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Monday, July 18, 2011

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Two Popular New DVD's!

"Wide Is The Gate"

"The Emerging New/Old Paradigm Shift"

DVD - 3hrs 20 minutes

A look into the invasion of the old New Age Movement in today's Post Modern Church. Today's new brand of Christianity has a different gospel and is targeting thousands of the younger generation with a so-called hip, cool, experiential spirituality, much of which is embracing the mysticism of Roman Catholicism with its ecumenical philosophy of uniting people from all faiths to work together and bring about a new world of peace and harmony. This notion dovetails with the heart of New Age thinking and the utopian ideals of many world religions who all await their religious leaders and dreams of world domination.

The dangerous result of this new spirituality in the church is bringing about the rise of today's "Christianized" occultism. It's stretching its tentacles around the souls of unsuspecting youth, setting them up for the lie that subjective emotions of "power" and "experience" are "feelings" to be held higher than an objective walk in the Christian Faith, based in Truth found in the Pure Word of God. The Holy Bible is presented as unattainable truth: "stuffy", "dry" and "churchy"

A true "signs of the times" videos! The apostasy of the Church is here now and is taking over. Is your church threatened? Watch the trailer.

NEW DVD - The Ancient Book of Enoch: The First Book Ever Written
by J. R. Church & Gary Stearman

In stock - order now
The Book of Enoch is a treasure, perhaps hidden away just for these last days. Many know of it but few know of its contents. Can this ancient text be trusted? Is it credible? In this 6-hour DVD series, J. R. Church and Gary Stearman take you on a comprehensive, cover-to-cover tour of this amazing book. You will learn about the fallen angels who entered Earth through a "stargate," located on the peak of Mt. Hermon, where they swore an oath to complete their corrupting work among men. Enoch enters a flying house and journeys to heaven, shell and all around the world! His descriptions are absolutely breathtaking in their realism; he literally travels through time!

Although never placed in the canon of Scripture, it has long been held, by both Jews and Gentiles alike, to be an authentic and valuable work. J. R. Church was always fascinated, but frustrated, that so little credible research had been done on it. He wanted to compare the writings of Enoch to the Bible and searched in vain for a usable commentary. So he wrote his own! The results of his lengthy research and study are on these four amazingly informative DVDs.

* Watch TV Interview on "The Ancient Book of Enoch"

  • 5 hours on 4 DVDs

  • Key Events

    I. Dire financial news is raging across America today as economic collapse is being predicted over the lack of a debt ceiling agreement.

    Remember what occult House of Theosophy Director, Alice Bailey, stated in her writings of 1918: The New Order must come about through economic pressure - Quoted in "Paradigm Shift: 2012 & Beyond".

    Now, let us examine this supposedly horrible news.

    NEWS BRIEF: "Congress seeks debt result, Obama goes to public", AP News, July 16, 2012

    " President Barack Obama appealed for public support to push Congress to avert an unprecedented default on America's national debt as lawmakers worked on dual tracks to reach an elusive deal. Obama wants lawmakers to approve a giant package that would not only prevent a default by raising the government's borrowing limit, but also slash trillions of dollars from the country's enormous deficit. He challenged lawmakers Saturday 'to do something big'."

    This article does not state how Obama intends to slash trillions of dollars from America's debt, but the Republicans are not happy over his proposals.

    "But opposition Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, reject Obama's proposal to raise some taxes in addition to cutting spending."

    However, a heinous proposal is bubbling to the surface, on which we reported last week.

    "In the Senate, the Republican and Democratic leaders worked on a bipartisan plan that would allow Obama to raise the debt limit without a prior vote by lawmakers. "

    In dozens of instances in the past 60 years, Congress has simply rolled over to allow the President to accumulate more and more power to himself, thus moving us closer to the planned Absolute Dictatorship. In this proposal, Congress would be abdicating its fundamental Constitutional responsibility to control all matters relating to the purse.

    At this moment in time, we need to step backward to assess the overall situation. Please keep several factors in mind:

    1) The Illuminati decided before World War II began that Americans would never allow themselves to be manipulated into a global New Order if they felt as economically stressed as they did during the Great Depression of 1929-1939. Therefore, while the Elite planned to wrench the economy time and time again as they proceeded toward their goal, they specifically decided not to actually collapse the economy until the World War III which will stage Antichrist on the world scene.

    2) Both Republican and Democrat parties over the years have participated rather equally in the mounting debt with which we are saddled. Presidents of both parties have had to petition Congress to raise the debt ceiling. Whenever the President is of one party and at least one of the houses of Congress is of the opposite party, we have these types of drama. The President petitions Congress to raise the debt ceiling while the opposing party resists -- and the issue always seems to come down to within a few hours of "disaster".

    The debt ceiling has been raised many times in the past, often with great drama, but at the last minute, a deal is struck which "averts the disaster". If history is any guide, Republicans will reach agreement with the White House at the last possible second, and genuine Conservatives will rightly be outraged!

    3) Republicans are genuinely afraid that this disaster will be pinned on them, just before the 2012 election. Can you imagine President Obama having to withdraw our military forces from Afghanistan and Iraq because the Republicans in Congress stymied a debt ceiling deal? Mass Media would have a frenzy painting this hasty withdrawal as an unmitigated foreign policy disaster.

    3) Competent financial people disagree on the degree of difficulty America will face if we did not raise the debt ceiling.

    If a debt ceiling is not reached, I believe it will be because the Illuminati plans to force America into the North American Union. What better way to force this union than to muscle America into official default. Crisis is always the mid-wife of the New World Order Plan!

    If the time has come to use this crisis as the means by which to give birth to the North American Union, the speed with which the transition will be made is likely to surprise you.

    But, remember, the formation of the North American Union will be sold to the public as the only means by which this economy and the American Dollar -- can be saved!

    But, at the very least, do not be overly concerned about the media trumpeting the scary words, "depression", "economic collapse", "horror" and "economic disaster". This type of disaster is not in the Illuminati Plan and it is not in the Bible in the time period just prior to the seven-year tribulation! (Read full details in NEWS2239, entitled, "Will Some Nations Experience Economic Prosperity In The Tribulation Period?"

    II. The global population control plan is working!

    Remember the wording of this Plan: "Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49, 167)

    NEWS BRIEF: "Global fertility dropping dramatically as UN celebrates World Population Day ", By Daniel Taylor, Old Thinker News, July 12, 2011

    "World Population Day was celebrated yesterday, as it has been every year since 1989. Propaganda spewed from the United Nations and other “green” organizations tell us that our carbon footprint needs to be reduced, we are having too many children, and our energy consumption needs to be cut in half. This propaganda is for the ignorant general public..."

    "In reality a conscious and deliberate campaign to depopulate the world has been ongoing for at least a hundred years – and its working; So much so that Deutsche Bank issued a report in May of this year warning that the human population globally will no longer be replacing itself by the 2020's. As the report states,

    “In our view, the human race will no longer be replacing itself by the early 2020s. Population growth will continue for a few more decades because of momentum from the age structure and people living longer but, reproductively speaking, our species will no longer be growing. This will be one of the most important turning points in history.”

    The Global Elite must be very, very happy over this turn of events! They have a general plan to reduce the global population by 66% soon after the Masonic Messiah arises. The Georgia Guidestones reveal a separate, far more draconian, plan, to reduce the population by over 90%!

    As the world rapidly swirls toward an absolute dictatorship, I find it interesting that this current drive toward population control carries with it a public call for dictatorship.

    " 'To achieve zero rate of population growth governments will have to do more than cajole; they will have to coerce'. Notestein concludes, “…to impose more drastic changes on a large scale implies many risks, not least to the regime that undertakes them. The price for this type of population control may well be the institution of a totalitarian regime.”

    Remember that no calls for population reduction are Biblical. God's mandate was firm: "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth..." (Genesis 1:28)

    Therefore, if these calls are not from God, they are from Satan, the same being driving the world into the New World Order, which can be simply defined as the "Kingdom of Antichrist".

    III. Can the Tea Party become the Third Party of 2012, thereby giving Obama another 4 years in the Oval Office?

    NEWS BRIEF: "Gov. Barbour urges Republicans not to let the tea party become a third party", The Times-Picayune (NOLA), July 17, 2011

    "... Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former national party chairman, delivered a stern warning to Republican Leadership Conference delegates: Don't look for perfection in the potential nominees and don't even think about drafting a third-party candidate when the nomination fight is done."

    "Don't get hung up on purity," he said. "In politics, purity is a loser. ... In this business, it is unity that wins elections. ... Barack Obama has worn out three sets of knee pads down his knees praying for the tea party to become a third party, because he can't lose."

    President Bill Clinton can testify to the effectiveness of a third party in splitting the votes of his opponents. Twice, Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate and both times he handed the election to Clinton.

    As unpopular as Obama is right now, a third party candidacy may be his only hope of getting another four years!


    "Paradigm Shift: The Illuminati's Plan For 2012 And Beyond"

    Is it possible that the Satanic Paradigm Shift leading to a Universal Mind could come in the form of a world-wide Marion apparition? We demonstrate that the Roman Catholic Papacy is anxiously awaiting just such an apparition as it will validate the Catholic Church as the only true worldwide church and will propel the Pope into position as the top world religious leader. Satanists call this event the Paradigm Shift while Catholics would call it a "Marion Apparition", but the result will be the same, the Universal Mindset.

    Perhaps The Most Important "Watchman on Wall" Message EVER!

    Now Shipping!!

    See New Trailer Below!

    New DVD by Doc Marquis, 2-Disc Set - Volume 2

    On December 21, 2012, the world is supposed to enter into a New Age of spiritual enlightenment and awareness. The astrological chart cast for December 21, 2012, depicts the Yod – the finger of God – pointing to this new spiritual energy and spiritual healing.

    For the past several thousand years, mankind has been collectively yearning for a spiritual healing of the nations, a time when wars, hatreds and divisions will miraculously give way to peace, love and unity. New Age literature abounds with this message of hope and change. Authors teach that this idyllic new “Garden of Eden” will occur only after the New Age Christ is on the world scene, leading mankind into a most peaceful New World Order.

    In Volume 2, we shall examine some other cultural and spiritual expectations for 2012 and then we shall present the real point-in-history change which the Elite seem to have planned for December 21, 2012, a change known as the "Paradigm Shift". Antichrist cannot arise until and unless this paradigm shift in spiritual values has occurred. Unless God specifically stops the Illuminati, their demonic Guiding Spirits may just have this long-awaited Paradigm Shift planned for December 21, 2012. New Age adherents are looking forward to this day as enthusiastically as we Christians are looking forward to the Rapture of the Church!

    3 hours long

    We are praying that the conclusion will challenge Christians to get truly busy in sharing the Gospel with their unsaved loved ones and will bring the unsaved to conviction of sin so they will be saved. We demonstrate that the time is truly short!

    "The Illuminati's Plan For 2012 And Beyond"

    Doc's best DVD yet! Now that you have read and heard the noise and chatter about the year 2012, you will be pleased to know the truth of the Illuminati Plan for 2012, from a man who knows the Plan thoroughly, former Illuminati Luciferian, Doc Marquis!

    Doc thoroughly examines the lying expectations of Mass Media as to what may happen on or after December 21, 2012, and begins the journey of identifying the most probable event which may really occur, an event not even discussed by Media!

    Is the New Age Christ ready to appear? Is the end of the world near? Are we doomed to destruction? Do we have any hope witch Doc Marquis takes up the daunting task of revealing the truth behind December 21, 2012.

    "Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati Series"

    All Eight Titles by Doc Marquis, 15 DVDs, , Save $110

    Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

    'Paradigm Shift: 2012 & Beyond, Volume 2', reveals more important Mass Media expectations as to what may happen on 12/21/2012 and then reveals that the Paradigm Shift is intended to be a global mass demon possession which shall produce the Universal Mind in every unsaved person on Eath. Is this the time of the prophesied 'Strong Delusion'?

    Great Books For Only $5.00

    "Biblical Lovemaking"

    A Loving Look At The Song of Solomon

    "Rebuilding The Tower of Babel: The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven, New Paradigm Church"

    Regular Price: $19.99
    Sale Price: $5.00

    "The Watchtower's Coming Crisis"

    "Faith of Jehovah's Witnesses Is About To Get A HUGE Shock"

    "The Love of Money"

    "Help For The Laid Off"

    "In Times Like These"

    "Homeland Security"

    NOTE: Quantities are limited to stock on hand


    New Headline News Articles

    Is Your Pastor A Member of Freemasonry?

    If he is, you must either get him removed or leave that church!


    Japan's Industrial Base and America's Heartland Are Under Attack, Being Devastated By Unprecedented Devastation From Tornadoes, Earthquakes And Floods

    Who has declared war on us, using weather as their weapon?

    Perhaps it is time to take Defense Secretary William Cohen seriously when he revealed in 1997 that scientists control weather, set off volcanoes and earthquakes remotely through electromagnetic waves.

    Defense Secretary of Defense said of scientific control of weather -- "It is real"!

    "Pakistan Seems To Be Splitting From the United States, Cozying Up To China: If Pakistan resumes her traditional alliance with China, the prophecy of the "Kings of the East" in Revelation 16:12 can occur."

    New Bible Study Book

    "Final Authority: A Christian's Guide To the King James Bible"

    History Endorses the KJV -- 'Final Authority' exposes the deceit behind many of the common charges leveled against the A.D. 1611 Authorized Version.

    With the fourth-century codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus being recommended as the two most reliable manuscripts worthy of supplanting the time-honored Textus Receptus, the reader learns the facts of their defective character which reveal their disagreement with each other in over 3,000 places in the Gospels alone.

    In short, 'Final Authority' addresses those issues rarely discussed by critics of the King James Bible. As well as the information given above, the reader will learn the following: • Who were the King James translators? • Who were the translators of later Bible versions? • What's wrong with the NIV? • Is the New King James really a King James version? • How involved are Jesuit agents in the attack against the KJV? • and much more!

    392 pages -

    "Blood of Patriots!"

    "Returning To The Original Founding Father Vision For America"

    New Dynamic DVD!

    What has happened to the country our Founding Fathers established, a new country free from government intrusion in every aspect of our lives?

    1) Dictatorial Congress passing laws without reading them; 2) USA Patriot Act; 3) End of Habeas Corpus; 4) End of Posse Committees; 5) Real I.D. Act; 6) Model Emergency Health Powers Act; National Health Care.

    We’ve already lost so much…Is it too late to turn back? How do we go about returning freedom to the population? What do we do? After all, those who do not learn from their history are destined to repeat it.

    'Blood of Patriots' delves into the debates and thoughts of those who forged this nation. With the help of our Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights, Blood of Patriots paints a clear picture of the rights we, the population of the United States, should hold dear and expect.


    "Already Gone" DVD

    "America's churches have lost an entire generation of believers"

    Emphasis is on High School Students

    If you look around in your church today, two-thirds of the young people who are sitting among us have already left in their hearts; soon they will be gone for good.

    This is the alarming conclusion from a study Answers in Genesis commissioned from America's Research Group, led by respected researcher Britt Beemer. The results may unnerve you - they may shake long-held assumptions to the core - but these results need to be taken seriously by the church.

    Already Gone reveals: • Why America's churches have lost an entire generation of believers • The views of 1,000 twenty-somethings, solidly raised in the church but no longer attending - and their reasons why • Relevant statistical data effectively teamed with powerful apologetics.

    The study found that we are losing our kids in elementary, middle school, and high school rather than college, and the "Sunday school syndrome" is contributing to the epidemic, rather than helping alleviate it. This is an alarming wake-up call for the church, showing how our programs and our approaches to Christian education are failing...and our children are paying the price. Though the statistics reveal a huge disconnect taking place between our children and their church experience, Already Gone shows how to fight back for our families, our churches, and our world. We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorrow in a positive and Christ-focused way!

    Watch Trailer


    Declaring Truth About Mormonism

    "Mormonism's Temple of Doom - 2012 Election Alert"

    New 2-DVD Set by Bill Schnoebelen

    Dynamic Trailer - What's Under That Dome?

    Schnoebelen was told by his Coven Master that, if he ever got into trouble, he was to join the Mormon Church because it was 'created by Witches for Witches'! But, in the past 50 years, the Mormon (LDS) Church has managed to grow from a small fringe cult to a major world religion of considerable respectability. Mormons like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have achieved amazing followings and many Americans have come to believe that Mormons are just another Christian denomination with fine, conservative, family-based values.

    However, beneath the sweet surface of LDS Public Relations, there lurks one of the most dark and twisted religions to emerge in American history. You will discover that, just as Mormonism is not Christian, the Mormon Family is not the same as the Christian Family.

    We include a section warning genuine Christians not to support a Mormon for President, providing critical Scriptural references. Evangelical leaders are already urging Christians to support a Mormon for President.

    "Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati"

    All Six Titles by Doc Marquis, 7 DVDs, , Save $80

    Regularly $229.94, Now Only $149.94, You Save $80

    Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

    6 DVD titles, over 18 hours of teaching, Save $80

    Doc Marquis uses the King James Bible

    Trailer Available At Each Item's Location in the Shopping Cart -

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