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November 15, 2007


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. "Peace" is coming to the Middle East! You can see it in your Daily News!

A. Iraq's President has just announced to the world that the threat of a Turkish invasion is "over"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi President Talabani: Crisis with Turkey is over", Press TV News, 14 November 2007

" 'The crisis with Turkey has passed', Iraqi President Talabani told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai, even as Turkish troops remain massed at the Iraqi borders over the presence of anti-Turkish PKK rebels in the Iraqi Kurdish region's mountainous hinterland. His remark came as Turkish helicopters swooped into Iraqi territory firing on villages in renewed efforts to dislodge the separatists of Kurdistan Workers Party which has been fighting for autonomy for Turkish Kurds since 1984."

Indeed, since Winter has now set in along the entire mountanous region of the border between Iraq and Turkey, the threat of a massive invasion is over until the Spring thaw! We have said for the past many months that we just do not believe Turkey will actually invade with massive forces, even though she had amassed 240,000 troops on the border in mid-July.

Turkey's government seems determined to prevent the kind of border revision which "President Bush's New Map" demands, for that map takes about one-third of her territory away from her, giving it to the hated Kurds so they can form their rather large nation of "New Kurdistan"!

Until shown otherwise, we believe that Turkey is simply warning the Global Elite that she will fight to prevent this kind of snatching territory from her. Her forces are amassed on Turkey's side of the border, as a warning that they will fight any attempt to move that border one foot to the West.

B. The Bush Administration is said to be softening its approach to Iran.

NEWS BRIEF: "US softens stance on Iran strikes", By David Blair, Diplomatic Correspondent,, 13 November 2007

"The United States is trying to reduce tensions with Iran by playing down the possibility of launching military strikes against the country's nuclear facilities ... A series of public statements and Washington's decision to free nine of the 20 Iranians held captive in Iraq last week suggest that America is trying to send conciliatory signals."

This next segment tells us that there is supposedly significant division within the Bush Administration concerning a strike against Iran.

"Dick Cheney, the vice-president, believed to favour the military option..."

"Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, and Robert Gates, the defence secretary, are both thought to oppose Mr Cheney."

To this list of people opposing an attack on Iran, you can join Admiral Fallon and much of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"Significantly, service chiefs in the Pentagon are deeply sceptical of the military option. Admiral William Fallon, the head of Central Command, which has responsibility for US forces in the Middle East, told the Financial Times that a strike was 'not in the offing'."

Indeed, when President Bush appointed Robert Gates as Defense Chief and Admiral Fallon as the head of the Central Command, Cutting Edge noted their past opposition to an Iranian strike, and postulated then that their very appointment was a signal that Bush never really planned a strike.

That viewpoint is now almost a certainty. We have always believed that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 of the attack on Israel by Russian-led forces protects Iran (Ancient Persia) from being attacked right now. That prophecy also protects Russia from seeing her military technology defeated by either America or Israel, for then none of the nations foretold to march with Russia would have the confidence in Russian leadership to undertake the march against the Jewish state.

C. The Annapolis Peace Conference is gaining steam, with both sides striking conciliatory notes.

NEWS BRIEF: "NEWS BRIEF: "PM Olmert: Abbas ready for peace with Jewish state", YNET News, 11.12.2007

"The prime minister told the Knesset committee that he was certain Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad were committed to agreements and ready for peace with Israel as a Jewish state. 'I have no doubt that they are the only leaders among the Palestinians with whom we can negotiate', the prime minister told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee."

Just to ensure that Palestinian President Abbas has enough political clout to be able to sit down at the same table as PM Olmert, the American Secretary of State, and other ranking ministers of other nations, Olmert is considering releasing even more Palestinian prisoners.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Gov't mulls another prisoner release ahead of Annapolis: A gesture of goodwill to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas", The Jerusalem Post, November 12, 2007

"The prime minister also said that he planned to release approximately 400 prisoners, out of a total of more than 12,000 held in Israel. The additional prisoner release, a gesture of goodwill to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was already discussed several weeks ago, when 120 prisoners were freed. Olmert also said Israel would continue to negotiate with Abbas even if terrorists continue to fire rockets at southern Israel from Gaza, committee member and Likud MK Yuval Steinitz said."

Palestinian President Abbas chimed in nicely.

NEWS BRIEF: "Abbas Promises: If occupation ends, Israel will live in a sea of peace", The Jerusalem Post, November 13, 2007

"Israel will live in peace if it ends its occupation of Arab lands, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday, adding that his administration hoped this month's US-led talks with Israel would be a success. 'If peace comes and the occupation comes to an end, Israel will live in a sea of peace', Abbas said at a news conference in Ankara, along with Israeli President Shimon Peres. Abbas also said his administration was preparing for the Middle East conference in Annapolis, Maryland. 'We are working with our full force to ensure that the meeting in Annapolis is a success', he said."

Abbas and Peres made these remarks in Ankara, Turkey, as they both addressed the Turkish Parliament, the type of event which has never occurred before. The drumbeat to peace continues, ahead of the Annapolis Summit.


President Bush will attend the Annapolis Peace Conference, which means he will direct it!

NEWS BRIEF: "President Bush To Take Part In Annapolis Conference", AGI News, November 16, 2007

"George W. Bush will take part in the international conference on the Middle East scheduled in Annapolis, Maryland, late in the month, a White House spokesman Tony Fratto announced ..."

For weeks now, we have been declaring that news events have been manipulated to give a boost to the international stature of President Bush. Even though no news story had yet appeared that the President would actually be at the conference, that likelihood seemed inevitable, for it made no sense that the United States would host the conference in Annapolis without the President being present - and if he is present, he is the leader, due to the power of his office.

President Bush simply cannot be seen in the following light at Annapolis:

1) As the leader of a failed war in Iraq -- therefore, Shi'ite cleric al-Sadr ordered his troops to cease fire, just in time for news stories to appear touting "victory".

2) As the leader of a failed foreign policy - If Turkey had invaded northern Iraq with massive numbers of soldiers, President Bush would have suffered a huge foreign policy defeat. Not only did Turkey not invade, but Iraq's President last week announced that Iraq's crisis with Turkey was "over".

3) As the deliberate instigator of crisis with Middle East countries like Iran, seen as going against the will of the International Community -- Even though the rhetoric continues about Iran's supposed danger of nuclear arms, we also saw stories touting that the Bush Administration was softening its approach to Iran (above) and that the Pentagon so opposes a military strike that its generals have, in effect, told V.P. Cheney to "shut up" ("Sane Officers Oppose Cheney")

Additionally, just days before Annapolis, the IAEA issued a report which stated that Iran had been telling the truth about its nuclear plans, i.e., that her plans are entirely peaceful. ("ran touts IAEA report, demands West apologize")

With this positive news at his side, President Bush can now command sufficient international prestige which will enable him to play the role of Peacekeeper and negotiator at Annapolis. This good news arrived just in time for the President to play this role at Annapolis.


Russian leader Putin strengthens his position as protector of the Arab world, just days before Annapolis!

NEWS BRIEF: "In a dramatic reverse swing, Russia's Putin decides to send uranium to fuel Iran’s atomic power station in Bushehr", DEBKAfile Intelligence, November 16, 2007

"The Russian president Vladimir Putin indicated Friday that Moscow would send uranium to Iran’s atomic reactor in Bushehr ... International Atomic Energy inspectors were invited to the Novosibirsk Plant on Nov. 26 to verify and seal the fuel before shipment. On that day, too, the US-promoted Middle East conference is provisionally set to open in Annapolis, Maryland. The Quartet of which Russia is a member will not be there."

Did you catch that last sentence? Russia will not send a delegation to Annapolis! Since Putin has consistently told the Arabs that he is their friend and protector since April 12, 2003, he cannot be seen as a party to the creation of a Palestinian State on American and Israeli terms which so many Arabs will oppose.

But, further, Putin's decision to supply enriched uranium to the Iran Bushehr reactor in violation of a pledge to the contrary which he recently made to Israeli PM Olmert, is another sign that Russia is personally protecting Iran from American attack.

Remember that, only a few weeks ago, Putin announced Russia's new foreign policy regarding Iran, when he said that an attack on Iran would be considered as an attack on Russia! President Bush has been fond of saying that a World War III could be triggered if Iran continued to build toward a nuclear weapons capability. If he attacked Iran, he would trigger World War III -- with Russia!

You can add one more reason Bush has never attacked Iran, despite four long and dreary years of threatening to do just that, of marching troops right to the border and of repeatedly sending 2 to 3 aircraft carrier groups in the waters off Iran, only to back down each time. It is time to ignore this insanely empty rhetoric - especially since this empty rhetoric is adding $45 to the price of each barrel of oil!

If the results at Annapolis are seen to bring "Peace" to the entire Middle East, that peace news will be seen even more glorious, because it will come at the end of such a long period of black bad news!

New Annapolis Headline News Article

Cutting Edge Proven Correct!

"The Annapolis Peace Conference Is Reported To Be Held November 27-28, Precisely Conforming To The Illuminati Record of creating a major event every 30 years, and always in November"

If this conference ends on November 28, as this news story indicates, the precise pattern of days between these 30-year events will have continued for the third time in 90 years! This Headline News Article is an update of NEWS2233, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!"

Absolute proof of Illuminati Numeric Control of Modern Israel!

II. Is this THE REAL reason President Bush has never actually ordered an invasion or attack on Iran?

NEWS BRIEF: "China signals dollar swap: "The dollar is losing its luster as the world's reserve currency", By Patrice Hill, The Washington Post, November 8, 2007

"China roiled financial markets around the globe yesterday when it asserted that the dollar is losing its luster as the world's reserve currency and that Beijing will swap some of its $1.4 trillion in reserves out of U.S. dollars into stronger currencies like the euro and Canadian dollar. China's verbal assault on the dollar helped trigger a 360-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and came as French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned in a speech to Congress that the 'disarray' caused by the dollar's steep fall could lead to 'economic war'."

" 'The world's currency structure has changed', Xu Jian, a central bank vice director, said in a Beijing conference, according to wire service reports. The dollar is 'losing its status as the world currency', he said."

Of course, we know that the American Dollar, and all world currencies, are slated to be dissolved so they can be replaced with a global currency, and we know that a "Regionalization of Currencies" will precede the global currency. However, is this the time for the Dollar to be brought down so it can meld into the NAFTA 'Amero"? If this is the time, then China's threat to flee the American Dollar makes sense.

However, a higher-ranking Chinese official immediately recanted.

NEWS BRIEF: "Dollar to stay anchor of China's reserves: Chinese official assures world markets, AFP News, November 14, 2007

"WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US dollar will remain the anchor currency of China's massive foreign reserves despite suggestions that they were too heavily skewed toward the weakening greenback, a senior Chinese central bank official said here Wednesday. Yi Gang, the assistant governor of the People's Bank of China, said the dollar had to continue as key component of the country's 1.4 trillion dollar reserves because it was 'the largest currency that we use' in terms of trade and foreign direct investment as well as financial clearances and settlements. 'It is also a very firm policy for China that in our reserves, that the US dollar is the main currency in our reserves and that policy is very firm', he said to a question at a forum in Washington."

"Yi, who is also the central bank's director-general of operations, said recent suggestions by a senior Chinese politician as well as a state banker that Beijing shift its largely dollar-based reserves toward presently stronger currencies, like the euro, were mere 'opinion'."

These remarks seemed to mollify the markets, but this is not the point we wish to make here.

The point is that the Bush Administration is well aware that America's currency is truly vulnerable to deliberate collapse. China alone is said to hold $1.4 trillion in American currency, but Iran and Venezuela also hold considerable amounts of Dollars. Should they decide to sell all their holdings, the Dollar would collapse, taking the economy down with it.

Therefore, we believe that Bush knew from the beginning that he never intended to really attack Iran. Rather, he was intent upon keeping the "Rumors of War" high so he could advance his foreign policy agenda and so he could do his part in keeping the cost of oil skyrocketing.


III. The rationale for forcing oil prices high may be shifting, as the world may be entering a period of peace ahead of establishing a Palestinian State.

NEWS BRIEF: "Will Chavez pull the trigger? Venezuelans may give their president the power to restrict oil production -- and cause a global recession", The Los Angeles Times, November 15, 2007

"On Dec. 2, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez can tip the world into a recession. On that day, if Venezuelan citizens pass the dozens of constitutional amendments on the ballot, Chavez will essentially be granted dictatorial powers -- an elected strongman reminiscent of Spain's Franco, Italy's Mussolini and Orwell's Big Brother. The day could easily deteriorate into one of violence, martial law and suspension of oil production, the latter calculated to inflict maximum damage on the U.S. economy.'

"Oil economists calculate that on a supply-and-demand basis alone, the price of oil would be about $50; the remaining $45 in the current price is a political premium caused by uncertainty in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran's suspected nuclear plans, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and social unrest in Pakistan, Nigeria and Venezuela."

This paragraph is damning, because it reveals the cost to the consumers around the world of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and other Western officials, constantly harping on the imagined threat of Iran's nuclear program. When President Bush recently used the words, "World War Three" in describing the Iranian nuclear program, oil prices were driven still higher.

When people are considering for whom they are going to vote next year, they would do well to remember how many dollars these "Rumors of Wars" have taken out of the pockets of American consumers.

Before panicking over this situation with Venezulean President Chavez, keep several factors in mind:

1) I think we are seeing a transition in news designed to keep oil prices as high as the Illuminati wants them to be. For the past four years, these factors have been driving oil prices higher: Iraq and Afghanistan wars, terrorist threats, Iran nuclear attack threats, threats of war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, and the threat of disruption by the Nigerian militants, who seem to threaten an attack and/or capture oil workers whenever oil prices are heading downward.

If the planned Annapolis Peace Conference is going to bring a temporary semblance of peace in the Middle East, then another rationale will have to be introduced to keep oil prices high. This new domestic law in Venezuela seems tailor-made for this effect.

2) Venezuela and Iran are kept in check by Russia. The Illuminati controls Russian leadership, and the Russian leaders control Venezuela and Iran. Therefore, these two leaders will not do anything but bluster and threaten. But, those threats will have the desired result of keeping oil prices high. Since Russia is fully cooperating with the worldwide Illuminati, she will not allow Venezuela or Iran to kill the economic "goose laying the golden egg"!

3) Cutting Edge has always taught that America is the Economic Babylon of Revelation 18 (NEWS1830, Second Half of the Article). We know that when God's judgment by fire falls to utterly destroy this nation in one hour of one day, that nation is in the midst of prosperity. As the merchants of the world and the ship captains who delivered the imported merchandise, wailed and moaned and groaned because they had lost the source of their income, and they realized that no nation on earth could replace that nation.

The point is simply this: it seems that God will allow America and some other nations to keep their prosperity for a while during the Tribulation Period (Read NEWS2239, "Will Some Nations Experience Economic Prosperity In The Tribulation Period?")

But, expect a lot of fiery rhetoric to come from the mouth of the Venezuelan President in 2008, threatening to withhold his oil from the American market. That should keep oil prices high.

IV. People are beginning to consume less refined oil products, which is what the Illuminati wants, since they do not want to finally gain control of the world, only to discover that its oil supplies will run out in a couple hundred more years.

The world is consuming 88 million barrels of oil per day, which terrifies these Global Elite leaders terribly.

However, this dramatic and sustained increase in oil prices is having another effect -- it is changing the way and the method by which people are shopping!

NEWS BRIEF: "MERRY ‘CLICK’MAS - Online Shopping to Overtake the High Street this Christmas",

"New research reveals that online retailers could be set for a merry Christmas this year. As Britons desert the high street and click online for festive spending, the internet is set to over take the local high street to become Britain’s number one shopping destination this Christmas. Following last year’s £7.7billion boom in online Christmas shopping, the research ... reveals that 34 percent of Britons intend

to do their shopping online this Christmas - a six percent increase on figures from last Christmas (32%)."

"Furthermore it’s no longer the young tech-savvy generation driving the trend. Middle age surfers aged 30 to 50 are the most likely to shop online this Christmas (44%), compared to 41 per cent of 18 to 29

year olds who were leading the way in online shopping last year ..."

Just in case you think that Americans might not be following this British pattern, please consider this news article.

NEWS BRIEF: "Online prediction: Sales will rise 21%", Journal & Currier, 11-10-07

"Forrester Research Inc., an independent technology and market research company, is predicting that Americans will spend $33 billion doing holiday shopping online between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That represents a 21 percent increase over last year's holiday season."

That is a lot of money to be spent between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- $33 billion. That is also a lot of money that traditional "brick and mortar stores" will not be ringing through their cash registers. Why are people making this shopping change?

"The main reason people buy online, especially during the holiday, is convenience," said Sucharita

Mulpuyru, an analyst with Forrester. '[They don't want to go to the stores and face the crowds'."

With gasoline getting more and more expensive, more and more people are going to be thinking twice before they jump in their vehicle and run around to numerous shopping malls and individual stores. For many people this year, the better alternative will be to cozy up to their computer screen and start

shopping from the safety and security of their own home.

Homeland Security and the FBI is also doing its part to keep customers shopping from home! This terror alert has been seen a number of Christmas seasons prior to the Holidays since 9/11, and have always turned out to be bogus.

NEWS BRIEF: "FBI Reports Possible Attacks on Shopping Malls during Christmas", eFluxMedia, November 9, 2007

"The FBI has information that Al-Qaida organization may be planning attacks on shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago during the holiday season ... 'As of August 2007, Al-Qaeda planned to strike U.S. shopping malls in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California, during the 2007 Christmas season. Al-Qaeda hoped to disrupt the U.S. economy and had been planning the attack for the past two years', the report said."

However, this threat could not be substantiated, which has always proven to be a reliable indicator that it is as false as all the rest have been for the past 6 years (Read our Bogus Headline Study - NEWS1888) . However, the undiscerning will hear this warning and believe it, thereby adding even more reasons to shop online this Holiday season.

4-Pack DVD

V. Annapolis Summit is about to fulfill the Fourth Major Event in Modern Israel's history to the exact day!

Please read about this incredibly important development in our newest Headline News Article, NEWS2252:

"The Annapolis Peace Conference Is Reported To Be Held November 27-28, Precisely Conforming To The Illuminati Record of creating a major event every 30 years, and always in November"

If this conference ends on November 28, as this news story indicates, the precise pattern of days between these 30-year events will have continued for the third time in 90 years! This Headline News Article is an update of NEWS2233, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!"

Absolute proof of Illuminati Numeric Control of Modern Israel!"

Now, let us focus on some most interesting aspects of the Annapolis Peace Conference.

The Annapolis Summit is forcing Conservative Jews to unite against PM Olmert's plan to divide Jerusalem between Arab and Israel. But, they miss the point entirely -- the real plan is to unite Jerusalem!

NEWS BRIEF: "Olmert Coalition members join opposition on Jerusalem bill", The Jerusalem Post, November 15, 2007

"Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's coalition was unable to exercise its majority in the Knesset on Wednesday, allowing the opposition to pass several key bills against the government's wishes. In the morning, the Knesset plenum passed a preliminary vote on a bill that would require a two-thirds Knesset majority in order to divide Jerusalem in the context of a peace agreement with the Palestinians ... 'The vote on this bill proves that when it comes to Jerusalem, it is not an issue of coalition or opposition. The Knesset has spoken, and now the prime minister knows where he stands', said opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who spoke at an event in the City of David in honor of his newly formed 'Forum for a United Jerusalem'."

" 'I call on all the parties who now know that this government is not their right home to leave the coalition before it is too late', he said."

The laughable part of Netanyahu's statement is that he is just as committed to the Illuminati plan as is PM Olmert or any other member of the inner circle. I remember well when Netanyahu was Prime Minister; he consistently met with Henry Kissinger, who seemed to be constantly flying into Jerusalem. After Kissinger left, Netanyahu would obediently follow the script laid out for him.

These remarks are simply the outworking of the Dialectic Struggle which demands an opposition which springs up to oppose the Prime Minister, whoever he is at the time, and whatever he is doing at the time. During these momentous times, as Annapolis beckons, the Dialectic becomes even more important than ever, for the Illuminati believes that nothing can be accomplished without a planned struggle.

During the past several months, opposition parties have insisted that the Annapolis conference delegates not be allowed to give any part of Jerusalem to Palestinian control. The Palestinians, on the other hand, have just as insistently demanded that they be given control of Old Jerusalem and the Temple Mount!

We see the mihty outworking of that form of the Dialectic Struggle which we have long called "The Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" (Read NEWS2192, "The Peoples of the World Are Plunged Into A 'Strong Delusion' ")

The Prime Minister is advocating a dramatic change in the status quo of Jerusalem, thus playing the part of the "Thesis". Opposition leaders are demanding that the status quo be maintained, thus playing the part of the "Anti-thesis".

According to this Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, continuous struggle between Thesis and Antithesis will result in neither position of Thesis and Antithesis, but in a completely different system called Synthesis.

Regarding the status of Jerusalem, a Synthesis system is exactly what the Illuminati Plan has long called for regarding Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. You will soon see -- either at Annapolis or in the negotiations afterward -- that the International Community will control Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, not either Israel or the Palestinian Authority.

Are you surprised? You should not be, for Cutting Edge has long taught this part of the Plan.

Listen as we discuss the "New Jerusalem Covenant Project", as revealed by the New England House of Theosophy Director, Bill Lambert, on August 18, 1991, during his seminar, into which I was sneaked. At the very beginning of the seminar, Lambert speaks to the control of Jerusalem.

"Sometime between 1985-2010, the following scenario will unfold, depending only on the right set of circumstances: Moslem and Jewish areas in Jerusalem will be combined with Christian to create the 'New Jerusalem Covenant' ... a grand merger of all forces will occur world-wide that will move the world in any desired direction. Then, and only then, will it be possible to build a combination Temple/Church/Mosque in Jerusalem'"

This is the ultimate plan! Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are to be controlled by an international authority which will guarantee that all three members of the world's monotheistic religions can enjoy continued and unfettered access. What other plan could be more "fair"?

The International Authority will guarantee that the Jews cannot restrict access to either Muslims or Christians, and that the Muslims cannot restrict access to either the Jews or the Christians. The highlight of this portion of the agreement will be to build a combination worship center which Lambert called the "Temple/Church/Mosque" and it will be in Jerusalem.

Immediately after Lambert announced this international control and the combination worship center, I raised my hand to ask him if this combination worship center would be located on the Temple Mount. Lambert seemed agitated at my question, and pointedly refused to answer. I would suspect this combination worship center would be located at another location.

Shimon Peres even declared that Jerusalem should be ruled by an international authority! Do you remember? We posted a Headline News Article the day after Peres made his shocking announcement. Let us refer to that article now.

NEWS1842, "Israel's Former Foreign Minister Peres Drops 'World Capital' Bombshell: Calls For Holy Places of Jerusalem To Be Controlled by the United Nations"!

Can you imagine the furor which this announcement caused? Remember, also that Shimon Peres is now one of the most respected men in Israel, as he has just been elected as President of the country. Therefore, you know that his announcement in 2003 is THE REAL PLAN for Jerusalem.

Let us quickly review pertinent portions of this article:

NEWS BRIEF: "Peres Raises 'World Capital' Solution for Jerusalem", Yahoo News, July 22, 2003.

"JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Shimon Peres, the head of Israel's opposition Labor Party, has suggested resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem by putting its holy sites under U.N. stewardship ... His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem's old walled city as a 'world capital', with the U.N. Secretary-General serving as mayor ..."

I believe that this portion of the Plan is still in force, and that one of the reasons Peres was manipulated into the office of President of Israel just before the Annapolis Peace Conference was so that he could add the weight of his office to the implementation of this plan.

Annapolis Is Located On The 39th Parallel

We want to report an interesting aside on this subject of the Annapolis Peace Conference, which is likely to result in a statement that Israel is to set aside the land necessary for the Palestinians to create their state, the so-called "Two State Solution".

I wondered why President Bush chose Annapolis as the location for this conference, rather than Camp David or the White House, or any number of other "neutral" locations within the United States. I have just checked where Annapolis is located, and discovered that it is on the 39th Parallel!

For those newer readers and subscribers who may not know the significance of '39', let us quote a portion of NEWS1756, which details all the instances of occult sacred numbers in the attacks of 9/11, a phenomenon which we call an "Occult Signature" to the event:

Within a few hours of the infamous attacks of 9/11, 2001, Cutting Edge began to see the hideous occult hand of the Illuminati, their 'signature' so to speak. We issued a series of articles detailing this use of the number "11", proving that the Illuminati was the planning, active agent behind these attacks. Once you understand how this tragedy is undergirded by elevens, you will understand that the Illuminati has carefully placed its fingerprints all over this event. Why would they do this? They would want to hide the truth from the masses, while communicating it to the elite occultists all over the world.

We need to quickly review the reason that certain occult numbers are so special to the Illuminati. Let us briefly study the foundational, underlying use of this special number. To properly understand, you need to understand that the occultist literally fulfills Paul's explanation of a pagan, of a satanist, in Romans 1:25, "... they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator ..."

Thus, many of the idols of the past pagan societies have been formed in the likeness of fish, birds, animals, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. However, occultists also worship science and the mathematics underlying science. They literally believe that numbers possess inherent power, all their own.

The Satanist always places great power in numbers, especially the Black Magic Satanist. Satanists believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to the correct numbers. As Wescott explains, "... so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect." [Ibid., p. 100] Thus, while 11 is very important, multiplication's are also important, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.

At this point, in NEWS1756, we list all the instances where an '11' or a multiple of '11' was undergirding the entire 9/11 attacks.

But we also must note that one of the sacred numbers to the Satanist is '13', which is the number of "extreme rebellion against constituted authority". The Illuminati intends to overthrow this current "Old World Order" which is based in Western Nations upon the principles of Judeo-Christianity. Therefore, the number '13' and multiples thereof are extremely important.

As with the case of '11', multiples of the key number are also considered sacred. Since '13x3' contains both the number of depravity and extreme rebellion (13) plus the number of the pagan trinity (3), the number '39' is considered extremely important.

For this reason, while Adolf Hitler was manuevered into power in 1933 (11x3), he chose to launch his World War II in 1939 (13x3).

Annapolis was chosen primarily because it is located on the 39th Parallel. This fact brands the conference as an Illuminati meeting, as if you needed any other proof.

There is one more instance where the Illuminati is planning to use the location of the '39th Parallel' in its final World War III plans. We state this plan in NEWS1780:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

Once all-out war breaks out in the Middle East, another conflict is planned to break out on the Korean Peninsula. The peoples of the world will suddenly discover that Western Intelligence has suffered yet another "Intelligence Failure", and that North Korea really does have nuclear weapons and third-stage intercontinental ballistic missile which can deliver them approximately 10,000 miles in any direction.

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, and it figures prominently the Plan for the Third World War, which is designed to produce Antichrist on the world scene. Pyongyang is located on the 39th Parallel!

Remember, occultists believe that a good plan may fail unless it is carried out according to certain selected occult sacred numbers!


VI. As Israel seems hell-bent on making major concessions to the Palestinian terrorist government, her leaders would do well to heed the warnings of this Islamic expert.

Of course, they won't pay this fact any attention, for the deal to create a Palestinian State has been in the planning since the 1917 Balfour Declaration! (Read NEWS2252 for full details)

Now, let us review this curt warning from an Islamic expert.

NEWS BRIEF: "Wrong Approach To Peace: US, Israel ignore leading scholar’s insights about Muslim attitude to peace deals", by Yoram Ettinger, YNET News, November 14, 2007

"Policy makers in Israel and the United States are premising the Annapolis Conference on foundations that have led to a series of bloody collapses in Oslo, Cairo, Hebron, Wye, Sharm el-Sheikh, Camp David 2, and the disengagement. They are formulating the conference on the assumption that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has adopted a mentality of peace, thus granting yet another victory to the simplistic world of delusions in the Mideast’s complex reality."

"Professor Majid Khadduri, may he rest in peace, from Johns Hopkins University in the US, was the world’s leading authority on Arab definitions of peace and war, and he noted that they view peace as a tactical means for achieving their strategic objective."

Indeed, this is the case, and this type of temporary Islamic peace is called a "Hudna", a type of "peace" for which Yassir Arafat was infamous. Time and time again, he called a "Hudna ceasefire" just in time to prevent the IDF or the Mossad from destroying his Palestinian Authority after they committed a string of heinous terrorist attacks against innocent Jewish citizens -- including children and infants.

You can gain great insight into this type of Islamic strategy by reading the rest of this YNET News article and then reading our article on a "Hudna Ceasefire", NEWS1849, "Palestinian 'Hudna' Ceasefire Ends September 29, 2003, Exactly 3 Years To The Day He Started This Intifada".

The one drawback to the YNET News article, above, is that the Jewish author assumes that the current Israeli leadership is unaware of this Islamic tactic and needs to be informed. The reality is that Israeli leadership is well aware of this tactic, but are proceeding anyway, because they have to create a Palestinian State before they can carry out their planned annihilation of the Palestinians in fulfillment of the prophecy in Obadiah 15-18 (Read NEWS2095 for full details)

Once you understand the principles in NEWS2095, you will realize how important the establishment of a Palestinian State is to the fulfillment of this prophecy. Thus, Annapolis is crucial to the fulfillment of End of the Age prophecies!


VII. Using the attacks of 9/11 as the excuse, the Federal Government has consistently passed laws and taken actions which strip every American citizen of their privacy.

But, now an American official makes it quite plain that Americans are wrong to expect their privacy to remain a sacred right!

NEWS BRIEF: "Intel Official: Say Goodbye to Privacy - "Privacy no longer can mean anonymity", by Pamela Hess, My Way News, November 15, 2007

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A top intelligence official says it is time people in the United States changed their definition of privacy. Privacy no longer can mean anonymity, says Donald Kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence. Instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguards people's private communications and financial information. Kerr's comments come as Congress is taking a second look at the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act."

Cutting Edge has been warning Americans since 9/11 that the Federal Government was planning to use the attacks as an excuse to establish a dictatorship. Quoting from our NEWS1576:

NEWS BRIEF: "Police State", by Kelly Patricia O’Mera, Insight News, 11/9/01.

"(Rep. Ron) Paul confirms rumors circulating in Washington that this sweeping new law, with serious implications for each and every American, was not made available to members of Congress for review before the vote. 'It's my understanding the bill wasn't printed before the vote — at least I couldn't get it. They played all kinds of games, kept the House in session all night, and it was a very complicated bill. Maybe a handful of staffers actually read it, but the bill definitely was not available to members before the vote'."

The Executive Branch is using the crisis brought on by the attacks of September 11 to gather to itself power over its citizens that can only be described as severely dictatorial. And Congress is allowing this to happen by inaction, by default, by voting on major bills without reading them.

Let us go back to this 2001 article for more information.

"If the United States is at war against terrorism to preserve freedom, a new coalition of conservatives and liberals is asking, why is it doing so by wholesale abrogation of civil liberties? They cite the Halloween-week passage of the antiterrorism bill — a new law that carries the almost preposterously gimmicky title: "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act" (USA PATRIOT Act). Critics both left and right are saying it not only strips Americans of fundamental rights but does little or nothing to secure the nation from terrorist attacks. "

Let us stop right here to fully understand this last sentence. Had this bill been in existence prior to September 11, it would not have prevented the attacks! When you understand that the provisions of this bill have the potential to subject Americans to dictatorship, you should be further outraged that these liberty threatening provisions would have done nothing to prevent the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Representative Paul describes this bill further. "What is so bad about the new law? "Generally," says Paul, "the worst part of this so-called antiterrorism bill is the increased ability of the federal government to commit surveillance on all of us without proper search warrants." He is referring to Section 213 (Authority for Delaying Notice of the Execution of a Warrant), also known as the "sneak-and-peak" provision, which effectively allows police to avoid giving prior warning when searches of personal property are conducted. Before the USA PATRIOT Act, the government had to obtain a warrant and give notice to the person whose property was to be searched. With one vote by Congress and the sweep of the president's pen, say critics, the right of every American fully to be protected under the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures was abrogated. The Fourth Amendment states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Here we are, six years past this point, past this first warning, and the American people are finally being boldly told by Donald Kerr, the principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, to just get used to the surveillance being carried out by their Federal Government.

Get used to it! Such draconian surveillance is now a part of your everyday life.

The actual day when our treasured Constitutioinal form of government is deliberately collapsed is steadily getting nearer. If you are not a Born Again Christian, depending upon the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, you have every right to be scared to death!

VIII. America's moral collapse is now set and our Divine Judgment is certain.

This next news story illustrates how complete America's national turn against God and His principles has now become. Read it and weep.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hotels replace Gideon Bibles with 'sex kits' ", American Family Assocation, November 15, 2007

"The latest fad with some hotels is to replace their Bibles with 'intimacy kits'. For instance, at New York City's trendy Soho Grand Hotel guests can enjoy a gourmet mini-bar, an iPod, a flat-screen TV and even the company of a complimentary pet goldfish. But no Bible.

"Parent company Accor Hotels decided to replace the Gideon Bibles with 'intimacy kits'. For Accor, providing travelers with sexual paraphernalia is more important than the Bible. Accor Hotels owns several chains including: Motel 6, Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, Suitehotel, Ibis, All Seasons, Etap, Formule 1. While these chains are mostly located in Europe, Accor is expanding to many U.S. markets."

I can simply see America's sins piling high against Heaven's door, as the Revelation 18 prophecy against the Economic Babylon giant at the End of the Age foretells (Read NEWS1830, last half, to see our argument that America is the Economic Babylon of the End of the Age).

"She is fallen! Mighty Babylon is fallen! She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird ... For her iniquities (her crimes and transgressions) are piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and her crimes and calls them up for settlement." (Revelation 18:2, 5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

---------- Articles Posted ----------Powerful New Headline News Articles

1) Cutting Edge Proven Correct!

"The Annapolis Peace Conference Is Reported To Be Held November 27-28, Precisely Conforming To The Illuminati Record of creating a major event every 30 years, and always in November"

If this conference ends on November 28, as this news story indicates, the precise pattern of days between these 30-year events will have continued for the third time in 90 years! This Headline News Article is an update of NEWS2233, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!"

Absolute proof of Illuminati Numeric Control of Modern Israel!

2) "The upside-down world of Pullman's "Golden Compass"

"Where Bad is Good and God is banned"

This will mean the end of the Church... the end of all those centuries of darkness! Look at the light up there; that's the sun of another world! ... The Dust will change everything."[p.394] 'The Golden Compass'

"The God who dies is the God of the burners of heretics, the hangers of witches... [T]hat God deserves to die. The Authority, then, is an ancient IDEA of God, kept alive artificially by those who benefit from his continued existence." (Philip Pullman)

Guest Column by Berit Kjos -

3) "President Bush May Yet Be Tried As An International Genocide War Criminal For Using Depleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq and Afghanistan"

In February, 2004, Cutting Edge first raised the warning that the Illuminati seemed to be deliberately discrediting President Bush. That campaign seems now to be moving into high gear as a United Nations committee actually voted overwhelmingly to protest the use of D.U. weaponry anywhere in the world.

Will 2008 be the year when people finally learn that over one billion people are likely to die from D.U. poisoning?

Great New Fold-Out Laminated Pamphlets In Stock! Each Only $3.99

Over 40 Different Pamphlets From Which To Choose -- Visit our Pamphlets Section Now


--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"Ephraim is a cake not turned." Hosea 7:8

A cake not turned is uncooked on one side; and so Ephraim was, in many respects, untouched by divine grace: though there was some partial obedience, there was very much rebellion left.

My soul, I charge thee, see whether this be thy case. Art thou thorough in the things of God? Has grace gone through the very centre of thy being so as to be felt in its divine operations in all thy powers, thy actions, thy words, and thy thoughts? To be sanctified, spirit, soul, and body, should be thine aim and prayer; and although sanctification may not be perfect in thee anywhere in degree, yet it must be universal in its action; there must not be the appearance of holiness in one place and reigning sin in another, else thou, too, wilt be a cake not turned. A cake not turned is soon burnt on the side nearest the fire, and although no man can have too much religion, there are some who seem burnt black with bigoted zeal for that part of truth which they have received, or are charred to a cinder with a vainglorious Pharisaic ostentation of those religious performances which suit their humour. The assumed appearance of superior sanctity frequently accompanies a total absence of all vital godliness.

The saint in public is a devil in private. He deals in flour by day and in soot by night. The cake which is burned on one side, is dough on the other. If it be so with me, O Lord, turn me! Turn my unsanctified nature to the fire of Thy love and let it feel the sacred glow, and let my burnt side cool a little while I learn my own weakness and want of heat when I am removed from Thy heavenly flame. Let me not be found a double-minded man, but one entirely under the powerful influence of reigning grace; for well I know if I am left like a cake unturned, and am not on both sides the subject of Thy grace, I must be consumed for ever amid everlasting burnings. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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