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Friday 9/22/2017


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The Apostle Paul prophesied that Antichrist could not arise until and unless the Christian Church had undergone unprecedented spiritual apostasy (a great falling away from sound spiritual doctrine). Listen to Paul's exact words of warning:

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (Jesus' Return) shall not come, except there come a falling away first (the great rebellion, the abandonment of the faith by professed Christians), and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition (lawlessness)." (2 Thessalonians 2:3. Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

These booklets are written so that the many false teachings of today, which are so pervasive and persuasive, shall be exposed! We must attempt to prevent our slide into the very kind of apostasy which the warnings of the Apostle Paul foretold.

False Christian leaders are spiritually opening the door to Antichrist!

Our newest addition of the booklets:

"The JESUIT Agenda"

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The Jesuit Secret Society has been one of the most occult global forces for the appearance of Antichrist and the False Prophet. Only the Masters of the Illuminati, founded by former Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt, can claim to be as powerful in world events and in prophetic fulfillment as this 'Society of Jesus'.

In order for this one-world religion and government to happen, all religions must come together in an ecumenical plan. Today, as part of this Satanic scheme, the evangelical/Protestant church is being drawn seductively into the Roman Catholic church, largely through what we call 'The Jesuit Agenda.'

This booklet even proves that the "Jesuit Oath" is real and it reprints key portions!

You will not believe the power of this message!

Your understanding of history will also change instantly and dramatically.




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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Critical News Headlines -- End Times

1. Immediately following North Korea's threat to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, Trump boldly responds!

China begins to move against North Korea as her banks shut off funds and her oil stops flowing.

2. President Trump's speech to the U.N. emphasized National Sovereignty, National Interests, and Biblical precepts being followed!

Our question at the time of the Nominating Convention still remains: how can the Global Elite stand by idly and allow Trump to dismantle the steady march to the New World Order since 1782, when their agenda was imprinted on the American One Dollar Bill?

3. President Trump sidesteps Congress to open the doors to increased guns and ammunition sales overseas.

One sure-fire way to stymie the encroaching One World Government is to allow citizens all over the world to arm themselves.

4. Cutting Edge believes the following wars are going to break out in the next few weeks / months, as explained by these three DVD's:


We Have Dramatically Upgraded Our Most Explosive DVD


In the minds of most people, two words carry so much emotional baggage that people cringe whenever they hear these Apocalyptic words. 1) 1) Armageddon; 2) World War III.

In the past 20 years, whenever a battle begins in the Middle East or whenever a verbal confrontation breaks out between major powers, 'gloom and doom' scare-mongers immediately begin to shout 'World War III',much like a person yells 'FIRE' in a crowded theater.

Bible prophecy reveals that Antichrist will be produced on the world scene by a number of signs, including 'wars and rumors of wars'. Demonic familiar spirits told the Elite in 1870 that three world wars will be needed to produce Antichrist. Make no mistake about it: Antichrist will be produced by World War III.

Therefore, the question of the hour is, 'when will this global war begin' and 'what are the signs it is about to commence'? Many major events are planned to occur just as World War III begins. Mankind will be systematically hit with unparalleled disasters of every kind as this planned global war unfolds. But, none of these events will occur until the lynchpin called 'World War III' is pulled.

When the Global Elite pulls this lynchpin event called World War III, events are going to be unleashed in such severity and in such great numbers the peoples of the world will not stand in awe, they will panic and run for the hills. Jesus said that 'men's hearts shall fail them for fear', and the Elite is creating just such climactic events which shall not occur until the lynchpin known as 'World War III' is pulled.

We will show you the 12 major disasters the Elite has created and is waiting only for the beginning of World War III to unleash them all, almost at once. No one need fear that any of these disasters will jump across the starting line ahead of time; each awaits the 'pulling of the lynchpin', World War III.

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New Headline News Analysis Article

Are You Prepared For The Avalanche of 'Fake News' Which Will Overwhelm News Broadcasting During The North Korean Confrontation?


Giant Nephilim Roamed Ancient World

"The Holocaust of the Giants" DVD

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Join Timothy Alberino as he explores the enigmatic island of Sardinia in the Western Mediterranean Sea where the skeletal remains of giants are still being extracted from the tens of thousands of megalithic towers and tombs all over the island, and hear the jaw dropping testimony of those who were hired by the government to dig them out. Discover why Sardinia was ground-zero for the man-eating Canaanite giants that ravished the Promised Land before their expulsion by Joshua the Robber.

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Did you know that the sequence of creation listed in Genesis 1 is precisely the order scientists and mathematicians know that is essential to creating the world? At the conclusion of each of the SIX DAYS OF CREATION, God examined His work for that day, and pronounced it 'good', or 'approved'. But, on the sixth day, when all was created, God pronounced His work 'very good'.

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Dr. Del Tackett, serves as your guide- hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea in an exploration of two competing views & and one compelling truth.

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Critical News Analysis


1. Immediately following North Korea's threat to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, Trump boldly responds!

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump responds after North Korea threatens hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean ", Fox News Special Report, 9/22/2017

"Amid new North Korean threats to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, President Trump tweeted Friday that the rogue regime's leader would be 'tested like never before'."

Trump's actual tweet was a little more specific.

" 'Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!' Trump wrote."

Trump has called the North Korean dictator some playful names which will hurt his Oriental sensibilities, but calling him a "madman", skyrockets the level of insults.

Now, what is the possibility that North Korea might test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean? Dictator Kim might be simply responding to Trump's U.N. speech!

"The Yonhap news agency reported Thursday on the hydrogen bomb threat from North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Ri framed the possible new nuke test as a response to Trump's U.N. speech. This could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean. Regarding which measures to take, I don't really know since it is what Kim Jong Un does', Ri said."

A North Korean hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean might trigger World War III.

"Such a test would be considered a major provocation by the U.S., South Korea and Japan ... Kim's first-person statement was published by North Korea's state propaganda arm in response to Trump's fiery speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday. South Korean media called it the first such direct address to the world by Kim."

At this point, Kim seems to have turned into a Democrat, as he sounded some of the sentiments of radical Democrats, like Maxine Waters, calling Trump "unfit"!

"Kim said Trump was 'unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country'. He also described the U.S. president as a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire ... mentally deranged behavior'."

Finally, the President might actually receive some of the foreign assistance from China and Russia.

China begins to move against North Korea as her banks shut off funds and her oil stops flowing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Major Chinese banks suspend North Korean transactions", Japan Times, 9/22/2017

"YANJI, CHINA – Chinese state banks have started suspending transactions through accounts held by North Koreans, making it almost impossible to do business between the two countries ... branch offices of at least three major state banks — the Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China — in the northeastern border city of Yanji have also banned North Koreans from opening accounts."

But, North Korean assets already deposited in these Chinese banks are not yet frozen.

"The Chinese banks have yet to freeze the accounts, meaning that North Koreans can still withdraw money from them, but they are now prevented from making deposits or remittances ..."

Since China is North Korea's greatest trader in most areas, including crude oil, the Hermit Kingdom may be more damaged by Chinese actions than by any other sanction. The only question left to answer is whether a squeezed and isolated North Korea will respond by backing down or forcing all-out war.

Russia is starting to act against North Korea also!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ferry service between Russia and North Korea suspended", Asia Times, 9/6/2017

"The weekly ferry service between Vladivostok and the port of Rajin in North Korea has been suspended for an indefinite period due to a contract dispute between the operator and Russian port authorities ... Russia voting in favor of United Nations economic sanctions on North Korea because of its nuclear and missile tests is not the reason for the dispute, Khmel said."

Russia's Foreign Minister added fuel to this fire.

NEWS BRIEF: " 'We don’t doubt' that U.S. could destroy North Korea: Russian foreign minister", North Korean News, 9/20/2017

" 'We don’t doubt' that U.S. could destroy North Korea. Russian foreign minister
Sergei Lavrov says Moscow welcomes some aspects of Trump's speech, but urges dialogue over 'threats'. "

This call for more "dialogue" is beginning to look like that "old dog who can't hunt"! As President Trump has noted on several occasions before, Western leaders have been talking to North Korean dictators for 25 years on this nuclear subject. Their talking has done more damage than just a colossal waste of time; it has given North Korea more time to pursue her nuclear arms program.


2. President Trump's speech to the U.N. emphasized National Sovereignty, National Interests and Biblical precepts being followed!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Jew who wrote Trump's speech: Stephen Miller writes Trump's Sept 19 UN speech, detailing an almost biblical view of independent nations", Israel National News, 9/20/2017

"In thirty years of experience with the United Nations, I never heard a braver or clearer speech," Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday regarding US President Donald Trump's maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly."

"According to The New York Times, the person who wrote the speech is Stephen Miller, a Jew."

What, exactly, did the President say that was "a braver or clearer speech'?

"The first part of Trump's speech discussed the UN's founding, immediately following the Second World War. At the time, Trump told the Assembly, the US helped Europe overcome the war's devastation by creating and implementing the "Marshall Plan," a plan based on the concept of the nation-state."

"The US envisions a world founded on the ideas of sovereignty and independent nations and not on multinational confederations and global agreements. The US view seems a modern version of the biblical portrayal of nations appearing on the world stage and continuing to exist independently for many generations. It clashes with the more global view of communist countries and international bodies such as the European Union."

Amen! And, this point brings us back to our puzzling quandary:


Our question at the time of the Nominating Convention still remains: how can the Global Elite stand by idly and allow Trump to dismantle the steady march to the New World Order since 1782, when their agenda was imprinted on the American One Dollar Bill?



3. President Trump sidesteps Congress to open the doors to increased guns and ammunition sales overseas.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Bypasses Congress to Open Up World Markets to U.S. Gun Makers", Breitbart News, 9/20/2017

"President Trump is ready to shift rules to allow American gun makers more leeway in selling arms and ammunition to foreign buyers. This would mean expanded markets for AR-15s and American made 5.56 and .223 ammunition."

"According to Reuters, aides to President Trump are finalizing “a plan to shift oversight of international non-military firearms sales from the State Department to the Commerce Department.” And the shift in rules governing sales to foreign buyers can be accomplished without Congressional approval."

"Moving oversight from the State Dept. to Commerce places things in the hands of a department more interested in upping trade numbers than restricting firearm sales. This provides broadened opportunities for manufacturers like Bushmaster, Daniel Defense, Battle-Tested Equipment, Smith & Wesson (American Outdoor), Sturm, Ruger, and Co., and other American companies."

"An administration official speaking on condition of anonymity said, 'There will be more leeway to do arms sales. You could really turn the spigot on if you do it the right way'.”

One sure-fire way to stymie the encroaching One World Government is to allow citizens all over the world to arm themselves.

4. Cutting Edge believes the following wars are going to break out in the next few weeks / months, as explained by these three DVD's:



The "nuclear confrontation in Korea" will first break out, followed by the Israeli attack against the Palestinians, which fulfills Obadiah and Isaiah 34. Other wars will soon break out, thus giving the Global Elite their World War III!

Then, once Israel is triumphant over her Arab foes once again, the Arabs will turn to Russia, asking for President Putin to invade Israel with his more powerful Russian military, since the Arabs can simply not defeat the Jewish State by themselves. even though Putin was planning to use the Russian military in a different manner, the Holy Spirit forces the Russian overlord "Gog" to "put a hook in his jaws" to turn him around to lead an attack against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

Iran (Ancient Persia) will be destroyed by God as her forces assemble with Russian forces on the border of Israel, just as this Ezekiel prophecy foretold 2,600 years ago!

The Rapture of the Church will occur somewhere along this time frame!

Christian, look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh!

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In our study of 'A Tale of Two Babylons', we are going to demonstrate that prophetic literature speaks of God's judgment on one physical nation 'Babylon' (Judged in Isaiah 13) and one nation Symbolically called 'Babylon' ( Judged in Revelation 18).

If you understand this difference, you will properly understand End Times prophecy. But, if you do not understand the difference between these 2 Babylons, you will be unnecessarily confused, and will be open to being mislead on one of the most important End Times subjects.

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Daniels has an entertaining style and clarity that will be great to show to your congregation or class. He builds faith by showing exactly which Bible you can trust, and why!

Daniels wasn't always so confident in his Bible. In Bible college, his professors started turning him towards the various modern versions. By graduation, he believed that the only way to know for sure what God really said, was to look at the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. But a simple suggestion from a Bible-believing friend sent him on a 10-year quest that showed him the error of his 'and his professors' way. Finally he realized that the KJV is the only Bible he can trust. It is God's preserved words in English!

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