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Monday 2/20/2017

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Critical News Headlines

1. Americans are brimming with confidence over the economy!

As Leftists of all stripes continue criticizing Trump, American citizens who voted him into office will support him even more.

Liberals even had the unmitigated gall to attack Melania Trump for reading the Lord's Prayer at a campaign stop in Florida!

2. Most Americans continue to support refugee freeze.

The White House denied that Trump is considering calling up 100,000 National Guard troops, another "Fake News" report.

As Leftists of all stripes continue criticizing Trump, American citizens who voted him into office will support him even more.

3. Vice President Mike Pence Vows U.S. Support for European Union!

If the Trump Administration is in favor of the E.U., then is he in favor of the North American Union?

4. Defense Secretary Mattis strongly told Congressional hearing that America never had any interest in Iraq's oil.

Why, then, did President George Bush invade Iraq on March 20, 2003?

The answer may surprise you.


Revelation Five!

"Fall of Babylon, Capital Of The New World Order"


by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

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In all of prophetic Scripture, there is one overwhelming theme: God does not take sin lightly. As a result of that attribute of God’s Divine Justice, we have been witness through our study of the Book of Revelation of the wrath of Almighty God poured out on the inhabitants of Planet Earth. This wrath is particularly evident in the second half of the Tribulation period and will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon as Jesus Christ will return to rule and reign for 1000 years.

In Disc 5 of our study, we are drawing very near to the finale of God’s wrath. Chapters 15 and 16 describe the 7 vials of God's wrath that will be suffered by those who have received the Mark of the Beast, and we will discuss how Lucifer counters the wrath of God with evil spirits that seem to turn everything around for sinful mankind. However, these evil spirits will only set up Antichrist and his followers for the events that will push him to the point of gathering his armies from all over the world for the final showdown at Armageddon.

This major blow comes in 2 phases-The destruction of the one world religion in Revelation 17 and the fall of the Antichrist's capital of the world in Revelation 18. The destruction of the one world religion will come from an internal conspiracy by Antichrist’s rulers of the 10 world regions who will burn the religious center of the world, Mystery Babylon, to the ground. This is recorded in Chapter 17. The fall of the political capital, Babylon the Great, will be the result of a major rebellion that will descend upon Babylon from the north and wipe the city off the face of the earth. We will see how see this detailed in Chapter 18, the book of Isaiah, and the book of Jeremiah.

Thus as we near the final battle and the reign of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our study will give us the details of how these events will transpire and lead Antichrist and his vast army to the plains of Megiddo and the Battle of Armageddon.

Runtime 93 minutes http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2765

For more information and trailers on the DVDs individually select the front cover in which you are interested, below:

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New Spiritual Discernment DVD's

"The Need For Discernment In These Last Days"

Believers are told in the last days that false prophets and false teachers will increase and that deception will be pervasive in the world and in the church. What are the new spirituality movements and methods that are consistently springing up and entering the church? Spiritual Discernment is the need of the hour for our survival and keeping the faith of biblical Christianity.

In this DVD, we use some of the worst examples to demonstrate the dumbing down of the church in discernment, which has resulted in the church becoming deceived. We will learn where and from whom this originated in modern times. For Example:

* Revelations that contradict the Bible
* Dominionist goals of the New Apostles and Prophets,
* People claiming to go to heaven
* Prophetic interpretation of tattoos and piercings
* New Age healing
* Drunken stupors, and becoming frozen and silent.

What is passing for revelation and Bible teaching is astounding. We need to understand what is taking place and stand firmly in our faith. How do we identify and refute these deceptions? How can we protect ourselves and others?

The Bible tells us to grow in discernment, so we can mature and help others who are easily deceived. Being grounded in the core doctrines of the faith and building on them makes one immune to the many deceptions that surround us today. This two-part lecture series will show us why we need discernment and help us learn how to become a discerning Christian.

2 DVD Set | Approx. 2 hours - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2759

"Joel Osteen - The Smile of Deception"

by Mike Oppenheimer - Lighthouse Trails -- Only $14.95

What are Joel Ostee's beliefs based on, what has made him one of the most watched and popular TV preachers? Because of peoples lack of discernment they are unable to recognize what is obviously wrong. The teachings of Joel Osteen are Biblically light and often out of context. Joel Osteen's open ended spiritual inclusiveness is misleading many.

Osteen's teaching combines Positive Thinking and Kenneth Hagin's Positive Confession with 'The Secret'. He has it based on word faith teaching that he learned from his father. His positive thinking and confession visualization techniques are aligned with the Secret that Oprah promotes. He is promoting decreeing, creating by words; word faith declarations, with Visualization.

This amounts to a dangerous mix that departs from Biblical teaching into New Age/Mysticism.

Numerous video clips with PowerPoint presentations, makes it clear what has made Lakewood the largest church in America.

This video is over an hour long and very well worth your time. http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2757

Jesus' Final Word

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents (be spiritually discerning), and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16, KJV)

Adolf Hitler - Type of Antichrist -- Uniquely Attacked Christians

"The Forgotten People: Christians Dying In the Holocaust"

During the Nazi Holocaust in the 1940's, Christians were largely silent as 6 million Jews were systematically murdered in the Holocaust. Their silence allowed one of the greatest human tragedies in all of human history to unfold. We swore that we would learn from their mistakes and that 'never again' would we allow such fervent hatred to flourish.
But, today around the world anti-Semitism is again flourishing to levels unseen since Nazi Germany . Fueled by unchecked religious fanaticism, racist fanatics now threaten safety and security of Jews all around the world.

And, in the face of this Neo-Nazi hate, the Christian Church is silent. Truly, all the innocent victims lost in Hitler's ovens have become the 'Forgotten People'.

This powerful film documents the uncanny parallels between Nazism and radical Islam. From the hills of the West Bank to the streets of America, you will see how anti-Semitism has infected our modern world. As a call to action this moving masterpiece will change your life and inspire you to take a stand for Justice by defending the people and the land of Israel.

Material shown may not be suitable for young audiences, approx. 60 minutes long

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Headline News Analysis

1. Americans are brimming with confidence over the economy!

NEWS BRIEF: "Americans brimming with optimism on the economy", The Hill, 2/19/2017

"A strong majority of Americans say the U.S. economy is running strong, and most believe the upward trend will continue under President Trump ... The survey found that 61 percent view the economy as strong, against 39 percent who say it is weak."

How important is the economy in the arena of Politics? Just ask Democrat President Bill Clinton, one of the most anti-christian politicians in American history. On his desk, President Bill Clinton had a sign at which he looked daily, to remind him what the true single factor.

The sign read: "It's The Economy, Stupid".

Most voters will "vote their pocketbooks", that is, they will ignore most other factors when they are casting their vote. Therefore, if a President presides over a strong economy voters will ignore other facts, like morality, scandal, and foreign policy debacle when casting their ballot for President.

Liberals even had the unmitigated gall to attack Melania Trump for reading the Lord's Prayer at a campaign stop in Florida!

By the way, Liberals called this campaign rally a "dictatorship rally", Patterning a statement by Senator Jon McCain, in which he criticized the President for creating policies that are similar to what a dictator would implement.

But, Melania Trump counteracted much of this unbelievably shallow criticism by starting off the rally by reading the Lord's Prayer.

NEWS BRIEF: "Melania Trump attacked for reciting 'The Lord's Prayer' at campaign rally", Fox News, Feb 19, 2017

"Leftists on social media tore into First Lady Melania Trump, mocking her accent and religion and branding her everything from a hostage to a whore – all for the secular offense of reciting 'The Lord’s Prayer'.”

Yes, the LORD'S PRAYER! Can you believe the angry outcry generated by something so innocuous as the Lord's Prayer? This fact alone tells you how anti-christian this country has become.

"Melania Trump began President Trump’s rally Saturday in Florida by delivering the prayer, which Christians – many of whom recite the prayer in church each week ... he crowd at Orlando-Melbourne Airport received the prayer enthusiastically."

But, there is even more horror!

"Left-leaning social media users were a different story, however."

"“Melania starts the dictatorship rally with the Lord’s Prayer? NOT EVERY AMERICAN IS CHRISTIAN!!!! Country over party,” tweeted @JaimePrimak.

Jaime Primak needs to understand is that, historically, Christian prayers and recitations were made because America has always prided itself on being "Christian". Citizens who were not Christian were just thankful that they could practice their religion in America without being persecuted and killed.

"@splattne wrote: “Melania prays (reads) the Our Father. Makes Jesus turn in his grave. Oh wait…”

Can you believe the religious hatred oozing from this citizen? Is this the true spirit of the Leftist/Liberal crowd?

"With an hour’s practice I could probably say the Lord’s Prayer better in Slovene than Melania Trump does it in English,” @adrianshort wrote

"@NicoleAngeleen tweeted: “I could recite the Our Father backwards, drugged with a gun to my head. If you need to read this prayer, you’re not Christian (re: Melania).”

I don't believe this to be true. As many times as I have read / spoken the Lord's Prayer, I might want to read it if I knew that 100 million Americans were watching. The angry, combative spirit of this Nicole tells us all we need to know about her spiritual bent!

"God Bless her, but listening to Melania do 'The Lord’s Prayer' sounds like someone getting cursed to become a 'Dracula,'@carnojoe wrote.

"And a few Twitter users even attacked Melania personally.

“….plus Melania read the ‘our father’ like a whore in confession after a night of escorting,” @TrumpUriNation tweeted.

This Twitter user had best be careful in calling Melania Trump a whore because Melania has just sued "Daily Mail" who made that charge, even though the online entertainment site has already retracted their malicious charge.

As Leftists of all stripes continue criticising Trump, American citizens who voted him into office will support him even more. These hard-hearted people so consumed with hate for Trump still "do not get it". They still do not understand that their campaign against DJT during the campaign turned off so many voters that Trump beat Hillary soundly in the Electoral College.

Now that they are making the same mistake only means that their "toilet-mouth" criticisms are going to make Trump more and more popular!

2. Most Americans continue to support refugee freeze.

NEWS BRIEF: "Most Americans Still Favor Refugee Freeze", Rasmussen Report, February 02, 2017

"Despite continuing protests and legal challenges, just over half of voters favor President Trump's temporary refugee ban ... A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a ban that keeps refugees from all countries from entering the United States for the next four months until there is a better system in place to keep out individuals who are terrorist threats. "

The White House denied that Trump is considering calling up 100,000 National Guard troops, another "Fake News" report.

NEWS BRIEF: "White House denies 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants ", Yahoo News, 17 Feb 2017

"Donald Trump today vowed to build up a military 'so great none will dare to challenge it' ... Visiting a Boeing factory in South Carolina for the launch of its new Dreamliner aircraft ... the White House denied a report it is considering mobilising as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border."

If a memo like this truly existed, then all American patriots should be up in arms. Thankfully, the White House immediately trashed the "fake news" report.

"Sean Spicer, Mr Trump's spokesman, said the suggestion was '100 per cent false'."

"FAKE NEWS" strikes again!


The main problem with accepting refugees from countries who are predominately Islam is that ISIS has bragged that they are smuggling terrorists in with the flood of civilian refugees. Tight vetting of Muslim refugees only seeks to identify trained terrorists who have mixed with the population, and not allowing them entrance into the United States.

Good policy. Common Sense policy. Legal in every sense.

Virtually under the surface of world events, President Trump is increasing his level of voter confidence, even though every Liberal Mass Media outlet is daily attacking him -- on every issue.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Poll: President Trump More Trusted Than the Liberal Media", Life News, 2/20/2017

"A new national poll finds Americans trust President Donald Trump more than they do the ... reporters who cover his administration. Nearly a majority of registered voter said that they have greater trust in the Trump administration while only 42 percent believe in reporters.

"In a poll released on February 9th, President Donald Trump gained the trust of nearly half of America with 49 percent calling him truthful. At that time, the media had a 53 percent disapproval rating from Americans. The poll also found that over 9-in-10 Republicans consider the media to be untruthful."

The more the Mass Media criticizes everything about President Trump, the more they are creating fervent supporters of Donald Trump.

3. Vice President Mike Pence Vows U.S. Support for European Union!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pence vows Trump 'strongly committed' to Europe", Jamaica Observer, 2/20/2017

"BRUSSELS, Belgium (AFP) — US Vice President Mike Pence sought to reassure nervous Europeans Monday of Donald Trump's strong commitment to transatlantic ties as he met EU chiefs ... Capping a European trip aimed at allaying EU fears the new US president might abandon them, Pence said Washington's support remained 'steadfast and enduring'."

" 'Today it is my privilege on behalf of President Trump to express the strong commitment of the United States to continued cooperation and partnership with the European Union', Pence said after talks with EU president Donald Tusk in Brussels."

If the Trump Administration is in favor of the E.U., then is he in favor of the North American Union?

4. Defense Secretary Mattis strongly told a Congressional hearing that America never had any interest in Iraq's oil.

NEWS BRIEF: "Defense Secretary Mattis: US not in Iraq to ‘seize anybody’s oil’," The Hill, 2/20/17

"James Mattis has a simple message for the people of Iraq during his first visit to the country as defense secretary: The U.S. isn’t here to take your oil."

" 'I think all of us here in this room — all of us in America — have generally paid for our gas and oil all along, and I am sure we will continue to do so in the future,” Mattis said during a meeting with reporters Sunday night ... 'We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil'.”

Why, then, did President George Bush invade Iraq on March 20, 2003?

The answer may surprise you.

Many people who know that a conspiracy exists that is planning a global government, economy, and religion are nevertheless duped into thinking that Big Oil interests are driving the current action in the Mideast. You just do not know the final end game plan!

Certainly, the world does use a lot of oil. Many people take this fact and then extrapolate to a false conclusion that America lusted after the oil under Iraq soil.

As you can see, New World Order planners hate our Industrial Civilization simply because it consumes so much the world's resources. They do not want to finally gain control over the entire world, only to discover that Earth is running really short of the precious non-renewable resources, like oil!

Further, with our economic system totally running on the fumes of the Fractional Banking System, which creates "money" out of thin air, I wonder how much the Illuminati really needs the money from Big Oil. The Illuminati would really like to shut this Industrial Civilization down so that they can live for many hundreds of years on this planet without having to go find another planet able to sustain life. They launched the open-ended Space Program largely to start looking for other planets able to sustain life, just in case this world is too short of resources once they get firm control of it.

Their concern over nonrenewable resources being depleted is another reason the Illuminati wants to reduce the population of the world by fully two-thirds! Such a reduction would stop the consumption of oil in its tracks. From the moment the "cleansing" of the earth is completed, only the Illuminati families would live well and consume oil.

A lot of war, rumors of war, and spilled blood will have to be shed before the Illuminati has achieved their goal of "cleansing" the earth and changing civilizations from a "high-entropy" Industrial Civilization to a "low-entropy" Agricultural Civilization.

So, please do not allow yourself to be stampeded into this talk that Bush and company are in Afghanistan simply because of their greed for oil. I have read their final plans, and know they want desperately to stop the consumption of all oil. Period.

But, there is one more important reason why the Elite is not now, or ever was, interested in seizing Iraqi oil. After their Masonic Messiah stages his entrance on the world scene, he will lead all the nations of the world.

ALL nations.

Finally, the Illuminati will control ALL nations, and that includes ALL Iraqi / Middle Eastern oil, which are located in Supernation #7 in the map, above, showing how all nations of the world are to be joined, in fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8, 2:40, Revelation 17:12, 16-17!

Once the New World Order is established, the Elite will control ALL the world's oil.

Truly, the events of the End of the Age are upon us!


"Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland"

Regularly $24.99, Introductory Sale $14.99

'Israel Indivisible' examines the many political twists and turns that make Israel the world's most controversial nation. From Abram and the Promise, to the fall of the Ottoman Empire the film examines the historical, archaeological, legal and Biblical evidence for the ancient and modern state of Israel.
January 15, 2017, potentially represents one of the most significant moments in modern Israel's history as high ranking officials from 70 nations of the world will gather in Paris on January 15th in an attempt to force Israel to accept a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority.

Many Bible Prophecy experts find the number 70, to be more than coincidence. The concept of 70 nations has come to represent 'all nations' in Jewish tradition and has its roots in the 70 grandsons of Noah listed in Chapter 10 of Genesis, often referred to as 'The Table Of Nations'.

Some believe this to be only the first stage of fulfilling the prophetic warning that in the end of days, 'all nations' will come out against Israel.

In response to this meeting and the expected worldwide pressure on Israel, Christians have an important question to ask that is at the root of the current action: Does the modern State of Israel have a right to the land on which it exists?

To help answer this question we are making available an excellent DVD documentary that addresses that very question - "Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland".


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An age-old debate rages onward today, as Dr. Timothy Ice, and author Joel Richardson, meet for a masterful debate under the auspices of Southwest Radio Bible Church, for 2 hours, 40 minutes of lively discourse.

Traditional prophetic teaching is that Antichrist will come from a Resurrection Roman Empire (European Union); however, since the rise of the Islamic Caliphate (Islamic State), modern scholars have arrived at the belief that the Biblical Antichrist will be Islamic, and will rule the Islamic Caliphate.

After seeing and listening to these two Bible scholars, you will know how to 'properly divide the Word Of Truth' and come to the correct understanding

2 Hours, 40 Minutes of teaching



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