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December 6, 2007


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. Tragedy strikes again in a public place as a teenage shooter strides into an Omaha, Nebraska, shopping mall, opens fire, kills at least 8 people, and then kills himself before authorities can apprehend him.

Please note that this shooter is likely mind controlled and not a terrorist. Several weeks ago, the FBI warned that terrorists might open fire during the Christmas season in a shopping mall. This shooter shows no signs of being a terrorist.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mall Shooter A Dropout With Criminal Past", CBS News, December 6, 2007

"A high school dropout with a criminal past, Robert A. Hawkins had struggled to overcome depression ... two weeks ago, he lost his girlfriend. A week later, it was his job. His friends worried he would regress ... police said it was Hawkins who went into an Omaha shopping mall on Wednesday and began a shooting rampage that killed eight people. It ended when he turned his high-powered rifle on himself."

We have stated on many occasions when a shooting like this occurs that when the shooter kills himself before authorities can apprehend him, that is usually a Mind Control "signature", alerting us to the fact that this gunman was specifically programmed to carry out this murderous rampage. Listen to New Age author, Bill Cooper, as we quote him in his book, above, "Behold A Pale Horse", published in 1991.

"In every instance that I have investigated -- the incident at the women's school in Canada, the shopping in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane -- the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were all on the drug Prozac. This drug, taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a posthypnotic suggestion or control ... and you get mass murder." [Page 225]

Then, Cooper noted that, always, the shooter is programmed to kill himself before being captured by authorities.


Quoting from an archived Headline News article, we read: "In an article entitled, 'Prozac Implicated In Oregon Shooting', written by Maureen Sileaf, of the Vigo Examiner, she makes this startling statement: "This particular drug has factored in almost all wild shooting sprees which have taken place in the last ten years." [; NEWS1278)

This quote should make us sit up and take notice, for the Illuminati Card Game has the card "Mass Murder", as we have depicted it, left. The Illuminati has decided that one of the actions they can take to overthrow the existing order (Old World Order) so it can be replaced by the New World Order is mass public murder. And, why not? People will begin to tire of this current order, without really knowing why, and will be much more amenable to a plan advocated by the Masonic Christ to abolish this old order so it can be replaced with the new.

Furthermore, to enhance this fatigue with the old order, Mass Media News is specifically designed to discourage you! Once I heard a doctor say this on TV about 25 years ago, I took his advice not to listen to the evening news just before I retired to bed; I felt much better and slept much more soundly!

As we return to Robert Hawkins, is there any information which would lead us to believe that, just perhaps, he was either under psychiatric care by some government agency and/or that he was taking mind-altering drugs? Let us return to our original CBS News story.

"Hawkins, 19, had been in trouble before. There was a felony drug conviction in March 2005 and the disorderly conduct charge seven months later. He was due in court later this month on charges he contributed to the delinquency of a minor ... Court records show that at least once he was termed a ward of the state, which legally removed him from his parents' custody ... Hawkins was not on any medication for mental illness, but he had been treated in the past for depression and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Maruca-Kovac said."

If Hawkins was sent to a psychiatric facility during the time he was a "ward of the state", he easily could have been started on a mind-altering drug like Prozac or Ritalin. Such government mental health facilities could also have started young Hawkins down the road to Mind Control.

This next article reveals that Hawkins was, indeed, being treated for depression.

NEWS BRIEF: "Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been 'Treated' For ADHD, Depression", by Mike Adams, News, December 6, 2007

"America seems shocked that, yet again, a young male would pick up an assault rifle and murder his fellow citizens, then take his own life. This is what happened last night in Omaha, Nebraska, where the 19-year-old Hawkins killed himself and eight other people with an assault rifle ... others who are familiar with the history of such violent acts by young males instantly recognize a more sinister connection: A history of treatment with psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD."

"The very next day, we published a report about the anti-depressant drug Paxil doubling the risk of violent behavior. (See ) In that article, I stated, 'This finding helps explain why school shootings are almost always conducted by children who are taking antidepressants. We also know that SSRIs cause children to disconnect from reality. When you combine that with a propensity for violence, you create a dangerous recipe for school shootings and other adolescent violence'."

"In April of this year, I also reported on the link between antidepressant drugs and the Virginia Tech shooting. See .... The people of Omaha may be surprised at what happened there yesterday, but I'm not. Why? Because the shooter, Robert Hawkins, had a history of being 'treated' for both depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). (Source: Associated Press) And what is the standard American psychiatric 'treatment' for these conditions? Mind-altering drugs, of course."

The rest of this article simply confirms Bill Cooper's findings published in 1991. It is easy to forget that public mass shootings have been a common occurrence for the past 20 some years. Mind Control is most easily carried out at the hands of a skilled psychiatrist once a person has been given mind-altering drugs.

Remember, the key final event which signifies that a public shooter is under Mind Control is that he takes his own life rather than being captured.


II. High oil prices over this past year have most definitely been orchestrated in order to force people to make life choices compatible with the Illuminati desire to see oil consumption drop dramatically.

You see, the Illuminati does not want to take control of the planet -- finally -- only to wake up to the realization that the supply of oil is going to last only for a very short time. Therefore, oil conservation is high on the list of the Global Elite, as they want people to make future decisions based upon a desire to not pay high oil prices. "Hitting someone in the wallet" is certainly a most effective way to modify his behavior.

This next article is most informative, as it shows people most anxious to modify their vehicle behavior!

NEWS BRIEF: "Smallest car, biggest market: Tiny smart cars, long a fixture in European cities, arrive in US next month", The Boston Globe, December 6, 2007

"There will be no fast and furious escapes in this vehicle. The smart for two ultra-compact's 71-horsepower engine makes it useless as a getaway car ... There has long been a buzz surrounding the 8-foot 8-inch smart car - about the length of a Harley-Davidson cruiser motorcycle. It is especially popular with commuters in Europe, who use it to navigate narrow city streets and squeeze into tight spaces.

Europeans have long struggled with exceedingly high gasoline prices, so it is not surprising that this new "ultra-compact" car originated in Europe. Since this car is manufactured by Daimler AG, the maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, quality will be high and comfort in driving it will be more than satisfactory.

Notice in this next segment that high gasoline prices have driven some Americans into a frenzy, anxious to buy this gas-efficient tiny car.

"Next month, smart cars are finally expected to go on sale in the United States. In anticipation, about 30,000 customers here already have put down $99 deposits. Others with less patience have paid as much as $39,000 for so-called gray-market European versions that have been converted to meet US safety and emissions standards, even though they will be sold here at three lower price levels. Starting prices are $11,590, $13,590, and $16,950 (for a convertible model)."

"There are plenty of reasons for the strong reactions. The 1,800 pound smart car is cute, it gets 40-plus miles per gallon from a one-liter engine, and it can be parked in the tightest of spaces."

This article then proceeds to list all the other reasons this car is going to be popular:

1) "... occupants of the two-seater ride higher than they do in most compact sedans, and there is a surprising amount of space in the hatched rear cargo area."

2) "The three-cylinder micro-car uses a five-speed automatic transmission (with manual option) to transmit power to its front wheels. That's good for winter driving, because it puts more weight over the driving wheels"

3) "Surprisingly, its highway prowess let it run in the high-speed lanes, where drivers often cruise, bumper-to-bumper, at 80 miles per hour."

The name which the American distributing company chose as they introduce this tiny car is revealing: The "Smart Car".

Americans are going to switch in significant numbers to this car because they are tired of paying these high gasoline prices. Other buyers will purchase hybrid cars while even more will just pay a lot more attention to gas mileage when making their decisions. Will gas guzzling vehicles begin to pile up at used car lots?

This kind of behavior modification is exactly what the Global Elite wanted to accomplish, which is why this "Smart Car" is being introduced at this moment, when gas retail prices are still hovering at the $3.00 per gallon level.


III. Intense fallout continues over President Bush's extreme "about-face" on Iran's nuclear program.

This first "Insight" article confirms several key elements which Cutting Edge has been teaching for the past four years.

NEWS BRIEF: "Smoking Gun Revelations Hidden Within The NIE 'Intelligence Revelations'", Insight Magazine, December 5, 2007

"Iran was believed to have received its first nuclear weapon after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1992. The first suggestion of Iranian nuclear acquisition was contained in an assessment by the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare in the early 1990s. In 2004, Iran launched a Shihab-3 ballistic missile with a North Korean-designed nuclear warhead casing."

"The sources said President Bush was warned as early as 2005 that North Korea transferred components and technology to assemble a plutonium-based nuclear warhead for the Shihab-3. They said the components were designed in Pakistan and enabled Iran to assemble several nuclear warheads ...The National Intelligence Estimate represents the consensus view of all 16 American spy agencies, led by the CIA."

Note that two very important elements are reported in this news segment, elements which Cutting Edge has been reporting for four years.

1) North Korea Connection -- Iran received its first nuclear weapon many years ago -- this report says that she received her first nuclear weapon in 1992 after the breakup of the old Soviet Union. This fact points directly to North Korea, since the old Soviet nuclear processing plants on North Korean soil passed immediately to the dictatorship in Pyongyang.

This early acquisition of nuclear weapons from the Soviet facilities located on North Korean soil is the reason President Clinton sent Former President Carter to Pyongyang in 1994 to try to persuade the leadership to abandon their nuclear program. Remember, North Korea did not have to develop her own program from scratch, because she inherited fully functioning nuclear plants when the Soviet Union dissolved! She has had nuclear warheads since 1992!

2) Pakistan Connection -- This article says only that warhead components were designed in Pakistan. Our study has convinced us that Iran bought nuclear warheads "off the shelf" from Pakistan and immediately incorporated them into their military machine.

Please take the few moments needed to read one of our Headline News articles on this most important subject -- NEWS2120, "NUCLEAR ARMED IRAN VS. AMERICA -- WHOM SHOULD THE WORLD FEAR?"

Finally, notice that the NIE is controlled by the CIA, an agency within the Executive Branch whose Director reports to the President and serves at his will. Therefore, it has to be true, that President Bush signed off on the NIE assessment before it was publicized.

This next article might surprise you, as it reveals that the Pentagon is extremely pleased with this new Intelligence Review report. Does that surprise you?

NEWS BRIEF: "Why the Pentagon Is Happy about the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate)", Time/CNN News, December 5, 2007

"The latest National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was the final factor in a military equation that now appears to guarantee that there will be no war with Iran during the Bush Administration. It meshes with the views of the operational types at the Pentagon, who have steadfastly resisted the march to war led by some Administration hawks. The anti-war group was composed of Defense Secretary Robert Gates; Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs; and Admiral William Fallon, who oversees the U.S. forces that would have had to wage that war. In recent months, all have pushed back privately and publicly, on the wisdom of going to war with Tehran. Indeed, the Pentagon's intelligence units were instrumental in forming the NIE's conclusions."

When Bush chose Defense Secretary Gates and Admiral Fallon for their present positions, Cutting Edge pointed out that these two men were already on public record as opposing a strike against Iran. At that time, we believed that their appointment to these extremely important positions was a "not-too-subtle" sign that President Bush did not really plan to attack Iran. As events have transpired, that understanding has proven correct.


In our News Alert of December 5, we noted that President Bush's incessant war rhetoric against Iran over the past four years has had the effect of forcing Iran into the Russian orbit.

Just weeks ago, Putin boldly stated that an attack on Iran would be considered as an attack on Russia. Therefore, Bush's incessant pressure against Iran has only served to push her deeply into the Russian orbit -- and that is fulfilling Bible prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39! As this DVD, above, so brilliantly demonstrates, "all prophesied nations are now in place" for the attack on Israel. President Bush has succeeded in helping set the stage for prophecy to be fulfilled.

This next news article shows how Russia is already starting to implement a new diplomatic and military push into the Middle East, in response to the NIE report.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia launches first naval power build-up in the Mediterranean in response to the US about-face on Iran", DEBKAfile Intelligence, December 5, 2007

"President Vladimir Putin and defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov decided to send a sortie of six Russian warships, led by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the Moskva guided missile cruiser, to the Mediterranean. This will be the first prolonged stay of a Russian carrier to the eastern Mediterranean vicinity of Israel’s shores and waters patrolled by the US Sixth Fleet. On its decks are 47 warplanes and 10 helicopters. The Moskva is the Russian Navy’s Black Sea flagship."

Therefore, at the same time as the Bush Administration's NIE report absolves Iran of pursuing a nuclear weapons program, Russia is moving significant numbers of naval firepower into the Mediterranean. This action smacks to me of bragging!

Russian President Putin deftly maneuvered Russia on April 12, 2003 (NEWS1660) into the position of being the protector of Iran. Two years later, Putin described his country as the protector of Islam against a rabid West. Finally, less than two months ago, Putin warned Bush that any attack on Iran would be considered an attack on Russia, thereby putting the American President on notice that he would, indeed, trigger World War III if he dared attack Iran.

Now that Bush has capitulated with this new intelligence report, Putin is bragging to the Arab people that Russia has faced down the Western "Great Satan" and is a worthy protector of Arab interests worldwide.

Can anyone seeing the "Gog - Magog" nations lining up behind Russia?


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IV. Oil prices continued to drop as the world seemed to breathe the fresh winds of "peace" throughout the world.

Several weeks ago, Venezuela's President Chavez estimated that the continuous pressure the United States was leveling against Iran was adding $45 per barrel to the cost of crude oil; thus, it is not surprising to learn that one of the first significant consequences of this NIE report was that the price of crude oil began to fall.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil Falls as OPEC Expected to Keep Targets, Iran Threat Recedes ",, December 4, 2007

"Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil fell in New York as traders speculated OPEC may keep output unchanged this week and the U.S. said the nuclear threat from Iran had diminished ... A U.S. intelligence report concluded Iran has halted development of nuclear weapons ... Iran halted its nuclear weapons program four years ago and hadn't resumed it as of mid-2007, according to declassified portions of the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate released yesterday. Even if the program were resumed, Iran wouldn't be able to produce enough material for a bomb until 2010 at the earliest, the report said."

If Chavez is correct, the cost of crude oil could fall consistently over the next few months, possibly back down to $70 per barrel, now that the Iran threat is removed from the pricing equation. Of course, if the Illuminati wants higher oil prices, then they need to cook some other story up which would justify the higher crude levels; however, I suspect that lower oil prices now are necessary to keep the American economy from falling into a recession.

This next story indicates that lack of consumption is also a major factor in this drop of crude oil prices.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil Falls for a Third Day as Fuel Stocks Signal Demand Slowdown", Bloomberg News, December 6, 2007

"Crude oil fell for a third day on speculation that slower global economic growth may curb fuel consumption. U.S. fuel stockpiles surged last week, with gasoline inventories rising six times more than analysts forecast to post their biggest gain this year ... `It's unsurprising prices are down when yesterday's data showed demand for products is not there', said Eugen Weinberg, an analyst at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt."


Oil continues to drop today.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil drops by more than two dollars as volatile trade continues", Forbes Business, 12/7/2007

"LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Oil dropped by more than two dollars as US trading got underway, with continued volatility in the market knocking prices back towards the 88 usd level .."

As oil futures traders have been bidding oil upward over the past 10 months based solely on speculation, you would expect volatility in oil markets right now, as the "Peace" breaking out in the world, plus the drop in consumption of oil products across the board, are knocking the tenuous props out from any further increases in oil prices.

Americans might have just gotten the message after struggling with an entire year of steadily increasing oil prices. They have now cut their consumption of oil and will likely continue to do so, even if prices start heading downward. Most Americans now believe, in the bottom of their hearts, that oil prices will eventually trend back upward, so they will continue to aggressively change their lifestyle so that they will consume less fuel.

Just as the Illuminati wants.


V. The Bush Administration has pushed through a deal designed to freeze interest rates on Adjustable Home Loans so that millions of Americans will not lose their home.

NEWS BRIEF: "Deal Reached on Mortgage Rate Freeze", My Way News, December 5, 2007

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration has hammered out an agreement to freeze interest rates for certain subprime mortgages for five years to combat a soaring tide of foreclosures, congressional aides said Wednesday. The aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the details have not yet been released, said the five-year moratorium represented a compromise between desires by banking regulators for a longer time frame of up to seven years and mortgage industry arguments that the freeze should last only one or two years."

"The plan emerged from talks between Paulson and other banking regulators and banks, mortgage investors and consumer groups trying to address an avalanche of foreclosures feared as an estimated 2 million subprime mortgages reset from lower introductory rates to higher rates. In many cases, the higher rates will boost monthly payments by as much as 30 percent, making it very difficult for many people to keep current with their loans. The plan is aimed at homeowners who are making payments on time at lower introductory mortgage rates but cannot afford a higher adjusted rate."

As we have stated before, I believe that this entire sub-prime mortgage disaster has been deliberately created in order for the Federal Government to step in with new regulations and new powers. We shall have to wait to see how this develops.

But, for now, the country is spared an onslaught of mortgage collapses, which would have been a tremendous drag on the economy.


VI. Bush shockingly cuts funds for "War On Terror" and Homeland Security!

President Bush has emphasized over and over again since the attacks of 9/11 that his "War on Terror" was the most important aspect of his Administration.

When Pakistani President Musharraf was politically tottering in his office, President Bush sternly warned all potential enemies that America considered Pakistan to be a key lynchpin in his "War on Terror".

If this "War on Terror" is so important, why is President Bush dramatically cutting funding?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Proposes Dramatic Cuts In Homeland Security Funding ", MSNBC News, December 5, 2007

"WASHINGTON - The Bush administration intends to slash counter terrorism funding for police, firefighters and rescue departments nation-wide by more than half next year ... New York would be hard hit by deep cuts, according to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle."

Now, why would President Bush cut terrorism funding by more than 50% if the terror threat is as bad as his Administration has been trumpeting since 9/11? Why, it was just in September that terror alerts were flying around the country and people were absolutely convinced that a new terrorist attack was imminent -- all because of the warnings coming out of Washington.

In this next segment, we see that President Bush has been de-emphasizing domestic terror programs for a full year!

"The plan would eliminate programs for port security, transit security and local emergency management operations in the next budget year. The move comes a year after New York saw a nearly 40-percent cut in its anti-terrorism funding by the Homeland Security Department ... One document says the president does not believe previous homeland security grants have been well spent and does not believe the nation's highest-risk cities have satisfied security needs. This is President Bush's last budget, and the new administration would have to live with the funding decisions."

This move is shocking because the President's action is saying in effect that, since the crisis is passing, cities and states can get along with less funding. You and I know that the domestic terrorism was bogus from the beginning, as the Illuminati simply created the attacks of 9/11 (NEWS1753) and then created the follow-up terror threat simply so the American people would allow Congress and the White House to pass the most draconian dictatorial legislation since the days of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

Now that these laws are on the books and can be used whenever the time has arrived for the final crisis to explode, the funding for counter terrorism can be drastically reduced.


VII. As American forces prepare to draw down in Iraq, changing from active combat to passive garrison forces, remember the reality that the Bush Administration knew that their war was illegal -- Richard Perle admitted that the Iraqi invasion was ILLEGAL!

NEWS BRIEF: "War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal ", The Guardian (London), November 30, 2003

"International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal. In a startling break with the official White House and Downing Street lines, Mr Perle told an audience in London: 'I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing'."

Opposition figures understood the principles very well.

" 'They're just not interested in international law, are they?' said Linda Hugl, a spokeswoman for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which launched a high court challenge to the war's legality last year. 'It's only when the law suits them that they want to use it'."

We could not agree more. The Bush Administration will go down in history as the most ruthless and most lawless government to hold power in America. Remember this sad fact when you hear other Christians stating their belief that Bush is a Born Again Christian.

If you need further proof that President Bush's spiritual fruits are not Christian, view our table, "President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits".

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---------- Articles Posted ----------

1) "President Bush Pulls Iranian Military Option Off The Table - Completes Total "About-Face" On The Issue"

Cutting Edge has been alone the past four years in saying that the Gog - Magog Prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 prohibited an attack on Iran, while my military intelligence training warned me of all the military and diplomatic reasons why such an attack would never take place. Now the President's own intelligence service admits that Iran ceased work on a military nuclear program in 2003, and has not started it again!

2) "God Gave Israel THE Most Mathematically Precise Prophecy In The Entire Bible So They Would Know THE Day Messiah Was To Be Presented To Israel As Their National Redeemer - Since Israel of Old Had Always Walked by Sight, God Gave Them The Ultimate 'Sight Prophecy' "

Still, Israel missed this day, incurring Jesus' wrath. The Christian Church has not been given such a mathematically precise timetable, proving the superiority of walking by Faith and not by Sight.

Isaac Newton said that the entire validity and trustworthiness of Biblical prophecy could be proven by this one incredible mathematical prophecy! --

3) "A New Look At The Myth of Santa Claus vs The Reality of Jesus Christ"

When we carefully compare the myth of Santa Claus versus the real Biblical story of Jesus Christ, we are presented with the shocking truth that Santa has thoroughly supplanted Jesus Christ in too many people's lives. --

4) "OUTRAGE! "Christian" President Bush Carrying Out Long-Term Plan To Divide Biblical Israel and Jerusalem With The Palestinians - Bush Actually Used Term "Occupation" To Refer To Israel Controlling God's Biblical Land!"

Joel 3:2 is being fulfilled in front of your watchful eyes, in your Daily News: "I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and because they have divided My land." (Joel 3:2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

But, the timing of the final announcement of the Annapolis summit falls on November 28 - THE day in November in which the interval of days between this summit and the Anwar Sadat peace treaty with Israel exactly 30 years ago adds to a "22"! -

5) "The upside-down world of Pullman's 'Golden Compass ' Movie"

Where Bad is Good and God is banned - WARNING: This is a most anti-Christian movie!

This will mean the end of the Church... the end of all those centuries of darkness! Look at the light up there; that's the sun of another world! ... The Dust will change everything."[1, p.394] The Golden Compass

"The God who dies is the God of the burners of heretics, the hangers of witches... [T]hat God deserves to die. The Authority, then, is an ancient IDEA of God, kept alive artificially by those who benefit from his continued existence."[2] Philip Pullman

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil...." Isaiah 5:20

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------""The trees of the Lord are full of sap." Psalm 104:16

Without sap the tree cannot flourish or even exist. Vitality is essential to a Christian. There must be life--a vital principle infused into us by God the Holy Ghost, or we cannot be trees of the Lord. The mere name of being a Christian is but a dead thing, we must be filled with the spirit of divine life. This life is mysterious. We do not understand the circulation of the sap, by what force it rises, and by what power it descends again. So the life within us is a sacred mystery. Regeneration is wrought by the Holy Ghost entering into man and becoming man's life; and this divine life in a believer afterwards feeds upon the flesh and blood of Christ and is thus sustained by divine food, but whence it cometh and whither it goeth who shall explain to us? What a secret thing the sap is! The roots go searching through the soil with their little spongioles, but we cannot see them suck out the various gases, or transmute the mineral into the vegetable; this work is done down in the dark. Our root is Christ Jesus, and our life is hid in Him; this is the secret of the Lord. The radix of the Christian life is as secret as the life itself. How permanently active is the sap in the cedar! In the Christian the divine life is always full of energy--not always in fruit-bearing, but in inward operations. The believer's graces, are not every one of them in constant motion? but his life never ceases to palpitate within. He is not always working for God, but his heart is always living upon Him. As the sap manifests itself in producing the foliage and fruit of the tree, so with a truly healthy Christian, his grace is externally manifested in his walk and conversation. If you talk with him, he cannot help speaking about Jesus. If you notice his actions you will see that he has been with Jesus. He has so much sap within, that it must fill his conduct and conversation with life.
(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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