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Monday, April 15, 2013

Roseanne Barr: Hollywood Enslaved by "MK Ultra" Mind Control - REVISED

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I. "Roseanne Barr: 'MK ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood' ”, Vigilant Citizen, April 1, 2013

"Roseanne Barr is an outspoken actress and comedienne who never shied away from tackling difficult and controversial issues ... she remains one of the very few people in Hollywood who dare talking about its most damning issue: MK ULTRA .. 'It’s also a big culture of Mind Control. MK ULTRA Mind Control rules in Hollywood'.” (Emphasis added)

"This means that many stars do not speak out because they literally cannot do so. They are mind controlled which means that they have alter personas programmed into them that handler are able to trigger and control at will. "

This charge is exceedingly serious because Hollywood produces movies that affect the vast majority of our population. Hollywood comes from the Satanic understanding that a witches ritual wand is most effective if it is made from the wood of the holly tree - "Hollywood". The Illuminati has understood from the beginning the power over the mind exercised by the TV and Movie Screen. We carry a couple of really informative DVD's on Hollywood and its war on Almighty God and on your precious children.

1) "Hollywood's War On God - Fulfilling Bible Prophecy" DVD

2) "Gods of Entertainment:The Power of Mass Media to Influence and Corrupt" DVD

3) "They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" DVD

But, of course, the MK Ultra Mind Control of which Roseanne Barr speaks is a much deeper subject; in fact, it is a subject based upon Black Magick Witchcraft, so we need to turn to a person who used to be in that type of Magick, but who has been delivered by the Holy Spirit

Meet Cisco Wheeler, former 'Mother of Darkness' Satanist, controlled by her Father, an Illuminati operative, now a Christian

No one knows MK Ultra Mind Control like Cisco because she was its victim for decades until her Father died, thus releasing her spiritually from his powerful occult bondage. Cisco has written three Mind Control Manuals, which we have priced affordably!

" 'They Know Not What They Do' "

"Illustrated Guide to Monarch Programming Mind Control"

by Cisco Wheeler, Volume 1 of 3, Mind Control Manual

This is the first volume in a series of three which explains and exposes the methodologies and horrors of Monarch trauma- based mind control. In this book we see a series of colored collages and explanations which describe the inner worlds of mind control victim, Cisco Wheeler, who has spent the past twenty years recovering memories and coming out of the programming installed by her father (Dr. Black) who worked for the CIA.

Cisco Wheeler comes from a multi-generational satanic family and was groomed with delta and beta alters to be a programmer of Monarch mind controlled slaves as well as a Mother of Darkness queen mother who was to be one of the brides of Lucifer in the New World Order. She personally suffered all of the traumas written about in these books and has lived to tell about it with these accurate and detailed volumes. Her father was a master programmer and an Illuminati grand master. She brings to these three volumes on mind control a rare and detailed insight into the inner workings of the Illuminati. What we see here are victims with inner worlds created by fantasy scripts and multiple layers of reality. They are based on familiar themes and fairy tales which to the non-mind control victim would be just a collection of stories but to the victim is their actual reality - the story line of their life. These victims were never given a chance to experience the reality a non-victim knows and they are forced by various means of some of the worst torture imaginable to live in a tranced fantasy world from hell.

In this volume we get our first glimpses of the various types of traumas used to create a mind controlled slave and the types of alters and controls in the system. What is most chilling is that many of the visuals appear to be quite beautiful; yet the methodologies behind them are the blackest of evils. The victims trapped in these worlds are crying out for help. http://cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=142

" Illuminati Formula To Create Undetectable Monarch Programming Mind Control Slave"

by Cisco Wheeler, Volume 2 of 3, Mind Control Manual

Cisco Wheeler explains in detail how the Monarch trauma based mind control system is set-up and layered into a victim. When I first read the horrific details about this type of mind control I could hardly believe it. The fact that anyone could even survive these tortures seemed almost impossible. However, the spiritual aspects of Monarch mind control were not new to me as I had no problem believing the rituals and demon aspects of mind control, having experienced those things firsthand. While reading these volumes, there were many times I found myself thinking (wishing) that this whole mind control agenda could not possibly have happened and yet..... torture similar to the things described in this book have existed throughout history (P.O.W. torture/concentration camps for example).

Secret societies and satanic covens have existed throughout history and continue to operate powerfully worldwide. Victims of these mind control abuses are all saying practically the same things - naming similar names of programmers and places where their programming was carried out. The plans for total control of the masses infect every area of life. It is not hard to see that what is being done to the general populace has been, and continues to be, done on an individual basis to the victims of ritual/trauma based mind control. http://cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=143

"Deeper Insights Into Monarch Formula Programming Mind Control"

by Cisco Wheeler, Volume 3 of 3, Mind Control Manual

Cisco Wheeler presents more in-depth and detailed insights into trauma based mind control as well as methods for deprogramming and therapy. Once again the mind reels when reading the details about the cold hearted cruelty and methodology of the programming and at the complexity of the mind control system itself. Fortunately, the clear distinctions between alters, mirrors, and demons (as well as many other aspects of the system) can be seen when one understands how the system is set up. This volume in particular shows the differences by explaining all aspects of the system and it also shows some basic types of therapy that can be used to help lead victims out of their inner worlds. The therapy section of this book (part two) contains information that had not been explained in the first two volumes and is of tantamount importance here. http://cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=144

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Prophecy is being fulfilled by this MK Ultra Mind Control filtering down to the masses - "... the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration. They fell down and paid homage to the dragon..." (Revelation 13:3-4)


II. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to skyrocket.

After North Korea specifically threatened Tokyo, Japan, the American Secretary of State John Kerry pledged America's support to the island kingdom.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea reportedly warns Japan it would target Tokyo first", Fox News, April 2, 2013

"North Korea reportedly warned Japan that Tokyo would be the first target if Pyongyang decides to play its nuclear card. The warning reportedly is in response to Tokyo's standing orders to destroy any missile heading toward Japan ... Japan has deployed PAC-3 missile interceptor units around Tokyo to protect its capital and is taking North Korea’s rhetoric seriously."

'Japanese officials long have feared that North Korea not only has the means but several potential motives for launching an attack on Tokyo or major U.S. military installations on Japan’s main island ... "

Korean officials have never forgotten the brutality of Japanese forces against them during World War II. Therefore, now that the dictator of North Korea has nuclear weapons and the missile capability to deliver them against Japanese targets, Japan now has much to fear.\

For this reason, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry leapt to Japan's defense.

NEWS BRIEF: "US willing to defend Japan, says Kerry", Forbes Business International, April 14, 2013

"John Kerry, US secretary of state, reaffirmed Washington’s commitment to Japan’s defence in Tokyo on Sunday as he completed a tour of Asia aimed at cementing support for the denuclearisation of North Korea and reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula ... 'The US will do what is necessary to defend our allies against these provocations, but our choice is to negotiate', he said after meeting Fumio Kishida, Japan’s foreign minister."

As this crisis unfolds, remember that the entire crisis has been staged, along the lines of the New World Order book, "The Armageddon Script", by Peter Lemesurier, published in 1981. Listen to the wording of this plan:

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." (p. 223)

News stories based upon Western intelligence began to surface in early 1994, warning that North Korea was developing her own nuclear weaponry. President Clinton was concerned enough that he dispatched Former President Jimmy Carter to negotiate with the North Koreans (Read full details in NEWS1720).

Thus, the publication of this part of the Illuminati Plan took only 13 years to begin producing public fruit from the year in which "The Armageddon Script" was published. Every year since 1994 has seen public rhetoric designed to keep this threat in the collective minds of the people.

Furthermore, since the Illuminati Plan here stipulates that a "script has been written" means that the North Korean dictator is not acting on his own, but simply following the script laid out for him. Since the Elite has always take care to control each side of any crisis / conflict, we must understand that they tightly control this crisis as well. China controls North Korea and the United States controls South Korea and Japan.

Whatever occurs will happen because the script calls for it, not because some dictator became unhinged and acted stupidly.

Remember this fact because the Mass Media is going to spin a far different story as this crisis unfolds.


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When your loved one completes the first degree there is a very high chance he will be demonically possessed or at least demonically afflicted. But, to make matters much worse, your loved one will bring these newly found demonic 'friends' right in the front door of your home, where he will begin to afflict all relationships within the home -- Spousal, siblings, father-children, spiritual. Every meaningful, cherished relationship will abruptly come under severe and continuous attack. Suddenly, there will be no peace in relationships and in your home.

But, there is more spiritual horror! When the new Mason begins a memorization program called 'Posting', his mind begins to change, as his mental programming is quietly and subtly reprogrammed through a mental virus very similar to a computer virus. Suddenly, he is not the same person. His relationships begin to change and he will grow spiritually colder.

Bill then Biblically guides you through the spiritual steps necessary for a person who is already caught by Masonry's trap to be free of the spirit of Masonry and full of the Holy Spirit. Finally, Bill shows how you can be set free from any spiritual bondage if Freemasonry is in your family background, father, grandfather, mother or grandmother. Spiritual deliverance is thoroughly discussed.

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