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Monday, April 11, 2011

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Blockbuster Catholic DVD Sales Offer: Save 50%!

"Which Queen of Heaven", "White Sepulcher Christianity", & "Church On Haunted Hill" Combination Sale

Sale Price: $47.48 Save $47.00

Cutting Edge created each of these DVD's expressly to prove that Catholic priests are inherently sexual predators because of the systemic nature of the Church itself!

'Which Queen of Heaven' DVD proves that the very foundation of Catholicism is the Luciferian Babylonian Mysteries religion, which God cursed.

'White Sepulcher Christianity' dramatizes the reality that the Pope has always had a powerful demon whispering in his ear, a being Satanists call 'National Overlord'. Once you understand this truth, you will comprehend the true nature of the Catholic Church.

'Church On Haunted Hill' provides the final answer as to why Catholic priests are so sexually deviant. One of their doctrines taught priests is the 'Unforgivable Sin' (Matt 12:31)

Nearly 10 hours of video!


Key Events


I. Glenn Beck boldly demonstrates the tight connection between Freemasonry and the Mormon Church!

Symbols tell the full story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Glenn Beck dons Freemasonic patch during broadcast ", InfoWars, April 8, 2011


"It was on his Friday, April 1, program, but it was no joke. Glenn Beck, who has announced he will leave Fox News, was blatantly wearing a masonic emblem over his grey sweater ... Included in the imagery is a Mason’s compass, a skull, a scroll & pen, and a date that appears to be 1681 or 1682 ... Why would Beck choose this apparel? Is it an obscure reference to colonial founders or a tip-off that his allegiances lie with the secret society-elites who have long wielded power?"

We have long maintained that a person must be committed to the Masonic Lodge and to its global ideals of a New World Order before they will be allowed to even step on the public stage. Certainly, Glenn Beck is demonstrating such loyalty.

But, there is much more to this story. In the new DVD, above, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom", Bill Schnoebelen proves that Mormonism was founded on Masonic principles and doctrine. In fact, the Mormon Church practices a most powerful form of Freemasonry. Therefore, we should not be too surprised to learn that Glenn Beck -- a most avid Mormon -- has just shown his true Masonic colors.

Now, let us review an even more sinister display of the Black Fraternity -- the Skull & Crossbones. Beck is wearing this emblem on his belt in a most public manner.

What is Beck's purpose in wearing this Death's Head belt?

The purpose of any such display of occult symbols is to simultaneously accomplish two goals:

1) Send a message to other occultists that the person wearing the symbol that he is part of their fraternity and supportive of their plan for the world.

2) Hide this fact from an unsuspecting public

Listen to the comments from this article.

"... It is little different than Arnold Schwarzenegger, David de Rothschild and many others wearing such symbols while posing for magazines or other media– an act of flaunting their inclusion in elite circles and secret societies over the ignorant public who are not meant to understand."

Now you know the truth of Glenn Beck and his Mormon Church: Masonic to the core.


II. People have been duped once again, by the world's propaganda machine!

Israel ruled out a military strike on Iran six years ago, even as her leaders and key Western leaders, continued to breath out threats of a strike!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel ruled out military option on Iran years ago ", Haaretz News, April 10, 2011

"Senior defense officials ruled out an Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear sites as early as five and a half years ago, telegrams sent from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in 2005 and 2006 indicate ... In the first telegram, sent on December 2, 2005, American diplomats said their conversations with Israeli officials indicate that there is no chance of a military attack being carried out on Iran. "

"Levite said that most Israeli officials do not believe a military solution is possible', the telegram ran. 'They believe Iran has learned from Israel's attack on Iraq's Osirak reactor, and has dispersed the components of its nuclear program throughout Iran, with some elements in places that Israel does not know about'."

Therefore, since American and Israeli leaders knew that a military strike would not be effective, then all the grave pronouncements of an impending strike on Iran's nuclear facilities were simply and only a propaganda exercise, designed to scare people to death! What did Jesus give as one of the signs of the End of Age"

"Men's hearts failing them for fear..." (Luke 21:26)

Cutting Edge has always believed that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 protected both Iran (Ancient Persia) and Russia from a military attack. You can read full details in NEWS2120, entitled, "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

Iran is protected from a Western military attack because she is listed as one of the nations marching against Israel. Therefore, her ability to wage war against Israel cannot be rendered ineffective at this moment in time.

Russia's military reputation is also protected by this prophecy. She is listed as the equipper and the leader of this force coming against Israel. If Western technology was to penetrate Iran's Russian-supplied defenses now, none of the leaders of the prophesied nations would be willing to depend upon Russia's military machine to defeat Israel.

Therefore, largely on the basis of this prophecy, Cutting Edge took an unusually strong stand in predicting that there would be no Western attack on Iran over her nuclear facilities. We believed all along that this propaganda exercise was designed to produce a repeated dosage lasting seven full years of "Rumors of Wars".

Hopefully, we can now put this story away and never have to endure it again.



III. Japan has just been struck again with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, in the same general area of the original March 11 quake.

NEWS BRIEF: "Japan earthquake: Fukushima nuclear plant evacuated following aftershock", The Telegraph News, 11 April 2011

"Authorities issued a warning for a three feet high tsunami after today's earthquake, which had its epicentre in Fukushima prefecture. The warning was lifted after an hour. Workers battling to contain a crisis at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant were ordered to evacuate after the powerful aftershock ... The earthquake briefly knocked out power to crippled reactors before electricity was restored.

" 'The company ordered workers to withdraw and stay in a quake-proof building', a spokesman for the operator said."

The news comes four days after northern Japan was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake with an epicentre 25 miles under water near Sendai, a city devastated by the tsunami on March 11. On Thursday evening people living along more than 300 miles of coastline north of Tokyo were warned of a tidal wave up to 6ft high and told to move to higher ground. "

Japanese authorities simply cannot catch a break of positive news. Time and time again, just when they thought they were getting close to closing off the danger of the nuclear reactor, they would suffer another explosion, another earthquake, or some other disaster.

Tokyo was hit by this powerful aftershock.

NEWS BRIEF: "Magnitude 6.6-quake jolts Japan coast", CNN News, April 11, 2011

"Fires burned in northeastern Japan Monday evening after a powerful earthquake rattled the region, triggering several landslides that trapped four people in one city. The 6.6-magnitude quake was centered about 100 miles (164 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo and about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southwest of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, according to the U.S. Geological Survey ... The Tohoku Electric Power Company said 220,000 households and businesses in Fukushima were without power after Monday's quake, which came a month after a deadly magnitude-9 quake and tsunami devastated the island nation."

Japan has, indeed, suffered "Combined Disasters" for which the Illuminati Card shown above clearly called. Remember, each card of this Illuminati Card Game depicts an action which the Global Elite plans to use to bring down this current civilization. The majority of the peoples of the world are to be made to feel so unhappy with our current civilization that they would support a man -- any charismatic man -- who arose to propose a New Order of the Ages.

As Doc Marquis stated in his DVD, "The Protocols of Zion: The Plot Against Israel", the Elite wants you to not only feel unhappy with our current world order, they want you to feel worn out and truly ready for a dramatic change!

Doc Marquis' "2012 & Beyond" DVD

Will Be Shipping Within Days!

New Trailers

Mother Shipton's Incredibly Accurate Visions of End Times Events

One Example: "When Gabriel stands on sea and shore and as he blows his wondrous horn, Old World die and new be born.” (New World Order)

See Many More Predictions On This New Trailer!


New Doc Marquis DVD - His Best Ever!

"The Illuminati's Plan For 2012 And Beyond"

2-Disc Set - Volume 1

Now that you have read and heard the noise and chatter about the year 2012, you will be pleased to know the truth of the Illuminati Plan for 2012, from a man who knows the Plan thoroughly, former Illuminati Luciferian, Doc Marquis!

After watching this 'One of a Kind' DVD set, you will no longer wonder what will happen after December 21, 2012!

Is the end of the world near? Are we doomed to destruction? Do we have any hope for tomorrow beyond the year 2012? In this new, exciting and riveting 2 part DVD set renowned author and former Illuminati witch Doc Marquis takes up the daunting task of revealing the truth behind December 21, 2012.

At the end, through a unique series of question and answers along with comparisons of the Holy Scriptures Doc Marquis shall reveal the final truth behind the mystery of 2012.

2-DVD Set, nearly 4 hours -


"Decoding Doomsday"

"2012 Prophecies, The Apocalypse, and Perilous Days Ahead"

Regularly $16.99, Introductory Sale $14.99

"Decoding Doomsday" is a masterpiece of well-founded research. If all the 2012 talk has you shaking your head and turning away, this book will giver you conclusive answers from a Biblical perspective, answers that you can trust.

Dozens of books have been published during the past two decades on the topic of 2012, mostly reflecting a 'New Age' perspective. This occult outlook is shaped by Mayan scholars, pseudo-archeologists, channelers, mediums, shamans and alternative historians.

Pundits penning these opinions draw upon ancient sources, including the Mayan Calendar, I Ching, the Kolbrin Bible, Platos Atlantis, Freemasonry and even Pyramidology.

So has Earth's time really come? Is this the End of the World? Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, the author asserts that we the 'apocalypse expectation' can be a healthy focus, essential to authentic Christianity. Finally, Woodward maintains that 'doomsday' is indeed decoded - history's last days are disclosed within Mosaic Law and the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets!

375 pages -



Eternities' Biggest Battle Isn't Between Good and Evil ...

It's Between Truth and Lies!

From the very nature of truth to how our world began, from morality to religion, from population control to political correctness, from Israel to Islam, from atheism to God. . .our entire world runs on what we believe.

Follow Kevin Sorbo as he introduces some of the world's leading scientists, historians, theologians, philosophers, and authors, as they tackle the world's 12 Biggest Lies.

These lies are: 1) There is no such thing as truth.
2) People are inherently good.
3. No one should be offended.
4. Men and women are equal. 5. A fetus isn’t human.
6. The world is overpopulated.
7. Americans are greedy and self-centered.
8. Islam is a religion of peace.
9. The Jews stole Jerusalem.
10. The earth is billions of years old.
11. There is no God.
12. Jesus was just a good man.

This is one of those videos which every Christian needs to help them contend for the faith in this lost and dying world.


New Headline News Articles

"Are Chinese Troops Pre-Positioned Along U.S.-Mexico Border?"

Subtitle: The New World Order Plan does, indeed, call for China to control the region of Los Angeles all the way to the border between Mexico - Guatamala




"Madness Over Mormonism!"

The National Association of Evangelicals is getting ready to align with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!


"Mormon Glenn Beck Meets With Southern Baptist Billy Graham, Urging Him 'To Come Together' - Yoking Believers With Unbelievers!"

Beck is making major inroads to convince Evangelical leaders to support his cause. Beck has even formed his own version of the "Black Robed Regiment" to finally cement a bridge from Mormonism to Christianity. Genuine Christians are in dire danger of being mightily deceived.


Why Is China Building Large Cities Completely Devoid of People?

The answer will shock you, for a nearly unknown part of the Plan is being implemented. This development means that the appearance of the Antichrist is closer than many think possible.


Beware!! Republican and Tea Party Leaders Are Beginning To Sound The Fraudulent Warning That 'Liberal Judges' Are Threatening 'Conservative' Values!

Their phony solution? Political activism which will elect Conservative officials and judges! (Remember: Terri Shiavo was killed by Republican Judges - Republican judges provided the majority to legalize Sodomy and Abortion with Roe vs Wade)

"Truth is not what is; truth is what people think it is." (Adolf Hitler)

"What luck for rulers that people do not think." (Adolf Hitler)

The Triumphant Return of Jesus Christ
New 2-DVD Set by Mac Dominick

Watch New Trailer

Jesus Christ IS returning to Earth, this time as an Omnipotent Warrior King, anxious to totally defeat Antichrist and his armies awaiting Him on the Plain of Armageddon!

We are living in a world with an apocalyptic mindset. How many times have you heard references to drastic earth changes, the end of the world, or Armageddon bantered around by network news anchors or in motion pictures? The world’s population is teetering on the precipice of global panic with anticipated calamities associated with December 21st, 2012 and other alarming events. Men and women are being sucked into the one-world, globalist straightjacket created by the mainstream media and are being prepared to fall into the waiting arms of Antichrist at his appearance. So many, even in Christian circles, are totally confused by false teachers.

The viewer will learn of such topics as The History and Future of Israel, The Rapture of the Church, The Building of the One-World Church, The Coming War with Russia, The Building of the One-World Church, The Identity of the Antichrist, World War III, Armageddon, the truth about December 21st, 2012, and the much-anticipated Kingdom of God on Earth.

If you want to learn what the Word of God tells of the future and make changes in your life as a result----you must get this series.

2-DVD Set, nearly 3 hours - Order NOW

Mac uses the King James Version

We completed shipping last week, two weeks ahead of schedule!

NEW Hoggard DVD

"All-Seeing Eye"

"Satan's Attempt At Omniscience"

Only $14.99

Satan must create through scientists the incredibly sophisticated global surveillance system we are seeing spreading over the entire earth -- because he is not God!

The Scriptures tell us that God is the all powerful, all seeing God. Satan wants to 'be like the most High' Isaiah 14, but he is not as powerful as God, and he is limited in what he can see.

He needs a network. A network of sophisticated technology, organizations, and people so that he can have total control of planet earth.

In this 1 hour and 20 minute presentation, Pastor Hoggard shows the spiritual forces that are behind the spy and surveillance infrastructure that is being built right now to bring the world into a New world Order.

Declaring Truth About Mormonism

"Mormonism's Temple of Doom - 2012 Election Alert"

New 2-DVD Set by Bill Schnoebelen

Dynamic Trailer - What's Under That Dome?

Schnoebelen was told by his Coven Master that, if he ever got into trouble, he was to join the Mormon Church because it was 'created by Witches for Witches'! But, in the past 50 years, the Mormon (LDS) Church has managed to grow from a small fringe cult to a major world religion of considerable respectability. Mormons like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have achieved amazing followings and many Americans have come to believe that Mormons are just another Christian denomination with fine, conservative, family-based values.

However, beneath the sweet surface of LDS Public Relations, there lurks one of the most dark and twisted religions to emerge in American history. You will discover that, just as Mormonism is not Christian, the Mormon Family is not the same as the Christian Family.

We include a section warning genuine Christians not to support a Mormon for President, providing critical Scriptural references. Evangelical leaders are already urging Christians to support a Mormon for President.

"Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati"

All Six Titles by Doc Marquis, 7 DVDs, , Save $80

Regularly $229.94, Now Only $149.94, You Save $80

Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

6 DVD titles, over 18 hours of teaching, Save $80

Doc Marquis uses the King James Bible

Trailer Available At Each Item's Location in the Shopping Cart -

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