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Thursday, August 1, 2013


"Peace And Safety"

New 'Peace' talks to carve up Israel's land so a Palestinian State may be proclaimed are said to bring "Peace and Safety" to the Middle East.

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (2 Thess 5:3)

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Hot News


I. A European Union envoy stated that the new "Peace Talks" between Israel and the Palestinians would produce "Peace and Security (Safety)!

The prophetic stage is now set for war between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

NEWS BRIEF: "EU's Ashton: Revived talks opens new doors for EU contribution to peace, security (Safety)", The Jerusalem Post, 7/31/2013

"EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton says she 'firmly believes' that an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in reach. The revival of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians 'opens new doors' for developing further European Union contribution to peace and security in the region..."

The Apostle Paul prophetically warned us almost 2,000 years ago, that when people at the End of the Age are suddenly proclaiming that "peace and safety" is at hand, we shall expect the opposite; we shall expect that unprecedented warfare and destruction shall erupt over our heads!

Indeed, the handwriting is even now on the wall that the Palestinians are employing the ages-old Islamic strategy of dealing with an superior enemy. This warning came from the Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash, and was delivered in the presence of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, as he revealed that he was following the advice of the Prophet Mohammed.

NEWS BRIEF: "PA minister: New peace talks will help us conquer Israel later", Israel Today, July 29, 2013

"Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash reassured everyone last week that the political peace process is just a ruse, and part of a larger scheme to defeat their enemy. In a sermon delivered in the presence of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and broadcast on official Palestinian Authority TV, Al-Habbash compared the US-driven peace negotiations to the Hudaybiyyah Peace Treaty concluded between Islam's prophet Mohammed and the Quraish tribe of Mecca."

"Peace talks with Israel at this time are 'the right path, which leads to achievement, exactly like the Prophet [Mohammed] did in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah' ... Two years after signing the treaty, Mohammed's forces had gained enough strength and he launched the brutal conquest of Mecca. 'This is the example and this is the model" that the Palestinian leadership is following', Al-Habbash acknowledged."

God is delivering a warning against all people at this age to not divide His land - Read full details NEWS1806, entitled, "God Threatens End Time Judgments Against Those Who Would Divide His Land")

I do not know whether this current round of "Peace Talks" will lead to the announcement of a Palestinian State, but I do know the prophecy which states that a Palestinian State will be announced, but never established. And, that the leaders of this Palestinian State will soon thereafter disappear, never to be seen again.

Listen to this incredible prophecy.

"And He (God) will stretch over it (Edom; Palestinians) a measuring line of confusion and the plummet stones of chaos over its nobles. They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there ..." [Isaiah 34:11b-12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Let us hear that key prophetic sentence once more time:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there".

When you hear this empty proclamation of a Palestinian State, know that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, know that nothing will come of it, and know that the final annihilating war of the House of Edom, the Palestinians, is close at hand.


II. A Kenyan lawyer is taking the State of Israel to the International Court of Justice, charging Israel with the crime of putting Jesus Christ to death on the cross!

Is this court case merely a typical "Anti-Semitic" blood libel, where the Jews are labeled "Christ Killers"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague - International Court of Justice - over Jesus' death ", The Jerusalem Post, July 30, 2013

"Dola Indidis wants the IJC to consider a re-trial of Jesus Christ, convict those responsible for his unlawful crucifixion. Dola Indidis, a lawyer and former spokesman of the Kenyan Judiciary is reportedly attempting to sue Tiberius (emperor of Rome, 42 BCE-37 CE), Pontius Pilate, a selection of Jewish elders, King Herod, the Republic of Italy and the State of Israel."

“ 'Evidence today is on record in the Bible, and you cannot discredit the Bible', Indidis told the Kenyan Citizen News. Although those he suggests should have been convicted during the original trial have not been alive for more than 2,000 years, Indidis insists that the government for whom they acted can and should still be held responsible."

Indidis then turns his attention to the government of Italy, as he recognizes the role of the Gentile Roman Empire in Jesus' crucifixion.

"Indidis apparently named the states of Italy and Israel in the lawsuit because upon the attainment of independence, the two states incorporated the laws of the Roman Empire, those in force at the time of the crucifixion."

Of course, the ICJ renounced this lawsuit, claiming it had no jurisdiction over states and individuals who have died almost 2,000 years ago. In 2004, working with two former Satanists, I created the audio presentation pictured above, entitled, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ".

The Jewish religious leaders were not traditional Abrahamic Covenant Jews, even though they certainly gave great lip service to it; rather, the Pharisees of Jesus' day were members of the secret society now called the Cabala (Kabbalah). The Cabala was as occultic and Satanic as any that has ever existed, and for the past 2,000 years, has formed the cornerstone of all seriously Satanic secret societies. A great irony of history is that the exceedingly anti-Semitic Adolf Hitler learned the Cabala while training in The Thule Secret Society, and used it to justify his genocidal murder of 6 million Jews!

The Pharisees literally were controlled by Satan at the time that Jesus carried out His ministry.

Your understanding of the Gospel account will change forever once you understand the truth of the Jewish leaders who conspired to put Jesus on the cross. This incredible series reveals that the Pharisees and Sadducees who hated Jesus with an unnatural hatred and provoked the Lord into uncharacteristic animosity toward them, were secretly Satanists practicing what later became known as the Cabala (Kabbala, Qabbala).

Now you will know why the Pharisees killed Jesus even though they knew with 100% certainty that He was the Promised Messiah.

Now you will know why these Jewish leaders looked at Jesus' miracles and concluded that He was drawing His power from Beelzebub, one of Satan's chief demons. These false religious leaders wanted a Messiah Warrior King who would conquer Rome and then control the whole world from Jerusalem. They did not want the meek and mild Suffering Servant Messiah who would die for his people.

Therefore, the Pharisees decided, that once they killed Jesus, they could then stage their own Messiah, cast into their image, as a Warrior King. Now, a newly born Israel is again in the hands of the Illuminati and they are intent upon staging their Warrior King Messiah; the Bible will label him as Antichrist.

You will never read the Gospels the same way again!

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May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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Cutting Edge Ministries


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