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December 3, 2013

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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"Blood Sacrifice: Cleansing The Soil For The Aryan Antichrist"

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"How False Teaching On Earth Age Is Produced by Church Apostasy"

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Heed the wake-up call to the Church to return to the authority of God's Word, beginning in Genesis.

Today, most Bible colleges, seminaries, K-12 Christian schools, and now even parts of the homeschool movement do not accept the first eleven chapters of Genesis as literal history. They try to fit the supposed billions of years into Genesis, and some teach evolution as fact. Our churches are largely following suit. This false teaching has filtered down from the Bible colleges and seminaries to pastorsand finally to parents and their children.

This erosive legacy is seen in generations of young people leaving the Church2/3 of them. Get the facts, discover God's truth, and help bring a new reformation to the Church by helping to call it back to the authority of God's Word.

192 pages - Great Gift Idea For Older Children

---------- This Week's Hot News -------

I. A giant, all-pervasive, all-encompassing control / surveillance system is morphing out of numerous advanced technologies.

When completed and fully integrated, the Mark of the Beast all-encompassing control / surveillance economic system of Rev 13:16-18 will be fulfilled!

NEWS BRIEF: "'The Internet Of Things' Will Change Everything About The Global Consumer Economy ", Business Insider, December 1, 2013

"The arrival of the Internet of Things marks a major watershed in the global consumer economy."

What on earth is the "Internet of Things" (IoT)? I had never heard of it before so I am sure many of you have never heard of it either.

"It’s helpful to think about IoT devices as a new device category layer that exists as the connective tissue between the formerly static non-connected world, and the world of PCs, tablets, and smartphones. For example, a connected washer and dryer unit can report energy usage and cycle settings to a smartphone app."

In other words, the entire collection of computers, smart phones, tablets and a whole host of other computer consumer gadgets, including household machines, and even automobiles, are being merged into one massive control system!

How potentially large is this new coordinated marketplace?

"It's a huge opportunity: Machina defines 'Connected Life Market Revenue' as the sum of all of the revenue accruing from the sale of connected devices and all related services. They see revenue ballooning to $2.5 trillion by 2020."

Some movies have begun depicting at least the rudimentary beginnings of this all-encompassing technology. For example, a TV ad shows a father using his smart phone to start his car and begin warming it up, even though he is currently still in an airplane. It seems really cool to think that this family would not have to get into a cold car sitting in a wintry airport parking lot.

However, few people will ever think that government officials could kill the engine of any car in the world using this technology. This capability will serve the coming Absolute Dictatorship of Antichrist very well!

In fact, this all-encompassing control/surveillance capability is the only advance which will fulfill the shocking breadth, depth and height of the "Mark of the Beast" prophecy.

Let us review pertinent sections of the Revelation prophecy aptly dubbed the "Mark of the Beast".

"... no one will have power to buy or sell unless he bears the stamp (mark, inscription), that is the name of the beast or the number of his name ... Let anyone who has intelligence, penetration and insight enough, calculate the number of the beast, for it is a human number - the number of a certain man; his number is 666." (Rev 13:16, 18)

Please carefully consider the vast impact and the equally vast surveillance and control which the first verse demands. The words "no one" means just what it says. No little old grandmother in Cheraw, Colorado, can pay a local seventh grader to mow her lawn and pay for it in either cash or by barter, without some government official knowing about it.

No old man in Singapore can hire a teenage boy to carry his groceries home for him.

The economy is global and it is cashless.

But, every house, and every office must be outfitted with this type of IoT system. Some government official must be potentially aware of the activities and the speech of every single person on earth, in real time.

Going back to our article one more time:

"It's difficult to overestimate the importance of the Internet of Things because it will come to encompass all manner of products we don't normally think of as high-tech, such as UV-filtering window shades and door locks."

This Illuminati Game Card says it all: the New World Order cannot function without "Sufficiently Advanced Technology" controlling all things and all people at all moments of time.

As far as the technology required to fulfill Revelation 13:16-18, this new development of tying all electronic devices together seems to be the logical last step to fulfilling this magnificent prophecy.

II. The Federal Government has just delivered a crushing, secret blow to effective gun ownership in this country!

How sneaky these government officials can be sometimes!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter", Breitbart News, 12/1/2013

"Because of heightened EPA regulations, Doe Run Company's Herculaneum lead smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri—the last U.S. smelter of its kind—is closing its doors on December 31, 2013. Once this happens, the lead for traditional ammunition will have to be imported, thus driving up the price for bullets, shotgun shells, etc."

What has the Federal Government just done to all gun owners? They are using their power of regulation to price ammunition out of the reach of most gun owners. The protection of the Second Amendment means nothing if gun owners cannot have ammunition with which to protect themselves.

The government has vast powers of regulation, most of which are completely out of the control of the average citizen. If you were to study how many advances toward the New World Order in the past 100 years have been accomplished through regulation, you would be absolutely astounded!

"The Herculaneum smelter has been operating in the same location since 1892 ... it is the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore," so once it closes, the only lead smelters left in the nation will be ones that recycle lead from existing items "such as lead acid batteries or spent ammunition components."

What type of EPA regulation put this lead smelter out of business?

"In 2008, the EPA 'issued new National Ambient Air Quality Standards for lead that were 10 times tighter than the previous standard'. Following the release of this standard, the Doe Run Company tried to bring the Herculaneum smelter into compliance but in 2010 realized the cost of compliance was too great. They then reached a 'comprehensive settlement' with both the EPA and the state of Missouri, requiring the smelter to close at the end of 2013. "

Now you know why various Federal agencies have been buying billions of rounds of ammunition! They knew this last smelter was going to close and they wanted to dry up the market before the smelter was gone.

Welcome to the New World Order!

III. Rush Limbaugh shocked a lot of people when he said that Pope Francis I is a "Marxist".

The reality is much more troublesome: the Illuminati chose the Roman Catholic Pope -- whomever he was at the time -- to be the False Prophet of Revelation 13:10-18! (Read full details in NEWS1052)

That makes Pope Francis the same type of religious man that Antichrist is going to be -- a practitioner of Black Magick Witchcraft (NEWS1316)

NEWS BRIEF: "Rush: Pope Francis' Words Are 'Pure Marxism', ", NewsMax, 2 Dev 2913

"Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh says he admired Pope Francis just fine — until he made "unbelievable" comments castigating elements of modern capitalism.

Now he calls the pontiff's 50,000-word statement calling for church reforms 'pure Marxism', and said he thinks it's sad how wrong' Pope Francis is ... Limbaugh took to the airwaves last week, the day after Francis released the 'Evangelii Gaudium' ('The Joy of the Gospel'), to take aim at the Pope's economic views and to chastise him as being 'dramatically, embarrassingly, puzzlingly wrong'."

What were some of the specific points that Limbaugh made against the economic beliefs of the Pope?

* "In 'Evangelii', Francis warns the 'idolatry of money' will lead to a 'new tyranny'." Of course, this kind of statement would offend Rush Limbagh, as he has openly bragged about how wealthy and politicly powerful he is.

* The Pope "also said trickle-down economics 'expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power' ... "

* "This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the Pope." (Limbaugh)

Perhaps Rush Limbaugh does not realize that the French Masonic Illuminati created Communism from 1846-1848 and then paid a Black Magick Satanist, Karl Marx, to allow them to publish the "Communist Manifesto" in his name.

This teaching is crucial to understanding the true nature of the Global Elite which we face and to comprehend how thoroughly deceived we have all been, all these many years. Several writers have claimed that Marx did not actually write the Communist Manifesto; rather, it was ghostwritten by men who were Illuminists. One of these authors was Piere Compton, who wrote in his book, "In 1846, there was a feeling of change in the air, a change that would extend beyond the boundaries of the Church and transform many facets of existence....Two years later a highly select body of secret initiates who called themselves the League of Twelve Just Men of the Illuminati, financed Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto..." ("The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican" by Piers Compton Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981, p.16).

We examine this shocking claim in our Seminar 2, "America Determines The Flow of History", expanding our research far beyond the narrow confines of this quote from Piers Compton. We discover that Compton was correct, but that he did not go far enough in reporting the reality that Illuminized Freemasonry deliberate created Communism to be the "Antithesis" power to the Western Thesis (America, Great Britain, Europe).

Since the Illuminati deliberately created Communism, why would we be surprised if many of today's leaders espouse views which sound very much like Marxism?

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