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November 4, 2009

UPDATED 11/4, at 12 Noon

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---------- This Week's Hot News ---------

I. Is a breakthrough imminent on declaring a Palestinian State?

The Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister are flying to the White House to put their signatures on a draft agreement which would establish a Palestinian State!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli PM and Defense Minister Barack Travel To US To Create Draft Agreement To Establish A "Viable Palestinian State", Israel National News, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, November 3, 2009

"Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are traveling to the United States this week to meet with senior White House officials in an effort to draft an agreement to be offered to the Fatah-led half of the Palestinian Authority, under Mahmoud Abbas. Such an agreement, Barak said Tuesday, will include a 'viable Palestinian State' and the end of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria."

This news is exciting! And prophetic!

As Bill Salus details in his book, above, a Palestinian State being declared fulfills prophecy and sets the stage for the war launched by the nations in Psalm 83 and for the annihilation of the Palestinians foretold in Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34.

In the world of diplomacy, no top leader of any nation every goes to a summit where he is going to be made to look bad. Nor does a President of the United States hold such a meeting where he and the major participants are going to be made to look incompetent.

In diplomacy, the details of an agreement are nailed down before the summit is announced. When the summit does occur to announce the agreement, the event becomes a staged 'Photo-Op". Therefore, I believe that this sudden announcement that the top two leaders of Israel are flying to the White House to hammer out an agreement draft to present to Palestinian President Abbas is highly significant.

At the very least, Israeli and American leaders are in sync, as I am sure the leaders of the European Union. Even if Abbas refuses this offer, like his predecessor Yasir Arafat did in 2000, these Western leaders might just announce a Palestinian State.

Remember, the prophecy does not say that a Palestinian State will actually be established. Listen:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." (Isaiah 34:12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

That time of proclamation may be at hand! If it is, the beginning of the World War III to produce Antichrist on the world scene might be closer than we had originally thought. The only major prophecy to occur then before Antichrist can arise would be the final establishment of all 10 supernations (NEWS1002).

These are exciting times!

Now that the stage is being set in the Middle East for the beginning of World War III, I guess we should not be too surprised that the second war comprising the World War III is now making global headlines!

Behold A Pale Horse

II. North Korea raises the stakes in its nuclear arms threat against the West.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea raises stakes in nuclear threat", The Jerusalem Post, November 3, 2009

"North Korea said Tuesday that it has completed reprocessing thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods to extract plutonium to bolster its atomic stockpile, raising the stakes ... The North's official Korean Central News Agency said in a dispatch that the country finished reprocessing 8,000 spent fuel rods, which experts say yields enough plutonium for at least one atomic bomb."

This entire propaganda effort amazes me. But, it must work, because the exact same scenario has been constantly bandied about for six long years concerning Iran. In both North Korea and Iran, we have been constantly told that these countries have embarked on their own nuclear weapons development project and are determined to produce their own nuclear weapons.

What nonsense! Why spend untold billions of dollars on such a project, under the glare of your enemies when you can simply buy warheads already created and ready to be mounted on missiles! Iran bought Pakistani nuclear warheads in 2001-2002 and then she bought missiles from North Korea (Read full details in NEWS2120, "Nuclear Armed Iran Versus Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?")

North Korea inherited nuclear weapons plants and the warheads when the old Soviet Union dissolved. Russia maintained two nuclear warhead processing plants on North Korean soil, and simply turned the keys over to the North Koreans as they left. (Read full detailsNEWS1781, "North Korea Has 100 Nuclear Warhead Arsenal And Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them To New York City!")

The Illuminati plans three regional wars to comprise its World War III. They are:

1) War between Israel and her Arab neighbors starts World War III - just as prophecy declares.

2) A nuclear confrontation on the Korean Peninsula breaks out, threatening the lives of most of mankind.

3) China invades Taiwan.

All along this time spectrum, planned terrorist attacks will be carried out in cities of every nations whose people are still electing their leader, giving current leaders the excuse to declare Martial Law and dissolve the type of elective government they possess. It will at this time that dissidents are rounded up and the war against Christians begins.

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III. What is going on in the Ukraine concerning the Swine Flu?

Is it possible that a new virus has been released?

NEWS BRIEF: "Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine? Swine Flu epidemic, no epidemic at all, or new strain of virus?", by Steve Watson,, Monday, Nov 2, 2009

"Anyone closely following the news on swine flu will have noticed that there are conflicting stories of an advanced pandemic outbreak in Ukraine. While the mainstream media is reporting that it is a surge in H1N1 influenza, alternative media sources are reporting that it is a new unidentified virus, while other reports cite witnesses in Ukraine who say there is no evidence of a pandemic at all."

Cutting Edge has been reporting for a very long time that the job of the Mass Media is to whip up a frenzied reaction from the public over a very mild flu called the "Swine Flu". While a virus of this type is probably the "plague" of Seal #4 in Revelation 6, this Swine Flu is not that plague. Antichrist has not arisen (Rev 6:1-2) and the Tribulation Period has not begun.

But, these two facts have not prevented the Illuminati from beating the drumbeats louder and louder about the "enormous crisis" facing every nation on the planet. This new development simply revolves around The Ukraine.

"Last week, according to mainstream reports, such as this one by AFP, Ukraine confirmed its first swine flu deaths, prompting Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (pictured) to implement a lockdown, including a ban on public gatherings, restrictions of movement between regions, imposed quarantines in nine provinces and the closing of schools, churches and cinemas."

This reaction is truly overreacting if the Swine Flu is as mild there as it is here. Another official of the Ukrainian government even denied the original panicked news story.

"However, according to reports today, Prime Minister Tymoshenko has attempted to reverse the panic by announcing that there is no swine flu pandemic in the country at all, and that it is down to 'media hysteria' and 'politicians' populist statements' in the run up to January elections."

Now, we come to that part of this story which suggests that The Ukraine has been hit with a new strain of this flu virus.

"Another twist in the take comes in the form of various reports that have suggested that the Ukraine has actually been hit by an unknown new virus ... Ukraine Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych backed this up in statements to the National Radio Company of Ukraine, indicating that the virus is not H1N1. 'The minister noted that the main objective is to identify the virus causing the disease, which is expected to take several weeks'.”

"Knyazevich has also suggested that the virus could be an already discovered but different form of influenza, the so-called California A/N1N1 flu."

This next article asks whether a major vaccine company has released a new strain of virus.

NEWS BRIEF: "Has Baxter International released a biological weapon in Ukraine? ,, November 1, 2009

"Evidence appears to suggest that Baxter International is responsible for a new deadly outbreak of viral pneumonia in Ukraine.

"In February of 2009 Bloomberg reported that Baxter 'accidentally' send vaccine material containing both live Avian bird flu and seasonal influenza to multiple laboratories worldwide. A laboratory decided to test the vaccine on it’s ferrets, but the ferrets all unexpectedly died. It must be noted that Baxter has made a 'mistake' like this before. Blood products produced by Baxter once contained HIV. Thousands of haemophiliacs died due to this, and many went on to infect their spouses."

It is possible that this is the plague of which Seal #4 is comprised. We shall just have to wait to see what transpires in the tiny country of The Ukraine. We encourage you to read this lengthy article all the way through, for it is simply full of most interesting information which all of us need to understand right now.

Remember the cardinal rule of the Illuminati: they never try anything out on a large scale until and unless they have tested it first on a small scale. As the regular Swine Flu starts to taper down, this new strain -- if that is what it is -- may be the test on a smaller scale.

In other words, if this proves to be a new virus, it may be a precursor to the next strain which is going to be loosed on the Earth.


IV. Some school officials are showing extreme carelessness by vaccinating children without parental approval.

At least one child is already in the hospital!

NEWS BRIEF: "Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents' OK: Shot sends child to hospital", New York Daily News, October 30, 2009

"School nurses mistakenly gave the swine flu vaccine to two students who didn't sign up for it - including a Brooklyn girl with epilepsy who wound up in the hospital. 'I was outraged', Naomi Troy, 26, told the Daily News after her 6-year-old daughter, Nikiyah Torres-Pierre, had a possible allergic reaction to the shot."

"Officials at Public School 335 in Crown Heights called an ambulance to take Nikiyah to SUNY Downstate Medical Center when she fell ill following the arm jab. The snafu and a similar mixup at a Staten Island school came in the first days of the city's in-school H1N1 vaccination program.

City officials have stressed the vaccine is safe and urged parents to sign up for it - though less than half have sent in permission slips."

We have heard this mantra before, haven't we? In every case where the government urges people to get the vaccination and assures them that the vaccine is safe, people die. In some cases, more people have died from the vaccine than from the sickness itself.

"Troy was waiting for advice from her family doctor on whether Nikiyah should get the shot since she takes medicine to control her epilepsy. When the nurse called for a student Thursday morning, Nikiyah's teacher misunderstood and sent the wrong student, Troy said. The error was compounded when the nurse didn't check Nikiyah's name before sticking her in the shoulder, the mother said.

" 'The school made a horrible mistake', she added. 'They never asked for her name. They have no paperwork....How do you make a mistake like this?' "

Indeed, how can a school be so careless? This story tells us that, not only do we need to refuse to take this Swine Flu vaccination, we need to not allow school officials to carry out any type of mass inoculation. Local doctors are the only safe outlet for a person to get a shot of any kind.

But, this Swine Flu vaccination is nothing but trouble, from the very beginning.

V. Maine voters reject Gay Marriage!

Whenever people have the opportunity to honestly express their opinion on Gay Marriage at the ballot box, they usually reject it! Even California voters rejected Gay Marriage and they are considered the most Liberal of all citizens!

NEWS BRIEF: "Maine voters latest to reject gay marriage", Reuters News, November 4, 2009

"PORTLAND, Maine (Reuters) - Voters in Maine on Tuesday overturned a law allowing same-sex couples to wed, dealing a fresh setback to the U.S. gay marriage movement in a race that attracted national attention. The law was approved by Maine's Legislature in May but was not implemented after opponents gathered enough signatures to put the issue to a 'people's veto'."

Throughout this United States, elected officials are generally more Liberal than the voters they represent. During an election, many factors determine the outcome, like economics and local politics. Most campaigns do not even discuss the outlook on Gay Marriage which each candidate holds. In too many instances, the voter does not know the viewpoint of their representative on this issue beforehand.

But, when voters are faced with a crisis as to whether they want Gay Marriage legalized, they will vote consistently "No". Remember also that Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont voters are considered to be more Liberal than voters in most of the rest of the country.

Therefore, when they vote "No" to Gay Marriage, that is quite the story. Praise God that Christian values are still not dead in America! Our very Liberal President would do well to take note of this vote in Maine!


VI. The new television series, "V" is a conditioning vehicle to prepare the earth for Reptilian creatures!

While this TV series is only one week old, I believe the plot will ultimately be written to show that some Reptilians are friendly and are coming to the aid of mankind.

NEWS BRIEF: "TV Review: ABC’s Reboot of ‘V’ Feels Rushed But Promising", Hollywood Review,

"The long-in-the-works reboot of 'V' feels like a more appropriate and timely attempt to rekindle a dead franchise, as the depressing state of the world seems downright in need of an alien savior."

The hair on the back of my neck seemed to crawl when I heard one of the characters say that the world was in such deep trouble that "it needed a savior". When Antichrist appears on the world scene, he will appear as the savior which the world desperately needs.

Augmenting the "need a savior" message, when the "V" aliens appear in their spaceships all over the world, their spacecraft cause a severe shaking in the buildings down below. Inside a Catholic Church this shaking dislodges a huge crucifix of Jesus high up the wall. When it falls, it nearly crushes a handicapped man in a wheelchair. He is saved only by the quick action of the priest. This symbolism appeared to me to be very clear: Jesus is no longer the "Savior of the World"; minutes later, one of the humans remarked that the world badly needed a 'savior'.

Later, the "V" aliens healed this crippled man, thus depicting that they can do what Jesus could not do, i.e., heal the sick and the crippled. Jesus is pictured as impotent, while the visitors are pictured as most powerful.

These "Visitors" appear on incredibly sophisticated space ships all over the world, position themselves as friends of mankind and make an intense effort to convince people that they are friendly and are only interested in the well being of mankind. They initially appear as normal humans, not frightening aliens.

The leader of this alien group is a woman, named "Anna" and when she initially speaks to all mankind from her mother spaceship, she is shown from all 29 alien spaceships which have taken position over all key cities throughout the world. Her message of peace and reconciliation is spoken to all peoples in their own language, which exactly what Antichrist plans to do when he arises; when he initially appears on earth, his image shall be seen all over the world and he shall speak to each group in their own language!

These humanoid aliens set up "Healing Centers" around the world and proceed to apparently heal afflicted and diseased human beings. Some humans even referred to these "V" creatures as saviors and describe their feelings toward them as "devotion" and "worship". In other words, these human-looking "V" creatures are going out of their way to evoke devotion bordering on worship by the earthly humans.

The name given to these "Healing Centers" is, incredibly -- "National Health Care"! Is this conditioning on President Obama's hot button topic, or what? I was incredulous when I heard this term. I simply could not believe such blatant propganda.

In interviewing these humanoid "V" aliens, we learn that they are so much more sophisticated and technologically advanced than we are and Anna tells us that we would be so much happier if we would abandon wars and nations and go to a One World Government, just as they have established on their planet.

About two-thirds of the way through the first episode, we learn that these "V" creatures are really reptilian who have learned how to take on the human form in order to deceive. Further, we learn that the true intention of these reptilians is to annihilate the human race.

These facts seem to point to further conditioning to accept reptilians in our midst. You see, Satan has the form of a reptile and my study in Satanism has revealed that the most powerful of all demons who possess people are reptilian.

Therefore, if you are going to condition people to accept Antichrist, it would be helpful if they would believe that reptilians do exist. But, you might argue that people need to look upon reptilians favorably not with fear, horror and loathing. And, you are right. Most of the reptilians clothed in human bodies featured in this show are going to prove to be deadly enemies of all mankind, and as such, will provoke disgust and fear in the hearts of genuine people.

However, at the very end of the show, we learn two facts which may prove very important in our understanding of this series.

First, we discover that these "V" reptilians have infiltrated the human race, clothed in human form, for a very, very long time. This concept sounds suspiciously like the New Age belief in "Walk-ins". For full details, read our archived article, NEWS1286, entitled, "Walk-ins Now Here To Move Us Into The New World Order".

This article even has a sub-title, "Putting A Mask of Benevolence On Demon Possession".

Secondly, we learn that one of the characters who is aiding the humans in their fight against the "V" reptilians is a reptilian himself who is very opposed to the agenda of the "V" aggressors. This reptilian clothed in human form says that he is not alone, that there are others out there with his feelings against the "V" invaders.

In fact, this reptilian is planning to marry a human girl. Their offspring would thus be part human and part reptile, which would be the Nephilim of Genesis 6 and the subject of the DVD we have featured above.

I believe that, as the series unfolds, the sympathetic reptilians will be able to barely save the world and its human inhabitants. Once they do save the world, these reptilians will be viewed as the savior of the world, just as Antichrist is going to be viewed.

Therefore, this new series, "V" may be another conditioning vehicle to prepare people for Antichrist. the bottom line of this show seems to be: The aliens will establish a global government and then begin their planned genocide.

I find it amazing how the "Illuminati Telegraphs Their Punches"! This sequence is pretty close to the final plan for establishing the New World Order.

Special Note On Shape-Shifting

When a human body is possessed by demon and the demon wants to change the human form into its normal form, Satanists call this procedure "Shape-shifting". Or, the demon manifesting himself from within the human form can take the form of a snake, bird, or some kind of animal.

One of the most common type of shape-shifting in popular media is a werewolf.

The Dictionary Definition of a werewolf is: "... a person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming the form of a wolf."

This transformation is not unique in Satanism, but it is done only at the highest levels of Witchcraft. Severe demonic possession is required. This procedure is also called "Shape-shifting ", and is done with demons that assume other forms than a wolf. If you have been paying attention, you have noticed several TV shows and movies that have depicted Shape-shifting: Roswell TV show, Werewolf with Jack Nicholson, American Werewolf in London, American Werewolf in Paris, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox.

Shape-shifting from human to animal form is part of numerous Harry Potter films, so young children have been favorably exposed to this high-level form of demonic possession.

We are definitely being conditioned to accept beings that shape-shift, and Christians had better get prepared. I have been told by a former Illuminist that the people who will be manning the prisons and execution chambers of dissidents during the Tribulation Period will be shape-shifters that change from human to Reptilian. We must be prepared for this possibility, so that we do not become overly frightened when it occurs in our presence, and deny our Lord.

We believe it highly likely that, as "V" continues to unfold, the time will come when the "V" aliens will shape-shift from their humanoid figures, transforming themselves into the hideous reptilian aliens they truly are.

Conditioning people to accept reptilian creatures that shape-shift is one of the more common ways in which to condition people to accept the coming Antichrist.

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This movie conditions people to accept values of Demonism!

Lilith Is Satan's lover. At the right moment in history, Lilith is believed to give birth to Antichrist!

This movie is simply a "Sign of the Times" event, pointing to the coming appearance of Antichrist.


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You will never look at America's holidays the same way again!

"She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird ... I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues." [Rev 18:2, 4]


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Investors will not make money unless a great number of people die suddenly -- and soon!

Wall Street Seems To Be Getting Ready For Antichrist!

"They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor and the politicians are the publicly hired hit men..." (William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49)


"Genetic Genocide: Annihilating Entire Races of People - The Prophetic Future of the World!"

Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997)


    “Behold, I shew you a mystery” 1 Corinthians 15:51a (KJV)

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--------Concluding Inspiration ----------"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." Galatians 5:25

The two most important things in our holy religion are the life of faith and the walk of faith. He who shall rightly understand these is not far from being a master in experimental theology, for they are vital points to a Christian. You will never find true faith unattended by true godliness; on the other hand, you will never discover a truly holy life which has not for its root a living faith upon the righteousness of Christ. Woe unto those who seek after the one without the other! There are some who cultivate faith and forget holiness; these may be very high in orthodoxy, but they shall be very deep in condemnation, for they hold the truth in unrighteousness; and there are others who have strained after holiness of life, but have denied the faith, like the Pharisees of old, of whom the Master said, they were "whitewashed sepulchres." We must have faith, for this is the foundation; we must have holiness of life, for this is the superstructure. Of what service is the mere foundation of a building to a man in the day of tempest? Can he hide himself therein? He wants a house to cover him, as well as a foundation for that house. Even so we need the superstructure of spiritual life if we would have comfort in the day of doubt. But seek not a holy life without faith, for that would be to erect a house which can afford no permanent shelter, because it has no foundation on a rock. Let faith and life be put together, and, like the two abutments of an arch, they will make our piety enduring. Like light and heat streaming from the same sun, they are alike full of blessing. Like the two pillars of the temple, they are for glory and for beauty. They are two streams from the fountain of grace; two lamps lit with holy fire; two olive trees watered by heavenly care. O Lord, give us this day life within, and it will reveal itself without to Thy glory.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis Added)

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"Part 1: Mans Spiritual Journey Past, Present, Future"

Documents Satan's three-legged stool plan, which was introduced at the Tower of Babel and which has been re-introduced today.

Part 2: "Road To Rome"

Proves that many worshippers are being drawn into the Roman Catholic Church's New Evangelization Program without even being aware of the spiritual gravity of what they are doing!

Part 3: Road To Babylon

Moving toward a false One World Religious System and an equally false Utopian Kingdom of God which is supposed to be established by humans on this earth. Also documents present-day Contemplative Prayer Movement which the Emerging Church is heavily promoting and implementing

Part 4: "Proclaiming The Gospel In Midst of The Last Days"

Urging believers to boldly stand for the truth and to be witnesses for Jesus Christ


DVD 3-Part Series

Hoggard Reveals How DNA Used By Satan Today

Foretold In Scripture

Part 1 of 3

"Science is catching up with the Bible!"

Part 2 of 3

"Mother of All Secrets: Most Deadly Secret Concealed by Mankind Now Revealed In the Holy Bible"

Part 3 of 3





"Triple Helix: Genetically Changing Mankind Into Beasts"

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How Close Is The Rapture?

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Pastor Hoggard DVD

"Masonry's True Secrets From the KJV!"

Hoggard is a staunch KJV-only Pastor

"Why Standing Before Christ Should Be Our Greatest Moment!"

Soon we all shall be standing before Jesus so He can determine our reward. Do you know the basis upon which He shall judge you?


"Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil"

Fascination with the supernatural realm continues to grow among people of all ages and backgrounds at an exponential rate. Tales of spirit beings, guardian angels, demons, and the hereafter can be found in every bookstore, on every television screen, and in every theatre in our country.

"Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" DVD's

Each 3 Hours Long

"The New Atlantis"

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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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More Spiritual Warfare

Satan Has Invaded The Church And Government

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