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---------- Inspiration For the Week-----------"My people shall dwell in quiet resting places." Isaiah 32:18

Peace and rest belong not to the unregenerate, they are the peculiar possession of the Lord's people, and of them only. The God of Peace gives perfect peace to those whose hearts are stayed upon Him. When man was unfallen, his God gave him the flowery bowers of Eden as his quiet resting places; alas! how soon sin blighted the fair abode of innocence. In the day of universal wrath when the flood swept away a guilty race, the chosen family were quietly secured in the resting-place of the ark, which floated them from the old condemned world into the new earth of the rainbow and the covenant, herein typifying Jesus, the ark of our salvation. Israel rested safely beneath the blood-besprinkled habitations of Egypt when the destroying angel smote the first-born; and in the wilderness the shadow of the pillar of cloud, and the flowing rock, gave the weary pilgrims sweet repose. At this hour we rest in the promises of our faithful God, knowing that His words are full of truth and power; we rest in the doctrines of His word, which are consolation itself; we rest in the covenant of His grace, which is a haven of delight. More highly favoured are we than David in Adullam, or Jonah beneath his gourd, for none can invade or destroy our shelter. The person of Jesus is the quiet resting-place of His people, and when we draw near to Him in the breaking of the bread, in the hearing of the word, the searching of the Scriptures, prayer, or praise, we find any form of approach to Him to be the return of peace to our spirits.

"I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood, I see the mighty sacrifice, and I have peace with God. 'Tis everlasting peace, sure as Jehovah's name, 'Tis stable as His steadfast throne, for evermore the same: The clouds may go and come, and storms may sweep my sky, This blood-sealed friendship changes not, the cross is ever nigh."

["Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon, Tozer CDROM Library]

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. US. Supreme Court silently gutted our Constitutionally-protected rights under the Second Amendment to "keep and bear arms". Most people now living in the states under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Court do not realize that their right to own and operate firearms has been stripped from them! The affected states right now are: Arizona, California, Alaska, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Guam. Notice that a great many farmers, ranchers, hunters, and just plain gun owners live in these states. Not coincidentally, these states are also those where the plans to "re-wild" [allowing land to go back to the wild condition after the Industrial Civilization is dissolved - NEWS1368] are the most draconian!

The exact conditions by which this most unconstitutional act was carried out is so sneaky, so diabolical, and so complicated, we cannot devote the space in this newsletter to fully inform you; however, we have posted one article on this subject, listed in the New Articles section, below, and plan to post a second article on Monday. If you want to understand how it will be possible for our Illuminist leaders in all three branches of our government -- Executive, Legislative, and Judicial -- to steal our liberties and dissolve our system of government so the New World Order can arise, you need to read both these articles. Our first article is NEWS1877, described below].

Remember how important this Second Amendment disaster is to our liberties: If the Supreme Court can take down our strongest Amendment, there is no other Amendment right they cannot take away! In this regard, the Second Amendment functions as a "canary in a coal mine"; once the canary dies and falls to the ground, miners know that the shaft is filling with poisonous fumes and they must get out quickly. In like manner, now that the Second Amendment is being taken away, all discerning citizens must realize that every other Amendment right that the Constitution "guarantees" will also be taken down when the timing is right.

Our leaders have been working -- from Bill Clinton to President Bush -- to set draconian laws, Executive Orders and Judicial decisions in place so that, at the right moment, they may all be enacted in order to take this free system of government down. Too many people are seeing that people are not be arrested wholesale right now, and believe that our warnings against these draconian laws are too harsh and too strident. Attorney General Ashcroft played on these beliefs last week.

NEWS BRIEF: "Patriot Act works, upholds basic rights, Ashcroft says", azcentral.com, December 14, 2003.

"U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said Friday that the lack of a terrorist strike in America proves the Patriot Act works. And he said the lack of lawsuits against the government proves the federal agents have not abused anyone's rights in pursuing suspected terrorists."

While this is true for right now, we need to keep several matters in perspective. First, the trap is not yet fully set, so the government is not now going to begin wholesale abuse of the civil rights of individual citizens. From 1933-1939, Hitler steadily, gradually, changed law after law, rule after rule, and definition after definition, so he could impose his internal dictatorship; however, he took such tiny steps over this period of time that he did not raise the ire of his opposition. Only after he had legalized every act he wanted to carry out did he begin his world war and his internal genocide. Once his citizens were concerned about the war did Hitler begin to impose internal dictatorship to the degree he desired; if any German were to protest to the police or to a court that his rights were being abrogated, the policeman or the judge would solemnly tell him that on such-and-such a date, that liberty was taken away! Everything Hitler did internally was legal, because he had patiently changed all the laws, rules, and definitions!

Our leaders are following exactly the same script! They are carefully setting every paperwork change into place while taking care to not enact any of these new powers now, thus lulling most citizens to sleep, thinking these new powers will never be enacted! However, once all the necessary paperwork changes have been enacted, the Illuminati may begin their world war and their internal genocide. Only the undiscerning will think otherwise!

Secondly, Ashcroft neglected to inform his listeners that the court system is so stocked with Illuminist judges that no serious lawsuits will be entertained!

Thirdly, some people are already being persecuted and imprisoned by the provisions of the Patriot Act. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Concerned Conservatives, Not Chicken Littles", By Steve Lilienthal, FreeCongress.org, December 11, 2003, carried in Daily News Updates, 12/12/03.

"Stalwart supporters of the USA-PATRIOT Act like to pooh-pooh the worries expressed by defenders of privacy and constitutional liberties that innocent
people engaging in peaceful protests can be swept up in politically motivated dragnets. They portray the defenders as Chicken Littles expecting the worst. Their message is 'trust the government' to apply the powers of the USA-PATRIOT Act correctly."

This sentiment portrays exactly the same viewpoint I have just enunciated. However, consider some of the instances given within this article where a law-abiding, peaceful citizen has been jailed, either under the authority given by the Patriot Act or by a Judicial twisting of other laws.

"Over a six-year period, James Pouillon, a pro-life advocate, protested outside an automobile dealership in Shiawassee County, Michigan to register his complaint with the company's support for candidates who were backers of legalized abortion. When engaging in his protest activities, Mr. Pouillon stood on the opposite side of the street. Sales manager Lori Rowlison complained, asserting that she felt threatened by the presence of Mr. Pouillion, who was arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years probation. In the court's opinion, Mr. Pouillon had run afoul of the state's Stalking Statute which defines the action of stalking as willful conduct that
involves continuous 'harassment' of an individual that would make the individual feel 'terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested'. The Michigan Supreme Court upheld the ruling by a Michigan District Court that stated Mr. Pouillon's demonstration and verbal statements outside the auto dealership did not constitute 'constitutionally protected activity'."

Can you believe that a citizen peacefully exercising his First Amendment rights to Free Speech could be convicted and jailed under a "Stalking Law"? This type of law is designed to protect women who are being threatened by former husbands, lovers, or just plain crazies. Under no condition did anyone envision that a Stalking Law could be twisted so badly as to take away First Amendment rights.

But, then, the Patriot Act comes into play. Listen:

"According to the PATRIOT Act, any violation of state or federal criminal law deemed dangerous to human life, even a misdemeanor such as the one with which Mr. Pouillon has been charged, could be construed as constituting 'domestic terrorism' [Read NEWS1579 posted in November, 2001, defining "Domestic Terrorists"] . If Federal law enforcement asserts that a crime fits the definition, then the Federal Government would be able to seize the assets of the alleged domestic terrorist without prior notice or a hearing and without filing criminal charges. Through a post-PATRIOT law, it would be able to obtain confidential tax records, bypassing the traditional warrant process. Educational records also could be disclosed to law enforcement without a court review of the request." [Emphasis added]

Therefore, just as any dictatorial government has done in past history, just an "assertion" by a government official constitutes conviction!

This case was so grievous that The Rutherford Institute became involved, legally challenging the fact that the Stalking Law was so abused. When the Michigan high court refused to reverse the sentence, Rutherford took the matter to the Supreme Court, who refused to even hear the matter, thus indirectly upholding the original Michigan court ruling. This is the manner in which the Supreme Court stripped us good folks of our Second Amendment rights, as the Justices refused to hear the case appealed to them from the Ninth Circuit Court.

Let us go back one more time to our current article so you can see both the seriousness of the Patriot Act and the far-reaching implications of its provisions.

"With its current definition of domestic terrorism, the USA-PATRIOT Act offers several opportunities for opening Pandora's box. This should be of serious concern to political activists, particularly those who are advocates of causes such as property rights, gun owner rights, traditional family values, and pro-lifers ... That thought alone should make even the most ardent defenders of the USA-PATRIOT Act think about taking a second look at its provisions and the potential for its powers to be deployed in very different ways than Congress intended. There is no doubt that every right-thinking American wants al Qaeda's terrorists brought to justice. But should those activists like Mr. Pouillon find themselves targeted as terrorists?"

Welcome, Steve Lilienthal, to the camp of concerned citizens; however, you are a little late climbing on this bandwagon, for Cutting Edge has been warning of this scenario since October, 2001, as the links contained within NEWS1579 will attest. Once the paperwork changes are all set in place, the Illuminati can proceed as Hitler did, launching their world war to hide their internal suppression.

II. Other nations were observed last week making similar changes in their laws, in preparation for the internal suppression. Remember, no nation which now allows election of officials can be allowed to stand; before Antichrist can appear, every nation allowing elections now must have that system dissolved, replaced by dictatorship. Toward this end, Global Terrorism seems to be working perfectly, just as the Illuminati planned it. As we stated in last week's newsletter, Global Terrorism is uniting the nations of the world!

NEWS BRIEF: "Colombian Senate OKs anti-terror bill", The Houston Chronicle, Dec. 11, 2003

"BOGOTA, Colombia -- Colombia's Senate approved a divisive anti-terrorism bill Thursday giving the military sweeping powers to search homes, detain suspects without warrants and tap phones. The legislation, criticized by human rights groups, is part of President Alvaro Uribe's strategy to defeat a four-decade leftist insurgency and restore authority in the country's lawless provinces. 'The country's citizens can feel more serene', Interior and Justice Minister Sabas Pretelt told parliament. 'They should know that the terrorists harming them will now face all the force of the state'."

If you have read NEWS1833, you will realize that Columbia lies in a "Non-Integrating" region. Thus, you can see that terrorism is being used also by Non-Integrating nations as an excuse to pass laws that will one day allow that nation to go under the yoke of dictatorship. Note this president is giving his people the same line Americans have been hearing from our leaders, that these dictatorial laws will protect them, and make them "feel more serene".

Some months ago , Australia took steps "against terror" in the same mold, to make her citizens 'feel more serene'! Surely, the Apostle Paul was correct when he predicted that the coming of the Rapture of the Church would come when people are saying "Peace and safety" [1 Thess 5:3]. The prophet Daniel also predicted that, "by peace [he] shall destroy many" [Dan 8:25]. And, the target is the same "straw man" created just so these governments can knock him down: Global Terrorists.

NEWS BRIEF: "Australia to get its own homeland security unit", By Mark Riley and AAP, May 23 2003

"The Prime Minister, John Howard, will set up a new office of security and counter-terrorism to co-ordinate his Government's actions on homeland security. The unit will have the main responsibility for national security, counter-terrorism and border protection."

III. A Joint Task Force investigating the recent East Coast Blackout was recently informed that this blackout was a military test! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Joint Task Force Told Face to Face, Blackout was a Military Test", by Oliver J. Midelson, Global Free Press, reported by Alex Jones, Prison Planet, http://www.prisonplanet.com/120803blackout.html - NOTE: You may listen to the tape of the proceedings while reading this report.

"At an under publicized public comment meeting (November 17, 2003) , which was publicly 'announced' by a Department of Energy news release, Michael Kane outlined his report, published at Global Free Press, stating that the August 14th blackout was part and parcel to a multi-faceted military test. The Task Force was very attentive, attempting to take notes as fast as Michael spoke ... The first point Michael made was that the Task Force Interim Report failed to address the possibility of Electro Magnetic Pulses causing the blackout. He noted that it is known HAARP was turned on at 4pm on August 14th, just 11 minutes before the blackout occurred. He stated the Air Force should be contacted and required to turn over all documentation pertaining to what HAARP was used for on that day.

Many of us wondered about the possibility that HAARP was used to cause this blackout, but none of us had any concrete information on which to base our suspicions. However, our suspicions were immediately aroused by a statement Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge, made soon after the massive blackout occurred. Listen to this story, carried on Daily News Updates, on August 19, 2003.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ridge: Homeland security system tested during blackout", The Times of India, August 19, 2003, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/xml/uncomp/articleshow?msid=137158

"INDIANAPOLIS: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said last week's blackout was an initial test of new systems and partnerships with states designed to enhance the nation's response to crises. "The systems that were put in place, the means by which we communicate and share information that we have set up in our respective organizations to help one another if we need one another, were clearly tested that night," Ridge said on Monday during a meeting of the National Governors Association. 'Let's just call it an initial test of our relationship, and I think it worked pretty well'. Although state and local authorities shouldered most of the load in responding to the outage, Homeland Security teams stood ready to deploy."

The reason we were so suspicious is that a disaster occurred just a few months after President Carter penned F.E.M.A. into creation. President Carter probably was counting on just exactly this type of citizenry complacency when he created the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on June 19, 1978. ["The Unseen Hand", Ralph Epperson, p. 409) This Executive Order was probably unconstitutional, but that did not stop Carter from creating it out of thin air. He gave FEMA such sweeping powers that one can only call such a government dictatorial. Epperson then notes the interesting coincidence that the accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant occurred less than one year after FEMA became operational, thus giving its officials their first opportunity to carry out the very plan for which they were created! [Ibid., p. 409-410]

Now, Michael Kane has reported this fact to the Joint Task Force created to investigate the blackout. Remember what former Satanist, Pastor David Meyers, told us concerning the blackout! We had noted in the weeks prior our belief that this blackout was caused; now, a knowledgeable Satanist told us the Black Magick considerations underlying the event:

"The lights went out in six states according to perfect occult pattern. It happened on August 14th, exactly 13 days from the end of the high cross-quarter witches' sabat of Lughnasaid. If we count ahead 13 days we come to August 27th, which is the day when the planet Mars, the occultic "god of war", is closest to the earth. This is important in the religion of the Illuminati. In fact, during the month of August, the mean distance between the planet Mars and the Earth is 36 million miles. In occult numerology, the number 36 becomes 6 sixes. If you add all the numbers from 1 through 36, you have a sum total of 666. If we count the number of days from the six-state power failure to the next witches' sabat, the autumnal equinox of September 23rd, we find that it is 39 days, and the number 39 becomes three 13's! I am saying all of this to reveal that the electrical power failure was no coincidence but an Illuministic project and test-run of the Department of Homeland Security, the American version of Hitler's Gestapo." [Pastor David Meyer, "Last Trumpet Ministries", September, 2003 Newsletter]

The blackout occurred also 13 days prior to August 27, the time of the closest Mars approach to earth in all of recorded history!

Now, let us quickly return to the Prison Planet article for one more bit of information:

"Michael detailed the aerial aerosol spray operation he witnessed the night of the blackout, as well as referencing the proximity of the Determined Promise '03 national military drills announced just one day after the blackout. He also mentioned he received a report that the Canadian border was militarized at 1pm on August 14th, just three hours before the blackout, in the Mohawk River Valley region. Why?"

No person will really know the answer to "why" unless they understand both the Illuminati plan to produce Antichrist plus Black Magick Witchcraft. Then, events like this blackout will make sense.

IV. Developing news concerning Israel and the Geneva Accords this past week made it clear that Prime Minister Sharon may be getting ready to complete the 180° turnaround on this issue we have been predicting now for weeks. We need to examine several articles to get the full picture. But, first we need to harken back to last week's newsletter, where we reported that Sharon's Vice Premier, Olmert, boldly called for Israeli unilateral withdrawal from most of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. We pondered then the extremely strong possibility that Sharon was using Olmert to say things that he could not yet say. This week's news seemed to strongly confirm our hypothesis.

NEWS BRIEF: "Right crumbling in wake of 'peace' plans", By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff, December 11, 2003

"Jerusalem (jnewwire.com) - Less than a year after the Israeli electorate handed the left wing and its blood-saturated 'peace' policies a resounding defeat, the ruling Likud party, which saw its Knesset representation nearly doubled in that vote, appeared Thursday to be crumbling from the top. The disintegration appears to have been accelerated by the international pressure ratcheted up on Israel in the wake of efforts to re-engage the Road Map plan, and following this week's ceremony in which the 'Geneva Accord' was launched to worldwide acclaim. Just how deep these splits go was revealed in a number of statements by Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert - known as an unwavering Zionist in his previous post as mayor of Jerusalem - and by other party MKs. Olmert, who is now widely seen to be serving as a mouthpiece for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told the Associated Press Thursday Israelis should prepare themselves for the uprooting of 'a considerable amount of settlements'."

The Jewish settlers about to lose their settlements feel tremendously betrayed because Ariel Sharon has acted like a "godfather" to this movement, personally taking a hand in the exact location and the building of many of these 200 settlements ["Withdrawal symptoms", The Jerusalem Post, 12/11/03]

Therefore, Sharon has split his party over the issue of accepting either the Road Map or the Geneva Accord. Since most of the opposition Labor Party will support either plan, Sharon has effectively neutralized the really serious opposition to both plans that emphasize "land giveaway for illusory peace".

President Bush then added even more pressure.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush: Palestinian state 'in Israel's interest'", By JANINE ZACHARIA, The Jerusalem Post, December 12, 2003.

"The Bush administration has counseled Israel to avoid carrying out unilateral actions that could undermine the peace process. On Friday, US President George W. Bush told reporters, 'Israel must be mindful that they don't make decisions that make it hard to create a Palestinian state. It's in Israel's interest there be a Palestinian state. It's in the poor, suffering Palestinian people's interest be a Palestinian state. The Arab world has got responsibilities to see that this vision be implemented'."

I find this statement to be so obnoxious it is difficult to put into words. In the first place, most of the Palestinians live in Jordan, in the province of Edom, their ancient historic land. If the United States and the Arab community were really interested in giving the Palestinian people a state, they would be putting pressure on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to grant them their state. However, as the Pentagon reported nearly six years ago [NEWS1057], no Arab government wants the Palestinians to have their own state and would probably attack that state with Arab armies should it ever become a reality!

Secondly, the Palestinians were trapped inside Israel once the Arab nations were defeated in the 1948 war. Because she was victorious against an aggressor army, Israel had every right to demand the extradition of the Palestinian people to Edom. Jordan refused to even consider that option, because King Hussein of Jordan considered them to be his mortal enemy. Indeed, years later, the PLO under Arafat fought a pitched battle with the Jordanian Army, and lost! Had Arafat won this brief war, he would have established a Palestinian State at least, and may have actually overthrown the central Jordanian government!

Finally, too many Christians are still considering President Bush to be a Born Again Christian, even though his many Bad Spiritual Fruits tell us he cannot possibly be genuine. His insistence that Israel give up part of her ancient Biblical land to an Arab people is an abomination to God. In NEWS1806, we demonstrate that God has threatened End Times judgment to any nation who tries to divide the Promised Land of Israel. We encourage you to read this article, for it will teach you much about God's concern over Israel. In fact, as Israel actually begins her unilateral withdrawal, thus making herself militarily indefensible, we may be getting closer to the moment when Israel's Guardian Angel, Michael, must fight for her. Listen to the prophecy:

"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book." [Dan 12:1]

Whenever an angel begins to spring into action, the Bible portrays him as "standing up". Michael will have to come to Israel's aid, because the situation on the ground will have gotten so serious that her national life is literally "hanging in the balance". Notice, also, the promise that Michael's intervention will successfully deliver those Jews whose name "shall be found written in the book." This election of Latter Day Jews conforms precisely with the revelation that God shall deliver His remnant, identified only as the "one third" of all Jews at the End of the Age [Zechariah 13:8-9].

The Jewish leadership of today is part of the doomed "two thirds" whom God will allow Antichrist to kill! God is not finished with Israel by a long shot, but the ride is going to be one of unprecedented trouble, even greater than the Jewish Holocaust under Adolf Hitler! That thought is scary enough to ponder carefully, prayerfully!

V. This week, Palestinian terrorists were acting much more like themselves, threatening Israel with waves of terror! Last week, we noted that the Palestinian terror groups were talking peace, even as the Geneva Accord booklets were being mailed to every home. We believed that this newly discovered penchant for peace was nothing more than a desire to not "rock the boat" while Israel's leaders were beginning the process of giving away huge chunks of her land, greatly rewarding 22 years of suicide bombings. This week, these terrorist groups were acting much more "normal".

NEWS BRIEF: "Suicide attacks on the way - Hamas", The Jerusalem Newswire, December 9, 2003.

"Jerusalem (jnewwire.com) - 'Suicide' bombings are set to resume against Israel's Jews, a top Hamas official said Monday, a day after the terror group successfully torpedoed a purported Palestinian Authority attempt to weld together a ceasefire between the terrorists. Chief Hamas spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantisi told the Reuters news agency in an interview the relative quiet Israel has been enjoying for the past two months has simply been a 'gap between the waves' of such attacks."

" 'The martyrdom operations come as waves so there are gaps between the waves. We are just in the period of a gap between waves', he said."

No one should be under the illusion that any Palestinian is really desiring peace as defined as an absence of war and a period of peaceful coexistence with Israel. The only "peace" of which any Palestinian leaders is desiring is the yawning "peace of the grave". Arafat has made this ultimate goal very clear over the entire 22 years he has been directing the suicide bombings.

However, this week, the Palestinian leadership was so brimming over with enthusiasm of actually reaching this goal, it told its people to get ready to occupy all Israel! Incredible - listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "PA to refugees: By 2007 you will fill the hills of Palestine", By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff, December 9, 2003

"Jerusalem (jnewwire.com) - The Palestinians' armed effort of the past three years has not been in vain, and the political payoff from that murderous campaign is about to realized. This was the message of 'hope' conveyed to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the refugee 'camps' of Lebanon Sunday by Yasser Arafat advisor Hani al-Hassan ... In a related development, Hamas political chief Khaled Mashal told a London daily Israel would soon cease to exist ... The Palestinian Authority is working feverishly to calm the public opinion storm currently inflaming the Palestinian Arabs, especially in regards to the Geneva Accord ..."

The reason the average Palestinian is angry about the Geneva Accord -- even though it will force Israel back into borders that are militarily indefensible -- is because they do not want to give up the "right of return" of Palestinian "refugees" living now in Edom, Jordan. The Palestinians desperately want their Palestinian brethren to come pouring into Israel from Jordan because they know they will have an instant majority population! Over a period of time, the greater birth rate of Palestinians versus Israelis will swell that majority to a huge edge.

To quiet these protests so Israel can be induced to commit national suicide, Arafat then promised them the entire land.

"For the past three years we have all sown…now is the time to reap', the Arafat aide said. The time has come to transfer the conflict 'inside Israel…with the goal of overthrowing Sharon ... The hills of Palestine are waiting for you. In 2007, this current phase will end and you will fill Palestine ..." He encouraged the refugees, saying the year 2007 would 'not pass without our state being [established]', and the PA would hold fast to the 'right of return' in the run-up to that day ...."

"Palestine" is the Palestinian word for the state of "Israel".

Michael the Archangel of Israel, may be about to "stand up"!

VI. U.S. might be getting ready to start "Stage 3" of its war on terror, a plan that includes a physical invasion of Iran, Syria, and even Lebanon!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. could target Iran, Syria in stage 3", Special Report of World Tribune, Thursday, December 11, 2003

"The United States is expected to target the regimes in Iran and Syria in the next stage of the war against Islamic insurgents ... Stage 3 of the U.S. war against terrorism would be significantly different from previous phases. The next stage of the war would be challenging, the report said, with targeted regimes more resilient than Afghanistan and Iraq ... The report, entitled 'Phase Three in the War on Terror', said the United States would not find many terrorist targets for an air or missile attack in either Iran or Syria ... 'Limited bombing would almost certainly fail to disrupt the terrorist infrastructure significantly', the report said. 'There is simply too little to bomb ... Putting boots on the ground is necessary to root out terrorists, and even then they are more likely to be displaced than destroyed'. At that point, the United States might decide on a ground invasion of Iran or Syria."

Now, let me get this straight. Even though we are bogged down in an occupation role in Iraq -- with not enough troops to quell the guerilla war -- and even though Congress is urging the President to significantly increase the numbers of soldiers in our military, we are actually contemplating starting a ground invasion of Iran and/or Syria? If normal military thinking were ruling decisions in our government, we would be forced to completely disregard this story as a fabrication; yet, we know the plan is to begin the World War III that will allow Antichrist to "put his boot" in the nation of Israel, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah!

Certainly, if we actually invaded Iran or Syria, or both, Israel would be drawn into the conflict. Remember, Syria has threatened to attack Israel should America attack her [Read NEWS1799]. News reports of a couple weeks ago also indicated that Syria had just completed placing her arsenal of chemical warheads on her theater missiles ["Syria Completes CW Warheads", http://www.menewsline.com/stories/2003/november/11_12_2.html]

The moment we attack Syria, President Assad is likely to order an all-out attack on Israel. Of course, this is exactly the plan to start the Middle Eastern war between Israel and her Arab neighbors that will blow up into the planned Third World War [Read NEWS1056].

If we invaded Iran, we would also be in for a much greater fight than we experienced in Iraq, for the Iranian force is much stronger, better trained, better motivated, and better equipped than the Iraqi force. Remember, also, that the Iraqis gave Coalition Forces all they could handle in the first two weeks of war, as our Daily News Updates and our Newsletters during that time reported. We took Baghdad easily because Iraqi forces staged a strategic withdrawal rather than fight. As Iran stated just prior to our March 20 invasion, "" 'Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse'. In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts.' "

Those fronts were: Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Israel.

Finally, if we invaded either Syria or Iran, the credibility of Russia, Germany and France is clearly on the line. In NEWS1802, we reported the joint communiqué issued by these three countries, but enumerated publicly by Russian President Putin. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "No strike on other countries, Putin warns US", Sify News, April 12, 2003.

""Saint Petersburg -- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned the US-led coalition not to attack other countries under the pretext of promoting capitalist and democratic values after having defeated Iraq's dictatorial regime. 'We are not going to export capitalist, democratic revolutions,' the Russian leader told reporters as rumours in Washington allege that some elements of the US administration are mulling launching military operations against other Middle Eastern states. 'If we do, we're going to end up on a slippery slope to non-ending military conflicts. We can't let that happen,' Putin said at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac after holding talks with them."

Thus, we await events most anxiously to see how they will turn out.

VII. Several interesting stories came out of Iraq this past week. After a bloody November, Coalition Forces suffered through a bloody first two weeks of December. Nearly, every day, American soldiers were dying in combat, more copters were shot down, and the headquarters of Coalition Forces came under rocket attack! But, the most important events occurred elsewhere in Iraq, completely separate from the guerilla war.

NEWS BRIEF: "The imperial U.S. embassy", The Cincinnati Post Online, 12/13/2003.

"U.S. officials in Baghdad are considering converting Saddam Hussein's sprawling and ornate presidential palace into the new U.S. embassy in Iraq ... Let's hope this isn't so. It would send an absolutely terrible message -- that we came to liberate but stayed to rule. The Iraqis would see the United States installed in Saddam's palace as replacing an unpopular dictator with an arrogant occupier. We've made enough enemies in Iraq through clumsy postwar planning; we do not need to make more through this land grab."

We could not have stated this truth any clearer. Too many Iraqis and Arabs throughout the world look upon the United States as an arrogant "Infidel" force that needs to be thrown out! Gradually, over the past seven months, Arab anger throughout the world has steadily increased, causing many moderate Arab governments friendly to the United States to become worried over whether they are going to survive.

Further, Saddam's Palace is a very ornate place. It is the very symbol of his corruption and sleaze; the very idea that the US wants to place our Embassy there, means that the corruption and sleaze associated with the palace will rub off on us. It is difficult to think of a more terrible idea than this one!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq", by Julian Borger in Washington, The Guardian, London, December 9, 2003.

"Israeli advisers are helping train US special forces in aggressive counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, including the use of assassination squads against guerrilla leaders, US intelligence and military sources said yesterday. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has sent urban warfare specialists to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the home of US special forces, and according to two sources, Israeli military 'consultants' have also visited Iraq."

Once again, this story brands America as a tool in the hands of the Israelis, a charge many Arabs and other anti-Semites throughout the world have been making since our Iraqi invasion. The very idea that "Zionist Jews" -- Arab viewpoint -- are training American soldiers in the fine art of assassination of Arab leaders will surely trigger an anti-American upheaval amongst the population.

Further, the last time American soldiers embarked upon an aggressive program of assassination was during the Vietnam War, in a plan code-named, "Operation Phoenix". Over the years, this "Phoenix" operation killed many thousands of South Vietnamese officials and their families. However, Dr. Stan Monteith has repeatedly stated the truth, that we now know that almost 3 out of every 4 assassinations was in error! We killed a lot of innocent South Vietnamese, and we are going to kill a lot of innocent Iraqis as well. But, if the ultimate plan is to unite Arabs against America and Israel so strongly that a Middle Eastern war breaks out, we are doing a splendid job!

NEWS BRIEF: "Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns: Encircling Entire Towns In Barbed Wire", By DEXTER FILKINS, New York Times, December 7, 2003.

"ABU HISHMA, Iraq, Dec. 6 — As the guerrilla war against Iraqi insurgents intensifies, American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire. In selective cases, American soldiers are demolishing buildings thought to be used by Iraqi attackers. They have begun imprisoning the relatives of suspected guerrillas, in hopes of pressing the insurgents to turn themselves in. The Americans embarked on their get-tough strategy in early November, goaded by what proved to be the deadliest month yet for American forces in Iraq, with 81 soldiers killed by hostile fire. The response they chose is beginning to echo the Israeli counterinsurgency campaign in the occupied territories. So far, the new approach appears to be succeeding in diminishing the threat to American soldiers. But it appears to be coming at the cost of alienating many of the people the Americans are trying to win over. Abu Hishma is quiet now, but it is angry, too."

Once again, if our ultimate goal is to really enrage the Arabs in the region and throughout the world against us, this strategy makes a lot of sense. However, I find it curious that we are encircling the Arab towns with barbed wire in order to seal them off, at the same time the International Community is severely criticizing Israel for doing exactly the same thing! In fact, different Bush Administration officials have consistently criticized Israel for building the ultimate security device, the permanent Security Fence! We have even withheld funds Israel was promised because we were so upset at this permanent fence. Soon, the same stories will start coming out about our razor-sharp barbed wire fences encircling Iraqi towns that have been coming out about the Israeli encirclement of Palestinian towns. More and more, Arabs are beginning to paint America and Israel with the very same brush.

VIII. "I really feel a draft". How many of you know that young men who go to their state Departments of Transportation to get a driver's license are being forced to sign up for Selective Service? Incredible, you say? Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "I really feel a draft!", Weblogs Forum, November 14, 2003.

"After making my earlier post this morning, helping out my wife, I found myself late this afternoon with my 15 year old son talking his learner's permit exam at the DMV. Imagine my surprise to see that all the examiner's cubicles have a hastily copied black and white sheet posted in them which reads:

"To All of our Customers Who are Male and Age 18 through 25: Effective November 3, 2003: ...Completion of this application will be considered as proof of your consent to be registered with the Selective Service System per the requirements of Federal and State Law. If you decline to register, your application for a driver license, learner's permit or ID card will be denied."

Can you believe this? When a young person fills out a driver's license or driver's permit application, he is "giving consent" to being registered with Selective Service! The rule has always been that, when a person turns 18 years of age, he must register with Selective Service. However, this new policy is reaching down to 15-year olds and seems much more intrusive and harsh.

Several weeks ago, Christian author Berit Kjos posted an article on Cutting Edge about the return of the Selective Service Draft entitled "The Draft Is Back". However, as draconian as this new Selective Service act sounds, the ages of the men required to register is 18-26! Therefore, why are men as young as 15 years old now being required to register in this most secretive and insidious way? As the father who posted this story lamented, "What's next?"

IX. The flu season is hitting hard this year, with the apparent goal being the vaccination of a great many people in our population. So many contradictions exist in this situation, no other conclusion seems possible.

NEWS BRIEF: "Flu is confirmed in all 50 states; vaccine dwindles", Angie Wagner, Associated Press, reported in azcentral.com, Dec. 13, 2003

"Hundreds of people lined up for free flu shots Friday, and some hospitals were discouraging visitors after officials announced that the flu had spread to all 50 states, with nearly half of those considered hit hard by the illness ... Worried parents are rushing to find shots even though many clinics are out or about to run out of the vaccine.

" 'I really was desperate', said Joy Thompson of Valencia, Calif., who found 300 people waiting to get the vaccine at her daughters' pediatrics office and couldn't endure the line. She later got the vaccine from her mother, a nurse. Schools have shut down. Emergency rooms have been filled with sick children. Doctors offices have been forced to turn away droves of people seeking flu shots ... Health officials are unsure why the outbreak has hit so early, why it has caused so many problems and why it seems to be so lethal in children. States are not required to track the number of flu cases, so the total is not clear; however, at least 20 children have died nationwide during this outbreak."

This story paints a pretty grim picture, a potentially lethal picture; it also tells us that vaccine is in short supply and parents are getting "desperate". However, we are puzzled when we read the next article, one that broke only this morning [Saturday, 12/13/03]!

NEWS BRIEF: "Decision made flu vaccine less effective: Under time crunch, federal panel picked vaccine formula not geared to deadly new Chinese strain", By RAJA MISHRA, The Boston Globe, carried in "The State", Dec. 13, 2003.

"The vaccine itself is not designed to fight the strain that is spreading ... A slow and unwieldy flu vaccine production process kept federal officials from adjusting to the emergence of a new Chinese influenza strain earlier this year, leaving Americans with second-rate protection against the virus, according to specialists and government documents ... And improvements to the system are years away, specialists said."

Now, let us make sure we get this straight! Even though we are being urged to get those "free flu shots", and even though parents are worried sick that supplies will run out before their child gets vaccinated, the flu vaccine available is not even effective against the strain now hitting us? Yes, that is exactly correct. But, this is nothing new; since flu is carried by a virus that is constantly mutating, the vaccine being given people is never really effective against the strain of that year! This reality is what has kept me from getting a flu vaccination for over a decade now, while my wife was getting one every year until about three years ago. Even though I never had the flu during this past 10 years or so, my wife always got the flu even though she had taken the flu vaccination!

It is time to think outside the Propaganda Box so you can properly reach a conclusion. The truth lies in 180° opposite direction from the propaganda. When you hear an official on the radio -- as I did last week -- urging people to get the flu shot even though it did not protect you from the particular strain hitting us right now, you should know that the reason they want people to get a flu shot is something other than just protecting against the current flu virus.

In fact, Dr. Len Horowitz has repeatedly stated that the government has manufactured a great number of deadly viruses, including AIDS and Ebola, and in every instance, has passed that virus through the population by giving people "free vaccinations"! Vaccinations are especially effective for anyone wanting to get people infected, for the needle passes right through the natural barrier of the skin! As Dr. Horowitz has repeatedly warned, do not get those vaccinations!

We urge you to read a report on the Spanish Flu Outbreak following World War I, for it speaks to this issue factually and truthfully. Then, you can make up your own minds on this most important issue. This report comes from the respected Irish Examiner. Remember, the goal of the Illuminati is to drastically reduce the world's population by 66%, the same percentage as God's plagues and judgments kill in the Book of Revelation. In the Preparatory Period leading up to Antichrist arising, the Illuminati wants to take steps to reduce the birth rate {Abortion} and to increase the premature death rate. [Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse"]

My daughter is a practicing nurse, and has told me on many occasions that nurses call flu shots given to the elderly, "Old People Killers". You be the judge.

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* MICHAEL JACKSON: SIX-STEPPING AMERICA INTO ANOTHER STAGE IN OUR NATIONAL MORAL COLLAPSE -- Part 4 of 4 -- In this article, we shall examine ways in which we are being conditioned to accept the most calamitous changes imaginable. Our country is about to be shattered according to prophecy and the Six Step Attitudinal Plan is the tool by which our nation was ruined. Yet, the very nature of the this Attitudinal Change Plan Guarantees that most of the American people remain totally unaware that they are being daily manipulated. You will never look at our culture the same way again! - n1876d.cfm


* U.S. SUPREME COURT SILENTLY STRIPS INDIVIDUAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! SECOND AMENDMENT NO LONGER APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS! -- Part 1 of 2 -- Working very quietly, and with absolutely no Mass Media coverage, the Supreme Court allowed a an unconstitutional decision of the 9th Circuit Court to stand without review, thus possibly making their "Gun Control" decision the law of the land. Now, the Constitution no longer guarantees the right of individual citizens to own and bear arms. Gun Control is always precursor to dictatorship! -- n1877.cfm

* U.S. SUPREME COURT SILENTLY STRIPS INDIVIDUAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! GUN CONTROL IS THE ISSUE AS WE ARE BEING LED INTO THE GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP - Part 2 of 2 - History tells a very stark picture as to what happens when a government successfully confiscates the guns of their people. You will realize that our concerns about current efforts to make gun ownership illegal are well rooted in modern history. A check on the back of our One Dollar Bill demonstrates our government is pursuing the goal of the global dictatorship of the New World Order. Governments in the 20th Century have killed over 170,000,000 people after taking their guns away. Most people do not know enough history to be frightened. -- [Will be posted Monday]

* M.M.E.A. - MULTIPLE MICRO ELECTRODE ARRAY IMPLANTABLE CHIP: BUYING AND SELLING IS EASIER THAN YOU MIGHT THINK! -- Part 5 of 5 -- Technology to "buy and sell" with the M.M.E.A. chip is both simple and in use right now! Too many people believe the technology to "buy and sell" with an implantable chip is complicated and that the chip must be updatable -- not true, as you shall soon see! -- n1875e.cfm

---------- Resource Update ----------

* Hope of the Wicked - Acclaimed Book On The New World Order Plan -- One of the most acclaimed book on the New World Order Plan to be recently published! Politics has become but a tool for chaos, for out of that planned chaos will come the "New Order"! Book explores the convergence on a global basis of multi-national corporations, foundations, and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government to bring a New World Order. The book is 550 pages with 82 photographs and 1,200 footnotes, with a strong historical basis to show that there is a global elite working to end the sovereignty of nations, to place all under the United Nations. The agenda has no ideology and is neither Democrat nor Republican but about control, the erosion of freedoms and rights, the planned collapse of the world economy to bring a new order from chaos, the intentional dumbing-down of American education, and many other issues that are bothering you in your gut, but that you can't put your finger on.

Hope of the Wicked is about the greatest deception in modern history. But, now you can be deceived no longer! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=650

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The 360 breathtaking oil paintings will make you feel like you are actually there, watching the Bible unfold. You will experience the Bible as never before. Many who have seen advanced screenings of this film have been moved to tears. In a day when many Christians are producing watered-down, politically-correct films, this video compellingly presents a straightforward, biblically accurate, no-punches-pulled presentation of the gospel with a compelling salvation appeal. http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=653

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Unveiling Islam is a sympathetic yet uncompromising presentation of the entire scope of Islam — its practices, ethics, and beliefs, including the primary differences between Christianity and Islam. With a basic knowledge of Islam in place, the authors then present a practical strategy Christians can use to open a productive dialogue with Muslims and how to lead them to Jesus Christ! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=652

* Megiddo: The March to Armageddon - Video - We shall be back in-stock no later than Wednesday, as this video has sold better than any in recent memory!

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Speakers are: Dave Hunt, David Bay, T.A. McMahon, Joe Schimmel, Lynn Marzulli, Caryl Matrisciana, William T. Still

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We are also seeking to upgrade our Spanish site, so that we will experience double the numbers of the Portuguese Site. That goal is attainable since the number of Spanish speaking people in the world is double the numbers of Portuguese. Toward this end, we have brought our Spanish translator into the Cutting Edge office for nearly one month so as to set in motion the steps needed to reach out to the 358,000,000 Spanish-speaking people. With prayer and God's Holy Spirit, we shall succeed.

Further, we have had to increase the monthly stipend we give to our Portuguese translator, so he can spend more time each week working to maintain the site, answer his many emails, and guide the people who have come to know Jesus from the Portuguese site.

Last week, we received an offer from a missionary to India, to translate articles in the Indian language! We shall begin to move to set up that site. India has over one billion -- 1,000,000,000+ -- precious souls for whom Jesus died! What an opportunity!

Please bear in mind that these different language sites produce no income, making them totally dependent upon the English site.

However, we need your help. Even though Cutting Edge is reaching so many more people than ever before, our monthly supporters have dropped to their lowest level in nearly three years. While job insecurity has caused the number of monthly people to diminish, few new people have signed up to give monthly. Won't you take this matter to the Lord in prayer? If Cutting Edge is a blessing to you, and if you have a burden to reach lost souls, please consider signing up for a monthly commitment, even if it is only a few dollars.

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---------Conclusion----------------"So shall we ever be with the Lord." 1 Thessalonians 4:17


Even the sweetest visits from Christ, how short they are--and how transitory! One moment our eyes see Him, and we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, but again a little time and we do not see Him, for our beloved withdraws Himself from us; like a roe or a young hart He leaps over the mountains of division; He is gone to the land of spices, and feeds no more among the lilies.

"If to-day He deigns to bless us
With a sense of pardoned sin,
He to-morrow may distress us,
Make us feel the plague within."

Oh, how sweet the prospect of the time when we shall not behold Him at a distance, but see Him face to face: when He shall not be as a wayfaring man tarrying but for a night, but shall eternally enfold us in the bosom of His glory. We shall not see Him for a little season, but

"Millions of years our wondering eyes,
Shall o'er our Saviour's beauties rove;
And myriad ages we'll adore,
The wonders of His love."

In heaven there shall be no interruptions from care or sin; no weeping shall dim our eyes; no earthly business shall distract our happy thoughts; we shall have nothing to hinder us from gazing for ever on the Sun of Righteousness with unwearied eyes. Oh, if it be so sweet to see Him now and then, how sweet to gaze on that blessed face for aye, and never have a cloud rolling between, and never have to turn one's eyes away to look on a world of weariness and woe! Blest day, when wilt thou dawn? Rise, O unsetting sun! The joys of sense may leave us as soon as they will, for this shall make glorious amends. If to die is but to enter into uninterrupted communion with Jesus, then death is indeed gain, and the black drop is swallowed up in a sea of victory. ["Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon, Tozer CDROM Library]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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