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Friday, 8/5/2016



"Hillary Clinton: The Sun Goddess Unleashed"

When Hillary Clinton wore that full length white pantsuit on the night she accepted the Democrat Party nomination for President, she was reaching back into time nearly 4,000 years to symbolically declare that she was the Sun Goddess in the Zoroastrian Tradition, exactly the symbolism the Roman Catholic Pope uses nearly every day to declare that he is the Sun God! She was declaring that she was transcending politics in this present time, because she was spiritually transformed into a goddess!

We explore this white outfit phenomenon from the occult world, and by looking back at other facts in her life and career, we prove that Hillary is a high level Illuminati Witch and that she is poised to complete the 'Co-Presidency' that Bill Clinton promised in 1993.

If 'elected', Hillary is spiritually and politically prepared to surrender American sovereignty in the North American Union, establish tight Gun Control and implement the final changes needed to move this country, and the entire world, into the global government and economy into the Kingdom of Antichrist, a.k.a. New World Order.

Her white outfit tells the full, disastrous story, one that true Christians must understand.

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Hot News Headlines

1. Lies and deceptions and political assassinations are accelerating at "blinding speed", all in favor of Hillary Clinton.

2. California's rigged voting system may be a picture of how the entire country "elects" Hillary.

3. The Democrats are said to be panicking over Hillary's mounting problems.

How dare a major political party feature an Islamic speaker who is both a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a promoter of forcing Sharia Law upon the United States



"Buddhism: World Religions, Cults & The Occult - Volume 5"

New Age leaders, led by Benjamin Creme, have always stated that the coming New Age Christ (Antichrist) will take the Buddhist name, Maitreya, a Buddhist god.

Pastor Crone thoroughly reveals the essence of Buddhism. Here are the key subjects:

* What are the Four Noble Truths & Eightfold Path of Buddhism?
* What are the Dangers of the Pokemon Go Craze?
* Is George Lucas a Buddhist?
* What Religion Do the Star Wars Movies Actually Portray?
* Are There Really Jedi Churches Across the World?
* Who Started Buddhism & What was its Founder Really Like?
* Is Buddhism Being Taught in Schools Today?

* Martial Arts

6 Lessons on 2 Disks, almost 6 hours -

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World Religions Volume 4 -- "Hinduism"


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"False Prophet Soon To Step On World Stage: Plan To Produce Him Just Now Set In Motion"

New from David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge Ministries

The Global Elite has devised a mechanism by which they intend to finally form the One World Religion and stage the Roman Catholic Pope as the top leader of this global religion. That makes the Pope the False Prophet, the Second Beast of Revelation 13.

What is this mechanism? At the right moment in history, after much war and threat of war in the Middle East, a combination worship service will be announced, where all members of Monotheistic Faiths can, and will, worship - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This combination worship service will create a synergistic spiritual power which will solve the Middle East religious warfare and finally bring Peace and Safety.

The Jerusalem Post carried a story on June 27, 2016, which announced that just such a combination worship service would be carried out from September 5-11, with concluding services on 9/11!

The Illuminati announced this peculiar plan to its members in early, 1991, and is just now implementing it!!an Antichrist be far behind the arrival of the False Prophet? I doubt it!!!

"...when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Jesus speaking, Luke 21:28)

It is time, dear Christian, to look up, shout for glory, and prepare your heart for the Rapture of the Church!

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Hot News Analysis

1. Lies and deceptions and political assassinations are accelerating at "blinding speed", all in favor of Hillary Clinton.

NEWS BRIEF: "Media’s Lies and Double Standards Accelerate at Blinding Speed", The Washington Times, August 3, 2016

"According to the media, not all grieving parents of fallen servicemen are created equal. Whether those parents are protected, defended and respected or ignored, dismissed and smeared depends on their political affiliation — and how useful they are to the “right” side."

"Witness the tale of three parents that emerged during the course of the Republican and Democratic conventions. Republican Convention:

1) "Patricia Smith spoke lovingly about her son Sean, who was one of four Americans killed in the Islamic terror attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. She reminded the world of the kind of man Sean was — a decent, hardworking patriot who chose to serve his country in one of the most dangerous places on earth."

"She then directed her wrath at Hillary Clinton, who, as secretary of state, was directly responsible for the security in Benghazi before and during the attack — and for what happened in its aftermath."

Media Coverage of this Prime Time speech: :"Mrs. Smith delivered her remarks in prime time, but you’d never know it given the scant media attention paid to it. Some networks carried her speech live, others truncated it or carried other commentary, but there was little discussion about what she had said and what it meant for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy."

Democrat Convention:

2) "A week later, another grieving mother appeared in prime time at the Democratic convention. Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala paid tribute to their son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. Like Mrs. Smith, Mr. Khan also told us what a fine, brave, patriotic man Humayun was. But unlike Mrs. Smith, he attacked someone who had no responsibility for his son’s death: Donald Trump."

"As a senator, Mrs. Clinton had voted for the Iraq war and refused to support the military surge that turned the war around, and as secretary of state, she supported President Obama’s precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, which created the vacuum into which the Islamic State stepped, and failed to honor repeated requests for greater security in Benghazi, all while Mr. Trump was a private citizen."

Media Coverage: "Throughout his time in the spotlight, Mr. Khan parroted the media’s distortions, and they ate it up. Three parents suffered the ultimate loss through similar experiences, yet one was largely marginalized while the others were celebrated. "

"When Mr. Trump defended himself, the media pounced again, suggesting that Mr. Trump was an anti-Islam bigot when he was trying — albeit undiplomatically — to fend off Mr. Khan’s political attacks and raise bigger issues about Islam’s treatment of women and the larger threat facing the West. The Khans then received another round of glowing coverage, while Mrs. Smith remained invisible."

2. California's rigged voting system may be a picture of how the entire country "elects" Hillary.

NEWS BRIEF: "Electronic Vote Rigging In California: Mainstream Media Silent", Canada Free Press, July 26, 2016

"The 2016 election is so crucial to America’s future, it appears Democratic Party operatives are willing to break every election rule and law in order to win. California’s June 7 Primary election was tainted by rigged voting machines, forced party affiliation changes of long-time voters, and voter purges of newly registered voters ... but are ignored by the mainstream media. In California, the crucial state ..."

Did this rigging change the outcome? YES!

"... the election was called for Clinton minutes after the polls closed, but before millions of provisional ballot votes were counted. Adding to the suspicious outcome, based on pre-primary election polling, the media didn’t do any exit polling because many say the results would have shown that Sanders likely won California."

Hillary Clinton will likely be the next President, because the polls will be rigged in her favor!

3. The Democrats are said to be panicking over Hillary's mounting problems.

NEWS BRIEF: "'The Democrats are panicking': Khizr Khan speaking at DNC shows depth of Democrat panic", Israel National News, 7/3/2016

"Attorney Marc Zell, chairman of the Republican Party’s Israel branch, suggested that despite a post-convention bump for Hillary Clinton, Democrats are beginning to panic over their nominee’s performance and the chances Donald Trump could win this November ... Zell defended Trump from criticism over his recent dustup with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Pakistani-born parents of Humayun Khan, a US Army Captain who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in 2004."

"While Trump’s comment sparked a firestorm of controversy, including condemnations from 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, Zell dismissed the issue as overblown. 'This father [Khizr Khan] has ties to the Saudi royal family. As a lawyer he works with immigration cases, and he has an interest to bring terrorists into the US. With all due respect for what his heroic son did, he dragged his son into a political argument because of his own narrow personal interests'.”

"Turning to the upcoming election, Zell suggested that despite polling showing Clinton leading by an average of four to five points, Democrats are growing seriously concerned by the possibility that Clinton could lose this November."

How dare a major political party feature an Islamic speaker who is both a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a promoter of forcing Sharia Law upon the United States

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"The Evolution Conspiracy: Our Modern Ills Date Back to Darwin's Old Fashioned Satanism"


Sins which are ravaging the morality of the Western World can be easily traced back to Darwin and his evolutionary teaching. Abortion, sexual promiscuity, drugs, homosexuality are combining to overwhelm -- even replace -- Traditional Values. Further, the logical extensions of Scientific Evolutionism - cosmic consciousness, occultism, New Age Doctrine and Thinking -- have seduced an unwary and uneducated and uncaring public, and Christian Churches, by storm.

Christians and Christian Churches are now embracing Evolution as God's method of Creation, as they rush to endorse, accommodate and adopt ungodly practices and thought, to their own destruction!. God's people everywhere need to be called back to the Truth before marching Prophecy renders everything obsolete.


These authors add a new dimension to this entire subject as they demonstrate a solid connection between Old-Fashioned worship of Satan and worship of Nature inherent in Evolution!

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Radical Revelation Series
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2016 Election Special Report: "Not a dime's worth of difference"

Why politicians never intend to keep their campaign promises: Will never look at politics the same way again

Hillary Clinton Plans To Surrender American Sovereignty to the North American Union Within Her First 100 Days in the White House

The battle for America's soul, her "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" is now beginning! "


2016 Election Special Report: "Not a dime's worth of difference"!

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The Wrath of God

New DVD by Mac Dominick

Just when you think things could not possibly get worse (with the unleashing of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse a full one-third of the earth’s population either dies or is massacred)---Things get much worse. When stars fall from the heavens, the sun is darkened, the moon is turned to blood, and the heavens are rolled apart as a scroll---men will actually be able to see God sitting on His throne ready to exercise His wrath upon evil mankind. Even depraved mankind will recognize that this is going to be much worse than the disasters, plaques, and wars of the last 3.5 years and will do all they can to hide from the face of God and His wrath.

In Volume 3 we will ask and answer the difficult questions:
• How can stars actually fall to the earth?
• Can we believe the theoretical physics of our day; and as a result, dismiss the writings of the 6th seal as symbolism, allegory, or myth?
• Can we continue to accept the so-called “science” of men whose sole purpose is to provide a worldview that eliminates or does not include God?
• Why does the Bible say the earth has 4 corners? Does this mean the Bible teaches of a flat earth?
• Who are the creatures that come from the Abyss with the blowing of the 5th Trumpet? Where did they come from, and how did they get in the Abyss?

Volume 3 will cover the Tribulation Timeline from the 6th Seal to the 5th Trumpet. Our study will give us an understanding of the science and theology behind the outpouring of the wrath of God. Along the way, we will make some astounding discoveries and experience some completely unexpected surprises.


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