February 29, 2008

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I. Global COOLING Is A Serious Problem!

Yes, you heard me correctly. The earth is cooling, not warming, as the Global Elite is trying to convince us. If you want to know why the Illuminati wants the world to believe that the Earth is Warming, please take a moment to read Headline News Article, "Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!" -- NEWS2193.

Now that you understand why we are being fed the lie of "Global Warming", let us review the current news.

NEWS BRIEF: "Global Cooling is a Serious Problem: 2007 saw the greatest single drop in temperature in recorded history", By Bruce Walker, Canada Free Press News, February 27, 2008

"Scientist who study climate change have now come up with a new prognosis for the future of our planet: 2007 saw the greatest single drop in temperature in recorded history. The ice age which had been receding for the last few centuries seems to be returning. Global Cooling is a serious problem. The last time our planet suffered from global cooling, there was also a troubling increase in crop failures, disease and the decline of habitable areas (Greenland and Iceland, for example, had much more vegetation and warmth.)"

The only reason this story is shocking is that the peoples of the world have been told, nonstop for the past 2 decades, that the Earth is going into a ruinous Global Warming phase, brought on by mankind's Industrial Civilization. The answer to this so-called Global Warming is to submit to a Global Dictatorship which can force nations to change their lifestyles which are supposedly bringing on this warming.

With tongue in cheek, this journalist then proscribes the "cure" for this Global Cooling.

"It is difficult to say if mankind can stop global cooling, but it is not difficult to say what the reaction of policymakers around the world should be to this newest and real natural threat. Governments should encourage the mining of coal, the drilling for oil, increasing industrial activity, more vehicles on the highways and the introduction of heat-retaining chemical compounds in our atmosphere." (Ibid.)

This next segment reveals that Bruce Walker understands the neo-pagan foundation behind the current Global Warming scare.

"The mythology of Global Warming was built upon the assumption that the more man asserts his hegemony over nature, the more man somehow desecrates the Goddess Nature. Global Warming was constructed upon a rejection of the Judeo-Christian God and an embrace of the ancient and savage gods and goddesses of primitive and ignorant people."

Cutting Edge has been stating this truth for about 10 years. If you want to read our explanation of the lie of Global Warming, please take a few moment to read:



Now, let us read another source which verifies this Global Cooling scenario. Notice that this source is a darling of Mass Media -- Fox News!@

NEWS BRIEF: "Evidence of Global Cooling", Fox News, February 28, 2008

"Tuesday we told you about several areas around the planet experiencing record cold and snowpack — in the face of all the predictions of global warming. Now there is word that all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year ... That is said to be a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. It is reportedly the single fastest temperature change ever recorded — up or down."

This Fox News article then continues, to explain that the warming and cooling of the earth is cyclical and is caused by activity on the Sun. However, with an eye toward Bible Prophecy, I wonder if there is another explanation for the current cooling of the Earth. Has God shut down the nuclear reactor of the Sun, in preparation for the fulfillment of Matthew 24:29? Please take a few moments to read our Headline News Article, "BBC NEWS SCIENCE WARNS: THE SUN IS 'DIMMING'!" (NEWS1998)

Let us now review some pertinent quotes as to why the Illuminati has gone to such great lengths to persuade mankind that the earth is warming disastrously -- so ruinously that a new Global Dictatorship must intervene.

Behold A Pale Horse

""When we come into our kingdom [New World Order] our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it, at the end, under our beneficent rule. Who will ever suspect, then, that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries?" ["Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", Protocol No. 13, also quoted in William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 303]

"... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." ["Behold A Pale Horse" , p. 27]

Less than two months after the attacks of 9/11, we posted an article which has stood the test of time. The gist of this article is that, if you want to discern the truth about any particular major subject, look in the opposite direction of the Public Rhetoric. This article is NEWS1558, "BREAKING OUT OF THE MENTAL BOX -- LEARNING TO THINK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF PROPAGANDA TO FIND THE TRUTH"

II. Israel is said to be finalizing preparations for a large-scale invasion of The Gaza Strip.

A potent American naval group has taken position off Lebanon's shore, in order to prevent Hezbullah from attacking Israel from the north as Hamas battles the IDF in the south!

NEWS BRIEF: "With city of 120,000 under rocket fire, Israel warns of Gaza invasion", International Herald Tribune, February 29, 2008

"JERUSALEM: Israel's deputy defense minister warned on Friday of a disaster in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian rocket fire on Israel grew more ominous with an assault on a major city. Gaza's unbowed Hamas rulers promised to fight on as Israeli troops, tanks and aircraft went after militant rocket squads. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Army Radio that Israel had "no other choice" but to launch a massive military operation in the Gaza Strip. 'As the rocket fire grows, and the range increases ... they are bringing upon themselves a greater 'shoah' (disaster) because we will use all our strength in every way we deem appropriate, whether in airstrikes or on the ground', Vilnai said."

"The Israeli military has completed its preparations for a major ground offensive and notified the government it is ready to to move as soon as it is ordered to do so, defense officials said. Nothing is expected for the next week or two, in part because the military prefers to wait for clearer weather, they said."

We have postulated since the Annapolis Conference that Israel must neutralize Hamas if the proposed Palestinian State has any chance of being brought to reality. Neither Hamas nor Hizbullah want the Masonic Western plan to carve a Palestinian State out of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. These militant Palestinian groups want a Palestinian State erected over the ruins of the nation of Israel. In other words, Hamas and Hizbullah want the complete destruction of Israel.

This next news story reports that Israeli armor is being positioned on the Gaza border.

NEWS BRIEF: "IDF forces prepare for Gaza incursion", YNET News, February 29, 2008

"Over the past few days the IDF has positioned an artillery battery near Kibbutz Beeri, located about three kilometers (1.8 miles) from the Gaza border, and dozens of tanks have made their way to an assembling area just north of the Strip. Forces from the Givati Brigade, the Armored Corps' 9th Battalion and the Engineering Corps have already entered the Strip ahead of a possible large-scale ground incursion ... The massive rocket barrages on Israel have prompted the IDF to intensify its aerial onslaught on the Strip. Israeli aircraft have waged dozens of strikes on numerous targets over the past 24 hours, killing 31 Palestinians, among them a number of children. The army is currently focusing its attacks on Hamas positions and weapons caches and on rocket-launching cells."

Meanwhile, President Bush sent a strong signal to Hizbullah that they had better not try to attack Israel from the north (Lebanon) at the same time that Hamas is engaging the IDF in the south (Gaza Strip).

NEWS BRIEF: "US warships move into E. Mediterranean in case Gaza escalation spills over into Lebanon", DEBKAfile Intelligence, February 29, 2008

"Officials in Cairo expect Israel redouble its air bombardment and armored raids against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, and Hamas to intensify and broaden the scope of its missile and rocket attacks on Israeli towns and villages ... The US has meanwhile posted naval and marine vessels opposite the shores of Israel and Lebanon in case the fighting spreads to a second front ... The Gaza conflagration is more likely, they believe, to stir Hizballah to ignite a fresh assault from South Lebanon."

Since Hizbullah is anxious to avenge the death of their top commander, Imad Mughniyeh, ostensibly at the hands of the Israeli Mossad, it is possible they might launch a major attack on Israel from their positions just north of the Lebanese border with Israel. To prevent this action, the United States has sent a potent naval force in the waters off that very region.

"Standing close by for immediate action off the troubled Mediterranean shores of Lebanon, Israel and Gaza is the USS Cole guided missile destroyer opposite Lebanon. It was joined Monday by the USS Nassau amphibious warship and its strike group of six vessels carrying 2,800 marines, flight crews and sailors. US naval sources report that a third group will join them shortly ... the Nassau is accompanied by the amphibious transport dock ship USS Nashville , the guided missile destroyers USS Ross and USS Bulkeley and the fast nuclear strike submarine USS Albany SSN 753. While cruising off the Lebanese coast, this formidable US naval force is close enough to the shores of Israel and Gaza to respond to developing emergencies."

Hizbullah authorities took note of this assembled American naval force and protested mightily.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hezbollah condemns US warships deployed off Lebanese coast", Gulf News, February 29, 2008

"Hezbollah denounced the deployment of US warships off the coast of Lebanon on Friday, calling it a threat to Lebanese sovereignty and independence, but the group said it would not be intimidated by the move."

Hizbullah might not be "intimidated" by this naval force, but it is highly likely they will be restrained in planning an attack against Israel in conjunction with Hamas battling the IDF in the south. The dogs of war in the Middle East are again straining at the leash. While we do not believe this current action will result in the conflagration known as the Third World War, we do believe it is likely to throw the entire region into such turmoil as to greatly stoke Anti-American and Anti-Israel fervor amongst the Islamic nations of the world.

This is one of the prophecies for which the stage is currently being set, as the book, above, indicates.

"... I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it. In that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse [of the armies that contend against Jerusalem] with terror and panic and his rider with madness; and I will open My eyes and regard with favor the house of Judah and will smite every horse of the opposing nations with blindness." Zechariah 12: 3, 4;Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

"And it shall be in that day that I will make it My aim to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." (Zechariah 12:9; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Isn't it exciting to see the stage being fulfilled for End of the Age Bible prophecy, in your Daily News! Use this information to urge the backslidden Christian and the rank sinner to get right with Jesus Christ before the time for repentance and Grace speeds by forever! "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

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Today, the world and the leaders have committed fornication with the ‘Whore of Babylon” and they are fully in his camp. No matter how great slick propaganda has painted these men as noble and honest patriots, they are following the plan of the Antichrist. Politics, economy and religious entities are being forced into a unity falsely called ‘Democracy”. All political roads lead to Rome and its false religious system. The global economic system is so far advanced that national and international borders no longer exist. Religious unity is the most problematic and is slowly being integrated today. Prophecies make it clear that all people of all religions will one day worship the Beast, Antichrist. Since the Roman Catholic Church is the most influential in the world today and since it has forged many links to Buddhism and Hinduism, the Pope today is the one leading the world’s religions into the prophesied False Prophet religion of Rev 13:11-18.

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