Saturday, January 2, 2016

1. President Obama will meet January 4 with the Attorney General, putting final touches on his Gun Control Executive Orders

Meanwhile, Texans can now openly carry their firearms.

2. Authorities all over the world were on high terror alert over New Years' celebrations.

3. Global Christian slaughter reached new heights in 2015.

As the "Pentagon's Non-Integrating Gap" war extends into Central / Southern Africa (Supernation #8), that figure will skyrocket in 2016.

4. Standard Republican Establishment has no trouble with Hillary Presidential win!

Is it any wonder so many Republicans are so upset with "Insider Politicians"?

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Hot News

1. President Obama will meet January 4 with the Attorney General, putting final touches on his Gun Control Executive Orders

Meanwhile, Texans can now openly carry their firearms.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama Meeting with Attorney General to Finalize Executive Gun Control", Breitbart News, 1 Jan 2016

"On January 4, President Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to finalize the executive gun controls expected to be announced next week ... the two key components of the executive orders will be '[tightening] the definition of what it means to be involved in gun sales' and the addition of new reporting requirements for licensed gun dealers."

"... The idea of requiring informal gun dealers to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and perform background checks on potential buyers first came up two years ago, but was shelved over legal concerns'. Obama now believes his attorneys have found a way that requirements for licensure can survive legal scrutiny."

Would these new regulations have prevented any of the recent public mass shootings? No, absolutely not.

What you must understand is that government gun registration will be of great importance once foreign military soldiers are knocking on doors to confiscate guns! Registration is a necessary first step to seizure.

Meanwhile, while the President is engaged in insanity in his efforts to seize guns, Texans are demonstrating clear sanity on this issue.

NEWS BRIEF: "Open Carry Now In Effect For Texans", Breitbart News, 1 January 2016

"Texans with a “Concealed Handgun License” or the new “License to Carry” can openly carry a handgun in accordance with the new law that went into effect at midnight on Friday. Other new laws expanding protections of law abiding gun owners also went into effect. The Campus Carry law has not yet taken effect."

Airports and colleges remain "Gun Free Zones" under this new law, which means that more public shootings can occur at colleges, a favorite target for deranged killers. Private businesses may also post signs prohibiting anyone from carrying a weapon into their establishment. Of course, retail buyers may decide not to shop at such businesses once they see this sign, because such a property instantly labels it as a "Gun Free Zone"!

Lost sales in a competitive environment may prove to be more effective in dissuading owners from prohibiting firearms on their property.


2. Authorities all over the world were on high terror alert over New Years' celebrations.

NEWS BRIEF: "Terrorist Jitters All Over The World", Breitbart News, 30 Dec 2015

"Terrorist threats hang especially heavy over major cities as 2015 draws to a close. Memories of the atrocity in Paris are fresh, along with fears of what a comparably armed and motivated terrorist squad could do to a huge throng of revelers at the New Year’s Eve celebration in a major city. Intelligence agencies in the U.S. and Europe are reportedly nervous about a terrorist threat of some kind."

Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas were the most notable cities which either cancelled activities or severely curtailed them. Authorities all over the world were truly in panic mode over the possibility of a terrorist attack on New Years' Eve or the day itself.

In 1972, we posted an article entitled, "Urban Terror An End Stage To New World Order" . How could we know, in 1992, that the Illuminati planned terrorist attacks within cities as one of the means by which they were going to overthrow the old, existing Order so the New could be established?

The "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" tells us that the Illuminati plans acts of terror as a means by which they will overthrow the existing Order and to keep the New Order in place.

"In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments ... in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts ... [Protocol 7, World Wide Wars , Paragraph 6]

"... while the peoples of the world are still stunned by the accomplished fact of the revolution, still in a condition of terror and uncertainty, they should recognise once for all that we are so strong, so inexpugnable, so super-abundantly filled with power, that in no case shall we take any account of them, and so, far from paying any attention to their opinions or wishes, we are ready and able to crush with irresistible power all expression or manifestation thereof at every moment and in every place, that we have seized at once everything we wanted... Then in fear and trembling they will close their eyes to everything, and be content to await what will be the end of it all." [Protocol #11 -- The Totalitarian State]

And, all this terror fulfills Bible prophecy:

""Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be mighty and violent earthquakes, and in various places, famines and pestilences ... and there will be sights of terror ..." [Luke 21:10-11; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Terrorism will be a blight on mankind until Antichrist arises!

3. Global Christian slaughter reached new heights in 2015.

As the "Pentagon's Non-Integrating Gap" war extends into Central / Southern Africa (Supernation #8), that figure will skyrocket in 2016.

NEWS BRIEF: "2015: The Year of Anti-Christian Jihad", Breitbart News, 31 Dec 2015

"The year 2015 will go down in memory as a period of unprecedented Christian persecution throughout the world, resulting in thousands of deaths along with continuous targeted acts of violence and terror ... The (Islamic) mob later circulated a message that read: 'We will not stop hunting Christians and burning churches. Christians are Allah’s enemies!' ”

"Christians are fast disappearing from entire regions – most notably a huge chunk of the Middle East but also whole dioceses in Africa. In large part, this migration is the product of an ethnic cleansing motivated by religious hatred,” says the report “Persecuted and Forgotten?” published by the Christian relief group, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). As 2016 begins, a good New Year’s resolution for the West may be to start paying attention to the plight of Christians throughout the world at the hands of radical Islam and seriously committing to taking the necessary measures to oppose it."

As 2015 ends, the Elite are finishing their wars in the Middle East to overthrow the entrenched dictatorships of Syria and Saudi Arabia. Once these entrenched dictatorships are removed, then Supernation #7 can be established.

As 2016 begins, the Elite are already setting their next regional war into action. If you have watched your news, you have noticed that more and more conflict is erupting in Central / Southern Africa. This region comprises Supernation #8 in the Illuminati's Plan to reorganize the nations of the world into the prophesied 10 supernations of Daniel 2:40-45, 7:7-8 and of Revelation 17: 12, 17 (See full details in the DVD, "The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming")

And, this war to overthrow entrenched dictators within this African region will be spearheaded by a war on Christians by Muslims. Already, the kidnapping and murders in Nigeria are unsettling the entire region. While Nigeria itself is a democracy, brutal atrocities by Islamic forces against innocent Christian men, women and children are threatening to send the entire region into chaos.

The old Masonic concept of "Out of Chaos Comes Order" is being put to the test here in Africa.

Northern Africa / Middle East comprises Supernation #7 in this plan, while Central / Southern Africa comprises Supernation #8. The flames of war will continue in Supernation #7 until all dictatorships are removed while the same flames of war will consume dictatorships in the region of Supernation #8.

Islam killing Christian will be the order of the day.

Out of this chaos, the New Order of the Elite will take shape.



4. Standard Republican Establishment has no trouble with Hillary Presidential win!

Is it any wonder so many Republicans are so upset with "Insider Politicians"?

NEWS BRIEF: "GOP Establishment Has No Problem with Hillary Win: Won’t Address the Clintons’ War on Women", 30 Dec 2015

"Breitbart News’ John Nolte had a perceptive piece this weekend on the GOP Establishment having no desire to beat Hillary Clinton or elect Donald Trump. They don’t want to use the most potent issue against Hillary, who is counting on an overwhelming advantage among women: her alleged bullying of the women unlucky enough to be Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual targets. Only Trump has the courage to debunk the notion that Hillary has been 'an advocate for women and girls'.”

This commentary then lists a number of women who were sexual victims of Bill, who were savaged by Hillary. The list is too long for this piece, but we encourage you to read it and read it carefully. The bottom line is that Hillary quite savagely attacked the women her husband had violated and Hillary did her best to intimidate these women into silence.

Yet, in her 2016 Presidential Campaign, Hillary deceptively portrays herself as a champion for women's rights!

"Hillary’s role in the Clintons’ war on women is the silver bullet Trump, or any Republican, needs to expose Hillary’s hypocrisy."

Yet, the GOP Establishment has no desire to use this truthful information against Hillary Clinton, one of the most objectionable candidate to Conservatives in history? Why?

Cutting Edge has long stated that America really has a one-party political system, camouflaged as a two-party system, and that there is no bottom line difference between Republican and Democrat Parties. This story simply offers yet another example of this one-party system/

If Hillary is elected President Republican Establishment Insiders will carry much of the blame!

As Dr. Cuddy so eloquently states: "The Public doesn't have much choice when it comes to political candidates; the power elite controls both major parties".

Or, as former Governor George Wallace once exclaimed, "There ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties"!

The bottom line reality is that leaders of both parties are equally committed to the New World Order.


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Bible prophecy reveals that Antichrist will be produced on the world scene by a number of signs, including 'wars and rumors of wars'. Demonic familiar spirits told the Elite in 1870 that three world wars will be needed to produce Antichrist. Make no mistake about it: Antichrist will be produced by World War III.

Therefore, the question of the hour is, 'when will this global war begin' and 'what are the signs it is about to commence'? Many major events are planned to occur just as World War III begins. Mankind will be systematically hit with unparalleled disasters of every kind as this planned global war unfolds. But, none of these events will occur until the lynchpin called 'World War III' is pulled.

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An ancient saying 'Ordo ab Chao' (Order out of Chaos) applies to the power elite's machinations. And so as to make particular problems seem intractable, they select global leaders who feign incompetence. This is one way the American people are manipulated. In the end, the public really doesn't have much choice when it comes to political candidates, and the power elite controls both major parties.

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While Freemasonry has successfully deceived a great many people, convincing them that Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity, God knows the Truth and is not tolerant of Masons In The Pulpit.

We begin at a very reasonable beginning premise: If a pastor refuses to resign from the Masonic Lodge he does so because he feels greater loyalty to the Lodge than to Jesus Christ.

Starting from this premise, we examine a number of key Masonic teachings and then ask the Pastor how he can reconcile these teachings with Biblical Christianity. We ask, 'Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key Biblical doctrine, are you really thinking of the radically different teaching of Freemasonry?

Prime Example: Freemasonry teaches that its religion is far superior to any other religion on Earth, including Christianity. Mr. Pastor, are you thinking how superior Masonry is to Christianity when you are teaching Biblical doctrine. Second Example: Freemasonry teaches that it is necessary for Lodge leaders to deliberately lie to their people until they are 'mature enough' to comprehend and accept the truth; Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key Biblical doctrine, are you secretly thinking that it is necessary for you to teach these 'lies' about Jesus and the God of the Bible until your people are spiritually mature to comprehend the true Masonic doctrine?

We prove that a Holy God cannot tolerate Masons in the pulpit of a church for which His Son, Jesus, bled on that cruel cross of Calvary.

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