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December 12, 2008

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I. The U.S. Senate refused to pass the emergency bailout bill to the Automakers.

When a script works well, follow it again! Do you remember that the $700 billion emergency bailout plan for the ailing Banking Industry also initially failed the House of Representatives, causing such consternation that the House reversed itself within days?

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate Republicans kill auto bailout bill", L.A. Times, December 12, 2008

"Republican opposition killed a $14-billion auto industry bailout plan in the Senate on Thursday night, putting the future of U.S. automakers in doubt and threatening to deliver another blow to the economy. The measure died after a last-ditch effort by Senate Democratic leaders to strike a compromise that would have lured enough support to save the legislation, which was crafted in consultation with the White House."

The bottom line is simple: There will be no collapse of the American economy. As we have stated on numerous occasions before, the Illuminati wants a controlled Fascist Economy, not a failed economy.

In order to force the changes desired according to the Fascist economic model, the economy must be driven right up to the edge of the abyss, terrifying the public so badly that they will accept -- nay, demand -- that the Government step in to bail out these automakers, even if it means that the old Capitalist system be totally dismantled. The economy was driven right up to the edge of disaster in September-October, as the insurance and banking industry was brought under government control through the $700 billion bailout plan.

True to form, the possible economic disasters are being foretold in great detail in order to properly panic the public.

"The collapse of General Motors, Chrysler or Ford -- along with many of their suppliers and dealers -- could throw hundreds of thousands more workers onto the growing unemployment rolls and further cloud the closing days of the Bush administration. 'We will leave here tonight to go home for the holiday recesses, but for the literally hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs depend on this industry, this will not be a joyous season, wondering whether or not their jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, their children's futures are at risk', said Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.)."

Please remember that only a couple of days before this Senate vote, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caved in to President Bush's demand that these immediate cash funds could come from the money already allocated to encourage the car makers to produce "green-friendly" autos. Will President Bush -- supposedly a Republican who believes in Free Market principles -- release these monies?

"White House spokesman Tony Fratto said the Bush administration was disappointed by the bill's failure and left the door open to the president taking action to provide funding."

President Bush could also allocate the $14 billion from the $700 billion financial aid monies, funneling the funds through the financial companies which each of the three automakers own. Bush has so far refused to consider this action, thus heightening the suspense of this particular portion of the script.

Can the car manufacturers last until the more friendly Democrat Congress takes office on January 5 and until the new Democrat Obama Administration take office January 20?

"GM has said it needs $4 billion by the end of the month and $6 billion more by March 31, implying it would have to file for bankruptcy protection without the money. Chrysler has said it needs $4 billion by March 31, with the same implications. Ford has said it does not need loans immediately but supports the aid to its competitors because they share a supplier network."

Be prepared for the stock markets to dip sharply today, perhaps even causing a Black Friday. But, remember the final agenda is NOT a failed economy but a controlled one. Keep your eye on this fact and you will be just fine.


President Bush hastily reversed his long-standing opposition to aiding the carmakers and ordered the U.S. Treasury to provide the short-term "bridge loans" the "Big Three" automakers need to survive.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Treasury Ready to Prevent Failure of Automakers", Bloomberg Financial News, December 12, 2008

"Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- The Bush administration dropped its opposition to using the $700 billion bank bailout fund to provide financing for U.S. automakers, after the Senate yesterday failed to approve emergency loans. The administration’s willingness to give short-term help to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC eased the concern of at least some investors that the companies will collapse ... 'Congress has really punted the ball over to the White House,” John Bogle, 79, founder of the $80.6 billion Vanguard 500 Index Fund, said in a Bloomberg Television interview. 'That will give them temporary stopgap aid. I do not think General Motors is going to go out of business'.”


II. The probability that this burgeoning scandal involving the Illinois governor may be the deliberately created scandal to which Joe Biden referred during the campaign increased dramatically with this news.

NEWS BRIEF: "Scandal Is an Early Test for Obama Team", The New York Times, December 10, 2008

"For the Obama team in the days after his election to the presidency, the question of who would succeed him in the Senate was a sensitive one ... Exactly what role he or his team played will be a focus of intense scrutiny in the weeks to come after the arrest of Mr. Blagojevich on accusations that he was plotting to trade or sell the Senate appointment. In that sense, the furor could be the first test of the Obama team’s ability to manage a growing scandal in an era when intense media scrutiny and partisan attack machinery can escalate any flap into a serious political problem."

The Obama camp has long known that Illinois Governor Blagojevich was corrupt and was under Federal investigation. Therefore, they tried to distance themselves from him, both before and after the election. But, like the proverbial tar baby, Blagojevich refused to dissipate as a threat to the newly-elected President.

"Mr. Obama said Tuesday that he had never spoken with the governor about the seat, and prosecutors have not implicated Mr. Obama or his advisers. At the same time, Mr. Obama’s team has declined for two days to answer questions about what discussions they had about the seat and whether intermediaries had any contacts with Mr. Blagojevich’s advisers."

Still, in the arena of politics, perception is often more important than reality. Therefore, the Obama team must carefully navigate treacherous waters so they can keep this political mud flying from landing on President-elect Obama. Remember what Biden said about this deliberately created scandal: at first, people are going to perceive Obama as being on the wrong side of the issue.

This scandal thus far seems like it might be tailor-made to initially cast Obama in a bad light.


III. President-elect Obama is signaling that he is going to be a strong advocate for Global Warming, even though 650 scientists have just gone public with their collective ridicule of the entire concept.

Obama's commitment to Global Warming is shown plainly by who he picked to be on his energy team.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama’s Newly Picked Environmental and Energy Team to Beat Back Global Warming", New Yorker Magazine, December 11, 2008

"... who makes up this super-team? Energy Secretary Steven Chu heads the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 'for development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light' ... Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley will chair the Council on Environmental Quality. To head up the EPA, Obama has tapped Lisa Jackson, a sixteen-year veteran of the department and current chief of staff to New Jersey governor Jon Corzine. White House energy coordinator, a new position focusing on energy reform, is likely to be filled by longtime Clinton EPA chief Carol Browner. Happy, vocal Internet liberals?"

The answer, apparently, is that the Liberals will finally be happy over an Obama Cabinet pick.

"Steve Benen expects that 'the vast majority of those on the left will be doing cartwheels' over the picks, with 'polluters and global-warming deniers' the only ones complaining. They demonstrate that Obama truly intends to 'overhaul the system and implement a bold, 21st-century agenda'."

I think Obama's choice of a Nobel Prize winning scientist to be his Energy Secretary is positively brilliant! His scientific credentials will enable Global Warming advocates to silence those of us who believe that Global Warming is one of the deliberately-created global crises designed to move the world into the New World Order (Read NEWS2193, entitled, "Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!")

What Steven Chu's appointment means is that President-elect Obama has finally found a scientist who will lie to the public to convince them that Global Warming is just as huge a danger as the Liberals have been saying all along. He will paint the same kind of dire picture as the movie, "Day After Tomorrow" depicted.

Predictably, the scaremongers will finally have their way and the world will turn "Green".

However, 650 scientists have refused to roll over and die on this issue.

NEWS BRIEF: "More Than 650 Scientists Dissent Over Warming Claims", Hawaii Reporter, 12/11/2008

"Over 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernemntal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 231-page U.S. Senate Minority Report report -- updated from 2007’s groundbreaking report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” -- features the skeptical voices of over 650 prominent international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC."

"The over 650 dissenting scientists are more than 12 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007."

"The chorus of skeptical scientific voices grow louder ... as a steady stream of peer-reviewed studies, analyses, real world data and inconvenient developments challenged the UN and former Vice President Al Gore's claims that the 'science is settled' and there is a 'consensus'. On a range of issues, 2008 proved to be challenging for the promoters of man-made climate fears. Promoters of anthropogenic warming fears endured the following: Global temperatures failing to warm; Peer-reviwed studies predicting a continued lack of warming; a failed attempt to revive the discredited 'Hockey Stick'; inconvenient developments and studies regarding CO2; the Sun; Clouds; Antarctica; the Arctic; Greenland; Mount Kilimanjaro; Hurricanes; Extreme Storms; Floods; Ocean Acidification; Polar Bears; lack of atmospheric dust; the failure of oceans to warm and rise as predicted.

"In addition, the following developments further secured 2008 as the year the 'consensus' collapsed."

Since neither time nor space allow us to fully reprint this Hawaii Reporter article, we encourage you to read it fully.

The ascension of the extremely Liberal Barack Obama to the White House is likely to save the Global Warming Movement from collapse. Even though scientific evidence is strongly moving against Global Warming, Obama and his Energy Chief Steven Chu are going to be able to daily claim that Global Warming is scientifically correct and needs drastic action to prevent the kind of scenario painted by "The Day After Tomorrow".

The Administration propaganda machine, in cooperation with a willing Mass Media, will be able to bury any and all scientific protestations to the contrary and galvanize support from the American citizenry. This development moves the world yet closer to a Global Authority, a Global Government.

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Working secretly in his attic, Dr. Kinsey was one of America's original pornographers. His influence inspired Hugh Hefner to launch Playboy Magazine - the "soft" approach to porn - which in time would escalate the widespread use of pornography through magazines, cable TV and the Internet. In 2006 the California Child Molestation & Sexual Abuse Attorneys reported that: "The number of victims of childhood sexual abuse and molestation grows each year. This horrific crime is directly tied to the growth of pornography on the Internet."

Perhaps most disturbing, Alfred Kinsey has been accused of training pedophiles to work with stopwatches and record the responses of children being raped - all in the name of "science.

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Born and raised in India, Caryl Matrisciana was surrounded by a strange, powerful and mystical religion, seeing firsthand the effect that Hinduism had on the people of that poor nation. After leaving India as a young adult, Caryl became involved in the counter-culture hippie movement, only to discover that elements of Hinduism and the New Age were virtually identical! Eventually, Caryl would discover that this same occult spirituality had entered, not only into the Western world, but had insidiously infiltrated into the Christian Church. Many sincere Christians were thoroughly deceived. Are you one of them, or do you know a loved one who is swept away by this tidal wave of spiritual deception?

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Therefore, the critical issue in the church today is defending the purity of the Gospel against compromise and Ecumenism. The Bible is meant to be the rudder which guides the ship called the Church through stormy waters; these waters have been mightily stirred by the "Enemy of our souls" through casting "every wind of doctrine" at the believer.

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"The Federal Reserve Is Deliberately Devaluing the American Dollar - At The Same Time Other Key Central Banks Are Devaluing Their Currencies!"

Central Banks around the world are taking coordinated efforts to devalue their currency so the planned Regional Currencies can be created and set in place. For citizens of the North American Union, the AMERO is not too far away!

This development is exciting because the creation of the North American Union is part of the developing fulfillment of the 10-Nations prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 (Read NEWS1002, entitled, "NAFTA: The Shocking Rest of the Story")

We are witnessing the unfolding of one of the greatest fulfillment of Bible prophecies ever!


"Mind Control Conditioning of Children! Fisher-Price Doll Conditions Children To Accept Islam"

You can clearly hear this talking baby doll - "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo" - say, "Islam Is The Light"!

"The New Age Christ cannot appear until -- or unless -- a significant proportion of the people have been preconditioned to accept him" -- New Age Plan, "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow", by Constance Cumbey

"Russian Diplomatic Professor Predicts America Will Break Up Into 6 Separate Divisions Because of Economic Stress"

The Illuminati DOES INDEED have a plan to break North America up into 6 Military Patrol Zones!

"Do You Remember That George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton Also Called For a National Community Service Program Early In Their Presidency?"

President George H.W. Bush called for "volunteerism" in 1990, and Clinton's National Community Service Program of 1993 were based squarely on the Hitler model, just as Barack Obama's Universal Service Plan.
Do not be deceived: the coming New World Order is Nazism revived, in so many different ways. The Nazi Wolf is coming back! --

"Surprise! Surprise! Many of President Obama's Policies Will Be IDENTICAL To Bush's! "

There is truly "not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties"!

Conservatives elected George W. Bush in 2000, but got the policies of Al Gore! Likewise, Liberals elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, but will get the policies of Bush!

"World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World" -

"Is Obama The Coming Antichrist?"

Can it be that Senator Barack Obama is THE Antichrist foretold in the Bible?

He certainly has run a Messianic type Presidential campaign and has been called a 'Messiah' by Farrakhan.

Are we witnessing the public coming to power of the Antichrist? You be the judge after reading this article. Matthew 24 and key prophecies in Daniel are key passages if we are to understand this issue.



"Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 2

Mind Change and Collective Service"

Jesus was a community organizer." (A visitor's response to "Training an army of world servers")

Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 1 - Training a Socialist Army of World Servers"

Obama: “I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States ... this will be a central cause of my presidency."

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned... to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." (Aldous Huxley, 'Brave New World')


Iranian President Ahmadinejad Revealed To Be A Freemason!

Another Reason That Iran Will NOT Be Invaded or Attacked!

Proof positive that Illuminized Freemasonry controls both sides of any conflict. President Ahmadinejad is one of the Global Elite and, as such, his country will not be prevented from playing the role which Biblical prophecy has assigned it.

Proof positive that the conflict between the West and Iran is staged according to the principles of the Hegelian Dialectic!



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