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Saturday, December 9, 2006

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--------- Inspiration For the Week-------"The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord." Proverbs 16:33

If the disposal of the lot is the Lord's whose is the arrangement of our whole life? If the a simple casting of a lot is guided by Him, how much more the events of our entire life--especially when we are told by our blessed Saviour: "The very hairs of your head are all numbered: not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father."

It would bring a holy calm over your mind, dear friend, if you were always to remember this. It would so relieve your mind from anxiety, that you would be the better able to walk in patience, quiet, and cheerfulness as a Christian should. When a man is anxious he cannot pray with faith; when he is troubled about the world, he cannot serve his Master, his thoughts are serving himself. If you would "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness," all things would then be added unto you.

You are meddling with Christ's business, and neglecting your own when you fret about your lot and circumstances. You have been trying "providing" work and forgetting that it is yours to obey. Be wise and attend to the obeying, and let Christ manage the providing. Come and survey your Father's storehouse, and ask whether He will let you starve while He has laid up so great an abundance in His garner? Look at His heart of mercy; see if that can ever prove unkind! Look at His inscrutable wisdom; see if that will ever be at fault. Above all, look up to Jesus Christ your Intercessor, and ask yourself, while He pleads, can your Father deal ungraciously with you? If He remembers even sparrows, will He forget one of the least of His poor children? "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee. He will never suffer the righteous to be moved."

My soul, rest happy in thy low estate,
Nor hope nor wish to be esteem'd or great;
To take the impress of the Will Divine,
Be that thy glory, and those riches thine.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

"Proof England Really Does Control America"

I. The long-anticipated report of the Iraqi Study Group (CFR's James Baker) was finally issued 12/6/2006, and it contained a blockbuster broadside against our only democratic ally in the Middle East -- Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Baker panel's mention of Palestinian 'right of return' raises eyebrows", News, December 6, 2006

"A reference to Palestinians' 'right of return' in the report issued by the high-level Iraq Study Group broke a diplomatic taboo which sparked immediate concern in Israel and surprise among Middle East policy experts. The reference was buried deep inside a 160-page report that urged US President George W. Bush to renew efforts to revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks as part of a region-wide bid to end the chaos in Iraq."

The very fact that the Baker Iraq Study Group Report even mentions this key point of contention between Israel and the Palestinians is shocking. What on earth is an Iraq Study Group doing even taking the Palestinian side in a report supposedly zeroing in on Iraq? Israel seemed stunned, as we shall see in a few moments; however, the inclusion of this terrible point of contention seems to indicate that the Baker Study Group, and maybe even the Iraq War itself, has a much broader agenda! The possibility that the Iraq War might be "solved" through an international peace conference which might seek to dictate a solution to both the Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian issue cannot now be discounted.

Now, let us return to this featured article:

" 'This report is worrisome for Israel particularly because, for the first time, it mentions the question of the 'right of return' for the Palestinian refugees of 1948', said a senior Israeli official, who was reacting to the US policy report on condition he not be identified. A Middle East analyst who was involved in the Iraq Study Group discussions but did not participate in drafting the report expressed surprise when the reference was pointed out to him by a reporter ... The 1993 Oslo peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians calls for a resolution of the issue of Israeli and Palestinian 'refugees' as part of a final status agreement that would include the creation of a Palestinian state. But they do not use the term 'right of return', which is a long-standing Palestinian demand -- rejected by Israel -- that Palestinians who fled or were driven out of what was to become the Jewish state in 1948, as well as their descendants, be allowed to return home. "

If the Palestinians which now live in the Jordanian provinces of Edom and Moab were allowed to flood into the West Bank and The Gaza Strip, Israel would be faced with a hostile Palestinian State nearly equal in population to the Jewish state. At that point, Israel's existence would be imperiled; this is one demographic bomb no Israeli politician can touch. Therefore, no Israeli and no American official has ever uttered the term "right of return". The Baker study group has violated a long-standing taboo.

The fact that speaking of this subject is such a departure from the norm, let us view the last portion of this article we want to quote:

" 'Right of return' is not in Oslo I or Oslo II, it's not in the Bush Rose Garden speech, it's not even in UN 181, the original partition resolution -- it's part of the Palestinian discourse', said the US analyst." (Ibid.)

However, since James Baker is high-level Illuminati, you must understand that he mentioned the "Right of Return" because the Illuminati plans to move on that issue now, or in the very near future. Further, lumping in the Israeli-Palestinian issue in with the Iraq War problem may indicate that the Illuminati plans to solve them both at the very same time -- through an International Peace Conference.

Whoever thought that President Bush's deliberately planned Iraq invasion would finish with an international conference, a conference which may attempt to force Israel to comply with the terms of "settlement" acceptable to the worldwide Illuminati?

Let us now address this possibility of just such a conference.

II. Is one of the ultimate goals of Bush's attack on Iraq going to be an international peace conference, where "peace" will be dictated and where Israel will not even be invited to attend?

NEWS BRIEF: "Initiative: Middle East peace conference without Israel", YNET News, 12/7/2006

"According to Thursday's issue of the conservative Washington Times' Insight magazine, the White House was looking into proposal by former Secretary of State James Baker to hold a Middle East peace conference without Israel ... the United States government was going to consider the possibility of having a second Madrid Conference in which Arab states would participate, including Syria and Iran, but with without Israel being invited to participate."

"... officials said the conference would be promoted as a forum to discuss Iraq's future, but actually focus on Arab demands for Israel to withdraw from territories captured in the 1967 war. A source in the US government was quoted in the report as saying, 'As Baker sees this, the conference would provide a unique opportunity for the US to strike a deal without Jewish pressure."

What does this mean, "unique opportunity for the US to strike a deal without Jewish pressure"?

It literally means that this Madrid Conference will decide what solution is best for the whole region, and then try to force Israel to comply with their demands. Since 360 million Muslims live in the region compared to only 6.6 million Jews, the conclusion of the report will certainly favor the Muslims - at least on the surface.

As far as not having any Jewish pressure at the conference, that, too, is a ploy to allow speaker after speaker to come to the podium to denounce Israel, without having any possibility of Israeli representatives offering a meaningful rebuttal. The "cards will be stacked" against Israel -- no doubt about that fact!

However, we also are shocked to learn that "talking to Syria" in order to solve the Iraq War problem also entails taking Syria's side in the thorny issue of control over the Golan Heights.

NEWS BRIEF: "Baker report: Israel must withdraw from Golan", YNET News, 12/6/2006

"The Baker-Hamilton report submitted Wednesday evening to US President George W. Bush marks a change in the American policy regarding the Middle East, particularly on the Israeli-Syrian channel. 'In the context of a full and secure peace agreement, the Israelis should return the Golan Heights, with a US security guarantee for Israel that could include an international force on the border, including US troops if requested by both parties', the Iraq Study Group headed by James Baker and Lee Hamilton recommended'."

Notice the wording in this second sentence: "In the context of a full and secure peace agreement".

In our opinion, this wording reveals that true plan: whereby the war in Iraq and the disputes between Israel and the Palestinians on the one hand and the Syrians on the other hand are all to be "solved" through a peace conference which might include national representatives of nations not located in the Middle East - representatives who are thoroughly following the Illuminati Plan.

Remembering The Illuminati Plan

For Israel, the very fact that the Baker Report lands on the side of Israel's foes in both the Palestinian "Right of Return" and the Syrian dispute over the strategic Golan Heights must be troubling to most Jews. However, remember that the Illuminati is being driven by Illuminized Freemasonry, whose religious connections to Israel and whose plans to resurrect the Jewish Third Temple so their Masonic Christ can use it, are THE key points driving events in the Middle East (Read NEWS1643, "FERVENT MASONIC DESIRE TO REBUILD SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE EVENTS OF THE MID-EAST TODAY. ONCE COMPLETED, END TIMES' PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED!")

The key factor to remember is that Illuminized global Freemasonry will guarantee the survival of Israel against her enemies because their final goal is mostly religious, not political. Their final goal is to stage their Masonic Christ in accordance with their many Biblical legends, most important of which is the "Legend of Hiram Abiff". Should the Arabs succeed in destroying Israel, Freemasonry would not be able to seize control of the Temple Mount so they could rebuild the Temple for their Masonic Christ.

Therefore, even though events are going to get very dark for Israel, remember that their secret supporter will be Illuminized Freemasonry.

But, since the Baker Report was supposed to deal with the Iraq War, let us turn to this aspect now.

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III. The final Baker Report had some very terrible things to say about the Iraq War and about President Bush!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq Study Report: Bush policy failing", The Denver Post, December 8, 2006

"Washington - President Bush's war policies have failed in almost every regard, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group concluded today, and it warned of dwindling chances to change course before crisis turns to chaos with dire implications for terrorism, war in the Middle East and higher oil prices around the world."

This language is very strong and must be embarrassing President Bush terribly. When the Baker Report states that "President Bush's war policies have failed in almost every regard", that grade of "F" takes on special meaning because James Baker has always been considered both a friend of the Bush Clan and "Mr. Republican". I mean, this awful language is not coming from Senator Hillary Clinton, but one of President Bush's most important and long-term friends. Baker was appointed by President Bush; therefore, these words are even more crushing.

Now, let us return to this Denver Post article.

"Nearly four years, $400 billion and more than 2,900 U.S. deaths into a deeply unpopular war, violence is bad and getting worse, there is no guarantee of success and the consequences of failure are great, the high-level panel of five Republicans and five Democrats said in a bleak accounting of U.S. and Iraqi shortcomings .. Despite a massive effort, stability in Iraq remains elusive and the situation is deteriorating ... "

At this point, the Report lists 79 recommendations, the most important of which are:

* "US should find ways to pull back most of its combat forces by early 2008 and focus U.S. troops on training and supporting Iraqi units"

* "U.S. should also begin a 'diplomatic offensive' by the end of the month and engage adversaries Iran and Syria in an effort to quell sectarian violence and shore up the fragile Iraqi government." The very suggestion that President Bush is being told to turn to old enemies Syria and Iran to solve the Iraq problem which his policies created in the first place must be exceedingly galling!

* "There will be no military solution in Iraq. It will require a political solution arrived at through sustained Iraqi and region-wide diplomacy and engagement ... It urged him (Bush) to revive efforts at a broader Middle East peace." -- Once again, the regional peace conference is hinted at in the Baker report.

* "We do not recommend a stay-the-course solution', said James A. Baker III, the former secretary of state and Bush family adviser who co-chaired the commission. 'In our opinion, that approach is no longer viable'."

Once again, this language is clearly a slap in the face for Bush, for all year long, and all during the mid-term campaign, the President insisted that matters were getting better, and that, if the United States just "stayed the course", victory would be achieved. Now, however, family friend and "Mr. Republican" himself is blowing Bush's rhetoric apart.

* "US should reduce political, military or economic support for Iraq if the government in Baghdad cannot make substantial progress." Once again, we reiterate that, just as in Vietnam, the idea that the Iraqi government can really overcome the insurgents enough to bring stability and prosperity to the country is a fairy tale of immense proportion!

* "On the highly emotional issue of troop withdrawals, the commission warned against either a precipitous pullback or an open-ended commitment to a large deployment."

The report contained some interesting observations which need reporting at this time.

* "The report laid out consequences from bad to worse, including the threat of wider war in the Middle East and reduced oil production that would hurt the global economy."

* "In a slap at the Pentagon, the commission said there is significant underreporting of the actual level of violence in Iraq."

Cutting Edge has been saying for over three years now that the Pentagon is underreporting both the "actual level of violence in Iraq", and the actual level of American casualties. Retired Colonel David Hackworth reported that American casualties as of the end of 2004, totaled 50,000! Going back to our Newsletter of December 18, 2004, Paragraph IV, we read:

NEWS BRIEF: "Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids – Now!", by Colonel David H. Hackworth, Soldiers For Truth (SFTT.ORG), 12-06-2004

"We’ll soon have 150,000 U.S. troops stuck in the ever-expanding Iraqi quagmire, a number that will probably grow even larger before Iraq holds elections presently scheduled for the end of January ’05 ... Meanwhile, the insurgents continue cutting our supply lines and whacking our fighting platoons and supporters, who fight daily as soldiers and Marines fall to enemy shots, sickness or accidents. Empty platoons lose fights, so these casualties have to be replaced ASAP. Since this tragic war kicked off in March, 2003, the United States has evacuated an estimated 50,000 KIA, WIA and non-battle casualties from Iraq back to the States – leaving 50,000 slots that have had to be filled."

Col. Hackworth was telling us two full years ago that the real number of Killed In Action (KIA), Wounded In Action (WIA), and miscellaneous evacuation has now reached 50,000 soldiers. NOTE: Soldiers ill with Depleted Uranium fall into the miscellaneous, or "non-battle casualties" category.

We appreciate the candor of the Baker Report for validating what we have been saying all along in this issue of not reporting the full news. When you hear the figure of 2,994 soldiers killed in action since the beginning of the Iraq invasion, remember this Baker Report on the one hand and the Hackworth report on the other. Then, you will get a much more complete picture of the human cost of the Iraqi War -- to this point.

* "It also faulted the U.S. intelligence effort, saying the government "still does not understand very well either the insurgency in Iraq or the role of the militias."

What the Baker Report is saying is that the United States has suffered a repeated "intelligence failure" in the war in Iraq! We should keep this fact in mind, for we supposedly had an "intelligence failure" during the 9/11 attack, and we supposedly had an "intelligence failure" when Bush and his administration officials repeatedly spun the lie that Iraq needed to be invaded to keep Saddam from using his nasty (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Now, Bush Administration officials are telling us that Iran is such a danger to our security that we need to attack her nuclear facilities. Doubt it not, an "intelligence failure" will raise its ugly head over the Iranian issue, as well, if Bush is ever so silly as to actually order such an attack.

Not surprisingly, President Bush immediately "distanced himself" from the Baker Iraq Study Group Report!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Expresses Caution on Key Points in Iraq Panel’s Report", New York Times, December 7, 2006

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — President Bush moved quickly on Thursday to distance himself from the central recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group: pulling back all combat brigades over the next 15 months and direct talks with Iran and Syria. One day after the independent panel rocked Washington with its bleak assessment of conditions in Iraq, Mr. Bush met at the White House with his closest ally in the war, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. The president said afterward that the United States needs 'a new approach' in Iraq and that he would 'seriously consider' the report, but was unlikely to accept all of its recommendations."

Since Mr. Baker is the consummate politician, we were not surprised to hear that he was already enlisting the support of Congress -- even though Congress is "lame-duck" at this point.

"At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the co-chairmen of the panel, James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, called on Congress to exert pressure on Mr. Bush to accept the report in its entirety. Mr. Baker told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the White House should not treat the report 'like a fruit salad', while Mr. Hamilton complained that Congress had been 'extremely timid' in overseeing the war."

Since Congress has allowed yet another president to initiate and prosecute a war without Congressional approval, the only way in which Congress can force a change in Bush's policy now is to cut off war funding. However, just this past week, incoming House Majority leader, Nancy Pelosi, stated that cutting funds was one action Congress was most definitely not going to take.

Of course, this is simply another ominous parallel with the Vietnam War, where Congress refused to cut off funding, even though it was adamantly opposed to the war.

"With Mr. Blair by his side, the president said he needed to be 'flexible and realistic' in considering troop movements, and made clear he would impose preconditions for talking to Iran and Syria that neither side is willing to accept. He was especially animated in describing what he said would be the consequences of a failure to stabilize Iraq, saying that future generations of Americans would be put at risk."

What nonsense! Future generations of Americans have been put at risk, simply because the President ordered our forces to conduct a perfectly useless war. That war has greatly aided Islamic militants in their recruiting of potential terrorists and has infuriated 1.4 billion Muslims.

Remember this fact when the planned World War III does kick off and terrorism in our cities is in full fury!

IV. How bad is the situation deteriorating in Iraq? Things are so bad that Saudi Arabia is considering intervening in Iraq after America troops withdraw!

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi prepares to intervene in Iraq", Middle East Online, 11/29/2006

"Using money, weapons or its oil power, Saudi Arabia will intervene to prevent Iranian-backed Shiite militias from massacring Iraqi Sunni Muslims once the United States begins pulling out of Iraq, a security adviser to the Saudi government said ... Diplomats and analysts say Iraq's Sunni Arab neighbors, led by heavyweight Saudi Arabia, fear that the sectarian violence could spill into large-scale civil war between Shiites and Sunnis and set off a political earthquake far beyond Iraq."

"Nawaf Obaid, writing in The Washington Post, said the Saudi leadership was preparing to revise its Iraq policy to deal with the aftermath of a possible US pullout, and is considering options including flooding the oil market to crash prices and thus limit Iran's ability to finance Shiite militias in Iraq. 'To be sure, Saudi engagement in Iraq carries great risks - it could spark a regional war. So be it: The consequences of inaction are far worse', Obaid said.".

Notice that this Saudi minister acknowledged that this new Saudi policy might "spark a regional war"

"A Western diplomat based in Riyadh said Saudi Arabia was already funding Sunni tribes in Iraq. 'I don't doubt for a second that they do pump money to the tribes, that's the Saudi way of doing things. But if they sent in troops it would be a bloodbath', he said ... Obaid said if the United States begins withdrawing from Iraq, 'one of the first consequences will be massive Saudi intervention to stop Iranian-backed Shiite militias from butchering Iraqi Sunnis ..."

Let us stop right here. Looking at a map, Suuni Saudi Arabia borders Iraq on that country's south-western border, while Shi'ite Iran borders Iraq on that country's eastern border. Since Iran is so much more heavily armed than Saudi Arabia, and with more advanced arms, there is absolutely no way Iran would permit the Saudi military to successfully intervene in Iraq against the Shi'ite faction!

In fact, again looking at a map of the region, Saudi forces are closest to Iranian forces in the southern portion of Iraq, near the Kuwait border. That is the region in which the Iraqi city of Basra is located, and that is the region where the catalyst of the New World Order was supposed to come. Listen to that quote again.

".. the plan for the 'Modern World-State' would succeed in its third attempt (Third World War) and would come out of something that would occur in Basra, Iraq." (H.G. Wells, The Shape of Things To Come", 1933, quoted by "The Globalists: The Power Elite Exposed", by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, p. 50.).

Is it possible that World War III might be caused by a confrontation in the Iraqi city of Basra, between Iranian Shi'ite forces and Saudi Sunni forces, who are battling each other because Sunni Muslims are being massacred? We can only wait to see.

VI. Iran is declared the winner of the Iraq War!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran is the final winner in the Middle East", Middle East Online, 12/6/2006

"Winning partly depends on how much strength or force you have, but mostly it depends on how much strength or power your opponent does not have. It is also true that resources, equipments and number of troops are not the only factors of winning a war ... Conduct of the war is more important than every other single factor that is required to knock down the opponent. When the Americans decided to remove the Taliban from Afghanistan the main winner was Iran."

How can this be? You mean, that when President Bush ordered the Afghanistan invasion to overthrow the Taliban, Iran was the winner? As it turns out, the Taliban was a major enemy to Iran, so President Bush simply played into the hands of the Iranians when he overthrew that government. However, you ain't seen nothing yet, for Bush played into Iran's hands in a very similar manner in Iraq.

"Iran was also the winner of the change of regime in Iraq. The United States of America invested about $300 million dollars to remove Saddam Hussein and bring into power the main allies and in fact, the agents of Iranian regime. Iran had fought for eight years with Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein and bring into power the same groups that America brought to power. What a better win than this? One of your enemies overthrows another of your enemies and gives the power to your friends."

Indeed, this is true, for the Prime Minister of Iraq today -- who is just now returning from a meeting with President Bush -- is a member of the Shi'ite faction, the same religious group controlling Iran. Saddam exercised his reign of terror through the Sunni religious faction. After Iran failed to overthrow Saddam after eight rigorous years of war, a goal Bush succeeded in when he invaded Iraq.

Is President Bush secretly working with the Iranians?

"A successful, stable and democratic Iraq is not definitely in the interest of Iranian regime which is a totalitarian, fundamentalist regime ... when it came to the change of regime in Iraq, the Iranian government fully co-operated with the Americans and other countries. They had already prepared an alternative while the Americans did not have an alternative for Saddam."

This charge is also true: Bush did not have a viable alternative to Saddam. For a while after World War II, the Allies controlled the conquered countries through a benevolent dictatorship run by the American military until elections could be held. In Iraq, however, the overthrow of Saddam preceded elections by almost two years, and the American administration in the interim was not strong enough nor wise enough to begin putting the country back together again, so an democratically elected Iraqi government might have a reasonable chance to successfully rule the country.

"Now it has been established that Iran has more power and influence in Iraq than any other country ... How (does) Iran becomes the winner of any war that America undertakes?"

Again, this reasoning is correct. Cutting Edge posted an article over one year ago, in which we made this very point -- that Iran was the winner of the Iraq War. At the time, this premise seemed shocking, but it is shocking no longer, given the sorry state of deterioration of the war. Please take a moment to read this year-old article:


Planned military and diplomatic defeat: that was the original plan. Why?

We answered this question just a few days ago, in a major Headline News article:

NEWS2172 -- "Islamic Strategists Are "Beside Themselves For Joy", As They Believe Their Forces Have Defeated Both Israel (In Lebanon) and America (In Iraq)" -- "Blood In The Streets" strategy is working to perfection! Additionally, the stage is being set for prophecy to be fulfilled -- Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and Obadiah 15-18.

'Proof That Peace Is Never Possible Between Israel/Palestinians" - DVD

VII. Were you one of those misguided people who really thought that peace can be achieved if the Palestinians are just given their own state?

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Chief Promises War Even if PA State is Established", Israel National News, December 5, 2006

"Khaled Meshaal, the Damascus-based leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, makes no bones: Either Israel leaves all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and agrees to the 'right of return' - or war ... Specifically, he threatened, "If within six months, the international community does not come up with a plan for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders [i.e., on all the land liberated by Israel in the Six Day War - ed.] and for the return of the refugees, the Palestinians will turn to an armed struggle against Israel."

"We can have an intifada even when running the Palestinian Authority," Meshaal said, explaining that the ceasefire was not designed to bring peace, but is rather another stage in the war with Israel. "The current calm [cease-fire in Gaza - ed.], just like the escalation [before that], is part of the way we manage the conflict with Israel."

This Palestinian leader is talking about a very specific type of "ceasefire", called a "Hudna". Yassir Arafat loved Hudna ceasefires, and killed thousands of hated Jews through using them; of course, Arafat depended upon a seemingly gullible Israeli government, whose Prime Ministers continually accepted such worthless Hudna ceasefire.

Listen as Cutting Edge defined a "Hudna ceasefire" in NEWS1849, over three years ago. Quoting a portion of NEWS1849

"... 'Hudna', viewed in Arab Islamic folklore and defined in Islamic law as a respite between battles in a longer war against non-Arab Islamic infidels who are not a party to any such hudna." An Israeli joke now making the rounds in Jerusalem goes like this: An Israeli asks an Arab what a 'hudna' is and is told, 'Put your gun aside and wait for a few moments while I reload and re-aim'. This is the essence of a 'Hudna' -- a totally lopsided agreement. We predicted two months ago that the Palestinians would cynically use this temporary ceasefire to prepare for the next round planned to follow after the 33-month Intifada, i.e., All-out War!"

With this definition in mind, let us return to our featured article:

"Many Israeli military men and analysts have said that Hamas is using the current truce in Gaza to rearm and regroup towards the next round of fighting. Hamas Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniye, visiting in Syria, echoed Meshaal's position in a speech at a refugee camp. He said the Palestinians will not give up on 'even one grain of sand of Palestine' ..."

Now you know the truth of which the DVD, Relentless, speaks. There can never be any lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, for the hatred of the Muslim toward the Jew is incredibly strong, and relentless in its public manifestation. The Arabs want nothing more than to finish the annihilation of the Jews which Hitler attempted.

VII. Global Warming Update

Cutting Edge posted a very significant article on Global Warming, an article precipitated by Prince Charles' warning that the Earth is "living on borrowed time" as its inhabitants refused to make any of the drastic changes to stop this supposed global malady. Please take a few moments to read this most important article;

NEWS2173 -- "Prince Charles Leading The World In Global Warming Propaganda, Using Most Frightening Language Possible" -- Abruptly, since the American November elections, people all over the world are suddenly speaking out as if on cue, warning of sheer disaster if drastic action is not taken to stop Global Warming. Even Democrats purged politicians from their ranks who were not avid Global Crisis advocates."

Once you have read this article, you can appreciate the value of the news articles we now want to share with you. Having read this Cutting Edge article, you will understand the occult basis for this Global Warming propaganda and will understand the role this global "crisis" is going to play in the coming few years.

NEWS BRIEF: "A global warming skeptic's parting shot": Sen. Inhofe, soon to be replaced as panel chair, airs his view once more", L.A. Times, december 7, 2006

"WASHINGTON — Sen. James M. Inhofe has been one of Capitol Hill's leading skeptics on global warming, famously dismissing as a 'hoax' the notion that human activity is the cause. while most of official Washington was focused on the findings of the Iraq Study Group, the Oklahoma Republican used one of his final days as chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to once again press his case ... 'Hysteria sells', the chairman grumbled at one point. 'Scare tactics should not drive public policy', he said at another, pressing his view that rising Earth temperatures are mainly a natural, cyclical phenomenon."

One cannot dismiss these views easily, for any Senator has special clearance to view the most sensitive government and scientific papers on earth. If anyone was in a position to know the truth, it would be a Senator like Inhofe, especially since he was chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee!

Indeed, Senator Inhofe is entirely correct, for we learned that just such a global crisis as Global Warming was planned as far back as 1917.

""... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." ["Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

With this understanding in our minds, let us continue with this L.A. Times article.

"But at the same time, the hearing underscored the change that is coming to Congress following the election last month that ousted Republicans from the majority in the Senate and House. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, the Democrat who will take over as committee chair when her party assumes control in January, gave no ground to Inhofe at Wednesday's session, making clear her stark disagreements with him."

Be prepared. When Democrats gain control of Congress next January 20, they will push Global Warming exceedingly hard. The only question is how far will President Bush be pushed on the issue. Conventional Wisdom says that the President will not easily give up this fight, for he is a pro-business Republican - right?

Few people realize or remember that President Bush suddenly backed the major premise of Global Warming when he agreed that "human activity" on this planet is the root cause. Do you remember? Cutting Edge posted the Headline News article:

NEWS2134 -- "Bill Clinton and Al Gore Are Suddenly At The Forefront of The Global Warming Propaganda Campaign"

You will discover that, on this pivotal issue, Republicans are "in bed" with the Democrats!! Surprise, there is no difference between the two major parties, just as we have been saying for over a decade now. Now, let us review another news article,which really shows us the falsity behind the entire Global Warming issue.


NEWS BRIEF: "Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming", US Newswire, 12/6/2006

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 /U.S. Newswire/ -- David Deming, an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma and an adjunct scholar with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), testified this morning at a special hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The hearing examined climate change and the media."

" 'In 1995, I published a short paper in the academic journal Science. In that study, I reviewed how borehole temperature data recorded a warming of about one degree Celsius in North America over the last 100 to 150 years. The week the article appeared, I was contacted by a reporter for National Public Radio. He offered to interview me, but only if I would state that the warming was due to human activity. When I refused to do so, he hung up on me."

These last two sentences shows the enormous political nature of this Global Warming debate, and shows how so very cooperative members of the Mass Media have been, and will continue to be.

" I had another interesting experience around the time my paper in Science was published. I received an astonishing email from a major researcher in the area of climate change. He said, 'We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period. The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a time of unusually warm weather that began around 1000 AD and persisted until a cold period known as the 'Little Ice Age' took hold in the 14th century. ... The existence of the MWP had been recognized in the scientific literature for decades. But now it was a major embarrassment to those maintaining that the 20th century warming was truly anomalous. It had to be 'gotten rid of'."

This next segment shows how this embarrassing period was eliminated. It took scientists four years to figure out how to do it.

"In 1999, Michael Mann and his colleagues published a reconstruction of past temperature in which the MWP simply vanished ... Normally in science, when you have a novel result that appears to overturn previous work, you have to demonstrate why the earlier work was wrong. But the work of Mann and his colleagues was initially accepted uncritically, even though it contradicted the results of more than 100 previous studies. Other researchers have since reaffirmed that the Medieval Warm Period was both warm and global in its extent." (Ibid., Emphasis added)

Now, Professor Deming states his final conclusions. Listen carefully, for candid and honest statements are not very common amongst the political or the scientific communities.

"There is an overwhelming bias today in the media regarding the issue of global warming. In the past two years, this bias has bloomed into an irrational hysteria. Every natural disaster that occurs is now linked with global warming, no matter how tenuous or impossible the connection. As a result, the public has become vastly misinformed."

How about you? Are you one of the "vastly misinformed"?

Or do you recognize the reality that Global Warming, along with Global Terrorism, is the deliberately created mechanism whereby the Illuminati plans to overthrow the Old World Order so they can bring in the New Order?

We quoted New Age author, Bill Cooper, above, as he revealed that as far back as 1917, Illuminist leaders had thought of a global crisis as the catalyst for the planned global government. Now, let us go back about 100 years earlier, to discover THE most important Illuminati planning documents ever, cleverly disguised as a Jewish conspiracy - "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".

"When we come into our kingdom, our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it, at the end, under our beneficent rule. Who will ever suspect, then, that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries?" [End of Protocol No. 13 ]

The majority of people throughout the world will have no idea they have been "stage-managed" according to a "political plan" which has been ongoing now for over many centuries"!

---------- New Articles Posted ----------

* "Prince Charles Leading The World In Global Warming Propaganda, Using Most Frightening Language Possible"

Abruptly, since the American November elections, people all over the world are suddenly speaking out as if on cue, warning of sheer disaster if drastic action is not taken to stop Global Warming. Even Democrats purged politicians from their ranks who were not avid Global Crisis advocates.

Global Warming seems to be on the ascent, with Democrats in Congress wielding the necessary political power to force the issue during the next two years.

Destruction of our Industrial Civilization is the ultimate goal -- doubt it not!!

Related News Story: Prince Charles to Use Commercial Flights - Putting his money where his environmentalist mouth is, Prince Charles is swapping gas-guzzling private planes and helicopters for commercial flights, train journeys and biodiesel cars

* "Islamic Strategists Are 'Beside Themselves For Joy', As They Believe Their Forces Have Defeated Both Israel (In Lebanon) and America (In Iraq)"

"Blood In The Streets" strategy is working to perfection! Additionally, the stage is being set for prophecy to be fulfilled -- Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and Obadiah 15-18.

* "President Bush Has Nearly Completed Fulfillment of the End of the Age Isaiah 13 Prophecy Against Ancient Babylon (Iraq)"

Once you understand "God's Pattern of Judgment", you will appreciate how very close to Judgment America stands today.


--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"Even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body." Romans 8:23

This groaning is universal among the saints: to a greater or less extent we all feel it. It is not the groan of murmuring or complaint: it is rather the note of desire than of distress. Having received an earnest, we desire the whole of our portion; we are sighing that our entire manhood, in its trinity of spirit, soul, and body, may be set free from the last vestige of the fall; we long to put off corruption, weakness, and dishonour, and to wrap ourselves in incorruption, in immortality, in glory, in the spiritual body which the Lord Jesus will bestow upon His people.

We long for the manifestation of our adoption as the children of God. "We groan," but it is "within ourselves." It is not the hypocrite's groan, by which he would make men believe that he is a saint because he is wretched. Our sighs are sacred things, too hallowed for us to tell abroad. We keep our longings to our Lord alone.

Then the apostle says we are "waiting," by which we learn that we are not to be petulant, like Jonah or Elijah, when they said, "Let me die"; nor are we to whimper and sigh for the end of life because we are tired of work, nor wish to escape from our present sufferings till the will of the Lord is done. We are to groan for glorification, but we are to wait patiently for it, knowing that what the Lord appoints is best.

Waiting implies being ready. We are to stand at the door expecting the Beloved to open it and take us away to Himself. This "groaning" is a test. You may judge of a man by what he groans after. Some men groan after wealth--they worship Mammon; some groan continually under the troubles of life--they are merely impatient; but the man who sighs after God, who is uneasy till he is made like Christ, that is the blessed man. May God help us to groan for the coming of the Lord, and the resurrection which He will bring to us.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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