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Hot News Headlines

1. The Ukraine has turned into a moral and political 'blackhole".

She may collapse!

Russia continues to build her "Supernation #5".

2. Hillary Clinton demolished Bernie Sanders in South Carolina - 76 to 29%

Is the "Hillary Coronation" plan back on track?

3. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions abruptly endorses Donald Trump

The Establishment GOP is now starting to support "The Donald"

4. America warns Iraq of the "imminent collapse" of the huge Mosul Dam

A sudden collapse could inundate Mosul City under 45 feet of water, kill several hundreds of thousands and would ruin infrastructure in its path.

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Volume One: Jesus' Warning To His 7 Churches

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We are going to examine areas which no other teacher has even addressed, but you should expect this kind of in-depth valuable information from Cutting Edge Ministries! Jesus wrote this prophetic book through John the Apostle, addressing:
• 7 Christian Churches in Asia Minor
• 7 Prophetic Seals
• 7 Trumpet Judgments
• 7 Histories (Persons)
• 7 Bowls (Vials)
• 7 Judgments (Dooms)
• 7 New Things

Since God considers the number Seven as His Perfect Number, we can see that God is offering a final prophetic book which consists of 7 subjects, each of which contains 7 events. A Divinely Perfect Book in all ways!

A few of the points we will cover in Volume 1 include:

  • The Rapture of the Church true or false?
  • Will the Antichrist be Islamic?
  • How do we understand Islamic eschatology?
  • Who is ISIS, and will ISIS conquer the Middle East?
  • What is the true bloodline of the Antichrist?
  • What is the fate of Russia?
  • How can the stars fall to earth from heaven?
  • Was there any prophetic significance to Nazi Germany?
  • Can we find the USA in the Book of Revelation?

We will teach the Book of Revelation in a survey format that will mingle a traditional, contextual approach to the book with a digression to apply these teachings and prophecies to cover the influence (or lack of influence) of the events we see taking place right before our eyes.

Run Time is nearly 2 hours -- - Shipping Friday, Feb 26


"War Room" DVD

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But their appearances are deceiving: Tony relishes in his professional success and flirts with temptation, while Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness. Their marriage is on the verge of crumbling until their lives take an unexpected turn. When Elizabeth meets Miss Clara, she challenges Elizabeth to create a battle plan of prayer for her family by establishing a 'war room'.

This new film from the Kendrick brothers is a vivid reminder that prayer is powerful weapon.

'War Room' is a terrific movie, gripping and inspiring! It has that dynamic mix of good acting, an interesting storyline, and humor tossed in at the right moments.

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daily news updates

Hot News


1. The Ukraine has turned into a moral and political 'blackhole".

She may collapse!

Remember the prophetic plan unfolding here.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Ukraine is a moral & political black hole on the brink of collapse' ", Russia Today, 22 Feb 2016

"German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault, are currently in Kiev for political talks. Before setting off on the trip, they yet again urged Ukraine's government to implement political reforms, including a new election law, special rights for regions, and stronger efforts in countering corruption."

Last year at this time, Ukrainian-Russian-European Union tensions were running sky-high. Russian military units patrolled the Ukrainian-Russian border, pro-Russian para-military units were regularly fighting with Ukraine's army and many people were very fearful of World War III breaking out.

In the past 6 months, this kind of skirmishing has calmed down a great deal, but Russian economic pressure, plus E.U. economic demands, have slowly turned the Ukraine into a nation under such stress as to caused many to suggest that the Ukraine might fall into the Russian orbit after all.

You see, the E.U. does not really want a problem nation joining her ranks. The European Union is facing great economic stress of her own making right now, even to the point where Great Britain is holding an election to determine whether she is going to exit the E.U.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian radicals are kicking up a fuss.

"The visit comes just one day after up to 1,000 radicals rallied in central Kiev’s Maidan square, demanding the resignation of the government and early elections. This weekend marked two years since the bloody uprising in the Ukrainian capital, which led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich."

What is the real problem with the Ukraine? Under Russian and E.U. pressure, the Ukraine has turned into mush.

"... the electorate in Europe is not satisfied with the results, because having Ukraine – which is morally and politically a black hole and economically at the brink of collapse – would mean that Europe would not only have a crisis situation and tensions on its southern borders, but also on its eastern borders. This is a situation that will not be possible to be handled, because Europe is not in a state to do so. "

What is the REAL Russian plan concerning the Ukraine? As we detail in the DVD pictured above, the Global Elite is enacting a plan to reorganize all the nations of the world into precisely 10 supernations, a plan which will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8 and Revelation 17:12, 17 once it is completed.

A copy of the world map being so reorganized is pictured to the left.

As you can see, the Ukraine is part of Supernation #5, entitled, "Russia, Eastern Europe".

The problem is that Western Ukraine does NOT want to come under Russian rule again, for they remember the special Russian domination of the past, especially the 25 million Ukrainian farmers whom Josef Stalin brutally murdered throughout the decade of the 1930's.

The Ukraine one day will be forced to capitulate.

Russia continues to build her "Supernation #5".


2. Hillary Clinton demolished Bernie Sanders in South Carolina - 73 to 26%

Is the "Hillary Coronation" plan back on track?

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina Salvation", US News & World Report, 26 Feb 2016

"Yet even on a dingy symbol of the area's decay and impoverishment – the abandoned Fair Deal Warehouse – there is a glimmer of hope for redemption ... inside its gymnasium, Hillary Clinton is encircled by an almost entirely African-American audience, in search of her own type of redemption. 'This is the first step', she tells the assembly, 'to move towards the nomination'."

In 2008, Hillary lost the South Carolina Democrat Primary to Barack Obama and was never able to recover from that staggering blow. But, this time around, Hillary was sorely counting on the same blacks who voted for Obama in 2008 to give her candidacy a new life.

Hillary arranged for a Christian revival feel during the last few days prior to the election.

"In the well of the gymnasium, Ronnie Sabb, a state senator and local attorney in Kingstree, is giving Clinton an introduction that could easily be mistaken for a Southern Methodist sermon. With every phrase of praise for Clinton, he pauses his cadence to allow the audience to call back at him, creating a kinetic rhythm seldom found among white crowds. Clinton adapts to the moment, mimicking Sabb's rhetorical pacing and even inserting a slight Southern twang into her dialect."

" 'I have to say, you've got a senator preacher here', she says to claps and cheers. 'I'll tell you what / I can just see him / down there in the Senate / casting out / all those demons'."

Do you remember how Bill Clinton adapted his speech to the audience, in his campaign in 1992? If he was speaking to a Christian audience, he would use the speech of the audience in order to wow them. And wow them he did. Hillary is adopting this successful strategy here.

But, I have to tell you, I am somewhat unnerved when I hear Hillary Clinton, an elite member of the occult Illuminati, and one who outranks Bill in the occult, talk about "casting out all those demons".

And, this strategy worked. South Carolina blacks voted en mass for Hillary, giving her a victory of 73 to 26%. The coronation of Queen Hillary for the White House seems back on track.


3. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions abruptly endorses Donald Trump

The Establishment GOP is now starting to support "The Donald"

NEWS BRIEF: "Establishment GOP Shifting to Trump", Breitbart News, 26 Feb 2016

"ATLANTA—When Chris Christie threw his support behind Donald Trump, Washington gasped. But the wall of establishment opposition to Trump’s candidacy had begun cracking days before New Jersey’s governor barreled right through it."

"From Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who have signaled an openness to working with Trump, to Mike Huckabee’s daughter and adviser ... who officially joined Trump’s campaign this week, Republican officials and operatives are coming to grips with the reality that this anti-establishment hero is now the presumptive GOP nominee."

" 'Folks are now going through the stages of grief', said one high-ranking Republican operative. 'Some are already at acceptance'.”

However important this shift in support from members of the Republican Establishment is, popular Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama really and truly shook things up.

"Sen. Jeff Sessions Changes the Trajectory of American Politics — and Perhaps American History - First U.S. Senator to endorse Trump", Breitbart News, 28 Feb 2016

"To the catchy riff from Sweet Home Alabama, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) took the podium in Madison, Alabama, on Sunday afternoon and changed the trajectory of the 2016 Republican nomination fight—and perhaps also of U.S. history. In becoming the first U.S. Senator to endorse Trump, Sessions, regarded as the gold-standard of immigration hawkery, declared, 'Politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration. Have they done it?' As the crowd shouted, No!, Sessions answered: 'Donald Trump will do it'.”

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, Republican Conservatives have chaffed at the harsh reality that Republicans do not live up to their campaign rhetoric. If Donald Trump actually turns out to be the only Conservative since World War II to fulfill his campaign promises, I will be the first to shout and bellow my approval.

Because American voters are so sick and tired of being lied to and of being deceived by campaign rhetoric, Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side and Donald Trump on the Republican side are receiving enormous support, far in excess of anyone's expectations/ Both candidates are considered by the electorate as being "Outside the Beltway"!

If Donald Trump really becomes the President of the United States, will he be strong enough to carry out his many campaign promises? Only time will tell.

Right now, these days are the days of glorious expectation.


4. America warns Iraq of the "imminent collapse" of the huge Mosul Dam

A sudden collapse could inundate Mosul City under 45 feet of water, kill several hundreds of thousands and would ruin infrastructure in its path.

NEWS BRIEF: "US warns of 'tsunami wave' across Iraq if the Mosul Dam collapses: "Could flatten cities and kill hundreds of thousands within hours", The Telegraph (U.K.), 29 Feb 2016

"Iraq's Mosul Dam faces 'unprecedented' risk of a 'catastrophic failure' that would unleash a wave of water which could flatten cities and kill hundreds of thousands within hours, the US has said. The American government issued an unusually stark warning of the horrors that face Iraq if the dam gives way, describing a 'tsunami-like wave' that would crush nearly a third of the country."

Any dam can potentially become a "weapon of mass destruction" if it catastrophically and abruptly breaks. The reservoir of water stored behind the dam suddenly becomes a lethal weapon to anyone downstream.

We have warned, in our DVD, "Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami", the the Grand Renaissance Dam being erected by Ethiopia right now, has the potential to wipe out Egypt and its infrastructure. Coupled with the severe drought brought on by initially filling the reservoir, a tsunami wall of water roaring down the Nile, could fulfill the End of the Age prophecies in Isaiah 19.

Now, we learn that Iraq faces a potential disaster of the same magnitude, from a dam which the government has ignored for many years! What is the degree of the disaster from this Mosul dam?

"Iraq's power grid could be entirely knocked out and parts of major cities would be underwater for weeks like areas of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina ... 'Mosul Dam faces a serious and unprecedented risk of catastrophic failure with little warning', the US said. 'A catastrophic breach of Iraq’s Mosul Dam would result in severe loss of life, mass population displacement, and destruction of the majority of the infrastructure within the path of the projected floodwave'."

"The dam is upstream from Mosul, which is Iraq's second largest city and has been under ISIL control since June 2014 but the dam was soon recaptured by Peshmerga and other foreign forces. Parts of the city could be under 45 feet of water within hours of a dam breach, the US said, giving residents little time to flee."

"The wave of water would sweep as far south as Samarra; killing people, crushing buildings, laying waste to farm land and knocking out power plants. The flood water would probably reach Baghdad within three days and bring chaos to the Iraqi capital with 'increased health hazards, limited to no mobility, and losses of homes, buildings, and services'."

In early, 2003, Cutting Edge posted an article in which we noted that President Bush's war against Iraq seemed to be fulfilling God's End of the Age prophecy of Isaiah 13, which foretold of the complete destruction of Ancient Babylon -- Read full details in NEWS2499, entitled, "Iraq -- Ancient Babylon -- is nearing the End Times' final annihilating judgment just as God foretold 2,700 years ago in Isaiah 13. "Mighty Babylon" is falling and her days shall not be prolonged!")

We encourage you to read of God's utter destruction of Ancient Babylon (Iraq) so you can see how a massive wall of water suddenly being released upon an unsuspecting and defenseless public could complete God's destruction of the ancient country of Nimrod!

The clock of death continues to tick, and soon, Iraq will be history's first "Dead Nation", a place where no person or animal can possibly live. Mighty Babylon is clearly succumbing to God's inexorable judgment -- and Skull & Bones George W. Bush, followed by 32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama, drove the prophetic stake through the heart of the ancient nation of Babylon!

Watchers 9 DVD: Days of Chaos
by Dr. L.A. Marzulli

There are two ways of looking at the events happening in the world around us. The first is that all of these events are just natural phenomena. With this in mind one would look at Israel coming into her ancient homeland after almost 2,000 years of diaspora and would not see any relevance, nor would it matter. To put it bluntly, in this way of thinking one would embrace the world view that there is no god, no prophecy, and no supernatural world. There is only what we can see, hear, taste, smell and observe using the scientific method.
Then there is the other world view that embraces The Holy Bible or The Guidebook to the Supernatural that takes the opposite stance on all of these positions. There is a God and He is good. There is a supernatural world and it is manifesting. There are signs that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can point to and say that His comingthe Second Coming of Jesusis soon.

There is going to be a profound change in human history, and it begins upon His return.

The skeptic asks, where is the promise of His coming for all things continue as before? We are seeing the birth pains that Jesus warned us would appear before His return. It would seem that prophetic events are accelerating, as I believe we are seeing the signs that warn us of what is coming on the earth... These are the Days of Chaos.

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Jesus' Resurrection - Proof of Christianity's Most Important Doctrine

New Prophetic DVD

"The Prophetic Meaning of the Turin Shroud: Secrets of the Man Clothed In Linen"

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God has always provided His believers with solid proof that He exists and that the Bible is true. At this End of the Age -- full of scoffers and unbelievers -- God has provided solid proof that Jesus rose from the grave! This proof is so solid that modern science can test it and prove it completely!

Mankind no longer has any reason to disbelieve the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! The Shroud has been scientifically authenticated.

A fascinating examination of Ezekiel 9 and Daniel 12. These two powerful Scriptures teach of Gods Mercy and Grace to His believers just before He wreaks physical destruction in Judgment.

Who is the 'Man Clothed in Linen?' He only appears twice in scripture. Could it be Jesus? How does he relate to the Shroud? Does the story of the Shroud of Turin contain a prophetic message for our time? The answer will amaze you.

Bonus video: Seven Secrets of the Sacred Shroud: Beyond science and history lies the theology of the Shroud. This presentation also focuses on seven proofs from theology and apologetics that support the Shroud's probable authenticity. These concepts are powerful and will raise your faith to new heights!

Has Plan of Salvation at the end, making this DVD a soul-winning tool

Run Time 1 hour 40 minutes -- Watch the Trailer

Also see Proofs of the Resurrection DVD by Pastor Billy Crone

RUSS BREAULT has been researching and lecturing on The Shroud of Turin for over 30 years. He has presented to numerous college and universities including Duke, Johns Hopkins, U Mass, West Point, Penn State, Cal State and many more. Russ Breault has appeared in several nationally televised documentaries including Mysteries of the Ancient World on CBS. He was both advisor and a primary expert for the highly acclaimed, The Real Face of Jesus A two-hour documentary on The History Channel that has been seen in over 20 countries. Most recently he appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the latest research. He has participated in a dozen international research symposiums since 1981 and three recent public exhibitions in Turin, Italy in 1998, 2000 and 2010. He is a long-time member of the Shroud Science Group, an international consortium of scientists and scholars dedicated to further research. Russ Breault is the president and founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc., with a simple eleven word mission statement: To advance the knowledge of the Shroud to a new generation.

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Ten Reasons Why Jesus Is Returning Soon! DVD

Eric Barger refers to this as one of the most important messages in his 31+ years of ministry.

Fulfilled Bible prophecy is the focus here, in particular the extraordinary volume of direct prophetic fulfillments in modern times.

Consider that 2500 YEARS AGO the men of the tribe of Issachar knew the signs around them and how to respond (I Chronicles 12:32). Stressing the importance of understanding the times, Jesus Himself chastised the Jewish leaders for an ignorance of the signs in their day (Matthew 16:1-3).

Now, the voluminous nature of the signs indicate that the return of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, is surely just ahead! Believers cannot afford ignorance during these exciting days.

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The Most Dangerous Cult - DVD

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- Is it Mormonism? -
Jehovahs Witnesses?
Perhaps the New Age Movement?
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In this recent update Eric Barger carefully documents the rise of the Cult of Liberalism within the walls of the Christian Church. This resource is designed to inform the Saints and also challenge misguided spiritual liberals to examine the tragic path they have taken and asks the question:
Are YOU a part of The MOST Dangerous Cult? INCLUDES: Dozens of updated slides and clips documenting the spread of spiritual Liberalism within Mainline and Evangelical circles.

This new resource, an hour and 32 minutes (1:32) in length, also includes the account of how Eric and Melanie were called into Christian ministry. In those early days they came face to face with the fact that not everything or everyone who claims the title Christian actually is.

Liberalism is presented as Christianity: The MOST Dangerous Cult then and now! Order yours today - Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $15.99

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This film is not fiction or a mockudrama but a new investigative documentary from the internationally acclaimed team at SkyWatch TV. INHUMAN travels the globe to unveil for the first time how breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy - including cybernetics, bioengineering, nanotechnology,machine intelligence, and synthetic biology - are poised to create mind- boggling game-changes to everything we have known until now about Homosapiens.

As astonishing technological developments push the frontiers of humanity towards far-reaching morphological transformation (which promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human), an intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of these powerful new fields of science and technology as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps-as Professor Joel Garreau, Lincoln Professor of Law, claims- our immortal souls.

Certainly, the Global Elite wants desperately to end biological death and to defeat God's plans for our souls.

As viewers will learn, this includes rewriting human genetics, combining human and animal DNA, and interfacing our brains with strong artificial intelligence systems. As a result, new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge bioethics in ways that are historically, sociologically and theologically unprecedented.

The destiny of each individual - as well as the future of their families - depends on their knowledge of this new paradigm, an extraordinary time in the earth's history already being called the "Hybrid Age".

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As the Apostle John wrote 'Amen! Come quickly, Lord Jesus'

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Why Is Your Pastor Ignoring Fulfillment of Prophecy In the Daily News?

"Prophecies Churches Are Ignoring" - 3 DVD set

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2) Russian Bear Poised To Strike Israel
3) Masons In The Pulpit
4) World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event
5) Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ

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Why Are Genuinely Born-Again Pastors So Terribly Blind As To The Prophetic Times In Which We Live? 'Speak to us smooth illusions' [Isaiah 30:10] is the desire of too many pastors, while Jesus is lamenting, 'You did not know the time of your visitation' [Luke 19:44] Too many pastors refuse to believe that the unparalleled deception foretold in Matthew 24:24 really applies to today's events and leaders; thus such pastors are so wide open to spiritual deception.

Pastors also are reluctant to alert their people that events today are uniquely fulfilling key Bible prophecies. As a result, Christians by the many millions do not realize that the time for the Rapture of the Church and for Antichrist to arise is very, very close.

There are a number of unique prophecies being fulfilled that are exceedingly critical, but pastors and ministries are ignoring them totally, to the severe detriment of all Christians. This 3-DVD set contains 6 messages, each of which is unique to Cutting Edge Ministries/Films.

Here are the six hot topics:
* The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming
* Rapture Precedes Israel's Final 'WEEK' of History
* Eternal Security: God's Anchor In A Brutal Storm
* End Times' Judgment On Iraq (Babylon) Worse Than Believed Possible - Isaiah 13
* Invisible, Invincible Mind Control You are Targeted
* America Identified In Prophecy: Economic Babylon of Revelation 18






Prophecies Churches Are Ignoring - DVD Combo by David Bay - Volume 1 contains 3 DVDs with our first six programs.

Here are the six hot topics:
• The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming
• Rapture Precedes Israels Final 'WEEK' of History
• Eternal Security: God's Anchor In A Brutal Storm
• End Times' Judgment On Iraq (Babylon) Worse Than Believed Possible - Isaiah 13
• Israel's Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians
• America Identified In Prophecy: Economic Babylon of Revelation 18

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