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December 26, 2012


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---------- This Week's Hot News -------


I. It looks as though America is going to plunge off that "fiscal cliff" dreaded by many and trumpeted by "gloom-and-doom sayers".

What impact can we expect? Will it be severe or will it turn out to be a much ballayhood but non-existent problem like "Y2K"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Over the fiscal cliff: What kind of landing?", Yahoo Financial News, December 26, 2012

"Efforts to save the nation from going over a year-end 'fiscal cliff' were in disarray as lawmakers fled the Capitol for their Christmas break. 'God only knows' how a deal can be reached now, House Speaker John Boehner declared."

"President Barack Obama, on his way out of town himself, insisted a bargain could still be struck before Dec. 31. 'Call me a hopeless optimist', he said."

On December 31, a whopping combination of $607 billion tax increases and forced spending reductions are going to occur if no agreement to stop them is reached. Why is this supposedly a huge problem? People who want to scare you into buying into their "solution for the impending economic collapse" were quick to jump on Federal Reserve Bernanke's use of the words "fiscal cliff". Supposedly, the impact of so many billions of dollars of increased taxes plus huge government spending reductions was going to plunge this economy into a collapse.

However, reality may not be consistent with truth. "Some analysts have argued that fiscal slope or fiscal hill would be more appropriate terminology because while the cumulative economic effect over all of 2013 would be substantial, it would not be felt immediately but rather gradually as the weeks and months went by." (Wikipedia)

Let us return to our featured Yahoo Finance article:

"f New Year's Day arrives without a deal, the nation shouldn't plunge onto the shoals of recession immediately. There still might be time to engineer a soft landing. So long as lawmakers and the president appear to be working toward agreement, the tax hikes and spending cuts could mostly be held at bay for a few weeks. Then they could be repealed retroactively once a deal was reached."

Billionair Warren Buffet argued that an agreement does not have to be made by January 1, but can be put off into January or even February. He also may have tipped us off as to the White House thinking on this matter when he said that the economy can survive a fall off the "fiscal cliff"!

We believe that, once again, the fearmongers have temporarily won the battle for the minds of Americans. They have convinced many that an economic disaster would be triggered if nothing is done to avert this 'fiscal cliff'. You can read Buffet's remarks at "Buffett: 'Resilient Economy' Can Survive Fall over Cliff", Money News, November 14, 2012.

I reiterate the Illuminati Plan, as I have done so countless times since panic began to set in during June of 1998. The Plan calls for a deliberate wrenching of the economy so that Capitalism can be overthrown, and replaced by the economic system known as "Fascism". This changeover has now occurred -- "Financial Coup Completed: American Economy Now A Tightly Controlled, Severely Regulated Economy: Fascist, Not Capitalist Anymore" -- NEWS2317.

Now that this changeover has occurred, the Illuminati plans to bring the American economy slowly back to the point where most people will consider themselves to be "prosperous". You see, the Great Depression of 1929-1939 proved to the Global Elite that economic deprivation is NOT the most effective tool to use to get people's hearts cold enough that they will accept Antichrist.

During deprivation, countless numbers of people get down on their knees to return to Jesus.

But, during prosperity, people's hearts grow really cold toward Jesus really quickly. Nothing freezes a heart spiritually faster and deeper than a person chasing that Materialistic god. Chasing that new promotion, that new car, that bigger and fancier house, that big vacation and that comfortable retirement.

These are the factors which make a heart grow very frozen toward Jesus and prepare the hearts of the people for Antichrist. For this reason, the Plan calls for a gradual return to material prosperity.

Period. End of Paragraph.

Do not make any business decisions based on a premise of economic collapse.

Now you know the truth.


II. A liberal newspaper in the New York area has just published the names and addresses of all legal gun owners in three counties!

The manner in which the names and addresses of legal gun owners was shown looks very close to the way in which convicted sex offenders are published.

Are legal gun owners now considered in the same vein as sex offenders?

NEWS BRIEF: "Legal Gun Owners in New York Outed Like Sex Offenders ", InfoWars, December 24, 2012

"A corporate media owned website in New York has posted the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in three counties in the state ... The Journal News submitted Freedom of Information requests for the names and addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties. It used Google Maps to pinpoint specific locations and included the names and addresses of permit holders."

If you hover your mouse over a dot, the name and address of the gun owner pops up. This is not only blatant disregard for the privacy of gun owners, but it is intimidation, blunt and bold. Every gun owner now needs to wonder if some radical anti-gun person might decide to pay him a visit and might threaten his life or the lives of his loved ones.

"New York governor Andrew Cuomo called for gun confiscation last week following the shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school. 'Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it', the governor told a local radio station during an interview."

Just hearing an elected governor speak the words, "gun confiscation" should bring chills to every legal gun owner in America. Some gun owners believe that Charlton Heston was right when he held a gun in the air, and said he would only give it up if someone were to pull it out of his "cold, dead hands".

I fear that, if government actually tried to seize guns from legal owners, a lot of violence and bloodshed might occur. Some people are even worrying that a civil war might ensue.

In the meantime, even more shootings have occurred, lending even more credence to the gun confiscation rhetoric of the Liberal Left.

NEWS BRIEF: "4 firefighters shot, 2 killed at Webster, N.Y., fire", USA Today, December 24, 2012

"WEBSTER, N.Y. — A gunman ambushed firefighters at a house fire in the Rochester suburb of Webster, N.Y., early Monday, killing two firemen and injuring two others before killing himself on a Lake Ontario beach ... The gunman, who shot himself at the scene, was identified as 62-year-old William Spengler. He was charged in 1980 with beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer in her home next door. Spengler served 17 years in New York State prison on manslaughter charges ..."

This man should have been executed for the murder of his 92-year-old grandmother. Had he been properly executed, he could not have committed these crimes. Few people understand why God decreed the death penalty for certain sins. He decreed death for certain crimes so as to remove the culprit permanently from society, so that he could never commit heinous crimes again. Listen to God's wisdom.

"How much more—when wicked men have slain a just man in his own house on his bed—shall I not now require his blood of your hand and remove you from the earth!" (2 Samuel 4:11; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Therefore, the murders of two firefighters at the hand of this crazed man directly flows from a Liberal Left state like New York not executing him to this man would be removed from the earth!

NEWS BRIEF: "Police officer among 2 fatally shot in Houston", Seattle Post-Intelligencer News, December 25, 2012

"A traffic stop turned into a fatal shooting on Christmas Eve when a gunman killed a police officer and bystander in the parking lot of a Houston body shop ... The confrontation followed a chase that began shortly before 9 a.m. Monday when the suspect sped off in his car rather than pull over as an officer had requested...."

I agree that gun violence must stop, but the answer is not for a law-abiding citizen to give up a legally owned weapon to a government authority. This fact is especially true when the plan for the government to impose an Absolute Dictatorship clearly exist and is clearly being implemented in other areas of society.

Remember these somber facts of history:

1) No dictatorship has ever been established as long as citizens give up their weapons

2) Modern dictatorships like Nazi Germany, waited until the guns had been confiscated from private citizens to impose the planned brutal dictatorship.

3) Throughout history, governments have murdered more people than any invading army. Our Founding Fathers knew this historical fact, which is why they wrote the Second Amendment to our Constitution!

Now, all this history has not been taught in schools for at least two generations. This ignorance on the part of innumerable numbers of our citizens will weaken the government's gun seizure opposition to the point where the majority of Americans will support confiscation.

III. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Genetically Modified salmon!

NEWS BRIEF: "FDA Approves GM Salmon for Human Consumption ", InfoWars, December 25, 2012

"True to form, the subservient and bought out Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved a larger and faster growing genetically modified salmon for human consumption, paving the way for its acceptance on the marketplace and quickly making its way to the dinner table."

Our DVD. "Medical Murder", proves that the Federal regulatory industry -- across the board -- is aiding and abetting genetically modified private businesses, including especially Monsanto!

How is this salmon modified genetically?

"The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it could not find any valid scientific reasons to ban the production of GM Atlantic salmon engineered with extra genes from two other fish species – a decision that could soon lead to its commercial production."

Can the consumer ever resist buying GMO products to such a degree that they force this giant "frankenfood" companies to remove genetically modified products from the marketplace? The answer is a resounding "Yes"!

"Only consumer opposition stands in the way. Consumer pressure indeed prevented the so-called 'enviropig' from coming to market earlier in 2012, after Canadian industries feared a backlash that would collapse their pork market, as well as other interrelated markets, including those not involved in GMO products."

While consumers still have the freedom to choose what they want to buy and what they do not want to buy, we need to vocally exercise that right. We must not only refuse to buy such product but we need to reach out to these mega-companies to voice our severe displeasure.

As this card from the Illuminati Card Game illustrates, the Illuminati has planned to completely change our foods -- genetically.


IV. A planned nuclear confrontation with North Korea is part of the plan for World War III!

South Korea has just claimed that North Korea now has a long-range missile which can deliver warheads to the West Coast of the United States.

NEWS BRIEF: "South Korea charges North building missile that could reach US", Christian Science Monitor, December 23, 2012

"South Korean defense officials say they have evidence showing a recent North Korean missile launch was to test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). South Korean navy divers have recovered more than three tons of debris from the first stage of a missile Korean analysts say was fueled by a type of nitric acid developed in the former Soviet Union over 40 years ago for firing missiles with warheads more than 6,000 miles."

" 'Definitely their main purpose is to have the capability of reaching the US west coast', says Kim Tae-woo, former president of the Korea Institute for National Unification. 'North Korea this time proved the capability of their ICBM'."

The peoples of the West must strongly believe that North Korea has the capability of striking America with nuclear weapons if this part of the Illuminati Plan for World War III can be implemented. Listen to this part of their plan, written in 1981.

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." ([Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

On page 222-3, of his book, Lemesurier makes a very cryptic statement about Korea. "But then war will seldom be absent from the world-scene during the last twenty years of the century. There will be numerous local conflicts in the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa. A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

In other words, the New World Order Plan envisions a staged nuclear confrontation in Korea. This statement places at least the North Korean Government inside the New World Order Plan, and probably South Korea, as well. During the first two years of the Clinton Administration, we were all told repeatedly that Korea was "suspected" of having nuclear weapons. President Clinton and former President Carter brokered a deal, whereby North Korea "promised" to eliminate their nuclear weapons and the potential to make them, some time after the year 2000 A.D. This "deal" was, of course, no deal, as it left North Korea in solid control of these weapons during this time period.

One fact you need to understand is that this controversy over North Korean nuclear capability is not new; in fact, President Clinton was the first to raise the alarm over North Korea. He dispatched former President Jimmy Carter to "negotiate" a deal which would defuse the situation.

Since this "deal" was worthless, North Korea has retained firm control over her nuclear weapons. Now, we are told that she has the missile capability of striking the West Coast of the United States. When this crisis hits, North Korea must demonstrate her long-range capability to Americans living on the West Coast; otherwise, no one will feel the blast of a "hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, (which) threaten man's very survival."

Does North Korea "demonstrate" her missile capability by destroying one of our West Coast cities with a nuclear warhead? That seems logical to me.

Jesus truly was right when he foretold:

"Men's hearts failing them for fear..." (Luke 21:26)


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Monstanto's strong arm tactics, the FDA's fraudulent policies and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are also revealed. This shocking documentary may change your diet, help you protect your family and accelerate the consumer 'tipping point' against Genetically Modified organisms (GMO's).

Also contains a 28-minute expose' on modified seeds, another grave danger to our long-term health.

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"One Book One Authority" is intended for the man or woman who has grown frustrated with the uncertainty and unbelief so prevalent today. It serves as a treatise against the modern-day seminary education and the majority of books found in 21st century Christian bookstores. This book brings the word of God and the Word incarnate into perspective by simultaneously elevating both to their rightfully exalted positions.

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The dangerous result of this new spirituality in the church is bringing about the rise of today's "Christianized" occultism. Through modern marketing techniques and business management skills a global agenda of faith, commerce and government is being orchestrated for churches to partner with other faiths for world peace and unity. This man made utopia will usher in the reign of Antichrist and his kingdom

3 hours 20 minutes of exciting revelation about the true direction of the Christian Church today, the church whom Jesus will spew out of His mouth!

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Examples are:

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  • The Social Gospel, being promoted by Youth Outreach and Evangelicals
  • Chrislam, melding Islam with Christianity
  • Replacement of Israel by the Church; and many more

    When you understand the true apostate condition of today's 'christian' church, you will understand how Jesus can declare 'I will spew you out of My mouth"! And, you will understand the lateness of the prophetic hour

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    If the disposal of the lot is the Lord's, whose is the arrangement of our whole life? If the a simple casting of a lot is guided by Him, how much more the events of our entire life—especially when we are told by our blessed Saviour: "The very hairs of your head are all numbered: not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father."

    It would bring a holy calm over your mind, dear friend, if you were always to remember this. It would so relieve your mind from anxiety, that you would be the better able to walk in patience, quiet, and cheerfulness as a Christian should. When a man is anxious he cannot pray with faith; when he is troubled about the world, he cannot serve his Master, his thoughts are serving himself. If you would "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness," all things would then be added unto you.

    You are meddling with Christ's business, and neglecting your own when you fret about your lot and circumstances. You have been trying "providing" work and forgetting that it is yours to obey. Be wise and attend to the obeying, and let Christ manage the providing. Come and survey your Father's storehouse, and ask whether He will let you starve while He has laid up so great an abundance in His garner? Look at His heart of mercy; see if that can ever prove unkind! Look at His inscrutable wisdom; see if that will ever be at fault.

    Above all, look up to Jesus Christ your Intercessor, and ask yourself, while He pleads, can your Father deal ungraciously with you? If He remembers even sparrows, will He forget one of the least of His poor children? "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee. He will never suffer the righteous to be moved."

    My soul, rest happy in thy low estate,
    Nor hope nor wish to be esteem'd or great;
    To take the impress of the Will Divine,
    Be that thy glory, and those riches thine.

    "Morning and vening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon

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