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Monday, June 25, 2012

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"The Ultimate Final Countdown" DVD

2-DVD Set by Pastor Billy Crone - 4 Hours Long

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The 'Final Countdown' takes a look at 10 signs given by God to lovingly wake us up so we'd give our lives to Him before it's too late. These prophetic signs are many, but there are 10 REALLY IMPORTANT ones to which we really need to pay attention.
These 10 prophetic signs are: 1) The Jewish People and their reborn nation, Israel; 2) Modern Technology; 3) Explosion of Worldwide Unrest/ Upheaval; 4) Unprecedented Falsehood; 5) Rise of Wickedness and Perversion; 6) Rise of Religious Apostasy; 7) One World Religion; 8) One World Government; 9) One World Cashless Economy; 10) The Mark of the Beast.

This 2-DVD set addresses two of these issues:

The Jewish People and their reborn nation, Israel in three aspects:

* Reborn as Israel
* Rebuilding of the Temple
* Relationship to the coming Antichrist.

Modern Technology in two aspects:

* Increase of Travel, Knowledge & Unrest;
* Two Witnesses, False Prophet & Antichrist.

NOTE: The trailer we show covers all 10 of these prophetic areas which are unfolding right in front of our eyes.

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Key Events


I. Israel is nervous today as the radical Muslim Brotherhood candidate is the new Egyptian President!

Tiny Israel now faces potential war on both north and south fronts.

NEWS BRIEF: "Muslim Brotherhood man is Egypt's president",, June 25, 2012

"THE Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi won the bitterly contested race for Egypt's first democratically-elected president last night, prompting scenes of jubilation among the thousands gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square to hear the results. Dr Mursi won 51 per cent of the vote, while his rival, Ahmed Shafiq, a former air force general who served as prime minister in the dying days of the regime of Hosni Mubarak, won 48 per cent."

No one should be surprised that radical Islamic forces take control of the government whenever the people have any say in the matter. As Bill Salus so correctly states in his DVD, "Isralestine", Islamic people today are possessed by the same spirit of "Ancient Hatred" toward Israel as their ancestors over 3,000 years ago. God is going to bring judgment upon all Islamic peoples because of this horrific hatred which has been systematically passed down from generation to generation.

We posted a new Headline News article last week which has great bearing upon the future of Israel and of the Middle East. We entitled this article, "What Will Happen When Israel Refuses Integration Into Club of Rome Supernation #7? Is this refusal to integrate into an Arab-dominated Supernation be the catalyst for fulfillment of Zechariah 12?" NEWS2475.

Not surprisingly, Israel is said to be very nervous about Egypt's new radical president.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Jittery After Brotherhood Victory in Egypt", ABC News, June 24, 2012

"The Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egyptian presidential elections, announced Sunday, has raised fears in Israel that its strategic 1979 peace agreement with its southern neighbor could be in danger."

This treaty cost Egyptian President Anwar Sadat his life, as he was assassinated within days of signing the document. Fortunately for Israel, President Mubarak faithfully implemented the treaty. The key provision of this treaty was that Egypt agreed to keep only limited military forces in the Sinai desert, thus allowing Israel a badly-needed buffer zone. The IDF would have days of warning that an Egyptian attack was coming. If hostile enemy forces were allowed to amass on Israel's southern border, the IDF would have no warning whatsoever that an attack was imminent.

For 31 years, this treaty has stood, giving Israel a huge boost in security. Now, that situation is likely to dramatically change.

"Israel's peace agreement with Egypt, its first with an Arab country, is a cornerstone of Israeli security. The agreement ended decades of hostilities, with to five wars and thousands of deaths. While relations have never been warm, Egypt has upheld the deal, keeping its bordering Sinai peninsula largely demilitarized, allowing the Israeli military to focus on other hostile borders with the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon."

For the time being, the Muslim Brotherhood is saying all the right diplomatic statements.

"The Muslim Brotherhood ... has indicated pragmatic willingness to accept the existence of Israel. Addressing his nation Sunday evening, Morsi declared he had a 'message of peace. We will respect all international agreements', he said, without mentioning Israel."

Leaders of the Brotherhood know that the Army retains ultimate power in Egypt right now, and will gradually begin the process of eroding that power. When Turkey's radical government seized control in 2002, its radical Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, slowly and gradually began to work against the pro-Western military so that, today, he has the upper hand and can direct Turkey in the radical path he has envisioned all along. Had he not worked so patiently, the military would likely have overthrown him in a coup.

We can expect the Muslim Brotherhood to carry out the same plan in Egypt, if they are smart. Israel, on the other hand, can only prepare herself militarily for the conflict the Bible foretells.

II. America is concerned Israel plans to strike Damascus, Syria!

"Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins." (Isaiah 17:1)

NEWS BRIEF: "US Concerned About Israeli Strike On Damascus", Yeshiva World, June 22, 2012

"U.S. intelligence agencies are closely watching Israel’s military for signs it will conduct strikes on Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, amid concerns the deadly nerve agents could fall under the control of Hezbollah or al Qaeda terrorists, U.S. officials said."

I hesitate to place a whole lot of credence in this statement, because American intelligence repeatedly sounded the same alarm about Saddam Hussein's supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction and the possibility that they might fall into the hands of terrorists. Nevertheless, since "truth is not what is, but is what people think it to be", this warning could signal the beginning of a plan to strike Damascus.

How much chemical weaponry does Syria possess? No one really knows. In fact, officials can only "suspect" that Syria does have chemical weapons in her arsenal.

"Syria’s arsenal remains vulnerable as the result of the internal conflict currently underway in Syria between government forces and opposition rebels, one official said. 'Everyone suspects Syria maintains an active chemical weapons program; and it would be dangerous not to plan accordingly', the official said."

Western extraction teams are already said to be operating in Syria.

"... other U.S. officials said special operations forces are prepared to take action inside Syria in the event the regime falls and the country spirals further into chaos. The teams would seek to secure or destroy stockpiles of chemical arms to keep them from being taken over by terrorists ... CIA operatives are working in southern Turkey to coordinate foreign assistance to Syrian rebel forces."

Will this be the trigger which shall destroy Damascus, as Isaiah 17:1 foretells? It is quite possible. This news makes the chapter of the book, "Revelation Road", shown above, entitled, "Panic in Damascus" extremely interesting and relevant!

In the meantime, Syria adds fuel to the fire by shooting down a Turkish fighter jet!

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey weighs response after Syria downs Turkish jet", Reuter's News, June 23, 2012

"Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu phoned world powers on Saturday to brief them about the downing of one of Ankara's planes by Syria as a joint search for the airmen, who were shot down over the Mediterranean, tried to locate them ... Signals from both sides suggested neither wanted a military confrontation over Friday's incident ... Iraq, which borders both, said the incident marked a serious escalation of the Syrian conflict, demonstrating its potential to affect other countries in the region."

Turkey is talking tough.

"Turkey has declared it will respond decisively."

How was it possible for Syria to shoot down this Turkish fighter plane?

"The plane's downing showcased Syria's Russian-supplied air defenses - one of the many reasons Western powers are loathe to intervene to halt bloodshed in the country."

Do you remember when President Bush originally told the world in October, 2001, that there were three "rogue countries" which posed a huge risk to our peace and stability? Bush listed Iraq, Iran and North Korea and immediately began to threaten them. North Korea and Iran already possessed nuclear weapons. Only Iraq did not actually possess atomic weaponry; only Iraq was invaded, because she had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, specifically, nuclear weapons.

If Syria possesses advanced weaponry which can effectively be wielded against Western powers, she might not be invaded either!

But, the fact remains that events in the Middle East continue to spiral out of control. Once the 10-Nation Reorganization Plan is completed (NEWS2363), this tinder box will explode with enough power to propel Antichrist to the world scene.


The plan of the Elite to reorganize the world into the Ten Kingdoms of Daniel 7:7-8 may yet prove to provide the spark for the all-out war between Israel and her Arab neighbors which shall produce Antichrist on the world scene and provoke the beginning of the Seven-Year Tribulation. J.D. Grush remarkably provides prophetic detail as to how Jesus Christ will personally rescue an Israel which has finally turned toward Him, "recognizing Him whom they have pierced"!

Hang on to your Bibles, folks, because events are about to transpire which shall validate prophecy to a degree unparalleled in all of world's long history!

Doubt it not! Are you ready to witness to unsaved loved ones and co-workers, using fulfilled prophecy as the tool of salvation?

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    Imagine this revelation! Satan used the Giants to actually create the various Pagan Mysteries Religions which scourged the Ancient World. We see their introduction to the world in Genesis 6, as the giants resulted from copulation between fallen angels and human women.

    Israel had no greater enemy than the Pagan Mystery Religions. These pagan systems of worship not only opposed God's true religion, but they were possessed of a powerful spirit of deception which continually drew Israel's people into its trap, from the kings to the average citizens.

    God constantly brought Israel into judgment for her embrace of pagan religions which demanded human sacrifice and which offended God in so many different ways. And, now we learn the incredible truth, that Satan himself created these many pagan religions through the Giants!

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    Hoggard's examination of these many Ancient Pagan Religions will fascinate you and educate you. You will understand the Old Testament like you have never understood it before.

    Mike shows how the Giants established the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Religion, which is still today the greatest example of Witchcraft the world has ever seen. End Times prophecy abounds with references to modern nations and religious systems which God calls "The Mysteries".

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    Pastor Hoggard comes full circle in his expose' of the Ancient Giants creating all the Ancient Pagan Religions, by demonstrating that the Giants created Freemasonry!

    Pastor shows example after example where the legends of Freemasonry abound with the names of gods and goddesses which were created by the Giants. This DVD is a scathing indictment of Masonry and will enable you to understand how true the Masonic Title is 'Ancient and Accepted' Freemasonry.

    Furthermore, since the Giants created all Mystery Religions, this statement by Masonic Master, Albert Pike, makes more sense. Pike says in 'Morals And Dogma' that 'Masonry is identical to all the Mysteries'. This DVD is a great witnessing tool to any Mason in your life.

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    However, in reality it?s the critic who is dead wrong, simply because they refuse to look at the evidence. And because of this ill-informed skepticism, when a Christian today responds that the Bible came from God, many people now reply, ?Oh yeah? Who Says the Bible is God?s Word??.

    Therefore, this series ?Who Says the Bible is God?s Word?? shares 10 lines of solid logical evidence that proves that the Bible really did come from God. Such evidences include:

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    The Grove also shouts to an undiscerning world that they are Satanic, by openly carrying out a known Satanic ritual known as the 'Cremation of Care'; it is designed to bring forth much Black Magick spiritual power, a ritual featuring a ceremonial bonfire beneath a giant statue of an owl that is meant to symbolize the release of burden, to the care of the lord, Satan, of course. Human sacrifice is required at this ritual!

    Read here how the chief Republican leaders of every part of society meet to solicit the power of Satan to their goal of bringing into being the New World Order, the kingdom of the Masonic Christ (Antichrist)

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    Does Heaven even have a Queen? Does she sit on Gods throne?

    As the world hurtles toward the prophesied appearance of Antichrist and his False Prophet, the Catholic Church has taken the lead in uniting all world's religions into the One World Religion. Catholicism's Mary is a goddess figure exactly as any of the goddess based religions of the past; therefore, the Virgin Mary is performing a uniting role for the False Prophet which is unique in all of world history.

    Pastor Mike delves into the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, in his own exciting style, and exposes what the sacrifice of the Mass is all about, and what their iconology truly signifies according to the pure Word of God.

    Pastor distinguishes between the free grace of God and the Roman Catholic system of good works, almost a 'pay as you go' system. This is a call for all born-again believers to see that there is no communion between Christs church and the church of Mystery Babylon The Great. This video will solidify Scriptures in your mind and enable you to recognize the Catholic tentacles trying to wrest true believers from the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

    1 hour, 16 minutes long --


    "Virgin Mary: How The Catholic Church Rejects The Bible"

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    There is not one story of the Bible, but two. One is a history of God miraculously preserving His words through His people. We know this Bible to be the King James Bible. This beloved Bible has poured the power of the Holy Spirit through the unsaved peoples of the Earth for 4,000 years, saving untold multitudes for eternity.

    The other "Bible" comes from Satan using the Roman Catholic church to pervert God's words through her "scholars." The Devil used the familiar and friendly form of the old pagan goddess, the Virgin Mary, to spin a web of spiritual deceit which began with a perversion of the Holy Bible.

    You will see that this perversion of the Mother of Jesus into a pagan goddess Mother of God is really essential if Satan is going to complete his prophesied final deception of the entire world so that the False Prophet -- a Roman Catholic Pope -- will be able to arise to lead the vast majority of the peoples of the world into an eternally fatal worship of Antichrist.

    Presenting in a down-to- earth style, Pastor Hoggard shows that the Bibles Rome gave us are really clever counterfeits, designed to eliminate God's preserved words in English, the KJV. You will see why the KJV is the only Bible you can trust.

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    New Headline News Article: Election 2012


    "Presidential Election 2012"

    "Are we REALLY faced with the choice of "Lesser of Two Evils"?

    How would Jesus have voted? Which Party Would He Have Considered The "Lesser of Two Evils"? Pharisee or Sadducee; Democrat or Republican; Obama or Romney; Baphomet or Baal?

    We have attempted to prove to you that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are equally evil, as they pursue an equally evil plan to bring the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist, also known as the "New World Order".

    Thus it follows that the men in top leadership of each party are equally evil.

    Evangelical Christians have no idea whatsoever of the intrinsically evil nature of the Republican Party. They have thoroughly convinced by Evangelical "wolves in sheep's clothing" that a goodly number of top Republican leaders are Christian. Such Evangelicals have been as completely deceived as the Apostle Paul warned:

    "For such men are false apostles, spurious, counterfeits, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles, special messengers of Christ (the Messiah). And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light; So it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness..." (2 Corinthians 11:131-5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

    This article is a clarion call for Evangelical Christians to wake up to spiritual reality and to do the right thing when they enter the voting booth!

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    Through dramatic reenactments and interviews with top historical experts, A Mormon President looks for answers to timely questions which have great significance today since, especially since a Mormon - Mitt Romney -- is going to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

    Do the Mormons have an agenda for the White House? As Bill Schnoebelen reveals in "Mormonisms Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert", Mormons have always had an agenda, as can be proven by that secret pod room on the top of the Mormon Temple in Washington, D.C. You can't understand the difficulties facing Romney in winning the election until you understand Joseph Smith, the original founder of Mormonism

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    Cahn reveals what he calls 'an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future and the collapse of the global economy.'

    'Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning,' he says. 'The same nine harbingers are now manifesting in America with immediate ramifications for end-time prophecy.'

    The key to decoding the harbingers, he says, is found in understanding the seemingly innocuous words of Isaiah 9:10 (King James Version), what it meant to Israel and how the history seems to be repeating itself in America today.

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    Is it possible? 1) That this mystery lies behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy? 2) That today God is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come? 3) Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning. One by one, the same nine warnings are appearing in the world today -- this time on American soil.

    In The Harbinger these prophetic mysteries are revealed through an intriguing and engaging narrative. Blending actual biblical prophecy, historical events, and an action-packed story, this is a book you won't want to put down!

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    Will The Next Pope Be The Final "Peter The Roman"? The Prophesied False Prophet is alive, awaiting in the wings!

    Is the next Pope after Benedict XVI the final Pope, the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18, and the world religious leader who will force all peoples of the earth to take the 'Mark of the Beast'?
    St. Malachy prophesied from a vision in 1595 that 111 Popes would serve and die in office; the 112th Pope would be 'Peter The Roman', 'PETRUS ROMANUS', the man whom the Bible calls the False Prophet, the Beast who has two horns like a lamb (Rev 13:11).

    This book also reports: 1) The 60-Year-Old Jesuit Codex predicting the arrival of PETRUS ROMANUS in 2012.

    2) What Jonathan Edwards believed about the Kingdom of Antichrist and the year 2012.

    3) The secret Vatican ceremony enthroning Lucifer as King, as reported by Malachi Martin.

    4) The Fourth Secret of Fatima and other suppressed Maian texts.

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