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December 20, 2007

UPDATED 12/20 at 8:15am

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"NAFTA - The Merger/Destruction of America'
by Jerome Corsi

The Illuminati plan to create a North American Union by combining the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is a long-term plan. That plan began its official implementation at the end of 1993, when Congress passed NAFTA as an economic nation.

But, now, the time has arrived to re-create NAFTA into a political nation, surrendering the national sovereignty of America, Canada, and Mexico

Jerry Corsi says the SPP is designed by big business and bureaucrat government to create an American EU. They also plan to build a Superhighway from Central America into Canada putting American trucking companies out of business and creating the perfect invasion route through the center of the country. Our days of prosperity may be about to end.

2 hrs 40 min --

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Just as oil prices had fallen to less than $90 per barrel, Turkey launched a limited incursion into northern Iraq to attack the Kurdish PKK rebels. Right on cue, world oil prices rose.

We reported for the past two weeks that, if the Illuminati wanted oil prices to remain at current levels, they had to find a new crisis. Apparently, this limited incursion fits the bill nicely.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil edges higher on news of Turkish incursion into northern Iraq", Forbes News, December 18, 2007

"LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Oil edged higher in early trade as news broke that Turkish troops have moved into northern Iraq ... The operation is the first reported ground incursion by the Turkish military inside Iraq since tension between Ankara and Baghdad erupted over the Kurdish rebel issue in October. The conflict was a key factor in oil's march towards record highs earlier this year."

Do you remember when President Bush met with Turkey's Prime Minister a few weeks before the Annapolis Summit - November 5 to be exact? I wondered then if these two leaders discussed Turkey's role in keeping Middle East tensions high now to maintain oil prices, since the specter of war with Iran was receding.

The Turk incursion was limited in both manpower and timing, underscoring the reality that Turkey has no intention of pouring 240,000 troops into northern Iraq as she was threatening to do this Summer.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi military source reports 300 lightly-armed Turkish troops enter Iraqi Kurdistan ", DEBKAfile Intelligence, December 18, 2007

"They are said to have moved into the Gali Rash mountainous area 2-3 km inside Iraq ... Monday, the Turkish army chief Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said that the US had opened air space and provided intelligence for a Turkish air strike a day earlier on PKK bases in northern Iraq’s regions of Zap, Hakurk, Avasin and the Qandil mountains. Gen. Buyukanit told a TV interviewer: 'The US gave intelligence… But what is more important the US opened northern Iraqi airspace to us. By doing that the US approved the operation'.”

This information contains a number of blockbuster revelations!

1) Only about 300 Turkish soldiers crossed the Iraqi border. Since Turkey did not move 240,000 soldiers across the border, she is signaling that this military operation was an incursion limited in manpower, scope, and time. Indeed, these soldiers were withdrawn back across the border at nightfall.

2) These Turkish troops were supported by air power, which is confirmed when the Turkish Army Chief noted that America had "opened air space". Other news reports indicated that F-16 fighter bombers from the Turkish Air Force had struck Kurdish targets.

3) This revelation indicates that American authorities had approved of this operation beforehand. Not only did we allow Turk bombers to traverse the skies, our intelligence agencies provided hard information to the Turk military command just before the strikes began.

Once again, the White House is actively betraying the poor Kurds! Remember when we encouraged the Kurds to rise up against Saddam Hussein during the 1970's-1980's? That action only caused Saddam to use gas against Kurdish villages.

After the Gulf War in 1991, the White House once again backtracked on promises to the Kurds.

Now, in the past several years, the Bush White House has encouraged the Kurds to establish their own government in northern Iraq, even to the point of issuing a new political map of the Middle East issued in a Pentagon publication (NEWS2213) which shows a new political nation entitled, "New Kurdistan". To create this new nation, the map takes land away from Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

When the Kurds saw this new map, they must have reacted ecstatically, believing that this map communicated a firm commitment at long last to their new nation, the "New Kurdistan".

Sadly now, though, that belief has been shattered as the Bush Administration has decided that they must bend to the Turkish position or risk a very large invasion which would devastate the nearly 5-year American military effort in Iraq.

II. Stark reality dictates that American President George Bush has little leverage to stop Turkey from strongly intervening in northern Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: Turkey gets a free hand in Iraq", Asia Times, December 20, 2007

"This was the largest cross-border operation since the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 ... everybody in Iraq knows that the operation could not have taken place without the green light from Washington.. On Tuesday, Turkey sent hundreds of troops several kilometers into northern Iraq, then withdrew them later in the day. It is the the first confirmed Turkish ground operation inside Iraq."

Why would the Americans betray their Kurdish allies so completely? What leverage does Turkey have over the American position? As it turns out, the American position is severely compromised in several areas simultaneously.

1) "... the Americans already have too much to cope with, combating a Sunni and Shi'ite insurgency in central Iraq. They are combating - at once - the Mahdi Army of Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, former Ba'athists loyal to ex-president Saddam Hussein, and al-Qaeda. And to say the least, the US is winning none of these wars. It simply cannot open another front in the relatively stable district of northern Iraq. That is why it has turned a blind eye to PKK activity in Iraqi Kurdistan ..."

2) "A second reason for US caution is the fragile political system within Iraq ... The Americans know that and they are afraid of what post-Maliki Iraq would look like ... To bolster Maliki and enable him to take baby steps towards stability in Iraq, the Americans need Kurdish support for the prime minister. In addition to backing them on the issue of the PKK (without actually saying it), Maliki is also in favor of giving oil-rich Kirkuk, a province between Arabs and Kurds, to Iraqi Kurdistan. "

Can you see the Americans maneuvering the Shi'ite Prime Minister Maliki into giving the black riches of Kirkuk's oil to the Kurds? The Bush Administration is taking this "Realpolitic" action because they are desperate to show "stability" within the Sunni and Shi'ite areas of Iraq.

However, Turkey's government has a very dim view of any action which would empower the "New Kurdistan" nation which Washington is building up, especially concerning oil, which would so enrich the leadership of this new nation.

"The hands-on reality, however, shows a major u-turn in the US attitude towards the entire crisis. Turkish forces have penetrated kilometers into Iraqi Kurdistan - and the US has not stopped them. It also, however, did not give them explicit approval to do so ... it looked the other way ... The operations over the past few days have been a preview of what Turkey can do in northern Iraq, although the message carried different meanings to different parties. The Americans are apologizing to the Kurds, saying they had to say yes as they had no other choice. The US would rather upset its Kurdish friends than bring the relative stability that has recently been achieved in Iraq to a halt."

To close out this sorry story of bold betrayal of the Kurds, let us turn to a quote from the "Pike Report" which arose out of the Watergate investigations of the mid-1970's. In describing Kissinger's original encouragement of the Kurds, this report sadly lamented:

"Our clients, who were encouraged to fight, were not told of this policy'. The Kurds were never meant to win, only to weaken Iraq and materialize US interests in the Middle East. The Kurds - Barzani in particular - should know better and re-read the history of their people's friendship with the United States."

Since Kissinger still is very active in a leadership role within the global Illuminati and is still a powerful adviser to the Bush Family, we must realize that betrayal of the Kurds is a heart still beating very strongly within the Bush Administration.


III. As the White House announced that President Bush will visit the Middle East in January, President Putin of Russia acted to pre-empt the efforts of the American President.

But, shouldn't we expect this kind of effort from the prophesied leader of the "Gog-Magog" invasion of Israel at the End of the Age?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush's January Middle East tour seeks to bolster Annapolis peace bid", By Matt Spetalnick, Reuter's News, December 18, 2007

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush will make his first trip to Israel and the West Bank next month to try to shore up fragile peace efforts despite skepticism about the chances of a deal before he leaves office in 13 months."

The President will make several stops in the region.

"Bush will also make stops in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates on his January 8-16 trip to promote broader Arab-Israeli reconciliation after decades of conflict and enmity."

The President is most definitely following up on the results of the Annapolis Summit, which promised a Palestinian State before the end of 2008. This trip most definitely dramatically increases Bush's profile within the region, making it very important for him to be able to show at least some "progress" toward the Annapolis agenda.

Just as the top leader of a nation will never attend a major conference unless a deal has been reached beforehand, President Bush now cannot afford to come to this region unless a substantive deal has been reached ahead of time.

We have no idea what this announcement might be, but I find it difficult to believe that Bush would throw White House diplomatic weight behind the continuation of the Annapolis nation-building unless some sort of agreement has already been hammered out.

"Bush's first presidential visit to Israel and the West Bank comes as his room for maneuver is limited by the unpopular Iraq war, now in its fifth year ... All three leaders -- Bush, Abbas and Olmert -- are politically weak at home.. After the 44-nation gathering in Annapolis, Bush assured the two leaders the United States would actively engage in peacemaking."

However, President Putin of Russia seems to have other ideas in mind, as he plans his own trip to the Middle East, a trip planned to occur before Bush arrives in the region.

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin Aims to Trump Bush’s Middle East Moves", DEBKAfile Intelligence, December 17, 2007

"Our Moscow sources report President Vladimir Putin has adopted the strategy of matching - or topping - every US or Western move concerning the Middle East."

This article then lists some of the events which Putin has planned to neutralize what Bush is planning to do in the region.

1) "The foreign ministry in Moscow announced .... the delivery of the first fuel shipment to power the Iranian nuclear reactor Russia is building at Bushehr. The announcement coincided with an international conference in Paris for 60 countries to consider the Palestinians’ application for $5.6 bn in aid. DEBKAfile’s Moscow sources report this was a deliberate ploy to steal the thunder of an event built up as the sequel of the US-promoted Middle East conference in Annapolis last month."

2) "He also plans ... to land in Syria in grand style on New Year’s Eve, a week before US president George W. Bush begins his Middle East tour."

3) "Putin, who plans to be filmed worldwide with Russian sailors on the deck of the aircraft carrier, backed by 47 Russian warplanes and 10 helicopters, will be challenging the US Sixth Fleet, the Israeli Navy and UNIFIL’s marine arm for control of the eastern Mediterranean..."

4) "Putin will take the opportunity to pay visits to select Middle East rulers."

Just as Bush plans on meeting with Arab rulers, so will Putin. It is not clear whether he will meet with any of the same rulers as will Bush. Additionally, Putin is pushing hard to visit Jerusalem, again to preempt a Bush visit later in the month.

"The rivalry between Bush’s Washington and Putin’s Moscow for influence in the Middle East is clearly more intense and sharp-edged than generally appreciated."

Can you see Russia's influence in the region climbing dramatically, while America's influence is declining? Russia is actively lining up all the nations which are prophesied to march with her forces against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, while America's influence in the region continues its decline. We are now beginning to see why America is not specifically mentioned in End of the Age prophecy!


IV. Israel's attack into the Gaza Strip through the air may result in a ground operation.

As we have stated on numerous occasions, Israel must neutralize or overthrow Hamas before a Palestinian State can be established. Hamas leaders simply want no part of the current Masonic Plan to create a Palestinian State.

NEWS BRIEF: "AF kills two Hamas operatives in latest Gaza air strike', The Jerusalem Post, December 17, 2007

"13 Palestinians were killed in two days of air strikes as the IDF stepped up its operations against terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The air strikes began Monday night with the targeted killing of Majed Harazin, Islamic Jihad's leader in the Gaza Strip. In another air strike early Tuesday, the IDF killed Karim al-Dahdouh, a master rocket-maker."

"At 6 a.m. Tuesday, the IDF killed another four members of Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades in the northern Gaza Strip. Later in the day, two Hamas operatives were killed when an IAF aircraft bombed a Hamas military position in southern Gaza ... The Quds Brigades' commander in Jenin, Tarik Abu-Ra'ali, was killed during an exchange of fire with troops in Kabatiya ..."

"Vice Premier Haim Ramon praised the military action and said the operations 'greatly impeded' the terrorist groups' activities. He predicted the air strikes would result in a decrease in rocket attacks. Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i said he was 'very pleased with our achievements [Monday] night ', but added that the air strikes were not an alternative to a ground operation."

Of course, Hamas threatened massive retaliation against Israel for these defensive strikes, saying that suicide attacks would be the most likely type of response. A few days ago, I was thinking that the number and frequency of bloody suicide attacks on "soft" civilian targets have all but vanished since the dividing wall has gone up in most of Israel. Do you remember how common it was for suicide Palestinian bombers to blow up civilian busses and restaurants?

Beating human hearts landed on the pavement, while I vividly remember the one instance where the head of a young girl came rolling out of the destroyed door of a Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem. The dividing wall is so effective, the Palestinians waste no opportunity to complain against it.

Some voices in Israel argued that an even more powerful attack against Hamas was needed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas could be next", by Ron Ben-Yishai, YNET News, December 18, 2007

"As long as the IDF does not possess a system for intercepting short-range rockets, the en masse elimination of leaders of the Qassam launching apparatus is the almost sole means available to Israel in order to end the rocket attacks, or at least minimize them ... an all-out targeted elimination offensive against group members in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, as was the case Monday night, may undermine the organization’s motivation."

"Yet if the anti-Jihad offensive would not bring about the desired results, the IDF would shift to the last step on the 'pressure scale': An all-out offensive on Hamas."

Hamas and Fatah leaders are discussing a possible "Hudna" ceasefire, which would allow them to rebuild their destroyed armaments and replace their dead commanders. The last thing Hamas wants is an all-out IDF offensive against her forces in The Gaza Strip.

Israel, meanwhile, seems determined to justify just such an all-out attack. Likely, they will wait to act until a rather massive Hamas rocket attack is launched, for while key Hamas leaders do not want an attack on their positions right now, they do not control all the hotheads who want any confrontation at any time with the Jewish state.


V. Don't look now, but Afghanistan may be in danger of falling to the Taliban!

NEWS BRIEF: "British 'success' under siege", Asia Times, December 15, 2007

"KARACHI - British troops have once again recaptured the less than a few square kilometers of the district headquarters of Musa Qala town in Helmand province from the Taliban, but, as before, it could turn out to be a pyrrhic victory ... British troops have seized Musa Qala before, but then have become virtual prisoners in their barracks. Indeed, last year they were only able to vacate the town after striking a truce with the Taliban, who controlled all the surrounding areas of the inhospitable terrain."

Throughout history, Afghanistan has largely been ruled by individual chieftains. Only a limited area around the capital, Kabul, has been controllable by either Afghan or foreign forces. President Bush chose to ignore this critically important bit of national history when he ordered the invasion of Afghanistan, supposedly to capture Osama bin Laden.

Now, after six years of conflict, American, British and other NATO troops are learning that they cannot control the hinterland outside Kabul.

"The Taliban put up token resistance this week ... The Taliban did not receive any casualties as we did not actually fight. Civilians were the one victims ... Now that the troops are in Musa Qala, we have taken over positions nearby, namely the towns of Raigi and Shaban. The British troops are now once again trapped, like they were in 2006. We will now retaliate at a time of our choice."

"Meanwhile, the Taliban have captured two districts near Kandahar to build up pressure in that province to distract NATO from Helmand."

Do not be too surprised to hear sometime during 2008 that NATO forces are now concentrating only in certain safe areas, thus ceding most of the country to the Taliban. Modern foreign forces are in danger of being run out of Afghanistan -- again.


VI. Central Banks around the globe are cooperating to inject required fluidity within the banking and financial system to prevent collapse.

NEWS BRIEF: "Money Market Rates Fall for Second Day After ECB Cash Injection", By Gavin Finch, Bloomberg News, December 19, 2007

"Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Short-term borrowing rates fell in Europe, the U.S. and U.K. as European Central Bank council member Klaus Liebscher said the bank is ready to provide more cash to restore confidence in money markets ... Borrowing costs have soared following the collapse of the U.S. subprime-mortgage market."

"They 'absolutely flooded the market with cash and that's brought rates right back down', said Orlando Green, a London- based fixed-income strategist at Calyon, the investment-banking arm of Credit Agricole SA, France's second-biggest bank. 'They've achieved their stated goal of providing enough funds to cash-hungry banks to tide them over the year-end'.''

We have stated over and over again that the global banking system has more than enough liquidity to keep the banking system operating in order to prevent a collapse of the system. In America alone, the C.A.F.R. system has over $60 trillion in liquid reserves.

President Bush tried to calm market fears.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush says US economy is safe and sound", The Boston Globe, December 18, 2007

"President Bush on Monday tried to reassure an edgy public that the economy is 'pretty good' despite the dreary mix of a failing housing market, a national credit crunch and surging energy costs. 'There's definitely some storm clouds and concerns, but the underpinning is good', Bush said at a Rotary Club meeting, an informal setting chosen to show the president engaged with local communities. 'We'll work our way through this period'."

In the campaign of trying to give aid to several hundred thousand homeowners who are facing a severe increase in mortgage payments because they have Adjustable Rate loans, Congress is rapidly pushing through legislation.

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate overwhelmingly votes to expand mortgage program", by By Patrick Rucker, Reuters News, December 14, 2007

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate on Friday overwhelmingly passed legislation to expand the nation's largest federal home ownership program in a move that could help struggling subprime borrowers avoid foreclosure. The bill, which passed on a 93-1 vote, would loosen underwriting standards and raise the size of loans that may be insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA has said the changes should enable it to help 200,000 troubled borrowers save their homes."

"The House of Representatives had already passed its own version of FHA reform. Now, a compromise between the two bills needs to be hammered out before a final vote in each chamber puts it before U.S. President George W. Bush to sign into law."

The Senate acted to change an income tax provision which is adding fuel to the fire.

"... the Senate approved a bill to give tax relief to consumers who restructure their home loans to avoid foreclosure or who have lost their homes to foreclosure. When a lender forgives or cancels a mortgage, under current law the financial relief is treated as income and the homeowner has to pay taxes on it."

These are tough times, but the time for a collapse is not yet at hand. That collapse is planned to be part of the 91-day Third World War which shall produce Antichrist. Since this time window is so tiny, all elements must wait for all other elements to be in place before any of them begin to occur.

The Bible says that Israel is the key to End Time events, and the Illuminati Plan foresees that the Third World War would begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors (NEWS1015).

Until we see this war beginning, we can know that the planned economic collapse is not yet upon us.

UPDATED 12/20 AT 8:15 A.M.


VII. Events are now occurring which make it quite plain that President Bush's intense pressure upon Iran has backfired!

Iran and Saudi Arabia are now showing public signs of friendship, cooperation, and alliance!

Did President Bush's "New Middle East Map" have anything to do with this threatened loss of America's key oil ally - Saudi Arabia? After all, this map shows that Saudi Arabia is planned to lose all her oil seaports and control over all of Islam's sacred sites. As the time draws near for this map to be implemented, countries who stand to lose a lot of territory are beginning to strongly react -- Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran.

Now, let us turn our attention to the newly found relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gulf States Are Scared", by Yaakov Lappin, YNET News, 12/19/2007

"Armed with a sword and a smile, Iran has been making offers that its cowered Sunni neighbors can't refuse. 'We propose the establishment of economical and security pacts and institutions among the seven states', Ahmadinejad told a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at the beginning of the month. Iran wants a regional set-up free from 'foreign influence', Ahmadinejad said".

When Iran's President, Ahmadinejad, says he wants the GCC to be set up "without foreign influence", you can safely read into that statement "Western Influence", especially any Israeli and/or American.

"The fact that Iran was invited to the GCC conference right after the US National Intelligence Estimate ruled that the Islamic Republic halted work on nuclear weapons in 2003 is no coincidence. The NIE is seen as a sign of an American retreat. The report is a cannon ball that has blown an irreparable hole in the ship sailing towards significantly tighter UN sanctions on Iran. As that ship sinks, the one behind it, carrying the US military option vis-à-vis Iran, has made a U-turn, in the eyes of Gulf states. Ahmadinejad has become a Gulf celebrity, invited to conferences and pilgrimages other Iranian leaders could only dream of attending; The Gulf states are scared."

How scared are the Gulf States?

This YNET report began speaking of the greatly symbolic invitation from Sunni Saudi Arabia to Shi'ite Iran to attend the Hajj religious festival in Mecca. Sunni and Shi'ite have been battling each other for over 1,000 years, so their apparent reconciliation, as exemplied by President Ahmadinejad attending the Hajj festival, is truly historically unique.

What has caused this huge turn of events?

President Bush's four years of unrelenting war pressure on Iran has caused the following sequence of events.

1) Russia has stepped into the fray, personally guaranteeing Iran's protection and survival. Putin even stated that "an attack on Iran will be considered as an attack on Russia".

2) Russia and China have armed Iran to the teeth! Right now, Iran is a military superpower in the Arab region. Her military capability is staggering the imaginations of all Arab states, and stoking their fears. If Iran continues to pressure pro-Western Arab nations, President Bush might soon realize that there are no "moderate" Arab states left!

3) President Ahmadinejad is now viewed as an Arab hero, because he had the courage to stand up to the Americans -- and he is seen as having won! Furthermore, the Iranian President is seen as helping Russia create the strategy by which the American threat could be defeated.

Therefore, Russia's diplomatic stature within the Arab world is rising rapidly, at the very time we are expecting all events in the End of the Age to begin to occur. In other words, at just the right time in world history, Russia's prestige is skyrocketing amongst the very nations which are prophesied to march with Russian forces in the attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38-39)

4) Since President Ahmadinejad has publicly stated his belief that the Islamic Messiah is about to appear, his perceived victory over President Bush enhances his ability to lead Shi'ites to follow the man who will one day arise, claiming to be the Messiah which all the world's religions are expecting.

At that point, the world will stand at the precipice of the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel, also known as the 7-Year Tribulation! President Bush has done his job, as this kind of alignment would simply not have been possible without his four years of unrelenting threats.

Prophecy has been gradually fulfilled, in front of your eyes, in your Daily News!


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What if, O my reader! thou art merely a professor, and not a possessor of the faith that is in Christ Jesus, the following lines are a true ketch (vessel) of thine end.

You are a respectable attendant at a place of worship; you go because others go, not because your heart is right with God. This is your beginning. I will suppose that for the next twenty or thirty years you will be spared to go on as you do now, professing religion by an outward attendance upon the means of grace, but having no heart in the matter. Tread softly, for I must show you the deathbed of such a one as yourself.

Let us gaze upon him gently. A clammy sweat is on his brow, and he wakes up crying, "O God, it is hard to die. Did you send for my minister?" "Yes, he is coming." The minister comes. "Sir, I fear that I am dying!" "Have you any hope?" "I cannot say that I have. I fear to stand before my God; oh! pray for me." The prayer is offered for him with sincere earnestness, and the way of salvation is for the ten-thousandth time put before him, but before he has grasped the rope, I see him sink. I may put my finger upon those cold eyelids, for they will never see anything here again. But where is the man, and where are the man's true eyes? It is written, "In hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torment."

Ah! why did he not lift up his eyes before? Because he was so accustomed to hear the gospel that his soul slept under it. Alas! if you should lift up your eyes there, how bitter will be your wailings. Let the Saviour's own words reveal the woe: "Father Abraham, send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame." There is a frightful meaning in those words. May you never have to spell it out by the red light of Jehovah's wrath! [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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