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February 23, 2009

Very Special New DVD - From Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

"The Return of Jesus Christ"

Lessons 1&2 - DVD + CDROM - Part of 12-part series

This first DVD covers Lessons 1 & 2, and provides the broad introduction to the series - emphasizing the Davidic Covenant, plus an excellent teaching on the Prophecies of Daniel

CDROM contains: Outline Notes for Lessons 1-4. Prints to 18 pages, giving you plenty of room to take notes, PLUS PowerPoint slides for Lessons 1 & 2

Mac Dominick has authored a number of books and DVD's for Cutting Edge: 1) Book "Outcome Based Religion", expose' or Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church; 2) Book "Rebuilding The Tower of Babel", showing that Warren's stated purpose is to spiritually rebuild the infamous Tower of Babel; 3) Witchcraft: The Age of Innocence Is Over" DVD

Key News Events

I. A new report demonstrates that America's current economic woes are not nearly as serious as our leaders are trumpeting to the American sheeple!

NEWS BRIEF: "American Budgets Have More to Spare for Cars And Home Than in 1955 ", By Bob Willis, Bloomberg Financial News, February 21, 2009

"Even in the midst of what may become the worst recession in the postwar era, Americans still have the means to enjoy more luxuries than their parents or grandparents did a half-century ago ... Necessities like food and clothing take a much smaller share of household budgets, with plenty left over to pay for bigger homes, second or third cars and higher levels of education than families could afford back then."

"That has allowed U.S. families to devote 43 percent of their budgets to housing -- including rent, furnishings, utilities and even hotel stays -- according to weightings used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to calculate the consumer price index ... Consumer prices were unchanged in January from a year earlier, the first time they haven’t increased on a 12-month basis since 1955, Labor reported yesterday in Washington. Americans today devote 15.8 percent of their budgets to food and beverages, down from 28.6 percent 54 years ago, and spend 3.7 percent on clothing, down from 9.8 percent."

These statistics demonstrate that we American citizens need to become discerning enough to realize that our current leaders, from both sides of the political aisle, are greatly exaggerating economic news so that they can force through the dramatic changes they wish to implement. Panicked sheep are always the easiest to control. As America leads the world into the transition from a Capitalist to a Fascist Economy, individual citizens are to be kept so frightened that they will sit back to allow government leaders to do whatever they want to do to us.

In the News Alert of 2/20, we posted an article in which Former President Bill Clinton admonished President Obama to speak more positively about the economy. In the Newsletter of 2/18/2009, Section V, we highlight a Wall Street Journal article of February 13, in which the Journal reports that Obama's overheated public rhetoric is the "real catastrophe", because our current economic troubles are nowhere close to those of the Great Depression; some statistics actually show that the recession of 1981-82 was actually worse than today.

We appreciate the candor and honesty of some people within our society concerning the real current state of our economy. While many are hurting and have lost their jobs, many more Americans still have their jobs. This next article reports that America still remains the #1 producing nation in the world!


II. For every $1 produced in Chinese factories, American factories generate $2.50!

NEWS BRIEF: "Is anything made in the U.S.A. anymore? You'd be surprised", International Herald Tribune, February 20, 2009

"It seems as if the country that used to make everything is on the brink of making nothing. In January, 207,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished in the largest one-month drop since October 1982. U.S. factory activity is hovering at a 28-year low. Even before the recession, plants were hemorrhaging work to foreign competitors with low-cost labor. And some companies were moving production overseas."

This paragraph succinctly states the core of the economic troubles which America is facing today. Most people probably think, from all the negative publicity, that American manufacturing is finished. Not so!

"But manufacturing in the United States is not dead or even dying. It is moving upscale, following the biggest profits and becoming more efficient, just as Henry Ford did when he created the assembly line to make the Model T car. The United States remains by far the world's leading manufacturer by value of goods produced. It hit a record $1.6 trillion in 2007 - nearly double the $811 billion of 1987. For every $1 of value produced in China factories, the United States generates $2.50."

I could not believe this last statistic! China's economy has been built up in Mass Media so much that I thought it was actually closer to producing the same level as America's or perhaps even more. This next segment reveals the kinds of merchandise being produced in America's factories of which most Americans are not aware:

* America "sold more than $200 billion worth of aircraft, missiles and space-related equipment in 2007, and $80 billion worth of autos and auto parts. Deere, best known for its bright green and yellow tractors, sold $16.5 billion worth of farming equipment last year, much of it to the rest of the world."

* "energy products like gas turbines for power plants made by General Electric"

* "computer chips from Intel"

* "fighter jets from Lockheed Martin"

* "Household names like GE, General Motors, International Business Machines, Boeing and Hewlett-Packard are among the largest manufacturers by revenue."

Certain strategic trends are important to recognize .

"The United States makes things that other countries cannot. Today, 'Made in U.S.A.' is more likely to be stamped on heavy equipment or the circuits that go inside other products than the televisions, toys, clothes and other items found on store shelves. U.S. companies have shifted toward high-end manufacturing as the production of low-value goods has moved overseas. This has resulted in lower prices for shoppers and higher profits for companies."

Japan's economy went through this phase about 30 years ago, when lower value manufacturing shifted toward South Korea and India while Japanese manufacturing emphasized higher-end products.

Do not be too discouraged by the extremely negative public rhetoric flying about the airwaves today. Please realize that our leaders are taking this economy through a difficult transition phase into the "Brave New World" of government-controlled Fascism. Until this phase is complete, Americans must continue to believe that economic collapse is imminent.


III. Iranian President Ahmadinejad calls for a New World Order!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranian President Ahmadinejad calls for New World Order ", Press TV News, February 17, 2009

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a new world order based on new ideas, saying the era of tyranny has come to a dead-end ... In an exclusive interview with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ahmadinejad noted that it is time to propose new ideologies for running the world. He said the time of tyrannical regimes is over and arrogant powers can no longer proceed with business as usual since their capitalism-based economies are collapsing."

Notice his admission that the New World Order is being brought about by the collapse of Capitalist economies. Iran's radical president then noted the effect of the war between Israel and the Palestinians.

"The Iranian president stated that Israel's defeat in its Gaza offensive was the beginning of a new order in the world. 'Now they are in disarray and new developments are unfolding'."

Cutting Edge has long taught that the traditional Illuminati Dialectic Struggle is being followed closely in the plan to produce the New World Order. In any application of the Dialectic, the Illuminati must control both sides. The international struggle between the Western Democracies and the Russian Socialist/Communist factions are equally controlled by the Global Elite. America controls the Western Democracies, including Israel, while Russia controls the Socialist/Communist nations. Russia certainly controls the Islamic world, including Iran.

This statement by Iranian President Ahmadinejad calling for a New World Order proves the validity of our contention that the Illuminati controls both major sides fighting to overthrow the old world order so the new can be established.

IV. Did Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu promise "No Palestinian State"?

Netanyahu proved during his first stint as Prime Minister that he was an obedient subject to the Secret Society Plan. He WILL cooperate in the Oslo Accord plan to produce a nation for the Palestinians carved out of Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "NU: No Likud plans for Palestinian state", The Jerusalem Post, February 23, 2009

"Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu promised the National Union faction that the guidelines of the coalition he is forging will not refer to a Palestinian state, the road map peace plan or the Annapolis diplomatic process, sources in the party revealed on Sunday. The National Union sought assurances from Netanyahu that there would be no hint of a Palestinian state in the guidelines, in return for the party's endorsement of him..."

Did Netanyahu REALLY say that he would not seek a nation for the Palestinians? Well, not quite.

"Netanyahu didn't say in his own words that a Palestinian state would not be mentioned in the guidelines, but after we asked for that, he replied that we will be able to live with the coalition guidelines," National Union MK Arye Eldad said."

It is ludicrous that Netanyahu would allow himself to be kept hostage by a fringe religious group which controls only 4 seats in the Knesset! Politicians for a very long time now have developed the art of seeming to say one thing at a sensitive time and then brazenly act in a contrary manner at a later time when their decision was really important.

In this case, Netanyahu will certainly press forward for a Palestinian State! How can I be so sure of this? Because Netanyahu has already caved to the overall Plan for the Palestinians.

Cutting Edge posted an article in July, 1996, in which Netanyahu appeared on stage with Secretary of State Warren Christopher (NEWS1025):

"NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu: Peace or Terror", The Jerusalem Post, International Edition, No. 1861. Week Ending July 6, 1996, Pages 1-2. "Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last week pledged to US Secretary of State Warren Christopher that he would hold a dialogue with the Palestinian Authority 'in the coming days', evidently an allusion to the meeting held later in the week ... But the premier gave no indication of when and under what conditions he would meet with Arafat or order an Israeli military redeployment in Hebron ... In an apparent gesture to Netanyahu while standing alongside him during their press conference, Christopher used two phrases favored by Netanyahu: 'peace and security' ... While Christopher said that peace is not possible without security, he [Netanyahu] added: 'Security without peace is impossible'. "

Later in NEWS1025, we noted that Netanyahu specifically mentioned the Oslo Accords.

"Shortly after the election of Benjamin Netanyahu, his spokesman, Avi Lipkin, visited the offices of "Prophecy In The News", to answer questions about possible future events. The quotes which follow are from the July, 1996, issue, pages 3-5. Lipkin states, very firmly, that Netanyahu will hold the Palestinians accountable to honor the agreements of the Oslo II accords."

Since the original Oslo Accords promise a Palestinian State carved out of Biblical Israel (NEWS2250), Netanyahu is, in effect, stating that he will give them their state when he insists that they honor the agreements of Oslo. Since very few people realize this fact, they will reach a different conclusion that the hidden promise contained within the Prime Minister's remarks.

"Double-speak" has become an art form with all these Elite politicians.

New Headline News Articles


"Pro-Western Turkey Now Moving Steadily Into Anti-Western Iranian Orbit!"

Last piece of the prophetic puzzle now slipping into place! Turkey is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to march with Russia and Iran to attack Israel




"Another Reason The Illuminati Will Not Allow This Current Economic Condition To Deteriorate To Levels of the Great Depression!"

The Global Elite fears an aroused population, especially if they are aroused to take to the streets in open confrontation with government forces. Therefore, this current economic condition will not be allowed to get even close to this type of mass panic. -



"'Hell On Earth' - Demons Scouring The Earth During The Great Tribulation"

You don't want to miss the Rapture, for then you will have to deal with Antichrist, Satan, and the demonic hordes which God lets out of prison so they can afflict mankind. Have you ever stopped to think what kind of 'Hell on Earth' these demons will inflict upon mankind?

"As In The Days of Lot" -- Re-emergence of Homosexuality In Society Sure Sign That Jesus' Return Is Close

You will be shocked to learn how much power the homosexual lobby has amassed in American and other Western nations. But, after reading this article, you will gain a new sense of the lateness of the prophetic hour. -


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"For God speaketh once, yea, twice."

The words of the prophets had, not only a typical fulfillment in history, but have a perfect fulfillment in the last days.


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For any Christian who ever wondered what UFO's or aliens are, Dr. Thomas was the first to break through the confusion, offering extraordinary insights to this age-old mystery. This book studies aliens from a Biblical perspective.

More and more we are finding that mythology in general, though greatly contorted, very often has a legitimate historic base. One myth, which occurs over and over again in various cultures of the world, says that a long time ago, supernatural beings (sons of god) had sexual relations with human women, producing a special breed of people. (Francis A. Schaeffer)

This type of activity is occurring again today, as Nephilim (demonic beings) are again interacting with humans in this age.

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Dynamic topics include: Vioxx, artifical fertilzers, pesices, injections, Immunizations, Vaccinations, genetically altered seeds, cell phones, diet drinks, Soy products, Mercury preservatives, MSG, Aspartame, Flouridated water, suppessed cures, Chemtrails, aluminum cans & cookware, Anthrax, Cancer treatments, DDT, created diseases, milk additives and processes, MTBE, Splenda and that is just scratching the surface!

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The Five Prophecies Being Fulfilled which are covered on this DVD

1) The Jewish people returned to their land'

2) Modern Technology" is driving the ability of the forces of Antichrist to bring the world into a global economy and government and to control both the economy and every person just as tightly as the 'Mark of the Beast' prophecy stipulates

3) "Worldwide Upheaval" is clearly one of the major signs of the impending "End of the Age". You will see, and hear, how truly convulsed the world is today

4) "Rise of Falsehood" - Both religiously and politically

5) "Rise of Wickedness"

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"The Final (Prophetic) Countdown - Volume 2"

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This video presents 5 dramatic events and/or trends which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus "is near, even at the very doors". Teaching is liberally sprinkled with video clips

The Five Prophecies Being Fulfilled which are covered on this DVD

1) "The Rise of Apostasy"

2) "Rise of the One World Religion" -- Headed by the Roman Catholic Pope

3) "World Government"

4) "4)One World Economy"

5) "The Mark of the Beast"

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Current Headline News Articles Warning of Contemporary Issues

New Headline News Articles

Hillary's Phoenix Pin

"New Republican U.S. Senator From New Hampshire Wore A 'Phoenix Bird Pin' To News Conference Introducing Her As Judd Gregg's Successor"

Wearing this Phoenix Bird Pin sends a signal to the most powerful elite that Bonnie Newman will continue to follow the prepared script as she fills Judd Gregg's Senate seat as he assumes the post of Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration --

"Draconian Plan To Force People To Leave Florida Continues To Jolt Forward, Using Hurricane Damage As The Excuse!"

"Re-wilding" of Florida continues as the state's largest insurance company refuses to continue homeowner's insurance! Many people will begin to make plans to relocate elsewhere. The time is coming when a global charismatic leader is going to declare that people must be forced to leave so 'Mother Gaia" can be protected.

The Re-wilding Plan foresees that most of Florida will be "cleansed" of human population.

"President Obama Immediately Throws His Weight Behind Masonic President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority In A Renewed Drive To Create A Palestinian State"

Rather than condemn Israel for her attack on Hamas in The Gaza Strip, President Obama calls Palestinian (Masonic) President Abbas to restart the process of creating a Palestinian State! With Hillary Clinton now confirmed as Secretary of State, Obama seems poised to restart efforts to create a Palestinian Nation.

With Hamas badly weakened at this moment, Palestinian President Abbas may be able to speak for the Palestinian people and reach an agreement with Israel to create a nation carved from Biblical lands. Now you know how important Israel's attack against Hamas truly was, and how in line with the Illuminati Plan to create the Palestinian State.

Barack Obama WILL FACE The Obelisk As He Takes His Oath of Office

President Obama continues the practice begun by Ronald Reagan of "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument -- during his inauguration as the 44th President. This practice further demonstrates the reality that this President is going to be thoroughly Illuminist pagan. :



"Henry Kissinger Has Proclaimed That Obama Is Primed To "Create New World Order"!

We have felt since 1992 that the final events needed to conclude the New World Order might occur during the administration of the 44th President.

Now, one of the most powerful member of the Illuminati has just stated that Obama is uniquely positioned to create the final New World Order, a.k.a. Kingdom of Antichrist.




“…for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die” Genesis 2:17

Man’s very existence has always been threatened by the “big three” of disease, war and famine, but there is a silent plague stalking us that renders those things trivial by comparison. Even though the current population of the world is estimated to be 6.7 billion—and continues to keep growing in spite of the historic trio of death and destruction—100% of that tremendously large number (which of course includes you and me) were born with a condition having infinitely greater consequences!

Did you know that according to the Bible all humans are born into this world spiritually dead?


"Many Pastors of Christian Churches Are Reported To Be Freemasons - What New World Order Ramifications Might We Expect?"

We will examine the possible religious and New World Order ramifications that might flow from many pastors and key leaders of Christian churches being Freemasons. You will be shocked!

Truly, Antichrist cannot arise until the Masons have changed Christian Churches enough to accept him.

DVD - Book

"Prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 Is Now Being Fulfilled In Your Daily News - Final Timeline Now Becoming Apparent"

The prophesied 10-Nation Reorganization is being fulfilled. South and Southeast Asian countries have just signed their charter which will produce Nation #9 of the Illuminati Plan!

Now, North American Union (Nation#1) and the South American Union (Nation #6) can continue their march toward fulfillment. End of the Age prophecy is being fulfilled - are you paying attention?

Antichrist cannot arise until these 10 Super Nations are formed!




"Why Are Genuinely Born-Again Pastors So Terribly Blind As To The Prophetic Times In Which We Live? Cutting Edge Challenge To All Pastors"

"Part 1 of 3 - Why Can't You See That Every War In The 20th Century Was Fought To Produce Antichrist?" -

"Part 2 of 3 - "You need to learn of Satan's Devices! "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." [2 Cor 2:11] The article is for all pastors who are not aware of the schemes, powers, and devices of Satan during this most occult hour in world history!" -

Part 3 of 3 - "World War II was the only global war in which America was seemingly threatened, yet the Illuminati financed Hitler's rise to power, financed his war buildup, and poured large assets into his war chest all through the war" -

This, DVD, above, speaks clearly to this current generations of deliberately blind pastors. "Theologians Under Hitler" tells a hidden story, that three prominent, well-respected Protestant theologians unexpectedly transferred their allegiance to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.
These Protestant leaders greatly helped blind German Protestants to the truth of Hitler, so that the majority of the German Church supported Hitler and aided greatly in providing the bedrock of support for Hitler's World War II and his Jewish Genocide.

Respected American Protestant theologians have accomplished the same thing for President Bush! Look at the Far Right: Falwell, Robertson, Billy Graham have successfully worked to blind American Christians as to the truth of "Skull & Bones" Bush.

Tactic which worked for Hitler is now being carried out in America! Now you can know why American Right-Wing Christians are so adamantly blinded by Republican politics! --

"The Federal Reserve Is Deliberately Devaluing the American Dollar - At The Same Time Other Key Central Banks Are Devaluing Their Currencies!"

Central Banks around the world are taking coordinated efforts to devalue their currency so the planned Regional Currencies can be created and set in place. For citizens of the North American Union, the AMERO is not too far away!

This development is exciting because the creation of the North American Union is part of the developing fulfillment of the 10-Nations prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 (Read NEWS1002, entitled, "NAFTA: The Shocking Rest of the Story")

We are witnessing the unfolding of one of the greatest fulfillment of Bible prophecies ever!


"Russian Diplomatic Professor Predicts America Will Break Up Into 6 Separate Divisions Because of Economic Stress"

The Illuminati DOES INDEED have a plan to break North America up into 6 Military Patrol Zones!


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