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1. Saudi Arabia launches ground war in Yemen!

This attack sparks new phase in the war over the 2006 Pentagon Middle East Map.

2. West Point academic calls for an American attack on Islam's Holy Places - one of the more controversial new realities of the new map.

3. Is the planned Race War slowly getting underway?

4. Senator Cruz states that the Republicans are going to "roll over" on Iran!

Why? Because Iran's nuclear facilities are NOT part of the real GOP agenda.

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1. Saudi Arabia launches ground war in Yemen!

This attack sparks new phase in the war over the 2006 Pentagon Middle East Map.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi ground forces enter northern Yemen", Press TV, August 27, 2015

"Saudi Arabia’s ground troops have entered Yemen’s northern territories to counter growing retaliatory attacks by Yemeni forces on Saudi soil, a military official says ... Saudi troops have pushed their way into the northern Yemeni regions which overlook the southwestern Saudi province of Jizan. Assiri further noted that the Saudi soldiers have taken some areas under their control in the invasion."

This invasion was the moment for which Iran has been awaiting! They declared just prior to the American-led invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2015, that Iraq was going to become a "quagmire", a "swamp" for the Americans, and that they were going to gradually defeat the "Great Satan".

Iran was correct in her assessment then and she will be correct here.

"Expounding on the reason for the Saudi invasion, the spokesman added that Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters and their allied army forces have launched many attacks on Saudi Arabia recently, and that some of the fighters have tried to enter the country."

This reality is the real threat to Saudi Arabia: even though Saudi-led air campaign has been occurring for many months now, Yemeni rebel forces have been able to launch Scud missiles into Saudi territory , even capturing some Saudi territory for a limited time. This next news segment speaks to this dangerous reality for Saudi Arabian forces.

NEWS BRIEF: “Saudi Arabia is the Great ISIS” - Yemeni army spokesman", ABNA24 News, August 31, 2015

"Ahlul Bayt News Agency - The official spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces Colonel Sharaf Luqman reiterated that 'Saudi Arabia is the great ISIS' because this country supported ISIS from the very beginning and hired people to work in it ... Colonel Sharaf Luqman added, 'Although they (Saudi Arabia) sent large quantities of weapons and armor to the front, but the situation in this area is under our control'.”

Saudi Arabia is destined to go down to defeat in this war, because she is the most entrenched brutal dictator in the entire region. Since Western policy is designed to wage war needed to overthrow strong dictatorships, Saudi Arabia has been marked for a very long time for overthrow.

Soon, the Global Elite will add the scalp of the "House of Saud" to the list of countries invaded/attacked from within which have been overthrown. Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya have already succumbed; soon, Saudi Arabia will join this list.

Right on cue, a military academic issues a call for an assault on Islam's holy places.

2. West Point academic calls for an American attack on Islam's Holy Places - one of the more controversial new realities of the new map.

NEWS BRIEF: "West Point academic urges attacks on Islamic holy sites", Press TV, August 30, 2015

"An academic from the US Military Academy at West Point says the United States should target 'Islamic holy sites' ... In a paper published on the National Security Law Journal, William Bradford, an assistant professor at the law department of the USMA, wrote that Islamic holy sites are part of a war against undifferentiated Islamic radicalism, the Guardian reported on Saturday. He maintained that this war must be fought 'even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and civilian collateral damage'.”

Of course, this viewpoint outraged Muslims throughout the world and Obama Administration officials. And, of course, his paper was withdrawn; but, the reality is that the 2006 Pentagon Middle East Map outraged the Muslims throughout the world, and the Bush Administration disavowed the contents of the map.

But, here we are, eight years later, we can see that the fighting in the Middle East is occurring according to this "outrageous" map. A cursory glance of this map reveals that it calls for Saudi Arabia to be stripped of her control of the Islamic Holy Places, Medina and Mecca.

As you can see, the entire area labeled as "Islamic Sacred State" is shown as being controlled by Iran, not Saudi Arabia.

If the Western Elite want the Islamic Holy Site to be controlled by Iran, it shall be controlled by Iran, no matter what Saudi Arabia wants in this matter.

Watch this Middle East Map, for events in the Middle East will occur just as this map depicts.



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3. Is the planned Race War slowly getting underway?

NEWS BRIEF: "Texas Sheriff's Deputy Darren H. Goforth Killed 'Execution-Style' at Gas Station: Suspect is black", NBC News, August 29, 2015

" Authorities were continuing to hunt for a suspect Saturday in the 'execution-style' shooting of a uniformed Texas sheriff's deputy, while warning that 'dangerous rhetoric' against law enforcement has 'gotten out of control'."

" 'We've heard black lives matter — all lives matter', a visibly angry Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman told reporters. 'Well, cops' lives matter, too'."

Since this article was posted, police arrested the suspected gunman, and he is black, just as security footage proves.

" The emotional news conference came after Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47, was ambushed Friday night after exiting the convenience store of a Houston Chevron gas station. Goforth had just filled his patrol car when a man 'walked up behind him and literally shot him to death," Hickman said at a news conference overnight. After Goforth fell to the ground, the suspect stood over him and fired several more times. 'It appears to be an unprovoked execution-style killing of a police officer', Hickman said. "

As this Illuminati Card Game illustrates, a race is planned throughout American cities.

The bottom of the "Emergency Order" card reads: "This card may be played at any time, and counts as the action for the group it affects ... The Power for one Government group is increased to +6. Link this card to your chosen Government group.'

Once again, we see that this card immediately increases government control and power. As the picture clearly indicates, these Emergency Powers are conceived to be imposed by government agencies. Note the low-ranking soldier in this picture is roughly handling a dark-skinned minority person; however, do not be deceived as to whom the Emergency Powers is directed against, for the greatest "minority group" the Illuminati fears is the Fundamental, Born Again Christian.

The Illuminati Plan foresees the deliberate instigation of terrible calamities, brought on by wars, natural disasters, and urban lawlessness; as a means to restore the order they have disrupted, our leaders will announce they must impose Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, our liberties and our freedoms. They will explain that they have to 'temporarily" take away these freedoms before they can restore 'Law and Order'."

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4. Senator Cruz states that the Republicans are going to "roll over" on Iran!

Why? Because Iran's nuclear facilities are NOT part of the real GOP agenda.

NEWS BRIEF: "Cruz: GOP Prepared to 'roll over' on Iran, & Move on to their 'real priorities' ",

"Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated of GOP leadership’s handling of the Iran deal, 'it appears that they’re prepared to roll over, to have a show vote, to lose the show vote, and then move on to their real priorities, which is growing government, passing corporate welfare, and passing cronyist programs like the Export-Import Bank' on Friday’s 'Mark Levin Show'.”

"Cruz, after denouncing the deal, said, 'Sadly, Congress has given away its constitutional authority to ratify it as a treaty, or reject it as a treaty. And so it’s going to take 2/3ds of the Senate and 2/3ds of the House to defeat it. Which means Obama needs to hold on to 34 Democratic Senators to push through this terrible deal.”

Take note here: Senator Cruz is telling us that top Republican leadership is really in agreement with top Democrat leaders on this Iran nuclear agreement. But, then, Cruz says, after cooperating with Democrats on the Iran nuclear agreement, the Republican leadership is then going to cooperate with Democrats to "growing government, passing corporate welfare, and passing cronyist programs like the Export-Import Bank'."

How can this be? Mass Media has been telling us for decades that there is a huge difference between the goals of the Democrat and the Republican Parties!? The answer is that none of the Elite really look upon Republican leaders as being different, but view them as the Antithesis Party with whom a mock battle is set with the Thesis Party (Democrats) so that a New Order can be born out of the ashes of the Old Order, that ultimate Synthesis system, the kingdom of the New World Christ (Antichrist).

This understanding has been set in place many hundreds of years ago, and is called the "Hegelian System of Controlled Conflict", or the "Dialectic Struggle". You see, a Controlled Conflict brings about a Controlled Change. Please take a few moments to read of this key cornerstone of the global effort of the Illuminati to overthrow this current system so the New World Order take be finally established.

In this "Controlled Conflict", the Democrat Party is the Thesis party and the Republica n Party is the Antithesis party. Their controlled struggle will overthrow the existing order in the world -- starting with the Middle East -- and will establish their coveted New World Order - the Synthesis system.

The political party system in America -- Republican vs Democrat -- is a major working out of this "Hegelian System of Controlled Conflict". Read more details in a very old article, NEWS1448. Your blood may boil when you read this truth, but at least your mind might be cleared of propaganda lies we have been told all our adult lives.

Governor George Wallace was so correct when he intoned "There ain't a dime's worth of difference between Republican and Democrat Parties"!

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