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Hot News Headlines

1. Key Republican leaders are attempting to entangle Hillary in the kind of legal troubles which could force the Democrats to dump her off the ballot.

CFR's John Bolton is trying to send Hillary to jail.

2. President Obama declared that the Islamic State (ISIS) is currently committing genocide against several groups of victims.

Does this declaration unite the world against ISIS in such a way that an international conference can be called to re-create the Map of the Middle East?

3. President Obama has landed in Cuba to begin a trip of normalization of diplomatic relations.

Why is the President "bringing the outlaw in from the cold"?

The answer might surprise you.

4. The pre-Easter season offers the best opportunity to understand which churches are apostate, mixing pagan/profane with Biblical Truth.

Just take note of the churches who are advertising on their reader board that they are hosting an "Easter Egg Hunt"!

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Hot News

1. Key Republican leaders are attempting to entangle Hillary in the kind of legal troubles which could force the Democrats to dump her off the ballot.

CFR's John Bolton is trying to send Hillary to jail.

NEWS BRIEF: "John Bolton PAC Circulates Petition to Have Hillary Jailed", Newsmax, March 21, 2016

"A political action committee for former UN ambassador John Bolton is circulating a petition to have Hillary Clinton jailed for her use of a private email server during her stint as secretary of state. 'Hillary Clinton is a threat to national security ... And the greatest proof of that threat is her utter total disdain for the protect of classified information entrusted to her as Secretary of State . . . Hillary is unfit to serve as president of the United States and, under the law, needs to go to jail for her crimes'."

I served nearly four years in U.S. Army Intelligence, serving at a Pentagon-level facility on Okinawa from nearly three of those years. My security clearance was "Top Secret Crypto". Security guidelines were so tight that, had I or anyone had violated the rules governing the handling and the dissemination of highly classified material, as Hillary did during her tenure as Secretary of State, she would have been immediately arrested and tried and imprisoned. The very fact that Hillary Clinton is still a free person is testimony to her inside connections.

The very fact that Hillary can run for President, even though the evidence implicating her disregard for security rules, testifies to her top Illuminati connections.

But, another member of the Illuminati, John Bolton (Council on Foreign Relations) is now attempting to change all this; he is attempting to have Hillary arrested and incarcerated while she is awaiting her trial.

" 'Hillary is in deep legal jeopardy — and she should be', Bolton told the gathering of conservatives ... Bolton also argued 'people are indoctrinated on how to protect this information' but that 'Clinton people just ignored it'."

Perhaps the fact that Hillary felt no obligation to obey the law while handling such sensitive, classified, national information may be the most damning of all facts of this case. If the Secretary of State felt so strongly that she was above the law, she will feel the same way if she is ever President of the United States.

And, this arrogance is the stuff of which dictators are made!

And, what makes them so dangerous to their citizens.


2. President Obama declared that the Islamic State (ISIS) is currently committing genocide against several groups of victims.

Does this declaration unite the world against ISIS in such a way that an international conference can be called to re-create the Map of the Middle East?

NEWS BRIEF: "Religious Minorities React to Islamic State Genocide Declaration", Breitbart News, 20 March 2016

"Representatives from the religious minority community in the Middle East strongly support the Obama administration’s decision to finally concede that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is committing genocide against their people."

" 'The Turkmen Rescue Foundation (TRF) stands in solidarity with the Assyrian Christians and Yezidis and considers this declaration an important step to relieve the suffering of all oppressed communities in Iraq and Syria', Dr. Ali Akram Al Bayati, a Shiite Turkmen and TRF chief, told Breitbart News. 'We also support a resolution from the United Nations for the same purpose'.”

Notice that this claim of crimes against humanity has just jumped from the President of the United States to the global authority, the United Nations. And, this is the step which must be taken if the Pentagon's New Map of the Middle East (2006) is to be brought into existence.

President Obama is attempting to unite Western and Eastern nations with his declaration of ISIS/ISIL genocide against peoples in Iraq, Syria, and all the nations across which the Kurds are scattered.

In fact, the Kurds have just taken a major step to implement the new diplomatic reality of this Middle East.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kurds: One people across four countries", Israel National News, 3/17/2016

"The Kurds - whose representatives on Thursday declared a unified, federal region in northern Syria ... number an estimated 25-35 million people in four countries."

Notice that, in this map, a new nation bordering four nations, is created. "Free Kurdistan" borders iran, Iraq (Shia and Sunni), Syria, and Turkey. Obviously, for the Kurds to receive this new country -- Free Kurdistan -- both Turkey and Iran are going to have to relinquish significant territory! Turkey will be forced to give up some land on her Eastern border with Iraq, while Iran will have to forfeit some of her land on her Western border with Iraq. In this past year, since this map was made public, Turkey's pro-American, pro-Western military has undergone a great transformation. These generals have been pro-American since World War II.

And, yet, in the past few years, Turkish and Iranian leaders have been communicating regularly and have even gotten together on occasion. Events in northern Iraq have demonstrated that these leaders have evidently been drawing up a joint plan by which they are going to prevent the Kurds from gaining their own country. Turkey's armed forces are now more anti-American than in recent memory; now, you can understand why.

The stage is now being set for this international conference to be called. The Kurds have just declared themselves to be a state, "Free Kurdistan", and President Obama has just used the Office of President of the United States to declare that ISIS is committing "Crimes Against Humanity" in a genocidal campaign that extends across several nations in the Middle East.

This map is in play and will completely reorganize a Middle East that is will be free of entrenched dictators soon.



3. President Obama has landed in Cuba to begin a trip of normalization of diplomatic relations.

Why is the President "bringing the outlaw in from the cold"?

The answer might surprise you.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama to meet Raul Castro on historic Cuba trip", Reuter's News, March 21, 2016

"U.S. President Barack Obama turns from sightseeing to state business on his historic Cuba trip on Monday, pressing President Raul Castro for economic and democratic reforms while hearing complaints about continued U.S. economic sanctions. Obama and Castro will have their fourth meeting, likely their most substantial, at the Palace of the Revolution ... A U.S. presidential visit to the inner sanctum of Cuban power would have been unthinkable before Obama and Raul Castro's rapprochement 15 months ago, when they agreed to end a Cold War-era dispute that lasted five decades and continued even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The two leaders have deep differences to discuss as they attempt to rebuild the bilateral relationship."

Many American-Cubans are deeply opposed to any normalization of terms between the United States and Cuba. And, these Americans vote. Why would Democrat President Obama risk the alienation of hundreds of thousands of American-Cubans during a Presidential election year? His policies toward Cuba are likely to really hurt the Democrat candidates in all elections, but especially Hillary Clinton.

The map shown below sheds some light on this subject.

The Global Elite is working feverishly to reorganize all nations of the world into the 10 Supernations as foretold in Daniel 2:40-45 and 7:7-8 and Revelation 17:12, 17.

Their reorganization plan is shown in the map to the left. As you can see, Cuba is planned to be part of Supernation #6, Latin and South America.

Supernation #6 cannot afford to have one of its members a pariah state to Supernation #1, the North American Union.

Cuba must be "brought in from the cold"!




4. The pre-Easter season offers the best opportunity to understand which churches are apostate, mixing pagan/profane with Biblical Truth.

Just take note of the churches who are advertising on their reader board that they are hosting an "Easter Egg Hunt"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Church Blends Faith with Easter Egg Hunt", West Virginia News, March 19, 2016

"Centerbranch Assembly of God hosted the egg hunt for kids ages 1-12. Church leaders said they’re making a big push to get involved with the community in Clarksburg leading up to Easter. They’ll hold another Easter egg hunt Sunday at Stonewood Park at 4:30 p.m."

At least this news story understood what spiritual mixing occurs when a christian church mixes pagan Easter activities with traditional Christian practices, as the title of the story indicates.

Let us examine how truly Satanic and Pagan the celebration of Easter with eggs truly is. We have discovered a witches site, called the "Satanic Witch". Listen to their description of the place which Easter and Eggs have in their Pagan celebration.

"Ostara, also known as The Spring or Vernal Equinox, the Festival of Trees, Alban Eilir, Ostara, the Rites of Spring, and the Rites of Eostre ... and marks the first day of true Spring. Day and night are equal on this day, hence the name Equinox. It is observed by Pagans throughout the world. For Wiccans and Witches, Ostara is a fertility festival celebrating the birth of Spring and the reawakening of life from the Earth ... The Spring Equinox was Christianized by the Roman Church as were most Pagan festivals of old. On the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Equinox (or "Eostre's Day" from which the name Easter was derived), the Christians celebrates their Easter holiday. The Christian festival commemorates the resurrection of Christ, synchronized with the Jewish Pesach, and blended since the earliest days of Christianity with pagan European rites for the renewed season. It is preceded by a period of riotous vegetation rites and by a period of abstinence known as Lent." ( The "Satanic Witch", Ibid.)

Let us pause here for a moment. We have just learned from the pagans that the very name of Easter is taken from the Pagan celebration of the "Rites of Eostre". Reverend Alexander Hislop, writing in his monumental work, "The Two Babylons", states that the name of Easter was derived from the goddess Astarte [page 109]. In reality, both are probably right, because the Pagans have a history of worshipping the same gods in different lands under different names.

But, then Alexander Hislop dropped the atomic bomb on this issue:

"What means the term Easter itself? It is not a Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin .. Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the very titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven ... The worship of Bel (Baal) and Astarte was very early introduced into Britain, along with the Druids ... If Baal was thus worshipped in Briatin, it will not be difficult to believe that his consort, Astarte, was also adored by our ancestors, and that from Astarte, whose name in Ninevah was Ishtar, the religious solemnities of April, as now practised, are called by the name of Easter..." (Alexander Hislop, "The Two Babylons", p. 104)

Can you believe it? Easter is Baal worship!

What do Easter eggs signify?

"These witches continue. "It is also believed that humankind first got the idea of weaving baskets from watching birds weave nests. This is perhaps the origin of the association between colored Easter eggs and Easter baskets. The eggs appearing above are a collection of Pysanky. Pysanky are the famous Ukrainian Easter eggs, and are powerful amulets for fertility, prosperity, and protection ... "

Stop right here to thoroughly digest what we have just learned. Pagans consider decorated Easter Eggs as "powerful amulets for fertility, prosperity, and protection".

The Bible forbids anyone depending upon amulets for any kind of protection or blessing! Listen to God giving Israel the reasons for His impending physical judgment.

"In that day the Lord will take away the finery of their tinkling anklets, the caps of network, the crescent head ornaments, The pendants, the bracelets or chains, and the spangled face veils and scarfs, The headbands, the short ankle chains attached from one foot to the other to insure a measured gait, the sashes, the perfume boxes, the amulets or charms suspended from the ears or neck..." (Isaiah 3:18-20; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

If God was ready to rain down physical judgment upon Israel for -- among other things -- using "amulets or charms suspended from the ears or neck", what business does a church have in celebrating with colored Easter Eggs, which witches know are "powerful amulets for fertility, prosperity, and protection"?

Returning to this pagan witch site:

"There is much symbolism in eggs themselves. The golden orb of its yolk represents the Sun God, its white shell is seen as the White Goddess, and the whole is a symbol of rebirth."

This statement is the clearest you will ever get from a Pagan. They are clearly stating that they view the Egg as a sexual symbol of union between the Male Principle, Sun God, and the Female Principle, the White Goddess.

The Satanist views the egg as an amulet for fertility, prosperity and protection, while they view the yolk of the egg as a symbol of the Sun God, and its white shell as the White Goddess. This view is very consistent with the Pagan's worship of the creature rather than the Creator [Romans 1:25]. They view all the universe in terms of Duality of Nature, the Female and the Male principle, of just plain sex. Thus is their view of the egg. Is this tantamount to linking Christ with a prostitute, in His eyes? I think it likely.

Now, let us look at what Reverend Alexander Hislop has to say about the Pagan practice of eggs, for this practice goes back centuries. Prepare to be shocked, and then be prepared to ask yourself how and why a "Christian" denomination could possibly embrace such Satanism!

"The origin of the Pasch eggs is just as clear. The ancient Druids bore an egg, as the sacred emblem of their order. In the Dionysiaca, or mysteries of Bacchus, as celebrated in Athens, one part of the nocturnal ceremony consisted in the consecration of an egg. The Hindu fables celebrate their mundane egg as of a golden colour. The people of Japan make their sacred egg to have been brazen. In China ... dyed or painted eggs are used on sacred festivals, even as in this country. In ancient times, eggs were used in the religious rites of the Egyptians and the Greeks, and were hung up for mystic purposes in their temples ... The classic poets are full of the fable of the mystic egg of the Babylonians ... 'an egg of wondrous size is said to have fallen from heaven into the river Euphrates. The fishes rolled it to the bank, where the doves having settled upon it, and hatched it, out came Venus, who afterwards was called the Syrian Goddess' that is Astarte. Hence the egg became one of the symbols of Astarte, or Easter.' " [Reverend Alexander Hislop, "The Two Babylons: Papal Worship Proved To Be The Worship Of Nimrod And His Wife", Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., First Edition, 1916, page 108-109]

Now, can you see that God forbids the mixing of paganism with genuine Christianity. You can mark every church in your neighborhood as "apostate" which advertises Easter Eggs for Easter celebration. Apostate churches do not so blatantly advertise their apostate nature at any other time of the year.

What happens if your church is mixing paganism with Christianity? God tells us boldly and plainly what we are to do, so please listen.

"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:4-5)

Are you listening? Will you be obedient?


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