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November 5, 2008

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New Headline News Article

Surprise! Surprise! Many of President Obama's Policies Will Be IDENTICAL To Bush's!

There is truly "not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties"!

Conservatives elected George W. Bush in 2000, but got the policies of Al Gore! Likewise, Liberals elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, but will get the policies of Bush!

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Senator Barack Hussein Obama wins easily, becoming America's 44th President and our first black President.

Illuminati power brokers Austan Goolsbee (Skull & Bones) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Trilateral Commission) must be beaming broadly now that their candidate has won!

Let us view the news quickly and then step to "beyond the news" for our analysis of this momentous election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Barack Obama elected president of United States", BizJournals, November 5, 2008

"Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States, the first African-American elected to the country's highest office. The historic election brings with it the likelihood of more government involvement in business and the reeling economy."

Notice that this business journal is predicting that a President Obama will continue to march America's economy down the Fascist road of severe government control over key sectors within the economy -- a move started under "Conservative" President Bush. Remember this fact, for we shall return to it momentarily.

"His rival, Republican Sen. John McCain, conceded defeat in a speech Tuesday night a little after 11 p.m. EST. He congratulated Sen. Obama on his victory and urged his supporters to get behind the newly elected president."

Several news organizations commented that McCain was extremely gracious in defeat. President-elect Obama struck the "Change Now" theme which permeated his campaign.

" 'There is new energy to harness and new jobs to be created; new schools to build and threats to meet and alliances to repair' he said."

Notice Obama's emphasis upon domestic policies. We have long noted that, when the Illuminati Plan for the next 4 years is to emphasize domestic politics, a Democrat ascends to the White House; but, when the Plan for the next 4 years is to be on Foreign Policy, a Republican goes to the Oval Office. We have felt for some time now that, given the 8 years of Bush's deliberate foreign policy misadventures, the time had come in the Plan to produce the Masonic Christ to turn to domestic matters, and that meant a Democrat President.

We expect this Obama Administration to operate the economy as did President Clinton, who was so concerned over the economy that he posted a sign at his desk which said, "It's The Economy, Stupid". Certainly, Americans were considerably better off economically during the Clinton years than they were under the Bush debacle.

Conservatives and/or Christians are experiencing great fear, trepidation, and panic this morning with the news of this overwhelming Obama and Democrat Party victory. We believe this fear is unfounded, for the following reasons:

1) Obama will be faithfully following the Illuminati Plan -- not his own

2) The Illuminati deliberately desires that Americans feel prosperous right up until the first shot is fired for World War III

3) Bush/Obama are establishing Fascism, not Socialism. This distinction if vital , for Japan has proven that Fascism works while Russia has proven that Socialism fails. Once the Fascist Economy is established worldwide, prosperity will take hold.

NOTE: To read a succinct explanation of these different economic systems, please click on "Explanation of The Three Types of Economies In The World".

Bible prophecy guides us at this point. Please take a few moments to read an archived article, NEWS2239 entitled, "Will Some Nations Experience Economic Prosperity In The Tribulation Period?"

Now is the time to forget fear mongering people and their websites. Whether falsely predicting an attack on Iran for the past five years, or an imminent collapse of the American economy, or a Bush declaration of Martial Law so the election could not be held, these sites now deserve to be ignored.

SPECIAL NOTE: While Barack Obama ran a Messianic campaign, complete with strange, unexplainable spiritual power emanating from him, he cannot be THE Antichrist (Read NEWS2320, entitled, "Is Obama The Coming Antichrist? Can it be that Senator Barack Obama is THE Antichrist foretold in the Bible?")

But, as President Obama continues to emanate that mysterious spiritual power, he will condition Americans greatly to the coming of the REAL Antichrist. In this regard, his election victory is most important in the Illuminati Plan to produce this Masonic Christ.

Finally, I do expect Obama to terribly tax the patience of genuinely Born Again Christians as he pursues a strong anti-christian agenda. But, the final persecution of Christians will not begin until World War III begins.

Behold A Pale Horse

II. What are some of the predictable consequences of an Obama victory?

Remember: Obama will be speaking from a daily script prepared for him by his behind-the-scenes power brokers! Do not be worried that his inexperience will produce disaster.

President Obama will emphasize domestic policy and will continue the march toward a government-controlled Fascist Economy.

Obama's remarks, quoted above, remarkably and succinctly sum up his main priorities. Listen to his remarks again. He said:

1) "There is new energy to harness" -- Expect an emphasis on Global Warming and upon alternate energy sources. With a stronger Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, the new President will have the votes to march America toward developing alternate energy.

2) "new jobs to be created" - As I stated in the News Alert of Monday, November 3, the Illuminati is sensitive to the kind of massive job losses which can derail both the economy and the Master Plan to move the world into the New World Order.

Also remember that the Illuminati wants Americans especially to feel prosperous right up until the time for their planned World War III to begin. Then, the economies of the world will collapse, but will be resurrected by Antichrist into a truly global cashless economy -- as foretold in Revelation 13:16-18!

3) "new schools to build" - Once again, this is an emphasis upon the domestic infrastructure. President Obama will probably launch a strong new program to rebuild schools, roads and bridges, a plan which shall create many new jobs.

4) "threats to meet" - This is Obama's one remark about foreign policy. He will acknowledge Bush's "War On Terror" and the "problem" with Iran's supposed nuclear program (Read NEWS2120), and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, his emphasis will be on negotiating with the enemy rather than on Bush's iron handed approach. Specifically, an attack on Iran has become very, very unlikely under President Obama. As we have stated before, the Russian-led attack on Israel as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 forbids an attack on Iran now, and protects Russia's military reputation now. Further, the detailed Illuminati Plan mentions nothing about an attack on Iran.

We expect a rather quick pullout from Iraq, especially since President Bush failed to get the Iraqi government to agree to his onerous "Security Pact" before the election. Now that a far more liberal President is in office -- one who opposed the Iraq War -- Iraqi leadership is likely to wait until after January 20 to resume negotiations on this "Security Pact". In the meantime, the United Nations mandate which provides legal cover for American forces to even be in Iraq will expire in December, a reality which means that Obama will inherit an illegal American occupation of that country.

Since the war in Afghanistan is going badly for NATO, we expect dramatic changes there. However, because Afghanistan is now officially a NATO war, we expect that Obama's final point, above, will factor into what happens. In other words, President Obama will negotiate with NATO leaders to arrive at any future course of action.

5) "alliances to repair" -- President Obama will most certainly negotiate with the leaders of NATO on any action on any subject, but most certainly on the issue of Afghanistan. A dramatic change will almost certainly be announced, and that may even include a pullout. We shall have to wait to see how this war develops.

III. President Obama will continue the Illuminati Plan in several critically important areas which, when completed, will fulfill Bible prophecy exactly!

In fact, these prophecies must be fulfilled before Antichrist can arise.

These are going to be exciting years to witness!

A) President Obama will continue the Illuminati push to declare a Palestinian State, an agenda which will fulfill Obadiah 15-18 (Read full details in NEWS2095)

Before Americans trooped to the polls, a story broke which I felt might have been an election "dirty tricks" news leak; however, I do believe that Obama's commitment to a Palestinian State is as solid as this article reveals.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama's Secret Declaration to Palestinian's Abbas: I Support Dividing Jerusalem", Israel National News, November 4, 2008

"Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama privately expressed his support for a new Arab state within Israel's current borders, including eastern Jerusalem, during his meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah this summer ... Obama told Abbas that he supports a PA state, and Arab "rights to east Jerusalem" as well. The sources said Abbas and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad 'heard the best things they ever heard from an American president' during the meeting. However, said sources quoted in the report, the candidate asked them to keep his declaration a secret."

Remembering that Palestinian President Abbas is a Freemason ("Codex Magica", P. 152 and 509), we believe that a President Obama -- whom many suspect is a true Muslim -- will look favorably upon the creation of the Palestinian State; after all the Illuminati has been pushing this goal for years, starting with the Oslo Accords (Read NEWS1911 to see how the original 1993 Oslo Accords promised the Palestinians their state!)

With an Islamic heart, President Obama will throw the full weight of the United States government behind making extreme concessions to the Palestinians in order to fulfill the Oslo Accords promise. Israel will cave in both because her leaders are committed to the original Rabin/Peres promise to carve out a Palestinian State and because they do not want to lose American support on other issues.

The Plan is spark World War III with an all-out war between Israel and her immediate Arab neighbors (NEWS1056 and NEWS1057). From this war will come the other three major elements of this Final Birth Pangs War:

a) An extremely frightening nuclear threat from North Korea - Read NEWS1781

b) China invades Taiwan - NEWS1774

c) Planned terrorism in major cities of every nation on earth still electing their leaders - NEWS2181

President Obama will "force" Israel into the kind of concessions which shall produce a Palestinian State, and the stage will be set for the Final World War to begin, a war out of which shall stride the Masonic Christ.

But, first, the world must genuinely be reorganized into 10 super nations as Daniel 7:7-8 foretells.

B) President Obama will strongly support the North American Union (NAFTA), which is Nation #1 of the Illuminati 10-Nation reorganization plan (Read NEWS1002 for full details)

President Bush (Sr) began the push to encourage Congress to pass the original NAFTA bill, but could not get the deal done before he left office January 20, 1993. President Clinton took up the mantle and, with strong support from Bush and Rush Limbaugh, persuaded Congress to establish the North American Union as an economic giant. The plan foresaw that this minor step had to occur before NAFTA could be established as a fully functional regional government.

President Obama will move this most important prophetic goal forward, not realizing in the least that he is setting the stage for Daniel 7:7-8 to be fulfilled.

C) President Obama will likewise not impede the establishment of the South American Union, which is Nation #6 in the global Plan (Read NEWS1002 for full details).

Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Brazil are taking the leadership on establishing this regional nation.

The Final Birth Pangs War to produce Antichrist on the world scene cannot occur until these three major prophecies are completed. This prophetic reality means that the next terror attack, economic collapse and other calamities will have to wait.


IV. The march toward a global Fascist Economy took a major turn this week when the French Prime Minister threatened to nationalize the banks who were refusing to loan money!

NEWS BRIEF: "French prime minister threatens to NATIONALIZE loan-wary banks ", Earthtimes News, 3 November 2008

"Paris - French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has threatened to nationalize any French bank receiving emergency government aid that does not extend loans to businesses ... Interviewed for a television program to be broadcast late Monday, Fillon said, 'If we feel that the banks are not doing the necessary work ... we will take back the credits we have given them'. Without this government aid, Fillon said, the banks will find themselves in difficulty."

The Prime Minister then became a lot more explicit in his threat.

" 'The next question is if we will then take over the bank's capital, possibly to change their leadership, to oversee their strategy', he said."

In the Fascist Economy, the government owns enough of private businesses that it comes really close to actually nationalizing them. Usually, in this type of economy, the government pulls back just a hair from actually nationalizing, but the threat to do so is always hanging over the head of every privately owned business.

American banks are also said to be hoarding much of the cash which the Federal Reserve and/or the Treasury has provided them, so we can expect to see similar threatening tactics from a President Obama.

This next news article reports that this crisis has provided the European Central Bank with unprecedented authority and opportunity to remake the E.U. in its own image.

NEWS BRIEF: "EU Recession Paves Way for Greater European Central Bank Influence ", By Jason Simpkins. Associate Editor, Money Morning, November 4, 2008

"The European Commission (EC) said yesterday (Monday) that the Eurozone economy has already slipped into a recession and strong and stable economic growth will not return until 2010. The European Central Bank (ECB), originally charged with the task of maintaining price stability, has now found itself with the added responsibility of encouraging growth and will likely cut interest rates later this week ... "

Later in this article, the original mandate of Europe's Central Bank is contrasted to the expanded role which this created crisis has given it.

"A New Role for the ECB: The ECB’s primary objective is "to maintain price stability," and after that to "support the general economic policies of the Community." However, as the global financial crisis has deepened, the role of the European Central Bank has expanded well beyond this initial mandate. Like the Fed, the ECB has taken the opportunity presented by the financial crisis to broaden its role."

This is one of the most important parts of a Fascist Economy - a strong Central Bank which will tightly control all key aspects of the economy, keeping the government tightly in control.

V. Governor Sarah Palin energized the Evangelical vote in favor of the McCain ticket; but, now that the McCain-Palin ticket has been swept away in this Obama landslide, will Palin be made the scapegoat?

NEWS BRIEF: "Sarah Palin hurt the McCain campaign", The Vancouver Sun, November 5, 2008

"As Sarah Palin waved her last goodbye off the Arizona stage as a vice-presidential nominee, the exit polls were showing she won an electoral battle but obviously lost the war."

"As a long-term Pentecostal, Palin did the job of securing the white evangelical vote, which had been wavering for John McCain. Exit polls suggest the Republicans again won three out of four evangelical votes. That's worth about 40 million votes, if my math is correct. But the National Election exit poll showed Palin alienated most other voters. More than 60 per cent of voters said they thought she was a negative in the Republican campaign. McCain took a long-shot risk with her and paid the price."

Senator McCain even got in on the act of discrediting his Vice-Presidential running mate.

NEWS BRIEF: "McCain's verdict on Palin: more trouble than a pitbull", The Guardian (London), November 5, 2008

"So now we know what John McCain really thinks of his running mate Sarah Palin – and that's not just because of the awkward body language between them during his concession speech in Phoenix, Arizona. An exasperated McCain has been telling friends in recent weeks that Palin is even more trouble than a pitbull."

McCain voiced this opinion in the form of a joke:

"In one joke doing the rounds, the Republican presidential candidate has been asking friends: what the difference is between Sarah Palin and a pitbull? The friendly canine eventually lets go, is the McCain punchline."

That is quite a slam from the man who announced just months ago that he was selecting her as his running mate! This is the kind of hyperbole which I feared when McCain announced he was selecting Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. While this selection guaranteed the preponderance of the Evangelical vote for the McCain ticket, it also created the danger of a powerful backlash against Christians if John McCain was defeated.

The Illuminati Plan does envision a massive prison persecution against Christians once World War III gets underway. Before that type of persecution can begin, Christians must be marginalized and thoroughly discredited. An expected backlash wave against Palin might start that process moving forward.

This next news article is even more blunt.

NEWS BRIEF: "The fatal pick of Sarah Palin", Kansas City News, November 5, 2008

"... the pick of Sarah Palin was fatal to John McCain's campaign, and he should have seen it coming ... who does he pick for a running mate? A folksy mother of five who draws big crowds but
knows little about the U.S. government or world affairs ... guess McCain was enamoured with the idea of a team of mavericks, but Palin's maverick credentials were inflated."

"Palin did irreparable damage to McCain's credibility."

While I am aware of the news articles that this campaign might propel Sarah Palin into the 2012 elections, I sincerely doubt it. The Christian vote will be discredited as meaningless and lacking political power and both Palin and genuine Christians will be pushed off the national stage.

---------- Articles Posted ----------


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He certainly has run a Messianic type Presidential campaign and has been called a 'Messiah' by Farrakhan.

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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------""We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God." Acts 14:22

God's people have their trials. It was never designed by God, when He chose His people, that they should be an untried people. They were chosen in the furnace of affliction; they were never chosen to worldly peace and earthly joy. Freedom from sickness and the pains of mortality was never promised them; but when their Lord drew up the charter of privileges, He included chastisements amongst the things to which they should inevitably be heirs.

Trials are a part of our lot; they were predestinated for us in Christ's last legacy. So surely as the stars are fashioned by his hands, and their orbits fixed by Him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: He has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us. Good men must never expect to escape troubles; if they do, they will be disappointed, for none of their predecessors have been without them. Mark the patience of Job; remember Abraham, for he had his trials, and by his faith under them, he became the "Father of the faithful." Note well the biographies of all the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, and you shall discover none of those whom God made vessels of mercy, who were not made to pass through the fire of affliction. It is ordained of old that the cross of trouble should be engraved on every vessel of mercy, as the royal mark whereby the King's vessels of honour are distinguished. But although tribulation is thus the path of God's children, they have the comfort of knowing that their Master has traversed it before them; they have His presence and sympathy to cheer them, His grace to support them, and His example to teach them how to endure; and when they reach "the kingdom," it will more than make amends for the "much tribulation" through which they passed to enter it. ("Morning and Evening Devotions", C.H. Spurgeon)

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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