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October 22, 2013

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---------- This Week's Hot News -------

I. How will you react if the police suddenly are knocking down your front door?

Today, militarized police are invading 80,000 American homes, for no apparent reason, and courts are aiding them!

"The Patriot Act" grants them the authority to take this type of action. Bitter fruits from Bush era are starting to mature.

NEWS BRIEF: "Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions", By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute, October 21, 2013

"Democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman.”—Winston Churchill"

"It’s 3 a.m. You’ve been asleep for hours when suddenly you hear a loud “Crash! Bang! Boom!” Based on the yelling, shouting and mayhem, it sounds as if someone—or several someones—are breaking through your front door. With your heart racing and your stomach churning, all you can think about is keeping your family safe from the intruders who have invaded your home ... In the moments before you go down for the count, shot multiple times by the strangers who have invaded your home, you get a good look at your accosters. It’s the police."

Dictatorial police are an integral part of the Illuminati Plan to produce the New World Order, as the Illuminati card demonstrates, above. Immediately following the attacks of 9/11, Congress passed, and Republican President George Bush signed, a new law entitled, "Patriot Act I". This law has not been enforced yet, but the provision does exist that police can knock down your door anytime of the day or night, without charges, without warning, and without recourse if they have invaded the wrong home.

"Unfortunately, with every passing week, we are hearing more and more horror stories in which homeowners are injured or killed simply because they mistook a SWAT team raid by police for a home invasion by criminals. Never mind that the unsuspecting homeowner, woken from sleep by the sounds of a violent entry, has no way of distinguishing between a home invasion by a criminal as opposed to a government agent. Too often, the destruction of life and property wrought by the police is no less horrifying than that carried out by criminal invaders."

"It wasn’t always this way, however. There was a time in America when a man’s home really was a sanctuary where he and his family could be safe and secure from the threat of invasion by government agents, who were held at bay by the dictates of the Fourth Amendment, which protects American citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment, in turn, was added to the U.S. Constitution by colonists still smarting from the abuses they had been forced to endure while under British rule, among these home invasions by the military under the guise of writs of assistance. "

Is this type of police raid rare in America?

"Actually, we may be worse off today than our colonial ancestors when one considers the extent to which courts have sanctioned the use of no-knock raids by police SWAT teams (occurring at a rate of 70,000 to 80,000 a year and growing)..."

No longer do we live in a 'democracy' if we apply Churchill's definition, given above. Rather, we live in the twilight of transition, where we are not quite a full-blown Absolute Dictatorship, but where our militarized police force is getting training when they will be knocking down doors every single night, enforcing the newly established dictatorship.

Knocking down doors in the middle of the night is intended to intimidate dissidents; do you feel intimidated, knowing that your home is no longer a sanctuary protected by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution?

II. "Sometimes an honest man belongs in jail".

When a person believes he is doing God's Will, he is not afraid to go to jail.

NEWS BRIEF: "Temple Mount: Sometimes an Honest Man Belongs in Jail", Israel National News, October 22, 2013

"The worst anti-Semites, among them even Hitler, would be proud of what is going on at the Temple Mount. The founder of the Jerusalem Temple Institute, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, has been detained by the Israel Police. His 'crime'? Visiting the Temple Mount, which Ariel helped to liberate from Jordan in 1967."

"The rabbi, who served in the paratroopers unit that conquered the Old City of Jerusalem, was dragged on the ground by the Israeli authorities, treated like a criminal, a terrorist, a thief, a rapist, a gang leader."

The Israeli government has always run roughshod over the rights of the Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, ever fearful of a riot by enraged Muslims. I have never understood this mentality but the Israeli government fears the Muslims more than it respects its own people.

This Israeli journalist explains why Israeli authorities have always taken the side of the Muslims on the issue of the sacred Temple Mount, the most important piece of ground in God's sight in all of Israel.

"Why? Because the State of Israel never really believed that the Temple Mount is 'in our hands'. Israel didn’t assert control over it and strip the racist Islamic Wakf of its power. It didn’t transfer sovereignty over the site to the Arabs either. It didn’t have the courage or the suicide wish to cross this historic threshold, although Ehud Barak was very close to doing just that."

As Jewish journalist and author, Barry Chamish, has long asserted, the modern Israeli government, from the beginning in May, 1948, was dismayed that the people of the newly created Israel were so religious and so committed to Ancient Judaism. The Rothschild / Rockefeller type of "jew" which led the human effort to return Israel to her ancient land, are not Jews at all, but are Illuminati atheists! Jesus described them perfectly in chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation.

"I know ... how you are abused and reviled and slandered by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)

These Illuminati 'jews' are adamant in their atheism, and they hate the current religious Israel so much that they are willing to allow it to be nearly defeated, in the hope that the war would kill off so many religious Jews that a reconstituted Israel would be an atheistic population.

Therefore, Israel has allowed Muslim countries to surround her with over 100,000 missiles; if only a fraction get through -- and IDF tests show that over 50% would get through her missile defenses -- Israel's culture could be bombed back 400 years or more!

But, that is not all!

I have received a message from a very trusted Jewish military inside source who must remain anonymous, telling me that the Israeli government and Defense Force have jointly created a new strategy when tens of thousands of Arab missiles begin to fall and when Arab armies begin to attack Israel's borders.

Rather than fighting the enemy right at the border, and fighting for every square foot of Israel, the IDF plans to stage a strategic retreat to her new "indestructible" base in the Negev Desert. As reservists report to duty, they will report to the new Negev Desert military base. What new base, you ask? Going back to an article we posted in May, 2001, we read:

"NEWS BRIEF: "US To Build New Military Base In Israel",, by Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, 5-5-1.

"Jane's Defense Weekly reported this week that the US has put out a call for bids to construct a new military base for Israel in the central part of the country."

My understanding is that the new base will be indestructible because it will be protected by Israel's scalar wave electromagnetic defense system. But, the truly shocking fact is that the IDF plans to temporarily abandon Israeli territory to the advancing Arab armies, planning to amass her military strength at this new base and then launch a devastating counterattack. (Read more about this new state-of-the-art military base by reading NEWS2094, posted in early 2006).

But, this tactic means that Arabs are going to control Israeli land and citizens for a while. Can you imagine how quickly these Arab armies are going to start slaughtering Jews? But, such a horrific scenario would be consistent with Barry Chamish's constant allegation against the current Israeli leadership and it would answer how Israel is so devastated by the time the Russians are leading the invasion forces as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39. Listen to the prophecy of Ezekiel 9:9:

"And when you, Gog, are no longer. they who dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and shall set on fire and burn the battle gear, the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, the handspikes or riding whips and the spears; and they shall burn them as fuel for seven years, So that My people shall take no firewood out of the field or cut down any out of the forests, for they shall make their fires of the weapons."

Has Israel been so devastated by this Russian invasion that her people are using firewood for fuel for heating and cooking? Yes, I believe this scenario will occur, just as this prophecy foretells. Israel will be badly damaged but she will survive.

Perhaps her physical destruction will so grieve the Jews that they will be very happy to see a man with supernatural abilities arise, showing great signs and wonders, and fulfilling Messianic prophecies, the man whom they will embrace as the Jewish Messiah, the prophesied Christ.

Three and one-half years later, they will realize this man is Antichrist.


III. How is that test program going in Hanna, Wyoming, where public schools are implanting R.F.I.D. chips in students without parental consent?

NEWS BRIEF: "Multiple Wyoming School Districts Implant RFID Chip Technology In Students Without Parental Consent", National Report, 10/20/2013

"It had been three long months since I last visited the quiet mining town of Hanna, Wyoming while on task to cover the groundbreaking test launch of the Obamacare RFID chip. I finally decided it was time to catch up with the wonderful citizens of Carbon County and see how they have been doing with their RFID implants."

I well remember when the news broke that ObamaCare was going to force people to take the implantable RFID chip. Christians were aggressively concerned that their children might be forced to take an implantable chip that sounded like a precusor to the ultimate "Mark of the Beast". If ever a parent needed an excuse to yank their precious children out of public school, this was the best they would ever get.

"Overall public opinion of the RFID seems to be positive among the Hanna, Wyoming’s townsfolk:

* 'Earl Gentry, a retired miner, longtime resident of Hanna, Wyoming and one of the first recipients of the RFID Chip in his town. He told me the following: Heck, I don’t know how I lived without one. I use the RFID Chip at the doctor’s office; I’m able to purchase food and clothing from all my favorite stores with it. I definitely believe our country would benefit from a federally mandated RFID law.”

Wow, what a stirring testimony as to how wonderful this RFID chip had become in his life. This kind of testimonial will be depended upon greatly when Antichrist arises to persuade reluctant people to take the ultimate Mark of the Beast.

This man loved the RFID chip so much he is willing to support "a federally mandated RFID law"! I can just hear President Obama making a phone call, thanking this retired miner for his fine testimonial!

"Wyoming recently saw several hundred elementary and middle school children being implanted with the new MINI RFID. During their annual physical checkup and vaccination last month, each child additionally received the implant between their pointing finger and thumb."

I did not know that these chips could be implanted with a vaccination needle! How many people did not realize they had been implanted, thinking they were only getting a vaccination shot?

Christian parents were outraged.

"Superintendent Gerald Morgan of the Carbon County school district tells National Report that most of these complaints come from families with heavily rooted religious backgrounds."

Now, notice how Christian objections are characterized in such a manner as to paint them as the opinions of crazy, insance people.

"Xenophobia and superstitions are a common affliction among rural communities. Many fringe Christian sects believe Obama to be the Anti-Christ and the RFID chip the Mark of the Beast spoke about in their Book of Revelation ... any who receive the brand of the Anti-Christ will be punished by the Christian God with eternal damnation."

This RFID chip implant is NOT the mark of the beast and very few Christians really believe Barack Obama is the Antichrist. The situation in the world during the time when the REAL 'Mark of the Beast' is quite different than these Wyoming kids getting implanted, some of them secretly.

Consider the Biblical scenario coupled with the Illuminati Plan, for the 'Mark of the Beast' Initiation Ceremony to express worship of Antichrist. The Illuminati plans to hold a global Luciferic Initiation Ceremony soon after Antichrist arises. During this ceremony, people will be given the opportunity to express their love for, and loyalty to, Antichrist. As an expression of this love and loyalty, each person on earth will be implanted with the real "Mark of the Beast". Anyone refusing to take this Mark will die through beheading.

Since the Illuminati recognizes that they will have to process many hundreds of millions of people in a relatively short period of time, they plan to use public sports stadiums and gymnasiums in this effort. Therefore, consider this likely scenario.

In football stadiums throughout the United States, people will be ordered to gather so they may pledge their loyalty to Antichrist and take his 'Mark'. It is probable that people will be processed through the stadium in mass groups. The first capacity crowd -- 60,000 - 100,000 -- will file in and take a seat. Government officials will then explain to them the procedure by which they will come down on to the field of play, one by one, to pass before a government official. Each person will be asked simply to pledge their allegiance to Antichrist, perhaps by repeating a standard oath similar to our current Pledge of Allegiance. Then, after repeating the oath, each person will have the 'Mark' implanted.

While the people are seated in the stadium to await their turn to come down on the field, they will be treated to hours of a dreadful spectacle.

At one end of the football stadium, a podium will be set up, in front of which shall march -- one by one -- all the people who have been filed into the stadium. If a person refuses to take the implantable "mark", they will be forcibly marched to the other end of the stadium where numerous guillotines will be operating. The people waiting their turn in the stadium seats will have plenty of time to watch the graphic sight of people being beheaded, with blood gushing out from every execution. Heads will roll and bodies will be roughly gathered up and tossed into trucks for disposal.

The scene will be terribly blood and will cause so many people to agonize to the bottom of their souls. Billions of people will decide to accept the 'Mark of the Beast' so that they may not be murdered, not realizing that, in a few short years, God will cast their eternal soul into Hell.

But, this RFID situation with ObamaCare is NOT the Biblical 'Mark of the Beast'.

Still, I would not allow my child to take this implantable chip. Would you?

Please take a few moments to read the Biblical account of the ultimate 'Mark of the Beast' (NEWS1886b entitled, "Warning! You Cannot Take The Mark of the Beast and Still Go To Heaven")

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