March 21, 2008

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I. As expected, Hillary Clinton has reportedly opened up a 7% Gallup Poll lead over a faltering Barack Obama.

Also as expected, political pundits are convincing the American people that the reason Obama is faltering is because voters are associating him with his controversial pastor who repeatedly "damned America"! Remembering that all events are thoroughly scripted, we were expecting an event to occur which would clip the wings of Obama, allowing Hillary to inch ahead.

NEWS BRIEF: "Clinton overtakes Obama in new poll: Gallup puts her ahead in voter support, although he still leads the delegate count", The Star.com, March 21, 2008

"WASHINGTON–Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has moved into a significant lead over Barack Obama among Democratic voters, according to a new Gallup poll. The national survey of 1,209 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, conducted between last Friday and Tuesday, gave Clinton a 49 to 42 per cent edge over Obama. The poll, with an error margin of 3 percentage points, provided a snapshot of current popular feeling ... The Gallup poll showing Clinton ahead was the first statistically significant one for her since a Feb. 7 to 9 tracking poll done just after the Super Tuesday primaries. The two candidates had largely been locked in a statistical tie since then..."

What has happened to the "current popular feeling" which has dramatically reversed this election polling? In a name, "Pastor Jeremiah Wright" and his horrific statements damning America! Obama's famous racial speech in Philadelphia did little to stem this loss of popularity, undoubtedly because the Senator refused to repudiate Pastor Wright, saying he loved him like he loved his "white grandmother".

This next news story tells this story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Polls show Barack Obama damaged by link to Reverend Jeremiah Wright", Times Online, March 21, 2008

"Barack Obama has been significantly damaged by the controversy over his pastor’s inflammatory remarks and the issue has become a serious threat to his presidential ambitions, polls suggest. The surveys released yesterday point to an erosion of Mr Obama’s support among independents, a bloc that has previously backed him in overwhelming numbers, and particular alienation among white, working-class voters who will be critical to the general election in November."

In the weeks before ABC News had aired their damaging video showing Pastor Wright in his ugly damning of this country, we had already seen pundits saying that white working class Democrat voters were deserting Obama and flocking to Clinton, ostensibly because they felt alienated by the overwhelming black support for the Illinois Senator. Now, these voters are said to be deserting in even greater numbers, now that they heard Obama refuse to repudiate Pastor Wright and after they heard him say that he loved his pastor.

"They appear disturbed by the Illinois senator’s refusal to disown the Rev Jeremiah Wright in a keynote speech he delivered on Tuesday — an address that he was forced to give to try to defuse the outrage caused by the emergence of his former pastor’s videotaped, incendiary sermons. A new national Gallup tracking poll shows Hillary Clinton regaining her lead over Mr Obama for the first time in a month ... a 13-point shift to the former First Lady in less than a fortnight."

If white voters are turned off over Obama's refusal to repudiate his pastor, white and/or Jewish and/or Christian voters are going to be even more upset by these fresh allegations!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto: Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to Declaration of Independence", World Net Daily, March 20, 2008

"JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group's official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America's Declaration of Independence."

This information is just as incendiary to Obama's campaign as the original "damn America" videos! This revelation threatens to turn nearly all Jews and probably overwhelming numbers of Democrat white Evangelical voters against Obama. Both Jews and Evangelical Christians feel a deep heart of support for Israel. Let us now go back to this article to flesh this story out with more detail.

"The Hamas piece was published on the 'Pastor's Page' of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. ..."

In other words, the very placement of this Hamas terror manifesto simply shouts that Pastor Wright personally approved of this Hamas goal of killing Jews and completely annihilating Israel. As for the Christian, a popular Palestinian slogan has been: "First, we take care of the Sabbath people, and then we take care of the Sunday people".

Did Pastor Wright know that Christians are next on Hamas' annihilation list after the Jews are all murdered?

Again, we return to this World Net Daily article:

"Hamas, responsible for scores of shootings, suicide bombings and rocket launchings against civilian population centers, is listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department. The revelation follows a recent WND article quoting Israeli security officials who expressed 'concern' about Robert Malley, an adviser to Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group."

When Pastor Wright supported this bloody Hamas goal, he was far closer to the Islamic mindset than he was the Christian mindset. He claims to be Christian, and yet hates Israel and provides support and encouragement for the deadliest enemy of the Jewish state. Given Obama's professed love for Pastor Wright, Jews and Christians alike have to ponder whether the Illinois Senator is more Muslim in his mindset than he is Christian. Already, many people suspect that he is really Muslim in his inner heart, not Christian.

Listen to some of the wording of the Hamas charter and reach your own conclusions about Pastor Wright and Senator Obama.

"Hamas' charter calls for the murder of Jews. Among its platforms is a statement that the '[resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the rock and the tree will say: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!'"

Enough said!

Also as expected, this turmoil over race is affecting the superdelegates, who were reported just a few weeks ago and leaning toward Obama as the "most electable candidate".

NEWS BRIEF: "Superdelegates Await Impact Of Obama Race Speech", US News & World Report, March 20, 2008

"The Wall Street Journal reports that after Sen. Barack Obama's 'race-relations speech this week', the remaining 'fence-sitters' among the Democratic superdelegates are waiting to 'see how their constituents react to his attempts to soothe racial tension'. Superdelegates are 'watching to see whether the senator's oratory will assuage white voters outraged at Internet videos showing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. suggesting that America be damned for its treatment of blacks. Separately, many worry that black voters will be outraged by a sense that Sen. Obama is being unfairly judged'."

This entire issue is quickly forcing Senator Obama's race to be a liability now rather than as an asset; just weeks ago, the fact that Obama was 50% black was touted as being a positive. All during February, we heard story after story that Obama was seriously attracting white voters from across the political spectrum. We are likely to hear less stories in this vein from now on.

Times Online has a link which shows several videos from Pastor Wright, Senator Obama and the Trinity Church. Please take a few moments to view this clips -- http://timesonline.typepad.com/uselections/2008/03/ten-must-see-je.html

II. Business Week has just posted an article confirming Cutting Edge belief that this economic crisis will not cause a collapse of the American economy.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Fed Can Put Out These Fires", Business Week, March 20, 2008

"Don't worry. It has plenty of room to fight both the credit fiasco and a flagging economy without triggering a return to inflation. The Federal Reserve keeps plugging leaks in the dike, and investors keep worrying when the next one will pop. The Fed has filled the holes with $400 billion in various lending programs. Now comes a $30 billion loan, backed by securities of questionable value, to help JPMorgan Chase (JPM) lay Bear Stearns (BSC) to rest, along with a new overnight borrowing facility for key securities dealers—this one with no dollar limit. The capper: another big three-quarter-point cut in the Fed's target rate on Mar. 18, to 2.25%, making policy as stimulative now as it was after the 2001 recession. Constructive? Absolutely. But at what cost to the Fed's inflation-fighting credibility, so crucial to low market rates and a healthy dollar?"

"Despite these concerns, the Fed will most likely emerge from the current mess with its inflation warrior credentials intact. One popular misconception is that the Fed's new lending programs aimed at restoring market liquidity are pumping massive amounts of money into the system. However, the Fed is offsetting these actions by simultaneously selling Treasury securities. That effectively neutralizes their impact on basic monetary policy."

We concur. As we completely explain in the current newsletter, Paragraph I, the Illuminati thoroughly knows how to control the economy, controlling it as completely as our military controls a "guided missile in flight".

On Tuesday, March 18, we posted a warning that a hoax was being perpetrated that the American economy was going to collapse in September, 2008, and that government finances would collapse one year later. If you have never read our exposure of this hoax, click now to read it through.

However, this next story reveals that, in the same time frame as this hoax was circulating the Internet, a similarly damaging hoax was ripping through the financial services of Great Britain. Let us quickly this story.

NEWS BRIEF: "British Banking chiefs ask King for more money", Guardian (London), March 20, 2008

"The heads of the country's five biggest banks today called on Bank of England governor Mervyn King to pour more liquidity into the financial system at a "positive" meeting on Thursday ... The meeting was a regular one to discuss financial stability but the bank chiefs want the extra cash to ensure that banks cannot be brought down by a liquidity crisis ... In an unprecedented move on Wednesday, the Financial Services Authority launched an investigation into dealings in the shares of financial companies amid a series of scaremongering rumours that have threatened to destabilise the entire financial sector."

This story makes me wonder if some unseen hand moved in both America and Great Britain during the same time fram to "destabilize the entire financial sector."

"Scaremongering rumors" have been a part of our daily lives since the attacks of 9/11, have we not? Frightening rumors have regularly erupted -- mostly from government sources -- in politics and in finances. We all must constantly examine the wide picture all the time so we are not taken in by these rumors.

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