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Thursday, May 16, 2013


"Countdown To Eternity" DVD, Vol 6 Is Here!

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"Countdown To Eternity" DVD

"One World Religion"

Vol 6, by Pastor Billy Crone

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Pastor Billy Crone alerts Christians of the movement towards a one world religion, in Today's News!

These are the key trends he covers:
General Persecution
International Persecution
American Persecution

Pastor Crone lists major prophetic signs God has given to lovingly wake us up so we'd repent and be saved before it's too late. These two DVDs are loaded with shocking film clips that illustrate the move towards the faith that all roads lead to God.

Over four hours long, 2-DVD Set -

Previous Five "Countdown To Eternity" DVD's

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"Worldwide Upheaval / Rise of Unprecedented Falsehood" Volume 2

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"Unprecedented / Exponential Increase In Wickedness" Volume 4

" Phony Believers, Greedy Believers, Worldly Believers, Occult Believers, Dead Believers" Volume 5

You Will Never Look At The News The Same Way Again

Hot News

I. President Obama must feel today that he is being hit with "Combined Disasters", just as this Illuminati Card depicts.

Suddenly, his second-term agenda seems to be in jeopardy, as even his friends and supporters turn on him.

A. IRS Targeting Scandal

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama ousts IRS chief over inquiry", Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2013

" President Obama forced out the head of the IRS on Wednesday, seeking to restore the public's faith in the tax agency while asserting a measure of control over a rapidly growing political problem. Making a hastily scheduled statement at the White House, Obama denounced the targeting of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service as "inexcusable" and pledged to "do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this ever happens again."

" 'Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it,' he said. 'I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives'."

However, the Obama's quick action did not make some of his closest friends and allies happy. Some people are already comparing Obama with President Nixon's handling of the Watergate scandal; the President must move quickly to staunch this kind of comparison, or he will suffer great political loss, just as Nixon.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rep. Charlie Rangel: Obama answers not enough", Politico News, May 15, 2013

"Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that he believes President Barack Obama owes the American public explanations for both the seizure of Associated Press phone records by the Department of Justice and the IRS targeting of conservative groups ...' the president has to come forward and share why he did not alert the press they were going to do this. He has to tell the Americans, including me: What was this national security question? You just can’t raise the flag and expect to salute it every time without any reason and the same thing applies to the IRS'.”

When one of President Obama's closest allies says that blind obedience is not enough to paper over this catastrophe, the White House needs to start paying attention.

What is at stake in this disaster is whether the Federal Government can willingly break the law by unleashing the Internal Revenue Service upon its political enemies.

B. Associated Press Disaster

NEWS BRIEF: "Inside the AP: Fear, determination", Politico News, May 14, 2013

"Reporters across The Associated Press are outraged over the Justice Department’s sweeping seizure of staff phone records — and they say such an intrusion could chill their relationships with confidential sources ... 'People are pretty mad — mad that government has not taken what we do seriously,” one reporter said on Tuesday. “When the news broke yesterday … people were outraged and disgusted. "

"The behind-the-scenes anger — and heads-down determination of the AP staff members to keep doing their jobs amid the extraordinary public flap — comes as top executives from the wire service have mounted an aggressive public pushback against DOJ, calling its snooping a 'massive and unprecedented intrusion' in a letter fired off to Attorney General Eric Holder."

What is at stake in this disaster is whether the Federal Government can really force Mass Media to follow its specific directions; now, we Conservatives understand that Mass Media regularly cooperates with the Federal Government as it decides which stories are to be highlighted and which are to be buried and which are to be reported in such a way as to deceive the American people.

This news story might be spinning in such a way as to make undiscerning citizens believe that Mass Media and Government have an adversarial relationship, thus hiding the close intimate relationship that truly exists.

C. Benghazi Calamity

NEWS BRIEF: "Slain diplomat's mom on Obama's Benghazi comments: 'Bullfeathers' ", The Washington Times, May 13, 2013

"“Bullfeathers!” That was the reaction to President Obama’s Benghazi comments Monday from the mother of one of the State Department diplomats killed in the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack in Libya. In an interview with Union-Tribune TV on Monday afternoon, Pat Smith said she doesn’t believe the administration is telling the truth about the attack that claimed the lives of four Americans, including her 34-year-old son, information officer Sean Smith.

“ 'They sacrificed him for their own political gains. I don’t like that, I don’t think anybody in this United States could ever possibly like that', she said ... Responding to the president’s Monday afternoon remarks on Benghazi, in which Mr. Obama said, 'We were not able to prevent their deaths' ... That comment drew the 'bullfeathers' reaction from the San Diego mom who has grown increasingly frustrated with the administration’s handling of the investigation into her son’s death."

As we reported in the May 14 Newsletter, Presidents Bush and Obama used Benghazi ports to smuggle weapons to the Syrian rebels. Since the CIA had operational control over this very secret effort, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton jointly decided that they would blow the CIA cover were they to send Special Forces commandos to rescue the American hostages.

The stakes are very high here, as the President is struggling on three key issues which could derail his second term agenda. Republicans are sensing "blood in the water" and will be doing everything in their power to bring this President down, as Richard Nixon was finally brought down over Watergate.


II. Palestinians celebrating their national day of mourning call "NAKBA" unleashed a torrent of hateful rhetoric and violence aimed at Israelis.

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinians mark their 1948 displacement: "NAKBA", The Boston Globe, May 16, 2013

"Tens of thousands of Palestinians marked the 65th anniversary of their mass displacement during the war over Israel’s 1948 creation, marching in the streets and in some parts of the West Bank, clashing with Israeli security forces. Every May 15, Palestinians hold rallies to commemorate the ‘'nakba', or catastrophe', the term they use to describe the displacement, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes during the war. The dispute over the fate of those Palestinians and their descendants, now numbering several million, remains at the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict."

"Israel views the Palestinians’ return as demographic suicide and expects the displaced and their descendants to be taken in by a future Palestinian state. "

When you review the statistics of tiny Israel fighting for her life in May, 1948, you can understand why Arabs view this day as "NAKBA, the day of catastrophe". You see, "insignificant" Israel beat a huge combined army of Arab soldiers drawn from nearly every country in the Middle East! If ever there was a time of Arab humiliation, this war of 1948 was true humiliation. If I were Arab, I would hang my head in shame too, for the tiny boy beat the big bad bully senseless -- with the help of Almighty God, of course.

Arab hatred cannot succeed, because God has set His face against them, and is protecting Israel by the Almighty Power of His Hand! All Arab leaders had best stop attacking God's people, the Jews. They have no concept that they are opposing Almighty God. God had repeatedly stated, in both Old and New Testaments, that He was going to restore Israel back to her land in the 'latter days', and would restore His betrothal to her.

Once God destroys the wicked Illuminati Jews through Antichrist -- two-thirds of the Jews of Israel -- Jesus will return to a Christian Israel. The people of this reconstituted Israel "shall look earnestly upon Me Whom they have pierced" (Zechariah 12:10)

Therefore, in this early time frame, God will protect national Israel, even though they are currently controlled by the Illuminati. God will beat every nation surrounding Israel on an anvil called Israel!

Yes, the Arabs are entirely correct to be humiliated by the defeat of May, 1948, 1956, 1966, and 1972, and 1980. Time and time again, their overwhelming forces were halted, and then destroyed, by the protective power of Almighty God.

But, the world has seen nothing yet. God has yet to deliver His annihilating judgment upon Israel's enemies as He promised in Zechariah 12 and in Joel 2 and 3.

Arab leaders, you do not know enough to be thoroughly terrified.

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In Genesis 1:14, we learn that the sun, moon and stars are to be for 'signs and for seasons'. The prophets of the Old Testament wrote about the sun being darkened and the moon becoming as blood before the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

Moses wrote about the seven Feasts of God, which were known as 'moedim' (appointed times) that were meant to be a 'miqra' (something to be rehearsed). There are some very significant signs in the heavens lining up over God's Feast Days between now and 2034, which could be pointing to the start of the time of Jacob's Trouble and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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How do the advancements of the 20th Century relate to ancient prophecy from the book of Enoch? What did Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons do that may have opened up portals to other dimensions? What does an ancient Canaanite blood altar have to do with the Federal Reserve? Why should we be concerned about the act of mixing animal and human DNA?

What is the 2045 Strategic Social Initiative and how does it relate to the promises of the serpent in Genesis 3:4,4? How has the devil been preparing the masses for the acceptance of transhumanism and the potential return of the old gods?

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If you have ever been curious about the spiritual foundations of America, including our current place in history, economics, politics, science and Biblical prophecy, this video is for you!

What do the Mayan prophecies, the Aztec Calendar Stone, the symbols on Americas Great Seal and the U.S. Capital Building, all have in common? America is the catalyst for many critically important End of the Age prophecies to occur. This incredible story is told by the American symbolism created over the past 250 years and by the actions of a number of our Presidents.

Includes Over 2 hours

We do not agree with every conclusion of this video, but offer it to you because it does contain exciting information about Americas past, present and future, which you need to know. Order yours now!

"Christian Palestinianism - Israel Is Going To Be Betrayed"

"Wide Is The Gate" DVD

A Biblical Perspective On The Relationship Between Israel, The Church and The Arab World,. addressing the rising tide of beguiling apostasy gripping today's church in regards to modern Israel. At the core of the anti-Israeli movement is Replacement Theology, a reinterpretation of scripture, teaching the church has replaced the nation of Israel now. Based on this erroneous misinterpretation, "Christian" anti- semitism attempts to justify its position, claiming the nation of Israel to be illegitimate and an "illegal occupier" of Palestine. This political-religious campaign is gaining wide acceptance among church leaders, denominations, charities, missions and humanitarian groups.

The Apostate Church, involved in usurping God's intended inheritance for His Chosen people and Israel, are joined by Palestinian Arabs with their own Muslim version of Replacement Theology. Islam's strategy is to rid Israel of its Jewish presence, seize the land for Allah, and establish Sharia rule worldwide. Additionally, cloaked in counterfeit Zionism, is the esoteric understanding of Judaizers (Kabbalists) who claim to be God's Chosen. They promote a nationalistic, political Zionism through aggressive self-effort. Sadly, Zionist imitations united with secularists and political left-wing and right-wing activists, are seducing the support of Christians who unwittingly become pawns in the alliance of "peace" for the antichrist and his unholy government.

Did you know specific end time prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes? . ....The promised ingathering of unbelieving Jews into Israel has begun? ....The 7 year "tribulation" judgment of God will bring numerous of His Chosen to call on Jehovah Who will redeem their land to the fullness of His promised borders? .....Multitudes of Jews worldwide are in present-day rebellion against their Messiah and hardened to His Promises for God's only covenant nation, Israel? ....Growing worldwide anti-semitism is also infecting contemporary Christianity in an aggressive and heartbreaking "Christian" anti- Israel, anti-semitic movement?

Speakers include: 1) Dr. Paul Wilkinson, 2) Dave Hunt, founder of The Berean Call, author, and knowledgeable authority on Israel and Islam; 3) Caryl Matrisciana, author and documentary film producer.

Almost 2 hours long -


"Exo-Vaticana: Shocking Proofs That The Vatican Is Preparing To Receive An Alien Savior!"

Only days after the election of the first Jesuit pope -- Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) -- Vatican astronomers are developing theological arguments concerning extraterrestrial intelligence that could have a dramatic impact on the faith of the world's 2.3 billion Catholics and Protestants.

The Jesuits and members of Opus Dei have written in the form of official church theology brand new doctrinal papers, which we're publishing, that I think are absolutely going to shock the world," Horn says.

Sometime soon, the Vatican, is going to tell everybody, "It's okay and these are our space brothers - and not only are they are our space brothers - they're closer to God than we are and they have come to show us the way."

Cutting Edge subscribers should not be surprised because in 1997 we revealed that the Illuminati had chosen the Pope to be their False Prophet and that Aliens are a key part of the staging of the New Age Christ (Antichrist). Read full details in NEWS1052.

Where the Hopi see a blue star and Vatican astronomers see their 'space brothers' en route to guide us into the light, evangelical Christians understand the Antichrist will initially assume the role of a fabricated end-times messiah who mimics the return of Christ with a false second coming that also happens to be attended by heavenly 'signs and lying wonders' (2 Thessalonians 2:8-9).

NOTE: This book might be one of the most important in recent years! Watch Trailer

Headline News Analysis Articles

"President Obama Is Gutting The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force"

Defense Department Is So Gutted By Sequester Budget Cuts That Planes Are Grounded, Naval Ships Are Being Docked and Marines Lament That They Cannot "Handle Even One War"!


"UNPRECEDENTED! A Former Pope Moves Back Into The Vatican To Live and Work Side-by-Side With the New Pope"

Is The Future False Prophet Being Set In Place?


"Iraq -- Ancient Babylon -- is nearing her End Times' annihilating judgment just as God foretold 2,700 years ago in Isaiah 13"

"Mighty Babylon" is falling and her days shall not be prolonged!

The clock of death continues to tick, and soon, Iraq will be history's first "Dead Nation", a place where no person or animal can possibly live. Mighty Babylon is clearly succumbing to God's inexorable judgment -- and Skull & Bones George W. Bush drove the prophetic stake through the heart of the ancient nation of Nimrod! a precise match.

See more in the full online version


"Ladies of the Labyrinth: Order of the Eastern Star"

New DVD by William Schnoebelen - Only $14.99

The Order of the Eastern Star is the major women's auxiliary body of the Freemasonic Order, open to both Masons and their unsuspecting female relatives.

William Schnoebelen, former 32 degree Mason, draws from extensive Biblical knowledge and history of the Lodge to expose the secret dangers of this perilous, but seemingly innocent, group. Shedding light on the sinister historical roots of the organization, Bill also reveals why the insignia of the Order is the most evil inverted Pentagram, a well-known symbol of the church of Satan and of the dark goat-god, Baphomet!

Although presented as a fine Christian association for women, where cherished old hymns are sung and stories told about famous female Bible heroes, Bill demonstrates dark hidden occult perils to the Order of the Eastern Star.

This video uncoils Satan's tactics to draw unsuspecting women into an evil labyrinth and terrifying spiritual bondage. But now you can TAKE BACK your spiritual freedom, and lead others out of the horrific Labyrinth of the Eastern Star. 1 1/2 hours of teaching

Related DVD - Understanding The Men of the Lodge

"Freemasonry: FATAL In The First Degree"

New DVD by Bill Schnoebelen, Former Mason, Satanist - Only $19.99

Once viewing this video, you will never again believe that your loved one can safely pass through the first degree of Freemasonry!

Bill demonstrates that Freemasonry is Satanic from the First Blue Lodge Degree right up through the 33rd Degree. The first degree of Masonry is taken directly from the first degree of Satanism, where the initiate bows his knee to Baal and Lucifer and MARRIES Baal! The first initiation degree is a spiritual marriage to the god Baal.

When your loved one completes the first degree there is a very high chance he will be demonically possessed or at least demonically afflicted. But, to make matters much worse, your loved one will bring these newly found demonic 'friends' right in the front door of your home, where he will begin to afflict all relationships within the home -- Spousal, siblings, father-children, spiritual. Every meaningful, cherished relationship will abruptly come under severe and continuous attack. Suddenly, there will be no peace in relationships and in your home.

But, there is more spiritual horror! When the new Mason begins a memorization program called 'Posting', his mind begins to change, as his mental programming is quietly and subtly reprogrammed through a mental virus very similar to a computer virus. Suddenly, he is not the same person. His relationships begin to change and he will grow spiritually colder.

Bill then Biblically guides you through the spiritual steps necessary for a person who is already caught by Masonry's trap to be free of the spirit of Masonry and full of the Holy Spirit. Finally, Bill shows how you can be set free from any spiritual bondage if Freemasonry is in your family background, father, grandfather, mother or grandmother. Spiritual deliverance is thoroughly discussed.

We consider this video to be one of the most important we have ever created. 2 1/2 hours long.


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries


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