February 4, 2008

I. Finally, an Establishment insider has told the truth about President Bush's 6-year campaign to generate fear amongst American citizens!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering - by Richard A. Clarke, former head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 1, 2008

"When I left the Bush administration in 2003, it was clear to me that its strategy for defeating terrorism was leaving our nation more vulnerable and our people in a perilous place. Not only did its policies misappropriate resources, weaken the moral standing of America, and threaten long-standing legal and constitutional provisions, but the president also employed misleading and reckless rhetoric to perpetuate his agenda."

In other words, the President and the people working for him in his Cabinet and the Pentagon lied through their teeth to get Americans fearful enough that he could invade Iraq, threaten to invade Iran, and keep the fear level high enough on a daily basis so that the President could demand, and Congress, acquiesce, in the passage of the most dictatorial laws in American history.

Three years after the 9/11 attacks, we studied the false headlines which had repeatedly been issued by either the FBI or Homeland Security which were obviously created out of thin air and had no basis in fact whatsoever. Further, no sooner did one false terror alert pass without incident than the next false headline was issued. We recommend you study these false alerts, but be aware that this document is 72 pages long. This article is NEWS1888, "SINCE 9/11 THE WORLD HAS CONTINUALLY BEEN SUBJECTED TO GLOBAL 'WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS' - PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED IN DAILY NEWS! HAVE YOU NOTICED?"

This Establishment former head of counter-terrorism has confirmed what we have been saying for years! The President has been deliberately engaged in lying so he could create fear and panic in his country.

As we return to this article, this former counter-terrorism leader details the lies in President Bush's State of the Union address. Neither time nor space allows us to list each of these lies, but we encourage you to read the article thoroughly so you can discover the truth. However, let us examine the last statement of this article, for it is most instructive.

"In order to defeat the violent Islamist extremists who do not believe in human rights, we need not give up the civil liberties, constitutional rights and protections that generations of Americans fought to achieve. We do not need to create Big Brother. With the administration's attempts to erode FISA's legal standing as the exclusive means by which our government can conduct electronic surveillance of U.S. persons on U.S. soil, this is unfortunately the path the president is taking us down. So it is no surprise that in one of Bush's last acts of relevance, he once again played the fear card. While he has failed in spreading democracy, stemming global terrorism, and leaving the country better off than when he took power, he did achieve one thing: successfully perpetuating fear for political gain.

"Sadly, it may be one of the only achievements of his presidency."

Very sadly, no one in either the Democrat Party or the Republican will take note of this sliver of truth, because they are all committed to the same dictatorship as President Bush has been establishing on paper. I think it is clear by now that Bush will pass these dictatorial laws off to the 44th President. If that President is Hillary Clinton, God help us all!

II. Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday" in the Presidential primary campaign for both parties.

It is quite possible that the collective outcome will determine the ultimate winner of the party's Presidential nomination.

NEWS BRIEF: "22 states gear up for Super Tuesday ", New York Daily News, February 4, 2008

"WASHINGTON - Now, it's on to the REAL Super Bowl .... One of the most extraordinary presidential elections in U.S. history reaches its first epic milestone Tuesday when nearly half the country holds primary and caucus elections. The Super Tuesday balloting caps an unusually front-loaded process: By Wednesday morning, roughly 56% of the delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions will have been chosen."

Remember that all elections are rigged to "elect" the candidate chosen by the Global Elite. We posted an article Saturday morning which reported that the Rothschild Family and the Bilderberger Group had publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. This official stamp of approval usually means that the person whom they are endorsing will ascend to the position.

This current Headline News article is: "The Rothschild Family -- Bilderberger Group -- Endorses Hillary Clinton As President!" - NEWS2265.

We expect that Hillary will win some of these states and Obama will win others, but the end result at the Democrat Convention will be either a Hillary/Obama ticket or an Obama/Hillary. Since we have seen the hand of the Illuminati on Hillary for over a decade, we will be surprised if the ticket is Obama/Hillary. Remember that the issue will not be decided until the Democrat Convention, not tomorrow during "Super Tuesday".

All tomorrow can do is to establish an official "front-runner" in each party.


Easter/Resurrection Day Is Early This Year -- March 23

"Pagan Traditions: The REAL Origins of Easter, Christmas, and Halloween"

YOU wouldn't DREAM of dabbling in idolatry or Witchcraft -- would you? YOU have NEVER embraced Witchcraft and the occult -- have you?

Surely, the Easter Bunny, the Christmas Tree, and all of Halloween's symbols and legends, are innocent ways of enjoying the holidays -- aren't they?

Author David Ingraham has spent years researching the Biblical origins, practices and contemporary remnants of Paganism. His message is as important for God's people today as the words of the prophets in Biblical times, because God never changes, and what made Him mad 3,600 years ago makes Him mad today -- especially when people dabble in the "cursed objects" of the occult

You will discover that the practices of our holidays come straight out of ancient Witchcraft religions, such as the Babylonian Religion, the Egyptian Mysteries, the unbelievably cruel Druid religion, and many more

As you learn that these holidays are steeped in Satanism, your Holy Spirit filled heart will tell you what you need to do. -- Book http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1757


"America's Occult Holidays"

Startling Facts by Former Satanist Doc Marquis

Too many Christians are enthusiastically celebrating pagan holidays, thinking they are Christian. Once you understand how very pagan America and the rest of the Western world has become, you can see how God's judgment cannot be far behind. In this video, former Illuminist Satanist, Doc Marquis, demonstrates the truth -- our holidays have been copied from Satanism and just given Christian names. You will be shocked to realize how very pagan our annual celebrations are! You will be shocked to realize how most of the symbols used in our holidays originated within Satanism.

You will be shocked to realize how most of the symbols used in our holidays originated within Satanism. Doc covers the following pagan holidays most of which America fervently celebrates. 1) America's Occult Calendar -- Marquis reveals how our entire calendar is patterned after paganism, from January 1 through December 31! 2) Valetine's Day/Groundhog Day 3) Easter 4) Beltaine - May 1 5) Halloween (Samhain) 6) Christmas (Yule) With pagan holidays spread throughout the calendar year, you have time to warn your friends and relatives of the dangers of practicing these holidays. Nearly 3 hours long. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1460

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Includes maps and art showing: 1) Jesus' triumphal entry, 2) His cleansing of the Temple, 3) the Last Supper, 4) the Garden of Gethsemane, 5) the Crucifixion, and burial,6) followed by His Resurrection.

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"Webster's Blue Backed Spelling Book & New England Primer"

Excellent Homeschooling resource! Both 'Webster's Blue-Backed Spelling Book' and 'New England Primer' were basic, required, foundational textbooks used in the schools of our Republic in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Unfortunately, they were eliminated as both textbooks and school curricula were systematically "dumbed down"

These two textbooks further prove that America's Founding Fathers expected moral truths and Christian principles to be taught in every school subject

These two valuable basic American textbooks together in one volume remain a valuable teaching aid for Home Schooling or supplementary help for public school students



"How Clinton Clergy Corrupted A President" -- Book

The focus of this most insightful book is NOT really Bill Clinton, but the false Protestant clergy who gave Clinton spiritual guidance which only "tickled his ears" rather than Biblically warn him so he could turn from his wicked ways

These false clergymen simply told Clinton what he wanted to hear, encouraging him to think that his many sins were not condemned in the Bible.

These clergy "enabled" Bill Clinton to sin in many ways, allowing him to think that sins like his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky was not really wrong

If Hillary Clinton is nominated as Presidential candidate, America will have another Clinton imbued with the same false spiritual advice which guided Bill Clinton

NOTE: We do not agree with every conclusion of this author, but the study of the false clergy who advised Clinton is priceless

232 pages -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1754



"Hollywood's War On God" - Fulfilling Bible Prophecy - DVD

'Hollywood's War on God' is a mind-blowing, eye-popping video documentary which reveals how Satanic forces are mightily using Hollywood's most memorable movies and its most popular actors to propagate an Ancient Lie in fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy.
Learn how movies are initiating the masses of people into a Gnostic Worldview which will culminate in the "Strong Delusion" when the peoples of the world enthusiastically join with Antichrist and the False Prophet for the climactic war on God

These are some of the movie titles addressed in this blockbuster DVD:

1) 'The DaVinci Code' by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks;
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5) 'Pleasantville', by Toby McQuire;
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8) 'League of Extraordinary Gentleman' by Shawn Connery;
9) 'Harry Potter' by J.K. Rowling;
10) 'Bladerunner', Harrison Ford;
11) Tom Cruises' 'Vanilla Sky', 'Eyes Wide Shut', and 'Minority Report'.
12) Many other movies

A must have video for people who want to know how they are being silently manipulated to be good New World Order citizens! Now you can see what Hollywood is doing to you! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1753

WITCHCRAFT - The Age of Innocence Is Over!!

DVD - By Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

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Did you know that Daniel 8:23-25 (KJV)foretells that the religion of Antichrist will be Witchcraft, specifically, Black Magick witchcraft? Therefore, Christians need to really and truly be aware of the "devices" of Witchcraft and how it is impacting the entire world today

"Witchcraft: Age of Innocence Is Over" will examine the origins of witchcraft and its evolution to the modern-day Wiccan Movement. It will explore the beliefs not only of those who practice a postmodern, sanitized “white magick,” but also those who delve into the “black magick” of the avowed disciple of Lucifer. We will also see how the movement has progressed from primarily evil witchcraft to a sanitized witchcraft acceptable to the masses, even though it is still as evil and dangerous as it was in days of old

Does a witch conjure evil spells with the aid of such apothecaries as “eye of newt” and “dried wing of bat” mixed in a boiling cauldron under a full moon? Does a witch invoke Satan or other evil spirits to do their bidding for them? Are witches on a mission to replace Christianity with “Devil Worship?” Does the modern witch truly worship Lucifer, or is he or she simply a “tree-hugging” disciple of “Mother Nature?” Are those who practice Wicca and “white magick” true witches, or are the “true witches” the practitioners of “black magick” and Satan worshipers cast in the mold of Aleister Crowley or even Anton LaVey?

Are Christians to run from witches in fear, or should they make every effort to reach them for Jesus Christ? Indeed, we show how a Christian can use this information to reach a practicing witch with the saving Gospel!

Running time is 2 hours -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1751

"Preparing For The Mark of the Beast - '666' "

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Strong soul-winning book, for it warns the unbeliever as to what the Mark of the Beast is and how the signs are clearly pointing to the soon implementation of that Mark You need to share this information with your unsaved loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors

The Mark of the Beast has long been the subject of heated debate and even outrageous sensationalism. While people can only speculate about the details of what this Mark will be and how it will be implemented, there is no disputing one key Biblical fact: The execution of the Mark described in Revelation 13 will be an unprecedented landmark event in human history

The peoples and the institutions of the entire world are now being prepared for the implementation of the Mark

This book tracks the various stages of developments which are now leading up to the Mark of the Beast, including: 1) God's Identity System; 2) Receiving the Mark of the Beast; 3) The Invisible Battle; 4) War In Heaven; 5) The Demon of Sensationalism

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This DVD series answers the following questions: 1) Who was the first Devil worshipper? 2) Can a Christian be a Witch? 3) Is Reincarnation taught in the Bible? 4) Can people actually talk to the dead and what does the Bible say? 5) If God is so powerful, why doesn't He just kill Satan? 6) Can a Christian be demon possessed? 7) Can a person actually sell their soul to the Devil? 8) Seven reasons people get into the occult 9) Five ways Satan can use Fantasy to capture your children

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Behold A Pale Horse

"The Rothschild Family -- Bilderberger Group -- Endorses Hillary Clinton As President!"

Additionally, Wolf Blizter asked during the California debate if a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary candidacy was in the immediate future. Neither candidate shot the idea down!

Would this pairing represent the Democratic Party's "Dream Ticket"?


"Did You Know That Adolf Hitler Claimed To Be A Born-Again Christian?"

Thinking that Hitler was a Christian, Germans elected Hitler to office! Hitler, and his comrades in the Satanic Thule Secret Society, believed he was THE Antichrist and repeatedly held seances to call the Spirit of Antichrist from the Abyss into Adolf.

As Americans go to the polls, we need to remember that the most evil people can, and do, put on the most deceptive face to deceive the undiscerning. In the upcoming election, Hillary Clinton is now being touted as a Born Again Christian. http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2266.cfm

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Issues Clarion Call For Global Institutions To Make The Final Paradigm Leap To Become The Powerful International Governing Bodies The Plan Has Always Meant Them To Be!"

Brown's bold statements may mean that a "tipping point" has been reached in the many multiple crises which are now roiling the world. The final stages to the New World Order may finally be seen on the horizon. http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2263.cfm

"Change! New world, New ways, New minds, New god"s -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2263.cfm

by Berit Kjos

"God is birthing the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of the church." ... "Reinvent yourself for the 21st century or die."[1] Pastor Leonard Sweet, Soul Tsunami -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db100.html

TO SPANK OR NOT TO SPANK: What The Word Of God Has To Say About Disciplining Children - http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/p291.htm

"Oprah Winfrey and "Friends" Will Teach New Age Course Called "Reflections on the New Age Christ"

Oprah Winfrey is dramatically advancing the cause of the appearance of the New Age Christ (Antichrist). Long a New Age advocate, Oprah is now "pulling out all the stops" in her promotion of Antichrist and his doctrines.



* "Canada And America Back Out of Global Warming Provisions Crafted In Bali"

The European Union, Japan, Russia, and China lead the way in approving the most radical Bali Agreement -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2258.cfm

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