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---------- Inspiration For the Week -- "Behold, the Lamb of God, Who taketh away the sins of the world"

"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." [Isaiah 53:3-5]

"Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief ... by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities ... he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors." [Isaiah 53:10-12]

"... about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, 'Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?' that is to say, 'My God, my God', why hast thou forsaken me?" [Matt 27:46]

---------- Monthly Outreach Report ---------- "A sower went out to sow his seed" [Luke 8:5] - Parable of the Sower of the Gospel Seed

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---------- Resource Update ---------- Presenting the video delayed when both Cutting Edge wives were stricken down in one day!

* Megiddo: The March to Armageddon - Video - First in a planned series of five (5) videos. In late November, 2002, our webmaster and I were planning to film our portion of this 5-video series. On the day before our filming, his wife, , was suddenly rushed to the hospital, suffering from a very strange internal bleeding; hours later, my wife, Mary, nearly collapsed from an unexplained neurological attack that paralyzed her entire left side from her waist downward. Little did we know that, in the previous week, the wife of the director of Adullum Films was also felled by an unexplainable ailment. Many, many of you emailed us with your kind words of encouragement, for which we shall always be thankful. However, many of you told us that, when this video was released, to let you know. That video is here, Part 1 of 5.

Speakers are: Dave Hunt, David Bay, T.A. McMahon, Joe Schimmel, Lynn Marzulli, Caryl Matrisciana, William T. Still

This video explores Bible prophecy and the coming last day empire. It features unique never-before-seen interviews, historical film footage, hundreds of support graphics, original 3D animation, and a powerful musical score. § State-of-the-art 3D animation graphics that provide visual aid for: 1)Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an image representing four Gentile world empires; 2) The fourth beast of Daniel’s prophecy; 3) The seven headed beast of Revelation 13; 4) Mystery Babylon the Great; 5) Antichrist; 6) 10 Kings of Rev 17; 7) The False Prophet; Run Time is two hours, 15 minutes -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=647

* Matrix of Evil - Newest Alex Jones Video - The final police state patterned after Hitler's Nazi Germany is nearly here! The Illuminati has gotten complete control of every segment of our society through their Dialectic Struggle of "Disaster - Propose Solution" formula. Contains footage from speeches and conversations with Alex Jones, Congressman Ron Paul, Colonel Craig Roberts, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales. Expert analyses of the USA Patriot Act and the latest police state developments. The latest revelations concerning cashless society control grid, satellite tracking, cellphone tracking, DARPA surveillance, the end of Posse Comitatus, the federalization of local police and governments. This film is full of documents and archival news clips. Runtime over two hours. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=648

* The Privacy War - Book - One Congressman and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover clash bitterly over the Fourth Amendment. Unfortunately, the FBI won, and our personal privacy has never been secure since. This book demonstrates how vulnerable our civil liberties are when too much power is concentrated in the hands of too few officials. Congressman Neil Gallagher dared challenge Hoover over the secret and devastating war the FBI was mounting against the unsuspecting individual citizen. Hoover was building a monstrous National Security Apparatus that Bush and Ashcroft are taking to new heights. In light of our current drive to end all freedoms, and liberties, this book is a must-read. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=649

* Islamic Jesus vs Biblical Jesus - Video - While President Bush is declaring that Islam and Christianity worship and serve the same God, this video is so valuable to open people's eyes to the truth. James Sundquist, gives over 20 scriptural reasons why they are not the same Jesus. He explains in detail: The Jesus discussed in the Koran & Haddith Scriptures. What Islamic Jesus says he will do when he returns to the earth. Is Islam a religion of peace? Is the Biblical Jesus the same Jesus as depicted in Muslim Scriptures? Is Islamic Jesus the Prince of Peace or another masquerade of the Prince of Darkness? 60 minutes. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=646

* Fraud and Corruption in American Courts - Video Tape - by Representative Charles Key - Are you sick and tired of our Judiciary writing laws by their edicts? Our courts threw God out of our schools, legalized Abortion, and Sodomy, to mention just a few instances. Have you ever wondered how our courts could take such lawmaking authority away from Congress? Research conducted by former Representative Charles Key, who was Founder and Director of the Oklahoma Bombing Committee, and Former State Representative for the State of Oklahoma for 12 years. Charles promoted and passed Legislation that reformed the Oklahoma Court system. He served ten years in the fully informed Jury Association. He discusses how public officials violate the Constitution, their Oath of Office, and the Law; how they collaborate between the American Bar and the American Courts; how unlawful and incorrect jury instructions are controlling the outcome of the verdict. He says the jury selection methods pre-select those who will deliver the verdict that moves us toward a globalist totalitarian controlled society that works together for World Government. He discusses the International Criminal Court. Almost 3 hours of video! http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=644

* The True Birthdate of Jesus - Book - We are getting back in-stock this week! While Bible scholars have debated vigorously over the true birthdate of history, Dr. McLain approaches the subject from the viewpoint of a scholar well-versed in the Gospel account. You will be excited to learn the facts as he has so unexpectedly uncovered them. However, this short study ends exactly in the spot it is supposed to end: the prophetic significance of Jesus' birth. The really exciting fact is that the same prophetic events which surrounded Jesus' First Advent are once again coming into focus, heralding the Second Coming of our Dear Lord! This short book is truly faith-building! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=643

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. The United Nations is acting, talking, and making pronouncements as the only sovereign government in the world! In NEWSn1854, we reported that President Bush had carried out a protracted, visible "Dialectic Struggle" with the United Nations over the Iraqi invasion. Bush said the threat from Saddam's WMD was so grave that we need to attack in order to prevent a greater tragedy; the United Nations collectively disagreed, stating that the evidence simply was not present that backed Bush's assertions. In the end, Bush and Blair ordered their military to attack Iraq, based upon their authority as National Sovereigns.

Now that the Iraq attack is increasingly being seen as a disaster, the "wise, prudent" advice of the UN is becoming recognized throughout the world as the proper course of action; conversely, the peoples of the world are coming to view Bush and Blair as imprudent "American Wild West Cowboys" who shoot first and ask questions later. Sovereignty is increasingly being viewed as being too important to leave up to individual rulers. In the opposite direction, the view that the collective leadership will always be right and will always be benevolent is gaining strength.

As this process gains momentum, we should expect to see the United Nations acting more like a government; remember that a government has three functions, which in our Constitutional system are divided into three distinct branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial. However, in a dictatorship, these three functions are concentrated into the person of one man, with little to no regard for the maintenance of individual liberties and rights.

Let us now examine the ways in which the United Nations was acting last week as a global sovereign.

A. Secretary General Annan enunciated a new global vision. (Story carried in Daily News Updates for 12/4)

NEWS BRIEF: "Kofi A. Annan: Defining a new role for the United Nations", I.H.T., December 4, 2003.

"We have come to a decisive moment in history ... We need to look again at the machinery of international relations ... How can we best protect ourselves against international terrorism and halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction? When is the use of force permissible - and who should decide? Does it have to be each state for itself, or will we be safer working together? Is "preventive war" sometimes justified, or is it simply aggression under another name? And, in a world that has become "unipolar," what role should the United Nations play?

Note the instances in this paragraph which unmistakably imply that a sovereign authority is speaking:

* "When is the use of force permissible?"

* "Who should decide?"

* "Does it have to be each state for itself, or will we be safer working together?" In the above news article, I predicted that Bush's Iraq fiasco would develop into a new and much stronger United Nations, one capable of intervening in the internal affairs of a formerly sovereign state. In many occasions in past history, great changes have come out of calamitous disasters. If Iraq proved to be such a disaster, the peoples of the world might just demand the United Nations take sovereign authority away from all individual nation-states.

* "... in a world that has become 'unipolar' " -- This statement is shocking because no one has heretofore declared that the globe is unipolar! Always, the world has been seen as a rough and contentious place in which individual nations exercised their own sovereignty, each looking out for its own interests and the interests of its people. Until the Illuminati intervened with its planned World Wars I and II [NEWS1869 for the planned three world wars], the world had seen some very large and bloody regional wars, but never a global war. As the "Illumined" leaders drove the world toward the entrance to the Kingdom of their Christ (Antichrist), the world spilled blood on an unprecedented scale; yet, each "Illumined" leader told his people that the wars were the result of an exercise in national sovereignty and that, if the time ever came when a global United Nations ever seized the sovereignty from individual nations, the world would at last know peace.

* "Is state sovereignty an absolute and immutable principle, or does our understanding of it need to evolve?" This statement very thinly disguises the true objective of this entire scripted scenario. The implied answer is that, yes, our understanding of "state sovereignty" needs to evolve, to the point where the only sovereignty resides within the UN.

* "These questions go to the heart of international peace and security."

Thus, as Bush's Iraq war continues to be viewed by people in the world as a fiasco, the United Nations takes on greater luster. Thus Kofi Annan sought to declare a new vision for the world, with the United Nations in command of sovereignty. Since we know the UN was expressly created to be the global government of which the Antichrist will take control, we are under no illusion of the utopian scenes painted for us by the proponents of an all-powerful, all-sovereign United Nations. As Annan and others promise that only the UN can bring about "Peace and Safety", we are reminded of a couple of prophecies:

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." [1 Thess 5:3]

"And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many..." [Dan 8:25]

NEWS BRIEF: "Blix: New 'objective' WMD panel", news24.com, 12/3/2003. Carried in Daily News Updates, 12/3.

"Moscow - Former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix ... is to head a new UN commission to deal with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) worldwide ... he was forming the commission to look into WMD-related issues "in Iran, Iraq, North Korea, in the whole world."

Wow! The United Nations is setting up a new commission to "deal with" weapons of mass destruction all over the globe. Notice he did not say this new commission would inspect selected countries to see if they had WMD, as it did with Iraq's permission during the decade of the 1990's and during the year preceding the invasion. No, this commission is going to "deal with" the problem worldwide, thus strongly implying that it will be operating with a newly found authority!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hateful words a war crime" Washington Post, 12/4/2003, carried in Daily News Updates 12/5.

"NEW YORK — With a trio of guilty verdicts yesterday, the U.N. tribunal for Rwanda has established that men armed only with words can commit genocide ... a case that will set a precedent for the new International Criminal Court ... The "media trials" marked the first time since Nuremberg that hate speech has been prosecuted as a war crime."

Free Speech has always been protected in American Jurisprudence because of our Constitutional guarantees; however, once America fully submits to the sovereign authority of the United Nations, the global agenda will quickly, immediately, override American law. During the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in late June legalizing Sodomy, the majority justice brief stated that they made this decision largely based upon international law and precedent, rather than just upon US law and Constitution [Read NEWS1836 and NEWS1858 for a full report].

The problem with a definition of any sort is that it is always based upon the prevailing religious viewpoint of the authorities creating the definition. American definitions of legal terms has long been based upon Judeo-Christian values; however, China has based her definitions upon Buddhism or Communism, while India has based her defintions upon Hinduism, etc. In this evolving world, the religious definition has been one of tolerance, a belief that every religion possesses truth, while none of them possesses unique truth. Therefore, all ideas and practices are to be tolerated. According to this definition, any authoritative religious statement cannot be tolerated, especially one coming from the Bible! Thus, whenever a Christian states a belief based upon the Bible, he is guilty of a hate crime!

Thus, I view this development by the UN court with grave misgivings, because it does set a precedent whereby a later World Court -- working in conjunction with the United Nations -- can rule that any speech throughout the world can be labeled "Hate Speech" if the court so desires. We are truly living in increasingly perilous times, as the noose continues to tighten.

II. President Bush continues to promote pagan religions. Causing dismay once again amongst his Christian apologists, President Bush hosted a Hindu celebration within the White House. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "A Historic moment at The White House: Association of Indians in America News Release on the occasion of the festival of Diwali at the White House", Khazana, October 23, 2003, Carried In Daily News Updates 12/5. http://www.khazana.com

"Today marked an historic time for Hindus in the United States as well as around the world. The White House celebrated its first ever Diwali event ... In an ceremony rich with tradition, a 'dipak' (lamp) was lighted by Mr. Karl Rove, Special Advisor to President George W. Bush, in front of the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi to invoke their blessings during this age-old Festival of Lights celebration."

While Bush was in Pearl Harbor at this time, Rove left no doubt that the president approved of this religious ceremony when he stated: "I just spoke with the President who called from Pearl Harbor; he sends his Diwali greetings to you and to the Hindu community worldwide.' He added, 'The President would have been here today, had it not been for his trip to Asia and Australia'."

The leaders of Indian Hinduism were understandably ecstatic:

""There were at least two very significant items; the event was held at The White House within six weeks of the request to the President and representatives from all major Indian organizations were present at the event including Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Christians ... "President Bush deserves our sincere ´gratitude´ for creating history by opening the door of The White House for a Hindu ceremony..." [Dr. Piyush C. Agrawal, National President of the Association of Indians in America]

Can you imagine this blasphemy? A "christian" President actually approved of a pagan ceremony in the White House intended to invoke the blessings of a Hindu god and goddess! Further, he apologized for not being there in person! Dr. Agrawal was right: Bush did open a door when he approved of this ceremony, but it was the door creaking open to a formerly forbidden practice in formerly christian America! A demonic door just opened in the White House!

What affront this is to a holy, pure Jesus Christ Who warned emphatically:

"I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." [John 14:6]
"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." [Rev 18:4]

The Apostle John, writing under the power of the Holy Spirit, took matters a bit further than just separating from unbelievers and their deeds. Listen:

"If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds." [2 John 1:10-11]

Thus, we are not to give any validity or encouragement to unbelievers, nor are we even to wish them well, for that would make us a "partaker of his evil deeds." Thus, when Bush approved of this pagan religious service, he became a partaker of the Hindu rites, soiling Jesus' in the process. In last week's newsletter, we noted that Bush apologist, the President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Commission, attempted to downplay the significance of Bush's declaration that Islam and Christianity worshipped the same god, by stating, that Bush "is Commander-in-Chief, not theologian-in-chief".

How would he defend this Hindu religious rite within the White House? At this point, we are reminded of a similar incident in Japan recently:

NEWS BRIEF: "President Bush and Mrs. Bush worship at Shinto Shrine", by Dr. Morey author of the Islamic Invasion, http://www.cephasministry.com/nwo_bush_goes_to_shinto_worship.html

"American Christians were both grieved and shocked when President Bush, professing Christian, went to a Mosque and joined in prayer with the Muslims to the “Universal God.” President Bush evidently assumes that all religions worship the same “Universal God” under different names ... President Bush and his wife have now managed to alienate the Japanese and Korean Christian communities by going to a Shinto shrine and worshipping the demon spirit in the shrine. They both bowed to the demon and clapped their hands to awaken him. Then they signed the book of those who have worshipped the demon spirit who inhabits the Shrine ... Japanese Christian leaders confirm that the Bushes engaged in pagan worship and not just a show of respect."

Thus, we shall have to add these two incidents of President Bush engaging in or promoting evil pagan religions to our table listing his "Bad Fruits vs Good Fruits".

Genuine Christian, when oh when are you going to wake up from your spiritual stupor, realizing that the terribly evil fruits perpetrated by President Bush add up to the firm conclusion that he cannot actually be a genuine Christian?

III. Some sort of land-division plan is taking firm shape within Israel, as events of this past week demonstrate. In earlier newsletters, we postulated several possibilities that seem to be in the process of occurring:

A. One cannot dismiss the Geneva Accords because they seem akin to an Israeli attempt at committing national suicide. There was much too much Illuminati muscle behind this accord.

B. Even though the official line of the Sharon Government is set against this agreement, it is possible that Sharon might suddenly reverse position and support Geneva Accords after all. He has certainly reversed his position 180° in the past, most recently in sudden support of a Palestinian State, as explained in NEWS1817.

C. We wondered if the insanity of the Geneva Accords was introduced at this moment in Israel's history in order to so frighten the Jewish citizen that he would support the state-sponsored plan called the Road Map.

In this past week, we saw firm indications that all three of these "possibilities" are in the process of being worked out.

Illuminati Muscle Behind Geneva Accords

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush: Geneva is 'productive'," The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 5, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/5.

"WASHINGTON – US President George W. Bush expressed tentative, conditional support for the Geneva Accord Thursday, saying the ad-hoc peace plan could be productive if the Palestinians fought terror and were working toward a democratic and free state."

Another article on this same day reiterated that Bush is still working on the Road Map, but views the Geneva Accords as "productive" in moving the parties in the direction of the official Road Map.

NEWS BRIEF: "Geneva Agreement not to repeat road map fate: Russia supports Geneva", Pravda News, 12/6/03, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/6.

"The Geneva Agreement has demonstrated that Palestinians and Israelis are capable of finding mutually acceptable solutions of difficult problems and can look for a reasonable alternative to confrontation, Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Alexander Yakovenko said ... The diplomat expressed hope that this agreement would help in restoring mutual trust and moving on to reaching a historic compromise between Palestinians and Israelis ... letter in support for the Geneva Agreement has been signed by 58 former presidents and political leaders in various countries."

Now, that is a lot of Illuminati muscle!

NEWS BRIEF: "Annan, Powell praise Geneva proposal", ABC NewsOnLine, December 6, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/6.

"Both United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and United States Secretary of State Colin Powell said the official Middle East road map should remain the key blueprint for peace in the region. The announcements came after separate meetings with leaders of an unofficial alternative plan opposed by Israel. Mr Annan said he was encouraged after talks at UN headquarters with former Israeli justice minister Yossi Beilin and former Palestinian information minister Yasser Abed Rabbo. 'A major part of the Geneva Accords importance comes from the hope of future reconciliation and peace that it brings to both Israelis and Palestinians,' Mr Annan's spokesman Fred Eckhard said."

Then, a most shocking story occurred that just might be the first hint of a Sharon policy reversal that might lead to acceptance of the Geneva Accords!

Sharon's Vice Prime Minister Advocates Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal!

NEWS BRIEF: "Olmert Once Again Center of Storm", Artuz Sheva, 12/5/03, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/6.

"Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has taken yet another step to the left ... In short, the senior Likud government minister is calling for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from almost of all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Olmert ... explained his concern that the Palestinian Authority will never reach an agreement with Israel, and that the end result will be more terrorism and increasing demands for a bi-national state - 'which will mean that we have lost everything'. He said he prefers a Jewish state - i.e., one with a population that is 80% Jewish - on less land, and that this would mean uprooting almost all of the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza."

"The Yesha Council [of Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza] called this morning for Prime Minister Sharon to immediately fire Olmert, saying his words are dangerous. Such a dismissal is unlikely to happen, however, as not only is Olmert Sharon's political ally, but Sharon himself has spoken of 'painful concessions' and a Palestinian state on many occasions."

Exactly! Vice Prime Minister Olmert stated publicly what Sharon cannot not yet proclaim, i.e., that Israel must take "painful concessions" in order to establish a Palestinian State that will immediately start to use state resources to attempt to destroy the smaller Israel! Yet, the very fact that Sharon's deputy would make such a public statement now, at the same time that the Road Map and Geneva Accords are being openly signed and debated may mean that the time for Sharon's abrupt turnaround on this issue is not far off.

For a discussion on the indefensible borders and territory that the Geneva Accords will create, read NEWS1864.

For their part, the Palestinians are doing their best to appear non-threatening and peaceful. Key regional leaders are in Cairo, Egypt, to reach a new "ceasefire".

NEWS BRIEF: ""Hudna" Ceasefire Agreement Expected by Early Next Week", Arutz Sheva, December 5, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/5.

"The talks between over a dozen terrorist organizations and the Palestinian Authority continue in Cairo today, with the stated goal of reaching a 'hudna'. Islam permits this type of ceasefire as a temporary cessation of hostilities until one side feels that it is strong enough to resume the fight. The Israeli Government has never been an advocate of such an arrangement, in the knowledge that it will be used to strengthen the terrorist organizations and enable them to prepare for a renewed attack against Israel."

While there is no official indication that the Sharon government will accept such a transparent "ceasefire" that would play into the hands of those Israeli and Palestinian politicians who are trying to foist this Geneva Agreement upon the Israeli people, the public display of the Palestinians wishing for peace is invaluable to the whole process. Sharon may even look "warlike" and "aggressive" should he attempt to explain why he is not accepting a Palestinian offer for "peace".

Such a "peace" would truly be the peace of the grave, if the Palestinians get their way. Nevertheless, that seems to be the path upon which Israel is trodding.

Are we getting close to the time when the Jews will feel so threatened they will turn to a Messiah? Stay tuned, for events are going to prove interesting.

IV. The Iraq occupation seems to be continuing its downhill slide for Coalition Forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq duty strains American Army to danger point", by Esther Schrader, Los Angeles Times, reprinted by azcentral.com, December 6, 2003, carried in Daily News Update, 12/6.

"WASHINGTON - Its equipment and troops battered from fighting in Iraq, the Army will allow four divisions returning from combat duty to fall to readiness levels that would make them not fully combat ready for up to six months, an Army official said Friday. The divisions, which together make up more than 100,000 soldiers, 40 percent of the army's combat troops, are reeling from yearlong deployments fighting a war, then a counterinsurgency that has wreaked havoc with everything from tank treads to helicopter rotors to nerves. By permitting the units to drop their guard and recharge, the Pentagon is taking a calculated risk that it won't be forced to fight a war with a major adversary such as North Korea on short notice. Not since the all-volunteer military began in 1973 has the army allowed so many units to fall to such low readiness levels."

We have stated on many occasions that the planned result of the three conflicts in the Third World War seemed to be that American forces are strained to the point of cracking. Therefore, not only will we fail when war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula and when China invades Taiwan [NEWS1282], we will not have sufficient local and state police forces, nor National Guard forces, to restore order to numerous American cities in full riot. At this point, the US will have no choice but to call upon the United Nations for help, which the UN will gladly do as it sends in foreign soldiers. Read NEWS1328 for discussion on foreign troops patrolling all nations, including the United States].

With North Korea possessing nuclear weapons and threatening to use them [NEWS1780 and NEWS1781], her leaders must take great comfort in this knowledge now made public, that we will have trouble next year meeting a military threat on the Korean Peninsula. Of course, President Bush may take the action to remedy this problem by instituting a general draft [Read Berit Kjos, db034, "The Draft Is Back"]. That action would likely doom Bush's reelection bid, and would cause many people to wonder how we can outfit and equip several million new recruits, but such an action may be inevitable should North Korea attack.

NEWS BRIEF: "How an American war hero is taking his battle over Iraq to Washington", by Andrew Buncombe in Washington, independent.co.uk, 05 December 2003, carried in Daily News Updates 12/6.

"The left leg of retired Colonel David Hackworth still carries a bullet that he picked up while fighting in the Vietnam War. Wounded a total of eight times, he claims to be America's most highly decorated soldier, his chest weighed down by honours such as eight Purple Hearts, nine Silver Stars and eight Bronze Stars ... It is not just his outspoken comments and personal invective that have established the swaggering retired soldier as a persistent thorn in the side of the Pentagon. It is also because he acts as a lightening rod for the complaints and criticisms of soldiers on the ground, for the lowly grunts and GIs whose comments would otherwise go largely unheard.

"He says he receives up to 2,000 such messages a week from troops whose anonymity he scrupulously protects ... Col Hackworth this week received an email from a "combat leader" involved in the firefight in the city of Samarra in which US forces claimed to have killed 54 attackers. Local people insisted that only eight people, mostly civilians, had been killed.

In his email to Colonel Hackworth, who he has known for eight years, the soldier with the 4th Infantry Division wrote of Sunday's incident: 'Hack, most of the casualties were civilians, not insurgents or criminals as being reported ... We are probably turning many Iraqi against us and I am afraid instead of climbing out of the hole, we are digging ourselves in deeper."

Almost daily now, we are seeing reports hinting that American soldiers are increasingly turning to killing civilians, much as we did in Vietnam when we realized that we could not tell the difference between legitimate civilians and civilians that were just waiting to get close enough to kill our soldiers. In Iraq, we are apparently shooting indiscriminately more and more as our soldiers come under increasing fire. The parallels to Iraq and Vietnam seem to be growing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Skin lesions afflict troops in Iraq Might not show signs for 6 months", By Anita Manning, USA Today, December 6, 2003, carried by Daily News Updates, 12/6.

"Nearly 150 U.S. soldiers in Iraq have been diagnosed with a parasitic skin disease, and hundreds more could unknowingly be infected, doctors will report today. Doctors fear that soldiers returning from the front might consult doctors in the USA who have never seen the disease. Complicating matters: It has an incubation period of six months, on average, so a person infected in September may not show symptoms until March. Also, the best drug to treat it is not licensed in the USA."

Medical news out of Iraq continues to be confusing and contradictory. Soldiers are suffering from apparent heart attacks, heat strokes, pneumonia, brain and rectal cancer, suicide, organs that suddenly shut down and fail, and other "mysterious" maladies. Since these symptoms are so varied, no official medical office seems able to arrive at a single cause, if a single cause exists.


In May, 2003, we issued a report from a medical officer serving in a foreign army. This report seems to be the "single cause" linking all these maladies together. We encourage you to read this report; here, we shall just hit the highlights.

"The body of every soldier in Iraq is now being assaulted by the following elements:
1. Searing heat between 120-150° - This tremendous heat will not relent until mid-October
2. Local biting insects that deliver a toxic pathogen with which the native Iraqis have to contend daily
3. A cocktail of vaccines that were administered prior to landing in Iraq. As in Gulf War I, these vaccines are highly toxic
4. Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the air, in the water in some areas, and in the dust everywhere. As Amy Worthington states in her article in The Idaho Observer, 'The US and British troops are the walking dead.'
5. Unknown and unpredictable mutations of physical maladies caused by the above combination of toxic elements

"In the daily campaign in Iraq, soldiers are breathing in the toxic Depleted Uranium, and many of them are being constantly bitten by the local insects. These two elements join the toxic vaccine already in the body. Because of the unrelenting, searing heat, nearly every soldier is dehydrated to some degree, thus allowing this deadly combination of toxins to build up to dangerously concentrated levels. Further, this doctor related how American scientists keeping watch over the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific islands at which France and the United States conducted nuclear tests several decades ago, are constantly finding mutated organisms that have never been identified before! Uranium poisoning in our soldiers is very likely mutating with these other elements to create strange and deadly organisms for which the soldiers have not been prepared to face.


"The way in which these five elements combine to make the solider sick, or to kill him, will vary widely with each soldier. The age of the soldier plays a part, as does the individual genetic code, as does the health of the immune system. Thus, soldiers will be getting sick at various points along the time spectrum. Further, the exact cause of death will vary so widely that it will be difficult to prove any single cause. Some soldiers will die of pneumonia, some of internal organ meltdown, some of apparent heart attack, and some will die of maladies perhaps not yet seen in medical science."

We believe this combination of deadly toxins, plus the intense heat which caused the toxins to build up in concentrations within the body, is the cause for virtually all of these various maladies of which our men are succumbing. Furthermore, a story appeared recently which stated that American total casualties are far, far more than official Washington has admitted. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Toll on U.S. troops in Iraq grows as wounded rolls approach 10,000", by Roger Roy, The Orlando Sentinel, November 28, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates 12/2.

"ORLANDO, Fla. - (KRT) - Nearly 10,000 U.S. troops have been killed, wounded, injured or become ill enough to require evacuation from Iraq since the war began, the equivalent of almost one Army division, according to the Pentagon. Unlike the more than 2,800 American fighting men and women logged by the Defense Department as killed and wounded by weapons in Iraq, the numbers of injured and sick have been more difficult to track, leading critics to accuse the military of under-reporting casualty numbers ... But the latest figures show that 9,675 U.S. troops have been killed, wounded, injured such as in accidents, or become sick enough to require airlifting out of Iraq.

"I don't think even that is the whole story," said Nancy Lessin of Boston, the mother of an Iraq war veteran and co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, a group opposed to the war in Iraq ... "We really think there's an effort to hide the true cost in life, limb and the mental health of our soldiers," Lessin said. "There's a larger picture here of really trying to hide and obfuscate what's going on, and the wounded and injured are part of it."

We concur, as does our medical doctor serving in a foreign army. How much longer can the Pentagon keep the increasingly debilitating effects of Depleted Uranium, plus toxic vaccinations, plus toxic local biting insects, all aggravated by fighting a guerilla war in the intense heat, hidden from the American public. Further, how much longer before the inevitable "scuttlebutt" gossip that flies quickly through an American fighting force, begins as soldiers talk among themselves that too many of them are ill from a malady no one can identify? That kind of gossip can quickly erode the fighting efficiency of an army.

V. A collapse in the government in the country of Georgia is beginning to have larger implications.

NEWS BRIEF: "Incumbent wins Georgian election", ABC News, November 21, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates, 11/21.

"In Georgia, President Eduard Shevardnadze's party has been confirmed the winner of recent parliamentary elections. The poll has been marred by allegations of vote rigging and weeks of protest in the former Soviet republic ... the opposition leader, buoyed by support from the US State department which says the result reflects massive vote fraud, says his party won't join the parliament. There have been daily demonstrations in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi since the poll and President Shevardnadze has stationed troops around the city warning that Georgia could fall for civil war as it did in the early 1990s."

NEWS BRIEF: "Georgia in turmoil after attempted coup", by Elizabeth Piper, iol.co.za, November 23 2003

"Tbilisi - Georgia's defence minister said on Sunday that he had no orders from President Shevardnadze to use force to suppress the opposition's 'velvet revolution', but the army was ready to stop a political crisis from escalating. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, who flew into Tbilisi overnight ... to try to broker a solution after protesters stormed parliament on Saturday and drove the veteran leader to his residence. Opposition leader Nino Burdzhanadze, who declared on Saturday she was taking on the functions of the president, said compromise talks were possible but called for new elections."

NEWS BRIEF: "Shevardnadze says he will stay in Georgia", TimesOnline, November 24, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates 11/24.

"Eduard Shevardnadze, the recently ousted President of Georgia, today sought to end speculation that he would go into exile in Germany by insisting that he would not leave his homeland."

NEWS BRIEF: "Georgia's Interim President: Economic Collapse Imminent", VOA News, November 25, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates 11/26.

"Georgia's new, interim president says the former Soviet Republic is on the verge economic collapse ... the country's economic situation is worse than previously thought. She said radical measures are needed and the government plans to seek help from the international community."

At this point, I really gave this turmoil very little thought; however, that changed when I received a phone call from my source in Russia after Thanksgiving. He said that the Russians were behind the government collapse in Georgia and were planning to split the country into several smaller states which would be easily manipulated and controlled by Russia.

If you look at the map of Georgia, above, you will see that, if Russia plans to move her forces into the Middle East in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, they need to control Georgia, for it is through that country they will have to move military forces. Since the United States and Israel have effectively established a pragmatic control over the Middle Eastern region, it seemed reasonable to me that a tight Russian hegemony over Georgia might be something the United States would not like to see occur.

Surely enough, less than two weeks later, the United States is taking action.

NEWS BRIEF: "USA will send military contingent to Georgia", Pravda News, December 6, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates 12/6.

According to unofficial information, Donald Rumsfeld in his visit to Georgia discussed expansion of the American military contingent in Georgia with the country"s political leaders. The discussion was about mobile military groups and a new regional security scheme ... Rumsfeld in his turn said this: 'We wait from Georgia political, economical and military reforms, which would make it closer to Western standards'."

We shall have to wait to see how this plays out, but based upon Ezekiel 38-39, we expect that Russia shall win the hegemony battle and control the critically important Georgia.

VI. The Michael Jackson sordid legal case continues to make news and may represent the final steps toward public acceptance of gay pedophilia!

NEWS BRIEF: "Report: Cops Lifted Love Letters From Neverland", by Fox News, November 23, 2003

"LOS ANGELES — Police seized a dozen explicit love letters and poems allegedly written by pop icon Michael Jackson to the young boy accusing him of molestation, according to several international newspaper reports ... Fox News has learned of a number of reports claiming that about 12 love letters and some poems were taken from Jackson's Neverland Ranch (search) during Tuesday's raid, which stemmed from allegations of child sexual abuse."

When this story broke, I felt like the police finally had the information they needed to prove child molestation charges against Michael Jackson. However, progress in the case continued slowly. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Absence of Formal Charges Against Michael Jackson May Point to a Weakening of the Case", The New York Times, December 4, 2003

"LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3 — Two weeks after the arrest of Michael Jackson on felony child molesting charges, the case against him may have hit some snags. The Santa Barbara County district attorney, Thomas W. Sneddon Jr., has twice delayed filing formal charges against Mr. Jackson, who was showily arrested, booked and set free on $3 million bail on Nov. 20. Mr. Sneddon now says the charges will be made public the week of Dec. 15. Veteran prosecutors say that such a delay is unusual, though not unprecedented, and does not necessarily indicate problems with the case."

So, does Jackson walk free once more? Once I read this report, I was convinced that Satan was using this story to break through to Steps 5 and 6 of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, a system that invisibly, gradually changes attitudes and values of an entire population without that population being the least aware they had been manipulated in the first place!

In this case, the objective is to finally get people in America today to accept gay pedophilia! After decades of carrying this message in pornography and X-rated videos and in many alternative newspapers and magazines, is the time now right to finally break through to the final stages? In this 4-part series, we not only talk about Michael Jackson and his gay pedophilia, we demonstrate how this truly effective system of values change is being widely used in Western Society on a daily basis. We have listed the articles below, and encourage you to read them.

VII. China really began to threaten Taiwan this week, leading one to conclude that military action might be inevitable, after all, just as Cutting Edge has been reporting for four years.

NEWS BRIEF: "Taiwan's president threatens sovereignty vote", AP, NOVEMBER 30, 2003, The Times of India.

"TAIPEI : Taiwan 's leader on Saturday warned that he might use a new referendum law to call a vote on Taiwan 's "sovereignty" during the March presidential election, a move that might seriously test China 's longtime threat to attack if the island seeks a permanent split with the mainland."

China has repeatedly warned that any true referendum that would state Taiwan's intentions of remaining forever a country independent of China would provoke an attack. Listen to China's response:

NEWS BRIEF: "Chinese military ready for 'necessary' casualties over Taiwan", Yahoo News, December 3, 2003.

"Senior Chinese military officers warned Taiwan it was staring into the abyss of war and the mainland was ready for "necessary" casualties if the island pursued its independence drive ... Two People's Liberation Army (PLA) officers quoted by the magazine said Chen would be held responsible if war breaks out and said separatists "will be treated the same way war criminals are dealt with elsewhere in the world".

"Chen has touched on the mainland's bottomline on the Taiwan question," said Luo Yuan, a senior colonel with the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences. He is actually playing with fire..."

China invading Taiwan is the planned third war in the planned World War III, the war out of whose ashes Antichrist will come striding. China has made all military preparations to invade, as we have reported in early newsletters. The question of when that attack will occur can be answered simply: after the Middle East has exploded into all-out Regional War.

Remember, the Illuminati promised China in 1952 that she would get Taiwan back [Read NEWS1282]

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------


Part 1 -- How low will we go? Tolerance of pedophilia looms as next the step in our national descent into moralistic hell, and the insidious Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan is the key; this Plan gradually, invisibly changes people's attitudes and values so they are changed without being aware of it!" - n1876.cfm

Part 2 -- We shall examine specific areas of our culture in which the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan is being used. You will be shocked how thoroughly we are being manipulated, daily! - n1876b.cfm

* "Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?" Part 1 - Berit Kjos, November 2003 - "There are some really good things and points that Rick Warren brings out. But they always seems to be mixed with so many confusing and theologically weak points that you go crazy trying to keep it all straight. There's a push to paint God as a smiley face in the sky - but you have to ignore His justice and anger! - db035.htm


"Love is strong as death." Song 8:6—Morning and Evening Devotions

Whose love can this be which is as mighty as the conqueror of monarchs, the destroyer of the human race? Would it not sound like satire if it were applied to my poor, weak, and scarcely living love to Jesus my Lord? I do love Him, and perhaps by His grace, I could even die for Him, but as for my love in itself, it can scarcely endure a scoffing jest, much less a cruel death. Surely it is my Beloved's love which is here spoken of--the love of Jesus, the matchless lover of souls. His love was indeed stronger than the most terrible death, for it endured the trial of the cross triumphantly. It was a lingering death, but love survived the torment; a shameful death, but love despised the shame; a penal death, but love bore our iniquities; a forsaken, lonely death, from which the eternal Father hid His face, but love endured the curse, and gloried over all. Never such love, never such death. It was a desperate duel, but love bore the palm. What then, my heart? Hast thou no emotions excited within thee at the contemplation of such heavenly affection? Yes, my Lord, I long, I pant to feel Thy love flaming like a furnace within me. Come Thou Thyself and excite the ardour of my spirit.

"For every drop of crimson blood
Thus shed to make me live,
O wherefore, wherefore have not I
A thousand lives to give?"

Why should I despair of loving Jesus with a love as strong as death? He deserves it: I desire it. The martyrs felt such love, and they were but flesh and blood, then why not I? They mourned their weakness, and yet out of weakness were made strong. Grace gave them all their unflinching constancy--there is the same grace for me. Jesus, lover of my soul, shed abroad such love, even Thy love in my heart

Morning and Evening, C.H. Spurgeon, C.W. Tozer, CDROM Library

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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