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Monday 5/22/2017

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"A Tale of Two Babylons DVD: Trump's Prophetic

Appointment With Destiny"

by Cutting Edge Director, David Bay -- Only $19.99

The Bible mentions the name 'Babylon' 264 times in the KJV. Today, many Christians are confused about references in prophetic passages which use Babylon in seemingly different ways. When a Christian tries to shoe-horn one definition into all references to Babylon he / she is unnecessarily confused.
In our study of 'A Tale of Two Babylons', we are going to demonstrate that prophetic literature speaks of God's judgment on one physical nation 'Babylon' (Judged in Isaiah 13) and one nation Symbolically called 'Babylon' ( Judged in Revelation 18).

If you understand this difference, you will properly understand End Times prophecy. But, if you do not understand the difference between these 2 Babylons, you will be unnecessarily confused, and will be open to being mislead on one of the most important End Times subjects.

Since the confusion begins with the definition of Babylon, let us begin at there! Bible scholars recognize that God uses the name Babylon in two distinct ways. (Quoting from The Free Dictionary Online).

1) "... the capital of the ancient kingdom Babylonia in Mesopotamia on the Euphrates. Established as capital c. 1750 bc, rebuilt in regal splendor by Nebuchadnezzar II after its destruction (c. 689 bc) by the Assyrians, Babylon was the site of the Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the World 2) A city or place of great luxury, sensuality, and often vice, corruption or a place of captivity or exile.

In this study of 'A Tale of Two Babylons', we are going to demonstrate that End Times' prophecy speaks of God's judgment on one physical nation 'Babylon' and one nation Symbolically called 'Babylon'.

We will also reveal two major contributions to End Times' prophecy which Donald J. Trump is poised to fulfill. In fact, Trump may be the only leader who can fulfill these prophecies in America today. President Trump does not realize it, but he has 'An Appointment With Destiny', a favorite term uttered many times by 33rd Degree Masonic President, Franklin Roosevelt, referring to the New Age / Masonic Messiah, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

1 hour 40 minutes - Watch the trailer from the link below.

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Critical News Headlines

1. President Trump landed in Israel on his first trip overseas!

He proclaimed his love for Israel, calling her land "sacred and Holy"!

PM Netanyahu "Welcomes Trump With Open Arms”

2. Saudi Arabia also welcomed Trump, and unofficially noted the "Death of the Obama Policies"!

3. North Korea dramatically increased the level of tension by successfully testing an intercontinental ballistic missile reportedly capable of striking America's East Coast.

The Dictator promptly ordered this missile to be "mass produced".

War clouds hang heavy over the Korean Peninsula.

"REVELATION, Volume 6, From The Millennial Kingdom to Eternity" DVD"

From Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Films - Final Volume in this Series

JESUS CONQUERS ALL!! This video examines Rev 19-22, a most exciting and impactful chapter as Jesus Christ speedily concludes His dealing with wicked, sinful mankind, preparing the world for the purity required for his Millennial (1,000 Year) Reign!

Jesus begins this final segment with His holy angels proclaiming ' Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God' and concluding with Jesus proclaiming to John 'Surely I come quickly'!

During these four chapters, Jesus consummates His 'Marriage Supper of the Lamb', His final judgment - the 'White Throne Judgment' - seizing Satan and binding him and his demons for Jesus' 1,000 year reign, the final battles as Jesus releases Satan for a short while, and the New Heaven / New Earth, and the glorious beginning of Eternity!

A triumphant wrap-up to a glorious book in which Jesus purifies Earth of its sinners and their sin so that He can begin the Eternal reign which He planned far back in Eternity Past.

1 Hour, 15 Minutes, Only $19.99


"Revelation Five"!"Fall of Babylon, Capital Of The New World Order"


by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

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In all of prophetic Scripture, there is one overwhelming theme: God does not take sin lightly. As a result of that attribute of God’s Divine Justice, we have been witness through our study of the Book of Revelation of the wrath of Almighty God poured out on the inhabitants of Planet Earth. This wrath is particularly evident in the second half of the Tribulation period and will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon as Jesus Christ will return to rule and reign for 1000 years.

More on Disc 5 of our study. Runtime 93 minutes

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Critical News Analysis

1. President Trump landed in Israel on his first trip overseas!

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Arrives in Israel for Historic Presidential Trip to Holy Land", Breitbart News, 22 May 2017

"President Donald Trump on Monday touched down in Israel for a 24-hour visit to the Jewish state ... Trump was greeted at a red carpet ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv by a large delegation that included Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah as well as Netanyahu’s cabinet, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, government ministers and Knesset Members."

That seems like a huge Israeli delegation to greet the President. The Prime Minister seems to want to emphasize the importance he assigns to Trump's visit. After all, Trump timed his first visit to Israel as the President of the United States to coincide with Israel's "Jerusalem Day", the day when Israel annually celebrates the Six Day War and the recapture of Jerusalem. But, this year's celebration is especially important because it is the 50th Anniversary of the recapture of Jerusalem.

Israeli officials recognize that Donald Trump decided to honor Israel in a special way by planning his first trip to Israel -- part of his first trip overseas -- precisely on the Jubilee Year of the recapture of Jerusalem, June 6-10, 2017.

He proclaimed his love for Israel, calling her land "sacred and Holy"!

"Upon landing, Trump praised 'unbreakable bond' between the U.S. and Israel. 'On my first trip overseas as president, I have come to this sacred and ancient land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and the State of Israel', Trump said. 'We love Israel, we respect Israel, and I bring the warmest greetings from your friend and ally, all of the people of the United States of America', Trump stated."

PM Netanyahu "Welcomes Trump With Open Arms”

NEWS BRIEF: "PM Netanyahu: “Israel Welcomes Trump With Open Arms”, Breaking Israel News, May 21, 2017

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered a stepping-up of welcome overtures to President Donald Trump ... Instead of a short and simple handshake ceremony upon Trump’s landing at Ben Gurion airport, the president will be met by the heads of state, including Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, as well as a full complement of government ministers, whom Netanyahu ordered to attend on Sunday."

" 'This is President Trump’s first visit outside the US, and the honor is ours that he has chosen to come to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and – of course – to the State of Israel', Netanyahu said in Sunday’s cabinet meeting."

But, Trump will be establishing other "firsts" with this trip.

"After the reception ceremony, Trump will fly by helicopter to Jerusalem for a meeting with Rivlin at the president’s residence before continuing to the Old City."

"... he is set to become the first-ever sitting US president to visit the Western Wall. He will also tour the Church of the Holy Sepulchre."

"In the evening, Trump and Netanyahu will meet at the King David Hotel, where Trump and his large entourage will stay for the night, before dining together at the prime minister’s residence."

"In (Tuesday) afternoon, Trump will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial before traveling to the Israel Museum to deliver his main address, which will “celebrate the unique history of Israel and of the Jewish people,” according to the White House website."

Prime Minister Netanyahu was quite effusive in his praise:

"Mr. President, we look forward to your visit,” the prime minister said in his Sunday address, concluding, “The citizens of Israel will receive you with open arms."

When will President Trump meet with the Palestinian pretend President, Mahmoud Abbas?

"On Tuesday, Trump will travel to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, located outside Jerusalem, to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas."

What a difference between Presidents Obama and Trump. Whereas Obama visited Cairo shortly after assuming power in the White House, where he apologized to the Muslims and attempted to curry their favor, Trump delivered a speech in Riyadh, where he blasted the Islamic terrorists and asked Saudi Arabia to cooperate in ending the scourge of radical Islam!

President Obama spent his time and authority trying to placate radical Islam, but President Trump spent his time and authority stating that he intended to annihilate radical Islam!


2. Saudi Arabia also welcomed Trump, and unofficially noted the "Death of the Obama Policies"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudis Rejoice Over 'Death' of Obama's Policies", Israel Today, May 21, 2017

"Israel was not the only country in the Middle East happy to see Barack Obama out of the White House. President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia over the weekend served as a very public slap in the face of his predecessor. And it was the Saudis, not Trump, who delivered the blow."

How can this be? Didn't Barack Obama humiliate the United States by bowing to the Saudi King in obeisance? Yes, Obama paid the Saudi King the homage shown by a citizen to the king, but he damaged Saudi Arabia greatly when he negotiated the nuclear arms accord to Iran, who is Saudi Arabia's arch enemy!

"Saudi newspapers Okaz and Al-Madina noted that there was a lot of frustration with Obama's defeatist policies regarding Iran, and that Saudi Arabia sees Trump as heralding a new era of strength in the face of such enemies. Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned newspaper published in London, went a step further, publishing a caricature of a wreath being laid at a tombstone reading "Obama's Policies."

Today, Liberal Democrats and traitorous RINO Republicans are using propaganda and political shock tactics to keep Obama's ruinous policies in place. Congress is doing the President great harm in many of his policies, and that needs to change.

Maybe Trump's triumphant trip will change the political dynamic in Washington, D.C.!

3. North Korea dramatically increased the level of tension by successfully testing an intercontinental ballistic missile reportedly capable of striking America's East Coast.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea missile passes re-entry test in breakthrough for nuclear programme", Telegraph (UK) News, 20 May 2017

"The ballistic missile launched by North Korea on May 14 successfully re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, according to analysts, a significant breakthrough for Pyongyang's missile programme. Defence officials in South Korea and the US have confirmed that the launch of the liquid- fuel Hwasong-12 was a success."

"The missile took a steep parabolic route that tested its ability to survive re-entry into the atmosphere, with North Korean state media reporting that the missile - capable of carrying a 'large-size, heavy nuclear warhead' to a target on the US mainland - had come through 'the worst re-entry situation' and struck its intended target."

North Korea certainly believes that this missile can be modified easily to travel to the East Coast of the United States.

The Dictator promptly ordered this missile to be "mass produced".

NEWS BRIEF: "Kim Jong Un calls for rapid mass production of new missile", The Week News, May 22, 2017

"North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered Sunday's launch of a new medium-range missile, and after it was deemed a success, he 'approved the deployment of this weapon system for action' and called for it to be 'rapidly mass-produced', North Korean state media said."

What was the reaction from the Trump Administration?

"On Fox News Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that North Korea's testing is 'disappointing' and 'disturbing'."

War clouds hang heavy over the Korean Peninsula.

Prophecies Slipping Into "CONVERGENCE"!

"The Coming Convergence" DVD - Dynamic Prophetic Message Whose Time Has Come

Regularly $24.99, Now only $19.99

Jesus boldly proclaimed that one of the major prophetic signs that His return was close was CONVERGENCE, "when you see these signs, lift up your heads, for your Redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:22) Jesus' second coming was also compared to a woman's labor pains, which converge at the end to give birth to the baby. Likewise, we are to expect a 'convergence' of prophetic labor pains just before Jesus returns.

That 'convergence' is upon us NOW!

Jesus chastised religious leaders in the first century for not knowing the time of His arrival. Will we make the same mistake today? Christ stated how His second coming would be preceded by global events signifying the end of our age. We may not know the day or the hour, but we can know the season!

The Coming Convergence also pulls you deeper into the reality of an approaching apocalypse as you follow the story of a young girl that is living through the end of days. Her words of warning are a wakeup call to the horrors mankind will soon face. The conclusions of The Coming Convergence explain how the scenarios described within Revelation are converging before our very eyes.


This film features Kade Hawkins, Ray Bentley, Douglas Hamp, Tom Hughes, Brent Miller Sr and Jack Hibbs!

"The Watchman Chronicles"

A Roswell Insider Speaks Out For the 1st Time!

by L.A. Marzulli

After spending the last 10 years co-creating the well-known Watchers DVD Series, L.A. Marzulli is off on another mission. Hes launched a new project called 'The Watchman Chronicles', a continuing look into the supernatural, UFOs, the Nephilim, and the ongoing hunt for ancient artifacts.

On this DVD in the new Watchman Chronicles series you will see and hear from real people who have had real UFO encounters. Some of the encounters are absolutely chilling.

The highlight of the DVD is the interview with a Roswell insider who breaks the silence and spills a few more of the alien beans! Spectacular! Where does L.A. find these people? Then theres live video footage of a UFO that was captured on a cell phone that lasts for over 3 minutes! This unknown object changes shape, color and pretty much puts on a show for the audience! The dark side is real. UFOs are real.

Shipping now - Run Time 1 hr 37 minutes -- Only $19.99

 'The Shack' Movie Presents A Spiritual Danger Which Shall Introduce You To Satanism While Taking Your Breath Away

The official trailer contains colors and filters which create a look and feel of the 'Wizard of Oz', which introduced hundreds of millions to the Black Magick world of the House of Theosophy, and created a most important "Mind Trigger" for the Master MK Mind Controller.

Another fact is even more sinister: 'The Shack" was created with Monarch MK Mind Control!

MK Ultra Mind Control Manuals

by Former Satanist, Cisco Wheeler



New Spiritual Discernment DVD's

"The Need For Discernment In These Last Days"

Believers are told in the last days that false prophets and false teachers will increase and that deception will be pervasive in the world and in the church.

What are the new spirituality movements and methods that are consistently springing up and entering the church?

Spiritual Discernment is the need of the hour for our survival and keeping the faith of biblical Christianity.

In this DVD, we use some of the worst examples to demonstrate the dumbing down of the church in discernment, which has resulted in the church becoming deceived. We will learn where and from whom this originated in modern times.

For Example:

* Revelations that contradict the Bible
* Dominionist goals of the New Apostles and Prophets,
* People claiming to go to heaven
* Prophetic interpretation of tattoos and piercing's
* New Age healing
* Drunken stupors, and becoming frozen and silent.

What is passing for revelation and Bible teaching is astounding. We need to understand what is taking place and stand firmly in our faith. How do we identify and refute these deceptions? How can we protect ourselves and others? The Bible tells us to grow in discernment, so we can mature and help others who are easily deceived. Being grounded in the core doctrines of the faith and building on them makes one immune to the many deceptions that surround us today. This two-part lecture series will show us why we need discernment and help us learn how to become a discerning Christian.

2 DVD Set | Approx. 2 hours -

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New Headline News Article

'The Shack' Movie Presents A Spiritual Danger Which Shall Introduce You To Satanism While Taking Your Breath Away

The official trailer contains colors and filters which creates a look and feel of the 'Wizard of Oz', which introduced hundreds of millions to the Black Magick world of the House of Theosophy, and created a most important "Mind Trigger" for the Master MK Mind Controller.

The time has arrived for all genuine Christians to jump off that Broad Road leading to Hell and jump on that Narrow Road leading to Heaven! But, at this most deceitful era, how can you correctly discern the genuine Narrow Road?



May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries

803-356-2850 -- Customer Service or Orders Toll Free within the USA 800-451-8211

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