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May 11, 2009

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"When Central Banks RULE The World" - by Joan Veon

The United States' financial system is about to be legally disembowled -- gutted to the core!

When the President signs into law the bill known as the Treasury's A Blueprint For A Modernized Financial Regulatory System, all the financial power from banks, other financial institutions, insurance companies mortgages and Wall Street will immediately flow to the Federal Reserve -- America's Central Bank.

Once all these financial assets and institutions are controlled by the Central Banks through the Federal Reserve, the entire banking system will quickly fall into the hands of the Illuminati

At this point, a One World Currency can be established any time the Illuminati wants

When was this final agenda set? In 1944, Bretton Woods I; then, at Bretton Wood II in 2008, all the nation-state barriers had been removed except the institutions this bill is designed to deliver to the Fed - 1 1/2 hours -

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Key News Events

I. Immediately after touching down in Israel, Pope Benedict XVI did his duty and called for a Palestinian State!

He read his script perfectly!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope in Israel calls for Palestinian homeland", Excite News, May 11, 2009

"TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian homeland immediately after he arrived in Israel Monday, a stance that could put him at odds with his hosts on a trip aimed at easing strains between the Vatican and Jews."

This last phrase is sheer nonsense! The Pope arrives in an Israel whose new government - that of PM Netanyahu - is already committed to the "Two-State Solution"as outlined by the "Quartet Plan". This plan differs from others only in that it demands that the Palestinians dramatically reduce violence against Israel and recognize Israel's right to exist. Even "hardline" Foreign Minister Lieberman has stated his intention to pursue the Quartet Plan.

This news statement is intended only to make you believe that the outcome is in doubt and that the Pope is adding the international weight of his office to the Illuminati Plan to produce a Palestinian State. Thus, the Pope can be seen as adding the cumulative weight of over one billion Roman Catholic adherents to the goal of declaring a Palestinian Nation. In so doing, Benedict repeated the lie of the moment:

" 'In union with people of goodwill everywhere, I plead with all those responsible to explore every possible avenue in the search for a just resolution of the outstanding difficulties, so that both peoples may live in peace in a homeland of their own within secure and internationally recognized borders'." (Ibid.)

As the DVD "Relentless" so graphically depicts, there can never be any real peace between Israel and her immediate Arab neighbors, because they are committed to the complete destruction of Israel. Arab strategists will accept a Palestinian State if it is offered to them, but will then immediately begin to plot the next round of attacks on Israel.

That round of attacks will precipitate the planned World War III which is intended to produce the Antichrist. As the book, "Isralestine" so graphically demonstrates, these plans are foretold in Old Testament prophecy and will result in the complete annihilation of the Palestinians.

At this moment, let us review that part of the Plan whereby the Roman Pontiff visits Jerusalem to declare that all world's religions are now ONE, and he is their supreme leader.

"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one. This action will then finally break the Middle East logjam." (Illuminati Plan, as revealed by the Boston House of Theosophy, August, 1991, NEWS1052)

At the "right moment in history", the Plan calls for the Roman Catholic Pope -- whomever he is at the time -- to visit Jerusalem to dedicate the new ecumenical Monotheistic sector which had been carved out of Jerusalem and to announce that the One World Religion was now formed, and he was their leader. This part of the Plan means that the Pope is, indeed, the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18. As such he will:

1) "Have two horns like a lamb" - Verse 11

2) But, his heart will roar like the Dragon (Satan) - Verse 11

3) He shall possess the same Satanic powers as does Antichrist - Verses 12-14

4) He shall erect a statute of Antichrist in the Holy of Holies - Verse 14

5) He shall force everyone on earth to accept the "Mark of the Beast" in their right hand or their forehead - Verses 16-18

Pope Benedict XVI holds the office of the future False Prophet! That is the significance of his current trip to Israel!

With the Pontiff now in the Holy Land, the "Final Countdown" has most definitely begun!

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II. Pushing a Palestinian State forward is the subject of two key news stories: 1) President Obama's unparalleled popularity amongst Arabs; 2) The diplomatic push to declare that "NOW" is the moment of decision!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama More Popular Among Arabs Than Is The United States:Survey", Reuter's News, May 11, 2009

"President Barack Obama's popularity in leading Arab countries far outstrips that of the United States, suggesting he could be able to boost goodwill in the region toward his country ... Obama, set to give a major speech to the Muslim world in Egypt next month, 'currently enjoys widespread optimism among citizens of that region that he will have a positive effect on their own country, the Middle East, the United States and indeed the world', the polling outfit Ipsos said."

When Henry Kissinger stated that President-elect Obama was "primed to bring in the New World Order", he must have had this popularity in mind. After all, Barack Obama has a Muslim pedigree and is non-white, so his popularity amongst Muslims had gotten a headstart from the very first day. But, since assuming office, President Obama has reversed some of Bush's most hated programs and has verbally reached out to the Islamic community. His popularity is so strong that one pundit last week called Obama the 'unifier of civilizations'!

As Obama aids in establishing the "Kingdom of Antichrist", a.k.a., New World Order, he must unify West and East, Christian and Muslim, thus preparing the way for the Masonic Christ (Antichrist). The term, "Unifier of Civilizations" truly has messianic connotations!

Middle East Envoy Tony Blair dramatically announced that the "time is NOW" to make the peace in the Middle East which the Plan calls and of which Prophecy foretells. We might be closer to the announcement of the Palestinian Kingdom by its Princes than we might believe.

NEWS BRIEF: "Blair: We've reached 'moment of truth' ", The Jerusalem Post, May 10, 2009

"Early in his interview with The Jerusalem Post last Thursday, the international Quartet's envoy Tony Blair observed that 'you'd be nuts if you were naively optimistic' regarding the chances of a peacemaking breakthrough 'after all we've been through over the years'. But he then proceeded to sound at least cautiously optimistic about the prospects of precisely such progress on the Israeli-Palestinian front. The new American government was committed from the get-go. Israel had a stable coalition sensibly determined to work 'bottom up' as well as 'top down'. Moves were ongoing to improve the Palestinian economy and security capacity. The ideological gulfs were bridgeable. And Hamas had some hard choices to make."

Indeed, the diplomatic furor over Israel and her immediate Arab nations has been occurring since Henry Kissinger (National Security Adviser, President Nixon) failed in his "Shuttle Diplomacy" in the early 1970's. Presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush have all failed to secure the "peace" which they seem to want so ardently. The emotion which has been produced by all these nearly 40 years of failed peace attempts, numerous wars large and small, and terrorist attacks, is a desire amongst the Israeli people that they want a cessation of conflict so badly that they can be maneuvered into a peace plan, even though the cards are stacked against them.

Now, they have a "Conservative" government headed by "Hardliners" Lieberman and Netanyahu who have always opposed a peace settlement before; therefore, when these leaders step forward to announce a 'peace' which will produce a Palestinian State, Jewish voters will accept it because they have great faith in these two "Conservative" men to not lead them down a path of destruction.

But, it is the Palestinians who need to fear, for they are about to meet their prophesied annihilation: Read full details in NEWS2095, "Today's Palestinians ARE The 'House of Esau' ".

We are living at the End of the Age, where we personally are witnessing fulfillment of so many Bible prophecies. Are you making your loved ones, your friends and co-workers and your neighbors aware of this prophetic reality? Most unsaved people are today caught up in the prophesied belief that "things continue to occur just as they always have", (2 Peter 3:3-4) scoffing at fulfilled prophecy.

Hoiwever, some will listen and you must lead them from an understanding that prophecy is being fulfilled in our Daily News into the "Gospel, the Good News" of Jesus Christ. We have a Salvation Page by which these people can see if they are saved and then become saved immediately.

Gun Control

III. Gun Control advocates are sending another ominous bill through Congress, trying to strip away our rights!

NEWS BRIEF: "House Bill Aims to Strip 'Rightwing Extremists' of Second Amendment Right", InfoWars, May 9, 2009

"A sinister bill working its way through the House may eventually serve as a companion piece to the Department of Homeland Security’s 'Rightwing Extremist' report that labels veterans and advocates of the Second Amendment as dangerous terrorists — H.R. 2159, The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, sponsored by Rep. Peter King of New York. On April 29, with little fanfare or corporate media coverage, H.R. 2159 was introduced and referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. The bill would 'increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of a firearm or the issuance of firearms or explosives licenses to a known or suspected dangerous terrorist'. The entire bill can be read on the Govtrack website.

Many people were thankful that we were finally rid of President Bush and his cohorts, in part because they were sick and tired of all his phony warnings against terrors and their supposed plots of "terrorism". Well, guess what, the plan to bring down this old civilization and this free government with the mighty tool called "terrorism" stems within the Illuminati, not just in the post-911 Bush Administration!

Therefore, we are seeing President Obama fall right into line, taking up where Bush left off in plotting to seize our rights through a false declaration of "Terrorism".

"Pratt worries that the new bill will be used in conjunction with the DHS 'Rightwing Extremism' report. 'By those standards, I’m one of [DHS Secretary] Janet Napolitano’s terrorists', Pratt continues. 'This bill would enable the attorney general to put all of the people who voted against Obama on no-gun lists, because according to the DHS, they’re all potential terrorists'."

In point of fact, this track toward gun control began under Attorney General Janet Reno and her boss, President Bill Clinton, and continued by Attorney General Ashcroft and his boss, President George Bush! Do you remember? Please take the time to read our Archived Headline News article, NEWS1580, entitled, " 'Domestic Terrorist' Reported In Clinton-Era F.B.I. Flyer Has Now Been Codified Into Law! Patriot Act Will Be Our Undoing".

Remember Former President Jefferson's classic definition of a "Conspiracy"?

Thomas Jefferson warned us that this pattern of behavior on the part of our leaders, over a period of time, is proof of a conspiracy! Listen.

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers , too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." ["The Works of Thomas Jefferson", Volume 1, p. 130]

Woe to the person who disbelieves in Conspiracy in world events at the End of the Age! The Bible foretells conspiracy amongst the final 10 Kings of the earth and the Illuminati blatantly displays such a conspiracy! Indeed, the only way a person can rightly understand the drama unfolding before their eyes in the Daily News is to see it as unfolding prophecy coupled with an understanding of history -- both modern, pre-World War II and Ancient.

Book DVD

IV. The Wiccan Religion is attempting to go "Mainstream"! Don't you be fooled.

NEWS BRIEF: "Wiccan and Neopagan News From The Media", Religious Tolerance

"Wiccana and other Neopagans have traditionally kept a very low profile in North America, in order to minimize becoming victims of physical and economic attacks ... In recent years, Neopagans have become far more open about their religious faith, and have been seeking rights equal to those of the followers of other religions .. Large bookstores are reserving significant book shelf areas for Wiccan material. Neopagan groups fighting religiously-based defamation are becoming more coordinated and vocal. Wiccan high school students are demanding their right to wear their pentagrams and pentacles when school bans some religious jewelry. The year, 1999, appears to have been a bit of a watershed in terms of Wiccan visibility. During that year, there were numerous attacks on Wicca and other Neopagan religions by leading political figures, including Rep. Bob Barr (R-FA), and Governor George Bush (R-TX) over the religious rights of Wiccan soldiers on Ft. Hood, TX. They were joined by over one dozen Fundamentalist Wiccan groups.

"The Pagan community fought back and the campaign to terminate religious freedoms seems fizzled. Once out of the [broom] closet, it is unlikely that Neopagans can be forced back into hiding."

Whenever an aberrant belief passes into the Mainstream Culture, it becomes far more dangerous because so many people will conclude that it is normal and healthy after all. When Wicca passed into Mainstream Western Society, many more ordinary citizens either tolerated its existence or decided to join their ranks. After all, Wicca is presented as a harmless devotion to Mother Nature and all her creation, so what can be the harm? When most of society daily embraces Astrology and Horoscope Readings, can there be any real danger to the followers of Wicca?

When the U.S. Military recognized Wicca as a religion on the par with Christianity, America stepped over that line with God, making our Judgments that much more inevitable. Do not be deceived: Wicca is a form of Witchcraft. Too many well-meaning people are worshipping the "Good Forces" in the Mother Earth religion, Wicca. They believe they are just "in balance with Nature" and are certainly not serving Satan. These people are thoroughly deceived by the Enemy of Our Souls. The problem is that they do not know that they do not know, that they are being duped by the greatest deceiver of all time! By the time you read this book, above left, you will know how to witness to a person involved in Wicca.

The DVD, above right, you will understand that the religion of Antichrist will be Witchcraft, of which Wicca is a branch.

Do Demonic Nephilim Walk Among Us TODAY?


"Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Aliens" Book

Dr. Cathy Burns Says "No"

A popular theme today is the topic of the Nephilim, fallen angels, and aliens. Many TV programs, movies, videos, and role-playing games revolve around extraterrestrial contact, alien abductions, and hybrids. Dr. Burns examines this subject in light of Genesis 6.

Using the Bible as her main source, Burns addresses such issues as the Sons of God, fallen angels, giants, DNA, cloning, golems, Nephilim, the watchers, the Serpent Seed, Cain's real father, Eve's partaking of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, why Cain is not listed in Jesus' lineage, why God sent the flood and how the End Times will be as the days of Noah

Dr. Burns also devotes a chapter dealing with the Book of Enoch and how it compares to the Bible

227 pages -

"Nephilim Walk Among us Again - Serious End Time Deception" DVD

Cutting Edge Author Mac Dominic Says "Yes"

Bible scholars firmly believe that the Giants, the Aliens, and the Nephilim were going to return at the End of the Age as strongly as they existed in the "Days of Noah". They have returned, and they foretell the coming of Antichrist. Jesus warned in Mathew 24 that "For as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be". This video features Cutting Edge staff teacher and lecturer, Mac Dominick, who takes us through a Biblical study of Genesis chapter 6 and other books of the Bible to explain just what was happening in the days of Noah and how Angels married Human women and had Children by them, known as Nephilim.

This Cutting Edge video will take you through the Bible and show why we believe that this has now happened again. Watch and learn why the Nephilim are back! What are demons, aliens and UFOs and what do they have to do with the days of Noah and the Nephilim spoken of in Genesis that were on the "Earth in those days and thereafter"?

The time is now "thereafter"!

You have the opportunity to examine both sides of this most important issue! Who is right? These two Bookstore Resources set up a terrific debate.

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25 Messianic Signs In Israel gives you a solid glimpse into how close to the end of all things we truly are. You will understand how the observant Jews in Israel and Bible believing Messianic Jews, could both believe the End of the Age is finally here. Dr. Hutchings details the most important 25 Prophetic Signs occurring in Israel right now -- today -- that herald the coming of Antichrist.

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"Swine Flu Public Health Emergency Proclaimed - Disease Feared Going Global"

PROOFS That Global Epidemics Are Planned As This "Old World Order" Is Overthrown.





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"Warning To All Pastors of Tax Deduction (501C)3 Churches! The Federal Government Is Moving To Control You and Your Church"

The Federal takeover of the banking, insurance and auto industries is only the tip of the iceberg. The government already has a legal right to control any (501C)-3tax charitable organization, so the time seems right for pastors to get that dreaded knock in the middle of the night from the anti-christian government censor.

The Plan envisions a "Reich Church", formed on similar lines to the churches Hitler set up. Fundamental pastors will be under ultimatum to conform to State edicts or go to prison. Pastors, how will you respond? You were foolish enough to get your church in this predicament. What will you do now?


"From Freedom to Servitude"

Part 2 - "Service Learning" through Soviet Brainwashing

By Berit Kjos

Brainwashing is a system of befogging the brain so a person can be seduced into acceptance of what otherwise would be abhorrent to him. ... Facts and fancy whirl round and change places."[3] Edward Hunter, Brainwashing


You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Those who are guilty of a hate against Jews cannot find a shred of justification in the Scriptures.

Historical examination of Anti-Semitism as contrasted with the clear teachings in God's Holy Bible.


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