April 7, 2008

"Bloodline: What If 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' Is A Lie?"

In May, 2008, another documentary picture is going to start showing in movie theaters designed to sow doubt in people's minds that Jesus truly was Divine and that He remained unmarried until His death. This movie even goes so far as to call the facts of Jesus a "LIE". As we shall demonstrate, the peoples of the world need to become convinced in vast numbers that Jesus' claims to be God and to be the unique Savior of the World before Antichrist can arise.

Therefore, this movie continues a line of recent books and/or videos which cast doubt on Jesus on the one hand, while advancing the cause of Antichrist on the other.

Since the movie documentary is not out yet, I have relied upon the official website, including their trailer, for the information upon which I base this analysis. You can see and read this information for yourself at: Bloodline Website.

The storyline of this documentary is distressingly similar to the Da Vinci Code, which sought to prove that Jesus did not really die, but escaped from the tomb, got into the village, married Mary Magdalene, and had children by her. Then, as the Christian Church was exploding in popularity, Jesus was killed, forcing Mary Magdalene to flee with the help of friends to what is today called, "Normandy, France". Mary was pregnant at the time she fled and delivered a baby girl shortly after arriving in Normandy. In due time, this daughter of Mary/Jesus married a Merovingian Prince, thus supposedly linking the bloodline of the Merovingian family and Jesus Christ.

Why is this story line important? It is important because Antichrist must prove his lineage back to King David if he is to convince the Jews and the other peoples of the world that he is the Jewish Messiah. Old Testament prophecy clearly states that Messiah will come from the House of David, which is why the Bible contains Matthew, Chapter 1, proving Jesus' lineage back to King David.

We know that Antichrist somehow will have to be able to "prove" his lineage back to David.

Daniel 9:27 says that Antichrist will be a "Prince" coming from what Bible scholars call the "Revived Roman Empire". Since all royalty from Europe and Great Britain can prove their lineage back to the Merovingian family, if the peoples of the world can be convinced of the Merovingian bloodline lie, then Antichrist can "prove" his lineage back to King David. This prophetic reality is the real reason the Da Vinci Code is a critically important lie.

"Bloodline: What If 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' Is A Lie?"

This subtitle tells us all we Christians need to know about this documentary. It repeats the lie that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children -- at least three -- but it introduces some new material. It seems to focus on Mary, revealing that her grave may have been discovered in Jerusalem recently, in the so-called "Jesus" tomb. This documentary does not offer any solid proof, but relies upon such lines as:

* "Although they offered no proof ..."

* "What if ..."

* "Could be ..."

* "It's very possible ..."


As in the Da Vinci Code, this documentary relies to a great degree upon the secret society "Priory of Sion"; in fact, its representative, Nicolas Haywood, is interviewed at some length. The one interesting statement he made is that this particular history features "Masonic Lodges with links to the Vatican". When this movie speaks about the "secrets the Church is trying to hide", they line up with the Da Vinci Code movie which identifies the Church trying to hide the "truth" as the Roman Catholic Church.

It seems that this lie needs to be repeated at regular intervals so that its premise can be kept alive in the collective public consciousness of peoples around the world. Remember the propaganda maxim Adolf Hitler taught so well: "If you are going to tell a lie, make it a big lie." A corollary to this maxim is, "Tell the big lie often enough and people will begin to believe it".

This lie began in New Age bookstores over 20 years ago. I first read of it in the New Age book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", in 1992. Since then, this lie has been repackaged again and again, with the climax being the major motion picture, "The Da Vinci Code". We have posted a most important article on the Da Vinci Code which will help you understand the prophetic significance of this type of propaganda.

"Da Vinci Code Movie Breaking May 17-25 Throughout The World -- Movie Is Sure Sign of the Appearance of the Masonic Christ", NEWS2123.

We have also created the video, above, "DaVinci Decoded: Truth or Myth", so you may truly understand the End Times' prophetic significance of this lie continually being repeated. It all means that Antichrist is close!

"The Final Countdown"

DVD - Trailer

II. Iran has successfully denied American/British control over oil-rich Basra with its recent offensive!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil", Asia Times, April 3, 2008

"By all accounts, Iran played a decisive role in hammering out the peace deal among the Shi'ite factions in Iraq. A bloody week of human killing on the Tigris River ended on Sunday ... one of the most shadowy figures of the Iranian security establishment, General Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Quds Force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) personally mediated in the intra-Iraqi Shi'ite negotiations."

This is shocking news! The Bush Administration has placed the Quds Force on its "Terrorism" list and has levied sanctions against it. The very idea that the current Iraqi Government actually dealt with the commander of the Quds Force speaks volumes about the massive slippage of American prestige and authority and the equally massive skyrocketing Iranian influence.

Indeed, our warnings of several years ago appear to be coming to fruition in a most powerful way: the Iraqi War is making Iran a regional super power! (Read our Archives article, "Iran May Be About Ready To Become Iraq's Closest Ally! Major Sign President Bush Has Lost This War" - NEWS2135

"Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America - Whom Should The World Fear?" -- NEWS2120

"How Can You Know That President Bush Ordered The Iraqi War Invasion Based Upon Hitler's Concept of The 'Big Lie' - Repeated Often?" -- NEWS2280

Now, let us return to our Asia Times article for more information.

"The fact that the representatives of Da'wa and SIIC secretly traveled to Qom under the very nose of American and British intelligence and sought Quds mediation to broker a deal conveys a huge political message ... Tehran would be gratified that in any case it has made the point that it possesses awesome influence within Iraq ... But to be able to summarily cry 'halt' to cascading violence, and to achieve that precisely in about 48 hours, well, that's an altogether impressive capability in political terms. In this case, the Iranians have managed it with felicitous ease, as if they were just turning off a well-lubricated tap. That requires great command over the killing fields of Iraq, the native warriors, and the sheer ability to calibrate the flow of events and micromanage attitudes."

Today, Iran effectively controls large portions of Iraq, and the catastrophic Bush War is to blame. By toppling Saddam and then wantonly killing tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, President Bush has allowed Iran to achieve the kind of victory in Shi'ite Iraq which eluded Iranian leadership during their 8-year war during the 1980's.

Because Iranian hegemony is largely over the Shi'ite areas, you have to realize that Iraq is, indeed, being split into the three separate countries envisioned before Bush's invasion took place -- Read NEWS2213, "President Bush's "New Middle East Map" Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike -- Is Likely To Spark The Planned World War III".

As Iranian control over the areas surrounding oil-rich Basra increases by proxy, Iraq will be the more likely to split according to this fateful map, shown in the article, above. In other words, Bush's policy seemed designed to create this 3-nation state out of Iraq, even though Iran was inevitably going to be strengthened in the process! Now you know the Illuminati never had any real plans to invade and/or attack Iran, because they knew they were making her more powerful by splitting off Shi'ite Iraq.

Now, oil enters the picture.

"What has happened is essentially that Iran has frustrated the joint US-British objective of gaining control of Basra, without which the strategy of establishing control over the fabulous oil fields of southern Iraq will not work. Control of Basra is a pre-requisite before American oil majors make their multi-billion investments to kick start large-scale oil production in Iraq. Iraq's Southern Oil Company is headquartered in Basra. Highly strategic installations are concentrated in the region, such as pipeline networks, pumping stations, refineries and loading terminals. The American oil majors will insist on fastening these installations."

Don't you find this entire situation most intriguing? Even though the White House vociferously denied Alan Greenspan's allegation that the War in Iraq was "all about oil", we find oil entering the equation more and more often. Can the Bush Administration recover control over the lost oil fields in and around Basra? Only time will tell, but it does look as though Iranian influence throughout the region continues to skyrocket, at America's distinct disadvantage.

Of course, it the plan all along was to create a Shi'ite Iraq split off from the central Iraqi government, it is highly possible that American planners foresaw that Iran would dramatically increase her influence in that new state, to the point of actually controlling that government.

III. Once you understand how seriously stretched and depleted our Armed Forces are, you will understand how ludicrous the idea of attacking Iran truly is -- and how it has been ridiculous all along!

NEWS BRIEF: "Start another war? With what?", Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 4, 2008

"Now and then predictions of a pending U.S. invasion of Iran still raise their ugly head on the Internet no matter how illogical or unsustainable. That secret plan scenario is most assuredly going to follow President Bush and his fellow plotters right out the door of the White House nine months from now. The simple question to those propounding that and other allegations of planned U.S. aggression outside of Iraq and Afghanistan is: 'Invade with what?' "

Cutting Edge has been making this point for over 4 years now. In Summer, 2003, when President Bush had all the ground forces, naval units, and air force assets still on duty in and around Iraq, he would have invaded or attacked Iran then. When he did not attack then, we forcefully stated that he likely would never attack. As the years of war with the Iraqi militants drudged onward, sapping the energy and the assets of the American and British forces, it became very apparent that the Pentagon did not have the military capability to actually attack. From my standpoint as a former US Army Military Intelligence analyst, I became very convinced that this country did not possess the military edge to wage wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and still attack Iran.

This article continues:

"The brutal truth is that both the Army and the Marine Corps have been so strained by the current campaigns they would have trouble engaging the security forces of Monaco ... When the 30,000-troop surge in Iraq and Afghanistan began, (Army Vice Chief of Staff General) Cody told the Senate Armed Services Committee readiness panel, it "took all the strokes out of the shock absorbers for the United States Army."

"If the Army can't do it, send in the Marines! Right, except that they aren't in much better shape. According to Gen. Robert Magnus, assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, the service's ability to train for other conflicts has been significantly damaged ("degraded" is the way he put it), mainly because of an increased presence in Afghanistan."

Reservists are in equally poor shape!

This last segment demonstrates that, perhaps, the readiness of the American total force is in as poor a shape as it was during the last months of the Jimmy Carter Presidency!

".. all those Internet predictions of further military expeditions should be considered in the context of feasibility or the lack thereof. This coupled with a new report about the huge cost overruns in spending by the Pentagon on weapons of questionable effectiveness has put the Defense department and its military charges under more pressure than at any time since the fall of Saigon. It isn't a great picture, but it could change dramatically given the outcome of the November election."

Indeed, the woeful condition of the American fighting force could very well become an issue against John McCain in the November election!


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Pastor's Heart Article, by Pastor Ron Riffe - http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/p297.htm

"Warning To All Islamic Haters of Israel -- Unrelenting Fury of Hatred Is Setting Palestinians and Other Muslims Up For God's Prophesied Judgment"

You Are Embarking On 'Mission Impossible' When You Plot To Destroy The Jew -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2282.cfm

"How Can You Know That President Bush Ordered The Iraqi War Invasion Based Upon Hitler's Concept of The 'Big Lie' - Repeated Often?"

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