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April 17, 2009

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"The King James Bible Code" DVD

God's people desperately need sound, Biblical wisdom in these last days. Pastor Michael Hoggard takes us through an extensive study of Biblical numerics and Bible prophecy in this new video series.

In this first volume, the scriptural basis for studying Bible numbers are examined, as well as a verse by verse study of the numbers 1 and 2.

Not only will the viewer gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, but you will also see the unique numerical design in the King James Bible.

"Secret of Solomon's Key - DVD - Discover Vital Secrets of Freemasonry Drawn From the KJV

One Cutting Edge subscriber called to tell me that, not only is this a "must-see" video, but that it dove-tails with our own DVD, "Riddles In Stone" She said that this video also contained a lot of great information about Masonry not covered in either "Riddles" or "New Atlantis"

Author Michael Hoggard reveals from the illuminati the most darkest, diabolical secrets in the worls. Using the elements of Scripture numerics, Bible Typology, and the peophetic Word of God, Michael reveals the truth behind: 1) The meaning behind the sacred of Washington D.C. God's Longitude. 2) Freemasons using children to bring in the New World Order. 3) The hidden truth behind the Star of David. 4) A new understanding of the Mark of the Beast and the number 666.

Key News Events

I. Incredibly Developing Story! With Possible Fatal Consequences.

The son of Palestinian President Abbas may be a walking dead man; he actually admitted that one of the major reasons he is so filthy rich is because he "collaborates" with Israel!

NEWS BRIEF: "PA officials scandalized at disclosure by Abbas' son of vast personal fortune: Also disclosed that 'a majority of Palestinians', including himself, 'collaborate with Israel' ", The Jerusalem Post, April 16, 2009

"Yasser Abbas, the son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, revealed this week that he's a self-made millionaire who started his own business shortly after the signing of the Oslo Accords. In an interview with the Dubai-based economic magazine, Abbas's son, who was named after former PA leader Yasser Arafat, also declared that 'a majority of Palestinians', including himself, 'collaborate with Israel'."

Palestinians -- both Abbas' Fatah Party and Hamas -- regularly execute people who have cooperated with Israel. In fact, there may be no higher crime in all of Islam than for a Muslim to cooperate with either the state of Israel or individual Jews. Muslims who have simply sold property to a Jew have been murdered in the streets amidst cheering crowds.

Therefore, it is almost unthinkable that an affluent, educated Palestinian whose father is the Masonic President of the Palestinian Authority, to admit that he cooperates with Israel. Yasser Abbas may have just signed a death warrant for himself, his family, and his father. Furthermore, his shocking revelation will also most assuredly complicate negotiations which his father is conducting with the Israelis over the creation of the Palestinian State!

His explanation as to why he "must" collaborate with Israel will do nothing to stop the outrage Palestinians are feeling toward him.

" 'How can you get merchandise into the Gaza Strip if the Israeli and Palestinian ministers of economy don't talk to each other? Dozens of Hamas supporters are receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Most Palestinians collaborate with Israel, while the rest live on the rain'."

The more radical group, Hamas, who is trying mightily to prevent President Abbas from negotiating a Palestinian State as the Western Illuminati wants it to be established, will certainly have a field day with these scandalous comments. As it he were anticipating a harsh Hamas reaction, the younger Abbas launched his own attack.

"Yasser also launched a scathing attack on the Hamas government, holding it responsible for the current economic crisis in the Gaza Strip. He said that he didn't expect the international aid to be sent to the Palestinians as long as the power struggle between Hamas and Fatah continued. 'I have noticed that the so-called Hamas government has spent 50 million euros', he said. 'I don't know where they got the money from and how they spent it'."

Hamas has been trying to assassinate the elder Abbas for years, but has been prevented by forces controlled by Illuminized Freemasonry. The expertise and effectiveness of this protection is now going to be sorely tested. If you read that the younger Abbas has been murdered, you will know that there is a limit to how much Israeli and American forces can protect a wanted man from Hamas.

I reiterate: these revelations is going to greatly complicate President Obama's diplomatic effort to create the vaunted "two-state solution".

II. Obama's Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, arrived yesterday in Israel to begin his round of diplomacy designed to produce the "two-state solution", otherwise known as the Palestinian State.

As the book, "Isralestine" so capably reveals from prophecy, the doom of the Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese and Egyptians is now set because their current inhabitants possess the very same "ancient hatred" which their forefathers showed toward Israel 3,000 years ago!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Envoy Launches Mideast Peace Mission", The Chosun Ilbo News, April 17, 2009

"President Barack Obama's point man in the Middle East is on his third peace mission to the region. U.S. envoy George Mitchell is in Jerusalem, meeting for the first time with senior officials of the new Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mitchell said there is only one way to advance the peace process."

Of course, this "only one way" is the darling of the Illuminati, the "two-state solution", a.k.a. the Palestinian State carved out of Biblical Israel.

" 'U.S. policy favors a two-state solution which would have a Palestinian state living in peace alongside the Jewish state of Israel', Mitchell said."

Bill Salus spends several chapters in "Isralestine" demonstrating why the Palestinians in particular and the entire Islamic population in general, will never live in peace alongside the "Jewish state of Israel". Their "ancient hatred" is so active today that these Arab states are literally going to commit national suicide attempting to annihilate Israel.

In fact, I find it highly significant that this unworkable "two-state solution" is being foisted upon all of us through the lie of "Peace and Safety", prompting me to recall the prophetic words of the Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, where we read:

"When people are saying 'Peace and Safety', then sudden destruction cometh upon them ... and they shall not escape."


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III. Demonstrating the difficulties in getting an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, neither Abbas nor Hamas would even agree with Mitchell that they need to recognize the "Jewish state of Israel".

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian Authority Declares: Israel Not A Jewish State, Israel National News, April 17, 2009

"The Palestinian Authority has rejected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s condition for moving ahead on negotiations to establish 'two states for two peoples'. PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh on Thursday night slammed Netanyahu’s insistence that the PA first accept the concept of Israel as a Jewish State before Israel continues talks to establish a new Arab country within its current borders."

You know you are in trouble when the Palestinian Authority, controlled by Freemason President Abbas, cannot even agree to recognize Israel as a "Jewish State". If negotiations are this frozen, then a successful conclusion may be farther away than we thought at first. Of course, this hardline position came 24 hours after Abbas' son revealed that he regularly collaborates with Israel. Could these scandalous remarks have prompted the Palestinian Authority to take this hardline position?

The next news segment reveals just how harsh the Palestinian Authority feels it must be in opposing Israel.

"The Fatah-led PA government based in Ramallah has agreed in the past to recognize Israel, but not as a Jewish State ... The aide to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas called on the international community to examine Israeli policy, charging that it might have a 'poisonous effect' on the region."

These are strong words from Abbas' Fatah Party, because Abbas has regularly pleaded with Israel to negotiate. Now, he says that Israeli policy is "poisonous" to the region.

The much more radical group, Hamas, reiterated its long-standing position on this subject.

"The Hamas-led breakaway PA government in Gaza, meanwhile, still refuses to recognize Israel at all, referring to the Jewish State only as 'the Zionist entity' whenever it must discuss Israel."

Unless a breakthrough of some sort is announced, Obamas' envoy, CFR's Mitchell, is going to fly home empyhanded. Tensions in the region will have to cool before another attempt to announce a Palestinian State is attempted again.

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IV. President Obama shocks his Liberal supporters by keeping President Bush's torture police from prosecution!

The "Obama Deception" is in full swing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama exempts CIA 'torture' staff from prosecution", BBC News, 17 April 2009

"CIA agents who used harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects during the Bush era will not be prosecuted, US President Barack Obama has said. The assurance came as memos were released detailing the range of techniques the CIA was allowed to use during the Bush administration."

Even though the new President had banned the use of methods such as sleep deprivation and simulated drowning in his first week in office, he is being criticized loudly by Liberal rights groups for not moving to prosecute those military and CIA interrogators who actually carried out Bush's torture policy.

"Amnesty International said the Department of Justice appeared to be offering a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' to individuals who were involved in acts of torture. The Centre for Constitutional Rights, which has championed the legal rights of the 'war on terror' detainees, also expressed its disappointment. 'It is one of the deepest disappointments of this administration that it appears unwilling to uphold the law where crimes have been committed by former officials', it said in a statement."

Do you remember the time during the transition period when Liberals expressed dismay that President-elect Obama was selecting Establishment Insiders for his many government posts, seemingly going against his major campaign theme, "Change you can believe in"? The noise of protest got so great that Obama finally said "I am the change you can believe in".

While that seemed to calm down the raging Liberal beast, President Obama is now proving that he is most definitely under the tight control of the Global Illuminati


But, we should not be too surprised over this proof that Obama is not too far removed from Bush on key issues, because a short while ago, the new President kept Bush's unconstitutional national surveillance program in place! Let us review the details.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama Administration Maintains Bush Legal Argument for Terrorist Surveillance Secrecy", Fox News, April 13, 2009

"President Obama's most liberal supporters say they are dismayed and disgusted because this administration is invoking the "state secrets" privilege -- just as former President George W. Bush did -- to shield eavesdropping programs from public exposure. I wasn't happy when George Bush asserted that he could do these things and I'm not happy that President Obama is now agreeing with George Bush', said Jane Hamsher of Accountability Now Other than being flat wrong, the Obama administration's position is seriously disappointing to those Americans who listened to candidate Obama's promises of a new era of government accountability and transparency, said Kevin Bankston, senior attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

Exactly! Cutting Edge took note of the campaign officials which candidate Obama had brought on to his team and we warned that he was being supported, advised and backed by the Illuminati types which have controlled American Presidents since Woodrow Wilson. We repeatedly warned that Obama would bring about only superficial change, not real change.

When the Bush Administration adopted this dictatorial surveillance program, under the guise of the fighting terrorism, he was adopting a program near and dear to the Illuminati, a program which is essential achieving the ultimate goal of a severe dictatorship. Therefore, we should expect that such a key program would be retained by an Obama Presidency who is as completely controlled as was President Bush.

Once again, we are forced to face the reality that there is no difference whatsoever between the Republican and the Democrat parties. Leaders of both parties are equally committed to the global New World Order.


V. President Obama heads to Central and South America to help in the effort to create the Latin America superstate, which is Nation #6 in the Illuminati 10-Nation Reorganization plan (NEWS1002)

This news is exciting because this Plan will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8 and Revelation 17:12-17 precisely!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama heads to Americas summit with Cuba focus", Associated Press, April 17, 2009

"MEXICO CITY (AP) — After backing Mexico's ongoing battle against drug cartels, President Barack Obama is heading to a Western Hemisphere summit with a sudden spotlight on Cuba. The president was to fly Friday to the island of Trinidad for the 34-nation Summit of the Americas, a gathering to which Cuba, as the region's only non-democracy, is not invited. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, a staunch ally of Cuba's communist government, vowed to torpedo a final summit communiqué in protest of the country's exclusion."

"But Obama's move this week to ease travel and some other restrictions for Cuban-Americans brought an unprecedented reply from Havana. Raul Castro, who took over from his ailing brother, Fidel, a year ago, offered to talk to the Obama administration about all outstanding grievances."

One of the major reasons that the plan to create a superstate known as Latin America did not get off the ground earlier is that President Bush was too busy alienating Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil with his harsh, hardline policies. Thus, President Obama wasted no time removing the alienation from the equation. Now that the American President is going to be much more liked by the largely Leftist leaders of these nations, it will be much easier drawing them together in their own super nation.

Furthermore, since the vast majority of leaders in Central and South America are dictators, the creation of this superstate might proceed more quickly than in other parts of the world.

Christians must watch the creation of these planned 10 superstates because Daniel 7:7-8 makes it quite clear that Antichrist will not arise until the 10-nation reorganization is finalized. This prophetic fact gives us a really dependable method by which to gauge how close the world is to the World War III designed to produce Antichrist.

For example, the Illuminati Plan to trigger the collapse of the economies of the world right after World War III begins, cannot occur until the last of the 10 supernations is formed. Thus, we can know with Biblical certainty that the timing of the collapse is still a ways away and we will not be panicked by these "rumors" of economic depression.

VI. The Obama Administration seemed to suddenly "change its tune" regarding the strict terms which General Motors and Chrysler must meet if they are to receive more billions in Federal bailout money.

NEWS BRIEF: "GM, Chrysler in line for more federal aid", Detroit Free Press, April 17, 2009

"The Obama auto task force is preparing to loan General Motors Corp. about $5 billion in additional federal short-term aid, and Chrysler LLC $500 million ... The disclosure assigns a dollar amount to the pledge of continued short-term support issued late last month by the administration, after it rejected GM's and Chrysler's restructuring plans and requests for up to $21.6 billion in additional assistance."

Both automakers took action which they believe will convince the government that they can successful operate worldwide.

"Both Detroit automakers say they need the money to survive, as they craft plans they hope will convince the government they can compete in the global marketplace. GM could dramatically slash expenses by eliminating its GMC and Pontiac brands, because the company no longer would need to operate factories or pay hourly workers that produce them, analysts said. GM is studying the fate of the two nameplates as it reviews all of its vehicle lines and prepares to initiate a public bond-exchange offer aimed at slashing $28 billion in unsecured debt."

Meanwhile, President Obama continues the charade of trying to force an American company to merge with a foreign competitor.

"President Barack Obama's administration gave Chrysler until the end of this month to complete a tie-up with Fiat SpA. Under the proposed deal, the Italian automaker would get an initial 20 percent stake in Chrysler in exchange for small-car technology -- but no cash. The Obama White House has pledged up to $6 billion in additional loans for the joint venture."

But, of course, we should expect these kinds of seemingly odd events, because our economy is no longer operating under the old Capitalist system, but according to the precepts of the Fascist Economy. Government regulation and control, plus the elimination of the number of businesses making the same product or offering the same service, are two keys to the proper functioning of a Fascist system.

Slowly, and over a period of years, the government stranglehold over key businesses within the economy will accelerate until the whole system is under Federal control. That is the plan.

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First documentary to bring to light the financial shenanigans of the real invisible hand that has distorted the free market, eroded trust in our financial and political institutions, and threatened the promise of the American Dream. This video might reach someone who does not like boring statistical presentations

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Gun Control

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Disarmed people are neither free nor safe - they become the criminals' prey and the tyrants' playthings. When the civilians are defenseless and their government goes bad, however, thousands and millions of innocents die.

"Gun Control Gateway To Tyranny"

This dynamic book contains the German language original of the Nazi Weapons Law of March 18, 1938, a page-by-page translation, and then a page-by-page comparison with the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968.

History teaches that no Absolute Dictatorship can be established if ordinary citizens are not disarmed first.

"Dial 911 and DIE!!" Shocking Truth About Police Protection Myth

Gun control" survives as an idea because most Americans believe one single huge myth: "You don?t need a gun because the police protect you from crime."

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"Warning To All Pastors of Tax Deduction (501C)3 Churches! The Federal Government Is Moving To Control You and Your Church"

The Federal takeover of the banking, insurance and auto industries is only the tip of the iceberg. The government already has a legal right to control any (501C)-3tax charitable organization, so the time seems right for pastors to get that dreaded knock in the middle of the night from the anti-christian government censor.

The Plan envisions a "Reich Church", formed on similar lines to the churches Hitler set up. Fundamental pastors will be under ultimatum to conform to State edicts or go to prison. Pastors, how will you respond? You were foolish enough to get your church in this predicament. What will you do now?



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Those who are guilty of a hate against Jews cannot find a shred of justification in the Scriptures.

Historical examination of Anti-Semitism as contrasted with the clear teachings in God's Holy Bible.


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In pursuing his coveted "War On Terror", President Bush's forces really did arrest people who were innocent, kept them in prison without specific charges for eight long years, torturing them severely -- even though they were innocent!

American and International laws were severely broken and innocent men's lives shattered - Bush does deserve to stand trial for War Crimes!


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Rick Warren's Moral Facade

In an article titled "Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8," Jim Brown writes,

"California mega-church pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says he apologized to his homosexual friends for making comments in support of California's Proposition 8, and now claims he 'never once even gave an endorsement' of the marriage amendment."

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"Disarmed people are neither free nor safe - they become the criminals' prey and the tyrants' playthings. When the civilians are defenseless and their government goes bad, however, thousands and millions of innocents die. Professor R.J. Rummel, author of the monumental book Death by Government, said: "Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth." For power to concentrate and become dangerous, the citizens must be disarmed. What disarms the citizens? The idea of "gun control."



You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Historically, anti-Semitism within the early Church sprang from the belief that all Jews were to be blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Attempts to place the blame on the Jews is totally unjustified and Christians who study their Bibles should know better:



"Bush Administration REALLY DID Knowingly Arrest and Torture Innocent Islamic Men!"

In pursuing his coveted "War On Terror", President Bush's forces really did arrest people who were innocent, kept them in prison without specific charges for eight long years, torturing them severely -- even though they were innocent!

American and International laws were severely broken and innocent men's lives shattered - Bush does deserve to stand trial for War Crimes!


" From Freedom to Servitude - Part 1 - The Power and Perversions of Laws"

Watching the markets... two interlocking phrases immediately come to mind: Ordo ab Chaos, and Crisis Equals Opportunity. Ordo ab Chaos is a Latin phrase and the motto of the Thirty-Third Degree of Freemasonry.[1] It means, 'Order out of Chaos"

"Never waste a good crisis." Hillary Clinton

"...the financial crisis will lead to the creation of a global central bank and a global single currency within 15 years." Stephen Gallo

"Once a nation parts with control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation’s laws.”[4] W.L. Mackenzie King [former Prime Minister of Canada]


"Posse Comitatus Protections Seem To Be Effectively Dead!"

When U.S. military soldiers can easily and quickly pour into a town which is not in the midst of riot or insurrection, the threat to our personal liberties and Constitutional guarantees is stupendous.

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