April 28, 2008


I. World Net Daily is reporting that today may be the last day to save Christian Radio!

NEWS BRIEF: "Last day to save Christian radio?", World Net Daily, April 28, 2008

"WASHINGTON – Today is the last day for public comments on a proposed Federal Communications Commission rule change some say would threaten the licenses of Christian radio stations from coast to coast. At issue is a proposal that would require every radio station to take programming advice from community advisory boards representative of the area's population."

This type of regulatory change could prove deadly to Christian radio, as it could conceivably require radio stations to accept advice from non-christian groups like atheists and/or homosexuals. Remember, the power to regulate is the power to destroy. In fact, the Illuminati has always sought to advance its heinous un-christian agenda through massive regulation. Both Republican and Democrat politicians have always sought to make dramatic changes through regulation rather than through the more public, and more visible, legislative process. People get a lot more upset, it seems, and are more prone to action, because of a pending law than they do over a new regulation. Most of the reason for this, I suspect, is that people realize how difficult it is to prevent a new regulation from being issued than it is to prevent a new law from being passed.

The source of the regulation is usually some fairly obscure appointed government official, not a politician in Congress who has to stand for re-election.

Let us now return to our featured article for more information.

"Some radio stations fear organized groups of atheists, for instance, could demand representation on the new FCC-mandated advisory boards that would factor into licensing decisions ... explains the Christian Air 1 Radio Network. 'If any of these changes were adopted, there would be significant impact on our ability to minister to you and your community. These rules would not only affect our stations but also thousands of stations around the country'. In addition to the requirement for advisory boards, the new regulations would also mandate radio stations produce every three months reports on how much programming of various types has been broadcast, who produced it and how it reflects the interests of the community – including segments who do not approve of or share Christian values."

There you have the extreme danger to Christian radio. If the FCC deems that a particular Christian radio station did not adopt the recommendations sought by a variety of non-Christian groups, they could yank the license of that station. Thus, if a Gay-Lesbian group recommended that a Christian radio station carry a particular pro-gay program, and the radio station refused, the FCC could very well pull the license!

This is a most insidious method of censorship! And, it does come at a time when anti-Christian sentiment is running rampant in the United States!

Why isn't our "Christian" President, George W. Bush, preventing this abomination from occurring?

II. Suddenly, Senator Obama's Presidential Campaign is running into new trouble nearly every day -- or so it seems.

In the Pennsylvania primary held on 4/22, 25% of all Democrat voters said during exit polling that they would vote for Republican McCain if Obama was the Democrat nominee!

NEWS BRIEF: "How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania", The New York Times, April 27, 2008

"When the Pennsylvania returns rained down Tuesday night, the narrative became clear fast. The Democrats’ exit polls spelled disaster: Some 25 percent of the primary voters said they would defect to Mr. McCain or not vote at all if Barack Obama were the nominee. How could the party possibly survive this bitter, perhaps race-based civil war?"

The Clinton internal campaign against Obama, particularly with the Superdelegates, is based squarely on this theme: Obama is the weaker candidate in the Fall against McCain. His campaign has been badly hurt by the following scandals:

1) The Video showing Obama's former pastor, Rev. Wright, repeatedly showing hatred and animosity toward the very America Obama wants to lead. This video footage repeatedly shows Rev. Wright saying "God d**n America". After Obama refused to repudiate Wright, his popularity began to dip. Reportedly, this controversy is one of the major reasons Obama lost the Pennsylvania primary, and is said to be the reason so many Democrat voters were so strongly anti-Obama as they left the polling places.

2) Rev. Wright has spent the last several days on television trying to defend himself and his comments. However, he is ignoring the cardinal rule that you never try to defend the indefensible, so the good reverend is causing even more damage to the Illinois Senator.

3) Hamas -- the arch terrorist group against Israel -- endorsed Senator Obama! As we stated in a News Alert last week, this endorsement will weaken support for Obama in the critically important Evangelical Christian and Jewish voting blocs.

4) A campaign journalist who was hired by the Obama campaign is discovered to be displaying the red Communist flag in his apartment and in a Marxist journal!

As we reported in our Headline News Article, NEWS2267, "Senator Obama Has Strong Ties To Illuminati - Communist Illuminati At That!", we reported that the Liberal, Leftist Zbigniew Brzezinski is his foreign policy director! This new information would place Senator Obama closer to the Marxist, Communist ideal.

5) Barack Obama's name is continually surfacing in the Chicago trial of mobster money man, Antoin "Tony" Rezko. This mobster was, until recently, a key fundraiser for the Obama campaign. As the Rezko trial drags on through the key political period of Summer and Fall, the danger is very great that Obama's name could surface repeatedly, revealing very embarrassing facts about the senator, facts which could damage him beyond repair during the campaign.

6) Obama's damaging remarks that the Pennsylvania working class was clinging to their guns and their religion because of their economic plight. In one fell swoop, Obama potentially alienated tens of millions of gun owners and tens of millions of Americans who are very religious. This is one of the most damaging of all events to befall the Obama campaign.

Senator Obama thus has suffered through two very trying months -- March and April. He recently lost the Pennsylvania campaign and is running neck-and-neck with Clinton in the Indiana primary campaign. If he loses Indiana, Obama might be in political trouble as he heads into the Democrat nominating convention. Remember, the unelected superdelegates hold the key to the Democrat nomination, as neither Obama nor Clinton will possess enough delegates to win the nomination outright -- on the first ballot. Therefore, the superdelegates will hold the key to determining who will get the nod. And, those superdelegates are being mightily wooed by the Clinton camp using this very argument, i.e., that Obama is damaged beyond political repair and cannot get the victory over McCain in the November election.


III To prove -- again -- that American security in Iraq is not as rosy as the Administration is trying to make it out to be, insurgents vigorously attacked the heavily defended and fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, the headquarters of Coalition Forces and of the Iraqi civilian government, during a sandstorm.

NEWS BRIEF: "US-protected Green Zone shelled in sandstorm", The Jerusalem Post, April 28, 2008

"Suspected Shi'ite extremists hammered the US-protected Green Zone Sunday in the fiercest salvo in weeks, apparently taking advantage of a sandstorm that blanketed the capital and grounded the American aircraft that normally prowl for launching teams. Thunderous explosions resounded throughout the evening as rockets or mortar shells slammed into the heavily fortified area in central Baghdad."

Recent news stories had indicated that attacks against the Green Zone had dropped dramatically since both Iraqi and American military forces had begun carrying out strenuous military patrols in the Baghdad neighborhood surrounding the HQ. This attack, however, demonstrates that the power of the insurgency remains alive and quite capable of causing enormous damage.

On the other hand, the recent military action in Basra and Baghdad also demonstrated that the Iraqi military forces are not capable of defeating the insurgents on their own. This realization will prevent a faster withdrawal pace by American forces.


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