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April 13, 2009

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Key News Events

I. The Evangelical "Religious Right" has suddenly admitted that their nearly blind support for President Bush for eight long years has badly weakened its influence within America and may have actually given the final victory over fundamental values to the Liberals!

Cutting Edge warned ceaselessly during these eight years that President Bush was NOT a genuine Christian and that Evangelical support of him could set us up for persecution. Sadly, that warning has now come true. Our table entitled, "President Bush's Evil vs Good Table" is now more relevant than ever before.

NEWS BRIEF: "American Religious Right Concedes Defeat ", Telegraph News (U.K.), 10 Apr 2009

"America's religious Right has conceded that the election of US President Barack Obama has sealed its defeat in the cultural war with permissiveness and secularism. Leading evangelicals have admitted that their association with George W. Bush has not only hurt the cause of social conservatives but contributed to the failure of the key objectives of their 30-year struggle."

How deep and pervasive is this defeat of the Christian values agenda? Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family explained.

"James Dobson, 72, who resigned recently as head of Focus on the Family - one of the largest Christian groups in the country ... acknowledged the dramatic reverse for the religious Right in a farewell speech to staff. 'We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action ... We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles'.”

We concur. In fact, we were trumpeting the reality that the war between the forces of the Christian Evangelical Movement and the Liberal, permissible movement was doomed to defeat because the Republican Party was continually betraying the Evangelicals, and no one in the Conservative Movement was ever aware that they were being actively betrayed. No one would listen to our understanding that there is no difference whatsoever between Republican and Democrat Parties, that leaders of both parties are equally committed to the New World Order.

The betrayal of the Evangelical Movement really began with President Reagan who promised to fight to end Abortion using the most wonderful speeches against the murder of the pre-born than anyone could ever utter. But, while Evangelicals sat mesmerized by his rhetoric, no Christian leader ever noticed that Reagan was not taking any concrete action to back up his rhetoric.

In 1988, as Reagan was finishing his term, Conservatives were discouraged, for their man had presided over a huge tax increase, had dramatically bloated the size of government, and had totally failed to reverse the trend of political power flowing back to the individual states. In Conservative eyes in 1988, President Ronald Reagan was a failure; it took Rush Limbaugh to resurrect the memory of Reagan, which he began to do in the mid-1990's. Today, too many Conservatives believe the Limbaugh Revisionist History rather than the cold historic facts.

Christians hoped that President Bush (Sr., 1988-1992) might prove to be their friend, but that Skull & Bones President did nothing. All the Christian community agonized greatly over the political Liberal activism of President Clinton and his sexual antics in the Oval Office.

Discernment from the pulpits of America was about to die.


When President Bush (Jr.), came to power, following Clinton, Christians gushed over his testimony that he became a Christian through the efforts of Bill Graham. They were so tired of Clinton that they wanted to believe Bush was a genuine follower of Jesus Christ.

And, even though Bush's actual deeds (fruits) were shouting to anyone listening that this President could not be a genuine Christian, no one in the Christian community was even interested.

I got to the point where I posted a series of Headline News articles entitled, "Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words"??? Please take a few moments to read these articles so you can get a good foundation for our concerns that President Bush was not a genuine Christian, but was simply masquerading as one. Part 1, NEWS1770, Part 2, NEWS1770B, Part 3, NEWS1770C; and Part 4, NEWS1770D.

Then, please take the time to review our table which I built on a daily basis, as I compiled our Daily News Updates section. Because I posted 40-70 articles every single day, many of them from foreign news sources, I saw President Bush doing things that no real Born Again Christian would ever do. These fruits of his life while in office constituted evil fruit, and demonstrated that he could not really be a Christian.

Then, in February, 2004, we noted that the Illuminati seemed to be setting President Bush up to be severely discredited. Please read NEWS1929, entitled, "Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems To Be Moving Into High Gear". We noted that, if President Bush were completely discredited, he could defeat two major obstacles which have dramatically slowed the Illuminati in its advance to the Global Government, Economy and Religion known as the New World Order. These major obstacles are:

1) National Sovereignty - When President Bush ordered American troops to invade Iraq on March 20, 2003, he was exercising his authority as a National Sovereign. He was also repudiating -- publicly at least -- the "collective will" of the International Community as represented by the United Nations. If President Bush is thoroughly discredited, he will bring National Sovereignty into great disrepute. No longer can any individual state take action against the will of the international community. The reign of the United Nations will be complete.

2) Fundamental Christianity - From the beginning of his campaign (1998), President Bush claimed to be a Christian (NEWS1398). Considering this level of enthusiastic support Evangelicals have given Bush, it is not too surprising that the outside world considers him and his wars to be Christian wars! Many, many Muslims consider that Iraq was invaded by a Christian Crusader army. As we detailed in our articles and newsletters, Muslims see our torture and sexual degradation crimes in the Iraqi and Afghanistan military prisons as just the latest example of the moral degradation they have always attributed to "Christian" nations. If Bush takes down Evangelical Christianity in the eyes of the world, the brush will most definitely be wide enough to color Fundamental Christianity, setting us up for severe persecution.

Cutting Edge sounded this warning for eight long years that Bush was not genuine in his claim that he was a Christian. Yet, we were ignored by thousands of pastors and teachers as they continually gushed about how wonderful it was to have a Christian President. And, predictably, here we are, eight full years later, listening to Dr. James Dobson admit that the Evangelical Far Right Christian Movement had lost all the values and cultural battles to which her leaders had committed to fight.

Also predictably, an anti-Christian sentiment is rapidly building steam. If President Bush is indicted for War Crimes at the International Criminal Court, the resulting backlash against Christians could be so severe as to set us all up for the kind of fatal persecution which we see in Revelation. Listen:

"When the Lamb broke open the fifth seal, I saw at the foot of the altar the souls of those whose lives had been sacrificed for [adhering to] the Word of God and for the testimony they had borne. They cried in a loud voice, O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long now before You will sit in judgment and avenge our blood upon those who dwell on the earth? Then they were each given a long and flowing and festive white robe and told to rest and wait patiently a little while longer, until the number should be complete of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed as they themselves had been." (Revelation 6:9-11; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

What is the bottom line message of this featured news article? Read it and weep.

" '“It’s a failed movement', (Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate) said. 'We will end up like England, where the church has utterly lost its way'.”

"In an online article in the Christian Science Monitor that has became a touchstone for disaffected conservatives, Mr Spencer forecast a major collapse in evangelical Christianity within ten years. 'Evangelicals have identified their movement with the culture war and political conservatism. This will prove to be a very costly mistake', he wrote."

This fundamental error by the Evangelical Christian Right to associate itself with the Republican Party is so grievous that it literally "opens the door" for Antichrist to come striding through. As the DVD, above, teaches, the Apostle Paul said that Antichrist could not arise until the apostasy of the Christian Church occurred first. While the majority of this apostasy occurs because Christian leaders are abandoning key Biblical doctrines, this extreme error of Christian leaders over the past 25 years of trying to influence political direction constitutes no less a grievous apostasy. Leaders like Dr. Dobson represent no less of an "opening the door to Antichrist" than those leaders who abandon key Biblical doctrine.

Lest you think I jest about the true nature of Bush, please take a few moments to read our expose' of the bestiality jokes which Laura Bush told on her husband during a annual White House Correspondents Ball in May, 2005 (NEWS2033). The really shocking part of this sorry scene is that Dr. and Mrs. Dobson were at that Correspondent's Ball, (NEWS2306) and yet did not tell their radio listeners or their faithful supporters of Laura's bestiality remarks aimed at George! Dobson knew the true inner heart of Laura and George Bush and yet refused to inform Focus On The Family faithful.

With leadership like this, it is no wonder that the Evangelical Movement has been defeated.

II. Pastor Rick Warren has been caught in a huge public lie!

Rick Warren apologized to his homosexual friends because he had originally supported California's Gay Marriage Ban (Proposition 8), even though his original remarks are on public record.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rick Warren disavows support for California Gay Marriage Ban", Sky Angel Culture News, 4/8/2009

"California mega-church pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says he apologized to his homosexual friends for making comments in support of California's Proposition 8, and now claims he 'never once even gave an endorsement' of the marriage amendment."

One of the fruits expected from a genuine Christian pastor would be that he opposes what the Bible opposes. In this instance, Warren should have been expected to oppose the creeping onslaught of gay/lesbian marriages. But, here, Warren is stating that he does not support the California Gay Marriage Ban (Proposition 8) and that he never supported it.

This statement now labels Rick Warren as a liar, for he clearly told his congregation that he supported what the Bible supports, and that is marriage only between a man and a woman. Listen:

"However, just two weeks before the November 4 Prop. 8 vote, Pastor Warren issued a clear endorsement of the marriage amendment while speaking to church members. 'We support Proposition 8 -- and if you believe what the Bible says about marriage, you need to support Proposition 8', he said."

Now you know a couple more facts about Rick Warren:

1) He supports gay/lesbian marriage;

2) He is a liar -- boldly contradicting his statement to his own congregation!

Rick Warren is also opening the door to Antichrist.

'Behold A Pale Horse'

III. Lou Dobbs has come to the same conclusion as many Conservatives have held for years: The American Government is complicit in allowing drugs to enter this country!

NEWS BRIEF: "Lou Dobbs Concludes U.S. Allows Drugs In",, April 7, 2009

"Last night Lou Dobbs agreed with the President of Mexico that drugs are flowing into the United States because our government permits it. President Calderon said U.S. corruption permitted drug imports. 'If there is traffic in the United States, it is because there is some corruption in the United States', Calderon said. Dobbs agreed ... there is no other explanation,” Dobbs said, 'It goes well beyond indifference and apathy, but the fact that this country has tolerated that border being violated by drug traffickers who bring in from Mexico methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana – in fact, Mexico is the largest source. And for us as a nation to have tolerated the immense loss of life, the devastation of lives to addiction and drugs, most of which, again, originate in Mexico, can only be explained by corruption'.”

Conservatives have been ridiculed because we believe that both the American Government and the CIA have either tolerated the massive flow of illegal drugs or have directed the effort, even as they pretend they are fighting it.

Saying that corruption of American authorities completely explains the tremendous amount of illegal drugs pouring into this country is saying that the tip of the iceberg is the whole story of the iceberg. You see, American authorities in any era of time are working overtime for the Illuminati in attempting to overthrow this existing system so they can introduce the New World Order.

This reality means that the moral and cultural fabric of the Old World Order -- this current system -- must be weakened and eventually destroyed. Drugs and alcohol have traditionally been viewed as the best weapons with which to destroyed our present civilization. For this reason, American authorities have either tolerated or managed the effort to bring the flood of drugs into this country.

Now you know the entire truth!


IV. Suddenly, both Palestinian and Israeli leaders are reportedly moving toward the "Peace" negotiations which would bring a Palestinian State to reality.

Remember our sentiment of several months ago: only a "conservative" Prime Minister could silence the genuine Jewish Conservatives enough so that the Palestinians could finally get their nation.

NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu 'ready for peace talks' ", BBC News, 12 April 2009

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas he intends to resume talks and co-operation to promote peace. It was their first contact since Mr Netanyahu took office on 31 March. "

Genuine Jewish Conservatives are bound to be discouraged over this news, because they were promised by Netanyahu during the campaign that he would approach Palestinian statehood far differently than either PM Olmert or PM Sharon. Yet, before the ink on his papers that made him PM even began to dry, Netanyahu is talking about joining Abbas on the "peace process", i.e., code word for establishing a Palestinian State.

"Mr Abbas initiated the telephone call, which Mr Netanyahu's office described as 'friendly and warm'. The new Israeli leader has not publicly endorsed the creation of a fully independent Palestinian state - a fundamental demand of the Palestinians ... Mr Netanyahu leads a right-leaning coalition, which combines the centre-right, centre-left and far-right parties. During his campaign, he said he was willing to negotiate with the Palestinians but that it was premature to talk of statehood. Instead, he offered Palestinians 'economic peace'. "

Within days of assuming the office of Prime Minister, Netanyahu's Foreign Minister Lieberman deflected Conservative criticism of Netanyahu by publicly being very harsh on the idea of the Palestinians ever getting their own political state.

"Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who leads the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, has dismissed past peace initiatives by US administrations. He has also said the previous Israeli government's acceptance of Palestinian statehood was not binding."

This last sentence, above, is not entirely accurate. Lieberman only stated that Israel was not bound by the Annapolis agreement, but was committed to the Quartet's Road Map. The differences between these two documents blur into insignificance, especially since the end result of both plans is a Palestinian State.

Both the United States and Middle East Envoy Tony Blair have reiterated the "two-state solution". That is the direction this entire process is going to take us; how long and difficult the progress will be cannot be determined right now. But, the handwriting is on the wall. "Conservative" PM Netanyahu may very well become the PM which hands the Palestinians their nation, thus setting in motion God's final Judgments upon the Palestinians and all the Islamic peoples who continue the 3,000-year attitude of hatred toward the Jewish people.

At this point, the analysis of these events as provided by Bill Salus are on their way to complete fulfillment!


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Current Headline News Articles Warning of Contemporary Issues

New Headline News Articles

Truth or Lies?

Rick Warren's Moral Facade

In an article titled "Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8," Jim Brown writes,

"California mega-church pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says he apologized to his homosexual friends for making comments in support of California's Proposition 8, and now claims he 'never once even gave an endorsement' of the marriage amendment."

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