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March 13, 2009

Key News Events


I. Government Gun Control Advocates received a powerful new weapon when a "clinically depressed" gunman on two continents went on a bloody rampage.

We all know powerful dictatorships throughout the world are planned as part of the New World Order; therefore, we should expect gun disarmament of the population since no dictatorship has ever taken power without disarming their people.

The Illuminati Card Game and "Behold A Pale Horse" predicted it all.

NEWS BRIEF: "Germany gunman 'had depression': Had been treated at a psychiatric clinic", BBC News, 13 March 2009

"The German teenage gunman who killed 15 people on Wednesday shot one of his victims at a psychiatric clinic where he was to be treated for depression. Tim Kretschmer was treated at another clinic in nearby Weissenhoff between April and September before his care was transferred to the centre in Winnenden ... In it, Kretschmer, who killed 12 people at Albertville secondary school in Winnenden and three in the nearby town of Wendlingen before taking his own life, purportedly bragged about his plans."

Cutting Edge posted our first article 12 years ago, reporting that former Naval Intelligence office, Bill Cooper, warned in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse", that the government had embarked upon a program of mind-control whereby they would program a young man to kill people publicly so that gun control programs could be implemented. Note: Cooper published his book in 1991, before public shootings became so commonplace.

Listen to Cooper:

"In every instance that I have investigated -- the incident at the women's school in Canada, the shopping in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane -- the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were all on the drug Prozac. This drug, taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a posthypnotic suggestion or control ... and you get mass murder." [Page 225]

Then, in another article, we learn that Prozac acts in the body and mind very much like cocaine! ["Doping our kids Prescription drugs at root of violence, says expert", By David M. Bresnahan, 1999]

In fact, if you go to Google Advanced Search and type in 'shootings' on the first line and 'Prozac' on the other hand, you will get 782,000 entries! A lot of people are awakening to the role of mind-altering drugs to public shootings.

Now, let us turn to the Alabama shooter. Was he "depressed" also?

NEWS BRIEF: "Troubling portrait of Alabama gunman emerges", Yahoo News, March 13, 2009

"GENEVA, Ala. – The investigation into the recent life of Alabama's gunman paints a troubling portrait of a depressed young man who couldn't hold a job and was a self-proclaimed survivalist who ordered instructional videos on how to commit violence. At a news conference Thursday night, state law enforcement officials said Michael McLendon, who quit his job last week, had talked in recent days about being depressed about his failure to become a Marine or a police officer ... Police caught up with McLendon in Geneva, about 24 miles from his mother's home, at Reliable Products, the metals plant he quit in 2003. Following a shootout with police, he walked into the business and killed himself."

Cooper says that public killings which are initiated by the Illuminati in order to facilitate gun control carry several common characteristics:

1) The shooter never exhibits any emotion or nervousness. He is mind controlled to the degree to where he is extremely cold blooded and deliberate

2) He is programmed to kill a certain number of victims, sometimes a number which the Illuminati considers sacred: 3, 9, 11, 13 or multiples thereof. In the Germany shooting, 11 people were killed on Wednesday, the 11th of March. The number '11' is most prized by the Illuminati because it is considered the number of the coming Masonic Christ.

3) He is programmed to commit suicide before he can be captured by law enforcement

4) Stories will always come out that the shooter was considered clinically depressed and was treated at a clinic for depression. While Prozac is the most common mind-altering drug used in this program, it is now augmented by a number of other drugs. Cooper believed that the mind-control which programmed the shooter to commit the public murders was carried out by personnel at the psychiatric clinic.

The shooters in both Germany and Alabama fit these characteristics. The only exception right now is the Alabama shooter's depression. While news stories indicated that he was depressed, I so far have not found a story which tells me that he was treated at any clinic; but, sometimes, it takes a while for all relevant details to emerge.

Gun control advocates are already speaking up, especially in Europe. Notice how each country mentioned tightened gun laws in response to a public shooting! Can you see the pattern?

NEWS BRIEF: "After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws", Yahoo News, March 11, 2009

"HELSINKI – Several European countries have restricted gun laws in the wake of school massacres, gang violence and other gun-related crimes:

"Finland announced plans Wednesday to impose stricter restrictions on firearms.. The proposal was prompted by two school massacres within a year in which lone gunmen opened fire on classmates and teachers."

"Germany, where a gunman killed at least 11 people Wednesday, raised the legal age for owning recreational firearms from 18 to 21 following a 2002 shooting in Erfurt that killed 16 people, including 12 teachers."

"Belgian lawmakers passed strict new gun control laws in 2006 in reaction to the racially motivated shooting deaths of a toddler and her black baby sitter in Antwerp."

"Swiss citizens are demanding a referendum aimed at confining army weapons to military compounds and banning private purchases of pump-action rifles and automatic weapons — following a spate of suicides and homicides."

"The Portuguese Parliament is currently discussing a government proposal to tighten gun laws..."

"Denmark's government said last week it will raise the penalty for illegal gun possession ..."

"European Union lawmakers proposed tighter gun control across the bloc last year..."

Some states in America have also tightened gun control laws in response to public shootings, even though statistics clearly show that denying citizens the right to carry arms increases violent crimes and makes it easier for a public shooter to carry out his deed without fear of being killed by his victims. The danger in America is that Liberal Democrats control both the White House and the Congress. Liberals have always advocated stiff government control of guns, with the more radical among them advocating physical seizure of citizen's guns. Now, we might just see President Obama cooperating with Congress in passing gun control regulations which are the stiffest America has ever seen.

Please take a moment to read the article we posted 12 years ago: NEWS1278 where we discuss that fact that public shooters were mind-controlled through Prozac, but we also discuss the reality that standard Witchcraft can also control people's minds. In fact, Witchcraft techniques in mind control are greatly enhanced by the use of drugs.

You may never view public shootings the same way again!


II. President Obama finally admitted the truth: the current economic crisis is not as bad as it is being portrayed!

He also told those "in the know" that Capitalism is dead and Fascism is in.

NEWS BRIEF: "President Obama: Economic crisis not as dire as it seems", Daily News, March 13, 2009

"WASHINGTON - President Obama said Thursday the nation's economic woes are not as dire as they seem and said his economic policies will get the country back on track. 'I don't think things are ever as good as they say, or ever as bad as they say', Obama told CEO's at a meeting of the Business Roundtable in Washington. 'Things two years ago were not as good as we thought because there were a lot of underlying weaknesses in the economy', he said. 'They're not as bad as we think they are now'."

We concur! We have always stated that the Global Elite intend to drive this economic buggy right up to the brink of the Abyss, but turn aside at the last moment to avert an economic collapse. Now that they are getting the Fascist Economy they wanted, they are backing the buggy away from the brink. They want a controlled economy, not a ruined one.

"Obama, who has been called a socialist by conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, as he seeks to reverse the recession with bailouts, a massive stimulus plan and a massive budget deficit, said he believes in free markets ... He said the key to returning the nation's financial markets to prosperity is stabilizing its foundation. 'We cannot go back to endless cycles of bubble and bust. We can't continue to base our economy on reckless speculation and spending beyond our means', he said."

Let us stop right here to digest the code words President Obama has just used. Liberal Leftists love to criticize Capitalism because it is based upon "reckless speculation" and "spending beyond our means". Leftists will argue that our current economic malaise was caused by the greedy "reckless speculation" on the part of investors and banks. Therefore, Obama has just told us that the era of Capitalism in over and done!

Government controlled Fascism is now the economy of the day. This new system is not in place everywhere in the economy, but it will continue to ripple throughout our vast system. Banks, insurers, and automakers are currently in the grip of this new system, and within a few short years, businesses right down to the "Mom and Pop store" will be tightly controlled.

This is the direction toward which we are heading.

This current economic crisis is severe, no doubt. But the gloom and doom -- the cries that the sky is falling -- are exploding across the spectrum of news services, from Liberal to Conservative. Republican Patriot sites seem to be the most gloomy. Whenever you hear a Conservative and/or Patriot site shouting "depression", check their site out to see if they are selling seeds, water purification, and survivalist material.

Cutting Edge readers need to stay calm, because the economic sky is not going to fall. Had the Illuminati not gotten their Fascist Economy way back in December under Bush and in February under Obama, they might have driven the economic over the cliff. But, they got what they wanted so the economic is slowly pulling back from the brink.

The Wall Street Journal recently took Obama to task for misrepresenting the economy as being as bad as the Great Depression when it clearly is not even close to that era. Please take a moment to read: NEWS BRIEF: "Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe' ", By BRADLEY R. SCHILLER, The Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2009

We have reported on this truth twice in this past month, but the gloom and doom continues to drown it out. Now, at least, we have President Obama saying the same thing!

As we have stated before, we are not attempting to deny that many people are being hurt economically by this deliberately created crisis. We know they are. But, what we are saying is that the economy is not going to tank. Please take a moment to read a recent article on this subject, as we report that prophecy indicates that some nations will enjoy economic prosperity in the first half of the Tribulation Period.

NEWS2239, entitled, "Will Some Nations Experience Economic Prosperity In The Tribulation Period?"

We know the plan of the Elite, to create an economic crisis severe enough to enable them to bury Capitalism and institute Fascism, but then return the economy to a level of prosperity. As former Satanist, Doc Marquis, told me repeatedly in 1992-1993, the Illuminati believed the American people would not allow themselves to be manipulated into the New World Order unless they felt prosperous. Therefore the plan calls for Americans to feel prosperous right up until the beginning of World War III.

For this to happen, an economic bounceback must occur. And, we believe it will. The doomsayers have been crying depression every year since 1998, and it has not occurred yet. Untold millions of people believed the rumor of March, last year, that the economy was going to collapse in September, 2008. That did not occur. What happened in September was the Federal Reserve began the banking crisis which overthrew Capitalism so Fascism could be established.

We Christians need to understand prophecy and the Illuminati Plan and not allow ourselves to become despondent or fearful. Mass Media is trumpeting this hysteria because the people need to be thoroughly panicked for the transition in economies to be completed.


III. The online version of "Game of Life" for 6-year-old children pushes same-sex marriage!

Jesus' prophecy is coming true for the End of the Age: "as in the days of Lot"

NEWS BRIEF: "Game of Life" for 6-year-olds pushes same-sex marriage", World Net Daily, March 12, 2009

"The online version of a popular board game from many Americans' childhood includes an option for players to choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing as a way of life. Through the website, even children can download and play a free trial version of The Game of Life, the first game ever created by Mr. Milton Bradley in 1860."

"The player's first option in the online version is to choose a persona based on pictures that clearly depict men and women. Shortly thereafter, the game invites players to choose a spouse, regardless of the potential spouse's sex ... One concerned mother wrote to WND about her experience with downloading the game to play with her daughter."

" 'You know how kids are', the mother told WND. 'My daughter noticed right away (even before I did) and clicked on one of the girls instead of one of the men and then asked, 'Mom, how come I can marry a woman?' And then that led into a lot more questions that, quite frankly, I was not ready to talk to my 6-year-old about."

"WND followed the mother's example and played a game as 'Jennifer', who chose to marry another woman. The course of the game eventually added four children to WND's lesbian couple."

Truly, the morals of nations all over this world - but especially developed nations - are returning to the morality of Sodom and Gomorrah! The rise of Antichrist cannot be far behind.


IV. The Illuminati Plan for a nuclear confrontation to erupt from the Korean Peninsula continues to be featured in the daily news. North Korea is about to fire a missile/satellite test which is intended to prove to the world that she has intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Not surprisingly, Japan feels especially threatened.

NEWS BRIEF: "Japan's threat to shoot down N. Korean satellite", CNN News, March 13, 2009

"SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- Japan said Friday that it could shoot down the satellite that North Korean officials said they plan to launch. 'Japan is legally able to shoot down the object to secure safety if it looks like it will fall on to Japan', Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said during a news conference."

Japan is reacting in this manner because North Korea has shot test missiles right over Japanese territory. Of course, Japan took this missile projectile as a warning from North Korea that she would be a target in any military confrontation. Since North Korea possesses nuclear weapons, and Japan is said to not possess them, Japan feels very vulnerable.

"North Korea had informed an international organization that it plans to launch a satellite. Yonhap, South Korea's state-sponsored news agency, said the launch was slated for April 4 to 8. The announcement has triggered international consternation. U.S. and South Korean officials have long said the North is actually preparing to test-fire a long-range missile under the guise of a satellite launch. The missile, Taepodong-2, is thought to have an intended range of about 4,200 miles (6,700 kilometers), which -- if true -- could give it the capability of striking Alaska or Hawaii."

The very fact that this scenario is unfolding now tells us that we are in the latter stages of the Illuminati Plan to produce Antichrist. Listen:

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

We believe that this scripted nuclear confrontation from the Korean Peninsula is likely the second war in the World War III which shall produce Antichrist. Shortly after Israel goes to war with her immediately Arab neighbors, the North Korean nuclear confrontation will unfold. People will suddenly realize that North Korea has 3-stage intercontinental ballistic missiles and will be terribly shocked because Western intelligence services will not have warned their citizens ahead of time. How will North Korea prove she has 3-stage missiles? She could possibly prove it by destroying an American city on the East Coast with a nuclear weapon.

At that point, men will feel that their very survival is at stake. Antichrist will not be far away.


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