he declared that he did it with a view of offering sacrifice to God; but Samuel met him at once with the assurance that sacrifices were no excuse for an act of direct rebellion. The sentence before us is worthy to be printed in letters of gold, and to be hung up before the eyes of the present idolatrous generation, who are very fond of the fineries of will-worship, but utterly neglect the laws of God. Be it ever in your remembrance, that to keep strictly in the path of your Saviour's command is better than any outward form of religion; and to hearken to His precept with an attentive ear is better than to bring the fat of rams, or any other precious thing to lay upon His altar.

If you are failing to keep the least of Christ's commands to His disciples, I pray you be disobedient no longer. All the pretensions you make of attachment to your Master, and all the devout actions which you may perform, are no recompense for disobedience. "To obey," even in the slightest and smallest thing, "is better than sacrifice," however pompous. Talk not of Gregorian chants, sumptuous robes, incense, and banners; the first thing which God requires of His child is obedience; and though you should give your body to be burned, and all your goods to feed the poor, yet if you do not hearken to the Lord's precepts, all your formalities shall profit you nothing. It is a blessed thing to be teachable as a little child, but it is a much more blessed thing when one has been taught the lesson, to carry it out to the letter. How many adorn their temples and decorate their priests, but refuse to obey the word of the Lord! My soul, come not thou into their secret.

"Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon

"President Bush:
Evil vs Good Fruits"

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