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Breaking News



I. Iraq is again in the throes of the flames of war!

62 Killed In Attacks On Iraq Pilgrims: Monday Roadside Bomb Hits Shiite Pilgrims, Toll From Sunday Blast Reaches 56", CBS News, February 25, 2008

"A roadside bomb killed four Shiite pilgrims and wounded 15 south of Baghdad Monday in at least the third fatal attack on people traveling to one of their sect's most sacred gatherings, officials said. The death toll rose from 40 to 56 from a suicide bombing Sunday - one of Iraq's deadliest attacks this year."

This bombing was especially onerous because it targeted peaceful Iraqi pilgrims who were traveling to their sacred city, Karbala, in order to attend a religious festival. This tactic takes us back to the "pre-surge" days of the war when Sunni was murdering Shi'ite in every conceivable manner and from every conceivable place, including mosques. Since early last year, when the Shi'ite cleric, al-Sadr, ordered his Mahdi Army to unilaterally ceasefire, such attacks had decreased dramatically.

But, this bombing was not the only one of great interest, targeting pilgrims.

"In eastern Baghdad, another roadside bombing wounded three pilgrims. A second bomb that went off a few minutes later about 70 yards away wounded a traffic policeman riding to the scene on his motorcycle."

But, there was yet another bombing of pilgrims!

"Extremists had attacked another group of pilgrims with guns and grenades hours earlier in the predominantly Sunni Baghdad neighborhood of Dora, killing three and wounding 49, Iraqi military spokesman Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta said. He said the extremists fired from a mosque at the pilgrims and that a counterattack killed five of them, while two were captured."

If the bad old days are returning, where Sunni and Shi'ite are daily trying to outdo the other in killing each other, the success of the "surge" will prove to be a dream, indeed. Of course, if the realization that President Bush's surge success was an illusion after all hits home during the Presidential campaign, Senator McCain could be in real trouble, because he is running as a virtual clone of President Bush. McCain is aware that his pro-Iraq War policy could cost him the election, as he commented as such yesterday.

NEWS BRIEF: "McCain retracts comment he could lose on Iraq", Reuters News, February 25, 2008

"Republican presidential front-runner John McCain on Monday retracted his earlier statement he would lose the November election if he did not convince Americans they were winning the war in Iraq. 'I don't mean that I'll, quote, lose', McCain told reporters on his campaign bus. 'I mean that it's an important issue in the judgment of the American voters'."

The Iraq War is going to be a contentious issue in the Fall election, and McCain is on the wrong side. His remarkably candid remark reflects his understanding that he will be badly hurt if he is perceived to be too close to the most unpopular President in history! Did you realize that President Bush is now the least liked President in all history?

NEWS BRIEF: "Worse than Watergate: Bush scores lowest presidential approval rating EVER!", Prison Planet, February 21, 2008

"The 2008 presidential race must be an incredibly welcome development for President Bush and his White House ... George W. Bush is now the most unpopular president in recorded American history. Worse than Richard Nixon in the days before he resigned in disgrace during Watergate, worse than Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis, much worse than Bill Clinton when he was impeached. Just as Roger Bannister raced through what once seemed the unreachable 4-minute mile, Bush has burst through a barrier once also thought impossible, below the 20-percent mark."

"George W. Bush has shattered a record that has stood for 55 long years, and there's not any one reason. It's everything, although I suspect that liberals would more likely say Iraq and torture, conservatives would say immigration and runaway spending, and everyone would now say the economy."

Actually, Bush's approval rating is sitting at an abysmal 19%!

And, Senator McCain is running as a clone of President Bush!

Getting back to Iraq for a moment, we can see that, not only are attacks getting more frequent and are returning to the normal form for this dreary war, we can see that insurgents are again attacking Coalition HQ, the Green Zone, in Baghdad!

NEWS BRIEF: "Green Zone HQ Attacked Day After Cease-Fire: Rockets or mortars hit the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday", Excite News, February 23, 2008

"BAGHDAD (AP) - Rockets or mortars hit the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday, just a day after powerful Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his Mahdi Army militia to extend its cease-fire by another six months. Starting about 6:15 a.m., nearly 10 blasts could be heard in the sprawling area along the Tigris River that houses the U.S. and British embassies, the Iraqi government headquarters and thousands of American troops. Maj. Brad Leighton, a U.S. military spokesman, confirmed the Green Zone was hit by indirect fire - the military's term for a rocket or mortar attack ... It was the fourth time this week that U.S. outposts in Baghdad appeared to be the targets of rocket or mortar attacks. The attacks have killed at least six people and wounded both Iraqis and Americans, including at least two U.S. troops."

The handwriting seems to be on the wall, flashing warnings that the Iraq War could return to the normal bloody conflict which America could not win. Cutting Edge has been warning for a long while that the "success" of Bush's "surge" was due more to al-Sadr's unilateral ceasefire than any accomplishment from America's military. As America swings into the Fall election, we might see an embarrassing explosion of an unwinnable war at the very time Americans are going to the polls.

II. The Democrat Presidential Primary has just taken a surprising news, as Ralph Nader has just entered the race as an Independent candidate! The only question is which Democrat will he hurt the most -- Hillary or Obama?

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader announced Sunday he's running for president: Causes stir amongst Democrats - mainstream candidates are too closely tied to corporate America", Newsday.com, February 24, 2008

"PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Consumer advocate Ralph Nader announced Sunday he's running for president, a move that isn't likely to put him in the White House but that could shave votes from the Democratic nominee in November's election. Nader, who ran as the Green Party candidate for president in 2000, announced his White House intentions on NBC's 'Meet the Press' Sunday."

We have been anticipating a Third Party candidacy from someone this year, but felt it would likely come from the Republican side, in much the same manner as in 1992 and 1996, when Ross Perot was seen as splitting the Conservative vote away from the Republican candidate, allowing Bill Clinton to twice squeeze out a victory with less than 50% of the vote.

Hillary was not amused by Nader's announcement.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton said Nader's bid would be bad for whichever Democrat ultimately faces likely Republican nominee Sen. John McCain in November. She called Nader's candidacy 'a passing fancy' but conceded the only party likely to be hurt by it was the Democrats, adding, 'I can't think of any Republicans that would vote for him'."

Nader's votes in the Florida election are believed to have cost Al Gore the Presidency, allowing President Bush to eke out the victory. Therefore, Democrats who really want to see the Republicans turned out of office are very upset. And, I agree with them in this one regard: I cannot see any Republican voter voting for Nader.

Since Nader's name is not on any primary ballot, he will not be a factor in determining who the Democrat Presidential nominee will be. However, pundits can make a believable case that he will take votes away from whoever the Democrat nominee is in the Fall. Remember, this whole process is predetermined, and is being made to unfold so that the undiscerning people will believe that the process does depend upon factors like chance and personal appeal.

My sense is that, since Obama is said to be appealing to the younger, more impressionable and more extremist voter, political talking heads can place the plausible scenario to the American people that Nader would take more votes away from an Obama candidacy than from a Clinton candidacy. We shall just have to wait to see how this most interesting turn of events pans out.

Nader did agree with Cutting Edge on one matter, though!

"Nader, 73, said he is running because mainstream candidates are too closely tied to corporate America. "

Indeed, Nader is not only right, but he is really saying that there is no real difference between the Democrat and Republican parties on most issues -- just as we have been saying for 20 years!


III. The entire Federal Government establishment has clearly joined with Big Business against the American consumer.

NEWS BRIEF: "Supreme Court Shields Medical Device Manufacturers from Consumer Lawsuits: If those products were pre-approved for use by the FDA, "Natural News.com, February 24, 2008

"The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that medical device manufacturers cannot be sued for injuries caused by their products if those products were pre-approved for use by the FDA. The court ruled that Charles Riegel, who was injured in 1996 when a balloon catheter made by Medtronic Inc. burst while being inserted into one of his coronary arteries during an angioplasty, could not sue the company for damages. In doing so, the Supreme Court upheld a ruling by a U.S. appeals court and an earlier ruling by a trial court in New York ... the court dismissed the case entirely, saying that federal law prohibits suing device manufacturers in state courts if the device was approved as safe by the FDA. The decision is expected to have ramifications for a large number of pending lawsuits against manufacturers of devices such as breast implants, defibrillators, artificial heart pumps and valves, drug-coated stents, spinal cord stimulators, and prosthetic hips and knees."

This ruling is huge! It seems to mean that the Federal Government has now forcefully entered into an alliance with Big Business against the average consumer. The Federal Government is now shielding Big Business from the threat of lawsuits. But, why should we be surprised, since President Bush and the Congress were recently trying to pass a law shielding telecommunications giants from lawsuits after they illegally turned over private data to the government's illegal spying operation!

It is a sad day, indeed, when the little guy has lost his protections in the court system. Can you sense the dictatorship about to hit us hard?

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