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Monday 1/16/2017

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New Discernment DVD's

"Joel Osteen - The Smile of Deception"

by Mike Oppenheimer - Lighthouse Trails -- Only $14.95

What are Joel Osteens beliefs based on, what has made him one of the most watched and popular TV preachers? Because of peoples lack of discernment they are unable to recognize what is obviously wrong. The teachings of Joel Osteen are Biblically light and often out of context. Joel Osteen's open ended spiritual inclusiveness is misleading many.

Osteen's teaching combines Positive Thinking and Kenneth Hagin's Positive Confession with 'The Secret'. He has it based on word faith teaching that he learned from his father. His positive thinking and confession visualization techniques are aligned with the Secret that Oprah promotes. He is promoting decreeing, creating by words; word faith declarations, with Visualization.

This amounts to a dangerous mix that departs from Biblical teaching into New Age/Mysticism.

Numerous video clips with PowerPoint presentations, makes it clear what has made Lakewood the largest church in America.

This video is over an hour long and very well worth your time.


"The Need For Discernment In These Last Days"

Believers are told in the last days that false prophets and false teachers will increase and that deception will be pervasive in the world and in the church. What are the new spirituality movements and methods that are consistently springing up and entering the church? Spiritual Discernment is the need of the hour for our survival and keeping the faith of biblical Christianity.

In this DVD, we use some of the worst examples to demonstrate the dumbing down of the church in discernment, which has resulted in the church becoming deceived. We will learn where and from whom this originated in modern times. For Example:

* Revelations that contradict the Bible
* Dominionist goals of the New Apostles and Prophets,
* People claiming to go to heaven
* Prophetic interpretation of tattoos and piercings
* New Age healing
* Drunken stupors, and becoming frozen and silent.

What is passing for revelation and Bible teaching is astounding. We need to understand what is taking place and stand firmly in our faith. How do we identify and refute these deceptions? How can we protect ourselves and others?

The Bible tells us to grow in discernment, so we can mature and help others who are easily deceived. Being grounded in the core doctrines of the faith and building on them makes one immune to the many deceptions that surround us today. This two-part lecture series will show us why we need discernment and help us learn how to become a discerning Christian.

2 DVD Set | Approx. 2 hours -

Jesus' Final Word

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents (be spiritually discerning), and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16, KJV)

Critical News Headlines

1. The Paris "Mid-East Peace Conference" ends with only a bland reaffirmation of a "Two-State Solution", not the expected dramatic proclamation of a "Palestinian State"!

Did the "Trump Factor" put enough pressure on enough participants to destroy the original agenda?

2. The entire world seems to be holding its collective breath, earnestly waiting for Noon, January 20, when Trump officially becomes President of the United States.

Examples of people who are anticipating Trump's Inauguration:


3. The Democrat Party continues to hemorrhage voters, as one leader lamented that "Democrats wed themselves to abortion to their political peril".


Has Your Church Been Infiltrated & Compromised?

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Remembering the Prophetic words of the Apostle Paul: "... for that day shall not come, except there come a (spiritual) falling away first (apostasy) , and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." (2 Thess 2:3)

Headline News Analysis

1. The Paris "Mid-East Peace Conference" ends with only a bland reaffirmation of a "Two-State Solution", not the expected dramatic proclamation of a "Palestinian State"!


"The much-discussed Paris Middle East Conference ended Sunday with a rather bland statement reaffirming support for a two-state solution, and a call to stop violence and 'ongoing settlement activity' ... Some 70 countries and international organizations, including the foreign ministers of more than 30 states, attended the conference, which included neither Israeli nor Palestinian participants."

If ever an international conference was planned to impose the will of the International Community against one nation, it was this Paris Conference which was held even though neither Israel nor the Palestinian parties attended.

"The final statement did, however, adopt the anti-settlement UN Security Resolution 2334, as well as the six principles that US Secretary of State John Kerry laid out in his December 28 speech."

Therefore, something changed in the last several days preceding this international conference, because news from the Obama Administration clearly laid the groundwork for either the President of the United States or the Palestinian President Abbas to announce that the global community was officially recognizing a Palestinian State.

Did the "Trump Factor" put enough pressure on enough participants to destroy the original agenda?

NEWS BRIEF: "Nice try, France: You tried. You failed. Trump is the reason why", Israel National News, 1/16/2017

"So we hear it was a bust. ... This round failed because no matter how much honey you put on it, it still smelled like garlic. Leaders from 70 countries came to Paris and departed without a deal to deny Jewish rights to the Jewish people in their Biblical and ancestral home. You tried. Yes you did and generally I leave the Bible to my rabbis, but there is no way to forget Balaam, the prophet-for-hire who was hired to curse the Hebrews along their march to the Holy Land. Instead, every curse was turned into a blessing. Something like that happened in Paris."

Yes, I think this analogy to the false prophet, Baalam, and the Paris Conference is very appropriate. No matter how the world tries to destroy Israel, God personally intervenes to make their efforts fail. Listen to this doctrine in this regard in Psalm 2.

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure." (Psalm 2:1-5)

"Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion." (Psalm 2:6)

God carried out His displeasure and spoke to them in His wrath, at the Paris Conference. And, abruptly, their plans were Divinely set aside.

Now, did God work through the Trump shadow?

"So I say that it was a Hand from above that intervened and that gave us Donald Trump in the nick of time.

They’d have to answer to Trump."

"Trump wanted no part of this and as you’ve noticed, Trump gets entire countries shivering in their boots as the result of a tweet. Imagine him when he gets really mad. So the Paris conferees said, never mind."

"The summit did indeed yap about pre-67 borders, two-state solution and all that; nothing new and most of it half-hearted over a good dinner with fine wine. The pretext was the peace process whereby Israel is supposed to share the Holy Land with a generation of unholy cutthroats."

" Something strange happened there in Paris. Another design against Israel went down and out. Death and life, according to Solomon, are in the power of the tongue, or in the power of a tweet, according to Donald Trump, who saved the day. Can I get me an Amen for divine intervention?"

We concur. The world will be shaken to its foundations time and time again after January 20.

2. The entire world seems to be holding its collective breath, earnestly waiting for Noon, January 20, when Trump officially becomes President of the United States.

NEWS BRIEF: "Revelers, rally-goers to clog DC for Trump's inauguration", AP News, January 16, 2017

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to clog the nation's capital for Donald Trump's inauguration and a major demonstration the day after. How many will actually arrive to party or protest is an open question. Officials estimate that 800,000 to 900,000 people will be present Friday for the inauguration, a celebration that takes over the city, closing roads, taxing the city's Metro transit system and making getting around difficult. Trump himself has promised 'massive crowds', but just what that will mean is unclear."

Examples of people who are anticipating Trump's Inauguration:

A. Leftists and Anarchists opposing Trump as President and who have verbally threatened people and property in order to stop his public inauguration.

NEWS BRIEF: "Protesters to Disrupt Trump Inauguration; Plan Blockades, Property Damage", Breitbart News, 15 January 2017

"Large groups of left-wing protesters will try to sabotage Donald Trump’s inauguration by creating blockades and destroying public property ... On the day of the inauguration, which will take place Friday, 20th January, protesters are planning to create a series of human blockades across Washington D.C., where participants will protest against a variety of Trump’s proposed policies ... The principal organiser of the protests is a group known as #DisruptJ20, who are already advertising for people to join them in a 'bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump'.”

A partial listing of some of the protesting organizations will tell you the kind of agenda these people are pushing.

"Some of the #DisruptJ20’s planned 'events' for the inauguration day include an Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Fascist Bloc, Quockblockade Parade Queer Resistance, Climate Convergence, as well as an Occupy Inauguration."

These type organizations are the heart and soul of the Democrat Party and I hope that these protests will permanently reveal to the Vast Right-Wing voters who catapulted Trump into office that the Democrat Party is the domain which God foretold would be so numerous at the End of the Age when He destroys the Economic Babylon (Rev 18) in one hour of one day.

Listen to God's description of the kinds of sins for which He is destroying the country:

"She is fallen! Mighty Babylon is fallen! She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird." (Rev 18:2)

This "bold mobilization" reportedly includes a planned breaking of the Law!

"One event will even involve a 'gay dance parade' outside vice-president elect Mike Pence’s home, whilst an anti-capitalist protest starting from Logan Circle is likely to involve property damage..."

Donald Trump has stated that he intends to be a tough "Law and Order" President, so I hope that any wanton crimes, including property damage, are dealt with promptly, vigorously and by the Law. Under President Obama, protestors have come to believe they have the right to destroy other people's private property. The out of control mobs in Ferguson, Missouri, must have taken their cue from the protestors planning this Inauguration protest.

"A report from FOX News on Friday also unveiled audio of a member of #DisruptJ20 pledging to “do everything we can to try and stop people from being able to access the inauguration.”

Reports indicate that crowd mobilization forces will be deployed that include 15,000 armed soldiers and 5,000 National Guard forces. Emphasis is said to be on deploying forces who are trained specifically in crowd control.

"When asked about the planned protests, Peter Newsham, the chief of Metropolitan Police Chief confirmed the security forces would be 'able to handle it'.”

B. Some Leftists are actually trying to create such chaos and damage that Martial Law may have to be imposed to restore order.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rosie O’Donnell calls for ‘imposing martial law’ to stop Trump’s inauguration", The Washington Times, January 12, 2017

"Comedian and former talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell has a new idea for preventing President-elect Donald Trump from taking office — martial law. Hollywood hand-wringing over Mr. Trump’s Election Day victory was taken to a new level Wednesday night when Ms. O’Donnell told over 900,000 followers that she “fully” supported the imposition of martial law prior to Jan. 20."

Upon what basis does O'Donnell believe Martial Law should be imposed?

"“I fully support imposing martial law — delaying the inauguration — until Trump is ‘cleared’ of all charges,” Ms. O’Donnell, who formerly co-hosted 'The View' with Barbara Walters, tweeted."

"Cleared of all charges"? What charges are impending against President-elect Trump?

"The comedian, who failed to list any official charges that should prevent Mr. Trump from taking office, also linked to an image describing environments where military control of the civilian population 'might be best'.”

O'Donnell's speech calling for Martial Law is going to create a sense of concern bordering on panic because we who have studied the Illuminati Plan to overthrow our Constitutional government know that Martial Law IS planned to be imposed, and to usher in history's greatest and most oppressive Absolute Dictatorship.

We are all going to breathe a sigh of relief once Trump's Inauguration passes into history.

C. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot wait for Trump to become President.

NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu To Attend The Inaugural on January 20th", Conservative Nation, January 2, 2017

"Barack Hussein Obama has been one of the most anti-Israel presidents in U.S. history. But Bibi Netanyahu has made it clear that he knows President Elect Trump is a friend to Israel, and the two will work closely together. President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers want Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the Inaugural on January 20th, as a public sign how we value our friends and likewise. This would be a huge departure from the Obama administration which showed our Jewish ally to the back of the room the last eight years."

Reports also indicate that Trump wants Netanyahu to stay for a short while after the Inauguration for a "one-on-one meeting" in the Oval Office. Trump has gone out of his way to signal to Israel and to her enemies that he is going to protect Israel after January 20.

NOTE: Today, new reports indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided not to attend Trump's Inauguration.

D. Christians who know that Israel's return to her land after 2,000 years of Diaspora is fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy cannot wait for America to move her Embassy to Jerusalem.

They understand that this development cannot occur until Donald Trump is inaugurated.

NEWS BRIEF: "100 House Republicans Urge Trump: Move Embassy to Jerusalem ‘as Soon as You Take Office", Breaking News Israel, January 20, 2017

"Over 100 Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives have signed a letter urging President-elect Donald Trump to make good on his promise to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem immediately after entering office ... 'Moving the embassy will strengthen the unique alliance between Israel and the United States and send a clear message to the world that we support Israel in recognizing Jerusalem as its eternal capital', reads the letter. "

"The letter, initiated by Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-R), has accrued over 100 signatures in the House GOP caucus ... Moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which America has never done, is “all the more urgent in light of the anti-Israel Resolution 2334, adopted by the United Nations Security Council on December 23, 2016', the letter charged ... According to reports, Trump’s team is already scouting possible locations in Jerusalem for the new embassy."

E. Israeli settlement leaders have been invited to attend the Inauguration, an unheard-of concept.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Settler Leaders Will Flock to Trump Inauguration", by Naomi Zeveloff, Forward News, January 16, 2017

"Israeli settlers and their American evangelical supporters are among the invitees to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20 ... Yehuda Glick, a Brooklyn-born rabbi and member of the Israeli parliament’s ruling Likud party confirmed that he will be attending the inauguration with fellow Likud lawmaker Sharren Haskel. They will be joined by Atlanta-born Israeli rabbi Jeremy Gimpel ... "

"Also, it was reported on January 13 that a separate delegation of settlers was invited to Trump’s inauguration ... Oded Revivi, the chairman of the Yesha settler’s council, will be attending along with Benny Kasriel, the mayor of Ma’aleh Adumim, a settlement outside Jerusalem. Yossi Dagan, a settler activist and head of the Shomron Regional Council will be joining them ... Revivi said he saw his invitation as a “clear indication” that the new administration understands the importance of the settler movement."

In the past several years, anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian leaders have seized upon Israel's settlement construction as a focal point of their resistance to Israel's continued existence as an independent nation. The United Nations Resolution 2334 is heart and soul of the Paris Conference held Sunday, January 20.

Therefore, one of the anticipated results of the Trump Administration is to encourage Israel to build settlements and cities. If that dramatic White House shift does occur, President Trump will have sent a signal wide and far that the Palestinian effort to de-legitimize and then destroy the entire nation of Israel, is totally, completely opposed by the United States; further, this stance means that the United States is totally committed to Israel's military defense. During the Obama years, both Jew and Gentile questioned whether the United States would come to Israel's defense if the situation was dire.

Israeli leaders are so convinced that Donald Trump is solidly on their side that they are talking about "Israeli Sovereignty" over Palestinian Area C and annexing land important to Israel's security. One author even stated that the Trump election created that atmosphere in which Israel can start planning to "defeat" the Palestinian Authority!

3. The Democrat Party continues to hemorrhage voters, as one leader lamented that "Democrats wed themselves to abortion to their political peril".

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats wed themselves to abortion at their electoral peril", The Hill, January 16, 2017

"Remarkably, the head-scratching continues. Democrats are still trying to comprehend just how Hillary Clinton lost places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, blaming it largely on the lack of an economic message to working class voters; yet, most are blind to the cultural piece of the puzzle."

"A new book by Michael Wear, President Obama’s faith-outreach director, offers keen insight regarding one piece of the cultural disconnect: faith, and issues like abortion that drive such voters. Ware says that reaching out to Evangelicals and Catholics: “Means you have to not be so in love with how pro-choice you are, and so opposed to how pro-life we are ... The Democratic Party used to welcome people who didn’t support abortion into the party. We are now so far from that, it’s insane.”

Do you mean that Hillary Clinton's profuse and public support of Planned Parenthood is one of the factors that led to her defeat? Yes, this is exactly what this shocking fact means. And, from the looks of politics today, these Liberal Democrats have not yet learned their Abortion lesson.

"Look for a repeat of the same mistakes in the upcoming abortion debates on Capitol Hill. Already there are cries from Democrats that the sky is falling over Planned Parenthood. As its president, Cecile Richards, said, 'The abortion part of Planned Parenthood is an important part of what we do'.”

"Indeed. Planned Parenthood runs the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics and performs roughly one-third of all abortions in the United States. That’s an astonishing 320,000 abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics annually. It’s a billion-dollar industry that has ample sources of private funding (including recent promises of donations announced at the Golden Globes), but yet Planned Parenthood feeds off taxpayer subsidies of half-a-billion dollars annually."

Now, enter President-elect Donald Trump on January 20.

"President-elect Trump promised to wean Planned Parenthood off the public trough, as long as they are in the abortion business. Republican leaders in the House and Senate are following through on that pledge, and redirecting every single penny to community health clinics that, unlike Planned Parenthood, actually offer authentic and comprehensive medical care. Defunding Planned Parenthood literally means more money for mammograms."

Consider many of the concrete reasons Planned Parenthood is a vile taste in our mouths:

* "People of faith are motivated to vote when they contemplate the stunning number of human hearts, 320,000, that stop beating in Planned Parenthood clinics every year..."

* "Most Republicans find tax subsidies for abortion clinics morally offensive, but they also see the folly in giving half-a-billion taxpayer dollars to a partisan political operation that just spent $30 million attacking Donald Trump and other Republican candidates."

* "Planned Parenthood was also on the ground in swing states, advertising on Craig’s List for protesters, and they spend millions on lobbying. Not to mention the criminal referrals related to its participation in the ghoulish and illegal market of fetal brains, hearts, livers, etc. It’s both ethical and politically smart to drain the swamp when it comes to the abortion lobby."

Indeed, Abortion On Demand is one of the greatest single examples of "Draining the Swamp", and an area we Christians must insist that President Trump permanently disconnect this Hellish Industry from Federal Monies. And, he must insist that criminal laws already on the books against selling murdered baby parts be vigorously enforced.

* "President-elect Trump also promised pro-life Supreme Court justices, and exit polling showed the future of the Supreme Court was a key factor to his victory. This seems not to have registered with the Democrats leadership, who are already pledging Armageddon in opposing the as-yet unnamed nominee."

We can only hope that Liberal Democrats ignore the lessons of their unexpected loss at the ballot box last November, so they continue to act and to speak as they always have, for then it will be much easier to "drain that (blasted) swamp"!


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