March 3, 2008

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I. Does Regional War in South America beckon?

Venezuela and Ecuador are threatening war and moving troops to the border, against Columbia!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hugo Chavez moves his tanks to border as regional war looms between Venezuela and Columbia", Times Online News, March 3, 2008

"President Hugo Chávez yesterday placed Venezuela on a war footing, sending thousands of troops and tanks to the border with Colombia after its neighbour killed a top rebel leader inside Ecuadorian territory ... Mr Reyes, one of the Marxist Farc guerrillas’ most senior commanders, was killed on Saturday along with 16 other militants in a camp 1 mile inside Ecuadorian territory ... Colombia has explained that its troops killed the rebels after being engaged in a firefight. “Colombia has not violated any sovereignty, only acted in accordance with the principal of legitimate defence,” the government said in a statement."

"However, Ecuador - ruled by a close ally of Chávez -- has not accepted that explanation and closed its embassy in Bogotá. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa called the incursion 'scandalous' and lodged an official protest with Bogotá .... Yesterday, Mr Chávez made no secret of his desire to see the Marxist rebels defeat the Colombian government. 'Some day Colombia will be freed from the hand of the (US) empire', he said. 'We have to liberate Colombia'.”

The last statement must be the most important. "'We have to liberate Colombia'.” (Chavez)

Columbia is, indeed, an American bastion. Certainly, Venezuela and Ecuador would like to see that pro-Western government removed so that another Leftist, pro-Communist nation could be established in South America. But, will Chavez actually invade Columbia? That remains to be seen, for such a move could invite massive American intervention on behalf of Columbia.

However, does President Bush have enough military power at his disposal to throw against a determined Venezuelan Army attack? Remember, just last week, the Army's Chief of Staff, warned that the American Army is tired and stretched thin because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. General George Casey told a Senate panel Tuesday that combat in Afghanistan and Iraq has left 'our Army out of balance, consumed by the current fight', and could affect troop levels in the near future." ("General: Army strained, combat tours may be cut", CNN News, February 26, 2008)

General Casey then addressed the capability of the American Army to respond to other wars in other places in the globe.

" '[We are] unable to do the things we know we need to do to properly sustain our all-volunteer force and restore our flexibility for an uncertain future ... we are consuming our readiness as fast as we build it'."

Whenever an Army general says that current levels of combat readiness are not sufficient to maintain "flexibility for an uncertain future', that is code for saying that the American Army would be hard pressed to adequately respond to a serious threat anywhere else in the world. Venezuelan President Chavez and his Russian ally, could very well have decided that now is the time to launch a vigorous war intended to topple a hated pro-American regime -- Columbia.

The fact that this is an election year might also be seen as a limitation on the degree of response President Bush can undertake if an invasion does take place. If Columbia does not have the armed forces which can withstand a combined invasion by Venezuela and Ecuador, Bush must turn to more advanced weaponry if he cannot throw enough American forces into the conflict to turn the invasion back.

Since this is an election year, the President could very well be restrained in the type of reaction he can pull off.

The possibility exists, also, that this is just a ploy designed to force world oil prices still higher. After all, Venezuela is one of the top five exporters of oil, so any military action which might threaten the steady and normal supply of crude oil to the markets can be seen as a reason to force oil prices still higher. We can only wait to see how this situation develops.


II. Walter Cronkite admitted that the global New World Order is Satanic! Hillary endorsed Cronkite's remarks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary and Walter Cronkite - Not JBS - For World Government", YouTube Video

We encourage you to listen to this video, for Mr. Cronkite and the President of the World Federalist Association reveal much truth behind the coming global government, economy and religion, a system commonly known as the New World Order.

Cronkite is heard advocating the most important elements in establishing the global dictatorship which the Illuminati has planned.

* America is going to have to give up some of its sovereignty. Cronkite admitted this will take a lot of persuasion, effort and trust for Americans to agree to relinquishing their cherished tradition of self-rule.

* Cronkite strongly advocated Global Law backed by proper enforcement. This call means that the Global Dictatorship must possess sufficient police and military power to force reluctant nations to comply with the rulings of the Global Court. New Age writings indicate that the New World Order government must be the only government in the world possessing military arms. All other nations must disarm. Cronkite here is indirectly reaffirming this part of the plan.

* Cronkite calls for a "Democratic World Government", a very misleading term. Illuminati spokesmen love to use the word, "Democratic", knowing it conjures up images in a person's mind of a government voted in and out by the people and controlled by the voters. But, the Global Elite views "Democratic" as a system where men "Perfected" through Masonic Ritual vote the government leaders. This is a type of Elitism which runs secretly throughout all aspects of the New World Order.

* Cronkite calls for America to sign the treaty for a permanent International Court. Only such a court could hold individuals responsible for their actions.

* Cronkite then quotes Evangelical leader, Pat Robertson, in his book, "New World Order", in which Robertson correctly states that the only global government and religion which Christians could support is the one controlled by "Messiah" (Jesus). Cronkite then quoted this book further as Robertson states that any other global government is "of the devil". At this point, Cronkite says that he "is proud to be sitting at the right hand of Satan".

Granted, Cronkite is trying to make light of Robertson's statement, but he truly hits the nail right on the head regarding the Satanic origins and leadership of this New World Order. It truly draws on the power of Lucifer/Satan to implement its goals. It uses Satanic symbolism and terminology as it pursues its global dream fully.

At the very end of the video, "First Lady" Hillary Clinton addresses Cronkite via teleconferencing, offering her praise and support of Cronkite and his dramatic proposals. Therefore, if you did not know it before, you know now that Hillary is deeply Illuminati and fully supportive of their plans for mankind.


III. As America might have a Mormon running on the Republican ticket as the Vice Presidential nominee, we would take note of the widespread misconception that Mormonism is Christian!

NEWS BRIEF: "Public Expresses Mixed Views of Islam, Mormonism", The Pew Report, September 25, 2007

"A slim majority of the public (52%) says that Mormonism is a Christian religion, while nearly one-in-three (31%) say that Mormonism is not a Christian religion ... Among white evangelicals who attend services at least weekly, 52% believe that the Mormon religion is not Christian."

This information is incredible! There is no way in which Mormonism can be considered Biblical Christianity! Not only does Mormonism violate basic Biblical doctrines, but the religion is based upon Freemasonry. Did you know that both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were 33rd Degree Masons? Former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, relates that, while he was in the coven, the coven leader told him that the highest level of Witchcraft in the world is practiced in inner rooms within the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah! To capture this reality, Mr. Schnoebelen wrote "Mormonism's Temple of Doom" and later created the video, "Except The Lord Build The House: How Mormon Temples Are Built To Be Demon Magnets".

"Mormonism's Temple of Doom" graphically shows all the Satanic symbols carved on the outside of the Temple, visible to all standing on the ground below -- some higher objects require a pair of binoculars. However, this booklet proved so successful that Mormon tour guides have prohibited any tourists from carrying it with them while on the tour! If they did examine these symbols, this is what they would have discovered, as revealed by this book:

* All-Seeing Eye in the middle of the center section
* Five-Pointed Stars -- White Magic star (one point up) is located toward the top of the left section, while the inverted Black Magick star (Goatshead of Mendes) is located toward the bottom on the right.
* Secret Masonic Handclasp located toward the bottom of the middle section
* Occult Earthstone, Moonstone, and Sunstone located one above the other in the left-hand section
* Saturnstone symbol is located toward the top of the middle section, as is the Cloudstone

All these Satanic symbols adorn the outside of the Mormon Temple. If you cannot understand that Mormonism is deeply occultic, you will never come close to understanding how offensive it is when someone actually believes that Mormonism is Biblical Christianity.

We have recently posted a new article on Mormonism, written by Pastor Ron Riffe and posted in the Pastor's Heart section. Please take a few moments to read:

"MORMONISM, THE NICE CULT" -- “As American As Apple Pie,” But Laced With Spiritual Poison!"

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