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Monday, September 17, 2012

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Key Events


I. Evangelical Republican leaders express their strong support of Mitt Romney during a "Voters Value Summit" sponsored by the Family Research Council meeting.

Many of the Born Again Christians attending this summit were said to be "recent converts" to Mitt Romney's campaign.

NEWS BRIEF: "Evangelical supporters of Romney gather at summit: Share values with Mormon candidate", Washington Times, September 16, 2012

"He wasn’t there but Mitt Romney got some love over the weekend at a Washington, D.C., gathering of more than 2.000 evangelical Protestants representing a demographic that proved crucial to electing the last four Republican presidents. Many of the born-again Christians at Family Research Council President Tony Perkins‘ annual Values Voter Summit — some from as far away as the California — are recent converts to the Romney presidential quest. They said in interviews that they have put aside their doubts in favor of what they say is a man who, though a Mormon, shares their moral values and political aims despite the doctrinal differences between his faith and theirs."

When Mitt Romney quit the 2008 presidential primary, I believed that he was resigning the race just so he could build bridges for the 2008 campaign. The way in which leaders of the Evangelical church have seamlessly moved to support his campaign tells me that he has succeeded in winning at least tepid support of the Evangelical community. Such support is absolutely critical for a Republican candidate, especially in 2012 where the White House incumbent is seen by many to be a Muslim at heart.

This next statement captures the heart of the appeal Romney has among Evangelical Christian voters.

" 'I know I said a few months ago that I would never vote for a Mormon, but my husband and I and our friends are so far past that now', said Kim Bengard, whose San Clemente, Calif., home is three doors away from what was President Nixon’s 'Western White House'. 'I have come to understand that Mitt Romney supports my values. We’re really pleased with him'.”

As we have stated many times before, Mormonism is a counterfeit Christian religion. It carries much of the trappings of genuine Christianity, but it is at heart a deep, dark Satanism. As Bill Schnoebelen -- a former Satanist and Mormon -- says in his excellent DVD, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert", Mormonism is a "religion founded by witches for witches", formed for the express purpose of producing a counterfeit christianity which would deceive many genuine Christians.

Mormonism only superficially supports Christian values. Please take the time to watch this DVD, for it explains in great detail how the wicked one has created a religion which is Christian on the surface, but deep black witchcraft underneath the veneer.

At this moment, American Christians by the millions are being deceived. They are so sick and tired of a President who is obviously pro-Islam in his inner heart and who is the most Liberal Democrat President we have ever had, that they are willing to strike a "faustian bargain" just to get rid of him. Tens of millions of Evangelical voters are planning to vote for the Mormon Romney just to avoid four more years with Barack Obama, a man they have come to loathe.

But, such Christian voters must be careful, because some times, the "devil you know is better than the devil you don't know"!

You see, Mormons have not forgotten the persecution of Mormonism by the "Christian" government during the time of Brigham Young. Such Mormons have not forgotten the martyrdom of Mormons at the hands of the "Christian" government. As Bill Schnoebelen notes, a Mormon as President of the United States is a man who is to be feared by genuine Christians.

As far as I am concerned, the Global Elite have presented me with an unpalatable choice of a Liberal Muslim President or a Mormon candidate. My conscience dictates that I vote for neither, even though I will vote for state and local issues. When I stand before Jesus on Rewards Day, I can rest assured that I voted according to Scripture. I will vote for neither man, penciling in my Savior as a write-in candidate.

How about you? Are you going to support a man for President whom you know follows a false religion which is a slick counterfeit to Christianity? Are you prepared to argue this decision with our Savior on Rewards Day?

II. You will be shocked to learn of the campaign the Federal Government is waging against parents of an autistic child.

Parents seeking compensation will discover they are fighting the very government they believe should be their ally in supporting their struggle against autism ravaging their precious child.

NEWS BRIEF: "The government's demonic strategy against parents of autistic children", Natural News, September 16, 2012

"Let me start with this controversial statement: The worst thing parents can do is obtain a diagnosis of autism for their vaccine-damaged child."

For the past 16 years, Cutting Edge has repeatedly warned our readers that vaccination is one the planned tools by which the Elite plans to one day kill 66% of all mankind. I will never forget my horror when I discovered, almost 25 years ago, a New Age author who stated that one of the ways in which the Illuminati planned to dramatically reduce population was to issue tainted vaccinations to a panicked public. Please take a few moments to read some of our most important articles on this subject:


* "Vaccine -- not virus -- responsible for Spanish flu", Irish Examiner Archives, 8 May 2003

Now, let us return to our featured article:

"The primary fact to keep in mind is: the government must deny any link between vaccines and autism, because to admit the connection would force it to pay out gigantic sums of money to parents, under its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)."

Did you even know there was such a law as the "Vaccine Injury Compensation Program"? Just by its very existence, this law proves that significant numbers of people are injured all the time by vaccinations. Most people never even think that vaccines can hurt and kill you. Yet, vaccinations are uniquely designed to penetrate the most important barrier the body has to fight disease, our skin. If a governmental authority intent upon reducing the world population were to use a vaccine tainted with a deadly agent, untold millions could die in a very short time.

What does the Bible say about the genocidal aims of Antichrist?

"And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved..." (Mark 13:20)

Listen again to the goals of the Illuminati on this subject:

"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49, 167)

Since the government intends to carry out a "a process of benevolent slavery and genocide" through tainted vaccinations which will "have the same effect as the Black Death of history", why would you believe anything the government has to say about life and death situations? They already plan to kill you with "benevolent genocide"!

Now, let us return to our featured story.

"VICP was created in 1988, through an agreement between the US government and pharmaceutical companies, to funnel all law suits for damage away from those companies, and into a bureaucratic maze of government madness, where the parents' chances of compensation are minimal, where the deck is most assuredly stacked against them. Once parents enter the maze, hoping to gain funds to care for their children, they are immediately confronted with a list of disorders and diseases. This list essentially tells them:

" 'If your vaccine-damaged child has been diagnosed with any of the following medical conditions, you may be able to win financial support. If not, you're out of luck'. Autism isn't on the list. Here is the list: compensation/vaccinetable.html

"Can things be any clearer than that? A diagnosis of autism is a trap.

One: a young child receives a vaccine.

Two: he suddenly withdraws from life.

Three: a doctor makes a diagnosis of autism.

Four: the parents want to sue the company that makes the vaccine, but they can't; they must apply to the VICP for funds to care for their child for the rest of his life.

Five: as soon as they enter the VICP system, they learn that the label "autism" is the very thing that will keep them from the funds they desperately need.

In other words, this Federal law was cleverly written to protect the vaccine manufacturers! From you. The health of your child is not the concern of anyone in the Federal Government. But, the parents are emotionally and financially devastated with no one to turn to for help. This next segment addresses this horrific situation.

"Forget about the fact that the parents never wanted to involve themselves with a federal government program. They wanted to sue the vaccine maker. They wanted a court award. But they were barred from suing. At this point, you might say, 'But if their child really does have autism and it was obviously caused by a vaccine, then they should be able to find justice somehow'."

"You don't understand how deep this deception goes. You don't understand how criminally insane it is. Because, you see, the label of 'autism'," the very label that keeps parents from getting help for their children, is an arbitrary word that means nothing. A deviously designed word that means nothing is keeping parents in a lifelong state of desperation, as they go bankrupt trying to care for their vaccine-damaged child."

Please read this entire Natural News article, for it will open your eyes to the insane world we are facing with our Federal Government and our vaccine-hungry medical establishment, intent upon sowing havoc and discord and one day, reducing the world's population through vaccine administered serum.

We return now to this featured news article.

"What could cause the behaviors listed in the official definition of autism disorder? Vaccine injury; a toxic medical drug; a head injury; ingestion of a poison; an environmental chemical; a severe nutritional deficit; oxygen deprivation at birth; perhaps the emotional devastation accompanying the death of a parent... There are many possible causes of the behaviors arbitrarily called autism."

"However, then, why bother to say 'autism?' Why not just say vaccine injury or head injury? Why not try to find the crucial event that brought on a specific child's sudden and unique withdrawal from the world? The answer should be clear. By establishing a label like autism, medical drugs can be sold. Studies can be funded. An industry can be created."

At this point, the government steps in to protect itself and its new industry, through the implementation of laws that only serve to protect itself and the industry which the government has worked mightily to create. Can anyone say "massive profits"?

"Something more can be done, too. The government can reject vaccine injury as a defining event in a child's life, and reject the need to pay out compensation for it. The government can say, 'Since we know that some children who are diagnosed with autism have not received vaccines, or have not received vaccines containing a neurological poison (mercury), we do not compensate parents whose children are vaccine-injured on the basis that they have autism'."

"Poof. It all goes away. Did you catch the sleight-of-hand trick?"

"Let me expose it. A child is given a vaccine. The child goes into a massive withdrawal from life and communication. A doctor, assessing the child's behaviors, connects them with the official menu of behaviors labeled "autism." The doctor then says, 'This child has autism'. Then the parents try to obtain government compensation through the VICP, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The government replies, 'This is impossible. You see, we know that autism isn't caused by vaccine injury. We know it because many children who are diagnosed with autism have never been injured by vaccines. Some autistic children have never had vaccines'."

"Do you see what is going on here? The parents stepped into a fatal trap. They said 'autism' and the government said 'vaccine injury does not cause autism'."

What is the bottom line?

" 'Autism' is nothing more than a catch-all phrase that indicates a variety of possible unconnected neurological insults. Each patient should be examined by a health practitioner who can really find the cause in that case. Then, perhaps, a treatment plan can be devised for that child. Meanwhile, the government and its VICP program embroils parents and works them over and tortures them for years, and dumps most of them out on the street with no compensation."

From the beginning, in 1988, Cutting Edge has preached incessantly that we cannot trust the government, simply because it has plans to impose such a dire dictatorship one day that most Christians will be imprisoned and it plans to dramatically reduce our population -- by 66%. We reiterate this position and preach it loudly and clearly. To trust the Federal Government is to trust the fox to guard the chicken coop! Your government is not looking out for your best interests; it is committed to the all the goals of the worldwide Illuminati and that includes a commitment to reduce world population by two-thirds, the identical proportion in the Book of Revelation.

Once their Masonic Christ (Antichrist) is on the world scene.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


III. Anti-American protests continue to erupt across the Middle East.

President Obama had better take strong action, or he will be mightily discredited as a weak President.

NEWS BRIEF: "Was the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya planned? ", The Fact Checker, Washington Post, 9/17/2012

"Based on the best information we have to date ... We do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned.” (Susan E. Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”)

"“The way these perpetrators acted and moved, and their choosing the specific date for this so-called demonstration, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined.” (Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf, president of Libya’s General National Congress, on the same program.)

So, was this attack preplanned or spontaneous? You be the judge after you have reveiewed pertinent facts.

"The attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans took place on the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks." We had been expecting some major event to occur on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

"In his interview, Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf, the president of Libya’s National Congress, said Libya had arrested 50 people, many connected to al-Qaeda. That would certainly bolster the notion that the date — Sept. 11 — was not a coincidence."

"... he was also emphatic that “the way these perpetrators acted and moved” and the “specific date for this so-called demonstration” make it clear that the attack was planned. 'It was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago, and they were planning this criminal act since their arrival', he said." (Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf, president of Libya’s General National Congress)

When a person in such a high position in Libya makes a statement like this one, we had better sit up and pay attention.

"Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy, briefing lawmakers last week, said the attack appeared to be planned because it was so extensive and because of the “proliferation” of small and medium weapons at the scene. That also would seem to contradict Rice’s stance. "

"Glen Doherty, one of the former Navy SEALs who was killed, was not there to provide security but was on a mission to track down shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and destroy them. “Doherty said that he traveled throughout Libya chasing reports of the weapons, and once they were found, his team would destroy them on the spot by bashing them with hammers or repeatedly running them over with their vehicles,” ABC said. Doherty’s mission suggests that there were aspects of U.S. policy that may have directly affected militants in the country — and angered them. That also would strengthen the case that this was a planned attack. "

NEWS BRIEF: "American embassy staff withdraw from Tunisia and Sudan", The Telegraph (London), 17 September 2012

"There were further clashes across the Middle East, Africa and Asia over the anti-Islam film said to have triggered those protests on Sunday. One man was killed in Hyderabad, Pakistan, while five people were injured in clashes with police in Karachi as around 1,000 protesters tried to reach the US consulate. Protesters also burned a glag outside the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Canada closed its embassies in Cairo, Tripoli and Khartoum for the day as a safety precaution, while Germany followed the US lead and withdrew some staff from its Sudanese embassy. "

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesians upset with anti-Muslim film clash with police outside US Embassy", Asia & Pacific News, September 17, 2012

"JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesians enraged over an anti-Islam film hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta on Monday, in the first violence in the world’s most populous Muslim country since outrage exploded last week in the Middle East and beyond .... Protesters burned a picture of President Barack Obama, who spent part of his childhood living here."

President Obama had better hope that pictures of Islamic jihadists are posted everywhere on the Internet, because many Americans secretly believe he is Muslim and, therefore, secretly feels sympathy with these out of control mobs. You know, I am very surprised at the vehemence of protests over this film, over the perceived slight done to Islam by this caricature of the Prophet Muhammed. We Christians worship an Omnipotent God, Who is more than capable of taking care of Himself. On Judgment Day, until billions of people are going to sorrowfully understand this reality.

But, these poor Muslims worship a puny god, who cannot take careful of himself in this world. If he is slighted, his spirit must agitate Muslims the world over to riot, pillage and burn on his behalf. Have Muslims ever stopped to consider how puny these protests make him seem? These attacks make it appear that Mohammed cannot protect himself.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rioters besiege British, German and US embassies in Khartoum: Protesters target western embassies in Sudanese capital as anger over anti-Islam film spreads around the world", The Guardian (London), 14 September 2012

"The British, German and US embassies in Khartoum have been besieged by rioters as the wave of anger over an amateur film denigrating the prophet Muhammad spread around the Islamic world and beyond. At least three people were reported to have been killed in the Tunisian capital of Tunis on Friday after crowds of stone-throwing rioters clashed with police outside the US embassy ... protesters were reported to have targeted the German embassy first, storming through the outer wall and setting fire to a car near the gates before being pushed back by police firing teargas. The crowd then moved on to the British embassy nearby."

"Protests, mostly aimed at American embassies, were also reported on Friday in Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Jerusalem and the West Bank, Malaysia, Indonesia and Nigeria."

As we speak of these protests being planned and staged, consider this fact: "Richard Woods, who was in Khartoum, said there were signs the demonstrators had been bussed into the area in an organised manner."

These demonstrations will either make or break Barack Hussein Obama. If he is seen as acting tough, then the President can be politically helped by these protests, but if Obama reacts meekly, he could be badly hurt at the polls. We can only wait to see how this story line develops over the next few weeks.

Remember the bottom line here:

We are seeing the beginnings of the outworking of "The Pentagon's New Map", designed to so destabilize the region that the Illuminati can step in to create Supernations #7 and #8 in the Club of Rome map shown at the left. If you look carefully at the nations we have listed as currently being subjected to the wars, threats of wars, and economic pressures, you will see that they lie in specific regions within these two supernations.

One of the most difficult obstacles thwarting this Plan to reorganize the world into the 10 supernations depicted is an entrenched dictator or party. A strongman who has ruled for decades will resist mightily the concept of surrendering his national sovereignty to a regional government. Therefore, the Illuminati has created the "Pentagon's New Map" strategy so all entrenched dictators will be overthrown and replaced by weak, divisive governments who are under constant attack by unruly mobs.

Thus, President Bush removed strongman governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama has removed entrenched dictators in Libya, Morocco, and Egypt and is currently pursuing Syrian dictator Assad.

Instability is the key operative word in Supernation #7 right now. I have no idea how long this process of destabilization followed by regional reorganization into the planned supernations will take, but the process has now begun. But, Bible-believing Christians have more in which to exult, for at long last, we are seeing the Illuminati move to create Supernation #7 (North Africa and the Middle East) and Supernation #8 (Tropical Africa).

Now you know the truth you will never hear from Mainline Mass Media news!

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Farmers, ranchers try to cope with climate change -- August 9, 2012

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Carbon tax best approach to curbing global warming -- August 10, 2012

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  • Reborn as Israel
  • Rebuilding of the Temple
  • Relationship to the coming Antichrist.

  • Modern Technology will be covered in two respects:

  • Increase of Travel, Knowledge & Unrest;
  • Two Witnesses, False Prophet & Antichrist as they will arise in Israel

  • Watch Trailer: The trailer we show covers all 10 of these prophetic areas which are unfolding right in front of our eyes.


    New Headline News Articles: Election 2012

    DVD"Presidential Election 2012"

    "Challenge To ALL Evangelical Christians Who Are About To Vote For Mitt Romney As "The Lesser of Two Evils"

    After discovering Romney's unchristian public record, can you really justify to Jesus that you voted for him? Why suffer loss of reward by casting a vote for either one of these candidates?

    "If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds."; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

    "Are we REALLY faced only with the choice of "Lesser of Two Evils"?

    How would Jesus have voted? Which Party Would He Have Considered The "Lesser of Two Evils"? Pharisee or Sadducee; Democrat or Republican; Obama or Romney; Baphomet or Baal?

    We have attempted to prove to you that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are equally evil, as they pursue an equally evil plan to bring the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist, also known as the "New World Order".

    Thus it follows that the men in top leadership of each party are equally evil.

    Evangelical Christians have no idea whatsoever of the intrinsically evil nature of the Republican Party. They have thoroughly convinced by Evangelical "wolves in sheep's clothing" that a goodly number of top Republican leaders are Christian. Such Evangelicals have been as completely deceived as the Apostle Paul warned:

    "For such men are false apostles, spurious, counterfeits, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles, special messengers of Christ (the Messiah). And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light; So it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness..." (2 Corinthians 11:131-5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

    These articles are a clarion call for Evangelical Christians to wake up to spiritual reality and to do the right thing when they enter the voting booth!


    "A Mormon President: Mormon Leadership Has Always Coveted The White House"

    If Americans today realized the depth of the power seeking desire that was in the heart of the Founder, Joseph Smith, and then realize that LDS leaders possess this same obsession today, they would be scared to death of a Mormon President. Mormon leaders have always wanted to win the Presidency of the United States. When assassinated in 1844, Joseph Smith was planning to run for President.
    Through dramatic reenactments and interviews with top historical experts, A Mormon President looks for answers to timely questions which have great significance today since, especially since a Mormon - Mitt Romney -- is going to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

    Do the Mormons have an agenda for the White House? As Bill Schnoebelen reveals in "Mormonisms Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert", Mormons have always had an agenda, as can be proven by that secret pod room on the top of the Mormon Temple in Washington, D.C. You can't understand the difficulties facing Romney in winning the election until you understand Joseph Smith, the original founder of Mormonism

    Is America ready for a Mormon President? American liberties could be in real danger should a Mormon become President.

    The DVD also contains a bonus section about Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and other modern-day Mormon candidates.This election could decide the fate of America. Our national soul is going to be tested as never before.


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