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November 1, 2007

UPDATED 3:00 PM November 2, 2007


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New Headline News Articles

Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to 2007, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!

We shall be very surprised if this upcoming Peace Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, does not result in a declaration which shall make the establishment of a Palestinian State inevitable. After all, Israel began planning for such a state in 1917, 90 years ago!

"Planned American Dictatorship Has Started Creation of Their 'Thought Police' " -- We have expected this type of law since the attacks of 9/11. While California was burning, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a "Thought Crime" bill which will classify Patriot and/or Christian dissidents as "Homegrown Terrorists"! --

Roman Catholic Pagan Heresy -- "Eating Jesus" -- When you understand how pagan and thoroughly heretical the Catholic Eucharist really is, then you will know enough to be alarmed by the rush of Evangelical Christians to embrace Rome. You also will understand that Rome's consistent purpose since Martin Luther has been to win the Protestant "brethren" back to the Vatican --

Save $10.00 Today

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. Pastor John Hagee is shockingly telling Jewish audiences that Jesus Christ was not their Messiah!

Now, I can understand why Hagee is so deeply involved with this current Illuminist leadership of Israel, having provided many millions of dollars to current Israel projects, all of which add up to supporting the coming false Jewish Messiah and his new Temple.

Please read these four Archived Headline News Articles which demonstrate that the current leadership of Israel is Illuminist through and through and is leading the Jewish nation to accept the coming Masonic Messiah.





Accurate description of Israeli leadership in Israel: "I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie." [Rev 3:9]

We can also understand why Skull & Bones President Bush encourages the Hagee ministry so greatly (Read "What a ‘Night to Honor Israel:’ The CUFI Washington Summit Dinner in DC ", Israpundit, July 20, 2006)

Remember, it is a real problem when a Skull & Bones President praises a Christian minister as highly as President Bush has praised John Hagee over the years. Hagee is greatly responsible for the groundswell of Christian support of Israel, which is not a bad thing until you realize that the thrust of the current Israeli leadership is to set the stage for the Masonic Christ to appear, as NEWS1643, above, clearly shows.

Now, let us review the incredible Hagee message to the Jews -- "you did not reject the true Jewish Messiah"!

NEWS BRIEF: "A Review of 'In Defense of Israel', by John Hagee", True Discernment, October 22, 2007

"In his book In Defense of Israel (2007), beginning in the section called 'The Jews did not Reject Jesus as Messiah' (p. 132) John Hagee relentlessly twisted Scripture in his attempt to prove that Jesus Christ did not come 'to be Messiah to the Jews'. His denial of Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) cannot be overlooked as a mere 'slip of his pen' because he repeated his assertion 'seven ways from Sunday' as seen in this sample of seven quotes from his book:

• "If God intended for Jesus to be the Messiah of Israel, why didn’t he authorize Jesus to use supernatural signs to prove he was God’s Messiah, just as Moses had done?" (p. 137)
• "Jesus refused to produce a sign … because it was not the Father’s will, nor his, to be Messiah". (p 138)
• "If Jesus wanted to be Messiah, why did he repeatedly tell his disciples and followers to 'tell no one' about his supernatural accomplishments?" (p. 139)
• "The Jews were not rejecting Jesus as Messiah; it was Jesus who was refusing to be the Messiah to the Jews." (p. 140)
• "They wanted him to be their Messiah, but he flatly refused." (p. 141)
• "He refused to be their Messiah, choosing instead to be the Savior of the world" (p. 143)
• "Jesus rejected to the last detail the role of Messiah in word or deed." (p. 145)

"John Hagee’s words directly contradict the central message of the entire New Testament. Indeed, John Hagee’s words directly contradict the fundamental declaration that defines the Christian Faith, which is that Jesus is the Messiah (i.e. the Christ)."

Neither time nor space will allow us here to completely refute these seven serious attacks on the Person, the Office, the Deity of Jesus Christ, and His Truthfulness. On a number of occasions, Jesus boldly stated that He was the prophesied Messiah!

We encourage you to read the full treatise of this subject from our featured article, above, for the author does a credible job in demonstrating the Scriptural heresy of Pastor John Hagee. Remember, this is the charismatic pastor who has counseled President Bush that the Book of Esther contains a prophecy which foretells that, at the End of the Age, America will attack Iran. Listen to this quote:

"... the United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God's plan for both Israel and the West... a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ." ("McCain Courts 'Apocalypse Pastor' Hagee", AlterNet, February 23, 2007

My Bible tells me that Ancient Persia (Iran) will join a Russian-led invasion of Israel at the End of the Age (Ezekiel 38-39). Therefore, Iran and Russia both have to be fully-functioning countries for this invasion to occur. An American confrontation with Iran could likely result in a destruction of the Persian state, and a complete embarrassment for Russia's military capabilities. Thus, Cutting Edge has been teaching since the Bush public rhetoric of an attack on Iran began in Summer, 2003, that such an attack will not take place -- precisely because of Ezekiel 38-39.

For four long years, the Bush rhetoric about an attack on Iran has built up, only to quietly recede -- until the time comes for the next groundswell of rhetoric.

Pastor Hagee seems to be so solidly in the Republican - Bush political camp that he is mobilizing the support of many millions of undiscerning Christians to support the President in his Iraq, Iran, and Israeli policies.

II. In fact, Christian Evangelical pastors who have preached Republican Party politics from the pulpit are now receiving a strong backlash from their members. I can only say, it is about time!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Evangelical Crackup", By David Kirkpatrick, The New York Times, October 28, 2007

"Immanuel has stood for Southern Baptist traditionalism for more than half a century. Until recently, its pastor, Terry Fox, was the Jerry Falwell of the Sunflower State — the public face of the conservative Christian political movement in a place where that made him a very big deal. Fox roared down from Immanuel’s pulpit about the wickedness of abortion, evolution and homosexuality. He mobilized hundreds of Kansas pastors to push through a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage ... His Sunday-morning services reached tens of thousands of listeners on regional cable television, and on Sunday nights he was a host of a talk-radio program, “Answering the Call.” Major national conservative Christian groups like Focus on the Family lauded his work, and the Southern Baptist Convention named him chairman of its North American Mission Board."

None of this bothered me, until I read the next paragraph.

"For years, Fox flaunted his allegiance to the Republican Party, urging fellow pastors to make the same 'confession' and calling them 'sissies' if they didn’t. 'We are the religious right', he liked to say. 'One, we are religious. Two, we are right'.”

When I grew up, the pastors of my church railed against the idea that Christians should get involved in politics in any way, shape or form. These men of God based their opposition on two major principles:

1) Jesus warned, "... the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."
(Luke 16:8)

These pastors felt that, if Christian leaders were ever to get into party politics, they would be deceived mightily and would one day discover that they were supporting politicians who were deceivers and who had deceived the Christians who believed in and supported them.

2) Since most politicians were morally suspect and since they insisted upon compromise, Christians who launched themselves into politics would likewise be corrupted.

Sadly, events since the founding of Moral Majority have demonstrated that this warning was all too true.

Now, let us get back to our featured article:

"... when Fox announced to his flock one Sunday in August last year that it was his final appearance in the pulpit, the news startled evangelical activists from Atlanta to Grand Rapids. Fox told the congregation that he was quitting so he could work full time on “cultural issues.” Within days, The Wichita Eagle reported that Fox left under pressure. The board of deacons had told him that his activism was getting in the way of the Gospel ... Fox ... said he saw some impatient shuffling in the pews, but he was stunned that the church’s lay leaders had turned on him. 'They said they were tired of hearing about abortion 52 weeks a year, hearing about all this political stuff!' he told me on a recent Sunday afternoon. 'And these were deacons of the church!' ”

While Cutting Edge is completely against Abortion, there are many more issues which need to be highlighted in this world than just Abortion. Preaching every Sunday about one subject is not what the Apostle Paul wanted pastors to do. Paul counsels all pastors everywhere for all time to preach the whole counsel of God -- preach the entire Word.

This next segment informs us that this trend against political pulpit preaching is spreading.

"Fox is not the only conservative Christian to feel the heat of those battles ... Within three months of his departure, the two other most influential conservative Christian pastors in the city had left their pulpits as well. And in the silence left by their voices, a new generation of pastors distinctly suspicious of the Republican Party — some as likely to lean left as right — is beginning to speak up."

We would like to close this lengthy article with this summation, to which we have alluded, above.

"The phenomenon of theologically conservative Christians plunging into political activism on the right is, historically speaking, something of an anomaly."

American Christians need to get back to preaching the Word of God faithfully and completely and get out of being political activists. When Republican and Democrat Skull & Bones politicians can gain the strong support of people who claim to be Christian and who are faithful in church attendance, something is really wrong with the discernment of these Christians.

Finally, Christians need to return to the practice of reaching conclusions about others by examining their fruits. Jesus told us that we were not to judge, but we were to critically examine a person's life to see whether their life was producing good or evil fruits.

While selecting up Daily News Updates, I view over 100 articles per day. When I see President Bush taking an action or making a statement which a genuine Christian would never do, I list that action and/or that quote in my table, "President Bush's Good vs Evil Fruits". Several years ago, I handed this list to a holiness Baptist preacher of over 20 years, and asked him to take the time to read it. He did. He did not question any of the evil fruits, nor could he think of any good fruits which I had not listed. The total was 44 evil fruits and only 3 good fruits. As this preacher handed back the list, he said, incredibly, "I think the jury is still out on whether President Bush is a Born Again Christian"!

This preacher was in a church a lot like the one in Wichita, pastored by Fox. They emphasized heavy doses of political messages from the pulpit, and they loved George Bush. When preachers are this blind, Christians in the pews have no chance of becoming mature, discerning Christians.

Let us hope and pray that this trend continues.

III. In the last newsletter, we explained how the California fires were burning in areas which the UN Biodiversity map listed as either Red (No Human Habitation Allowed) or Yellow (Human Activity Strongly Regulated).

These fires were designed to set the stage for someone in political power to one day say that Mother Earth (Gaia) was overburdened by our Industrial Civilization, putting her under too much stress. In order to try to relieve this stress, Gaia sends fires, floods, earthquakes, and enormous storms. If mankind does not heed these warnings, Gaia sends stronger fires, floods, earthquakes, and enormous storms. Finally, if man does not change his civilization, Gaia will send a killer storm of such magnitude that man must change. The movies, "The Day After Tomorrow" and "10.5" are strong representations of this New Age - Illuminati doctrine.

If our premise is right - that these fires are planted on the very areas which are designated to be cleared of all human habitation - then we should expect to hear stories which condition people that they need to live elsewhere! This next news story is precisely in this vein. We are also not surprised that this conditioning story appeared in the very Liberal New York Times.

NEWS BRIEF: "Is it time to rethink California fire policy?", By Kirk Johnson and Jesse McKinley, The New York Times

"SAN DIEGO — As Californians sift through the cinders of last week's deadly wildfires, there is a growing consensus that the state's war against such disasters — as it is currently being fought — cannot be won. 'California has lost 1.5 million acres in the last four years', said Richard Minnich, a professor of earth sciences who teaches fire ecology at the University of California, Riverside. 'When do we declare the policy a failure?' "

"The main problem is that many in California are ruggedly obstinate about the choice they have made to live with the constant threat of fire ... If you're going to live in paradise, you're going to have to deal," said Randall Holloman, a bar and restaurant owner in Cedar Glen, which is in an area that has burned twice in four years. In San Diego County, which has borne the brunt of recent fires, three of every four homes built since 1990 are in the dangerous zone where open spaces and housing meet. These are the most vulnerable and exposed places in fire season because wildfires by and large start in national forests, recreation areas and other publicly owned lands."

"As the events of last week illustrate — at least 506,050 acres burned, 1,575 residences destroyed and at least seven people killed — the cycle roars on with higher stakes, greater risk and the grim certainty that it will happen again ... More often than not, the human response after fire is to restore, not relocate ..."

The implication is clear: experts are beginning to say that people need to be willing to relocate elsewhere and stop building and re-building when their property is destroyed by fire. Public conditioning continues apace!


IV. U.S. Secretary of State Rice is preparing a very special trip to the Middle East this next week, to personally hand-deliver invitations to leaders of the nations to attend the November Peace Conference in Annapolis.

This conference will proceed as expected, and it does look as though the beginning date will be November 26.

NEWS BRIEF: "Secretary Rice planning 'Palestine' parley or bust", Jerusalem News Wire, By Stan Goodenough, October 29, 2007

"US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will not take no for an answer and is pushing ahead with plans to host the Bush administration's conference on the creation of Palestine. Billed as an international Middle East peace parley, it is set to take place in Annapolis, Maryland in November. Rice is scheduled to return to Israel early next week, during which time she will likely hand-deliver her invitations to the event."

Remember that no nation will be invited to this Peace Conference who objects to the concept of creating a Palestinian State, carved out of Biblical Israel. Thus, no serious objections will be raised, so the summit can proceed to its predetermined goal and be declared a state.

Now, notice the revelation in this next article, that a Palestinian State has been planned as far back as the 1917 Balfour Declaration!

NEWS BRIEF: "Last Call for a Two-State Solution? ", Middle East Online, 11/01/2007

"The two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been on the table since the 1917 Balfour Declaration."

This seemingly innocuous statement is really political dynamite, when you understand the precepts of our recent Headline News Article, NEWS2233, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!"

The facts of this article reveal that the Illuminati has controlled Israel's events so that an extremely important national event occurs every 30 years -- and always in November -- beginning with the 1917 Balfour Declaration!

Now that we have just learned that the Illuminati planned a Palestinian State in 1917, does this mean that this Peace Conference on this 90th Year and 3rd major event was planned in 1917? I think it means exactly that!

Since this Peace Conference was planned by the Illuminati in 1917, you have to know that its outcome is already set in stone.

To understand that the original Oslo Peace Accords in 1992 were specifically designed to create a Palestinian State -- no matter the denials of many changes of Prime Ministers -- please take a moment to read NEWS1911, "PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY: OSLO ACCORDS WERE ORIGINALLY DESIGNED IN 1993 TO GIVE LARGE CHUNKS OF ISRAEL BACK TO THE PALESTINIANS - A PALESTINIAN STATE"

The outcome of this Annapolis "Peace" Conference has been set in stone for a very long time.


V. Even as Turkey continued to breathe out murderous threats against the Kurds, and even though her armed forces continued limited "hot pursuit" raids, the discerning person could see that she was not going to actually invade by force.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq, warily eyeing Turkey, says tackling PKK", By Waleed Ibrahim, The Star News Online, November 1, 2007

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq said on Wednesday it had set up more checkpoints to restrict the movement of Kurdish guerrillas and cut supply lines to their mountain hideouts following Turkey's demands for firm action against the rebels. Turkey has massed up to 100,000 troops along its rugged border with Iraq, backed up by tanks, artillery, warplanes and helicopters, in preparation for a possible incursion to crush militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) there."

As I stated, above, Turkey's government has talked a tough fight, but does not actually plan on coming across the border. The Iraqi government is now intently trying to keep the Turkish soldiers on their side of the border by taking this action against the Kurdish rebels. For now, Turkey seems satisfied.

"Baghdad and Washington have urged Ankara to refrain from any major cross-border operation, fearing this could destabilise the whole region ... Turkey's cabinet met in Ankara on Wednesday to discuss the latest clashes between its troops and the PKK along the border and to weigh up whether to impose targeted economic sanctions against groups supporting the rebels."

Please take note of this last sentence: Turkey's leadership is considering economic sanctions against the Kurds!? Since sanctions take many months or years to prove that they never work, the leaders of Turkey have just signaled to the world community that they are not going to actually attack.

Turkey's leaders are even trying to define what action they are really planning to take, and it falls far short of a massive invasion.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey: Any Attack on Iraq Not Invasion", Associate Press, November 1, 2007

"ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) — Turkey tried to allay fears Thursday about its plans for a possible cross-border assault on Turkish Kurd rebels based in northern Iraq, saying such an attack would target guerrilla bases and not amount to an invasion ... Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said if the army crosses the border, it will try to avoid confronting the self-governing Kurdish leadership of northern Iraq."

In other words, Turkey is going to try to avoid bringing down the established Kurdish government which is operating as an autonomous region within the Iraqi government based in Baghdad. This arrangement is exactly what President Bush's New Map foresees - an Iraq split into three autonomous segments officially headquartered in Baghdad.

This situation is, therefore, a "Win-Win" for both sides. Turkey has amassed a massive force on her side of the border as a warning that she will not allow her existing border to be moved one inch from where it is now, while the White House can keep her plan for splitting Iraq into three segments alive.

This next article tells you that the Turks have now waited too long to launch their attack.

NEWS BRIEF: "Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options", Asia Times, By Andrew McGregor, November 1, 2007

"While an attack on northern Iraq seems imminent, important questions are being raised in Ankara about the effectiveness of a cross-border operation ... Snow is already falling in the higher mountain passes. There is a danger that a Turkish winter offensive could get bogged down in difficult and roadless country without the benefit of the Iraqi Kurdish guides that used to accompany Turkish missions against the PKK. As the earth turns to mud under heavy rains and snow, the TSK's armor will find the going difficult. Winter storms could also mean troops on the ground might lose the benefit of air cover and medical-evacuation services."

"The onset of winter usually marks the end of the PKK's campaigning season until spring, as the fighters retire to bases well inside the border while only a small number remains behind in southeast Turkey. The TSK will have to penetrate 20 to 30 kilometers deep into Iraq to get to PKK's winter camps. The alternative would be to create a buffer zone on the Iraqi side of the border and wait until spring for a major offensive."

This reality means that, if Turkey had really been serious about its invasion, it should have struck in mid-July, when they moved 240,000 troops to the border. Every day past that point that they waited made it daily more unlikely that they were ever going to invade this year.

Now, Turkey's Prime Minister is planning to meet President Bush this November 5, which puts the planned invasion off just that much longer -- as the snow continues to fall, plugging up the roads and the passes.

Turkey never intended to invade with massive armed forces. She only intended to amass strong forces on her side of the existing border, sending a signal to Washington, D.C., that she will fight to keep the border right where it is now. She will not allow the New Kurdistan state on President Bush's New Map to push her eastern border backward so that Turkey loses about one-third of her present territory.

Now you know the truth.

VI. A very perceptive commentator has now warned that the current morass in the Middle East is only driving Russia and Iran together. And China for good measure.

When secular journalists can see the key alliance foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 forming, you know it must be getting obvious to everyone.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Eastern Front: Western anti-Iran effort could prompt Russians, Chinese and Iranians to join forces", YNET News, November 2, 2007

"The Russians and Chinese are not buying the Israeli goods. As it turns out, Prime Minister Olmert’s and Foreign Minister Livni’s visits did not make any meaningful impression on them. Officials in Moscow and in Beijing believe that Israel and the West are wrong: Thus far, officials in both countries say, there is no proof that the Iranian nuclear program aims to produce a nuclear bomb. Therefore, the world has no right to impose additional sanctions on Tehran."

Remember this fact - that Russia and China do not believe Iran is trying to use her civilian nuclear facilities to produce uranium for a nuclear bomb. We shall come back to this reality in a moment.

"From an international point of view, the Israeli public relations effort seems somewhat pathetic. It had no chance to succeed to begin with, because the ball is in the court of the big players. And there, the parties are playing around the growing rift between the new East and the West, which has been displaying its helplessness."

Now, this journalist reaches the bottom line:

"A very senior political source in Jerusalem estimated that under such circumstances, Iranian leader Ahmadinejad and his spiritual patron Khamenei would be able to continue smiling all the way to the bomb. What’s worst, the source issued the following warning: The Iranian question could create a new eastern front, the likes of which had not been in existence since the days of the Cold War. 'Russia, China, and Iran – vis-à-vis the United States and Europe', the source said. 'What’s even worse about this is that we would be stuck in the middle'.”

Russia, China, and Iran are all given prominent roles at the End of the Age, while America is not even mentioned in apocalyptic Scripture. According to Ezekiel 38-39, Russia leads a consortium of nations against Israel, a strong attack in which God Himself destroys both the invading armies and the countries from which the armies came.

China is the great Army of the East who will cross the mighty River Euphrates (Revelation 16:12) on her way to encircling the city of Jerusalem.

Once again, we see that current events are forcing a stronger and stronger alliance between the nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39, the great Gog-Magog War. Russia is the key to this alliance, just as the prophecy foretells.

Furthermore, President Bush's New Map is driving Turkey out of her traditional Pro-West orbit and into the arms of the Russian Bear.

Before we leave this subject of Iran's nuclear program, we would like to make two points:

1) Iran has possessed a weaponized nuclear since at least early, 2000 -- NEWS2120, "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

2) Iran has every legal right within international law to possess and operate nuclear power facilities. The IAEA has made this point several times in the last four years; and the Iranian envoy to the United Nations reiterates it again.

NEWS BRIEF: "UN nuke chief: Iran transparency is 'key': Envoy stresses Tehran’s legal right to nuclear technology, Tehran Times, October 31, 2007

"UNITED NATIONS (Los Angeles Times) -- The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog agency said Monday that Iran's cooperation and transparency are key"" to the report that the IAEA will present to its board next month on Tehran's compliance with the agency's queries about its nuclear program ... ElBaradei said that none of Iran's nuclear material had been diverted toward making a weapon, and that Iran had answered questions about past plutonium experiments."

"... have we seen Iran having the nuclear material that can readily be used into a weapon? No. Have we seen an active weaponization program? No."

At this point, Iran's UN Envoy stressed that Iran has a legal right to build nuclear power facilities.

"As we have stressed time and again, Iran's nuclear program is completely peaceful. All reports issued by the IAEA since November 2003 have been indicative of the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program."

For these two reasons, the public rhetoric about the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program is sheer propaganda designed to achieve a particular purpose. What is that purpose? To keep up the pressure of "Rumors of Wars", because the Illuminati believes that their agenda can advance almost as rapidly with threat of conflict as it can by actual conflict!


VII. Memos (Snowflakes) written by Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reveal that the lying rhetoric about Iraq and Iran was created well beforehand at his office.

NEWS BRIEF: "In a series of internal musings and memos to his staff, then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld argued that Muslims avoid 'physical labor' and wrote of the need to 'keep elevating the threat', 'link Iraq to Iran' and develop 'bumper sticker statements' to rally public support for an increasingly unpopular war. The memos, often referred to as 'snowflakes', shed light on Rumsfeld's brusque management style and on his efforts to address key challenges during his tenure as Pentagon chief. Spanning from 2002 to shortly after his resignation following the 2006 congressional elections, a sampling of his trademark missives obtained yesterday reveals a defense secretary disdainful of media criticism and driven to reshape public opinion of the Iraq war."

These memos reveal why President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and other members of the President's Cabinet kept stating that one of the reasons we should invade Iran was because it was the primary supplier of weapons to the Iraqi insurgency. We have repeatedly shown that Sunni Saudi Arabia was the primary supplier of weapons to the Sunni Iraqi Insurgency; however, in the realm of propaganda, "truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be" (Adolf Hitler).

Bush officials, including the Pentagon, have kept up this drumbeat of lying for several years now. Rumsfeld "Snowflake" memos were evidently the genesis of this propaganda campaign.

"... Rumsfeld suggested that the public should know that there will be no 'terminal event' in the fight against terrorism like the signing ceremony on the USS Missouri when Japan surrendered to end World War II. 'It is going to be a long war', he wrote. 'Iraq is only one battleground'."

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, some discerning observers voiced their opinion that President Bush was planning a perpetual war, much like the novel, "Nineteen Eighty-four" by George Orwell, published in 1949. That novel portrayed a perpetual war being waged by an absolutely ruthless dictatorship in order to maintain perpetual political power. By the way, that perpetual war was controlled by the "Ministry of Peace".

Rumsfeld's "Snowflake" memos reveal this very plan: to wage a "long war", in which Iraq is only one battlefield. Perpetual War for Perpetual Global Control.

In fact, all the other major government agencies were named according to the propaganda principle called "doublethink". For example:

* "Ministry of Plenty" - Responsible for rationing and controlling food and goods and for using food control and threat of starvation as means by which to control the population.

* "Ministry of Truth" - "The propaganda arm of Oceania's regime, controlling information: literature, propaganda, the Party organization, and the telescreen programs. Winston Smith works for the Records Department (RecDep) of Minitrue, 'rectifying' historical records and newspaper articles to make them conform to Big Brother's most recent pronouncements, thus making everything that the Party says true."

The regime's "Thought Police" fell under the jurisdiction of this ministry, as they arrested people for their seditious thoughts and spied daily on the population. This fact is sobering since the House of Representatives just passed a "Thought Police" bill and sent it on to the Senate (Read full details in NEWS2249, "Planned American Dictatorship Has Started Creation of Their "Thought Police").

Was George Orwell aware of the ultimate Illuminati Plan when he penned "1984"?

* "Ministry of Love" - The agency responsible for the identification, monitoring, arrest and torture of dissidents, real or imagined. Based on Winston's experience there at the hands of O'Brien, the basic procedure is to pair the subject with his or her worst fear for an extended period, eventually breaking down the person's mental faculties and ending with a sincere embrace of the Party by the brainwashed subject. The Ministry of Love differs from the other ministry buildings in that it has no windows in it at all. " (Ibid.)

"The ministries' names are an example of doublethink — “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” (Part II, Chapter IX - chapter I of Goldstein's book; Ibid.)

Once again, the actions of President Bush and his ministers completely parallel this portion of the novel. I remember posting the first articles on the torture of suspected "terrorists", including some who were American citizens, in November, 2001, just weeks after the 9/11 attacks.

Since that time, we have learned that the CIA has regularly tortured prisoners in secret prisons scattered around the globe. We now know that the CIA also regularly transferred prisoners to dictatorial nations who had no compunction against really severe torture and who were expert in it.

We now know that American military police tortured Iraqi and Afghani prisoners in a manner most demeaning to Islamic men.

And, finally, we see the spectacle of a Bush nominee for Attorney General -- Michael Mukasey -- refusing to declare "waterboarding" as torture and refusing to disavow torture as an instrument of public policy. ("The Issue Is Torture: Voices of Outrage", The New York Times, November 2, 2007)

Once again, we are forced to look at the spectacle of a supposed Christian President overseeing the most heinous and most anti-christian practice imaginable, the severe torturing of prisoners, some of whom are not even proven guilty of any crime!

When we check our table of "President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits" we see that Bush and Ashcroft were arguing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in January, 2004, that the Federal Government has the right to torture prisoners and even execute them with no trial, without the Courts exercising their traditional role of oversight and regulation!

The very fact that the government wants to the right to torture and execute prisoners without oversight very strongly suggests that this was their very plan from the beginning! Indeed, it was, as the following quote from an Illuminist document nearly 200 years old demonstrates. Listen:

"... at the proper time we, the law-givers, shall execute judgement and sentence, we shall slay and we shall spare, we, as head of all our troops, are mounted on the steed of the leader. We rule by force of will, because in our hands are the fragments of a once powerful party, now vanquished by us. AND THE WEAPONS IN OUR HANDS ARE LIMITLESS AMBITIONS, BURNING GREEDINESS, MERCILESS VENGEANCE, HATREDS AND MALICE." [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol 9, Subsection 3; Emphasis was in the original]

"IT IS FROM US THAT THE ALL-ENGULFING TERROR PROCEEDS" [Ibid., Subsection 4, Protocol 9; Emphasis was in the original]

"... Then in fear and trembling they will close their eyes to everything, and be content to await what will be the end of it all. WE ARE WOLVES -- The (people) are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? ..... There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ..... It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ..." [Ibid., Protocol 11, The Totalitarian State, Subsections 3-6]

Everyone should now realize that, when a supposed Christian President is following an old Illuminati plan to terrorize and subjugate an entire nation, he cannot be a genuine Christian.

The Illuminati has gotten a great deal of mileage from their attacks of 9/11! Under the guise of protecting American values and Constitutional government, President Bush is actually carrying out the opposite action!

Doublethink rules!

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"Jesus the Ideal High Priest"

Studying Hebrews 7:26-28 -- "For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; 27 Who needeth not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people's: for this he did once, when he offered up himself. 28 For the law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for evermore." (Heb 7:26-28)

Now, enjoy the explanation given by Vincent's Word Studies of the New Testament:

Notes for Verses 26-28

Verses 26-28. Sketch of the ideal priest.

Notes for Verse 26
Verse 26. Became us. See on Heb. 2:10. For the verb see on Titus 2:1. There was an essential fitness in the gift of our great high priest. Comp. Heb. 2:17.

Holy. See on Luke 1:75. Always with a relation to God; never of moral excellence as related to men. Of Christ, Acts 2:27; Acts 13:35: of a bishop, Titus 1:8.

Harmless. Render guileless. Free from malice and craft. Only here and Romans 16:18. Undefiled, see on 1Peter 1:4.

Separate. Render. separated: denoting a condition realized in Christ's exaltation. Comp. Romans 6:10.

Higher than the heavens. Comp. Ephesians 4:10, Hebrews 4:14.
Notes for Verse 27

Verse 27. Who needeth not daily. Apparently inconsistent with Heb. 9:7: but the sense is, "who hath no need day by day as the high priest had (year by year) to offer sacrifices," etc. The great point is repetition, whether daily or yearly. [202]

Once. Render once for all. Contrasted with daily.

When he offered up himself. A new thought. For the first time Christ appears as victim. Comp. Heb. 9:12, 14; Ephesians 5:2.

Notes for Verse 28

Verse 28. Summarizing the contents of vers. 26,27. - The law constitutes weak men high priests. God's sworn declaration constitutes a son, perfected forevermore. Men, many in number as contrasted with one Son, having infirmity, weak, which might imply only special exhibitions of weakness, while having infirmity indicates a general characteristic. See on John 16:22.

A son. Again the high-priesthood is bound up with sonship, as in Heb. 5:5, 6. "

Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament is one of the favorite word studies of the Bible scholars who wrote the Amplified Bible Commentary! The purpose of Vincent's is to re-establish the complete meaning of the key words in the original Greek text. Vincent's will add riches of reading and depth of understanding to every book of the New Testament. This resource will be one of your favorites
Readers need no formal language to use this book in unlocking for themselves the riches of the New Testament. vincent lists EACH SIGNIFICANT WORD in the New Testament with its meaning, derivation, idioms and uses in a verse-by-verse format

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