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November 17, 2010

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Doc also proves that the Catholic Mass is identical to the Babylonian Black Magick Mass.

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---------- This Week's Hot News -------


The Illuminati Plan: "... to sum up our system of keeping the governments ... in Europe in check, we shall show our strength ... by terrorist attempts ..." (Protocols of Zion, Protocol #7, 'Universal War')

I. Since the attacks of 9/11, the Illuminati has forced the specter of global terrorism upon the peoples of the entire world, giving the Elite the ability to pass dictatorial laws of unparalleled power!

These severe restrictions upon the traveling public on airliners is one of the largest "False Flag" operations in history! None of the restrictions make sense and none of them would have prevented even the official story of the attacks of 9/11!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rant on airport security 'groin check' goes viral", New York Daily News, November 16, 2010

"The words are immortal now. Not 'honor thy neighbor as thyself', or 'to be or not to be' - but 'Don't touch my junk'.

"This phrase entered the lexicon over the weekend, when passenger John Tyner refused to undergo a full-body scan - or a patdown that included a 'groin check' at the San Diego airport. He told a Transportation Security Administration officer: 'If you touch my junk, I am gonna have you arrested'."

I find it incredible that a TSA officer had to touch the private parts of a passenger in order to provide airliner security! None of the original 18 Muslims accused of high jacking four airliners with box cutters ever hid them in their crouch. For that matter, there has been no "false flag" operations since 9/11 which have featured the "would-be terrorist" hiding weapons or explosives in their groin!

But, of course, the time is now 2010, where we have had nine full years of continual hyping of the dire terrorist threat hanging over all the world! This time is critical to the Illuminati to see how far the average citizen will allow authorities to go in the search for a "terror-free" world!

If the Global Elite sees that they can impose such ridiculous search procedures on a complaint public, they will conclude that the "sheeple" are now meek and mild enough to "shear".

II. Glenn Beck declares that the problems of the world can be traced back to one Jew -- George Soros!

The authors of the "Protocols of Zion" would be very pleased!

NEWS BRIEF: "Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie", Huffington Post, November 12, 2010

"... I think Glenn Beck should be fired. He has told a lie so grotesque that it goes beyond the pale of even dirty politics. Just when I thought he couldn't shock my conscience anymore, he has done it. Let me explain."

"George Soros survived the Holocaust. He is Jewish and when the Nazis caught up with his family his father saved his life by bribing an agricultural official to pretend Soros was his Christian godson. At one point, that man took the fourteen year old Soros to survey and appraise the property that had been confiscated from another Jewish family. Obviously Soros did not have a choice in the matter. Soros eventually survived the Holocaust."

Now, what did Beck say about Soros?

1) "[When he was] 14 years old, he had to help the government confiscate the land of his fellow Jewish friends and neighbors."

2) "[H]ere's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps."

3) Beck called "George Soros" a "Puppet Master". This statement is classic Nazi propaganda against the Jews as they conditioned the German public to accept a racial genocide against the Jews as a "healing" of the German nation!

Hitler painted the Jew as the ultimate "Puppet Master" controlling everything in German society, from business to government to economics. Glenn Beck has stepped into a deep dung hole here, but equally surprising is the fact that Fox News allowed him to carry on this tirade for two days!

At this point, you are probably in denial that any public figure could attack a Jew so publicly and so offensively. Let us now turn to Fox News to get a transcript of Part 3 of Beck's attack on George Soros.

NEWS BRIEF: "Glenn Beck: Making of the Puppet Master", Fox News, November 12, 2010

"GLENN BECK, HOST: Welcome to "The Glenn Beck Program."

"Tonight, part three in our three-part series on the puppet master, George Soros. Last night, you saw the sheer size of this one-man's influence. It is breathtaking. He has brought entire regimes and currencies down to the ground in flames. If you don't understand where America is heading, you will after tonight. And if you think it doesn't matter — well, this is the wrong show for you."

Beck did liken Soros to a puppet master who controls the activities of the entire financial system. Soros' control is going to result in an absolute economic crash unless someone steps in to prevent this monster from completing his horrific plan -- at least that is the story from Glenn Beck.

Please understand that I am not defending George Soros by any stretch of the imagination, because he is as powerful an Illuminati as anyone else in the world. But my 24 years of research into the New World Order Plan reveals that the ultimate controllers are comprised of both Jew and Gentile. From the beginning, the Jew Rothschild and the Gentile Adam Weishaupt created the plan to gradually maneuver the nations of the world into the global system they called the New World Order.

Within a decade, global Freemasonry assumed control of the political part of the plan from the Gentile Weishaupt while Rothschild and his equally wealthy businessmen retained control over the money supply. This Plan has always been a combined Jewish/Gentile operation.

In the realm of Witchcraft, former Satanist Doc Marquis has adamantly stated that the ultimate authority is held by the Gentile British 'House of Windsor". Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II are the ultimate powerbrokers and they are Gentile.

We have already noted that Glenn Beck's tirade was remarkably similar to Adolf Hitler's tirade. But, Beck's accusations against the nefarious Jew would make the authors of the "Protocols of Zion" very proud. After all, they wrote the Protocols in such a way that they appeared to be the global Jewish plot to control the world for their Jewish Messiah!

The "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" have become the epitome of hateful anti-Semitism in the world. And rightly so!

Glenn Beck falls into that category lock, stock and barrel.

My last question is who is pulling the strings of Glenn Beck? He is a puppet dancing on a string just as compliantly as any one like a George Soros. Over the many years I have been studying the Illuminati, I have concluded that no one steps on to any public stage unless he or she is totally sold out to the Plan of the Illuminati and is fully supportive of the New World Order.

Therefore, when Glenn Beck was allowed on the public TV stage provided him by Fox News, he was identifying himself as one who is completely sold out to the Illuminati Plan. Beck is one of those dancing puppets. Doubt it not.

At the very least, Beck calling Soros a dancing puppet is l.ike the pot calling the kettle black.

But, at the very most, Glenn Beck has identified himself to genuine Christians as someone not to be trusted, his "Family" and "God" rhetoric notwithstanding.

III. Has President Bush's invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq touched off Islamic persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East?

After all, Bush told Evangelical Christians that he was conquering the world for Jesus so that He could return (the Dominionist lie). From the beginning, Muslims viewed Bush as a Born Again Christian who was launching the most devastating Depleted Uranium war against them -- a weapon unparalleled in world history!

They viewed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as a Christian War.

Christians throughout the region are now reaping the genocidal consequences of Bush's invasions. As American forces are withdrawn from combat, Muslims throughout the region are feeling emboldened to attack Christians with deadly force!

NEWS BRIEF: "Echoes From Crucified Iraq: Protest From Catholic Journalists", By Robert Cheaib, Rome's Zenit News,, November 15, 2010

"When it's a question of children dying in the name of an ideology that believes it is doing God's will by killing babies, pregnant women, priests and elderly people, a Christian journalist cannot be professional if he does not express his indignation ... ZENIT's Arabic edition has decided to give a voice to those who are living the tragedy in Iraq, so that the world can hear not so much their cries of despair, but rather their proposals of hope for a possible resurrection of the crucified Christians in their country."

This article then proceeds to tell some of the tragic stories where Catholic and/or Christian families and worshippers have been brutally murdered, and we encourage you to read these stories. This trend is picking up steam now that American soldiers are withdrawing and now that every Muslim knows they are not going to carry out retribution for any genocidal killings.

"Moreover, the priest explained that what is known about the sufferings of Christians in Iraq is only a drop in the ocean. Their dramas are certainly not limited to the tragedy of Our Lady Of Deliverance Church. That is why he invited the media to make known 'all the violent murders, massacres, persecutions and kidnappings to which Christians are exposed daily'."

Now, let us examine some other news events so you can see that this martyrdom of Christians is occurring throughout the Middle East (The Non-Integrating Gap).

NEWS BRIEF: "Gunmen storm Christians' homes in northern Iraq, killing two", CNN News, November 16, 2010

"Gunmen stormed two adjacent homes in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul late Monday and shot dead two men, the latest in a series of attacks targeting Christians ... On Monday night, attackers went into two homes occupied by Christian families in the al-Tahrir neighborhood in the eastern part of the city, killed the two male heads of the households, then drove off, the interior ministry official said."

Every father fears a home invasion because such an attack penetrates to the deepest recesses of fears for the safety of our children. A home invasion suddenly throws the father into the type of violent confrontation for which we are not prepared. If the father cannot quickly seize a loaded gun and fire it accurately at the invaders, he is usually dead within seconds, leaving his family vulnerable and helpless before the attackers.

Home invasion is usually limited to homes in neighborhoods which are lawless, most often because of gang warfare and drug wars -- or both. In Iraq, home invasions are the sign of a serious breakdown in local security. We have long told you that the local police and army will never be able to secure the country, and home invasions are the clearest sign that this scenario is unfolding in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: Muslims torch Christian homes in southern Egypt', Excite News, November 16, 2010

"CAIRO (AP) - Muslims set fire overnight to at least 10 houses belonging to Coptic Christians in a village in southern Egypt over rumors that a Christian resident had an affair with a Muslim girl ... The attacks started after locals spotted a young Copt and a Muslim girl together at night inside the village cemetery, the officials said. They added that both were put under police custody as authorities investigate."

The intolerance of Muslims for anything Christian has always astounded me. Such attitudes have historically resulted in the genocide of entire Christian communities. But, we are told that Islam is a "peaceful" religion? The only peace Muslims grant the Christian is the peace of the grave.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran: Christian Pastor Sentenced To Death", Voice of the Martyrs, Persecution News Room, October 15, 2010

"Christians in Iran are reporting that Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani has been sentenced to death for what is called a 'thought crime' ... Pastor Youcef, a leader in the Full Gospel 'Church of Iran' network, is one of several members of his church who have been imprisoned. The Iranian government has also threatened his wife with life imprisonment and has threatened to take away their two children ... This arrest is the latest in a series of arrests of believers in Iran in the past year. Eighty-three Christians are known to have been arrested in Iran since the beginning of 2010. Of those, 65 were subsequently released, but 18 are still believed to be in custody."

NEWS BRIEF: "Pakistan: Asia Bibi - Death Sentence", Voice of the Martyrs, Persecution News Room, November 9, 2010

"On Nov. 8, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by a judge in Pakistan ... Asia was arrested by police on June 19, 2009, and charged with blasphemy after she engaged in a religious discussion with co-workers. Many of the local women, including Asia, worked on the farm of Muslim landowner Muhammad Idrees. During their work, many of the Muslim women had pressured Asia to renounce Christianity and accept Islam. Her family is one of only three Christian families in a village of more than 1,500 families."

Watch developing news throughout the Middle East carefully, for this murderous persecution of Christians will only widen and intensify. President Bush's invasions and his genocidal invasions have left a terrible legacy against Christians throughout the entire Middle East. Will we one day seen entire Christian communities slaughtered as Islamic armies carry out such killing as they did 1,000 years ago in the city of Fez, Morocco?


This declaration for all Muslims throughout the world to lash out to kill, torture, butcher, and humiliate Jews, Christians, and Americans wherever the individual Muslim finds him or her, is simply a revealing of the kind of hatred that has always existed within the heart of the Muslim. This kind of hatred has been seen in history, when victorious Muslim armies set out to slaughter Jew and Christian alike. In fact, in the city of Fez, Morocco, Muslim troops slaughtered so many Christians in such a short period of time, that the blood of the victims ran like rainwater down the street gutters. At one point, a Muslim warrior gleefully took off his white turban-type hat, dipped it into the blood flowing down the street, and the placed it back on his head. Many other Muslim soldiers followed his example, and very soon, most of the white turbans of the soldiers were dripping red.

This historic tradition is today maintained a kept alive by Freemasonry, as they proudly wear their blood-red Fez hats. This sorry spectacle is simply one more instance of how Freemasonry secretly hates the Born Again Christian in their invisible, inner circle, even as they hide this fact from the 95% of all visible Masons in the world.

We urgently warn all Jews, Christians, and Americans throughout the world that they must take this worldwide Muslim call very seriously, especially after the Dome of the Rock blows up. This people of this pagan religion have long hated, persecuted, and killed the two peoples of the Holy Book -- Jews and Christians. God is evidently ready to deliver the End of the Age judgments pronounced on all Arabs, and Muslims, based upon the way they treated God's people [Joel 3:2]

Our warning in October, 2000, is now coming true all across the Islamic Middle East. Hatred of Jews prompted this clerical declaration of war, above; but, hatred of Bush's genocidal war has driven the ire of Muslims to greater heights.

I think the only course of action is for Christian families to leave if at all possible.


IV. Will President "Bush ever stand trial for his leadership role in the torturing of both foreigners and American citizens during his infamous "War On Terror"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Republican Congressman: I have ‘no hesitation' probing Bush for torture", by John Byrne, The Raw Story, November 10, 2010

"A newly elected Republican congressman said in a little-noticed interview Tuesday he'd have "no hesitation whatsoever" in beginning an investigation of the former President George W. Bush for torture. Appearing on MSNBC's The Dylan Rattigan show, GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who also serves on the House Government Oversight Committee, said he'd be more than willing to join a torture probe."

Starting in October, 2001, just weeks after the attacks of 9/11, Cutting Edge began posting articles appearing in newspapers and on radio and TV, warning that the Bush Administration was torturing suspects rounded up but not yet charged and not yet tried fairly in a court of law.

We were tipped off by articles from some political commentators asking whether torture was appropriate in the interrogation of terrorist suspects. Even some Liberal bleeding heart people were arguing that American authorities should be able to extract information from torture, because that may be the only way in which to get information that could deter the next terrorist attack.

We reported that experienced retired military interrogators were warning that information obtained by torture was almost 100% bogus, because the victim would merely tell the torturers what they thought he wanted to hear just in order to stop the pain.

We also reported that the ultimate target was the average American citizen whom the government considered to be an "enemy of the state". Once the Federal Government set the precedent that they could torture American citizens of Arabic descent and could arrest them without charges, without representation, without trial, and be able to execute them secretly, then the precedent would be set for them to treat native-born Americans in this manner!

This is the plan of the New World Order!

But, of course, Bush's torture of citizens extended far beyond America's shores. We developed torture methods at Guantanamo Bay prison which would offend Muslims and then exported those techniques to prisons on the Iraqi and the Afghani battlefields.

Skull & Bones President Bush has a lot to answer for in this area of torture.

You would think that Democrat President Obama would cooperate with any credible person or organization who wanted to bring George W. Bush to justice. After all, Obama is supposedly on the opposite side of the political fence from Bush and he criticized the interrogation methods which Bush had used.

However, President Obama is refusing to cooperate!

"The civil liberties group American Civil Liberties Union has criticized Obama for not being more proactive in opening investigations into CIA practices. 'This is the remarkable thing: Other countries are reckoning with the legacy of the Bush administration's torture program, and meanwhile the United States is not', Jameel Jaffer, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union's national security program, told McClatchy Newspapers in August. 'That's part of why we're so concerned', Jaffer added. 'The Obama administration, rather than investigate the abuses of the last eight years, has increasingly become an obstacle to accountability'."

Why would the Obama Administration refuse to cooperate with the investigation of the Bush torture and interrogation techniques -- both of which are so typical of an Absolute Dictatorship?

The answer is simple but profound: Bush was not acting on his own when he had his forces arrest people illegally, hold them illegally, keep them without trial indefinitely, and torture them. Rather, Bush was acting according to the plan of the global Illuminati!

Therefore, President Obama is resisting calls to release information on Bush's practices because he is also following the Illuminati Plan! Since no one of the Global Elite wants President Bush's practices to come to light, "Liberal" Democrat President Barack Obama is refusing to release the government documents which would show President Bush to be the dictator he truly was.

Remember, there is not one iota of difference between Republican and Democrat Parties in the drive to the New World Order. Leaders of both parties are equally committed to this coming global system. The fighting we see among them is simply the outworking of the Hegelian Dialectic Struggle:

"Controlled Conflict Brings About Controlled Change"

Republican (Thesis) battles Democrat (Antithesis) in a controlled conflict so that a new system (Synthesis, New World Order) can be created. Never forget this fact. All the political battles which occupy so much of our media's attention is a sham, a "controlled conflict".

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In "Illuminati Is Fulfilling Prophecy', Doc demonstrates that God has forced the arrogant and mighty Illuminati to formulate a plan which does fulfill Bible prophecy exactly! At the end we demonstrate how Satanic predictions about the victory of Lucifer over Jesus will turn into the greatest and quickest slaughter in all of human history, on the plains of Armageddon!

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New Headline News Articles

"Do Christians Actually Know What Mormonism Is And Why The Bible Forbids Us To Have Anything To Do With It?"

A longtime Christian brother talked to me last week, all excited about Glenn Beck. I quickly learned that this Sunday School teacher knew nothing about Mormonism. He did not know enough to be concerned about a Christian making an alliance with Mormonism.


"Conspiracy? Yes, Virginia, Satan Has Mounted A Global Conspiracy Against God - Just As Prophecy And Doctrine Foretell"

I find it incredible that many knowledgeable Christians prefer to not believe that a human conspiracy will set the prophetic stage for the appearance of Antichrist. Rather, these type of Christians prefer to believe in a "prophetic evolution" where all prophecies will spring to life out of some sort of primordial goo!

We shall demonstrate the futility of denying Biblical doctrine and teaching that God's prophecies will occur just as He foretold because Satan has caused his adherents to create a plan which will fulfill all His prophecies.

A massive End Times conspiracy is prophesied! Believe it and events today will begin to make sense.

"Elections 2010 - Analysis"

The 2010 midterm elections were the first salvo fired for the 2012 election! Conservatives will be frustrated greatly during the next 2 years and will be told that, in order to complete the overthrow of Obama Liberalism, they must win the White House and the Senate in 2012!

Deliberate Frustration will be the order of the day for Conservatives during the next 2 years!

"Glenn Beck's New Blockbuster Book 'BROKE' Is Selling By The Millions"

The premise is that America is financially, spiritually and mentally bankrupt and must be rescued. However, it is simply not true that America is financially bankrupt! CAFR is the greatest secret out in the open in a very long time, perhaps in all of human history.

Glenn Beck is following the Plan laid out in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", written 200 years ago!

Is this book the first major salvo in setting a Mormon on the path to the White House, so he can fulfill the old Mormon prophecy known as the "White Horse Prophecy"?

The Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole

A review of this mystical book series for children and youth - by Berit Kjos

"Controlled Conflict Bringing About Controlled Change" - The Hegelian Doctrine In Constant Use In Today's News"

Once you understand this tactic used daily by the Global Elite, in so many circumstances, you will never, ever view the news the same way again! As we head into the 2010 Mid-Term Elections, you need to understand that all political parties are based upon this Hegelian foundation -- Controlled Conflict Bringing About Controlled Change.



WARNING! The 'Livable Communities Act' (SB1619) Is The Official Implementation of the New Age 'Re-Wilding of America"!

For decades, very few people ever thought the radical New Age concept known as "Re-wilding America" would ever be enacted, as it was simply too radical, too crazy.

But, Senator Dodd (D-CT) is fast-tracking this legislation through the Senate! Concerned, enlightened Americans must act NOW!


Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Pronounces The Winner of The Iraq War To Be -- IRAN!

Incredibly, Cutting Edge posted an article five years ago in which we declared that Iran would be seen eventually as the winner of the Iraq conflict, because that was the Illuminati Plan! --

"New Prophetic First -- One-half of Jewish people now support rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount"

Normally secular Israel has never shown this strong of support for rebuilding the Temple, showing the effects of Orthodox Judaism. Will the Islamic Dome of the Rock be destroyed on the 'Ninth Day of Av', the most horrible day of the year for Israel?

"Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... " (Noted 33 Masonic author, Albert Mackey)

"Catholic Priestly Sex Abuse Is Now Oozing Over Every Continent on Earth!"

The sheer magnitude of the priest's sex scandal is shocking beyond belief; but, remember, the statistics we are about to share with you is simply the proverbial "tip of the iceberg"! The true total numbers of deviant priests and victims reach into the many millions of victims.

Even the infamous Kinsey Report may have its roots in the 12 Centuries of sexual deviancy from priests and nuns and their victims!


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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------"Joint heirs with Christ." Romans 8:17

The boundless realms of His Father's universe are Christ's by prescriptive right. As "heir of all things," He is the sole proprietor of the vast creation of God, and He has admitted us to claim the whole as ours, by virtue of that deed of joint-heir-ship which the Lord hath ratified with His chosen people. The golden streets of paradise, the pearly gates, the river of life, the transcendent bliss, and the unutterable glory, are, by our blessed Lord, made over to us for our everlasting possession. All that He has He shares with His people. The crown royal He has placed upon the head of His Church, appointing her a kingdom, and calling her sons a royal priesthood, a generation of priests and kings.

He uncrowned Himself that we might have a coronation of glory; He would not sit upon His own throne until He had procured a place upon it for all who overcome by His blood. Crown the head and the whole body shares the honour. Behold here the reward of every Christian conqueror! Christ's throne, crown, sceptre, palace, treasure, robes, heritage, are yours. Far superior to the jealousy, selfishness, and greed, which admit of no participation of their advantages, Christ deems His happiness completed by His people sharing it. "The glory which thou gavest me have I given them." "These things have I spoken unto you, that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full." The smiles of His Father are all the sweeter to Him, because His people share them. The honours of His kingdom are more pleasing, because His people appear with Him in glory. More valuable to Him are His conquests, since they have taught His people to overcome. He delights in His throne, because on it there is a place for them. He rejoices in His royal robes, since over them His skirts are spread. He delights the more in His joy, because He calls them to enter into it.
(" Mornings and Evenings Devotions", by Charles Spurgeon, Emphasis added)

"President Bush:
Evil vs Good Fruits"

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