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---------- Inspiration For the Week------------- "Secure In His Everlasting Arms" -- God speaks to us

"Arise, O Lord! Confront and forestall them, cast them down! Deliver my life from the wicked by Your sword ... O Lord, from men of this world, these poor moths of the night ... As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake to find myself beholding Your form and having sweet communion with You." [Psalm 17:13-15; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

My Jesus, how much sweeter our communion when I can actually look upon your face!

"The Lord also will be a refuge and a high tower for the oppressed, a refuge and a stronghold in times of trouble (high cost, destitution, and desperation). And they who know Your name [who have experience and acquaintance with Your mercy] will lean on and confidently put their trust in You, for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek, inquire of, and for You on the authority of God's Word and the right of their necessity." [Psalm 9:10; Ibid.]

Imagine that! God's written promises in His Word give us the "right of necessity" to claim them as our own!

Cutting Edge Special Announcement: Our most important message is one of supreme hope and confidence! We see that world events are spiraling toward precisely the conclusion the Bible foretold at the End of the Age. Therefore, we can take confidence in the reality that the Rapture of the Church is close, and getting closer by the day! If anyone should ever say to you that we are "negative", just remind them that the specific negativity we see in world news is necessary according to prophecy in order for conditions to be ripe for the appearance of Antichrist. We are getting closer every day to the Rapture!

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Middle East war worries rushed to the surface this week. We have several stories to illustrate this point, so we shall be going to several dates in our Daily News Updates to get the relevant stories.

A. Egypt is finishing "massive" preparations for war with Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel 'Very Worried' About Egyptian Military Buildup", By Julie Stahl, CNSNews.com Jerusalem Bureau Chief, November 14, 2003

"Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Israel is very worried that a massive Egyptian military buildup is eroding Israel's qualitative military edge that has enabled it to defend itself and survive in a hostile region ... Unlike Israel, Egypt has no existential threat and [not] even [a] military threat on its borders ... They have approximately the same number of modern airplanes ... F-16, exactly like the Israeli air force; approximately the same number of tanks, many more soldiers, many more units, much more artillery, ground-to-air air defense, many more vessels, missiles, boats, modern brigades, submarines than Israel."

Of even more concern is that Egyptian purchases in the past 10 years have been from the United States, so that Egypt has the same "combat platforms" as does Israel; however, Israel still retains an edge in the electronics aboard those platforms, like the F-16 aircraft, for example. However, the question to ask is whether the current Israeli technological edge is enough to make up for the vast, overwhelming numeric edge Egypt possesses.

Finally, Israel realizes that, since 1996, every single Egyptian war exercise has been a simulation of an attack on Israel. Simultaneously, Egyptian diplomacy has been getting increasingly cold and shrill against Israel.

B. Syria seems to be finalizing preparations for conflict with Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria Completes CW (Chemical Warheads) For Its Scud Missiles", ME Newsline, 11/11/03

"DAMASCUS [MENL] -- Syria has completed chemical warheads for its arsenal of Scud-based missiles.

U.S. officials said Syria, with help from North Korea, has succeeded in designing and installing CW warheads for the Scud B, Scud C and Scud D missiles. This provides Syria with warheads that can reach distances from 250 to nearly 700 kilometers. The chemical agent deployed in the CW warheads is sarin, regarded as the most toxic of material. Syria has also been developing more toxic agents such as VX ... Syria has pursued what is now one of the most advanced Arab state chemical weapons capabilities."

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria Obtains Advanced SA-18 Missiles", ME Newsonline, 11/12/03

"LONDON [MENL] -- Syria has acquired delivery of an advanced shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile. Western intelligence sources said Syria has obtained hundreds of SA-18 anti-aircraft missiles and launchers from Belarus ... the first shipment of SA-18 systems arrived on the eve of the U.S.-led war in Iraq in late March. The next shipment arrived in early summer and the last one in August."

Several weeks ago, Israeli airplanes struck deep into Syria, supposedly in response to a large-scale Palestinian suicide attack. However, sources were puzzled because Israel struck an abandoned military training camp, with its fighter-bombers blowing empty buildings apart. Now, I wonder if Israel was really trying to provoke Syria into using its new SA-18 anti-aircraft missiles so Israeli military tacticians could get an idea as to Syria's current air defense capabilities.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria Calls up Reserves, Fears US-Israeli Military Pincer:, DEBKAfile Intelligence File, 10/14/03

"... the New York Times revealed that the first Israeli air raid inside Syria in three decades had altered 'a crucial convention of the Arab-Israeli conflict' ... Syria is meeting this threat by secretly calling up 300,000 reservists to beef up its standing army of roughly the same number."

If Syria really has called up 300,000 reservists, she has just doubled the size of her armed forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State", Joe Vialls, October 29, 2003.

"The Russian missile type deployed in Syria and Iran is the P270 Moskit [Mosquito], known in NATO circles as the SS-N-22 'Sunburn' ... Russia has adapted the Sunburn for submerged launch from submarines, air launch from Sukhoi 27s, and single
surface launch from modified 40’ flatbed trucks. Nowadays, western defense experts unambiguously view all versions of Sunburn as the 'most dangerous missiles in the world'."

Cutting Edge noted over three years ago the threat this supersonic cruise missile posed to our navy. In NEWS1449, "Has Russian Technology Doomed US Navy In This Upcoming Third World War?", we provided the statistics and capabilities of this super-fast missile. In contrast to our slow cruise missile, this one screams in at low levels at the speed of 1,700 miles per hour, or 28 miles per minute. This missile can be fitted with a nuclear warhead, so its introduction into the Middle East on the Arab side will most definitely encourage the Arabs to think they can destroy Israel.

On the other side, large numbers of American aircraft have just been deployed to the Middle East. Here is this news;

NEWS BRIEF: "Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland", Pravda, 11/5/03

"Since Saturday, people in the Highlands of Scotland have been witnessing large movements of US warplanes overhead ... At the weekend warplanes were flying over at a rate of roughly one every 15 minutes ... At this rate some 288 warplanes would have passed over Scotland in three days ... The size and scale of the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in the Middle East in the next week to ten days."

During these first weeks of November, American rhetoric against both Iran and Syria has reached ever-higher levels, as the many articles in our Daily News Updates demonstrate. The language used against these two countries is eerily reminiscent of our rhetoric against Iraq just before we invaded. Also eerily reminiscent was the fact that the UN boldly stated that Iran possessed no nuclear weapons, just as the UN had strongly stated that Iraq had no nuclear weapons just prior to our invasion.

War may not be far off.

II. Intense propaganda seems to be building within Israel to implement the "Geneva Accord". In our Newsletter101803, we stated, "There is too much Illuminist muscle behind this accord to either dismiss it out of hand or to think it will never be implemented."

Then, in our Newsletter110803, we noted that some powerful politicians had suddenly lined up to support this most terrible agreement, an accord that will so divide Israel as to nullify much of her military superiority. We explain this awful agreement in NEWS1864 -- including colored maps -- so if you have not read the details of this plan, we encourage you to do so now, so you can understand the full impact of the situation facing the world in the Middle East right now.

This week, intense pressure built up within Israel to accept the Geneva Accord.

NEWS BRIEF: "Geneva Agreement To Be Mailed To Every Home", Israel National News, November 13, 2003.

"The proposed Geneva agreement, an unofficial document between several left-wing past and present MKs, such as Yossi Beilin, and PA officials, will be made available for each and every member of the Israeli public to judge. The agreement, in the form of a 70-page booklet, will be mailed to almost every home in Israel beginning next week."

Obviously, this mass mailing is an attempt to bypass Conservative politicians who have already come out against the Geneva Accords. As every propagandist understands, the average citizen -- of every country -- can be stampeded into demanding something that is really very bad for the country. Depending upon how persuasively this 70-page booklet is written, it could deceptively persuade the war-weary Israeli electorate to accept the plan, even though it militarily divides the country terribly.

To further stir the internal pot, Arafat and Hamas have recently stated their interest in a "new Hudna ceasefire". If the Jewish citizen can be persuaded to demand acceptance of this terrible accord, and if they are given a tiny bit of encouragement from Palestinian terrorist leaders, they may demand that the Geneva Accords be ratified.

To further enhance this matter, some very prestigious former officials suddenly came out strongly for the "peace" the Geneva Accords promises. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel on road to ruin, warn former Shin Bet chiefs", The Guardian, London, Saturday November 15, 2003

"Four former directors of Israel's Shin Bet security service have given unprecedented warnings that the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, is leading the country to catastrophe by failing to pursue peace with the Palestinians."

The Shin Bet is equivalent to our Presidential Secret Service. This organization is highly respected and is thought to be very unpolitical; the latter opinion is most definitely not deserved. Therefore, when four former Shin Bet directors come out as a group to argue that Israel was going into an abyss of catastrophe if they do "not" make "peace" with the Palestinians -- presumably on Arafat's terms since these are the only terms on the table right now -- many average Israelis will probably listen.

But, the matter gets even more serious, as this article continues:

"The criticisms, which follow a warning by the army chief of staff, Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon, a fortnight ago that the government's harsh treatment of Palestinian civilians was "strengthening terrorist organisations", provide further evidence that confidence in Mr Sharon is crumbling in the security establishment."

Are we getting close to the time when Prime Minister Sharon will suddenly reverse his position, rather than further "confront" this kind of quality opposition? Last week, when the most respected General, Moshe Ya'alon, suddenly went public with his severe criticism of Sharon's "harsh" policies, Conservatives the world over shook our heads, wondering what on earth is going on! Sharon's harsh policies were successfully stopping terrorist attacks, and were dismantling their infrastructure. The problem is that, every single time the IDF begins to make significant process toward destroying the terrorist machine aimed against them, the Prime Minister has inexplicably pulled them off, allowing the terrorists to regroup.

Now, at the same time the Arabs are deploying the most advanced weapons they have ever possessed, along with their incredible numbers of soldiers, Israel is seemingly "shooting herself in her foot" by pushing the Geneva Accords which further erodes Israel's military superiority! It seems like Israel's Illuminist leadership is deliberately pushing the country into disaster.

However, as we learned in NEWS1558, ("Learning How To Think Outside The Propaganda Box: Learning To Think In The Opposite Direction To Discover The Truth"), you must think 180° in the other direction if you are to hope to understand what is going on. While the Arabs may think they have Israel exactly where they want her, i.e., in a weakened internal position at the same time Arab armies are equipped with unprecedented levels of sophisticated weaponry, Israel and the United States secretly possess weapons that will overwhelm all the weapons the Arabs will wield.

Additionally, God promises Israel: "No weapon formed against thee shall prosper". [Isaiah 54:17]

But, things will look very bad in the meantime! Perhaps matters will get so bad only their Messiah can save them!

III. US casualties in Iraq are now topping 9,000 killed, wounded and those suffering from "non-combat" mysterious illnesses.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Casualties from Iraq war top 9,000", By MARK BENJAMIN, UPI, 11/15/03

"WASHINGTON-- The number of U.S. casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom -- troops killed, wounded or evacuated due to injury or illness -- has passed 9,000, according to new Pentagon data. In addition to the 397 service members who have died and the 1,967 wounded, 6,861 troops were medically evacuated for non-combat conditions between March 19 and Oct. 30, the Army Surgeon General's office said."

Of 9,000 total casualties, 6,861 of them are "non-combat conditions"! We believe this unbelievable "miscellaneous" medical category is simply a cover for the combination of Depleted Uranium, toxic vaccinations, local toxic insects, and the terribly intense heat that is devastating ever-increasing numbers of Coalition Forces. In NEWS1843, we describe this complex situation thoroughly, so we encourage you to read it now, if you have not done so already.

Also this week, we saw some more indication that Depleted Uranium is beginning to surface as an explosive issue.

NEWS BRIEF: "IRAQ: Worse Could Follow, Says New Study", Inter Press Service News Agency, November 11, 2003.

"LONDON, Nov 11 (IPS) - The consequences of the war in Iraq on people's health may be felt for generations, says a report by the medical charity Medact. The number of deaths and injuries during the conflict and in its aftermath have been high, but 'the full effects of war on health are felt through many other less direct but potentially equally or more deadly pathways' ... The legacy of the war continues to kill, injure and damage people in all sorts of ways ... unexploded ordnance lying around. Cluster weapons, landmines and depleted uranium weapons 'remain a potential health hazard for local populations years after the conflict', the report says. 'Deaths and injuries ... are likely to be under-reported'."

Our Depleted Uranium article, above, states this reality very clearly, and we write it months ago!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Health will suffer for generations' ", The Guardian, London, Wednesday November 12, 2003

"Iraqis will suffer the health consequences of the second Gulf war "for years, maybe generations", says a report warning of an 'information black hole"'on what is truly happening in the country ... disruption to the country's health was still considerable ... pointing to dangers such as leftover explosives and ammunition ... landmines, and risks of cancers from toxic dust from weapons with depleted uranium."

Four months ago, when working on NEWS1843, I asked our military source, a doctor in a foreign army, two questions. First, I asked whether, over a period of time, most of our soldiers -- 75% or higher -- might die of these four elements to which they are continually exposed. Secondly, I asked whether our uranium pollution of Iraq might be so severe that, in a generation, no one could live in the country any more. This doctor answered "Yes" to both questions.

How much longer will our Pentagon be able to keep this developing medical disaster a secret?

IV. "We could lose this situation" in Iraq, CIA warns!

NEWS BRIEF: "'We could lose this situation' : CIA says insurgents now 50,000 strong", The Guardian, London, Thursday November 13, 2003

"The White House yesterday drew up emergency plans to accelerate the transfer of power in Iraq after being shown a devastating CIA report warning that the guerrilla war was in danger of escalating out of US control."

Individuals throughout this country have been reporting that their loved ones or acquaintances serving in Iraq are telling them that the situation there is not good; in fact, the situation has not improved very much since we first occupied Baghdad, says one letter received by a pastor last week.

News these past several weeks has clearly demonstrated that Iraqi insurgents have begun to use more sophisticated, more deadly weapons against our forces, as well as new strategies. The result is that our soldiers have been dying in ever-increasing numbers. Helicopters have been blown out of the sky regularly, an Abrams Tank was destroyed with a state-of-the-art Russian anti-tank weapon, and increasing numbers of individual soldiers have been killed, all in the past several weeks. Now, the CIA warns that we could "lose Iraq"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared", The Christian Science Monitor, November 10, 2003.

"The tools and tactics killing Americans today in Iraq are those of the former regime, not imported from abroad. The anti-US resistance in Iraq today is Iraqi in nature, and more broadly based and deeply rooted than acknowledged ... The growing number, sophistication, and diversity of attacks on US forces suggests that the resistance is growing and becoming more organized - clear evidence that the US may be losing the struggle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people ... To properly assess the nature of the anti-American resistance in Iraq today, one must remember that the majority of pro-regime forces, especially those military units most loyal to Hussein, as well as the entirety of the Iraqi intelligence and security forces, never surrendered. They simply melted away."

The more our generals and politicians talk of "victory" and warning Syria to not allow foreign troops to get into Iraq, the more we should look in the opposite direction for the truth.

NEWS BRIEF: "Heavy-handed US policy has alienated potential friends", By Alistair Lyon, The Age, November 5, 2003

"Saddam Hussein's army melted away when US forces swept into central Iraq in early April, but the Sunni Muslim Arab heartlands north and west of Baghdad are now seething with hostility to the US-led occupation ... all Iraqis hate the occupation," said a customs official, Hussein Issawi. "They come here and arrest people. They fly their helicopters around. They break doors of houses."

Almost one week after this article was posted, American military forces began an offensive that depended very heavily upon just this kind of heavy-handed tactic. It seems as though the Pentagon learned absolutely nothing from our 13-war in Vietnam; but, then, Vietnam was another war we did not intend to win.

When Israel goes to war against the Palestinians, Syrians, and Egyptians, do not be surprised if the Iraqi army and air force that disappeared in the face of our advance on Baghdad, doesn't suddenly reappear, fighting with all their might.

VI. "The case for war against Iraq was made up".

NEWS BRIEF: "Case for Iraq war made up, say top names:\ There was never a clear and present danger. There was never an imminent threat", 10.11.2003, NZHERALD, (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=3533304&thesection=news&thesubsection=world)

"An unprecedented array of United States intelligence professionals, diplomats and former Pentagon officials have gone on record to lambaste the Bush Administration for its distortion of the case for war against Iraq ... A new documentary circulating in the US features one powerful condemnation after another, from the sort of people who usually stay discreetly in the shadows. They include a former director of the CIA, two former assistant secretaries of defence, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even the man who served as President George W. Bush's Secretary of the Army until just a few months ago."

This news must come as a huge shock to every American who genuinely believed the statements President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh made to justify our invasion of Iraq. In the month before Bush ordered the invasion, we warned repeatedly that the United Nations was boldly warning that Iraq had no WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

But, then, the purpose of the Iraq war was never to disarm the Iraqi military, nor was the war ever about oil. No, the real purpose of the Iraq was was to be the "trigger war" that will result in the Israeli - Arab war foretold by Albert Pike's Guiding Spirit in 1870 (Read NEWS1056).

Just as calculated, the seething hatred toward America for her obviously pro-Israel policy in the Middle East, and for her war in Iraq is gathering strength, getting close to "critical mass", when all Muslims will begin coming in swarms against the Israeli - American axis.

VI. Terrorist Alert: Al Qaeda possibly in its "final execution phase" in an attack designed to destroy the Muslim Dome of the Rock.

NEWS BRIEF: "Prelude to Terror", Northeast Intelligence, November 11, 2003. NOTE: This information was discovered on a website known to be operated by Muslim terrorists. (http://www.hagmannpi.com/alaqsa.htm)

" 'In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful - Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you - My brothers and my brothers are in Allah'. The enclosed file contains a plan to Al Aqsa Mosque an explaining in it the mosques and the domes and the ways and its guards".

After this greeting, the website showed a detailed sketch of the Dome of the Rock, with all designations written in Arabic. Below this sketch, the Northeast Intelligence stated:

"In a plan reminiscent of and designed after the Reichstag fire of 1933 that propelled the Nazi Party to power before WWII, a mix of terrorists, including those from al Qaeda, Hamas and the Islamic movement within Israel appear to be in the "execution phase" of attacking and/or destroying 'their own' Mosque. The current and most recent political and religious issues regarding the Mosque notwithstanding, the attack on and the potential destruction of this significant Muslim shrine is designed to enrage Muslims worldwide. The plot to attack and likely destroy the Mosque by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, then placing the blame on the "Zionists and the Americans", if not stopped in time, will be the platform from which all further retaliatory strikes will be made. This is THE event that has been referenced in a number of sermons, jihad posts, and other channels of communication that will mark the call to jihad in the United States."

On September 8, 2000, Cutting Edge posted an article in which we reported an Arafat verbal gaffe which seemed to indicate that he planned to destroy his "holy places" in order to ignite a "global jihad" against Israel (NEWS1404).

Muslims who know their Koran well will realize that Jerusalem and the Muslim Dome of the Rock are not "sacred holy places" in Islam. Only after Israel came back to her land in 1948 did the Muslims "discover" that Mohammed had arisen to Paradise from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Today, the masses of Muslim people the world over will react with seething fury to any destruction of the Dome, even if it is by earthquake. At the moment the Dome goes down, Zechariah 12:2 will begin to be fulfilled:

"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." [Zech 12:2-3]

VII. Defense Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is reorganizing our Army so radically it raises all sorts of questions and fears.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Army Brigade Plan Is Dangerous", By David Pyne, Military.com, November 5, 2003

"Following his unprecedented and premature retirement of 47 U.S. Army generals and with his installation of hand-picked replacements to lead the U.S. Army nearly completed, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is on the verge of moving full bore to begin implementing long-planned reforms, including the complete elimination of the Army's division-based force structure ... Rumsfeld plans to replace it with a force structure based on dismounted infantry-centric mini-brigade units consisting of about 1,800 men - each of which will be more optimized to fight small wars, but less suited to fighting major conflicts. These new mini-brigades will reportedly consist of only two battalions each down from the four battalions of today's combat brigades."

"These mini-brigades will have a smaller complement of men and fighting vehicles than current brigade combat teams, but will also have limited integrated artillery and aviation assets as divisions do today on a much larger scale ... top Army officials including Schoomaker confirmed plans to disband all of the Army's heavy divisions and discard its tanks and tracked vehicles by 2025, without which the United States cannot fight or win major wars."

"Given that the 3rd Infantry division, a heavy division, is already slated to undergo a major reorganization, it may well be the division selected for transformation from a heavy mechanized force to a light unarmored infantry force."

This news is incredible! We are stripping our Army of its heavy tanks and tracked vehicles, replacing it with "a light unarmored infantry force"! As this article states, this kind of reorganization is guaranteed to deliver an army that cannot win any major wars. As I read this startling information, two possibilities came to mind.

1. We had dramatic new technology coming to the forefront that would eliminate the need for heavy vehicles.
2. We were reorganizing our force as a part of a United Nations force on the NATO model.

What, you ask, is the "NATO model"? As NATO was organizing its force to counter the Russian threat, the organization decided which groups of weapons it needed and which nations would provide each group. While the U.S. force was the major element in the NATO force, and possessed the greatest variety of weaponry, other states were given specific assignments as to the kinds of weapons they were to provide.

We have an excellent example of this type of organization in recent history:

Great Britain fought the Faulklands War in 1982 against Argentina, a war in which she prevailed, but in which she also struggled. As I followed the daily news during that war, it was obvious that Great Britain did not possess the well-rounded navy I thought she possessed. What she fielded during this war was a force of small frigates that had been built to conduct anti-submarine warfare in a NATO force. Listen:

"British Naval power, once the world leader, had been drastically reduced and it was clear that the British Government intended to reduce the Royal Navy to a mere NATO Anti-Submarine force." ["The Causes of The Falklands War", http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/cmackenzie/website/cause.htm)

Is Rumsfeld's drastic reorganization of our Army designed to fit into a global United Nations force? Have other nations been given the responsibility to produce and field a heavy tank component to the U.N. force? I will never forget the statement made by a U.S. Naval Commander at the Navy War College in June, 1999, as he chaired a discussion group of which I was an invited guest. At that time, Clinton was waging war in Kosovo. Listen to his naive remarks, as we pick up the discussion thread in NEWS1298:

"I was in Seminar 45, chaired by Commander David Smith. Smith was part of the Naval War College Think Tank, called Naval Systems Defense Analysis. As part of his opening monologue, Commander Smith made this startling statement:

'Having a monopoly on military violence is a good thing'.

"I immediately challenged this statement by raising my hand and saying, 'This is true only if you have leadership that is continuously benign and benevolent. If the leadership of a force that has a monopoly on military violence turns evil, then what you will have is a global military dictatorship that has a monopoly on military violence."

I will submit to you that it seems likely Rumsfeld is reorganizing our military in order to serve in a global United Nations armed force. Our Army has been given a specific role, a role that does not include heavy vehicles like tanks. We shall have to continue to monitor this situation.

VIII. Islamic Warning! Muslims look at the sky and think their "Imam Mahdi" - Messiah - will appear during this Ramadan.

NEWS BRIEF: "Islamic Warning!" by Jerry Golden, 11/9/03

"There is a small article in today’s Jerusalem Post ... It gives us warnings of great acts of Islamic Terror that will occur at a time of a double eclipse during the Moslem month of Ramadan. The last time that happened was in 1786, it’s happening in this month of Ramadan, and it will not happen again for another 152 years. So this is the only one that will be seen in our lifetime ... that there are two eclipses in this month of Ramadan, the lunar eclipse took place early this morning, and the solar eclipse in two weeks both in the month of Ramadan. In Islam a double eclipse means a very important event will take place, and many Islamic Imams believe the emergence of a Twelfth Imam, otherwise known, as 'Mahdi' will appear."

A majority of Jews are awaiting their Messiah as the only hope for deliverance against their Muslim enemies; Jerry Golden told me on the phone last week that the Jews are primed and ready to accept "Messiah" with open arms. Repeated failures and massive disappointments of their elected leaders - from Ehud Barak to Ariel Sharon -- to deliver them from the low-intensity warfare of the Palestinians, has prepared their hearts to accept their long-awaited "Messiah" -- the Biblical Antichrist.

Now, we realize the Muslims are expecting their Messiah figure also?

IX. President Bush managed to praise God's institution and Satan's institution!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush cheers 'gay' church after 'Marriage Week' ", WorldNetDaily, November 12, 2003

"Not long after he endorsed "Marriage Protection Week," President Bush sent a letter of congratulations to a denomination founded by homosexual activists that performs more than 6,000 same-sex 'weddings' each year. The president wrote to the founding congregation in Los Angeles of the Metropolitan Community Churches, led by leading homosexual activist Rev. Troy D. Perry, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.

'By encouraging the celebration of faith and sharing of God's love and boundless mercy, churches like yours put hope in people's hearts and a sense of purpose in their lives," Bush said in his Oct. 14 missive. "This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on your years of service and to rejoice in God's faithfulness to your congregation."

How incredible is this development!? Our supposedly "Christian" President -- whose statement of faith has convinced so many Christians he is a genuine Christian -- sends an enthusiastic letter to the pastor of a church who performs 6,000 same-sex marriages per year! Once again, we see terribly evil fruit from President Bush.

But, there is more horror! At the same time this letter is working its way through the mail system, President Bush is telling Christians exactly what they want to hear! Just like Clinton used to do!

"Just prior to sending that letter, however, Bush issued a proclamation endorsing an effort to defend the traditional family in response to an increasingly powerful homosexual lobby intent on establishing a right to same-sex 'marriage'.The president wrote in his proclamation,

'Marriage is a sacred institution, and its protection is essential to the continued strength of our society. Marriage Protection Week provides an opportunity to focus our efforts on preserving the sanctity of marriage and on building strong and healthy marriages in America. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. …"

The Christian groups who were taken in by the President's duplicity are:

1. Southern Baptist Convention
2. Focus on the Family
3. The American Family Association

At the time President Bush gushingly praised this homosexual church because it demonstrated "God's love and boundless mercy", these three Christian groups were working with him to establish "Marriage Protection Week"

We shall add this outrage to our table of President Bush's Bad Fruits vs Good Fruits.

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------


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* The Draft is Back: "Universal National Service Act of 2003" (H.R. 163 - S.89), by Berit Kjos, Guest Columnist. The "draft" may be little more than a fading memory to most Americans. But with each new international crises, the world as well as America moves closer to a different kind of draft -- and to the global community and "Rapid Reaction" capability our international managers have long envisioned. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db034.htm

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* "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones" -- Book -- Since two out of our last three Presidents have been lifelong Adepts in Skull & Bones secret society, and since our current President has refused to disavow this society, it is highly important for us to know exactly what kind of society this is. This chronicle of espionage, drug smuggling, and elitism in Yale University's Skull & Bones society offers rare glimpses into his secret world. Book is 712 pages, with 8 color photos, 80 black/white photos, 16 illustrations and 24 charts. Reports previously unpublished documents, photographs, and articles that delve deeply into issues such as racism, financial ties to the Nazi Party and illegal corporate dealings. Books prints a complete list of known members, including George Bush and George W. bush, and reprints of rare magazine articles on the Order of Skull & Bones. It is absolutely amazing the depth of material available to a skilled and determined researcher. Authors include journalists, historians, a professor emeritus of political science, and a newspaper editor; the only drawback is this book does not deal with the severe occult side of this society. However, the shocking secular information it does contain needs to be imparted to every citizen in America. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=640

* "Operation Cyanide: How Israeli Bombing Of USS Liberty Nearly Caused Nuclear Conflict Between US and USSR" - Hardback Book - The incredible story as to how the CIA and Mossad cooperated to stage the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in order to further stir up strife and confusion during the Six-Day War and guarantee victory for Israel! However, the USSR nearly came to the aid of the Arabs, coming close to starting a nuclear exchange. Must reading for anyone who does not believe governments can and do start wars deliberately in order to achieve their ultimate goal. On 6/8/1967, Israeli air and sea forces attacked the Liberty for a brutal 2 full hours, and no US forces were permitted to intervene. In fact, the USS Liberty received no US assistance at all for 17 hours. One of the most fascinating stories of the 20th Century that is now finally being told! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=641

* "The New Barbarians" - Video - Genocidal religious ideology, political fervor and Arab TV have merged into a dangerous and influential force that is inciting Muslims to hatred and violence with worldwide repercussions. Entire Arab families are being indoctrinated by children's programming, cartoons and news footage that send the Quranic message, "kill the infidels wherever you find them". Much of the footage is taken directly from Arab TV and you will see for yourself that the fruit of this kind of indoctrination is barbarism. Yet, Western news sources absolutely refuse to show this disastrous reality, focussing instead on the economic plight of the Palestinians. Once you see this video, you will be able to separate fact from fiction. Warning: This video contains graphic depictions of "man's inhumanity to man". Discretionary viewing is advised. 60 minutes

Caryl Matrisciana, Pierre Rehov and Dave Hunt Weave Together a cutting edge piece of journalism exposing the brainwashing of the next generation of Muslims. This video proves the impossibility of Israel ever gaining a lasting peace with the Palestinians, with or without the dying Arafat! You will also understand why God must thoroughly judge this people as He promises in Joel 3. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=639

* "HAARP: Weapons of the New World Order", by Dr. Nick Begich - Video equivalent of his best selling book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" - HAARP is the most useful tool imaginable in the hands of the global Illuminist conspiracy! With this weapon, scientists can change and control the weather, create earthquakes and the most violent storms, deliver nuclear-type explosions at any place on earth at the speed of light, and even control the minds of entire populations! With this weapon in the hands of militant Illuminists our law enforcement and our military can enslave us all, very quickly. This weapon can even put up an talking image in the sky, able to talk to each person in their own tongue, and can implant thoughts and emotions into your mind! Dr. Begich, author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP", presents the latest developments of this most frightening technology. Please understand that Dr. Begich is not a Christian, but is one of the foremost authorities in this type of weaponry and is most concerned over its use. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=637

* "The Occult In Your Living Room" - 2-Video Tape Set - Have you ever wondered how and why our culture has become so filled with overt Satanism? The images and symbols that fill TV screens and video games is so shocking, it is unbelievable! How did this happen and how can I protect my family? Stephen Dollins, ex-Satanist High Priest for seven years with Anton LaVey's Church Of Satan, gives his personal testimony of how the power and love of Jesus Christ delivered him from the dark world. He says he could walk through the home of most any Christian and would be able to fill a large box with items that would shock you to discover they are occultic and giving Satan permission to destroy you and your family.He exposes the subtle devices used to infiltrate the homes of Christians and non-Christians alike to lure the young and old into the practice of witchcraft and Satanism. Discover the evil truth behind the Ouija board, astrology, Tarot cards, psychics, as well as today's crazes; movies, video games, role-playing fantasy games. Learn about devices used to initiate our children into the world of the occult by making evil appear "cute", such as: Halloween, Teletubbies, Pokemon and Harry Potter. You will learn the evil meaning of symbols used by practitioners of Black Magic, and see these symbols in modern jewelry. Stephen exposes the subliminal messages targeted towards youth through today's Rock music, and much more!

2 Full Length Videos, totaling nearly 6 hours! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=636

Related Resource: "Occult Invasion", by Dave Hunt - There is not a person alive who has not been impacted in some way by the “invasion” documented in this book. You will find it virtually indispensable, almost encyclopedic, reference to a wide spectrum of occult thinking and practice, wherever they exist. You will also find it an invaluable resource to lend or give to others who have been affected by the insidious incursion of a new and deadly “spirituality,” both inside and outside the church. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=116


---------Conclusion---------------- "The cross must be carried before the crown can be worn"

"And Laban said, It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the firstborn." Genesis 29:26

We do not excuse Laban for his dishonesty, but we scruple not to learn from the custom which he quoted as his excuse. There are some things which must be taken in order, and if we would win the second we must secure the first. The second may be the more lovely in our eyes, but the rule of the heavenly country must stand, and the elder must be married first. For instance, many men desire the beautiful and well-favoured Rachel of joy and peace in believing, but they must first be wedded to the tender-eyed Leah of repentance. Every one falls in love with happiness, and many would cheerfully serve twice seven years to enjoy it, but accordi

ng to the rule of the Lord's kingdom, the Leah of real holiness must be beloved of our soul before the Rachel of true happiness can be attained. Heaven stands not first but second, and only by persevering to the end can we win a portion in it. The cross must be carried before the crown can be worn. We must follow our Lord in His humiliation, or we shall never rest with Him in glory.

My soul, what sayest thou, art thou so vain as to hope to break through the heavenly rule? Dost thou hope for reward without labour, or honour without toil? Dismiss the idle expectation, and be content to take the ill-favoured things for the sake of the sweet love of Jesus, which will recompense thee for all. In such a spirit, labouring and suffering, thou wilt find bitters grow sweet, and hard things easy. Like +9*, thy years of service will seem unto thee but a few days for the love thou hast to Jesus; and when the dear hour of the wedding feast shall come, all thy toils shall be as though they had never been--an hour with Jesus will make up for ages of pain and labour.

Jesus, to win Thyself so fair,
Thy cross I will with gladness bear:
Since so the rules of heaven ordain,
The first I'll wed the next to gain.

—Morning and Evening, C.H. Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer CDROM Library

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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