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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------Not the Word of Man

I recollect a story told of William Dawson, whom our I Wesleyan friends used to call Billy Dawson, one of the best preachers that ever entered a pulpit. He once gave out as his text, "Through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins."

When he had given out his text, he dropped down to the bottom of the pulpit, so that nothing could be seen of him, only there was a voice heard saying, "Not the man in the pulpit; he is out of sight, but the Man in the Book. The Man described in the Book is the Man through whom is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins." I put myself and you and everybody else out of sight, and I preach to you the remission of sins through Jesus only. I would sing with the children, "Nothing but the blood of Jesus." Shut your eyes to all things but the cross. Jesus died and rose again and went to Heaven, and all your hope must go with Him!

Come, my hearer, take Jesus by a distinct act of faith this morning! May God the Holy Ghost constrain you to do so, and then you may go on your way rejoicing! So be it in the name of Jesus.

When anyone dies, I ask myself, "Was I faithful?" Did I speak all the truth? And did I speak it from my very soul every time I preached?

("Spurgeon Gold: Pure, Refined", C.H. Spurgeon)

---------- Bookstore Resource Update ---------- "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" - New clips now available!

We now have the second demonstration clip ready to show, a 15-minute clip. This segment focuses on the hidden national agenda which drove our Masonic Founding Fathers. The most exciting revelation is that someone -- probably Sir Francis Bacon -- pre-planned the precise location of America's most important cities of the Pre-Revolutionary War period: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

Yes, that is right. These five most important American cities were deliberately located on a line which, as it slices through New York City, is running on a 52 degree azimuth. Once you run this line at this angle over the Atlantic Ocean, you will discover that the line runs into England, and runs exactly through the center of Stonehenge! Of course, Stonehenge was established by the Druids according to the Satanic worship of the Sun.

This fact means that our five most important original cities were established according to a line which runs through the great center of human sacrifice -- and their location was planned as early as 1630, when Boston was first established. Sir Francis Bacon died in 1626, so it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that the precise location of these five cities was originally planned by Bacon -- who was the Foreign Minister of King James I!

One more matter: this line on which these five American cities were located and which goes straight through the center of Stonehenge has a name. Occult practitioners call these lines "leylines", lines which Satanists believe are lines of "magic", lines which serve as portals for supernatural spirits to enter this dimension and then back into the supernatural dimension. It is one of these "leylines" on which these five American cities were established!

This is only one of many most important British stamps on the entire "North American colonization scheme", headed by Sir Francis Bacon and faithfully carried out by our Founding Fathers.

As you can see from these first two clips, the quality of this video is going to be "History Channel" quality. We expect that people will want to buy multiple copies for their loved ones, their friends and their acquaintances. The retail is $29.99 and the running time is estimated to be 2 1/2 hours. Delivery is planned for mid-January.

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In this all-new updated study of Daniel's 70 Weeks, you will discover this most amazing prophecy in the Old Testament, which predicted the very day that Jesus would present Himself as the Meschiach Nagid, the Messiah the King, to Jerusalem.

The Seventy Week Prophecy of Daniel 9 is the most incredible validation of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, which He held them accountable to have known. Sir Isaac Newton once stated that the accuracy of the entire Bible could be proven by this one prophecy -- which predicted that Messiah would be presented 173,880 days after "the going forth (the issuing) of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem..."

Non-Jewish history records that the Medo-Persian emperor Artaxerxes issued such a decree on March 14, 445 B.C. Jesus' riding into Jerusalem on what we now call "Palm Sunday" was the last day of this 173,880 day period!

In a confidential briefing to His disciples, Jesus also highlights this passage as the key to understanding all other prophecies concerning His return. As Jesus wept over Jerusalem, He castigated the Jewish people for not recognized He was Messiah, even though He fulfilled the day when Messiah was to be presented to Israel -- to the very day! In other words, God told Israel the exact day Messiah was to be presented to Israel, Jesus fulfilled that prophecy to the exact day, and the Jews still did not recognize Him!

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NOTE: Cutting Edge has posted an article on this most exciting subject: "The Three Wise Men -- How Did They Know It Was Time To Come?" -- NEWS2096.

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Unfortunately, the developers of the methods and practices currently implemented to build this New Paradigm Church have not considered the Word of God as a valid source document in the developmental process. In lieu of an operational system built upon God’s absolute truth, they have chosen a strange mixture of behavioral science, marketing techniques, “Management by Objective”, General Systems Theory, and cultural relativism bathed in religious terminology to concoct a program for optimal church growth.

This video gives the reader the vital information needed to identify the warning signs needed to stand in defense of the Faith in the face of this gathering storm of apostasy. It should be required reading for all pastors and lay people who desire to understand the deceptive nature of this apostasy, and particularly those who are battling this movement within their own church. Finally, this video exposes the very real danger that if this movement continues unchecked, there may well arise a new generation that “knows not the Lord.”

2 hours, 30 minutes

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Mass Media continues its public assault on Christian values by airing a series which will attempt to completely discredit Christianity as a true religion, one in whom people can continue to place their trust for leading its adherents to eternal life. When you understand the deeply provocative lies this TV series will portray against Christianity, you are likely to be shocked into silence, as I was. This series was written by a "practicing homosexual who describes himself as being 'in Catholic recovery' "! Can you imagine this outrage? A Roman Catholic practicing homosexual writes a TV series which depicts a "Christian" family?

NEWS BRIEF: "NBC to Air Series About Dysfunctional Christian Family: Will discredit genuine Christians", By Susan Jones, CNSNews.com Senior Editor, CNS News.
December 27, 2005

" (CNSNews.com) - A conservative advocacy group is urging its supporters to protest an upcoming NBC television series that portrays a 'completely dysfunctional family' as models of the Christian faith. NBC's 'The Book of Daniel' is scheduled to premiere on Jan. 6 ... The main character, Daniel Webster, 'is a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis', the AFA said in a message to its supporters."

"Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus ... the Webster family also includes 'a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son, a 16-year-old daughter who is a drug dealer, and a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter. At the office, his (Webster's) lesbian secretary is sleeping with his sister-in-law'."

Cutting Edge has been chronicling the deliberate misrepresentation of Christianity in Western society, especially in America, for almost 20 years now. This trend is highly significant, for Adolf Hitler preceded his genocidal campaign against the Jews with a 6 year campaign of misrepresentation which changed the attitudes of the average Germans against the Jewish race. By the time Hitler ordered an all-out attack on Jewish synagogues on the night called "Kristachlnact" (November 9 and 10, 1938), too many Germans considered Jews to be "rats", and you know how mercilessly rats are slaughtered for "the good of the community"!

For the past 20 years, Mass Media has been consistently misrepresenting Christianity, but this portrayal reaches new levels of disgust and revulsion. Once this series airs completely, too many Americans will hold similarly low views of Christians, thus making our persecution all the more likely. In his book, "Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust", the author, Daniel Jonah Goldenhagen, reports truthfully that this propaganda campaign successfully convinced millions of German young men that it was necessary to kill all Jews, for the "good of the state". Hitler had the kind of soldier who would pull both the trigger and the gas lever, as well as clean up and dispose of mountains of bodies.

To this date, Hitler's propaganda against the Jew stands as the most successfully implemented campaign of the modern era. The sobering fact is that it appears to this author that this current 20-year propaganda campaign against the genuine Christian is modeled after Hitler's campaign.

Let us continue with this featured article, to glean more pertinent facts.

"... the series is written by Jack Kenny, a practicing homosexual who describes himself as being 'in Catholic recovery', and who is quoted as saying that he doesn't know if 'all the myth surrounding him (Jesus) is true'." (Ibid.)

Now, this is a recipe almost guaranteed to produce a person who truly hates Biblical Christianity: A former Roman Catholic who is now a practicing homosexual; and, who does not believe the Bible is without error. How can this type of person write a TV series depicting a Christian family?

To portray Christians as being the ultimate hypocrites, the author of this series writes his characters in precisely the right way to cause other people to believe that, in their inner hearts and in the inner sanctum of the home, Christians are pure hypocrites. Notice again how he has written his characters:

* Daniel Webster -- main character -- is a hopeless drug addicted Episcopal priest

* Mrs. Webster -- is portrayed as an alcoholic who "depends heavily on her mid-day martinis"

* Daniel Webster communes daily with his "Familiar Spirit" who looks like Jesus Christ. Make no mistake that this "Jesus" is a familiar spirit. Johana Michelson, in her book, "The Beautiful Side of Evil", records that she had several familiar spirits when she was caught up in a New Age counterfeit Christian healing ministry. One of her Familiars -- also called "Guiding Spirits" -- masqueraded as "Jesus".

Of course, God condemns any person from communicating with demonic familiar spirits. Listen:

* "Turn not to those mediums who have familiar spirits or to wizards; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 19:31)

Note that, in God's sight, a person who contacts a familiar has "defiled" himself spiritually.

* "A man or woman who is a medium and has a familiar spirit or is a wizard shall surely be put to death, be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.' (Leviticus 20:27)

* "The person who turns to those who have familiar spirits and to wizards, being unfaithful to Israel's Maker Who is her Husband, and thus playing the harlot after them, I will set My face against that person and will cut him off from among his people that he may not be included in the atonement made for them." (Leviticus 20:6)

As you can see, God's Judgment is promised to fall hard upon anyone who is contacting a familiar spirit. Yet, that is exactly what this "Jesus" appears to be. Now, let us return to examine the rest of the characters, whose very nature and/or activities brand them as "Christian hypocrites".

* "The Webster family also includes "a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son, a 16-year-old daughter who is a drug dealer, and a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter. At the office, his (Webster's) lesbian secretary is sleeping with his sister-in-law."

Thus, we see that the 23-year-old Webster son is both homosexual and Republican. Obviously, the gay author writing the script must be a Democrat.

Further, the 16-year-old Webster daughter is a "drug dealer".

Even worse, the Webster's 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's drug-dealing daughter!

Finally, the Reverend Webster has evidently complied with new government hiring directives for 501(C)3 churches by hiring a secretary who is a lesbian. And, this secretary is "sleeping" with the Reverend's sister-in-law!

In one fell swoop, the characters in this TV series are depicted as practicing most of the sins the Bible really singles out as the worst -- the kind of sin worthy of the death penalty in Ancient Israel.

Can you see the tide of anti-Christian propaganda rising?

II. "Wars and Rumors of Wars" continued to swirl around Iran: will she be attacked, or will she not? The planned Dialectic Struggle at work.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel rules out strike on Iran - for now: IDF Chief of Staff makes announcement", Al-Jazeera News, Thursday 29 December 2005

"General Dan Halutz, Israel's chief of staff, has ruled out the prospect of a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear installations in the near future. 'I don't think that a military intervention against Iran's nuclear installations should be necessary in the short term', Halutz told army radio on Tuesday. 'There is no threat to the existence of the state of Israel as long as Iran does not possess nuclear arms'."

"... Israeli fears were heightened when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, in October called for the Jewish state to be 'wiped off the map' ... Meir Dagan, the head of the Mossad overseas intelligence agency, had told MPs earlier this week that Iran would be able to build an atom bomb within two years. Halutz, however, said he did not believe Iran would actually complete manufacturing a bomb 'before the start of the next decade'."

This last statement is quite powerful, don't you think? The IDF Chief of Staff is now on record as stating that he and his IDF do not believe that Iran can "actually complete manufacturing a bomb" before the start of the "next decade". That statement is not only powerful in its own right, but also powerfully refutes American concerns which have been fueling a rain of military threats against Iran since the Summer, 2003 -- fully 2 1/2 years ago.

Of course, Cutting Edge readers and subscribers know that this rhetorical attack on Iran is purely propaganda nonsense, for a Russian general revealed in April, 2002, that Iran already possessed nuclear warheads, but just lacked the necessary missile capability which with to threaten Mother Russia (Read NEWS1660 for full details).

Furthermore, Cutting Edge has always correctly maintained that it is ludicrous to believe that each Islamic nation desiring nuclear weapons capability would have to launch an indigenous program to develop nuclear weapons technology so they can build their own nukes, when Pakistan has owned and deployed nuclear weapons for almost 2 decades! Pakistan has always been controlled by militant Muslims, both in their Army and in their Intelligence service; she has also experienced consistent cash flow problems. Therefore, Pakistan would be very willing to sell nuclear warheads "off the shelf" to any Islamic country who wanted them.

Indeed, Western intelligence has long suspected that Pakistan has sold nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and Iran -- both oil-rich countries. Rumors have even swirled that Pakistan swapped nuclear warheads to North Korea in exchange for modern, accurate ballistic missiles.

Nevertheless, "Rumors of Wars" continues to swirl concerning a Western attack on Iranian nuclear facilities -- which are protected by state-of-the-art Russian defenses. Even though the IDF Chief of Staff said Israel did not believe Iran could actually build a nuclear warhead before the next decade, the CIA floated war plans.

NEWS BRIEF: "CIA Chief Tells Turks To Prepare For Attack On Iran", By Kurt Nimmo kurtnimmo.com, Rense.com, 12-26-5

"You'd think the fact Porter Goss, head broom sweeper at the CIA, recently told the Turkish government the United States plans to attack Iran and Syria would be headline splashing news in the New York Times and the Washington Post. But although the news was carried in the Turkish press, it elicited hardly a murmur here in America, with the exception of United Press International and Reuter ... PHX News was more specific and noted the lack of attention the story: "In an overlooked story, the Turkish press reported last week that CIA Director Porter Goss went to Ankara recently and informed the Turkish government that Iran already has nuclear weapons and they should be ready for 'a possible US air operation against Iran and Syria.'"

"Goss also asked Ankara to be ready for a possible US air operation against Iran and Syria ... Diplomatic sources say that Washington wants Turkey to coordinate with its Iran policies ... The CIA argued that Iran was supporting terrorism, the PKK and al-Qaeda."

This author then got to his bottom-line conclusion:

"Goss and Mueller were sent by the neocons to shop around an 'air operation against Iran and Syria' in Turkey in exchange for a hardline against the Kurds and using the unestablished 'fact' that Iranians have nukes and the desire to use them ... As I have written here for months, the neocons are determined to attack Iran and Syria, if only with airstrikes. Of course, if this is accomplished it will stir up even more chaos and strife, precisely what the neocons want, regardless."

Given this American pressure on the Turkish government -- whose Prime Minister is a fundamental Muslim -- we are not surprised at the next story in this continuing saga. Notice that the article, above, mentions an attack on "Iran and Syria" in one breath.

NEWS BRIEF: 'Turkey Would Not Allow Israeli Maneuvers': Turkey Disallowing Israeli Exercises Along Turkish Border To Iran", By Anadolu News Agency (aa), Cihan News Agency, Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"As a sovereign territory, Turkey will definitely not allow a foreign state to conduct military exercises along the borders of its neighboring countries', said Turkey’s Ambassador Halit Bozkurt Aran to Tehran. Aran paid an official visit to the Persian News Agency ... There is no truth to the allegations that Israel will conduct some military exercises along the border of Turkey to Iran, said Aran. 'Turkey will definitely not allow a foreign state to conduct military exercises along the borders of its neighboring countries'."

If a Western plan to attack Iran with military air strikes is truly underway, it is reasonable to believe that Israel might need to fly either alongside Turkey's border or over her territory in order to reach Iran. In this map, above, you can see where Beirut and Damascus are located, in the extreme southern portion of the map; Israel is just south. Therefore, you can see why it might be necessary for Israeli strike planes to fly over Turkish territory to attack Iranian targets. Given the natural curvature of the Earth, flying over Turkey might be the shortest route to Iran.

Israel certainly would be refused permission to fly over Syria in order to attack Iranian targets.

I find it very interesting that Turkey is denying Israel's right to "conduct some military exercises along the border of Turkey to Iran". If the Israeli request really did specify that she wanted permission to fly all the way to Iran, she undoubtedly tipped off her ultimate plan to Turkish authorities.

An Israeli request of this magnitude may be what triggered the Russian warning, shown below.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia to take Syria's side if conflict with U.S. arises", Rian.ru.Russia, 12/20/2005

"MOSCOW, December 20 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will take Syria's side if charges against Syrian officials with involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri cause a conflict between the United States and Syria, two Russian parliamentary members said Tuesday. 'If Russia is to choose between its two strategic allies, it will undoubtedly take Syria's side', said Shamil Sultanov, a coordinator of an inter-faction association, Russia and the Islamic World: A Strategic Dialogue. Nikolai Leonov, a member of parliament's security committee, who had recently visited Syria along with Sultanov and other MPs, said it was primarily beneficial for the U.S. to accuse Syria of murdering Hariri. 'Indeed, Syria is an excellent oil corridor with access to deep-water Mediterranean ports. Besides, this is a good pretext to distract the world community's attention from the events in Iraq', the MP said."

In diplomatic circles, this statement would be naturally taken as a Russian warning against any Western state threatening Syria. The concluding statement from this Russian Minister of Parliament is startling and definitive:

"Leonov said earlier that he was concerned that Syria could face the Iraqi scenario."

In other words, the Russians are concerned that American forces might physically invade Syria -- probably from Iraqi territory. If this is the case, then President Bush must order the Syrian invasion before he pulls troops out of Iraq, for a withdrawal from Iraq will deprive American war planners their current "jumping-off point" for a Syrian attack.

Now, let us return our attention to Iran.

America's allies continued their aggressive plans to help Iran develop her oil resources, thus greatly complicating plans to attack the country.

NEWS BRIEF: "Japan to develop Iran oilfield: Europeans and Chinese also keen to develop Iran's oil potential", Al-Jazeera News, Thursday 29 December 2005

"Japan will start to develop a massive oilfield in Iran next year despite opposition from the United States about the investment in the Islamic republic ... Japan had signed a $2bn-deal with Tehran in February 2004 to develop the massive Azadegan oilfield in southwestern Iran to try to ensure stable oil supplies for the resource-poor Asian nation ... European and Chinese firms are also interested in acquiring shares in the Iranian oil development ... The company has already begun preparing for constructing drilling and other facilities with an environmental assessment approved in July ... Ever since the 1973 oil crisis, Japan, which imports nearly all of its oil needs, has developed its own diplomacy with key oil producers in the Middle East, often putting it at odds with the United States, especially over Iran. Initial production in the field is seen at 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) within 40 months, rising to 150,000 bpd after 52 months and 260,000 bpd in eight years."

China has already inked agreements concerning Iranian oil fields, in an amount which dwarfs the Japanese agreement.

Iran is developing firm ties both militarily and economically with many key nations in the world whose leadership could very well prove pivotal in dissuading America and Israel from actually striking Iran and Syria.

III. War fever within Israel seems to be reaching new heights this past week. Will the year 2006 be a very special year in Israel's history?

This first story details what we have known for years, i.e., that Egypt's annual war games exercise is always aimed directly at Israel. Egypt only practices to attack one enemy: Israel. Lately, however, Egypt has expanded her effort against the Jewish state by sponsoring terror.

NEWS BRIEF: "MK Steinitz Warns: Egypt is Preparing for Possible War with Israel", By Scott Shiloh, Israel National News, december 28, 2005

"MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud) says that Egypt’s arms buildup over the past few years has focused on the possibility of future war with Israel. In a radio interview broadcast on Arutz 7’s Hebrew internet site Tuesday night, Shteinitz, a former professor of political science at Haifa University who chairs the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said that Egypt has already become a major supporter of terrorism against Israel.

"Shteinitz said that Egypt has been allowing terrorist groups operating out of the Gaza district to smuggle missiles into Gaza. Those groups intend to use the missiles against Israeli targets. In his estimation, 90% of the explosives used by the terrorist groups are brought in from Egypt. Shteinitz explains that it is a mistake for Israel to view Syria as its principle enemy, while neglecting the Egyptian threat, primarily because Israel maintains diplomatic relations with Egypt."

MK Shteinitz then noted that, while Egypt superficially remains loyal to the agreements she signed with Israel, underneath the surface, her leaders are viciously dedicated to Israel's destruction.

"The Egyptians, Shteinitz asserts, have kept to the peace agreements signed in 1978 as far as not engaging Israel in outright conflict. But on other levels, such as economic relations or stopping anti-Israel incitement, Egyptian compliance has been lacking." (Ibid.)

Never forget: Egypt is Israel's most deadly foe. One day soon, she shall prove it -- again -- as she leads the Arabs in one final, desperate attack.

This next article demonstrates the role Iran is playing is this upcoming all-out Regional War.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran, Hizbullah and Palestinians Gang up for a Second Front against Israel", DEBKAfile Intelligence, December 28, 2005

"The Sharon government an his security advisers have no intention of admitting that Meshaal’s Hamas, assisted by Hizbullah missile experts present in Gaza, are the hands behind the Qassam offensive against southern Israel, even though the crews are put up by a coalition of the Jihad Islami, the Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades and the Popular Resistance Committees. Tehran and the Damascus-based Meshaal keep this coalition well supplied with the projectiles, are working on improving their precision and selecting the targets."

I find this "sudden" Iranian leadership presence in the middle of the Israeli - Palestinian battle to be no surprise. Let us take a quick trip down memory lane, to review Iran's original strategy of defeating the American attack against Iraq. The first step was to allow the Americans to easily take control of Baghdad and then all of Iraq. Quoting from our article, NEWS1910, "HAS IRAN 'IGNITED MANY FIRES' TO SET OFF MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL WAR?" Note the date of this original Jerusalem Post article:

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Preparing To 'Light Many Fires' To Defeat The Americans", The Jerusalem Post, March 21, 2003

" 'The American Great Satan will never accept an Islamic system. It is coming to Iraq to complete its encirclement of our Islamic Republic before it moves against us. To help the Americans conquer Iraq easily would be suicidal for our revolution.' [Khamenei"s chief foreign policy adviser, former Iranian foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati]. Velayati claims that the US has two aims in the Middle East: preventing the destruction of the 'Zionist entity' and control of Arab oil."

"UNLIKE THE accommodationists who foresee an easy American victory, the confrontationists believe that US involvement in Iraq could become 'the beginning of its end.' He explains:

" 'Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse'. In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts.' "

He then spelled out those "number of fronts".

1. Iraq
2. Afghanistan
3. Azerbaijan
4. Israel

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have exploded beyond the ability of Coalition Forces to defeat them, and the world has witnessed great turmoil in the former Russian Islamic republics. Now, has Iran concluded that 2006 is the year she will "Light Many Fires" against Israel? If this is true, then we should not be surprised to discover that Iran is now leading the combined Hizbullah - Palestinian terror and paramilitary effort against Israel. Toward this end, the DEBKAfile article speaks:

"... the very real decline in Israel’s security situation and deterrent force is becoming harder to deny as time goes by. Israel gained no strategic advantages from its unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. If anyone has gained it is the newly emerging terror axis drawn between Tehran, Beirut, Gaza and Ramallah. They drove this point home Tuesday night. That Palestine projectiles flew across two fronts in a single night was no coincidence." (Ibid.)

Tehran (Iran) is most definitely leading the drive to attempt to destroy Israel. Once Israel goes up in flames, Iran believes she will have achieved her final goal of defeating the invading Americans and forcing their withdrawal. However, by picking a fight with Israel -- even if by proxy -- the Iranians may find themselves at the end of Divine Judgment, for Israel is still the "apple of God's eye", her current Illuminist government notwithstanding.

In order to pacify an increasingly-angry Jewish citizenry under the guns of the Palestinians, the IDF announced that they were setting up a "No-Go Zone" in which their forces would fire upon anything that moved.

IV. After enduring ever-increasing mortar and Kassam terror rocket fire from the Gaza Strip which has been vacated only since August, 2005, the IDF finally took some action, announcing that they were setting up a "No-Go" Zone.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Keep clear or die': IDF launches ‘Operation Blue Skies’ -- sets up northern-Gaza no-go zone", Jerusalem News Wire, By Stan Goodenough, December 28th, 2005

"Israel Wednesday evening moved to ramp up its hitherto mild and ineffective response level to what has become daily multiple firing of Kassam rockets at Israeli population centers from inside the Gaza Strip. At 6 PM local time Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces began firing artillery shells into a strip of unoccupied territory in order to establish a no-go zone and push back the terrorists who have been launching Kassams and mortar shells at towns, kibbutzim and army bases in the north-eastern Negev. Minutes before Israel’s big guns opened up, a single Kassam was fired towards the town of Sderot. No injuries were reported."

"Unwilling to just bomb the Strip or fire indiscriminately into it – as recommended by a number of Israeli lawmakers – the IDF chose to drop pamphlets on the area’s Arab population over a 48 hour period, warning them that the 'security zone' would be set up under the name 'Operation Blue Skies'. Maps of the no-go area were also handed to Palestinian Authority officials in order to ensure the notice was communicated to everyone in the area. According to reports, the pamphlets said that anyone entering the zone faced the possibility of being killed."

On the surface, this plan seems to be a workable one, as it would prevent armed groups from getting close enough to Israeli targets to destroy them by mortar fire and/or Kassam terror rockets. However, listen as the DEBKAfile article from which we quoted, above, tells the real story behind this public warning of a "No-Go Zone".

"DEBKAfile’s security experts liken the Israeli air force raids of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine group’s bases south of Beirut following the Katyusha raid to the bombardment of empty ground in the northern Gaza Strip as a means of halting the Qassam attacks. It was no more than a sop to still angry complaints of the people living within range of the Lebanese border ... t is no secret that no one moves anywhere in southern Lebanon, including the Lebanese army, without the Hizballah’s say so. By holding back from striking at Hizballah bases, Sharon conferred on the Hizballah the same of immunity he extends to Meshaal’s Hamas in Gaza." ("Iran, Hizballah and Palestinians Gang up for a Second Front against Israel", DEBKAfile Intelligence, December 28, 2005)

Can you imagine Prime Minister Sharon ordering the IDF to bombard empty ground rather than real targets?

Once again, we are confronted by the hidden reality that Prime Minister Sharon is actively aiding the Palestinians in their attacks against Israel. Furthermore, Sharon is likely to continue aiding them right up to the moment they finally launch a serious, all-out attack on Israel. This aid has gotten to the point where Palestinian and other Arab leaders view the Israeli leadership as weak, corrupt, and incapable of making tough decisions.

These ingredients add up to war.

Israel has planned this war since the 1992-1993 Oslo Peace Accords with the plan of destroying the Palestinian people and her perpetual enemies surrounding her: Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. If you are not familiar with this reality, please take a moment to read: NEWS1422, NEWS1620, NEWS2095.

Simply put, Israel wants her Palestinian and Arab neighbors to attack her once she has completed the separation of population goal, for then Israel can annihilate these implacable enemies once and for all, thus assuring her citizens of "Peace and Safety".

V. That brand new American-built military base in Israel was finally brought out into the open this past week, in a "puff-piece" article from the Jerusalem Post. This article left unanswered the twin questions of "What is the real purpose of this base"? and "Who really controls Israel"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Secret New US Base in Israel Now Out In The Open", by Jerry Golden, The Golden Report, December 28, 2005

"Back on July 10th I wrote a report on a US Base being built in Israel, A base right in the middle of Israel only 10 minutes from our international airport and right off the new Hi-way #6 that runs from Be’er Sheva to Haifa. At no small risk I might add this investigation was undertaken. That article can be read at this link http://www.thegoldenreport.com/asp/jerrysnewsmanager/anmviewer.asp?a=928 .... today the below article appeared in the Israel Newspapers, this one in the English version of the Jerusalem Post. In fact, today is the big celebration of the grand opening."

After first learning of this huge, complex, modern base from Barry Chamish and Jerry Golden, we now learn that military commanders are planning a "big celebration of the grand opening." Listen as Golden reprints the article from the Jerusalem Post.

NEWS BRIEF: "Wye-era base set to open", By YAAKOV KATZ, The Jerusalem Post, december 27, 2005

"Agreed upon when Israel and the Palestinians were at the height of implementing the Oslo Accords, the Defense Ministry on Tuesday dedicates an ultra modern base financed and largely built for it by the Americans so Israel could more easily quit the West Bank."

Notice the boldly stated reason for this new forward reserve military base: "so Israel could more easily quit the West Bank."

Cutting Edge has been saying for a very long time now (NEWS1422 was posted October, 2000) that Israel was going to have to strategically withdraw her Jewish citizens from the territories before the IDF annihilates the Palestinians, for no Israeli government will want to annihilate 80,000 - 100,000 Jewish citizens living in "harm's way" once the annihilation begins. It took five years after we first posted this article for Israel to forcibly vacate the 8,500 Jewish citizens from Gaza Strip, and it will take until Spring, 2006, for her to forcibly vacate the 80,000 citizens from the West Bank.

But, the reality is that the final West Bank withdrawal we have been forecasting for so long is now such a firm reality that the Jerusalem Post can boldly state it -- "so Israel could more easily quit the West Bank."

Now, let us go back to this article about this most interesting military base.

"The Nachshonim base on the seam-line northeast of Shoham is to serve as a home base and supply depot for a reserve armored division. Senior Defense Ministry and US officials are expected to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new $125 million base was constructed jointly by Israel and the United States located next to Kibbutz Nachshonim south of Rosh Ha'ayin. The base is also called Nachshonim. Spread out on 1,700 dunams of rolling scrubland, the bases boasts 23,000 sq. m. of constructed space in some 210 buildings.
Over 23 km. of roads were paved on the base ... But the largest investment was in its logistical center for the divisional forces that include 10 separate company staging areas. It is here that, in an emergency, the division will report to be equipped and outfit their tanks for battle."

" 'The facility provides the IDF with a location for storing military equipment for decades', a US embassy statement said. 'With specialized storage units to control humidity and dust levels, the base will store supplies, vehicles and other equipment that artillery, infantry and armored brigades will need during a call up'. It is the third and largest in a series of bases the Americans agreed to build as part of the Wye River Memorandum. That agreement, made when Binyamin Netanyahyu was prime minister and Yitzhak Mordecahi was his defense minister, obligated Israel to relocate its military facilities from the West Bank. At least $266 million had been earmarked for this out of US aid to Israel." (Ibid.)

Therefore, you can see that this base was planned back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was President, construction began in 2000, and it is just now coming to fruition. We have posted an article explaining this entire situation: NEWS2094, "PROOFS OF AN OSLO CONSPIRACY -- PRESIDENT CLINTON COMMITTED U.S. TO BUILD AN ULTRA-MODERN MILITARY STAGING AREA FOR IDF IN 2000"

This new base was completed on August 31, 2005, and has now been officially dedicated to the goal of making it militarily and politically easier for Israel to "quit the West Bank".

* Israel simply could not carry out the provisions of the 1992-1993 Oslo Peace Accords were it not for the incredible popularity of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Sharon Effect: Sharon dominates Israel's political landscape like a modern-day colossus", L.A. Times Editorial, December 30, 2005

"DESPITE THE repercussions of his mild stroke Dec. 18, Ariel Sharon dominates Israel's political landscape like a modern-day colossus, straddling two stunning realities that he himself helped to fashion. First, the idea of a 'greater Israel', which Sharon once championed, is dead, paradoxically by his own hand. And just as dead is the idea of a conflict-ending agreement with Palestinians on refugees, borders and Jerusalem, an idea Sharon has done his utmost to subvert. It is within these parameters that the next chapter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be written."

This editorial is absolutely correct when it states that Sharon has subverted and destroyed some of his key political planks he espoused before he became Prime Minister. First, let us examine the words, "greater Israel", a term many people may not clearly understand. However, Conservative Jews have been aggressively advocating this national goal ever since Israel became a nation again in May, 1948.

What is "greater Israel"?

God reveals in Obadiah 17 that the house of Jacob "shall possess their own former possessions". In other words, when God returns Israel back to her ancient Promised Land, He promises to give them all their Promised Land. Did you know that present-day Israel is only a small fraction of that original land? The land which God gave to Abraham includes the southern part of Lebanon, stretches into Syria almost to the capital city of Damascus, and includes two-thirds of Jordan, and goes to the banks of the River Euphrates in Iraq. Someday, under some circumstance, God will give this land back to the Jews. Radical religious groups take these prophecies very seriously and literally; they call this original land of Israel, "Greater Israel". Former Prime Minister Shamir believes in this "Greater Israel" concept and vigorously pursued it during his administration.

Ariel Sharon promoted "Greater Israel" vigorously when he was trying to win the leadership of the Conservative parties. However, when he became Prime Minister, he obediently gave up this concept so he could swing behind the Illuminati plan of annihilating the Palestinians and destroying the governments of Syria, Jordan and Egypt. This destruction would prevent these Arab governments from resisting an Israeli sweep into these territories, conquering land God had given Abraham, but which modern Israel has never controlled.

Once this plan is completed, Israel will once more be the land promised Abraham, and for the first time in the modern era, the Jewish people will believe they have finally achieved "Peace and Safety". Furthering this belief will be the reality that the Jewish Messiah will have emerged from the smoke and the dust of the unprecedented war which made all this land acquisition possible.

"Peace and Safety" will be on the lips of most Israelis once destruction occurs. NOTE: Carefully read the prophecy in (1 Thess 5:1-3) for the full implication of this belief.

Few in Israel will recognize -- for a time anyway -- that the huge Russian Bear is beginning to move southward, accumulating allies along the way, marching for that date in prophecy detailed in Ezekiel 38 - 39.

VI. Israel is bracing for a dramatic renewal of militant attacks as the "truce" with the militants comes to an end on December 31

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza militants prepare to fight as truce nears December 31 end", Ha'aretz News, December 30, 2005

"Crawling beneath bushes and planting bombs for practice attacks, Palestinian militants trained in the Gaza Strip on Thursday to resume fighting when a truce with Israel expires at year's end. Most Palestinian armed factions agreed to halt attacks on Israel until the end of 2005 and follow a "period of calm" at the behest of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, but many say they want to resume the uprising fully after December 31. Gunmen training in Gaza came from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, part of Abbas' Fatah, as well as the Popular Resistance Committees, an umbrella group that never backed the truce."

"The truce helped smooth Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and brought relative calm welcomed on both sides - polls show a big majority of both Israelis and Palestinians want it to continue. But Abbas made little headway when he met factions in Gaza this week to press them to renew their commitment to the truce ahead of Palestinian parliamentary elections next month. Abu Sharif said militants hoped they would soon start firing rocket salvoes from the West Bank, closer to Israel's major population centers.

"One of our strategies is to move rockets to the West Bank to meet the coming year with more violent resistance," he said.

"Attacks from Gaza have been made much more difficult by the fact that most Israeli targets are beyond the range since the withdrawal of soldiers and settlers. The crude rockets are inaccurate and rarely cause casualties."

Evidently, Israel is going to experience a real increase in deadly suicide attacks and aerial bombardment after January 1 passes.

VII. Recent developments in South America demonstrate that President Bush's foreign wars are creating a tremendous backlash.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bolivia's Morales wins wide support: Evo Morales' recent election is ground-breaking both for his margin of victory and because it's the first time an Indian will serve as president", Taipei Times, Friday, Dec 23, 2005

"BRAVE NEW WORLD: Evo Morales' recent election is ground-breaking both for his margin of victory and because it's the first time an Indian will serve as president. With his stunning victory margin in Bolivia's presidential race, Evo Morales can claim more popular support than any president since democracy was restored in the Andean nation two decades ago. The president-elect, an Aymara Indian who rose to prominence as a coca growing union leader, had 54.3 percent of the vote on Wednesday with 93 percent of polling places tallied, according to official returns. Turnout averaged almost 85 percent, much higher than in previous Bolivian elections."

This article then continues to describe how complete Morales' victory truly was.

"His outright majority in the eight-man race means Morales will be the first president since Bolivia returned to democratic rule in 1982 to be directly elected at the ballot box, with no need for congress to choose. He also would the first Indian president the 180-year history of Bolivia, which has an Indian majority .... The unexpected strength of his victory is one reason why widely held fears of post-electoral chaos have dissipated ... Morales' supporters lack majority control in Bolivia's House and Senate, where many of the seats are still controlled by right-wing parties. But his wide victory should give him leverage with Bolivia's political and business elite as he makes the transition from a leader of street protests to his nation's standard-bearer."

This paragraph provides the first indication of what kind of political person Morales is, when it stated that his "right-wing" opposition still controlled the House and Senate, thus implying that Morales is Left-Wing. Indeed, Morales is Left-Wing, as this next article demonstrates. Washington is said to be nervous!

NEWS BRIEF: NEWS BRIEF: "Bolivian election result makes US anxious", The Scotsman, 20 December 2005

"Evo Morales, leader of the Movement Towards Socialism, is hailed by ecstatic supporters after exit polls gave him an emphatic victory in the presidential election. Bolivia has its first indigenous Indian president after a landslide victory that leaves relations with the United States at a historic low and Washington's war on drugs in tatters. Evo Morales, 46, who was the clear favourite, far exceeded expectations, with exit polls and quick counts of the ballots showing him passing the 50 per cent barrier ... 'We have won and now we are going to change this country', said Mr Morales, surrounded by delirious supporters. 'All the majority together. The people are finally in power'."

When you hear that "the people are finally in power", you can usually assume that the party of person making that statement is Leftist. And, Morales truly is Leftist, as this next segment shows.

"The key issue for many Bolivian voters was the nationalisation of the country's oil and gas. Bolivia sits astride the largest known deposits of natural gas in South America, but these are mostly under the control of foreign companies, among them British Gas. Mr Morales has pledged to rip up existing contracts and said that while he will stop short of confiscation, everything has to be renegotiated ... While the nationalisation issue most concerns Britain, drugs are central to the US relationship with the poorest South American nation." (Ibid.)

I will spare you the diatribe contained in the next segment of this article, for we know that the American government has never really wanted to defeat the drug traffic coming across our southern border. Rumors continue to swirl strongly that the CIA is as much involved in drug running out of Central and South America as it was in Vietnam. Let us now go back to this article to see further evidence of Morales' Leftist leanings.

"Also of deep concern to the White House is Mr Morales's friendship with outspoken critics of the Bush administration such as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro. Mr Morales has said he will accept no bullying from the White House and wants dialogue, 'not a relationship of submission'. Washington now has few friends in South America. Only Colombia's Alvaro Uribe is a stalwart ally and even he seems to be distancing himself, last week rebuking the American ambassador to Bogota for interfering in internal affairs. The rest of South America divides into those fervently opposed to George Bush, headed by Mr Chavez, and other left-wing governments like that of Brazil, which keep Washington at arm's length. The US looks to have lost control of its 'back yard'."

Did you catch that last sentence? "The US looks to have lost control of its 'back yard'."

If you look at the Pentagon's "New Map" (NEWS1833), you will realize that much of Central and South America are considered "Non-Integrating States", thus leaving those nations vulnerable to "Regime Change", either overtly or through an internal coup. Led by the hard-charging Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, these vulnerable states have rallied around Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil.

Brazil is an interesting phenomenon. Even though its government is Constitutional, with limits to power, its current president is decidedly Leftist. It is highly probable that Venezuela has survived President Bush's threats of invasion and/or internal coup for the same reason Iran has so far escaped Western attack: one of the nations in the equation possesses scalar technology and Quantum Potential weapons. Iran's protector is Russia, which possesses both these weapons systems.

But, Brazil may be the protectorate for the entire Americas region, for she, too, possesses this weapons capability, according to LTC Bearden in his new book, "Oblivion: America On The Brink".

Bearden notes that Brazil welcomed many of the top German scientists after World War II. From them, Brazil developed both scalar technology and Quantum Potential weaponry! Imagine that! Little Brazil has the weaponry with which to stymie America in Central and South America! That kind of scenario is the stuff of which God's judgment is made. When God was about to bring a foreign nation in to deliver physical judgment on Israel, He allowed a nation initially much weaker than Israel to achieve military superiority.

God then used that temporary military superiority to inflict His punishment upon Israel for her many sins and her perpetually rebellious nature.

Now, let us examine what is happening with Venezuela; you may discover that "Rumors of Wars" is rampant here, also, as it has been with Iran.

NEWS BRIEF: "Washington D.C. intends to augment pressures against Caracas in 2006", VHeadline.com, Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"The disclosure that a US official attended a meeting to conspire against Venezuela corroborates the predictions that Washington intends to augment pressures against Caracas in 2006. According to the regional Telesur TV channel, a Peruvian-born major of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), whose surname is Thomas, recently met with former Venezuelan military coupists in Bogota, Colombia. ... The disclosure provided evidence for Venezuelan authorities´ accusations over the US involvement in subversive plans to overthrow the government of President Hugo Chavez .... Regarding the Colombia meeting, Chavez himself submitted evidence to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who later admitted an official headquarter had been used for the plotting.

"Nestor Gonzalez, a former Venezuelan general involved in the anti-Chavez coup, also participated in the secretive gathering. Government officials have warned a probable increase of destabilizing actions by a radical opposition sector, backed up by the US, due to the lack of alternatives to defeat Chavez democratically."

President Chavez has long warned of an American plot to overthrow him, as he has struggled with internal forces aided and abetted by the CIA. Also from time to time, a fully armed U.S. Naval task force has abruptly shown up just off Venezuelan coast, complete with a complement of Marines. In the past, Chavez has reacted to this military presence with shrill headlines, warning America of "radical consequences" should an invasion actually occur (NEWS1900, "AFTER INVADING HAITI - AGAIN - IS AN INVASION OF VENEZUELA POSSIBLE?")


When Bush supporter Pat Robertson called for the professional assassination of President Chavez -- what a 'christian' thing to say -- Chavez could be forgiven if he concluded that his permanent removal was Bush Administration policy.

This next article speaks directly to this issue.

NEWS BRIEF: "Colombia confirms military tie to Chavez plot", ABC News, December 18, 2005

"Former Venezuelan soldiers plotted against President Hugo Chavez's Government at a Colombian military intelligence building, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says. Mr Uribe made the statement after a meeting with Mr Chavez and analyzing documents furnished by the Venezuelan leader ... The two presidents met in Colombia amid a climate of unusual goodwill to discuss the purported Bogota-based conspiracy against the Venezuelan president, which Mr Chavez first disclosed to his Colombian counterpart during a meeting in Venezuela on November 24. Seven Venezuelans involved in a 48-hour coup against Mr Chavez in April 2002 have been linked to the new plot.

"Businessman Pedro Carmona, leader of the failed military-civilian coup, enjoys political asylum in Colombia, where he is working as a university professor. Mr Uribe refused asylum to six Venezuelan soldiers involved in the coup but gave them permission to live in Colombia while they look for safe haven in another country."

The year, 2006, might prove to be most challenging for Central and South America.

VIII. The discrediting campaign against President Bush seems on-going and on-track.

NEWS BRIEF: "GOP disillusionment with Bush increasing" , by Doug Thompson, OpEdNews.com, December 28, 2005

"While die-hard Republicans try to present a unified front in support of President George W. Bush’s evasion of the law and Constitution in ordering nonstop spying on Americans, splits are showing in the GOP ranks. 'What's wrong with it is several-fold', former GOP Congressman Bob Barr says of the domestic spying.'“One, it is bad policy for our government to be spying on American citizens through the National Security Agency. Secondly, it's bad to be spying on Americans without court oversight. And thirdly, it's bad to be spying on Americans apparently in violation of federal laws against doing it without a court order'.”

"Barr, one of the most conservative members of Congress when he served in the House, leads an increasing group of disenchanted Republicans who have had enough of Bush’s misuse of the law and encroachment of civil liberties that are supposed to be protected by the Constitution. He has joined with fellow conservative firebrand Phyllis Schlafly and the ultra-liberal American Civil Liberties Union to fight renewal of many of the rights-robbing provisions of the USA Patriot Act. And he’s not alone. Republican Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Larry Craig of Idaho and Olympia Snowe of Maine question Bush’s actions along with Pennsylvania."

Before we examine this next segment, please be aware that there are some swear words which we have left in, simply because we want you to see the foul mouth of this "christian" President.

"Bush is also angry with Craig, a conservative who joined with Democrats in a filibuster to defeat permanent renewal of the Patriot Act. As a meeting recently, Bush referred to Craig as “a goddamned traitor” and told the National Republican Senatorial Committee to start recruiting someone to run against the Idaho Senator in 2008. Such anger against those who dare oppose him is typical for a President who all too often launches into obscene tirades when his policies are questioned. Bush, on many occasions, has called political opponents “traitors’ and, in private, refers to Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter as a 'lily-livered bastard'.” (Ibid.)

"And while Craig, Hagel, Snowe and Specter are willing to speak out publicly about the illegal actions of a President who is a member of their own party, other Republicans stick to grumbling in private – not surprising given the President’s reputation to waging wars on revenge against those who oppose him. 'Bush may be under siege but he is still the President', says political scientist George Harleigh, who served in the Nixon Administration. 'He still has the power to reward those who back his policies and punish those who do not'.” (Ibid.)

Once again, we see committed Illuminists coming out against the President. Even Phyllis Schlafly is known to be a Bush insider (NEWS1818).

What we are viewing here is a deliberate campaign, which Cutting Edge first noted in February, 2004, to discredit President Bush. Whether that discrediting will bring Bush into impeachment hearings is another question, one that can be answered only with events as yet to occur. Let us examine this next story to see that the "I" word is getting more prevalent.

IX . The "Impeachment" word is suddenly on more lips than ever before.

NEWS BRIEF: Is Clinton's history in Bush's future? You know, the Clinton impeachment thing". L.A. Times Editorial, December 30, 2005

"You know, the Clinton impeachment thing. Remember that? It had something to do with an intern, secretly taped conversations and a cigar .... someday, 2005 may be recalled as the year the Clinton impeachment was relegated to the dustbin of history. But it may also be recalled as the year that paved the way for George W. Bush's impeachment. With the mid-December revelations of a secret Bush administration domestic wiretapping program carried out by the National Security Agency, commentators — including some Republicans — are once more murmuring about "high crimes and misdemeanors." And with good reason. On its face, the president's no-longer-secret wiretapping program violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The president asserts that on Sept. 14, 2001 — when Congress authorized him to "use all necessary and appropriate force" against those connected to the 9/11 attacks — Congress implicitly repealed the act's restrictions on presidential surveillance powers. Besides, he says, as commander in chief, he has the inherent constitutional power to do anything he deems necessary in time of war, Congress be damned."

"UZANNE SPAULDING, a former CIA assistant general counsel, recently pointed out that this is a bizarre and disturbing legal argument. If Congress' 9/14/01 resolution rendered moot any prior legislative restraints on the president's power to conduct domestic surveillance, or if the president's inherent wartime powers trump congressional control anyway, then why did the administration bother to seek renewal of the Patriot Act?"

"... Just last year, the Supreme Court tried to get him up to speed: "We have long since made clear that a state of war is not a blank check for the president." But that's the Bush administration for you: all checks, no balances. The NSA's domestic surveillance program is not the only impeachable offense with which the president could plausibly be charged."

"... Bush 'misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war with Iraq." And the 273-page minority report goes on to conclude that "there is a prima facia case" that "the President, Vice President and members of the Bush administration violated a number of federal laws, including 1) Committing a Fraud against the United States; 2) Making False Statements to Congress; 3) The War Powers Resolution, 4) Misuse of Government Funds; 5) federal laws and international treaties prohibiting torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment; 6) federal laws concerning retaliating against witnesses and other individuals, and 7) federal laws concerning leakings and other misuses of intelligence."

"It's true that as long as Republicans are in control, members of Congress are no more likely to impeach Bush than they are to vote themselves a pay cut. But I'm predicting that this impeachment talk won't go away in the new year. The coming weeks will likely bring more bad news for the Republican Party, and if the Democrats take control of Congress in 2006 — a prospect that is becoming less implausible — the president could find himself in deeper doo doo than his daddy ever dreamed of. The whole business almost makes me nostalgic for the Clinton impeachment, which now seems as quaint as the Geneva Convention: a relic of a happier, more innocent time in American history, a time when we fretted about secret tape recordings made by Linda Tripp instead of secret recordings made by the NSA.'

Yes, indeed, 2006 might prove very interesting as the Illuminati literally inches the world into the New World Order, a.k.a., Kingdom of Antichrist.


---------- Articles Posted ----------

* "POPE BENEDICT XVI ADVOCATES THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN HIS CHRISTMAS, 2005, SERMON!" -- Benedict XVI joins Pope John Paul II in promoting the New World Order, but he did it in a public speech, during his 2005 Christmas sermon. This current Pope thus continues the trend set by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II in leading the drive to unite all world's religions into one so the New World Order Religion can be formed. -- Yes, it is true that Pope Benedict XVI dressed as Santa Claus during this sermon! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2099.cfm

* "PRESIDENT BUSH, SENATOR McCAIN, COOPERATE TO OPEN DOOR TO PRISONER TORTURE -- IN THE GUISE OF "FORBIDDING TORTURE"! Using the "tried and true" principles of the "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan", Bush and McCain write a bill which is supposed to outlaw torture, but actually opens the door to legalized torture. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2098.cfm


Headline: Israel's Israeli Defense Force May Be Readying An Attack On Iran's Nuclear Power Plants -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2097.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------"Joint heirs with Christ." Romans 8:17

The boundless realms of His Father's universe are Christ's by prescriptive right. As "heir of all things," He is the sole proprietor of the vast creation of God, and He has admitted us to claim the whole as ours, by virtue of that deed of joint-heir-ship which the Lord hath ratified with His chosen people. The golden streets of paradise, the pearly gates, the river of life, the transcendent bliss, and the unutterable glory, are, by our blessed Lord, made over to us for our everlasting possession. All that He has He shares with His people. The crown royal He has placed upon the head of His Church, appointing her a kingdom, and calling her sons a royal priesthood, a generation of priests and kings. He uncrowned Himself that we might have a coronation of glory; He would not sit upon His own throne until He had procured a place upon it for all who overcome by His blood. Crown the head and the whole body shares the honour. Behold here the reward of every Christian conqueror!

Christ's throne, crown, sceptre, palace, treasure, robes, heritage, are yours. Far superior to the jealousy, selfishness, and greed, which admit of no participation of their advantages, Christ deems His happiness completed by His people sharing it.

"The glory which thou gavest me have I given them."

"These things have I spoken unto you, that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full."

The smiles of His Father are all the sweeter to Him, because His people share them. The honours of His kingdom are more pleasing, because His people appear with Him in glory. More valuable to Him are His conquests, since they have taught His people to overcome. He delights in His throne, because on it there is a place for them. He rejoices in His royal robes, since over them His skirts are spread. He delights the more in His joy, because He calls them to enter into it. (Morning and Evening Devotions, C.H. Spurgeon)

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