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Monday, December 12, 2011

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"Making Merchandise of Men's Souls"

New DVD by Christian Author James Sundquist

Watch Biography of Mr. Sundquist, who is a renowned Christian author and musician!

Watch Trailer of This 4-Hour DVD

Retail Price Only $29.99 - Great Value For 4-Hour DVD

''...through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.'' (2 Peter 2:3)

At this End of the Age, Sundquist proves that Satan is 'making merchandise of men's souls' in three distinct areas:

  • Modern Psychotherapy vs Scripture - Occult and New Age authors boldly brag that the human founding fathers of Psychotherapy and Psychology received their understandings from Familiar Spirits! Yet, today even 'christian' churches are using Psychotherapy to screen pastors and missionaries;
  • Some pastors today are taking control over churches, over church bank accounts, and then selling the land and the church!
  • Global Conspiracy to divide the land of Israel for monetary and political gain! Sundquist reveals that this plan was conceived over 100 years ago, and brings down God's special judgment in Joel 3.

    Key Events


    I. Pope Benedict XVI correctly identifies the Virgin Mary as the "woman of the apocalypse", but not in the context in which she shall really appear.

    As "2012 & Beyond: Paradigm Shift" DVD reports, the global demonic 'Paradigm Shift Producing the Universal Mind" will come in the form of a global Marian Apparition. And God just might use the Virgin Mary's appearance to deliver His "strong delusion", of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 forewarns!

    Truly, these times are spiritually perilous!

    NEWS BRIEF: "Pope highlights Mary's role as 'woman of the apocalypse' ", Catholic News Agency, 12/8/2011

    "Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the biblical description of a 'woman clothed with the sun' in his remarks at Rome's Spanish Steps on the 2011 Feast of the Immaculate Conception ... Before all, the 'woman' of the apocalypse is Mary herself.”

    Pope Benedict is taking his symbolism of the Virgin Mary from Revelation 12:1-6, a passage which the Romish Church has long twisted into its own version. The Vatican has long taught that this woman is the Virgin Mary, whereas Protestant Bible scholars have long held that this woman was the real Mary being pregnant with the real Jesus and giving birth to him while Satan, the old dragon, tried to kill him through Herod.

    But, the woman whom God protects by taking her into the 'desert' is the nation of Israel reborn at the End of the Age. Upon what basis is this Protestant understanding based? It is based upon the revelation in verse one of Chapter 12, where the woman is depicted as having a crown of 12 stars on her head, representative of the 12 tribes of Ancient Israel.

    When Pope Benedict declares the Virgin Mary in this passage to be the Christian / Catholic Church, he is engaging in the most heinous "replacement theology", which is defined as saying that Israel is no longer in God's prophetic plans, but has been replaced by the Christian Church. Many Protestants now believe this heresy, even though world events since May 14, 1948 have proven time and time again that God is miraculously protecting Israel just as He did in Old Testament times.

    However, we believe that the "Virgin Mary" -- who is a demonic being who has changed into "an angel of light" -- will bring a universal demonic possession known as the "Paradigm Shift" upon all unsaved mankind. When she appears all over the world simultaneously, Satan will use her appearance to bring all mankind's thoughts into his control, in a situation which the familiar spirit Master D.K. calls a "Paradigm Shift" producing the Universal Mind.

    Finally, we postulate that, just perhaps, God might use this opportunity to bring upon all mankind His prophesied "strong delusion" that wicked, unsaved, and degenerate mankind might believe Satan's lie.

    Please use this DVD, above, as a witnessing tool to all your unsaved loved ones, especially if your loved ones are Roman Catholic. We conclude this DVD with a Biblical Plan of Salvation!

    Man's time to accept Jesus is rapidly drawing to a close. Are you doing EVERYTHING you can to reach the lost in your Sphere of Influence?


    II. Now that firmly entrenched dictators have been rooted out in Northern Africa and the Middle East -- in accordance with "The Pentagon's New Map" strategy -- we should not be surprised to learn that the weaker governments now in place are militant Muslims who are intent upon reverting back to all of Islam's hatreds.

    Christians living in this Supernation #7 are now in peril.

    NEWS BRIEF: "Arab Spring begins weeding out Christians ", World Net Daily, December 10, 2011

    "Islamic factions jockeying for position from out of the ashes of the Arab Spring are posing an increased threat to Middle East Christians ... The British group Barnabas Aid says that Christians in Iran and Azerbaijan are coming under increased pressure from their governments."

    This next segment informs us that Iran is seeking to fill this political vacuum left by the radical and rapid fall from power of the entrenched dictatorships like Egypt and Libya and Tunisia and Morocco. We should not find this development surprising because Iran told the world in March, 2003, that she was going to defeat America in Iraq and then expand her hegemony over the entire region. (Read full details in NEWS1910)

    Today, as Shi'ite Iran is slowly and quietly controlling the Shi'ite government of Iraq, she is now preparing to extend her control over what the Club of Rome calls Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and the Middle East. Listen to the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, pondering his words carefully.

    "... Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei recently urged more than 2.5 million Muslims on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia to form 'an international Islamic power bloc'.The Ayatollah Khamenei told the listeners the Arab Spring was guided by Islam and said Muslims worldwide should rally to the Islamic cause."

    I don't know your reaction to "an international Islamic power bloc", but such an idea causes my blood to turn cold.

    However, such a globalization of Islamic forces may very well be a necessary development for the prophesy of Zechariah 12 to occur. In that chapter, God foretells that He will cause Israel's armies to be so infused with hatred over Jerusalem that they would send wave after wave after wave of armies against the Jewish capital. And, God has already warned that He will personally destroy them all.

    But, now let us return to our featured news story, to see how Christians are coming under the powers of persecution.

    "Center for Security Policy senior fellow Clare Lopez said the Ayatollah Khamenei's call for an Islamic power bloc fits together with the objectives of other Islamic groups and countries. 'Iran's jihadist objectives are exactly the same as al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey. Indeed, the Iranian leadership was among the first, most consistent and most vocal of supporters of the 'Islamic Awakening', Lopez said."

    Since Iranian Christians have responded to the government's threats of persecution by disappearing underground, Iran's Islamic political leaders have responded to counter this trend and bring these Christians under the thumb of the regime.

    "Along with the political issues, ICC's Clay said the Islamic regime in Tehran has to contend with another internal issue – a growing house-church movement. Clay said the Iranian leadership is dedicating resources to go after the often underground Christians."

    "Meanwhile, persecution against religious minorities in Azerbaijan, including Christians, Muslims who follow the teachings of Said Nursi, and Jehovah Witnesses, has continued unabated in 2011. Services are routinely raided and members are detained or fined for worshipping without state authorization', Clay said. 'During these church raids, religious literature is often confiscated and reviewed by the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations to decide whether or not the material is legal."

    Islam is history's greatest persecutor of Christians. Widespread genocide 1,000 years ago killed so many Christians that the population of the nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East turned predominately Muslim. At the End of the Age, this same white-hot hatred toward Christian is present in the hearts and minds of radical Muslims all throughout the region.

    The result could be another horrific bloodbath of genuine Christians. We must hold our brethren up in beseeching prayer!


    III. The government is now introducing yet another building block in the coming planned dictatorship.

    Police are now employing the dreaded Predator drone spy plane for domestic use.

    Will these drones be armed with lethal missiles, to use on American citizens?

    NEWS BRIEF: "Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front ", Los Angeles Times, December 10, 2011

    "Reporting from Washington— Armed with a search warrant, Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke went looking for six missing cows on the Brossart family farm in the early evening of June 23. Three men brandishing rifles chased him off, he said. Janke knew the gunmen could be anywhere on the 3,000-acre spread in eastern North Dakota. Fearful of an armed standoff, he called in reinforcements from the state Highway Patrol, a regional SWAT team, a bomb squad, ambulances and deputy sheriffs from three other counties."

    "He also called in a Predator B drone."

    Both the SWAT team and the drone violate 'Posse Comitatus' which forbids the use of military equipment upon American citizens. But, Posse Comitatus has been dying since President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno used tanks and troops against the helpless civilians at Waco, Texas, in 1993. Once the Illuminati realized that Americans were not going to be fervently incensed by the blatant and deadly violation of our Constitution, they have systematically moved to take away all our rights.

    In the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11, the government has rushed the dictatorial laws known as the Patriot Acts I and II, plus dozens of other bills designed to legalize the dictatorial takeover of America.

    This use of deadly drones is just the latest example of this troubling trend.

    "As the unmanned aircraft circled 2 miles overhead the next morning, sophisticated sensors under the nose helped pinpoint the three suspects and showed they were unarmed. Police rushed in and made the first known arrests of U.S. citizens with help from a Predator, the spy drone that has helped revolutionize modern warfare. But that was just the start. Local police say they have used two unarmed Predators based at Grand Forks Air Force Base to fly at least two dozen surveillance flights since June. The FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration have used Predators for other domestic investigations, officials said."

    The use of drones domestically is simply exploding.

    "In an interview, Michael C. Kostelnik, a retired Air Force general who heads the office that supervises the drones, said Predators are flown "in many areas around the country, not only for federal operators, but also for state and local law enforcement and emergency responders in times of crisis."

    Not every lawmaker agrees with this development.

    " 'Using Predators for routine law enforcement without public debate or clear legal authority is a mistake', Harman said. 'There is no question that this could become something that people will regret', said Harman, who resigned from the House in February and now heads the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a Washington think tank. '

    "In 2008 and 2010, Harman helped beat back efforts by Homeland Security officials to use imagery from military satellites to help domestic terrorism investigations. Congress blocked the proposal on grounds it would violate the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the military from taking a police role on U.S. soil."

    Opponents of this development know that police will push their newly-discovered surveillance capabilities to the limit.

    "... privacy advocates say drones help police snoop on citizens in ways that push current law to the breaking point. 'Any time you have a tool like that in the hands of law enforcement that makes it easier to do surveillance, they will do more of it', said Ryan Calo, director for privacy and robotics at the Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society."

    One day, we will awaken to discover that drones are now armed with deadly missiles, to be used against American citizens.

    At that point, everyone will realize that the planned Absolute Dictatorship is upon us all!

    New Hoggard DVD's


    "Supermen of the New World Order"

    "Racing Towards Godhood"

    Still Only $14.99 - Watch Trailer

    New World Order advocates are not just about bringing the entire world’s resources and populations under one rule, but taking man himself to the next level. In this CD, Pastor Mike Hoggard dares to expose trans-century conspiracies trying to hide the true purpose behind denying Biblical creation and earth’s final redemption. Ever-increasing hidden propaganda in movies, advertisements, books, and corporations are pushing the idea that the future human is on a fast track to evolve into a higher being—by genetic manipulation and startling advances in technology—man’s own creation of a super race in no need of God’s salvation or grace. See how your church may be buying into evolution without even knowing it!!

    Transhumanism is raging down upon all mankind, whether we like it or not or whether we want it or not. Only God can put an end to this madness of using genetic research to rewrite human beings and his entire world. '.. except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved.." (Mark 13:20)

    1 hour 18 minutes

    "The Cult of 33"

    "Key Revelations of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism"

    Still Only $14.99 -- Watch Trailer

    Luciferians brag that the numbers '33' and '11' are the most sacred numbers in their world. But, they are important in God's Bible as well.

    The Number 33 is the sum of 11-11-11 and many wonder if this date has special significance in Bible eschatology, or if there is esoteric meaning behind events of history.

    Through the pages of the Old and New Testament Scriptures of the KJV, Pastor Mike Hoggard studies the number 33 to reveal startling connections between the temple of the human body, Jesus’ death on the cross, God’s signature in all of creation, the journey of the 13 crystal skulls, 33rd degree Scottish rites, 33rd parallel, religious/social convocations, KKK, commercial logos and paradigm-shifting events such as the 9-11 tragedy, JFK assassination, and many others.

    This study will startlingly show that the Beast of Revelation—the man of sin—has a corresponding signature and timely Biblical wisdom will help devoted students of the Bible discern between the real Jesus and the fake Jesus!

    1 Hour, 20 Minutes

    Now Back In-Stock!

    "Supernatural Powers" DVD

    "The Battle Between Good and Evil"

    Fascination with the supernatural realm continues to grow among people of all ages and backgrounds at an exponential rate. Tales of spirit beings, guardian angels, demons, and the hereafter can be found in every bookstore, on every television screen, and in every theatre in our country.

    This insightful program carefully examines the metaphysical realm and answers challenging questions regarding whether or not angels really exist. If so, where do they come from? Why were they created? What dimension do they habitat? How do they interact with human beings? What is their purpose?

    Conversely, what are demons, what is their power and from whence do they come? How are they allowed to interact with humans and what power do they have over them?


    "Theologians Under Hitler"

    How Three Protestant Theologians Persuaded German Protestants To Support Hitler And His Nazi Party!

    MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUR TIME! "Theologians Under Hitler" tells a hidden story, that three prominent, well-respected Protestant theologians unexpectedly transferred their allegiance to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.

    These Protestant leaders greatly helped blind German Protestants to the truth of Hitler, so that the majority of the German Church supported Hitler and aided greatly in providing the bedrock of support for Hitler's World War II and his Jewish Genocide.

    Respected American Protestant theologians have accomplished the same thing for President Bush! Look at the Far Right: Falwell, Robertson, Billy Graham have successfully worked to blind American Christians as to the truth of "Skull & Bones" Bush.

    Tactic which worked for Hitler is now being carried out in America! Now you can know why American Right-Wing Christians are so adamantly blinded by Republican politics!

    See Also Our New Book - Related Topic

    "The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan"

    New book by Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

    Dr. Cuddy conclusively proves that the future New World Order will be just as firmly rooted in Adolf Hitler's Nazism as it was during the reign of Hitler!

    Dr. Cuddy demonstrates that, even during the time in World War II when German Armies were victorious, certain top Nazi officials began laying a plan to send out Nazi operatives to varous countries to quietly carry on Nazi principles so that the entire National Socialist Movement could lead the New World Order in a couple of generations.

    Guess what? These silent Nazi operatives have succeeded!! Beyond anyone's wildest imaginations!

    Today, in so many ways, the march toward the coming global dictatorship is following a parallel path on which Hitler led Germany from 1933-1945. Throughout the world, current leaders are following a path parallel to that of Hitler -- even in America!

    If you want to 'connect the dots', this book is a must read. 160 pages


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    Exciting New Prophetic DVD's - Popularly Priced

    "Mount Hermon-Roswell Connection"

    DVD by Ron Skiba

    Mount Hermon, a mountain in Northern Israel, lies right on the Israel-Syria border, 33.33 degrees longitude by 33.33 latitude. This directly correlates to the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, NM, which occurred at the exact same coordinates, just on the opposite side of the globe! Just a coincidence or this there more here than meets the eye? Was the crash in Roswell, which the government described as a "weather balloon," an accidental crash, or an event that was pre-planned on purpose?

    Mount Hermon served as an altar to Baal. Believe it or not, not that long ago the ashes of sacrifice were still in the altars on Mt. Hermon! According to the ancient Book of Enoch, 200 fallen angels descended on Hermon through a portal and then proceeded to wreak genetic havoc on the human race, creating a race of hybrid giants that were eventually destroyed in Noah's Flood. This DVD explains it all in amazing detail.

    "Mythology and the Coming Great Deception"

    DVD by Ron Skiba

    This new DVD traces the trail of foreign gods that were introduced to the Israelites in Egypt and still remain with us, all the way to the present day. It appears a few of them have even landed in Washington D.C.!

    Zeus lives! If you liked Apollyon 2012 and Nephilim Stargates by Tom Horn, you will love this DVD. One of the most fascinating DVDs we've seen in a very long time


    Hot New Prophecy DVD!

    "Armageddon, The Hiding Place and the Mount of Olives Mystery"

    New Prophetic DVD by J.D. Grush

    Discoveries Of Destiny Ministry

    Regularly $29.99 / Pre-sale $24.99

    Dynamic Trailer

    The world is hurtling quickly to its final prophesied destiny, a destiny which the Lord Jesus named “Armageddon”. J.D. Grush, of "Discoveries of Destiny” ministry, has created a riveting DVD which teaches the full Biblical Plan for all of mankind, a plan which shall be dramatically finished on the Plains of Megiddo, popularly known as “Armageddon”.

    J.D. will unearth precious nuggets of truth which shall both shock you and delight you.

    J.D. will also dispel the major Mass Media misunderstandings of this “appointment of destiny”.

    Part 1 is entitled simply, “Armageddon”. In a delightfully entertaining manner,J.D. teaches what Armageddon will be, why it is necessary and what it will accomplish as Jesus prepares to establish his Millennial Kingdom, even in the face of the most powerful forces strait out of Hell.

    Part 2 is entitled, “The Hiding Place”. In the midst of the chaotic panic Jews are feeling as they flee the deadly wrath of Antichrist, God miraculously swoops down to pluck His elect out of the clutches of the Man of Sin, taking them to a “Hiding Place”, where God will lovingly protect them for the last 3 ½ years of history.

    Part 3 is entitled, “The Mount of Olives Mysteries”. Here J.D. is at his very best, as he reveals the extreme importance to God and to His Kingdom of the Mount of Olives. Going back all the way to Moses and reaching all the way to the end of the Tribulation Period, the Mount of Olives stands as one of the most prophetically important places on Earth.

    J.D. Grush will simultaneously inform you and delight you for over 3 full hours.

    Will be shipping on or before mid-December.

    We now have the money needed to finish this new DVD, but we are going to extend the Pre-Sale price until the day we start shipping product.

    More New Bookstore Items

    "IndoctriNation DVD"

    "Public Schools Contributing To The Decline of Christianity in America"

    Over the past 100 years, public school curricula has systematically been changed to the point where, today, Christianity is completely banished in most public schools in America.
    This DVD explores the origins of the American education system, the effects of public schools on the Christian family, and the turning of the hearts of parents to their children through home education.

    You should be shocked at the revelations of this video. One expert witness says that parents do not realize the extent to which public school curricula is stealing their children's minds because the child's body is left with the parents!

    Incredible facts will persuade you to take your children out of public schools no matter what the cost. We all have to answer Jesus on Rewards Day as to how we have protected the precious souls of our children.

    Available October 19


    "The Researchers Library of Ancient Texts"

    Volume One - by Tom Horn

    While none of the books within this Volume 1 can be considered inerrant as the Holy Bible, they nevertheless contain historically accurate information which will enable Bible students to better understand the Ancient World in which the Old and New Testaments occurred.

    These ancient texts provide commentators’ valuable insight into ancient Jews and early Christians.

    Contained in this volume: The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher, The Book of Jubilees, 1 Esdras, 2 Esdras, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Tobias, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch, Susanna, Prayer of Azariah, Prayer of Manasseh, Bel and the Dragon, and Laodiceans.

    577 pages, over 3 pounds


    "The New Complete Works of Josephus"

    No source, other than the Bible itself, provides more relevant information on the first century than the work of Flavius Josephus. This newly edited version updates the original 18th century language; includes commentary by the award winning author and historian, Dr. Paul L. Maier; features over forty photos of ancient sites and artifacts mentioned by Josephus; cross references numbers throughout to the Greek text of Josephus in the Loeb Classical Library; and offers revised indexes of subjects and Old Testament texts.

    1,152 pages - Great Value at only $19.99!


    New Headline News Articles

    Aliens Proven To Be Demonic!

    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1)

    Antichrist, Aliens, And UFO's

    Luciferian Plan: "UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order. They are benevolent beings which will aid mankind in attaining the goal of becoming one humanity. They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the The Christ appears."


    "Those Lying Masons!"

    In their own words!

    "Unperfected Masons "deserve to be mislead"!

    "... all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone..." (Rev 21:8) -


    "Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati Series"

    All Eight Titles by Doc Marquis, 15 DVDs, , Save $110

    Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

    'Paradigm Shift: 2012 & Beyond, Volume 2', reveals more important Mass Media expectations as to what may happen on 12/21/2012 and then reveals that the Paradigm Shift is intended to be a global mass demon possession which shall produce the Universal Mind in every unsaved person on Earth. Is this the time of the prophesied 'Strong Delusion'?

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    Aliens, Sons of God & Genesis 6

    NEW DVD - The Ancient Book of Enoch: The First Book Ever Written
    by J. R. Church & Gary Stearman

    Order now
    The Book of Enoch is a treasure, perhaps hidden away just for these last days. Many know of it but few know of its contents. Can this ancient text be trusted? Is it credible? In this 6-hour DVD series, J. R. Church and Gary Stearman take you on a comprehensive, cover-to-cover tour of this amazing book. You will learn about the fallen angels who entered Earth through a "stargate," located on the peak of Mt. Hermon, where they swore an oath to complete their corrupting work among men. Enoch enters a flying house and journeys to heaven, shell and all around the world! His descriptions are absolutely breathtaking in their realism; he literally travels through time!

    Although never placed in the canon of Scripture, it has long been held, by both Jews and Gentiles alike, to be an authentic and valuable work. J. R. Church was always fascinated, but frustrated, that so little credible research had been done on it. He wanted to compare the writings of Enoch to the Bible and searched in vain for a usable commentary. So he wrote his own! The results of his lengthy research and study are on these four amazingly informative DVD's.

    * Watch TV Interview on "The Ancient Book of Enoch"


    Declaring Truth About Mormonism

    "Mormonism's Temple of Doom - 2012 Election Alert"

    New 2-DVD Set by Bill Schnoebelen

    Dynamic Trailer - What's Under That Dome?

    Schnoebelen was told by his Coven Master that, if he ever got into trouble, he was to join the Mormon Church because it was 'created by Witches for Witches'! But, in the past 50 years, the Mormon (LDS) Church has managed to grow from a small fringe cult to a major world religion of considerable respectability. Mormons like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have achieved amazing followings and many Americans have come to believe that Mormons are just another Christian denomination with fine, conservative, family-based values.

    However, beneath the sweet surface of LDS Public Relations, there lurks one of the most dark and twisted religions to emerge in American history. You will discover that, just as Mormonism is not Christian, the Mormon Family is not the same as the Christian Family.

    We include a section warning genuine Christians not to support a Mormon for President, providing critical Scriptural references. Evangelical leaders are already urging Christians to support a Mormon for President.

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