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November 11, 2009

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---------- This Week's Hot News ---------


I. Is the prophetic time soon approaching that Israel is going to be bombed back into a previous era?

The manner in which Israel's enemies are arming themselves leaves you wondering if Ezekiel 39:9 is about to fulfilled?

NEWS BRIEF: "A Boatload of Trouble: Think Hezbollah was tamed following the 2006 war?", by Magnus Norell, Foreign Policy, November 9, 2009

"Ever since the end of the war in the summer of 2006 between Israel and the radical Lebanese Shiite organization, Hezbollah, there has been a major effort on the part of Hezbollah to rearm, especially with offensive weapons such as rockets and medium-range missiles ... the sad fact is that today, notwithstanding its greatly increased size and strengthened mandate, UNIFIL has consistently failed to hinder Hezbollah from regaining its position as the only serious political and military player in southern Lebanon. The organization has even been unable to stop continued shipments of arms to Hezbollah, despite UNIFIL's explicit U.N. mandate against them. These arms shipments come mainly from Hezbollah's leading backer, Iran. Since long before the 2006 war, the bulk of the weapons and munitions came overland through Syria -- where they were flown in from Iran -- but there have been attempts to smuggle weapons into Lebanon by sea as well."

The sad reality is that United Nations "peacekeeping forces" have never been capable of standing up to national forces in any period of time since the UN was created in 1945. UN forces always are ineffective, and when attacked, they always turn tail and run. Therefore, I was shocked when Israeli PM Olmert accepted the proposal to end the war debacle in Lebanon in 2006 under the guise of UNIFIL "protection". That agreement amounted to no more than a "fig leaf" of a deal, allowing Israel to retreat with honor and without being under fire.

The tactical situation is dire!

The Israeli Defense Force has recently warned that virtually all her cities are under the range of Hezbullah and Hamas missiles!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel says major cities are in Hezbollah rocket range", by Steve Weizman, Associated Press News, November 10, 2009

"JERUSALEM — Israel's army chief says Hezbollah guerrillas now possess tens of thousands of rockets, some capable of reaching the country's major cities. Officials say Maj. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told lawmakers Tuesday that some of the rockets can fly up to 200 miles (325 kilometers). That would put Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as Israel's secretive nuclear reactor in the southern desert, into rocket range."

Bringing this danger into perspective, Israeli elite commandos recently seized a ship in the Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus loaded with missiles which defense officials claim are from Iran. This seizure is the largest Israeli seizure in her modern history, but the hundreds of tons of missiles represents only a tiny fraction of the war materiel which Hezbullah has stockpiled, preparing for that next war with the Jewish state.

The danger is that Hezbullah and Syria and Jordan and Egypt can combine missile and artillery forces in immense quantity at the beginning of the next war to the point where rockets can literally "rain down" upon all of Israel's cities.

This threatened destruction reminds me of a little-known prophecy at the End of the Age which seems to say that Israel will be badly -- very badly -- damaged before Russia leads her invasion of Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. Listen to this prophecy:

God is prophetically speaking to the leadership of the Russian Gog/Magog forces after He will destroy them utterly as they amass on Israel's borders.

"And when you, Gog, are no longer they who dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and shall set on fire and burn the battle gear, the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, the handspikes or riding whips and the spears; and they shall burn them as fuel for seven years, So that My people shall take no firewood out of the field or cut down any out of the forests, for they shall make their fires of the weapons." (Ezekiel 39:9-10a; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary).

Since I take every word of God's Holy Bible literally, I read this prophecy literally, just as it is written. God is foretelling that, at the time when He destroys the armies of Russia and all those nations who marched with her, Israeli citizens are going to be living as they did 400-600 years ago, i.e., depending upon fire for heat and for cooking!

Israel today is very modern, and certainly does not depend upon firewood for their everyday lives. Then, how does Israel suddenly become just such a backward nation, after she has built up her civilization with the most modern Western technology?

The answer, quite possibly, is that the Arab armies surrounding Israel are going to pummel her so severely that they will destroy her Western technology. At the time of the Russian-led invasion, Israeli people just might be depending upon firewood again for everyday living!

If this scenario is true, then Israel's armies have now amassed the weapons which can destroy Israel's current civilization. God will never allow Israel to be defeated and annihilated at this End of the Age, but He certainly can allow her to be badly damaged -- all the way back to depending upon firewood!

II. Suddenly, without warning, a former Israeli Defence Force general is abandoning his conservative history to propose a radical concept: negotiate with the terrorist group, Hamas!

NEWS BRIEF: "As Netanyahu meets Obama, Israel ex-general offers Hamas talks", Christian Science Monitor, November 9, 2009

"Jerusalem - Shaul Mofaz, a leading opposition politician in Israel whose former posts include both army chief of staff and defense minister, said Sunday he has a plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace – and he's willing to talk to Hamas to secure it. 'I will also speak with the devil, if it will bring peace to the state of Israel...' "

The timing of this dramatic announcement was startling; Mofaz made these proposals at the very time Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama at the White House, to discuss the very two-state solution which Mofaz is suddenly proposing.

But, Mofaz' proposal was dramatically different than any made heretofore. Mofaz wants to immediately create a "temporary" Palestinian State!

"Mofaz said at the press conference Sunday that he was proposing the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders on 60 percent of the West Bank within a year. The Palestinian position calls for a total withdrawal from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip."

This proposal will probably go nowhere, but it is interesting that such a former conservative general and politician could instantly turn on a dime to change his position; in saying he would be willing to "speak with the devil if it will bring peace to Israel", Mofaz is revealing his hypocrisy. He knows that no agreement with the Palestinians will ever bring true peace, for if Hamas has its way, Israel will only know the peace of the grave!

III. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to arrive at any agreement yesterday during their White House meeting.

Obama also did not make any unilateral announcement of a Palestinian State.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama-Netanyahu talks see no result", Aljazeera News, November 11, 2009

"The latest attempt by the US president to salvage the Middle East peace talks appears to have come to nothing after his meeting with Israel's prime minister ended with only a brief statement from the White House. Binyamin Netanyahu left the White House on Monday after spending an hour and forty minutes inside with Barack Obama, without making the customary public appearance with his host."

PM Netanyahu did not publicly appear with President Obama following their White House meeting? That action severely violates public diplomatic protocol. Netanyahu insulted the American President by not appearing with him in public. The meeting muyst not have gone well, and certainly did not follow the public expectations.

However, perhaps President Obama set this meeting up for failure before it even got started, by publicly insulting Netanyahu.

NEWS BRIEF: "Did Obama Make Bibi Sweat?", by Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic Monthly, November 10, 2009

"The White House wanted Netanyahu to sweat before being granted an audience with the president, and wanted everyone to see him perspire. The delays in finding a time to meet, and pushing it to a late hour - after the news programs on Israeli television - make Netanyahu look as if Obama threw him a bone. In such circumstances, it is no longer important what will be said at the meeting, and the extent to which there will be an attempt to present it as an achievement. The prime minister of Israel was humiliated before all. ... Netanyahu may be an experienced diplomat and politician, and Obama may be a novice, but Obama is the president of a superpower, and Netanyahu represents a small country that depends greatly on the United States."

Therefore, President Obama got the result he should have expected. It is inconceivable that the President should humiliate the Israeli Prime Minister in this fashion, because the meeting was planned well in advance and the agenda seemed well established.,

In fact, talk was rampant that Netanyahu came to Washington ready to make concessions necessary to make a declaration of a Palestinian State possible. Why did President Obama deliberately torpedo his high-profile talk with the Israeli Prime Minister?

The public answer is that he was angry over Israel's refusal to stop settlement construction, but Israel has long ago signaled that she was willing to stop construction at the right moment in the negotiations. So, the excruciating argument between Israel and the Palestinians continues, with Masonic leader Abbas threatening to quit if progress is not made soon.

The private answer may lie in the opposite direction: Netanyahu's strong and unbending reaction to Obama's humiliation will undoubtedly strengthen his support amongst Conservatives, whose opposition to a Palestinian State is the most severe. Perhaps the Prime Minister will be strengthened enough amongst this key constitutuency that they will allow him in the future to participate in the announcement of a Palestinian nation.

Remember the article we posted about two years ago? An anonymous Israeli official spoke off the record to say that the deal to establish a Palestinian State was a "done deal", and that "negotiations" would continue until the people were ready for the announcement. The theater will continue until the planned time has arrived to complete the deal. The rest of the world has to wait and watch.


IV. Following the heels of the apparant debacle between President Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu, one journalist poses a very interesting question:

NEWS BRIEF: "Can Oslo take back Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?", by Yoel Marcus, Ha'aretz News, November 11, 2009

"The White House and whoever is stirring things up over there has reduced the familiarity level to that of humiliation. For example, they released a photograph of Obama speaking on the phone with Netanyahu with his feet on the desk. This was their way of hinting that Obama is not Bush and does not see the prime minister as the king of Israel."

Many Conservative Jews have worried about the depth of commitment to Israel which President Obama possesses. They can see all the indications that Obama is pro-Islam and they wonder if the new President of the United States will stick by Israel when the going gets really rough. These Jews became really concerned by some of the signs, one of which is noted above, that President Obama was anti-Israel.

Now, note the information in this next segment, for it reveals that the President deliberately scuttled an impending announcement of a Palestinian State at a time when the current "Conservative" Prime Minister was willing to cooperate.

"Just when the polls in Israel are showing that most of the public supports Bibi - who aspires to reach an agreement with the Palestinians - it's unclear why Obama had to kick-start the peace in Cairo with a reconciliation call to Islam ..."

"Instead of seizing the bull by the horns and setting about to open the negotiations immediately, Obama hesitated ... Netanyahu has still made it clear that he is willing to negotiate an agreement with no preconditions ... Now, in his second term, Netanyahu wants to succeed and he has the parliamentary majority to do so."

"But the cold shoulder Obama is giving us and the hazing he's put Bibi through have achieved nothing but Abbas' announcement that he would not be running for the next Palestinian Authority elections ... While Israel is seriously talking about the peace process, Obama has problems at home. His list of disappointments now includes his failure to create a mechanism to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"Obama received the Nobel Peace prize too early. I wonder if they have a mechanism in Oslo to take it back. "

We concur wholeheartedly!

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V. Without wasting any time whatsoever, Federal Government authorities linked the Ft. Hood shooter to al-Qaeda terrorism.

NEWS BRIEF: "Fort Hood massacre: Gunman linked to al-Qaeda as he awakens from coma", Telegraph (London), 09 Nov 2009

"Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood military base in Texas, awoke from a coma on Monday as it emerged he had tried to make contact with al-Qaeda before carrying out the massacre .. FBI agents and military investigators were last night waiting to interview him. Intelligence officers are said to have known months ago about Hasan’s attempts to reach the terror network through the internet but decided to monitor him, hoping it would lead them to al-Qaeda operatives. It was thought Hasan might lead them to a “big fish” and there was no indication he was about to carry out an attack of his own, one source said. "

President Obama is supposedly weighing his military and political options in Afghanistan. On the one hand, the Pentagon made it quite clear through General McChrystal, who originally stated that he believed a total 500,000 soldiers on the ground were needed to win this war. The general argued for an increase in American troops and a major increase of Afghan troops. Local troops were to comprise 400,000 of the total.

However, this Pentagon belief seems to run counter to President Obama's pro-Muslim sentiments, as he has certainly seemed to be landing on the side of drawing down forces and eventually getting out. However, the Council on Foreign Relations has recently landed squarely on the side of the Pentagon!

NEWS BRIEF: "More Afghan Troops Needed to Secure Afghanistan", Interview of Maj. Gen. Richard P. Formica, Commanding General, Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, by CFR staff writer Greg Bruno, Council on Foreign Relations, November 3, 2009

"As U.S. President Barack Obama considers a request from his top general in Afghanistan to commit more U.S. troops, the senior U.S. Army general training Afghan fighters says the president should also authorize a dramatic increase in indigenous force numbers."

If the CFR needs to push President Obama into making the "right decision" on Afghanistan, its leadership must be very pleased that the Ft. Hood Islamic shooters has probably swung the public sentiment strongly to the CFR side.

We can only wait to see how this plays out.



VI. Perhaps all this rhetoric about whether President Obama will commit more troops to Afghanistan or whether he will begin a withdrawal has been trumped by massive military "facts on the ground".

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon starts an Afghan building boom: To make life all the more comfortable, and safer, for ever more troops", By Nick Turse, Asia Times, November 11, 2009

"In recent weeks, President Barack Obama has been contemplating the future of United States military operations in Afghanistan ... While Washington has put modest funding into civilian projects in Afghanistan this year - ranging from small-scale power plants ... to a meat market - the real construction boom is military in nature. The Pentagon has been funneling stimulus-sized sums of money to defense contractors to markedly boost its military infrastructure in that country."

"To keep up with its exponential growth rate, more than $200 million in construction projects are planned or in progress at this moment on just the air force section of the base. 'Seven days a week, concrete trucks rumble along the dusty perimeter road of this air base as bulldozers and backhoes reshape the rocky earth' ... The base already boasts fast-food favorites Burger King, a combination Pizza Hut/Bojangles, and Popeyes as well as a day spa and shops selling jewelry, cell phones ...."

"While the United States officially insists that it is not setting up permanent bases in Afghanistan, the scale and permanency of the construction underway at Bagram seems to suggest, at the least, a very long stay. According to published reports, the new terminal facilities for the complex aren't even slated to be operational until 2011."

It does sound to me like the Pentagon has already decided that America is going to stay in Afghanistan for a very long time; therefore, President Obama really has no decision to make. He is controlled by the Illuminati as we have been demonstrating for almost two years so he will make the decision he is required to make.

The Pentagon certainly will benefit from any public backlash against Islam generated by the Ft. Hood massacre.



VII. Western ally Pakistan seemed irritated as she once again reassured the West that her nuclear warheads were safe from Taliban rebels!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pakistan has denied reports that its nuclear arsenal risks falling into wrong hands", Aljazeera News, November 9, 2009

"Pakistan has denied reports that its nuclear arsenal risks falling into wrong hands after a US magazine claimed Washington was firming up plans to help secure Islamabad's atomic weapons ... Pakistan's foreign ministry blasted the article as "utterly misleading and totally baseless", calling it "nothing more than a concoction to tarnish the image of Pakistan and create misgivings among its people".

"The ministry also accused Hersh of making 'several false and highly irresponsible claims by quoting anonymous and unverifiable sources. Pakistan's strategic assets are completely safe and secure ... Pakistan, as a sovereign state, will never allow any country to have direct or indirect access to its nuclear and strategic facilties. Any suggestion to this effect is simply preposterous'."

The United States started making noises about seizing Pakistan's nuclear warheads back in November, 2001, when Pakistan and India seemed ready to go to war with each other. I thought this nonsense about seizing Pakistan's atomic warhead was simply a figment of the imagination of a Neo-Con named Bush, but now I see the same threat made by an Elitist of the highest degree, Seymour Hersh.

"In his article, Hersh alleged that the US has a covert team ready to fly into Pakistan at a moment's notice and defend nuclear installations from attack."

Hersh would not be making this allegation were it not approved covertly by the Obama Administration.

However, the most interesting part of this entire story is the technology which is gives capability to American commandoes landing at all the nuclear warhead sites and seizing control of the warheads.

Have you ever stopped to think that American Intelligence must be able to pinpoint the precise location of each nuclear warhead if the commandoes have any hope of seizing control from a hostile Pakistani commando unit?

At the very least, Intelligence must have the capability of knowing exactly where each atomic warhead is located, and since the Pakistani Army routinely changes the location of each warhead as part of its strategy of keeping them out of the hands of the Taliban, Western Intelligence must have the capability of tracking each warhead as it is moved to its new location.

Is this remotely possible? Yes, and we posted an article on this subject some time ago.


We encourage you to read this article in full, for then you will realize that American Intelligence can so accurately track the shipment of nuclear warheads in real time anywhere in the world through specially created satellites! Then, you will realize that American military and police forces can stop any terrorist use of a nuclear warhead against any American target.

If a "terrorist" nuclear attack does ever occur, you will know that the Illuminati planned such an attack!

Startling, shocking -- but true!

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(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis Added)

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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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More Spiritual Warfare

Satan Has Invaded The Church And Government

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