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June 13, 2008


"Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos"

"Coming Great Food Shortages In America"

Rising food prices all over the world! Food riots shaking some countries around the world! "Nothing to eat", "Mobs Panic and Riot" read the newspaper headlines today!

This DVD reveals the horrifying truth about a monumental plot to starve Americans and the peoples of the world into submission

The coming great hunger will come upon us suddenly, at an instant astonishing all with its ferocity and total devastation. Listen to this incredible quote from Henry Kissinger, which tells us why we are suffering from the twin evils of high energy and high food prices:

"By controlling energy, we can control nations; by controlling food, we can control individuals"!

Does that sound like your Daily Newspaper? THAT is also the Illuminati Plan -- and it is being worked out in your daily news!

This DVD also speaks strongly about the "Terminator Seed" which may cause other plants to produce seeds which do not germinate! All other crops, and flours and trees could suddenly become infertile! Then, mankind will starve by the hundreds of millions!

Seal Judgments #3 and #4 Revelation are coming upon us very quickly. Are you spiritually and physically ready? --



"Project L.U.C.I.D."

"Mark of the Beast '666' Human Control System"

We knew it was coming. Now, there is no place left to hide. In this stunning expose' Marrs unravels the secrets of 'Project L.U.C.I.D., the chilling program destined to devour the whole world

Soon, every person on earth - including newborns - will be issued the universal biometrics I.D. Card. Resisters will have a mind control biochip surgically implanted in their brains

America's hidden establishment is using its supercomputer system to control bank accounts and purchases, monitoring intimate details of people's lives

"Project L.U.C.I.D." the 666 Universal Human Control System, is a nightmarish reality. A rough beast is slouching toward us and our lives will never again be the same"

223 pages -

Also Available As A Book


Volume 6, "Dynamic Study of Revelation" - Now Available!

Most Incredible Video Clip Yet In This Series!

Best Revelation Study yet in the series!

Current Topics covered include:

1) Exposes the rise of wickedness in America including the rise of satanism in American Churches

2) Exposes Oprah Winfrey's connection with and promotions of the New Age Movement

3) Exposes Big Brother's efforts to monitor us via security cameras, satellites, COINTELPRO, Echelon, etc.

4) Exposes the merging of a global economy with biometrics in order to buy and sell

5) Exposes the rise of Christian persecution including actual beheadings (warning...very graphic)

6) Exposes the latest efforts to rebuild the Jewish Temple as well as the fulfillment of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 "peace and security" sign

6 Hours on 6 DVD's of study. -

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News Alerts



I. The U.S. Supreme Court struck a rare blow for individual freedom, embarrassing President Bush at a critical time.

NEWS BRIEF: "Justice 5, Brutality 4", The New York Times, June 12, 2008

"For years, with the help of compliant Republicans and frightened Democrats in Congress, President Bush has denied the protections of justice, democracy and plain human decency to the hundreds of men that he decided to label “unlawful enemy combatants” and throw into never-ending detention."

Cutting Edge has been complaining about this horrific situation for the past seven years, ever since a sweep of "suspected" Arab nationals occurred after 9/11. These men were tortured, held without bail and without charges and without legal representation! Further, they were being held without any end in sight to their imprisonment.

Legal authorities have always held that the Constitutional liberties guaranteed American citizens will be threatened if the rights normally accorded to alien citizens is breached. This concept envisions that this kind of legal protection for non-citizens serves as a firewall which will preserve the liberties of American citizens.

Immediately after the attacks of 9/11, Cutting Edge began to warn that the Illuminati Plan which envisioned and carried out the attacks was aimed directly at American citizens. Just as Islamic terrorists were unjustly accused to carrying out the attacks (See Illuminati Card Section), so they are now unjustly being arrested and tortured for crimes which the Bush Administration was not even willing to specify!

Our freedoms are directly under attack, and no one seemed to care. Until this Supreme Court ruling, that is.

"On Thursday, the court turned back the most recent effort to subvert justice with a stirring defense of habeas corpus, the right of anyone being held by the government to challenge his confinement before a judge ... The court ruled that the detainees being held in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have that cherished right, and that the process for them to challenge their confinement is inadequate. It was a very good day for people who value freedom and abhor Mr. Bush’s attempts to turn Guantánamo Bay into a constitutional-rights-free zone."

This protection is called the "Right of Habeas Corpus".

"The right of habeas corpus is so central to the American legal system that it has its own clause in the Constitution: it cannot be suspended except 'when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it'. Despite this, the Bush administration repeatedly tried to strip away habeas rights. First, it herded prisoners who were seized in Afghanistan, and in other foreign countries, into the United States Navy base at Guantánamo Bay and claimed that since the base is on foreign territory, the detainees’ habeas cases could not be heard in the federal courts. In 2004, the court rejected that argument, ruling that Guantánamo, which is under American control, is effectively part of the United States."

"Now, by a 5-to-4 vote, the court has affirmed the detainees’ habeas rights."

We applaud this Supreme Court decision! When you hear so-called "Conservatives" criticize this decision, you must realize that the person criticizing this most welcome decision is truly in bed with President Bush -- even if they have roundly criticized the President on other issues. Their defense will surely rest on the perceived "threat" which these Islamic terrorists pose to the United States, the proof of which the Bush Administration refuses to make public because they know they have no case!

Truly, this DVD, "9/11 -- The Ripple Effect Years Later -- Lies, Propaganda, And A Call For Justice" is right on the money! All these threats to our personal liberties are a "Ripple Effect" from the original attacks on 9/11/2001. For now, though, we have reason to be pleased, as the Supreme Court ruled that the "Right of Habeas Corpus" is so important that it cannot be waived, either for foreign nationals or for American citizens.

Critical Embarrassment of President Bush

George Bush is being branded a rogue President at a most critical time in his presidency. Not only are editorials beginning to appear all over the world's Mass Media branding him a war criminal for lying and exaggerating in order to justify his Iraq invasion, but Rep. Dennis Kucinich has just filed 35 articles of impeachment!

NEWS BRIEF: "Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles", Raw Story, 9 June 2008

"An Ohio Democratic lawmaker and former presidential candidate has presented articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush to Congress. Thirty-five articles were presented by Rep. Dennis Kucinich to the House of Representatives late Monday evening, airing live on C-SPAN ... “Resolved,” Kucinich then began, “that President George W. Bush be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate. …"

We encourage you to read this full list, provided in the following news story:

NEWS BRIEF: "The Kucinich Impeachment And The 35 Articles In Full", The Village Voice, June 11, 2008

The list is quite long and begins to take the President to task for his many crimes, all of which have been dutifully reported by Cutting Edge Ministires ever since the attacks of 9/11. We are saddened to see that Kucinich makes no mention of the true War Crime of unleashing Depleted Uranium Warfare against the Iraqi people. This is odd, since Kucinich boldly posted information about the deadly nature of D.U. warfare for about a year on his website, a posting which was absolutely correct. His omission of Depleted Uranium as one of the articles of impeachment demonstrates that the official silence and protection of D.U. warfare continues at the highest national and international levels.

These articles of impeachment, introduced by a Congressman, plus the ruling to the Supreme Court which overturned the President on the most important issue of the Right of Habeas Corpus, all constitute official American Government indictment of President Bush. Once Bush leaves office on Januaryu 20, 2009, he becomes a private American citizen. At this point, the International Court may attempt to try him for War Crimes. These two important developments might be used as a legal basis for bringing the President up on charges.

At that point, "Conservative", "Christian" President Bush will have been thoroughly discredited, bringing to pass the original warnings by Cutting Edge on this critical subject. Genuine Christians could be equally discredited and set up for prophesied persecution and no longer would an individual national leader be able to take his country to war against the will of the International Community.

Please take the time to read our original article: NEWS1929, "Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems To Be Moving Into Higher Gear".

The stage for prophecy to be fulfilled is being set in your Daily News! Are you paying sufficient attention?


II. President Bush's scheme to guarantee American bases in Iraq for the foreseeable future is hitting such ferocious opposition that he may be forced to backtrack completely!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush forced to rethink plan to keep Iraq bases", The Independent (London), June 12, 2008

"Faced with Iraqi anger over a US plan to enable Washington to keep military forces in the country indefinitely, George Bush is offering concessions to the government of Nouri al-Maliki in an effort to salvage an agreement ... The proposed terms of the impending deal ... have had a predictably explosive political effect inside Iraq. Negotiations between Washington and Baghdad grew fraught, with Iraqi politicians denouncing US demands to maintain a permanent grip on the country through the establishment of permanent military bases."

When full details were revealed, both current Iraqi officials and Iranian authorities complained loudly and bitterly. Listen to the dictatorial powers which President Bush is trying to gain over individual Iraqi citizens. This revelation is simply incredible!

"Officials complained that the plan which allows US troops to occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, would turn Iraq into a colony of the US, and create the conditions for unending conflict both in Iraq and the Middle East."

In other words, even though the American superpower has been humbled by not being able to gain a victory over insurgent forces in six years of war, its President is trying to force the Iraqi government to accept these kind of horrific conditions. Had the American military proven itself to be a friend of the Iraqi people these past six years, one might agree to these kinds of terms; but, as we all know, several hundred thousand Iraqi civilians have died under the hand of the American military, so this agreement would be tantamount to handing control of the henhouse to the band of hungry foxes!

Iran has spent considerable diplomatic effort to persuade the Iraqi government of PM Maliki to refuse this agreement outright. A majority of Iraqi lawmakers are also against this plan, so it probably is not going to be ratified. If no agreement is in place once the United Nations mandate expires late this year, American troops will be in clear violation of international law, and the 44th President will have no choice but to order a hasty retreat.

At this point, President Bush's humiliation would be complete.


III. As President Bush once more indirectly threatened Iran with military attack, a new article shows once again why America will never attack Iran.

All these reasons are pragmatic considerations and are quite apart from all prophetic reasons why Iran cannot be attacked.

NEWS BRIEF: "How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel", Time Magazine, June 11, 2008

"If wasn't clear before it should be now: the Bush Administration can't afford to attack Iran. With gas already at $4 a gallon and rising almost every day, Iran figuratively and literally has the United States over a barrel. As much as the Administration is tempted, it is not about to test Iran's promise to 'explode' the Middle East if it is attacked."

Please remember that Iranian military strategy to thwart a Western attack on her soil has three prongs:

1) Military Response -- Iran has formidable defensive Russian and Chinese weapons at her disposal, so much so that some analysts believe neither American or Israeli airplanes can sufficiently penetrate them to inflict the kind of damage they are seeking.

2) Diplomatic Pressure -- Russian leaders have already stated that an attack on Iran will be considered an attack on Russia. No American President or Israeli Prime Minister is willing to risk a global war with Russia over a weapons program which does not exist. (Read NEWS1660 to see that Iran possessed nuclear weapons and delivery systems in June, 2002)

3) Asymmetric Warfare -- This type of military strategy calls for a military response quite different from the attack being carried out against your forces. In this case, Iran has planned to launch Russian supersonic 'Sunburn' missiles and Chinese 'Silkworm' missiles against all oil tankers in the region, against all oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. American defenses cannot defend against this kind of attack, so the most productive oil refineries and shipping facilities in the world will quite simply blow up in a series of huge fireballs.

Let us now return to our featured article.

"If the U.S. or Israel so much as drops a bomb on one of its reactors or its military training camps, Iran will shut down Gulf oil exports by launching a barrage of Chinese Silkworm missiles on tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and Arab oil facilities. In the worst case scenario, seventeen million barrels of oil would come off world markets ... One oil speculator told me that oil would hit $200 a barrel within minutes. But Iran's official news agency, Fars, puts it at $300 a barrel ... At $300, you have $12 a gallon of gasoline and riots in Newark, Los Angeles, Harlem, Oakland, Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas'."

Of course, this kind of economic catastrophe would cause all the economies of the industrialize world to crash!

This last segment sums up the situation very nicely.

"Bush does not want to be the President who leaves the White House on a mule-drawn cart."

However, there is a severe additional threat to the President should he or Israel attack Iran.

"The Iranians truly believe they have us hostage in Iraq — our supply lines, the acquiescence of the Shi'a in the occupation. It would all change in an instant, though, especially if we were to borrow Iraq to attack Iran. The way Fars put it: 'In Iraq, fighters would rise up in solidarity with each other and begin ... making the Tet Offensive in 1968 Vietnam'."

What about Israel's threats to attack Iran if America doesn't?

"One hard and fast rule in the Middle East is never rule out Israel's readiness to turn the table over. But an Israeli hawk on Iran, with close ties to Israel's Ministry of Defense, told me to forget about it. "There's not a chance Israel will do anything. Maybe there's a window after the American elections and the new President but even that's doubtful. Washington does not have the stomach for another war."

"Israel cannot attack or contain Iran on its own; it needs the full military might of the United States behind it. So in the meantime Israel can only huff and puff, hoping new sanctions on Iran will do the trick."

For these reasons, plus the prophetic reality that Iran is Ancient Persia and is protected from severe attack and/or destruction by Ezekiel 38-39, means that there will be NO attack on Iran.

This will be the last statement we make on this tired subject, so as you hear continued threats being made in the Mass Media, please discount them as the propaganda rubbish they truly are!

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"En Route to Global Occupation"

by Gary Kah

"Enroute To Global Occupation" is the #1 Christian book which exposes the hidden truth that Illuminized Freemasonry is THE secret force behind the global drive to the New World Order

'Enroute' reveals: 1) Masonry is the modern day rebirth of Gnosticism and of the Ancient Mystery Religions; 2) Proves Lucifer is the god worshipped in the super-secret Masonic Palladian Rite which Albert Pike created; 3) Reveals that Masonry either created or furthered the rise of false religions designed to weaken and dilute the genuine Christian faith -- Christian Science, Unitarianism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Mormon Church

'Enroute' demonstrates the role which the Luciferic Knights Templar and Rosicrucianism played in forming Freemasonry

Shows a very critically important map of the world of the 10-Nation reorganization now being carried out today. Clearly shows the North American and the South American regions being created into separate super states! Most important map, the likes of which I have not seen

Reveals Masonic control of U.S. Government through the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the CIA, and Skull & Bones. Gary then proves that these organizations control both political parties! 224 pages -

SPECIAL NOTE: Cutting Edge is so very glad to see this book back in print, for we consider it to be the most important Christian book exposing the true Masonic force behind the drive to the kingdom of the Masonic Christ (Antichrist). This book joins "The Unseen Hand" as the most important secular book and "Behold A Pale Horse" as the most important New Age book on the global plan to produce the Global Government, Economy, and Religion.

If you understand these three books, you will understand the plan from all three perspectives. Your understanding of current events will never be the same!


"Secret Power of Lawlessness"

by Gary Kah

In this video Gary exposes the involvement of Freemasonry and secret societies in building the New World Order. Using solid evidence, Gary goes into detail on connections between the Masonic Lodge and occult organizations of the New Age movement.

He also reveals the close ties between the Masonic order and Roman Catholicism. A bold video that lifts the cover off the one-world movement.

Only $14.99 --

"The New World Religion"

by Gary Kah

A Must-have Book On Your Bookshelf! All scripted events are spiritually based in the occult religion, as this book so clearly demonstrates.

This book focuses on the spiritual dimensions and political philosophies of the One-World Movement as revealed in the writings of the 20th Century's top New Age leaders.

This is critical reading to understand the dramatic, yet disguised differences between biblical Christianity and New Age teachings; and, to understand how the occult -- primarily New Age -- belief system underpins the entire effort to bring Antichrist on to the world scene!

This book includes 50 exhibits, over 300 footnotes --

New Books - Basic Christianity - Great For New and Immature Believers

"Why Trust the Bible?"

Bible Study Basics

Is the Bible an ancient document that has been tampered with? Has it been edited many times over the centuries and now is filled with errors? How can we know what the Bible really said when the originals no longer exist?
''The Bible can be trusted,'' says author Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. The good news is that the Bible is reliable, even though it was hand copied and there are variations between texts. This book explains the variations and why they don't affect the trustworthiness of the Scriptures.

This full-color book gives answers to the following claims by critics: - The Gospels were written long after Jesus lived by people who weren't eyewitnesses. - The stories about Jesus' life and death were not handed down reliably and not recorded accurately. - The Bible is full of textual errors, as proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls - The New Testament wasn't finalized until hundreds of years after Jesus and his disciples, so there could have been many other ''Gospels'' accepted and later rejected -- in addition to the four Gospels found in the Bible today. - The originals of the Bible are lost, therefore we have no way of knowing what it actually said. - The Bible was edited by people who had an ''agenda'' and changed many teachings.

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"The Bible at a Glance"

Teaching Bible Basics

The Bible at a Glance contains basic information to use in small groups, new members classes, church groups, new believer classes, and for individual study.

This full-color book is an introduction to basic Bible knowledge and contains topics, such as: 1) Bible Overview (summarizes each book of the Bible in 100 words or less), 2) Bible Time Line (compares Bible history and world history side by side), 3) How to Study the Bible, 4) Then & Now Bible Maps, 5) Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses, 6) Bible Promises, 7) Following Jesus (basics of the Christian life including - a) forgiveness, b) prayer, c) tithing, d) salvation, and more), and 8) Bible Translations Comparison chart.

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"Names of God"

And Other Bible Studies

Names of God and Other Bible Studies contains favorite Bible studies to use in small groups, church groups, and for individual study. This full-color book contains studies on the Names of God, Names of Jesus, Names of the Holy Spirit, Trinity, Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, Fruit of the Spirit, and Armor of God.

112 pages. Includes color charts, illustrations, and photos throughout.

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"Christianity, Cults & Religions"

Bible Basics

Full-color book includes chapters on Christianity, Cults & Religions; Christianity, Cults & the Occult; Christianity & Eastern Religions; Islam & Christianity; 10 Q&A on Jehovah's Witnesses; 10 Q&A on Mormonism; and 10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults.
A good basic introduction on comparative religions from a Christian viewpoint. For small groups, personal study, or Bible studies. Helps clarify the differences between the beliefs of various religions, cults, and new religious movements.

Includes topics such as: Who is God? Who is Jesus Christ? What is Salvation? What happens after death? Other interesting beliefs and practices of different religions.

The book contains comparisons of Bahai, biblical Christianity, Buddhism, Christian Science, Scientology (Dianetics), Eastern mysticism, Hare Krishna, Hinduism, Holy Spirit, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Latter-day Saints, Mormons, Muslims, Nation of Islam, New age movement, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Unification Church, Unity School, Wicca, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Anthroposophy.

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"Antichrist & A Cup of Tea"

4/Pack DVD Set

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I was highly skeptical that anyone could know the precise identity of Antichrist before he arose on the world scene. Can the saints of God in Christ recognize the AntiChrist now? Could this truly be possible? Yes! Tim Cohen reveals hard evidence in THE ANTICHRIST AND A CUP OF TEA DVD Set. Cohen presents his evidence in three DVD's, while the fourth DVD contains his interview with God's Learning Channel

This DVD set contains all the key points of his book plus significant new material. Since DVD's retail for between $20-25 each, getting a 4-DVD set for only $69.95 represents a great value.

While Cutting Edge is a pre-Tribulation Rapture ministry, we heartily recommend this DVD set, for the material Cohen presents to prove that Antichrist will come from the House of Windsor is precious. Runs 5 Hrs, 46 minutes!


Also available as 443-page book




"Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr."

Learn how assassination is always an Illuminati tool.

With sudden Mass Media interest in the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy and of the possible assassination of Senator Barack Obama, this video is suddenly more relevant than you might think!

You will be completely surprised by the revelations of this most interesting video!

Cutting Edge has posted a recent article on this subject: NEWS2283, "If Obama Is Elected President -- Will He Be Assassinated?"




"Planned Population Reduction"

by Dr. Stan Monteith

In the Book of Revelation, the number of people killed by God's judgments equals 66%; the Illuminati has precisely this same figure in mind! God many times uses wicked man to deliver His judgment, and this End of the Age period is no exception. God has allowed scientists working for the Illuminati to unlock the secrets of death listed below, so His prophecies could be fulfilled.

Dynamic topics include: Vioxx, artificial fertilizers, pesices, injections, Immunizations, Vaccinations, genetically altered seeds, cell phones, diet drinks, Soy products, Mercury preservatives, MSG, Aspartame, Fluoridated water, suppressed cures, Chemtrails, aluminum cans & cookware, Anthrax, Cancer treatments, DDT, created diseases, milk additives and processes, MTBE, Splenda and that is just scratching the surface! Nearly 3 hours long.



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"Prophecies In Philippians"

The genuine Christian Church is based upon prophecy and marches according to God's Prophetic Word. Did you know that the genuine Christian Church at the End of the Age is given full instruction as to how we are to live and work in order to spread the Gospel?

"Walking In The Spirit" is precisely defined and is so very enriching


"The Ten Commandments And The Christian Church"

Exodus 20:1-17 - These 10 Commandments were applicable to all nations of the Earth, and the Old Testament showed on a number of instances that the people were aware of these commandments and recognized their claims on their lives

These commandments also showed all people their sins and pointed the way to the Redeemer Savior

Is the Christian Church still bound by the 10 commandments? The Scriptural requirements upon the Church may surprise you -

"Iraq Mystery Babylon"

Toward Our Final Destiny - Prophecy 666 Series Audio CD

Jeremiah 51:1-11 - Iraq and Mystery Babylon -- President Bush's outrageous invasion of Iraq (Mystery Babylon) is fulfilling prophetic events! This is the time of the "Lord's vengeance" because she has, from old, been a "cup of abomination" unto the Lord
Her judgment has lifted up to Heaven, and the time has come for God's destruction

This is one of the most exciting prophetic teachings of the entire series! In fact, it confirms Cutting Edge teaching on the reality that President Bush's outrageous invasion of Iraq is fulfilling critically important End Times prophecy. God is bringing all the nations of the world into the "Valley of Jehoshaphat" -- the Middle East -- so He can execute His judgments upon all nations opposing Israel by the use of all-out War!

One Hour Audio CD --

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"Dark Side of the Supernatural: Discerning Between What Is From God and What Isn't"

"The Dark Side of the Supernatural" will uncover truth about many aspects of Satanism active in the world today and being popularized in TV and movies

Learn more about:

1) Wicca and witches;
2) Reincarnation;
3) UFO's;
4) Ouija Boards;
5) Angels and demons;
6) Ghosts;
7) Near-death experiences;
8) Satanism in its many forms today;
9) Vampires and Vampirism

Bill Myers has spent years researching supernatural phenomenon. He relates real stories about people who were demon-possessed, how they got possessed and how they were delivered

Excellent modern resource, 224 pages --


"Companion Set To Final Countdown DVD Vol. 2"

80 DVD Video Clips Plus 2 Workbooks And More!

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This DVD Set contains 5 DVD's with approximately 80 video clips totally nearly 10 hours of extra information on the topics of: 1) "The Rise of Apostasy"; 2) "Rise of the One World Religion" -- Headed by the Roman Catholic Pope; 3) "One World Government"; 4) "One World Economy"; 5) "The Mark of the Beast" -- that was not included in the original sermon series.

Also included are 2 complete full-color leader and student guides custom tailored for personal Bible studies on 'The Final Countdown' series.

This set even includes a Data Disc with the study files so you can print even more copies of the workbooks if needed. If you want to teach this as a series in a setting like Sunday School, you most definitely can do so!

If you already saw 'The Final Countdown', Volume 2, you definitely don't want to miss this Companion Set. -

"Terrorism: What The Government Isn't Telling You" - DVD

Once you view this video, your opinion about Terrorism will forever change!

Topics Include:

1) The real Islamic Threat;

2) Why the FBI cannot arrest Hamas leaders on U.S. soil;

3) Terrorist networks exist which are planning to destroy America;

4) State-sponsored terrorism;

5) Why FEMA cannot - will not -- protect your family;

6) National ID is here;

7) Weapons Confiscation;

8) Russian troops in USA now -- (This portion conforms with information Cutting Edge reported 8 years ago -- NEWS1270 - We reported then that Russian troops are scheduled to patrol in Canada and in America, from "Southern America all the way to California .. The line begins at Virginia and goes straight West to the border of California."

2 hours, 40 minutes -

Two of the Most Spiritually Mature Books We Have Ever Offered!

"Committed To The Covenant"

Through Desertion, Divorce, and Death - Gaining Spiritual Depth Never Before Known!

Jesus warned, "If you love anyone more than Me, you are not worthy of me".

Elizabeth Lapp lost her husband when he was unfaithful to her and divorced her. Though she was wounded deeply, rejected and brokenhearted , she learned to rely heavily upon her unfailing heavenly Bridegroom! She discovered that the God of all grace supplies Grace to His children during life's most trying circumstances

Lapp realized that, while she had no control over her husband's infidelity, she did have control over her response. Elizabeth chose to "cling to the Lord Jesus", living in the Psalms, and relying solely on God's Word Elizabeth cried to the Lord, "I need my husband, his love, protection, and provision". The Holy Spirit replied, "For thy Maker is thine husband: the Lord of Hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel" (Isaiah 54:5) As Elizabeth submitted, she discovered that "having God as my husband became a satisfying experience for me".

Once Elizabeth submitted, the Holy Spirit took her into deeper realms of spiritual love, grace, joy and peace which she never even knew existed!

You, too, can know this kind of submission, this kind of deep spiritual joy -

"Power In Praise - How The Spiritual Dynamic of Praise Revolutionizes Lives!"

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I highly recommend this fine book! God is said to "inhabit the praises of Israel" (Ps 22:3), so you know He inhabits the praises of His saints through Jesus Christ!

"Push the Praise Button, Not the Panic Button"! Watch God's power released after your praise.

However, most Christians miss out on experiencing the real power of praise because they do not understand one tiny detail: if we praise God for what is occurring in our life right now, recognizing it as part of God's plan, the Holy Spirit will release a power in our lives to change bad situations and to bring even better ones to fruition.

Example: A family had prayed for an alcoholic husband/father for 30 years, with no answer from God; but once they praised God for his alcoholism because it was part of God's plan for their father, the Holy Spirit immediately brought conviction into his heart and he became gloriously saved!

Are you surrounded by difficult circumstances right now? Praise God with understanding that He loves you and has allowed these circumstances to occur so He can bring good out of them for you. "Praise is based on an acceptance of the PRESENT as part of God's loving, perfect will for us. Praise is not based on what we think or hope will happen in the future ... but we praise Him for Who He is and where and how we are right now ... when we honestly praise God ... His power obviously flows into the situation" to change the circumstances of our lives. Praise is not a bargaining position, but when we honestly praise God for the difficulty facing us now, He builds upon our heartfelt praise to change us to the person He wants us to be. "If we could only learn to be delighted with the Lord in everything first ... then he will give you all your heart's desire"

"The turning point cannot come until we begin to praise God FOR our situation, instead of crying for Him to take it all away"

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"Names of the Holy Spirit" - $3.99 Pamphlet

There are many names for the Holy Spirit in the Bible that help us understand the power and work of God in people's lives. Here are 20 names of the Holy Spirit, including Comforter, Counselor, Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of the Highest, the Spirit of Might, and many more. There are many misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit. Some people think of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force, a common bond of love, or as ''mind,'' ''intellect,'' or ''will.''

But the Bible tells us much more: The Holy Spirit is a Person who plays an important role in our lives. This chart shows the significant of each of these names and titles in Scripture.

Pamphlet is 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches and unfolds 33 inches. Fits inside the cover of most medium size Bible covers.

"Names of the Holy Spirit" - $13.99 Laminated Wall Chart

There are many names for the Holy Spirit in the Bible that help us understand the power and work of God in people's lives. Here are 20 names of the Holy Spirit, including Comforter, Counselor, Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of the Highest, the Spirit of Might, and many more.
There are many misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit. Some people think of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force, a common bond of love, or as ''mind,'' ''intellect,'' or ''will.'' But the Bible tells us much more: The Holy Spirit is a Person who plays an important role in our lives. This chart shows the significant of each of these names and titles in Scripture.

Wall map size: 19.5'' x 26'' heavy chart paper -

Rose Publishing Laminated Pamphlets -- All Only $3.99

Customers absolutely love these fact-filled, high quality foldout pamphlets. Each pamphlet is completely covered, front and back, with exciting, pertinent Biblical information. Customers regularly order 15-20+ titles at once and numerous Sunday School leaders and/or Pastors have ordered up to 50 of a particular title as a central part of an individual study.

Each pamphlet is only 6"x9", small enough to fit inside your Bible, but expands outward in 14 panels to 33".

Until we introduced our $4.99 "Prophecy 666" Audio CD's, this pamphlet category was our #1. Now, it is a close #2.

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New Headline News Articles

"Tough Economy Moving The World Into A New World Order"

America must be shaved down, the rest of the Industrialized world built up, if all nations are going to join a Global Economy.

This hard economy is shaving America down!



"High Cost of Oil Threatening A Most Important Goal of the Global Elite -- A Global Economy"

Since 1914, the Illuminati has been pushing relentlessly for a Global Economy, a Global Government and a Global Religion.

High oil prices are said to be encouraging governments to pull out of the trend toward a global economy and pursue individual solutions. Indonesia is the first major nation to pursue local economic cures, pulling out of OPEC.

Oil prices must come down NOW to prevent other nations from wrecking the trend toward globalization which is the coveted dream of the Illuminati.


"Freemasonry Officially Admits That The Luciferian All-Seeing Eye Symbol On The Back of the One Dollar Bill Is Masonic!"

After years of denying that symbol of the All-Seeing Eye hovering over the pyramid on the One Dollar Bill is in any way, shape, or form Masonic, official Masonry is now bragging to their members that this is precisely the case!

Just another indication of the inherent Satanism within Masonry!



"R.F.I.D. Use Is Exploding Throughout Western Society!"

Since R.F.I.D. is a precursor to the 'Mark of the Beast', we should expect that its would usage increase dramatically in the years before Antichrist and his False Prophet arise. When the False Prophet forces all to take the 'Mark', people will have been pre-conditioned to accept it because they are used to a similar device.

That broad usage is now occurring, setting the stage for the 'Mark of the Beast'.

"Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

Is this goal the ultimate agenda for the Illuminati? Is this the reason oil prices are being driven skyhigh? Doubt it not!!


* Wow Item For the Day

"Intelligent Creation - DVD COMBO OFFER"

Part 1 and 2 - 5 DVD Sets Each - 10 DVD COMBO

Regularly $59.98

Now Special Combo Offer Only $39.98

You Save $20.00!


'An Intelligent Creation' examines the hardcore scientific data which logically reveals how all of life was intelligently designed by an Intelligent Designer, the One and Only God of the Bible. These logical evidences include:

1) Evidence of the Universe;

2) The Solar System;

3) The Earth;

4) The Human Body;

5) The Animal Kingdom;

6) The Plant and Bacteria Kingdom;

7) Symbiotic Relationships;

8) Genetic Similarities;

7) The Odds; and yes,

8) even Science.

'An Intelligent Creation' clearly reveals that an Intelligent God created us for an intelligent purpose; to live a life beyond our wildest dreams in Him!

Today, evolutionist’s are being intellectually bigoted by excluding the scientific facts of Biblical Creationism. Therefore, the stage is once again set for the battle of our origins, minds, and souls. In fact, the Bible is clear. Those who are suppressing the truth of God's existence through His creation are actually storing up His wrath!

This COMBO OFFER has 10 DVD's total

Click Here For A Full Write-up

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